Ryan Reynolds got vomited on by another passenger on a flight: typical?

I’m reporting this story because I just had an 11 hour flight on Saturday, and because I fly often. Stuff happens on flights and during the process of getting on and off flights especially, that is frustrating, annoying, degrading and tests your patience and resolve as a human being. You may think I’m overselling this, but you try waiting in line for an hour at US customs after spending 20 hours travelling. I could go on. Anyway, it’s a nice kind of schadenfreude for me to learn that celebrities aren’t immune from the trials of flying. Maybe the ones who fly private are, but Ryan Reynolds just endured a unique kind of torture while on a commercial flight from New York to New Orleans. He got puked on by a woman who was wasted on red wine:

Reynolds was seated in seat 2D at the window, and according to the eyewitness, “About two-thirds of the way into the flight, a young lady in front of him in 1D vomited toward her window, which then spewed back all over Ryan’s beige cashmere sweater. She had clearly had too much to drink, causing her to be sick.”

“The vomit looked like it was largely made up of red wine, and it made a huge stain on Ryan’s sweater,” says the source. “So he took it off!”

“The flight attendants were doing the best they could with giving him napkins,” the source says. But according to another eyewitness, they were seen giggling amongst themselves after the incident had taken place.

Reynolds managed to find a cleaner top, and upon landing, he and Lively were the first to be whisked off the plane by a member of airport security in New Orleans.

“They tried to pretend like nothing happened,” the source explains. “The vomiting was quiet, and I think they were all going to try to just hide what happened, but the smell was rancid! Also, you couldn’t help but notice Ryan taking off his shirt!”

[From Radar Online]

If this was just you or me, we wouldn’t get a security escort off the plane. We would have to stand around stinking like throw up for hours until we reached our final destination.

I’ve been puked on during a flight. When my son was three years old, he choked on a pretzel during a flight and threw up all over my shirt. I was used to being puked on, and was more embarrassed that I was the mom responsible for the vomit smell wafting through the cabin. Another time, I had red wine spilled all over the front of my light-colored pants when my son knocked the tray table it was sitting on. I never had another glass of red wine on a plane again. Moms are used to these minor indignities. Getting both red wine and puke on you coming out of a drunken stranger sounds much worse to me.

This makes me wonder if Blake Lively had some kind of MacGyver meets Martha Stewart approach to Ryan’s dilemma. Ryan took his sweater off but what happened next? Blake is starting her own “curated” lifestyle company after all. How did she deal with Ryan’s vomit smell? Did she spray some Chanel perfume on it? (There’s an airport hell reserved for people who spray perfume on flights.) Did she have some baking soda in her purse that she rubbed all into Ryan’s chest hair? I want to see this incident playfully explained in Blake’s lifestyle column, complete with an expensive, impractical solution that no one would be able to afford or have access to. (“Rub some Beluga caviar on your skin. The acridity of the fish smell will neutralize the vomit odor.” “Use yak’s milk to remove red wine stains.”)




Photos of Ryan and Blake are from an event in June (credit: WENN) Ryan is also shown on the New Orleans set of Selfless earlier this month. (credit: FameFlynet)

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  1. Frida_K says:

    I would be concerned about disease transmission. Vomit is a bodily fluid.

    If the flight attendants were giggling about it then they behaved in an incredibly unprofessional manner.

    Famous or not famous, if a passenger is exposed to another passenger’s bodily fluids, it is the responsibility of the flight attendants to assist the passenger and rectify the situation as much as possible.

    Would they have been cackling if there had been blood involved?

    This is not funny.

    • Tulip says:

      @Frida_K. If it gives you any comfort, I thought they were getting a bit silly over the fact a celebrity actor-a good looking one-had to take off his shirt. They know flying is hell-half naked Ryan would’ve been a nice change.

      Now, if Blake got the vomit, they would’ve just cackled.

    • mercy says:

      I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say it probably didn’t happen that way, or Ryan said something funny to take the tension out of the situation. First class cabins are small and attendants generally treat the passengers like VIP’s, in my experience. And if they served her too much wine, they might have felt partially responsible. Then again, RR with his shirt off might make one a little giddy lol. ;)

      But seriously, this sounds like my travel nightmare. I might have got sick on spot at the grossness of being puked on by some drunk stranger in a confined space.

    • Decloo says:

      If the vomiter was sitting in front of him it could not have been a direct hit. He probably just got some stuff ricocheting off the window. Still, pretty unpleasant.

    • lisa says:

      if a stranger vomited on me, they would need homeland security. im sure it wasnt intentional but i wouldnt take it well at all.

  2. Rhea says:

    Never been in that situation before. Not in public, at least. I feel bad for him. Yuck!

  3. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I once sat next to a woman who was holding her little boy in her lap. When it became clear that the child was going to be sick, the woman quickly turned him so that he would vomit on me instead of her. Thank you, lady. I’ll never forget you.

  4. Snowpea says:

    *yawn* These two are so dull I can barely register an interest ;)

  5. Apples says:

    To remove red wine stains:
    Salt + Hydrogen Peroxide
    Let salt mixture sit on stain. (Google for instructions)
    It’s like MAGIC!

  6. blue marie says:

    That’s disgusting and avoidable, use a freakin air sick bag. When I fly, I get a bit sick when landing, I always make sure I have a bag in my hand whether I use it or not.

  7. Tig says:

    Air travel is the great equalizer, isn’t it? Have had my share of awful experiences, but not that one-yet! And kiss that sweater bye-bye- those stains do not come out.

    Sorry it happened- but glad that Ryan acted like a grown-up. And cut some slack to the attendants- if they busted out laughing in front of the “victim”, that is unprofessional. If they got the giggles back in service area, prob looking for club soda, that’s understandable.

    • mercy says:

      Maybe he said something that made them laugh. ;) I kind of doubt this would be the response of attendants in the first class cabin, especially if the passenger was (understandably) upset and the woman was drunk on wine they had served her. I’ve seen people fired with less reason. Then again, I’ve heard terrible things about Delta. I try not to fly with them or American.

  8. MegG says:

    I’ve been sick before on a plane, but due to illness. But I used the vomit bags. I was embarrassed enough and luckily wasn’t sick on anyone.

  9. CM says:

    Was the in-flight movie, ‘The Green Hornet’?

  10. linlin says:

    I vomited on a plane before- it was my first overseas flight, I was 19 and as soon I was in the plane I got my period early, resulting in bad cramps and later had to vomit. Luckily enough I noticed that I wasn’t feeling well and could go to the toilet and vomited there and so nobody but me had to suffer. But believe me, I suffered plenty on that flight.

    • Decloo says:

      As long as we are telling yucky stories, I can beat everyone. At about age 14 I was on a crowded city bus, standing in front of the seated people. Without any forewarning at all, I vomited profusely all over the people seated in front of me. I immediately ran to the back of the bus and got off. The bus sped away and I never had to face the music.

      • shannon says:

        OMG I don’t know why that made me laugh, I guess reminds me of when I was in middle school and the first Harry Potter movie was coming out and my friend’s mom took 4 of us out of school to see it. My friend was making her way back to her seat with 3 bags of popcorn and 2 large Cokes on a tray and almost tripped, in the process of steadying herself she dropped the tray on top of the little girl in front of us, it was so awful! She had to watch the entire movie covered in sticky popcorn mush.

  11. GeeMoney says:

    This story is hysterical. I’m sorry he got vomited on, but I couldn’t help but laugh.

  12. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    While it wasn’t vomit, my husband spent the better part of a 9 hour flight with a vodka and OJ soaked crotch. The lady next to him had flight anxiety and proceeded to drink herself stupid. She spilled the drink in hubby’s lap and he spent the remainder of the flight with a sticky crotch. He also smelled like a distillery and looked like he peed his pants. I’m pretty sure fellow passengers thought he got so drunk he peed his pants. Haha!

  13. henderswife says:

    I have an intense fear of vomit. Hearing it, smelling it. No matter where I am, I am afraid someone will vomit. At the mall, Wal-Mart, theme parks and especially on planes because there is no where to runaway to when it happens. My biggest fear is vomiting in public. I know everyone does it but I would just die of embarrassment.

  14. taxi says:

    I hope this was good for a couple of free tickets from the airlines plus some dollars for the cleaning bill.

  15. JQ says:

    Oh man, that stinks. In more ways than one! And thanks for sharing your personal flight stories about your own child. It made me feel like I’m not alone after wrangling my toddler back and forth from Qingdao to Shanghai!