Jennifer Lawrence got a drastic pixie cut: cute & spunky or too Kate Gosselin?


Almost immediately after I posted some underwhelming Jennifer Lawrence photos yesterday, news broke that JLaw was hiding something under that weird ass beanie. She got a drastic new haircut! This news isn’t quite as exciting as Jennifer Aniston being forced out of her own comfort hair zone due to a Brazilian chemical disaster, but it’s still quite unexpected. JLaw is the “it girl” who gets all the roles now, and producers probably wanted her to keep that versatile long hair as long as possible.

Well JLaw thought, “Talk to the Oscar, bitches” and went in for a modified pixie cut. Jennifer has now posted pictures of her new ‘do to her Facebook page. I’m not quite sure what to think of this hair. It’s going to be absolute murder to grow out, right? The above photo isn’t the greatest example because I’m being thrown off by the weird “Kris Jenner smile.” I really can’t stand Kris’ openmouthed grin, and I don’t like associating Jennifer Lawrence with (as Kaiser calls her) Lucifer’s homegirl. Let’s forget about that, shall we?

I figure JLaw may have cut her hair because she’s gone from blonde to brunette and back again so many times over the past few years. Her hair is probably all dry and jacked. I can identify — right now my hair is toast because I got highlights on top of highlights for a few years. A few months ago, I stopped cold turkey and went back to natural color, but my hair is still fried. Will a very short cut happen for me? I’m not that brave. A JLaw source tells Us Weekly that the cut is “kind of a punk pixie cut that has a few longer pieces on one side but is shorter everywhere else.” Here is a better photo that shows off more angles.

Jennifer Lawrence

Here is JLaw’s hair yesterday during a Catching Fire Google hangout.

Jennifer Lawrence

This is the very last trailer for Catching Fire. Save the date – November 22!

Photos courtesy of Facebook & Lionsgate

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  1. Kiki says:

    I love it so much. I’m a sucker for pixie cuts.

  2. alicia says:

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? God, not a fan!

  3. Dani2 says:

    VERY Kate Gosselin-ish, very soccer mom-ish as well, I understand why she kind of had to though, I mean she’s coloured her hair a crazy amount of times over the last year. Wish she had gone for something that makes her look more her age, she looks a lot older than 23 with this hair cut.

    • Kassandra says:

      I’m not very impressed either, it IS very Kate Gosselin-ish/kreepy Kris Jenner-like. However I think part of my dislike is with the overall look, including clothes. I think she will need a slight wardrobe revamp to properly go with this hair. She probably also hasn’t learned the best ways to style it yet. But if she’s describing it as “punk pixie,” she better MAKE it “punk pixie.” Not “wannabe cool punk mom.”

    • LadyMTL says:

      I am not a fan either, and I thought she had the bone structure to pull off any look she chose. I think it is way too Gosselin-y and it ages her too, definitely.

    • JenD says:

      Yes! I thought soccer mom, too. It ages her tremendously. There are other pixie cuts by celebrities that are way cuter and age appropriate.

    • DesertPoppy says:

      Maybe she cut it short because her hair was so damaged but this looks awful. I had damaged long hair a few years ago and cut a ton off, into a bob, and have been getting regular trims since and my hair is much better since I cut all the damaged parts off. It even grew back faster than I thought it would. This could help her hair but if she keeps up the same damaging treatments I am not sure how much this will help her. She needs to revamp her wardrobe since her hair is very soccer mom, she will have to change up her cloths to counter act that.

  4. T.fanty says:

    The cut is one thing, but the color is atrocious on her. Combined, it isn’t a good look.

  5. blue marie says:

    I like it, even if it is a bit Gosselin like, got to be easier to deal with. After seeing this trailer I’m a bit more excited to see Catching Fire.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I like it, too. Not a very interesting cut, but her face is pretty enough to have short hair. She looks cute, I think.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Me too ladies-I think it looks fresh. I’m sort of excited to see women getting shorter haircuts-it means the long extensions look is on the way out.

      • Peanut says:

        I like it too, and I don’t think it ages her at all.

        There is more to looking youthful than having long hair. In some cases women cling to their long hair for too long and THAT ages them.

        At 23, she can definitely pull off any cut she wants and she still looks youthful.

      • emmie_a says:

        …probably because extensions have ruined half of Hollywood’s hair so now they have to go short! But I agree, the short styles are refreshing and have more personality than extensions.

      • Liv says:

        She had to dye her hair multiple times and went from blond to brown/black and back, so I assume that’s why she’s got a cut. I don’t like it that much, but let’s see what she makes of it when she’s on press tour.

      • BackstageBitchy says:

        Is it an either/ or, tho? Either lame-o bleached out mermaid sausage curls, or Kate Gosslin hair? There is NOTHING edgy about this cut- the teased-at-the-crown, 90s piecey-ness negated that. And she is not an ingenue- she’s a bad-ass at best and a slightly lurching awkward girl at worst. The pixie is a VERY hard sell for anyone but a certain type. No one’s mentioned another girl who got it absolutely right- Michelle Williams NAILED it a few years before Anneeeee even tried.
        I know there are a ton of JLaw fan girls on here, but objectively, this looks awful. Then again, I can’t think of a single great hair style she’s ever rocked. She may just still be working out her hair persona…

    • emmie_a says:

      I especially like it when I see her profile – it really works with her bone structure. And it’s only Gosselin-like if it is spiked in the back and has bad highlights. Thank God it’s not!

  6. Anna says:

    It’s Kate Gossiling, new anchor of CBS Nightly News.

  7. Frida_K says:

    Oooh. Mumsy.

    “No bueno” as it were.

    • Happyhat says:

      Yup, yup, yup. I think she’s like me – some people can have short hair and look awesome. Me, I periodically get my hair cut short and forget how quickly it ages me by about 20 years. It makes me look…sensible. It’s weird.

      I wish I was rich enough to afford all the trims and whatnot to help with the growing out of my hair though. I’m set on looking mumsy for another 6 months or so until my hair grows out. *sob* When will I learn…

  8. Unique says:

    Horrible! Girlfriend needs to get her hands on a box of hair asap!

  9. Talie says:

    Her face isn’t angular enough for this

  10. Dawn says:

    I don’t like anything that allows the name of Kate Gosselin to be mentioned. So I think this is not Jennifer’s best look.

  11. Kit2 says:

    She’s beautiful but I’m not liking the hair. It does make her look waaaay older as well.

  12. Elle says:

    I hate it. It makes her look old.

  13. Sunny says:

    she looks so stupid in the top photo… like something Ireland Baldwin or Miley Cyrus would post on twitter.

    Some women look great with a short cut (f.e. Princess Charlene and Charlize Theron) but not Jennifer. She needs long hair for her face.
    Maybe with another styling it would look better… maybe

  14. eribra says:

    it’s cute, she’s cute- her hair was probably fried and if she needs long hair for a movie this would be an easy cut to throw a wig on. I like it.

  15. Adrien says:

    First photo: She reminds me of Caroline Rhea than Kate Gosselin.

  16. Sabah says:

    Hell no. She went from 20-something to looking 40. Sorry to say but miley did it better.

  17. lisa2 says:

    I have short hair so I love short dos.

    This cut is not bad nor good. It doesn’t really do much for her. I think she is cute but to me she has a very average face. This cut just shows that. But her personality will help to make it work for her.

    everyone in Hollywood seems to be going shorter.

    • missy says:

      agree. the thing w short hair is that you can’t hide anything with it. so many average/plain looking women hide behind long hair and probably wouldn’t be considered hot without their hair but i guess we all can’t rock short hair like halle berry, charlie theron, ginnifer goodwin

      • Esmom says:

        Have to jump in since you mentioned Ginnifer G. I was watching part of her show the other night and I think her hair is atrocious, way too severe. I think she’s the type for short hair, just not quite that short.

        I think J Law’s hair is cute and young. Everyone keeps saying “soccer mom,” and I don’t get that at all. I’m in the heart of soccer mom territory and no one has hair like that. Just about every woman I know from age 35 to 55 has long or long-ish hair. If someone did show up with that ‘do I’d think “hipster” immediately among the sea of long haired actual soccer moms. :)

      • Suze says:

        So, so true. I’ve never seen a stereotypical soccer mom with short hair, at least not around here. They all have their hair at least shoulder length – it’s as if women between 35 and 55 are actually frightened of short hair.

      • Jayna says:

        I think Ginnifer looks average with short hair and probably why every role she gets she has to wear a wig. It’s not flattering in the least to her.

  18. vikw says:

    Not a big fan but I understand why she cut it. It was pretty damaged. And hey it’s hair, it grows back.

  19. Eve says:

    The back is fine, now the fringe…very Kate Gosselin-ish.

  20. Rhiley says:

    I usually like short hair on women, but this looks terrible. It ages her so much. She looks like Shirley Jones. Look it up, kids.

  21. mk says:

    Yeah, it IS murder to grow out. I’ve had a modified pixie since I was 19 (over 30 now!) and I’m just trying to grow it out now. It’s very difficult not to get at it and ‘fix’ it while it’s growing.

  22. Sabrine says:

    Either she’s going to look like a soccer mom or have a haircut like a punk rocker or Miley Cyrus. There really aren’t that many options out there with short hair. You’ve got to look one way or the other. She chose the soccer mom option with the layering at the back, nothing wrong with that.

  23. jinni says:

    And with her tresses went any attractiveness she had. This is a terrible cut; it only bring out how plain she really is.

  24. Kiddo says:

    The front needs to be cropped in, closer to her face. The long bangs are making the haircut look dated, and Lawrence look older.

  25. Shannon1972 says:

    If you can don’t mind the almost constant maintenance, go for it! I love a good pixie cut. I had a pixie in my early 20′s and kind of miss it – it made my eyes look huge. My husband says it is his favorite haircut I’ve had and it’s very sexy. Now it’s almost to my waist, but healthy and thick (I’m a bit vain about it, lol). But with three boys and constant running around, long hair is much less maintenance. Plus, a high ponytail or messy braid easily shaves off five years. ;)

    Now, I give Jennifer huge credit for going to the pixie from long hair. It’s not for the faint of heart, and I think she can pull it off. But I really wish she had gone the full pixie a la Charlize Theron rather than keeping the front longer. That’s the only part I don’t love, but maybe she wanted to ease into it. My bet is that the long front won’t last, and once she settles in to her new look, she will get rid of the “Gosslin”. Either way, she’s a cute girl and I love when actresses have the courage to experiment.

  26. chrissy says:

    I feel like one of JLaw’s people tried to tell her it would be a cool, edgy Cate Blanchet-type do but it fell flat on its ass and wound up being a bit more ‘soccer mom’…I love JLaw but she is not a fashion girl and this just goes to prove it.

  27. chrissy says:

    PS. if your hair is fried from bleach or dyeing, i found that coconut oil is a great mask to put on your hair the night before you shampoo– slather the oil on your hair (don’t do the scalp), sleep in it and shampoo/condition it out the next day…keeps it fresh and bouncy :-)

    • Liberty says:

      This works, yes! When I lived in Germany and spent time in Italy a friend told me about the olive oil trick too – similar results. You can also massage a bit of olive oil into your scalp the night before you wash it, if your scalp tends to feel tight or tired or dry from coloring or drying winter air/ airliner air. As a frequent traveler, I love this last one. (PS go to an olive oil store if you live near one — many are popping up in the US — to get the freshest possible oil. Ask them.)

  28. TG says:

    The top photo looks like Hate Goddlin and the black and white photo looks like an aging Cameron Diaz. Not a fan of this cut. I love pixies but the last two celebs to cut a pixie (J-Hud and now J-Law)have big misses for me. Hopefully she will style it real good and it will grow on me.

  29. PHD Gossip says:

    I am sure she had no choice.

  30. Another Ann says:

    She looked so beautiful with long hair. This cut really ages her.

  31. A says:

    My first thought was OMG KRIS JENNER too. That’s not a good sign. IMO only statuesque people like Charlize look good with hair like this.

  32. GeeMoney says:

    It’s cute… I think she looks like Ellen Barkin, personally.

  33. ew says:

    She looks like her own mom


  34. mikhail says:

    this looks like the beibs when ‘she’ was still like 5 which is like last year or something. idk!

  35. Tessa says:

    Soccer mom. Bad look for her.

    • IwillNotBEp.c.andthatsok says:

      well I like the soccer mom comment. I don’t find an insult in it as it’s a style like anything else. throw a bpa free juice box at the nearest plaza that contains an old navy and bed bath beyond and you’ll hit 4 soccer moms. it’s just the way it is and it’s ok.

  36. Ellen says:

    I really dislike the whole use of “soccer mom” as an insult. I’m meh on the haircut but can we not imply that there’s something terrible about people who live in the suburbs and drive minivans to soccer practice, please?

    She can afford to take risks. As soon as she gets sick of it, she has access to the best wigs and extensions on earth.

    I want to imagine that this haircut is a subtle announcement to Liam that Jen is Team Miley. Because the guy hooked up with January Jones of all people at that Oscars party. Talk about unattractive behavior.

    • Peanut says:

      I agree on the soccer mom insult. There is nothing wrong or inherently unattractive about being a mother. And if your kids want to play soccer, so be it.

    • Green Girl says:

      Agreed re: the soccer mom comment!

    • IwillNotBEp.c.andthatsok says:

      it says more about you than the person who said, “… she looks like a soccer mom.” because you said it was an insult, not the writer. If I go to park on a saturday to watch kids play soccer I can bet that a few mothers will have a similar haircut. that’s all. it is what it is and even urban moms have that haircut. People need to stop being over-sensitive and it appears that the writer may have struck a nerve with you personally. it’s an old comment that’s been said before and will be said again. . . i think it’s a good adjective still.

      • Esmom says:

        I think “soccer mom” is an apt description of women of a certain age with kids. But I said above that I disagree with calling this haircut “soccer mom” because I don’t know a single fellow soccer mom with short hair. Just like the tween and teen girls in our neighborhood, they all have long hair.

        I guess when people say “soccer mom” in reference to hair, they’re generally referring to something dated and aging and unflattering, not necessarily a specific style. Sorry, I digressed a bit.

      • Suze says:

        I agree with Esmom. No mother of school age kids that I know has this haircut. NOT ONE.

        Most have hair that hits their shoulder or is longer.

        I think the term “soccer mom” as it relates to short hair harkens way back to the eighties or so. It also means dated, aging, but does not refer to a pixie hair cut. Because the vast majority of mothers and women in general from 35 to about 55 do not have pixies, or even short hair.

        It’s actually an unusual look – and if anything, it pings more executive – or news anchor, if you going catty – than mom to me.

  37. serena says:

    Oh god, why…. She looks like hell, just my opinion. ugh

  38. Dawne says:

    Love it!!! Beautiful no matter the hair!!

  39. davidbowie says:

    Too Kate Gosselin….I’m crying. JLaw grow your hair out girl!

  40. Mandy says:

    I think it’s adorable! But I guess I’m just biased cause JLaw is my girl and can do no wrong.

  41. bettyrose says:

    Happy 35th birthday JLaw!

  42. Lucy says:

    I love it. And come on, it’ll grow again, healthier this time. Besides, Jen carries herself in a completely different way from Kate Gosselin, which is obviously a great thing.

  43. Marianne says:

    I think its very cute when styled right (ie putting the longer pieces to one side vs both sides).

    I got a Pixie cut once. Personally, I didnt feel like I really suited it. Plus, I felt like it was more work than long hair, cause you had to really style it to make it look good. Long hair you can always quickly brush or throw in a ponytail if you’re busy. My hair is looking fried. I’ve been thinking about doing Kelly Ripa’s haircut…but we’ll see.

  44. JH says:

    Ugh- no, no, NO!
    There is a right way and a wrong way to do a pixie cut and that is not the way!

  45. Anna says:

    Awful awful awful. And for the record – this is NOT a pixie cut!

  46. Stacy says:

    You know Jennifer Aniston is mad that Jennifer Lawrence stole her new hair cut thunder, how uncool. Lol

    As for Jennifer Lawrence hair cut it ages her by 10 years and I don’t think it fits her face.

  47. Martha says:

    Why does the G name even have to be invoked? I’m sure young Jennifer has not even heard of her…and let’s keep it that way! Let G continue to spiral down on her own merits..

  48. Ginger says:

    She’s so young and pretty that I think she can carry it off

  49. GIRLFACE says:

    I wish she had gone for a more modern pixie like Michelle Williams – perfect pixie, long layers on the top with a low wispy stack in the back. I like the 20′s style bob-pixies so much better than the Kris Jenner/Victoria Beckham. Yeah, for me I think it’s the combo of bright blonde cap highlights and the super late 90′s vertical layers in the back. I think it would look better in dark brown but I’m sure she cut it because of coloring it for so long. I know where she’s coming from. It will be murder to grow out, for sure.

  50. Maggie says:

    She’s pretty, haircut is not.

  51. kimmy says:

    i thought a pixie was shorter on the sides? hmm this looks more like a bobb cut to me but whatever you call it it’s not exactly flattering which sucks. no one likes getting a $600 haircut that doesn’t work well. if she likes it cool. it just doesnt do her any favors.

  52. Lark says:

    No. Very news-anchor. I understand why she had to chop off her hair, but I think a cute, short bob would have been WAY better than this mess. The cut and color combination is not good. She’s very young and very pretty and this ages her tremendously.

  53. Dommy Dearest says:

    Looks good on her.

    At least Miley can’t say she stole her haircut.

  54. mercy says:

    I don’t paticularly like the cut itself (too news anchor), but I like what it does for her face. This style makes her face look less round and highlights her great cheekbones, and it makes her small-ish, deep-set eyes pop more. I don’t think it ages her as much as it makes her look more sophisticated, especially in a suit. She could “punk” it up and make it more youthful and carefree looking with messier styling and different outfits. Overall, I think it’s an improvement. Long, straight hair is a drag on most faces.

  55. Maritza says:

    That Kate Gosselin haircut makes her look much older and sort of looks also like a blonde Kris Kardashian.

  56. michelle says:

    I had my hair cut similar to this about six months ago.
    I Love It.

  57. O.K.P says:

    I adore J law!!! She’s got sheer talent way beyond her years!! I could have killed for her in SILVER LININGS. Infact i could almost say am her biggest fan…… but why J law? This hair is a HOT MESS. IT COULD DO WITHOUT THE BANGS!!. Christ I wish i had me a scissors!!! And for those of you saying she is plain,WTF!!! The girl is amazing,i mean she has got more talent in her little finger than a -er -certain lip-biting,eye-rolling lovely starlet. PEOPLE GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT LMAO.

  58. Summer says:

    I think she looks fantastic.

  59. Asdfgh says:

    I love it! Very cute on her!

  60. Jo says:

    that’s not a pixie cut. That’s a serious mom cut.

  61. Amanda G says:

    Now that is a bad haircut… Doesn’t flatter her strong facial features at all.

  62. Jayna says:

    Longer hair is just easier for me. I can put it in a ponytail. Although, I have cut it to long bobs a few inches above my shoulder a few times and enjoy it, but it’s more work. I see a lot of women who wear blunt cut shorter cuts though, just not really short hair.

    Every friend I have who has cut their hair really really short and swore they loved it within a few months began the process of growing it back out. But I have a friend who looks amazing with really short hair and suits her so well. She has soft brown hair thick and a long neck and gorgeous pale porcelin skin and pretty eyes and lips and great bone structure. She is very striking with it especially when she wears it longer on top but swept off her face, no side bangs like Jennifer. She has been wearing it like that since her twenties. I few years ago at 32 she grew it out and everyone loved it more shorter and she cut it again.

    I am beginning to notice a lot of people I know that would wear their hair in really cute styles around shoulder length and would grow it much longer or shorter depending on their mood hit late 30s and grew it really long like Demi and never deviated again. Is it a defense to closing in on 40 and the really long hair makes them feel young still and why they never experiment like they used to when younger?

    • Estella says:

      I agree with you and – as a 38 year old who lost my waist-length hair to cancer at age 35 – I can tell you that it drastically impacted my self-confidence. I am at collarbone length hair now and – though this is probably a more flattering length for me – I am growing my hair back out to enjoy the 3 years it was stolen from me. I think most people get stuck in the style in which they were happiest. I know that will be true for me.

  63. Tails says:

    It makes her look a lot older, not a fan of it. It’s very Kate Gosselin/early 2000′s emo. I think it would look better if she styled it differently or cut the bangs shorter or something! I think she looks way better with long hair.

  64. Jayna says:

    This is the length and style she should have had it cut. I had a similar style back about five years ago and it was so flattering. Kelly Clarkson looked so much better with dark hair and this shorter cut was adorable on her, and I think it would be fantastic on Jennifer also.

  65. Megan says:

    Looks awful. I’m not impressed by her average looks to begins with (her personality is what draws me in) but this pixie cut ages her so much. Kate Gosselin-ish for sure.

  66. Naddie says:

    Her face is super cute in the first pic. I just love short hair.

  67. MisJes says:

    At first I didn’t like this cut, but after watching her Catching Fire interviews, it really does suit her. In motion/real life, she looks quite pretty. I think the top photograph is just a bit unflattering.

  68. coconut says:

    very cute. please don’t ever put gosselin and jlaw in the same sentence!

  69. skeptical says:

    ehh… i dunno. Seems to have potential.
    Maybe if she floofed it out a bit it would be cuter? Kinda Sailor Uranus?

    Ofc then I might get stuck with a JLaw crush…

    yea yea, my first crush was an anime character. BITE ME!

  70. Mew says:

    I didn’t think Kate Gosseling before it was mentioned and now it’s all I can think of – it’s totally Kate. But yeah, she can really rock a pixie cut and short hair suits her, somehow makes her look younger and more fresh, lifting up her face.

  71. Original Me says:

    It’s a tad Johnny Rzenik circa ’98, but it’s cute.

  72. newtoyourn says:

    I think its very cute on her. I’ve always wanted a pixie cut but I don’t have the features to pull it off.

  73. KelBear04 says:

    Is this going to grow out in time for her to film the first Mockinjay movie? it premiers next November.