Gwyneth Paltrow asking A-list friends to boycott VF, but they’re ‘ignoring’ her


Here are some photos of Gwyneth Paltrow arriving at LAX last week. She seems… like she doesn’t want the attention. Like months of shilling Iron Man 3 and her second cookbook left her tired and weakened. She’s too fragile and vitamin-deficient, Vanity Fair! Yes, that may be one of the big reasons Gwyneth seems so hassled these days and why she’s been keeping a lower profile. Everyone is talking about what Vanity Fair will or will not reveal in their (epic?) Gwyneth takedown. We don’t even know when this takedown is going to be published, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for the January issue, which would mean VF would release the article online in early December. It would be the perfect early Christmas present. But Gwyneth still has a few tricks up her elite, $5000 cashmere-and-unicorn sleeve: she’s trying to fight back and “destroy” VF.

With a scathing Vanity Fair take-down piece in the works on Gwyneth Paltrow, the two are going head to head in a war that has turned nuclear! has exclusively learned the Iron Man 3 actress wants to “destroy” the coveted magazine’s reputation before they can publish the expose on her.

The forthcoming article — which some had thought might have been scratched when it failed to materialize in the latest issue— is rumored to expose her possible infidelities with Miami hotelier Jeff Soffer (Paltrow has said it’s “one big lie”) among many other salacious items about the star.

“It’s still going to run and it could possibly break online in the next two-three weeks,” an insider told Radar. “Too many resources have been plowed into it and too many bridges have been brined for it to be killed.”

When the article failed to make it into the magazine’s latest issue, Paltrow’s efforts “notably stepped up,” the source said.

They said: “She wants the magazine’s reputation destroyed before they can even publish anything on her.”

As Radar previously reported, a mass email Paltrow sent to her friends begging them not to participate in the magazine’s expose was revealed stating: “If you are asked for quotes or comments, please decline. Also, I recommend you all never do this magazine again.”

Paltrow, 41, has supposedly convinced George Clooney to withdraw from appearing on the magazine’s Hollywood Issue cover, but had trouble with Julia Roberts who is apparently close to the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Graydon Carter.

“[Julia] is ignoring Gwyneth, has no problem with Graydon and is happily still committed to appear on the cover of that issue,” the source revealed, noting that the refusal to bend to Paltrow’s wishes “has probably ended any chance of a friendship between the two of them.”

[From Radar]

HOLY CRAP. Now I really want to see a girl-fight between Julia Roberts (*goose honk*) and Gwyneth Paltrow (*simper*). And I think it’s hilarious that Gwyneth has spent DECADES cultivating and culling her elite list of strictly A-list friends, and how very few of those friends have her back in a Goop Emergency. First Jay-Z appeared on the cover – JUDAS! And now Julia Roberts won’t back down? Hahahaha. Oh, and George Clooney probably just pushed his VF cover back a few months since The Monuments Men isn’t going to be released in time for the awards season anyway.

Once again, I just have to say – Gwyneth really has no idea how to behave when every single person around her isn’t kissing her ass. This is only one of the first cracks in Goop’s armor. Maybe she needs to hire Liberty Ross’s crisis manager or something?


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  1. lunchcoma says:

    Apparently Gwyneth is under the impression that she’s an important, powerful person in Hollywood? I suspect that’s news to everyone else. Her career at this point consists of supporting roles in Marvel films. Now, I don’t expect her to go out and dance for her money like Hiddles, but that’s hardly the kind of position that warrants boycotts of an established magazine.

    • Decloo says:

      Don’t worry, VF will be victorious. There’s no way they will concede now that all those bridges have been “brined.” It takes a lot of pickle juice to pull off a scathing expose such as this promises to be.

    • K says:

      What’s hilarious is that her role in the Marvel films could be played by practically ANYBODY and still be successful. No one is going to those movies because of her.

    • Bridget says:

      We may not like it, but she is EXTREMELY well-connected and has a ton of friends among Hollywood and fashion. BUT I think she asked for too much. The quality has gone downhill, but VF and most especially its Hollywood Issue is still a big deal, and it’s probably a key piece in some Oscar strategies. And it sounds like GOOP may be a bit low on finesse. She’s asking some of her friends to potentially take a professional ‘hit’ for her by not appearing in VF anymore, which may simply be asking for too much.

      Honestly, if she really wanted to show up VF she’d just leak some of the stuff herself and ruin the article. I mean, who really cares is she had some side action?

      • lunchcoma says:

        Oh, I don’t deny she’s well-connected and has lots of important friends. I think more or less what you do, that she asked too much. I do think, however, that if someone more along the lines of George Clooney wanted to blackball VF, he might have gotten away with it. He has his friends, and he also has people whose careers may benefit from his favor. Gwyneth doesn’t really have that sort of pull on people, and I don’t think she realized it.

        I’m fairly surprised how poorly she’s handled all this. If she put out a quick but unemotional press release acknowledging an affair and then took her family on vacation for a bit, people would forget about it almost instantly. All this fuss only makes people assume the story is something that’s actually salacious, not a 5-year-old affair with an unmarried man (or even a few different unmarried men) that her husband has apparently forgiven.

      • Bridget says:

        @lunch: see, I think the difference is more thay Clooney would know to never ask people to boycott on his behalf like that. He’d schmooze VF and everyone would be happy-ish. Because honestly, I don’t think that boycott would happen for anyone.

      • Michelle says:

        Yes. You are so right about just leaking the negative dirt herself and eating humble pie.

    • JJ says:

      If she were irrelevant VF would not go after her like a pit bull just to expose an alleged extra marital affair that happened 5 years ago.

      Her name alone is making headlines everywhere and I am not so sure if VF will not come out of this as the loser. Both Goop and the Joffer guy have denied the affair. Goop is old Hollywood and Joffer is a billionaire who will raise hell against VF if they go ahead with the story.

      If VF were smart they would stay out of peoples bedroom.

      • lunchcoma says:

        But what happens if the two of them raise hell? No one seems to be responding to Gwyneth’s call to action.

      • JJ says:

        If its extramarital affairs VF goes after they won’t make a lot of friends in Hollywood.
        But I agree with you regarding JayZ doing VF. Goop has a history of dating douches and being friends with low lifes.

      • Tasha says:

        The president couldn’t keep his affair from being publish what makes you think Goop can. Not to mention that “Goop is old Hollywood and Joffer is a billion” didn’t stop the rumour so what makes you think it’s going to stop VF. Goop also has a history of being the douche in her relationships.

        If this rumour was so untrue why isn’t Goop or Joffer suing VF for slander or defamation of character ?

        The thing is VF don’t need friends in Hollywood that’s not how it works all they need is power and people like Goop who have things to hide.

      • Michelle says:

        IF what VF prints is true, then Goop and Joffer can raise all the hell they want. Nothing will happen.

      • JJ says:

        Republicans went after Clinton because they wanted to incriminate him and the only thing they found was his affair with Lewinsky. Most people thought that this was an issue between Clinton and his wife/family and should not be dragged down the gutter by the media. If you want to condemn people for committing adultery you have to condemn half of a population.

        “If this rumour was so untrue why isn’t Goop or Joffer suing VF for slander or defamation of character ?”

        They have not published their article yet!

      • Sarah says:

        “If this rumour was so untrue why isn’t Goop or Joffer suing VF for slander or defamation of character ?”

        because they cant. as public figures in the usa they have to proof that its not true (prove to me, you didnt sleep with someone, how would you do that? its only possible if they say “on 25th of december then you can provide evidence you werent in the country but an affair cant be proven to not have happened) and then provide evidence that VF acted with “actual malice” wich is pretty much impossible, unless you have emails or phonecalls in which VF journalists talk about “lets take her down and invent something”. thats why lots of celebs dont sue. they will lose, the rumour will get a lot more attention
        and then people automatically think its true.

        as a privat person its a lot easier but as a public figure you are pretty much powerless against accusations.
        Beckham proved he visited his dad in the hospital but the lie of the prostitute who claimed he slept with her is protected by free speech.

  2. Jules says:

    I wish everyone would ignore her.

  3. NeNe says:

    I thought I read somewhere that she doesn’t give a sh*t about what people say about her. What is she backtracking now? I want to know who the heck she thinks she is that she could tell people what to do. I hope none of her so called friends listens to her.

  4. GMarchetti says:

    I hope this article is as good as is being said – meaning, it destroys Goopy once and for all!

  5. Evelyn says:

    For someone whose outfit probably costs more than my vehicle, she always looks so… Plain. You can dress simply and cleanly an look elegant, she just always looks dumpy to me.
    She makes me laugh though, she really thinks she’s quite important!

  6. Dawn says:

    Julia needs the magazine cover as her popularity is going, going…almost gone. I just really think I want to read this issue of VF when it comes out. After all if there is no truth to it she wouldn’t be making it into such an issue. But I don’t know her on a personal level so maybe she would! I don’t know.

  7. blue marie says:

    If the big reveal is something like she farts in her pizza oven before baking I’m gonna be annoyed.

  8. Green Girl says:

    If you’re an actor, even a big-name star, you still need to do publicity. I’d imagine it would be so difficult to turn down VF.

  9. Tiffany27 says:

    I don’t like the goopster at all, but if they do end up revealing a possible affair, that’s gonna hurt her kids and I think that’s sad. They already are going through enough just being her children.

  10. ANDREA1 says:

    Would it be surprising if and when the VF article comes out and we are all disappointed. Let’s not raise our hopes up I will believe it when I see it! On another note that is why I love stars like Angelina Jolie who doesn’t give a crap on what tabloids say about her well she may give a crap but still doesn’t show it. I think Goop needs to develop a tough skin and stop acting like she is perfect without a fault.

  11. GiGi says:

    I find it so bizarre that she would expect loyalty from anyone in the industry. It’s just not the way these people are built. They are always looking out for number 1. And if they have any skeletons in their closets they’d rather not have revealed, you better believe they’re going to play nice with VF over Gwyneth. Basic survival.

  12. Georgina says:

    GOOP is pretentious, no doubt, but actively hoping that VF runs a slam piece that can damage her career and get back to her children is going too far. Seriously, Kaiser? You sound like a real peach.

    • Tapioca says:

      Is it not GP’s responsibility to behave in such a way that her children and career are not unduly affected by negative publicity, though? As long as VF write the truth she really has no cause for complaint, having chosen to be a public figure.

    • Sarah says:

      i’ve said it in other posts about this already: if its something damaging to her family they better have proof and are not just warming up old tabloid rumours. if Vanity Fair wants to go down the road that no matter the damage as long as the sales are fine they cant uphold their fading reputation as a classy, hollywood-insider magazine.

      im ok with publishing damaging things but they have to be proven. i wouldnt want to be responsible breaking up a family by lying to sell something.

      • GIRLFACE says:

        I’m sure VF wouldn’t run the story without pretty substantial proof. I think GP is just sad to be caught, honestly. Grown adults know perfectly well the ways in which lying and affairs could damage their families and home life but they do it anyway. Well, there are consequences even if you’re GP and it seems like she just doesn’t want to deal with them. It would be less annoying if she just faced the music, IMO. And I second that for someone whose outfit probably costs more than my car, she looks pretty boring most of the time.

    • KC says:

      That piece may even be a godsend for her. The general public hates slam pieces, especially of a pretty harmless actress. And I imagine if an Oscar winner who sometimes does Superhero films does the morning shows weeping over a failing magazine with a vendetta against her, she will win the public battle.

      Hell, I am already sympathetic and I read the gossip on how bad she is. How much more sympathetic will a public that only knows her as that awkwardly pretty actress who has been married for a decade, appears to be a hands on mum and seems to live clean?? Vanity Fair is f*cked. They HAVE to make it read as spite-free as possible. If anything, it will be a puff piece with a couple of toned down negatives. This I guarantee.

      • Nina W says:

        I disagree, as far as I can tell, VF can’t lose and nobody will buy GP as the “woe is me” innocent victim. VF gets publicity regardless of how people feel about the article and GP is a married person who ran around and got caught, it is what it is. Her efforts to fight the magazine speak volumes about the truth of their allegations. If she were smart she would have ignored VF from beginning to end and then some might have believed her innocent of any impropriety but as it stands she looks guilty because she’s acting guilty. And Who asks their HW friends to spurn a popular magazine on their behalf? Only someone with no sense.

      • GIRLFACE says:

        I agree!^ I think the best way she could handle this now is to take the story right out of VF’s hands. I don’t like her very much but I think she could definitely gain some publicity and maybe even support if she came out and admitted, even in a simple statement something like “I’m not a perfect person and just like everyone, I have made mistakes in my life and my marriage and these are things I am working on privately with my husband and family.” Or something like that. I wonder if Chris isn’t having it? Or they haven’t been exclusive for awhile? But her going around trying to get the pity vote asking for people to cover her, behaving like the guilty party without taking responsibility… it looks bad. I think more people would even be sympathetic if she showed a little humanity and humility in this deal but then again IDK what VF has, it could be reeeealllllyyyy something else.

      • GIRLFACE says:

        She could go with say, W or something and tell her side and beat VF to it maybe then lay low for a bit… ? No? Oh well, that’s why they hire people to do this for them.

  13. Elisabeth says:

    it would be hysterical to hear her telling someone about people ignoring her. She is probably genuinely shocked that someone would disregard her and her feelings entirely. She needs an oxygen mask her head is so far up in the clouds

  14. Madriani's Girl says:

    Yeah but she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her, right????? She cares so much, it’s probably making her sick. This is what happens to people who constantly hold themselves up as the perfect wife/mother/actress, etc. and who shove it in people’s faces. No one is perfect and no one should try to fool others into thinking they are.

  15. Fan says:

    Who doesn’t make mistakes in life?

    • Green Girl says:

      Exactly. It really isn’t anyone’s business, and it seems G and her husband have worked past it.

      • Lucinda says:

        Except that she could have chosen to be proactive, worked with VF, admitted the affair and apologized for it. She could have come off as remorseful and working towards mending any damage to her marriage. She could also have chosen to work with VF and given them lots of other good stuff so they didn’t run with the adultery angle (which may not be happening anyway). As a public figure by choice, one who regularly uses her personal life to shill her product, she needs to understand how double edged that sword is and take responsibility for it. Yes we all make mistakes. I take responsibility and accept the consequences of those mistakes. Why should she be any different?

    • Madriani's Girl says:

      Everyone does. But if you spend all your time acting like you never do and in the process you alientate people with your elitist attitude, your comeuppance will be enjoyed by all of the people to whom you put on airs and lorded your perfection over.

    • vava says:

      true, everyone makes mistakes but the real difference I see is Gwyneth is so pretentious and snobbish – therefore this smackdown seems well deserved, IMO. The woman has no shame, therefore I say – Let’s Hear this Story!

    • lunchcoma says:

      I think if she’d either admitted to the affair in a short, flat press release or ignored the story altogether, she’d have been just fine. Chris Martin presumably knows all this and has decided to stay in the marriage, if he ever objected to her behavior in the first place. It sounds like all the men named were single. Pitt and Affleck may have had hurt feelings long ago, but they’ve moved on and I doubt they’d comment. If she’d just let this all slide, she could have easily painted the recent things as mistakes/things that happened during an unofficial separation. It’s the coverup that’s damning her.

      • Bridget says:

        At that point, Chris Martin was doing some pretty well-publicised cheating of his own. He gets around – which is what makes her fuss about VF even more perplexing. It’s not exactly a story of wife stepping out, wounded husband decides to keep the family together. More like, husband steps out, wife steps out, they end up deciding to stay together and work things out.

  16. marina says:

    If it’s true she’s the one hurting the kids by possibly tearing up her marriage by stepping out on her husband. I can’t wait to see her get her comeuppance. It’s long overdue.

  17. epiphany says:

    This woman is insufferable enough just reading about her – can you imagine having to personally interact with her? Ugh!

  18. GMarchetti says:

    I’d love to read that she had to sleep with a lot of directors (from S. In Love, Iron Man, etc) to get those parts.

  19. Hannah says:

    She’s actually way more attractive when she’s got a sour look on her face than when she’s all smiley movie star-y.

  20. sienna says:

    zzzzzzz, she bores me. There is nothing interesting about her looks, her acting, her lifestyle brand….those boots though are amazing!! Anyone know who makes them?

    • TG says:

      @sienna – I don’t know who makes Gwyneth’s boots but you can go to and see if they have them listed and if they don’t send this pic of Goop to them and they will likely be able to identify them for you. I have sent them several requests and they always respond both by email and they will out your pic and outfit identifier up on their scroll. She wears a lot of Rag & Bone so maybe that is the brand but don’t know. Celebs love Isabel Marant too though can’t figure out why anyone likes her ugly shoes and booties.

  21. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I think she’s handling it really poorly. She’s making me want to read the article when I wouldn’t have before. Her behavior makes it seem a) true and b) really juicy. She should just let it come out and say it’s nonsense and let it die down. Instead, she’s throwing gasoline on the fire.

  22. lower-case deb says:

    that bag. who is it by? and how many arms and legs will it cost me?

  23. Leslie says:

    What boots is she wearing and where can I get them?

  24. Sarah says:

    with all the stuff being talked about and all that speculations about it i dont think it will be something interesting, it cant sustain the hype.

    publish the article already or shut up, Vanity Fair.

  25. Nev says:

    Deservingly or not….this won’t touch Gywnnie….I can almost guarantee it.

    All bark no bite. i just have a feeling.

  26. Anna says:

    I really doubt George Clooney cares about Gwyneth Paltrow. He just doesn’t have anything to promote now. and ITA that Gwyneth is delusinal about her Hollywood status, she’s not that powerful at all even Julia is more powerful than her

  27. Nanz01 says:

    I feel like, at this point, we’re all being trolled by Vanity Fair and Gwyneth Paltrow. I mean, before this spat rose to epic gossip levels, who would have cared about an affair she may have had several years ago? For VF’s part, why publish a story about it now? And why draw more attention to it, Gwyneth, by emailing all of your friends, and calling for an all out boycott? If anything, both sides are getting plenty of free press. Gwyneth may benefit from scandalous whispers, elevating her from ‘seemingly perfect lifestyle guru’ to ‘sexy scandalous lifestyle guru’ and VF just gets more attention, more readers, and more $$$. Everyone wins. Hence, we’re being trolled.

    • Meow Mix says:

      Completely agree with this.

    • whateveryouwantittobe says:

      Except that the general public do not like her and all these negative stories paint her as a hypocrite. She cares too much about appearing perfect. She’s always harping on about “how one does”, but when it comes to cheating on your husband and family we’re supposed to gloss over it, forgive, forget and go back to more important concerns such as our liquid diets and luxury shopping holidays.

      I don’t necessarily think she deserves this but I suppose it goes to show that you do set yourself up for major backlash… after years and years of annoying the shit out of everybody.

  28. JLo says:

    I think these rumors about GP begging her friends are made up by VF or her publicity team to sell more magazines.

    That being said, her BFFs like Bey and Jay-Z will drop her like a hot potato if her image is damaged because the “friendship” only exists to improve their own brands.

    • pwal says:

      I’m with you on this. Just because Star Magazine ranked her as the most hated, all of a sudden, there’s this huge kerfuffle culminating in a VF expose? Come on!

      JMO, I think that Paltrow is trying to straddle the Aniston/Jolie brands of celebrity-appear like a girl’s girl and accessible, while rocking an undercurrent of intrigue and drama. The problem is that she can’t pull off either of these facades.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I don’t even think Goop actually has any real friends–especially in the celebrity arena. I read JayZ’s article–and all I could think about, in the end, was that he has a lot of ass kissers around him–and I think that of Goop. Maybe it’s also my definition of a friend, but when I think of a friend, I think of someone who I would run to, after family, someone who I would call when I’m feeling down. I think they’re just acquaintances at best.

      And I have a feeling that there is something in that article that’s getting Goop in a goop, so now she’s trying to rock the drama–when in reality, at best no one really cares about her, and at worst she’s a hypocrite.

  29. The Original G says:

    I call BS on the Clooney thing. It’s a detail put out there to suggest that she has some pull with other celebs. Clooney will do what he needs to do to get business done.

  30. Miss M says:

    “And I think it’s hilarious that Gwyneth has spent DECADES cultivating and culling her elite list of strictly A-list friends…”

    In fairness, they probably realized that , at one point, they were friends with her, but she was not friends with anybody…

    • Lauren says:

      IS ANYBODY loyal to Goop? Her husband isn’t saying a word to defend her. GOOPs family and friends are silent as well. Very telling of Goops character. She is cheater-she cheated on Brad Pitt, in his prime! GOOP took the stance that Brad was an intellectual lightweight, and was not good enough for her. Meanwhile Brad’s career is incredibly successful and Goop is an elitist outcast. Goop is the ultimate mean girl.

    • lunchcoma says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some actual friendships there. She’s really asking for a lot. A boycott harms her friends’ careers, most of which are more active than hers, and brings risk that VF will target them as well. I think this is the difference between friends who will come to your parties and friends who will lend you substantial sums of money, on a celebrity scale. Most people ultimately feel they need to look after their own families first.

  31. Evelyn Apricots says:

    When is her husband going to come to her defense?

    • Dorothy says:

      He came to her defense once when he complimented her and gave her that kiss in a summer concert year or so ago. THAT was because she had finally agreed to give him the divorce he has begged for for years without messing with his rights to see his kids (he doesn’t care about the money that is mostly his, she does, he just cares about the kids). She bought the house and was to move to LA and grant him the divorce finally so he made a sweet and public gesture to her as a farewell prior to the announcement being made public because he is a class act and it was rather gentlemanly of him. THEN AGAIN she started playing games, insisting he support her brand, then she would give him divorce, etc. Segway all this miserable time later – and now even though neither of them has any necessary work commitments, they are never in the same country for even a week together. Just proves as many have known marriage has been over for a decade or so. But Chris had no idea how bad her parenting was until the last year or so (and it has also worsened as the kids are getting older) so expect a change. Now she is just freaking out because the VF will give him ammo against her and nothing worse than a control freak losing all control. He is far too good for her by all accounts and married her when he was far too young.

  32. Sam H x says:

    Gwyneth and Jeffrey were the selfish ones who conducted the affair, without worrying how this will impact the kids if this sort of stuff is made public…Maybe this is not just about her affair with Jeffrey Soffer, why panic about an affair? When that sort of thing is common in Hollywood and publicists can make that stuff go away…I think there’s more stuff in the article that Goopz is worried about as it will damage her perfect earth mother image and her lifestyle brand, Goop. She hasn’t got much going for her in terms of a career…a girl has to make money somehow!…surely, VF has lawyers who go over stuff like this with a fine tooth comb so they dont set themselves up with legal proceedings and verify the information…isn’t the cheating both ways in their marriage?…I hope the VF article is well worth the wait.

  33. Irishserra says:

    She needs to crack… To crumble… To fall. It’s the only way anyone will ever see her as remotely human. The moment she stops giving a F-5!k is the moment things will get better for her.

  34. JillyRo says:

    I REALLY hope they have LOTSA dirt and it’s not just that one affair. She does need to go down a peg or 2, she acts holier-than-thou and like we are all peasants, so to be taken down a notch is needed. How come the tabs or blogs are not talking about Jay-Z on the cover and what she thought of that?? I want that scoop!!! Are they still tight or is that friendship wanning? Thought I heard a rumour way back that she had a thing for Jay- Z and Beyonce was not liking it. Now that’s a story I hope gets printed!! And the rumour how she stole Shakespeare iN Love from Winona. Plus I want to hear what REALLY happens at those Hampton parties. Partying with ultra-skinny models, who do many things *cough) to stay skinnny, hmm GP too. C’mon VF, don’t dispointment, go big or go home now!!

  35. mcm says:

    Lol this girl beeyatch is 40 or 41, basically put out to pasture in Hollywood despite her connections. She’s never going to sell any cookbooks by alienating all those 40k people a year she can’t relate to, and on top of that shecjust seems like a bitch. I mean heat exactly is her appeal?? Her “friends” are silent because they’re as excited for the expose as we are!

  36. Ellen says:

    I feel like this whole affair story is a red herring, and probably not part of the original reporting at all. Because really, who’s going to blink about a 5-year old affair with a random guy during a period when Chris Martin was clearly fooling around? I mean, admittedly it was an affair with a billionaire, IF it happened–but that’s almost LESS interesting than if she’d surprised us by having an affair with a London professor, or a techie on a film set somewhere. And any way you look at it, it’s (a) old news; (b) from a period she’s talked about for YEARS as a rough patch in her marriage; and (c) not going to affect anyone in Hollywood one way or another. Do we think Kevin Feige cares? Goop godfather Stephen Spielberg? Jay-Z and Beyonce? About a theoretical affair in 2008? Please.

    I do not understand why Paltrow went ballistic about VF, because it genuinely doesn’t seem like there’s that much dirt to dish on her. She’s talked about the bad patch in her marriage herself. She’s talked about her miscarriage. Everyone already knows we roll our eyes at her Goop crap — and VF is the LAST magazine out there to slag her off for being too high-brow for her audience. What was the hook? Why was Paltrow so upset?

    The only stories that might have the power to upset Paltrow could, theoretically, be theories about how she lost her high-profile status in Hollywood as an actress, or how the lifestyle guru thing represented a step down for “Hollywood Royalty” (which would have been good timing with her small indie movie out this fall). Maybe they were going to compare her to her mother (because THAT’S an untold story: Paltrow and Danner seem to have had Issues at some point)?Maybe … ???

    I don’t get it. Would anyone have blamed her, really, for spending lots of time with an admiring guy while her husband was being photographed with Kate Bosworth? I sure wouldn’t. And I don’t think that’s enough to move an issue of VF, either. But I guess we’ll see.

    • Bridget says:

      You know, I agree. Who cares that she cheated on her husband 5 years ago? But there is potential for serious dirt in other areas – the ones you mentioned, but also: whay if they ‘went there’ with the Weinstein casting couch rumors? Or the collapse of her engagement with Pitt – because no one ever actually told that story. Or what about her business dealings with Anderson?

  37. Diane says:

    Will people ever learn that the more they fuss about things, the more people want to ready it or see it? Goop, ignore it and no one will care (except us avid Vanity Fair readers).

  38. Lark says:

    She is handling this so badly. That said, I don’t buy the Jeffery Soffer angle. She may be an idiot, but she’s not dumb enough to deny something when there may be proof. If she had an affair, I think it was with a different dude. And while I don’t like Gwyneth, I have to roll my eyes at VF for going after her so hard when there are a lot of people in Hollywood who have done way worse. I feel like VF is trying to tabloid-ize themselves, and it may backfire.

  39. chloe says:

    I’m not a fan of Goop, I think she’s an elitist snob with mediocre acting skills, she got her Oscar by kissing up to Weinstein, I also believe she has no clue how about how anyone below her pay grade lives, nor does she care. That being said, I feel probably 90% of A-lister celebrities have skeletons in their closets, whether it’s drug use, affairs, sexuality or dirty little things they did to get jobs and awards, so as long as they kiss up to this Carter guy they get to keep their secrets, but Gwynie won’t and now he’s out to destroy her, it seems a bit childish and un-professional on his part. She’s not helping things by her constant whining about her friends not giving interviews to VF or how it’s not bothering her, I doubt she has that many close friends and I’ve stopped listening to her when she gives interviews, I actually feel her star has been dimming for the past five years. I just hope this doesn’t hurt her children.

  40. The Original G says:

    The real story is about how she went from being an Oscar winner to someone with zero box-office and no industry colleagues who want to hire her.

    She’d like a career as lifestyle trendsetter but she’s simutaneously too elitist and too mediocre to be of interest to anyone but herself.

  41. Kelly says:

    I really doubt George Clooney would care what she says. I don’t consider Gwyneth Paltrow Alist anyways. She used to be, not anymore.

  42. Calcifer says:

    Lainey at LaineyGossip had a blind item last week about Hollywood wives cheating on their husbands. I’m positive one of those was Gwyneth Paltrow. Lainey wrote ‘(…) everyone’s been speculating about her infidelity recently but they might be focusing on the wrong target. The right target isn’t a billionaire but he’s a pretty successful player too, albeit on a smaller screen. Their involvement led to an award for her, and a divorce for him. She was attracted to him because “he’s the hot geeky type like her husband”. Both insist that they never moved past suggestive texting and heavy flirting and never ended up consummating their attraction. Bullsh-t. There was at least one night and that’s why she’s so freaked out about the takedown that’s been coming to her.’ The ‘hot geeky type like her husband’, must be Ian Brenner, whose Wikipedia profile describes him as ‘a television writer, actor, producer and director. He is best known for his work on the television show Glee.’ Gwyneth of course had a role on Glee as Holly Holiday in 2011. A role which got her an Emmy Award.

  43. mimi says:

    Oh Goopy *yawnz* you almost make me miss the Cracken.

  44. Jesusia says:

    I don’t buy anything with Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover anyway. I would not buy a magazine that printed anything about her – good or bad. Just wouldn’t.

    I started really getting annoyed by her and a few other celebrities who moved to England and then start acting faux “Brit”, as though they are somehow better than everyone else. She is not proud to be an American and she does not embrace her ethnicity – she tries to hide it with bleached, straightened hair and a nose job.

  45. MissCherokee says:

    OH, don’t forget her alleged 2010 affair with Luke Janklow.

    Wow, leaving little her little boy of 3 years in the UK with Nannies so she could carry on affair with Soffer in Miami in 2008.

    Then 2010, Luke Janklow in NYC. Her little boy was 6 years. Methinks…I understand her defensive Red Magazine articles about working mothers…is shagging working….

  46. L says:

    Yes, I think my hair is better than hers.

  47. Moore says:

    I believe all these articles on how Goop is so upset and fighting VF are being placed in Radar by VF to drum up interest in their upcoming article.

  48. poppy says:

    i hope VF doesn’t bring up the multiple affairs or the friend dumping or the coke days with harvey weinstein or all the the things goop claims to be too good to participate in.

    it will be great if they keep it simple and just write what everyone really thinks of her:
    she’s always been a mediocre hack that rode into town on her connections, dated someone famous to get noticed, acted holier than thou and was washed up at 33
    -that NOBODY believes she left the spotlight by choice and the whole goop enterprise is a pathetic attempt to stay in the spotlight.
    poor, pitiful goop.

    i think ellen is right, her career went the way of her mom’s.
    my guess is she’ll still be blaming her kids for her career’s nosedive until the day she dies despite the fact it started happening well before her father passed.

    • Jesusia says:

      She blames her kids for her career’s demise? She should blame the public, because they probably lost interest in her movies long ago. I personally never enjoyed movies with blond celebrity American “actresses”, if you can call them that. I prefer European films anyway, most of the actors/actresses in those films look like real people. My favorite actress is Emily Watson.

  49. Evelyn Apricots says:

    Blind Gossip is running an item that suggests Kate Hudson and Chris Martin are having an affair.

  50. Dorothy says:

    She is not liked in Hollywood. That (and fam especially Chris) don’t want to be around her. That is why she is back in London all the time now and already shortened plan from few years to more like one for kids. Poor dear, thought she would go back to LA and get proper adoration she deserves in her mind. Didn’t happen. Thought that would force Chris to spend with time with her, didn’t. She’s hated for reasons – she spent her whole thing doing things to deserve this. She as I’ve said is bad news so let the news come out – she asked for it. She just can’t find anywhere that wants her now, New York probably the most. So go Vanity Fair,,,they won’t even begin to uncover it all no matter how bad it is. Even in a ruthless phony industry, there are a lot of decent people too and she is too much for even the phony ones and an insult to the decent ones. Sorry harsh, but no one deserves a “take down” more.