LeAnn Rimes poses on a ‘Wrecker’ truck, posts pic on Twitter: funny or trashy?


Yes. This photo happened. It happened because LeAnn Rimes posed for the photo and posted it on her Twitter. She posted it with the message, “DON’T OPEN w/o A SENSE OF HUMOR… My dad has a towing service, family business. #havefunw/thecomments”. Yes, being a “wrecker” is a family business as we can see. I guess LeAnn, Eddie and Eddie’s sons traveled to Nashville to visit LeAnn’s dad this weekend. I know this because LeAnn was on Twitter the whole time, posting photos of Eddie and her step-sons. Not just that, she also posted some Vine videos:

If she wants to post Vine videos of herself, go for it. If she wants to post videos and photos of Eddie, great. Good for her. But it really bugs me that she puts all of these videos and photos of her step-sons on her social media. And taken with her pride at being a “wrecker”… it’s just sort of ghastly and gross.




Here are a few photos of Eddie & LeAnn from earlier this month. I just never got around to publishing these.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. blue marie says:

    I can’t believe I’m about to admit this.. I like her boots. The rest of the photos are about par for the course with her.

  2. MegG says:

    I was hoping you would show this! Is it really even her dads business?

  3. Anoninga says:

    She’s going to lose Eddie soon because of her weight gain. Or am I the only person thinking this?

  4. Erinn says:

    This woman is seriously unhinged. She’s been super quiet on twitter, then goes on these crazy binges of tweeting non-stop.

  5. Patricia says:

    He calls her “baby doll” in the second vid, that’s surprisingly cute. But I had the same reaction with the third vid, why is she still sharing content of those boys?
    And what does she expect people to say about that freakin wrecker photo? She’s setting herself up but you know all she wants is the drama.

  6. brin says:

    So funny to mock your homewrecking with your “bonus sons” right there. She is vile.

  7. Rhea says:

    I don’t care about LeAnn poses on a truck because she clearly wants the attention from that ( why else she did that? ) —– but I think the pictures of him with the lasso supposed to show HER lassoed him. Not the other way around. ;)

  8. Frida_K says:

    Her haunches are spreading.

  9. doofus says:

    notice, no pics or vids of HER and the “bonus sons”, just of her and Cibrian or the kids and Cibrian.

    guess they didn’t want to even be close to her? as if they KNOW she just uses them for her own benefit/publicity…

  10. Nashville Girl says:

    She’s in Nashville to play the Opry on Tuesday.

  11. eliza says:

    I am so sick of this woman and Brandi too. Grow up and stop living your lives through social media.

  12. wonderwoman21 says:

    Wait until someone ” wrecks” her and Eddie’s relationship

  13. tarheel tina says:

    i have a great sense of humor and laugh at all sorts of inappropriate things. Yet even i draw the line at finding the humor in a broken family. sorry. those kids deserve better than to see their “bonus mummy” making jokes of the demise of their family.

    she really hasnt been trying with her appearance lately, has she? or good press stories

  14. Jennifer says:

    Before I even looked at the pics, I knew they were both funny and trashy. That’s just the way Leann rolls.

  15. Annabelle says:

    Pretty sure this her being clever and trying to do her spin on Wrecking Ball.

  16. Jen says:

    “But it really bugs me that she puts all of these videos and photos of her step-sons on her social media.”

    Why? As annoying as she (and all the other adults involved in this drama) is, they’re still a part of her family. What’s the big deal?

    • Anthea says:

      It’s a big deal because a lot of people have reservations about the extent to which their children’s images are posted online and the fact that it is the stepmother doing so and not one of the parents makes it an even more emotive issue.

      Every parent feels differently, but I’d probably raise an eyebrow at any parent who tweeted pictures of children to such a wide audience, let alone the step-parent. In this case, the photos are retweeted, copied, commented on to an extent that is unfair to the two children concerned. they didn’t ask for half the internet to be discussing them and it’s irresponsible for Leann to put them in that position.

    • Len says:

      And it’s an even bigger deal that she plasters those pics and videos all over the web bc Eddie refused to allow the boys to even be in the background while Brandi was filming RHOBH bc of wanting to protect their privacy. That was all bullshit of course bc he has no issue with LR doing it and just wanted to hurt Brandi’s chances on the show.

    • Stacey says:

      What Anthea said. Leann is not a private citizen, she is a public figure. Eddie is an actor, Brandi is a television personality. They are public figures too but their children are not in showbiz, and should be allowed some privacy. Leann is not their parent or guardian and it’s sick she is making decisions like this for them.

      The children are not actors, they should be allowed to be private citizens as well- unless they decide to go into showbiz. Leann exploits them.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Why is Brandi annoying? She has barely spoken about her ex or LR in months. It is inappropriate to constantly post pictures of children who aren’t even yours in public arenas, especially after their MOTHER asked you not to. LR considers herself another parent and can’t stand that she isn’t important as their actual mother. That’s why she insists on designating Brandi the biological mother, as though all she did was birth them and isn’t raising them. I have my own kids, but I don’t endlessly post their pictures, and I don’t post pictures of my nephews and nieces, because they’re family but not mine. Leann is not the mother of those children and she needs to back off, but she never will.

  17. Quinn says:

    Wow…since she’s baiting me with the whole tow truck deal…there’s some real junk in her trunk now. Eddie won’t stand for that very long!

  18. briargal says:

    What I wouldn’t give to hear that she receives some booing in the crowd when she makes her appearance at the Grand Ole Opry tomorrow night! What a pathetic LOSER!!

    • Christin says:

      People may be polite to her (some folks may not even know about all the controversy). It should be interesting.

      I would like to see if Ed sizes up Lorrie, who is scheduled to appear the same night.

      • apsutter says:

        Trust me, the people in Nashville and especially the country music community know all about this trick. Not just her marriage but about how bratty she was as a teen, the lawsuits, her entitled behavior, and how she has spent her entire career flaking out/cancelling shows and disappointing fans left and right.

      • claire says:

        What’s the general feeling about her in Nashville?

      • apsutter says:

        Well I have some family down there and she has a reputation. When she first came on the scene everyone was blown away by her voice and how young she was and she the little darling of Nashville. Then she started showing her true colors and being a brat(suing her dad and record label, going on spending sprees, starting work on a multimillion dollar mansion which she abandoned halfway through because she wanted to move to Hollywood and be in movies) She left Nashville and tried pop music and failed miserably(except for her only real crossover hit with Coyote Ugly) She rehabbed her image in the 00′s when she married Dean and wasn’t acting out so badly because he was able to reign her in but there have been rumors for years that no big name in Nashville wants to work with her because she’s a nutbag who sues anyone who looks at her wrong. Now she’s without a record label and no big label is going to sign her…she’s going to end up on some tiny indie label and having to PAY to produce her own work. No one wants anything to do with her because her name is toxic and the only “work” she can get(the Opry event) is a pity invite.

  19. Christin says:

    I guess she and the entourage are in TN to film snippets showing things like she can get inside the Opry on a Tuesday, her daddy will actually speak to her, etc.

  20. Lucy Goosey says:

    I hate to say it but I think she looks great. The added weight is great on her. She would almost be cute but unfortunately has that charming personality that cancels it out!

  21. K-rock says:

    I would have bet money that her next photo frenzy would have been her in Brandys yoga clothes doing an impromptu yoga “oops the paps know I’m here” photo shoot whist drinking bottled water. I really did.

    I still don’t get how its ok for Eddie and Heann to be posting pics and vines of Eddies kids, when he forbid Brandy from having them on her show. I don’t get it.

  22. Arock says:

    I was starting to feel sorry for her with all the stories of Eddie cheating and manipulating coming out recently, then she does this and you realize she’s just a stupid, narcissistic person who has zero awareness. The picture, the videos if the boys, the picture taken around the boys and the conversations that probably were had. Shes just so trashy and obvious. When she’s not being attacked, she panics at the lack of attention and hands the mob more stones. Toss on people because leann rimes is an asshole, toss on.

    • briargal says:

      It really bothers me when people say they are feeling sorry for this POS. I guess we can’t blame her entirely for the way she is. Some blame has to be on her biomom for making her believe that she is something soooo special that she can have and do anything she wants. Big Bel should be really proud of this piece of crap she raised. NOT! Then again people who have had a bad upbringing can change their lives around. LR has not changed and never will. But when you have been told all your life that you are special–you tend to believe it.

      LR deserves all the stones being thrown at her. She deserves all the unhappiness she gets in the future because of all the unhappiness she has caused to other people. I hope the rest of her life is a living hell and she never again experiences any happiness!! Some day she may realize what she threw away to be a vindictive lying, cheating, vicious stalker. But then again maybe not!

      • Arock says:

        I don’t really think she’s ‘burn in hell for all eternity status’, were not talking Pol Pot here. She’s just a stupid, trashy, attention whore who waves her crazy flag high for everyone to boo at anytime she thinks someone’s not paying enough attention. There are plenty people who take negative attention as affirmation of their importance, she just does it on a national stage, with other people’s kids, in a bikini. So rather than your roll eyes, you just want to smack her. I think the part that gets most people, and especially women, was how ridiculous she was about the whole affair thing. She has defined herself by it and tries to define others constantly by their roles in the mess –bonus sons, ex-wife, ex-husband. she does this by reminding others of the situation at every opportunity, thereby making everyone part of an unwilling audience, and that chaffes women because of the dynamic. Her shame parade is tactless, lacking a concious, and has gross nostrils. And while she’s not the destructive equivalent of disease or famine, I agree karma will be a bitch to her. In the mean time she’s our little shit show, and that’s kind of fun.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        She’s not Pol Pot, but, MAN, is she vicious and mean. Did you see the tweets where she says how the kids know the actual truth of what’s going on?

      • Sea Dragon says:

        Outstanding perspective, Arock. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  23. Lady D says:

    Evil just oozes out of her very pores. She radiates it. I cannot wait until karma smacks that ugly grin right off her face.

  24. Deeside says:

    As always, LeAnn takes classless and inappropriate to even lower levels. I’ve never seen another human being exhibit such a lack of self awareness, or make so many PR missteps. The way she exploits those kids is sickening and Eddie is pathetic for allowing it. Speaking of Eddie. Is it me, or is he losing his looks at a record setting pace? The shot of his backside on the ATV wasn’t exactly that of a man i’d call buff and he looks so freaking haggard and old now. Those two are really going to be each others undoing. On the plus side, they have her Dad’s towing business to fall back on. That way they will still be able to “wrq” together and be side by side 24 hours a day. #livinghellforboth #karmascalling

  25. littlestar says:

    If the rumours are true, and Eddiot has been screwing around with a woman who refuses to be silenced/paid off by Leann, then that’s just sweet karma for her posting such a tasteless picture.

  26. Zbornak Syndrome says:

    She really is a very basic girl. Borderline homely in my opinion. Her shoulders are as wide as Eddie’s!

  27. ncmagnolia says:


    It would be foolish to expect anything else from LR. If she ever does slip up and do something (k)classy, I assure you, it will be purely by accident.

    Trashy is just how she rolls and 100% who she is. Very distressing to see Brandi’s boys being hustled for PR AGAIN.

  28. Sonia says:

    Is this the same dad that she publicly said she hated? Wow, money really does talk in that family. I’m thinking the blind Just Say Jenn had a few days ago about a new older mentor for her wasn’t really about her after all! Unless she decided to completely ignore the new mentor as well.

    • SE says:

      The children whose home she and their father wrecked seem to have been right there as she was setting up her little joke; and even if not, this photo of her mocking the fact that she helped bring about the boys’ parents’ divorce is now online forever, where they can access it. Not funny at all.

  29. Californiadreams says:

    The more time she spends trying to paint this “happy family/great love” picture, along with trying to stick it to Brandi, just speaks to how terrible her and EC are doing at the moment….judging from the sheer amount of ish she posted this weekend, they are in a BAD place. It’s like she’s more interested in showing off these experiences to her “haters” and Brandi, than she is in actually enjoying them.
    I can’t help but laugh thinking of all the hours she must spend taking and editing countless photos/vids, tweeting, etc while EC and the boys are actually hanging out fishing etc. She must just be off to the side of them on her phone constantly, and is only brought back to the present when she see’s another photo op. It’s actually really sad :(

    • littlestar says:

      Her Twitter account says she’s almost at 70,000 Tweets! 70,000!!! That’s insane. I cannot imagine how it is possible to have sent out that many TWeets. And you are right, I checked out her Twitter account this weekend and she was like a mad woman. Just Say Jenn’s blinds must be true, because Leann is really unhinged lately, more so than usual.

      I almost feel guilty for being sucked into this non-stop drama. I feel so bad for the two little boys. But it’s just hard not to be curious to see if Leann will get her karma in the end. In all honestly, as much as I dislike her and her behaviour, I hope she doesn’t do something crazy to herself when all of her dirty laundry is finally aired to the world.

    • Leslie says:

      I agree. It must be stressful. I check gossip blogs for about 30 mins in the morning and again at night. I can’t imagine having any kind of life if I spent ALL DAY EVERY DAY tweeting and posting pix. No wonder she has underarm perspiration.

  30. Rita says:

    Eddie has been infected with the same delusional malaise as LeAnn. This is the guy who was the lead actor in a major TV series called The Playboy Club. Surrounded by beautiful women in a luxurious setting based on the high life of sophistication.

    Now look at him…. A backwards redneck playing in the mud wearing a dirty baseball cap trying to throw a rope around a fake cow.

    I guess that old expression applies to both Eddie and LeAnn….

    “You can’t make a silk purse out of pig intestines.”

  31. Cindy says:

    I wonder if Leann had Mason take the photo while Jake sang Borrowed, it’s in the hooks y’all!
    I wonder why she doesn’t pose her dad and bonus moms up there too and send the pic to her bio mom with the same hilarious caption?
    Or better yet put Scheana up there in a bikini (that’s how Eddie used to like to pose with her on Brandi’s boat) and tweet the pics to herself, since he was cheating with her first and while he was with Leann.
    So many questions, right IreneSybil?

  32. Stacey says:

    What an icky picture. It’s not funny. Being a homewrecker is not funny, on any level. And making jokes about wrecking the family with the children present, is really really abusive.

    She should be ashamed of herself. Instead, she is proud of what she did. Otherwise, she would not be laughing it off and taking “silly” pictures about it on family vacations.

  33. LeAnn Stinks says:

    Is that a flatbed truck or a horse trailer?;)

  34. mrspatrickbateman says:

    What I find interesting about this is who told her it would be a funny picture? I highly doubt she did it on her own, or her dad. Did Eddie laugh and say get up there and lets get a picture? That’s pretty messed up if he did that with his kids right there. Even if he was doing it as a dig to her knowing she would post it and then get all the hate.

    • claire says:

      Eddie doesn’t care. He was there with the kids when she was giving the shoutout at her concert to the guys wearing the F*CK Brandi t-shirts.

      Personally, I’d love to see these articles about her antics written from the angle of shaming Eddie. All the headlines, all the copy slamming Eddie for participating in this and allowing it to be done around his boys. She tweets smack about Brandi? The headline should be about Eddie letting his children’s mother be taunted and insulted publicly. She tweets this photo? The headline is: Eddie Cibrian thinks adultery is funny; jokes about breaking up the boys’ home in front of them on family vacation.

      I would personally LOVE to see how that changes the dynamics of her attention-seeking and his silence.

  35. tricklady says:

    Wait a second! Now Ed is in her Vine vids? Seems to me someone got in trouble and has to suck up! WOW! Her husband does not like her, cheats, her career is in the toilet, the internet hates her, she is pretty much a laughing stock. The only thing people like about her is that they can hate her so much! How does it feel Meann? How does it feel?

  36. Letsbecivil says:

    This breaks my heart. I don’t allow videos of my daughter online. She’s 11. I haven’t uploaded photos or allowed anyone else to for years. That’s my decision. Once they are out there you can’t get them back. To see children put out there online who are in the public eye. They are in the middle. I blame Eddie. He can shut that down. They are just gross!

    • Christin says:

      I have friends who (I think wisely) will not give their children’s true first names on social media. They are “the Boy” or “the Girl” or something equally generic to protect their privacy.

      This situation is so public and the kids are at an age where children may look for anything to ridicule. That’s why I equally blame their father for allowing this level of exposure. He has been shown numerous times with his own smartphone, so I don’t think he is clueless about how much those kids are used for publicity.

    • bettyrose says:

      I’m not a parent but I don’t even post pics of my friends online without their permission. If you were FB friends with me, you’d be like okay more pictures of BettyRose’s pets & garden today.

  37. Jessibes says:

    The posting of this photo and all the others coincided with Brandi’s debut acting thing on lifetime.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  38. TW says:

    I have a great sense of humor… But I don’t find adding insult to injury the slightest bit funny. My guess is that few do, and she’s laughing alone there. Not all the way to the bank for much longer though…

  39. mae says:

    Anything for attention. She can’t get the good kind…like being a kind, selling albums etc. So she goes for the classic negative attention. Oh boy she has a long karmic road to travel. She hurts so many and cant even see it.

    • June says:

      I agree with you about her wanting attention even if it’s negative. Honestly I think her karmic road has already begun. I don’t know her but she seems like such a miserable person. She just seems like she is faking happiness in every photo. Also, happy people just don’t act the way she has over the years. She did it to herself so I don’t have much sympathy but I’d guess that karma is already kicking her ass.

  40. Christin says:

    Something else distracts me about the photos. I grew up in TN and VA and have been around a number of farms. You can have a tidy looking place without spending a fortune. A load or two of gravel isn’t that expensive and prevents a muddy mess.

    This place appears to be a less than 15 acre piece of land with a modest house and outbuildings. Not a big farm or ranch as I once assumed and not in one of the more expensive places around Nashville. Nothing wrong with that, as daddy may have banked his money instead of spending it on a lavish lifestyle. But please get some gravel on that driveway. That looks redneck messy.

  41. bettyrose says:

    Who took the pictures of her and Eddie that are supposed to look like private romantic moments? I always have photogs ready when my honey and I steal a quiet moment under a sunset.

  42. Samigirl says:

    “Have fun with the comments,” yeah, until someone says something you don’t like. Then everyone is bullying you and you need to go back to tweehab.

  43. I have never seen anybody so unimportant think they are so important! It is so telling of these two when they are occasionally papped without arranging it they always both look totally miserable and she is always walking way behind him. When they figure out pap is there they grab hands and put on the blissful look. Now they are filming the One and Done and he acts like he is so happy with her. Surely she can see the difference in his behavior. He needs to make her stop posting pics of he and Brandi’s children. That is truly what makes me know he is a pig. No way is this guy faithful to her. I think that’s why she has let herself go and always looks unkept. She figured out all she was doing was to no avail.

  44. Leslie says:

    LeAnn’s actions keep proving that she’s not very bright. Dumb and vindictive along with drugs and booze are not a good combination.

    I think she’s feeling the embarrassment that she’s sunk to the level of doing a reality show. Something she said she’d never do.

  45. dorothy says:

    Wrecker as in is a wreck, wrecked career, wrecked a marriage, a wrecked person. I would be embarrassed to even post a picture like that, that had so many implications to it. I don’t think this chick get’s it. What a loon!

    Get her some mental help!!!

  46. Gable says:

    Ediot may be a pig, but he’s smart enough to let LeAnn bury herself, and even help her do it. He needs an out. He’s waiting it out, hoping to score more cash after she completely tips over. Like everyone, I’m totally stunned at her stupidity daily. She clearly has NO actual PR team. Just Ediot, goading her along. If I were Brandi, I’d put a screaming halt to the pics.

  47. Snowpea says:

    Ummmmm, WTF? Man, I been watching this spectacle a long time now and I cannot believe Rimes would post a pic that in no way, shape or form could be considered funny, witty, hilarious or even vaguely amusing.

    Even for her – someone who notoriously creepy, insensitive and downright awful – this is a new low.

    I am very intuitive and can read people’s body language very well and I can see the deep sadness those children have like a wellspring inside them. So to post a pic that MAKES LIGHT OF the genesis of that sadness is sick and twisted in the extreme.

    Rimes does not love those kids. Rimes uses them to make her look good.

    Rimes, since I know you read this, I’m gunna tell it to you straight: I am a mum of two boys and they are sweet, kind, funny and they love me more than words can say. They are loyal to me and would defend me to the death.

    This is also how Mason + Jake feel about Brandi. Their MOTHER.

    Also, your behaviour is so creepy, odd, weird and twisted, if my boys had you as their step mum I would have hauled your ass off to court about a year ago.

    Those boys DO NOT like you Rimes. It’s written all over their faces. They resent your endless parading of them, your fake pawing of them, your madness, your hatred of their mother, your copying of their mother, your shrill, fake, pathetic attempt to pretend everything is fine when it clearly is very far from being ok.

    This ‘Wrecker’ picture makes me feel so so so so sad.

    LeAnn and Eddie and Wilbur and all the other fools in this menagerie can go to to hell but those boys are innocent in this big old mess and somebody should be stepping in right about now to protect them from the ongoing lunacy of this incredibly distressing debacle :(

    What person in their right mind would do something as downright AWFUL as this? *shakes head in disgust*

  48. Jennifer12 says:

    Eddie should be shot for what he’s allowed to happen to Brandi and the kids. I think he eggs her on, so she gets the blame and he looks good for not commenting. He’s a crap father and his kids are getting old enough to know what he is and what he’s done. As for Leann, her endless need to use two innocent children in her sick games against their mother cancels out any sympathy I felt for being Eddie’s tool. She’s just a tool and a witch and someone needs to stop her from posting pictures of those kids. It is over the top. If she can’t put them on her show- and why were they there if they aren’t on the show- then she is drumming up publicity for her show by using their images. She is SUCH a POS, and their bio dad is worse.

  49. vicky says:

    Hey LeAnn don’t call my sense of humor into question! Call your own sense of decency into question…low class…low…low!

  50. Jane says:

    This woman is totally out of control. I was waiting for something to be said about this totally disgusting display. She honestly thinking this is humorous and funny? What in the f***ing h*** is wrong with her? Oh right, she is totally insane. She needs to be 5150′d straight away. I am so tired of this!!!

    • Snowpea says:


      In what parallel f*cking universe could this even be considered remotely funny?

      When is somebody, ANYBODY, going to intervene?

      Man if those boys were mine, hell would hath no fury etc etc

      • Jane says:

        @ Snowpea I am glad you agree with me. As a teacher for 28 years, I know when things are bad and dangerous for children. If Eddie and Brandie’s boys were my students, DCFS would have been called by now. Usually I am an even-keeled woman, but nothing makes me angrier than two boys suffering under the hands of this vindictive and sick-sick woman. She has no right being with them and groping them the way she does. She is a sick, sick, sick woman!

  51. Michelle says:

    Just binge-read the blinds about her on Just Say Jenn. WTF and OMFG. This is THE most fascinating trainwreck!

  52. briargal says:

    New saying for the TV show–None and done! Hehehe!

  53. briargal says:

    I vaguely remember someone making a remark shortly after they married, that EC did so just to ruin LR. She outed their affair and he wanted revenge. Does anyone else remember that? If it is true, he is doing a pretty good job of doing what he said he would do.

  54. Jennifer12 says:

    Did anyone hear about her tweets that said the kids know more than the world what actually happens? What a sick witch. Check out Just Say Jenn. Way to insult the kids’ mother, imply ugly things and just be a b—.

  55. Leslie says:

    I’m surprised that LeAnn and Ediot have no concern about posting pictures of those adorable boys on her Instagram, which everyone in the world can see. Pedophiles troll social media, looking for kids. Also, everyone know where LeAnn and Ediot live, so they’d be easy to find. Scary. Found this the wtkr news site:

    A warning tonight about the dangers of an online site that’s become more and more popular.

    According to investigators, Instagram is the new place where sexual predators are trolling for kids.

    “I’ve never seen so many complaints just within a one month period and it’s very concerning,”
    Detective Mike Harris is with the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office. He’s already arrested and convicted hundreds of sex predators.

    “The problem is when you post these pictures you got to ask yourself the question who has access to them, and what type of people are accessing these pictures and for what reasons?”

    This information becomes public for anyone to see.

    Investigators say when you sign up for things be sure to set your privacy settings.

  56. Kayla says:

    I have gone from being a fan of LeAnn’s for many years, to being absolutely disgusted by her recent behavior. My Aunt and I even got into arguments about her and I would always defend her. My Aunt was right about her and when I get back to Cali I am dumping all her CD’s posters and signed programs I’ve collected over the years. That stuff will go in the trash which is where she belongs! I’m done with her!! I hope she falls flat on her face.

  57. Kindabitchy says:

    I’ve been a step mom for 15 yrs – 2 boys. Met Mr Kindabitchy after his marriage ended, hard. It was difficult to watch the pain all endured and, much as I love the Mr and boys, I wish they could have all stayed together, as a family.

    This sort of behavior is just wrong and it’s wrong to expect kids to have the wisdom to understand such convoluted relationships. I’m done with her.

  58. someone says:

    If we are going to start commenting about bringing the boys into things, let’s point out the picture Brandi posted on her twitter of Mason in his underwear or the closeup of his mouth. Pedophiles can troll Brandi’s instagram too.

    • Jayna says:

      I have to agree. I hate LeAnn (and Eddie by allowing it) posting photos of the kids so much, but I found those photos Brandi posted disturbing. Not at home for her to look at, but to choose to put on twitter. Pedophiles are something to be worried about and becomming obsessed with children from photos they see on the internet or to even take those images and use them somewhere else. I found those particular photos off-putting for a mother to put on twitter of a boy that age now permanently on the internet. I would never ever post photos of that type of a ten-year-old son, no matter how innocent, and ever even remotely consider putting them on my twitter. Poor judgement on Brandi’s part. Yet, of course, no Brandi fan mentions that on here. Surprise, surpise.

      LeAnn and the wrecker photo, man, she is just losing it. She loves any attention I guess, negative or positive. This is what her life has come down to. She is doing anything to stay in the media thinking it will drum up support for that stupid show she is doing. But I agree with the poster above, Eddie I am sure loved it, took the photo, and was all encouraging about posting it. Maybe those two are made for each other. Then she, as usual, gets offended and says she is a singer and doesn’t need to bicker for attention. She really is a delusional mess, isn’t she? She is the only one these days keeping her affair and her issues with Brandi alive on twitter, yet, poor, LeAnn, she doesn’t get how people just won’t move past it. She is her own worst enemy but will never see it. LOL

    • Jennifer12 says:

      “The closeup of his mouth”- WTF, what are you saying? Why are you focused on a ten year old boy’s mouth? That is disgusting. She didn’t post revealing pictures, so where is your mind going? So she shouldn’t post photos of him in a bathing suit? Leann floods the internet with photos of kids who aren’t hers to exploit, but she does. Brandi posts a few photos of her own kids, and while I agree with limiting their exposure, where your mind went is disturbing.

  59. Vanessa says:

    Leann and Eddie deserved each other I have no doubt that Eddie told Leann to take a picture of herself on the truck . Leann is a bully who refuses to let things go whenever it’s quiet between her and Brandi she has to start things up again . I don’t agree with people dragging Brandi name into what Leann does Brandi hasn’t say anything about Leann in months when Leann try to bait Brandi on twitter for the most part Brandi ignored her . Leann joke was not funny at all it’s not funny she had a part in breaking up a marriage with two small kids .

  60. Wisher says:

    WOW! Just when you think this sick twisted woman couldn’t stoop any lower. Bang!She does it again and even tops herself too! WTF! us wrong with her? And why hasn’t anyone stepped up and stopped her from using these kids time and time again. Why can’t she see what everyone else see’s? When will this end? How bad will it get before it does end? Just as a spectator of this public mess, I am becoming more and more concerned for those boys well-being and safety. I know I am not alone judging from the comments here. Not one person supports her or agrees with her actions. Margaret LeAnn Rimes Cibrian is one case for the textbooks, and then some! SMDH!

  61. briargal says:

    Apparently there are plenty of prime tickets left for tonight’s show at the Grand Ole Opry if anyone is interested in going??!! Hehehe!

    • Macey says:

      I saw on GossipRocks that they were giving them away on twitter if you could name her album, they were prime seats too.

      funny parts were all the tweets NOT wanting the tickets. I swear Im getting addicted to that Big Fat Liars thread, so many good pics and memes in there..lol

      I wonder if Ediot went back home when he took the boys home? I havent read her twitter lately but she was def. drunk tweeting yesterday about her truth and how the even the boys know “her truth”.

      • Jayna says:

        Radio stations usually get some tickets allowed to use for promos and giveaways. My friend’s husband wins tickets all the time to concerts from radio stations.

      • Christin says:

        There were seats available in several sections (not just nose bleed section) earlier today. It’s a Tuesday performance with other female singers scheduled to perform. I would love to see if Eddie checks out Lorrie (who still looks great, and has a wonderful voice).

      • briargal says:

        But the fact that there are seats available is funny! Jenn from JSJ says she went in early November one year–there were no names she recognized as performers and there was standing room only tickets available. And I too, loved the remarks some people responded to the radio stations about not wanting the tickets. Hehehe!

  62. someone says:

    Anyone notice that while Brandi doesn’t say anything directly about any of this on twitter – in the last 2 days she has posted 5 tweets about her kids and 1 picture of them. She knows how to play the game. She uses the boys as much as Leann supposedly does. Just because they are her kids doesn’t mean she is above using them on twitter.

    • briargal says:

      OH MY GOODNESS!! SHAME ON BRANDI!! Sure have to dig deep to complain about something about Brandi, huh?

    • Leslie says:

      They are Brandi’s FUCKING kids. She is their mother; she can tweet about them 24/7 if she wants too. So, she posts a pic ONCE IN A WHILE. LeAnn, their STUPID “bonus mom” calls the paps to get pix of those poor kids at EVERY soccer game. She even takes pix of them on their vacation/reality show filming, and posts them on Instagram. And when she has the kids, she tweets 24/7 about them doing something stupid like singing her vial songs.

      What is “bonus mom” going to do for attention once Ediot leaves her? Will she still have rights to those kids? NO. She will no longer be in their lives, but Brandi will.

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      Um, okay LeAnn. Oh, I mean “someone,” cough, cough-LOL!

    • Snowpea says:

      That is completely absurd, someone, and you know it.

      I have two boys and guess what? I talk about them ALL the time in status updates on FB.

      “Yay J! Congrats to my handsome 13 year old for coming second in his semi contact karate tournament and winning a trophy”

      “Today J, F and I went out for sushi and afterwards we went to the library and borrowed lots of Asterix books”

      You get the picture.

      But that’s not me ‘playing the game”. They are MY children and that is what MUMS do.

      Rimes is NOT their mum, she doesn’t love those kids.

      She pimps them out, paps them out, parades them, paws at them, and uses them as pawns in her sick, one sided game of chess with Brandi.

    • Southerngal says:

      Can SOMEONE explain to me how the f*ck Brandi uses her own kids for publicity? I post pics of my kids for friends and family to see on my FB page. Some of you people are reaching and it is LAME AS F*CK. She is their mother NOT STEPMOM and anyone with common sense can see LeAnn is posting way more pics than their actual parents. Miss me with the bullshit.

    • Mel says:

      You’re missing something fundamental here. Brandi is their MOTHER. You would expect the MOTHER to post photos of her own children. What one doesn’t expect is a complete stranger posting photos of someone else’s children. Apart from that, Brandi almost never posts photos of her own children, she tweets about going to a bbq or something with them, shes always tweeted about them, but she practically never posts photos of them, Leann outranks her 7000 to 1 on that score, so I fail to see how posting one photo every several months of HER children is ‘using’ them, if she was using them she’d be posting on average 12 per day as Leann does.

      • Macey says:

        well LR just claimed to have been moved to get involved with the Breast cancer thing since SHE watched Ediot’s mom go thru it…ummmm…THAT WAS BRANDI who cared for her, I dont think LR was even a Ediot’s speedbump at that time.

        she is truly unbelievable.

  63. Jane says:

    I am waiting for the day when both of the boys say, “You know what Mom..Dad..Le? Stop having our pictures taken. God, just leave us the f*** alone! Can’t we go anywhere or do anything without have us smile for the camera?” Those boys literally have no one to stick up for them and demand that the madness stops. I would love to be in Mason’s classroom to see how well he is doing. Kids can be utterly brutal. I find it hard to believe that the kids in his class have remained totally mum for so long. I’d love to know if the boys’ teachers have said anything to the parents.

  64. briargal says:

    Just saw a pic of LR flipping the switch at the Grand Ole Opry last night. Guess what hand she used to do it?? Yep, her poor broken hand. Gosh, how does she put up with the pain??!! What a lying, pathetic loser!!!!

  65. Tracy says:

    Those kids are going to HATE her when they grow up and realize that she broke up their home. Kids don’t forget–or forgive often—that. She’s a complete idiot!

  66. Christin says:

    The Nashville newspaper ran a story that I hope is covered here. It’s chock full of commentary opportunities. It starts with breast cancer awareness and ends with Brandi.

  67. Leslie says:

    I keep hearing ppl talking about LeAnn having fake Twitter accounts for the purpose of bashing Brandi. Anyone have any idea just how many fake accounts she has?