Robert Pattinson’s team ‘is beginning to worry’ about Rob’s hard-partying lifestyle?


Robert Pattinson news! Before we get to the sad stuff, let’s do the happy stuff. Several years ago, back when Sparkles was Edward Cullen, he would get wasted with Katy Perry in karaoke bars. They would get wasted together and sing warbly versions of Boyz II Men. You know what’s sad? Both of them sing professionally. Seriously. How drunk were they?!

If you’re going to go for the best celebrity version of Boyz II Men’s classic, I’m going to go with John Krasinski lip-synching EVERY DAMN TIME (skip ahead to about the 7 minute mark, although the whole video is funny).

Anyway, now that we know that Sparkles and Katy Perry have always been rather, um, comfortable with each other, that should ease the minds of the Rob-stans who worry that Rob is falling apart without his Bella, correct? Not so much. According to The Sun, Rob is a changed man without Kristen Stewart and his team is worried:

Robert Pattinson may be risking his career in an attempt to mend his broken heart, sources close to the star say. The Twilight actor has thrown himself into the LA party circuit since his breakup with Kristen Stewart after she cheated on him with her director, which has led to his team beginning to worry.

With pressure mounting for the London-born 27-year-old to follow up to the huge success of the Vampire franchise it seems Robert may be heading in the other direction.

‘Kristen broke his heart, he has not been the same since she cheated,’ a source close to the star told The Sun. ‘His team don’t want him to be defined by what club he goes to or what women he dates.’

Another insider told the newspaper that Robert’s next move is crucial for his career in order for him not to be pulled down by the weight of his role as Edward Cullen in the successful franchise.

However, Robert was recently seen partying with Joe Jonas and Zac Efron for the former’s birthday. Efron recently returned from a stint in rehab over a supposed cocaine addiction while last week it was rumoured that the reason behind the Jonas Brothers’ cancelled tour was Joe’s ‘secret drug addiction.

Earlier this week he prompted speculation that he may have been in a fight when he was seen with a visibly swollen left hand as he went out for lunch in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The mystery was enhanced by dark marks around his eye that he tried to hide under sunglasses, which could have been bruising. Much puffier than normal and with red marks around his knuckles, the British actor protected his scuffed-up hand by carrying his take-out lunch in a foil container on the other side. While Robert is right-handed, he could have swung a left hook at his opponent if he had gotten into a scuffle.

[From The Mail]

You can see the photos of Rob looking kind of ragged here. His hand does look sort of swollen, but I just can’t see him throwing a punch. More likely that he was drunk and he just took a tumble and messed up his hand. It happens. But as for the larger worries about Rob’s nightclub-heavy lifestyle these days – well, I’ve been saying that for a while. Even if his activities are relatively innocent (and I’m not convinced that they are), it simply LOOKS bad. He looks like he’s desperately trying to become a typical LA douchebag, which is so dumb because people always liked him because he seemed like he’s a quieter, gentler soul.



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  1. Lilyvanilli says:

    Meh, nice guy slides into douchery. It happens.

  2. Apples says:

    That video with Pattinson (+ Katy Perry) was HILARIOUS!

    “Giiiirl, your wish is- Oh, thank you- my commaaaaand.”

  3. Dani2 says:

    That last picture is everything.

  4. Eleonor says:

    Thank God there are no youtube videos of me and my best friend singing the hell out of Mmmbop of the Hanson completely drunk in a karaoke bar.

  5. Mazza666 says:

    This story makes me laugh. So essentially he bruised his hand (no one has any proof how) and went on a night out with Disney princes Zac Efron and Joe Jonas! He’s not exactly been photographed snorting coke off a prostitute’s arse in Ozzy Osborne’s dungeon! My God, with all the pap attention on this poor guy you think they’d be able to get something more tantalizing as proof of his downward spiral!
    To me, this seems like another of those cultural things, like the recent Skarsgard furore. If you’re from the US you may be more likely to see a problem there. If you’re European, you just think this is normal.

  6. blue marie says:

    As I read this I realized how little I actually care.

  7. ANDREA1 says:

    Urgh never got the appeal of this guy!

  8. smee says:

    I just watched that video and I had no idea John K. has such a nice body!

    In candid photos, RPat always looks he just smelled something bad.

    He’s young – he’s going to party like a maniac until his early / mid 30s.

  9. Harpreet says:

    I love London, beautiful city, incredible history, and fantastic arts scene.

    So I never understand why all these British stars move to LA (Rob, Kate Beckinsale, Statham). I mean, if you are on a show that shoots there, fine. But for movie stars? You don’t have to live in LA.

    • Tara says:

      Glad it’s not just me. Born and raised in the states, so I figured I had a case of “grass is always greener.” But every time I hear of a British actor living in LA, I just don’t get it and assume that’s where the money is. NYC I can sorta see. LA not so much.

  10. another nina says:

    Speaking of swollen hand…If I’m not mistaken, boxing is his favorite kind of gymming, so it could be just an unfortunate accident at the gym. And, sorry, I doubt Pattz has guts to get into a fight.
    Other than that, he seems to enjoy to hang out with some 2nd sort celebrities and I personally think he is into drugs, at least he is starting looking like he is…And I doubt he is nurturing a broken heart, it’s more likely deals with career issues.

  11. PunkyMomma says:

    ‘His team don’t want him to be defined by what club he goes to or what women he dates.’

    Um, his team would do well to learn to conjugate the verb “do”.

  12. PinkyTuscadero says:

    Oh man. If I didn’t love the K before, I sure do now. Those moves tell me he can lay it down, amirite, ladies?

  13. Lou says:

    I shouldn’t be surprised, but I kind of am, that people believe the Sun newspaper, which is actually re-hashed word for word, from Radar Online last week. Where are the pics of Rob rolling around drunk? The black eye story was complete fabrication, he was at an award ceremony the next night, did a fantastic job with no bruised knuckles or black eye in sight. The guy lives in LA, he works in LA, why should he not stay there? I don’t get this thing about him having to move back to London. I also think Americans are much more hung up on the whole drinking thing. It is not unusual for people to go out and have a drink every night, in the UK. Just leave him alone, I don’t think there is anyone in Hollywood as hounded as Rob, it’s like people just want to find dirt on the guy.

    • LadySlippers says:

      Americans aren’t as hung-up about alcohol as others think. We have a very vocal, self-appointed group (probably descended from the Puritans), that likes to spout off about this crap.
      But then again, I’m from the Midwest and have a strong German background that comes complete with the drinking culture.

  14. Algernon says:

    Rich young man living insanely privileged lifestyle acts like douchebag?


  15. Francie Nolan says:

    He’ll probably end up in rehab soon enough.

  16. magpie says:

    I watched the video without sound. All I can say is that he looked drunk but he was hot. The hot is gone.

  17. Anname says:

    I think he is a guy who hates/fears being alone, so he goes out a lot, and specifically to places where he won’t get photographed. Like I have said before, he has managed to keep his head for the past 5 years, I hope he doesn’t lose it now. I don’t think he is as messed up as the tabloids are leading us to believe however. I read something abouthow he was a mess at the Australian thing last week, but there is x17 video of him leaving at the end of the event and he looks completely fine. I like him, so I hope these reports are greatly exaggerated.

  18. Lyn says:

    Lol, all these fabricated stories being rehashed . rob is doing fine and prepping for,his upcoming films w Werner herzog, Dane dehaan, and mission blacklist. His career is doing well. His going to nightspots are just normal for any 27 yo single guy and lol at the “partying” term always being used by these trash tabloids. He is probably going to these place to unwind or just have some quick fun w friends instead of locking himself in his house. And yes, he has nothing to hide and drinks w friends in public places instead of hiding somewhere and doing what have you. And a douchebag? Lol, perspective ppl. He is one of the nicest guy in HW, he did not cheat w a married woman, he did non wreck a young family, he does not DUI in all these yrs, he is doing fine and stop all these stupid stories , it has become pathetic that tabloids has to resort to these kind of idiotic stories for the hits.

  19. jess says:

    We have never had any stories where he was acting out at these clubs that he has gone to. I do think he likes to go out and hang out with his friends and these places he goes to he doesnt have to be worried about getting his pic taken or fans bothering him. As for the swollen hand, i agree with what someone saidearlier aabout him boxing. At the australian évent one fan took à pic of him where his eyes were bloodshot and she said he was wasted but later took everything done. He took pics with alot of people and he looked fine. Plus, the place was filled with journalists and everyone said he was funny and Nice, no one said he was drunk.
    The video with him and katy is hilariously painful to watch. Rob shouldnt quite his day job and katy really needs to quite hers.

  20. Jaana says:

    He has already gone to the dark side. I just hope he can be saved.

  21. Tig says:

    I thought the video was funny as well. The way these stories are churned, it’s like folks are dying to see him in rehab! Pics from Aussie film event, he looked great. Wish the paps/tabloids would move on to some other guy.

  22. Joyce James says:

    These articles about Robert Pattinson is simply a bit of fabricated bull crap. All of these supposedly drunken episodes are simply fabricated by a group of people with an agenda to make him look like a drunk, and are not supported by any evidence. Mosts of the photographs shows him going to concerts with friends or leaving the CM with Director of Mission Blacklist. Where are the pictures from him attending Zac Effron’s birthday at the CM?As far as the video with him singing karoke with Katy Perry celebrating a friends birthday, this as was from 2008 and they were having fun. He was 22 years old. Its strange that this surface just as he attended two events and got positive comments on his attendance at both events. Very timely. Robert is fine!

    • Anname says:

      I think it was Ed Westwick (not Rob) at Efron’s birthday – there are photos of Westick out with Efron, and Rob and Ed Westwick get mistaken for each other frequently. Rob has not really been known to hang out with either Zac or Joe Jonas (thankfully!), even if Rob unfortunately has those shady friends in common with Zac.

  23. Lucy says:

    He sounds way better than Katy (and she’s the one who sings professionaly)

  24. geekychick says:

    TBH, I’m enjoying the comments from the stans. It seems like he was a douche from tzhe start, with an image of gentle, quiet guy…there are tons of them in EU, and as I said, my girls and I call them “EU-FAKE”.
    I just want to point out, that when he was part of a robsten, she was blamed for paparazzi and how she sure as hell won’t give up the attention, but we don’t have daily pap shots of KStew, and Sparkles, although we all know he isn’t exactly the hottest target for paps today, is on x17 every other day, basically. and spotted around papped places. and pretty comfie with KP duriing the whole epic romance. also, this man is what? 27? Those are not years for college-style partying, those are years to grow up. Stop blaming your wild nights out on heartbreak, ffs.
    I know, I know I’ll get attacked over this, but I can’t help but remember all the vitriol and predictions of his stans here, and look-it turned out completely opposite, at least for now.

    also, CDAN has a blind item about a shuffle and an actor with a swollen hand and bruises. ;)

  25. blueclouds says:

    Rob, you’re young and single. Don’t you know you should stay
    at home playing with your dogs all day? How dare you go out and have a drink with your friends. It makes you look like a douche!

  26. Francie Nolan says:

    The Chateau Marmont is known for its drugs. That’s where Britney and Lindsay went looking for action during their meltdowns.

    It’s also a pap magnet. So to the stans who say Patsy is only looking for some privacy. Yeah right.

  27. DB says:

    If he “looks” bad that’s simply because the gossip tabs and blogs are on a mission to MAKE him look that way. Where are the daily photos of him partying? Where are the photos of him leaving these venues falling down drunk? Where are the photos of all this womanizing? Where are the reports from his professional colleagues that he’s anything but professional, hard working and has an easy going personality? There aren’t any because these rumors & reports are fabricated BS. Rob networking, Rob going about his business to build a non-Twi career, Rob getting over a cheating GF these don’t sell gossip like scandal does. Since he doesn’t do anything scandalous the gossip brigade are left to just make it up as they go along. What I’d love to know is that if they succeed in tarnishing his image as they clearly want to, well then what? Have they even thought that far ahead? He’s a hit magnet for websites and for magazines. If they are trying to get people to turn on him, then what? Do they think that will make them buy more magazines or give more hits. Nope it won’t. In their desire to use him to get more hits they are basically biting the hand that feeds them. Their greed is like that old fable of the goose and the golden eggs. They were greedy too and ended up with zip. The gossip brigade should think about that…

  28. rtms says:

    Hmm I’m of the mind that he’s always done this, only now he’s just more public about it then before. Kristen seems to be the obsessive about privacy etc. Now with out her around he’s more happy to have fun with friends and public about it. Not to mention he has to keep his profile up since none of his movies have the same exposure as Twilight had for him.

  29. Emma says:

    I have a problem with the whole storyline because it’s as if the media is just now realizing who Rob is and what he does. He’s always done these things. He’s always gone to these places. Just because you’re paying attention doesn’t make it new. Therefore, I find the downward spiral stories eyeroll-worthy. He’s just being Rob.

    • magpie says:

      I think you’re right…this is nothing new. He’s had the shady friends a long time ago. Now that we can’t talk KStew dramz the narrative has gone elsewhere. Rob needs to get his people to move it elsewhere. He also needs a style make-over and personal trainer. Geez he’s looking bad.

      • Source says:

        He doesn’t/never had “shady” friends. That’s a word the Krisbians use. They all go by the same playbook of vocabulary.

        And he does have a personal trainer. He’s been boxing and really looking good lately.

        Catching him at the Chateau Marmont doesn’t make him a giant douche. Stop that, already. If that’s all you’ve got to prove he’s gone off the rails and is on a slippery slope to rehab, it’s pretty pathetic.

        Not one person who’s met/know him have said anything but that he’s a nice, humble guy.

        Agree that the tabloids are trying to make a guy who just likes to go out and drink at his favorite hangout with his friends, into a drugged-out loser.

      • MisJes says:

        But you see, he does have dodgy friends, plain and simple. He shares some of the stellar influences that were around Zac Efron (among other troubled stars), and frequently hangs out with (and is consequently photographed with) people who are rumoured to be heavily into the drug scene, such as Mohammed Al Turki (rumoured to be the major supplier to the industry).

        By the way, I’m not a Krisbian *eye-roll*, I just think the level of denial here is too much. If he’s partying with these people, it isn’t a stretch to imagine he’s dabbling in whatever they are too.

      • magpie says:

        Yeah, I’m no KStew fan either. But yes, he has/has had shady friends like that Mo dude. And there are many others but Rob’s fans won’t believe it. And he can still be a nice guy and be on drugs, I never said he was a jerk…just that he’s headed into Efron territory.

  30. Em says:

    This guy gets a new story no matter what jss he’s barely seen anywhere and still. He doesn’t seem to be giving anything away after the his relationship debacle. They only thing they can come up is with the same old same old, a 20 something year old actor partying hard and doing drugs. THe horror~

  31. K says:

    Popbitch blind item, Sept 26 (when the Dior ads came out):

    ” Every young star needs a fixer in
    their entourage to score their drugs.
    In movie circles this usually means a
    “producer” with a trust fund. There’s
    one international film financier
    photographed with almost every
    troubled star and starlet… usually
    just before they head to rehab. So
    it’s bad news for the team around
    which once-hot young Brit actor
    (whose love-life and advertising
    deals are bigger news than his
    recent films) as their boy seems
    to be hanging out more and more
    with his “ambience technician”?”

    I know it’s only a blind item, and it may not even be him (though I can’t think who else?). But there do seem to be more and more hints in the media, and now open stories, on his partying very heavily.

    • Joyce James says:

      If you don’t know if its him, why include it. You infer that it is Robert.

      • Source says:

        Yeah. Because there aren’t any young British actors known for partying and drinking. And if there’s hardly a celebrity who isn’t known more for their love life nowadays.

        As for “once hot,” well, that signifies to me a has-been, and considering he’s got movies back to back to back, I don’t think it applies here.

      • K says:

        Why include it? Because this is a gossip site, and it’s pretty clear they mean him, IMO, though I’m not about to say that definitely because I didn’t write it. Hence the posting in full for others to make their own minds up.

        And sure, I’m inferring it’s him. No other young Brit male movie star fits IMO. I’m generally useless with blinds and draw a blank until someone else names them, but I thought of him the second I read it because no other young male Brit star with a waning career (no, not a has-been but not exactly hot right now either in comparison with the recent past) plus love life scandal plus huge ad campaign seems to exist. Can you name one? I can’t.

        It’s just a blind, so could be BS. But the stories are getting remarkably consistent. And Popbitch isn’t CDAN, either. As it happens, I really like what I know of the guy and I hope he’s doing okay, or gets help if he’s not. But I don’t see why insisting he’s definitely not partying too hard on no evidence is any more valid than speculating with at least some evidence, albeit tabloid.

      • magpie says:

        Please, it’s Rob and that Mo guy. I’m not saying all blinds are real…but some are. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

      • MisJes says:

        I’m with you, Magpie. It definitely seems to tie in with a lot of stories floating around Hollywood of late.

  32. Marnie says:

    Hmmm… He is doing boxing as part of his work-out regimen, that’s where the swollen hand comes from… And he doesn’t have a black eye either. You don’t know that he is doing boxing??? He is not looking puffier, he is looking exactly as usual, high-cheekbones, as it’s obvious from the Australian event last thursday. You can bet that the blind item was written by Kristen fans/Krisbians, exactly like the coke story that they twitted to gossip sites and tabloids. It’s always the same story/stories rehashed every day..