Heidi Montag’s F-cup implants almost ‘bottomed-out’ & fell to her belly button


Back in 2010, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt made a rather desperate plea for attention. Heidi underwent a crazy amount of plastic surgery procedures to her face and body and she debuted “the new Heidi” on the cover of People Mag. She looked like the old Heidi, only now she was 50% plastic and her boobs were crazy-big. When detailing her multiple surgeries, Heidi even said that she had gotten her back “scooped”. A procedure that still baffles me. Anyway, in the years that followed, I guess Heidi had a come-to-Jesus moment and she stopped tweaking so much, and gradually her face reverted back to something more normal looking. But she still had a significant amount of plastic on her body, including her F-cup implants. Now Us Weekly reports that Heidi had the bowling ball implants removed:

Bigger isn’t always better — just ask Heidi Montag. Three years after famously going under the knife to get size-F breast implants (along with nine other plastic surgeries in a single day), the former Hills star returned to the OR to downsize her bust. Now, in the new issue of Us Weekly, she’s opening up about the procedure and proudly showing off her brand-new C-cup implants.

Posing seaside in Santa Barbara, Calif., on Nov. 1, the blonde bombshell unveiled her smaller, more-manageable breasts, which she had redone in a six-hour procedure on Oct. 4. Prior to the operation, she had been suffering a number of health problems — all related to her size-F implants, which she says weighed “about three pounds each.”

“I was really insecure at the time and put my value into breast size. I should have gone to a therapist! I couldn’t conceptualize the weight of them in my body,” the 27-year-old MTV alum tells Us of her old implants. “They felt like bowling balls on my chest.”

They were so heavy, in fact, that she started having back and neck problems, as well as numbness in her arms. That, plus a meeting with reconstructive specialist Jay Orringer, convinced her she needed to have the implants replaced. Orringer warned the reality star that her super sized chest was ‘bottoming out’.

“He told me they were falling through the bottom, and I got scared. It’s superdangerous. They can fall through to your belly button!” she explains.

Heidi’s third breast augmentation – she previously got C-cups back in 2007 before up-sizing to F three years later – saw the blonde undergo a six hour marathon surgery on October 4th.

“During the 2010 surgery they called Spencer (Pratt, Heidi’s husband) and told him my heart stopped. It was traumatic. And I’m sick of being the ‘surgery girl’. But when the health risks kicked in, it wasn’t a choice. Now my spine doesn’t hurt and my neck feels better. It’s like I can breath for the first time in years. I am just more comfortable in my skin. And I can wear cuter, tighter shirts. I don’t even have to wear a bra!”

When it came time to undergo her 2010 surgery, Heidi says her doctor, the late Frank Ryan, also suggested nine additional procedures, and she ‘impulsively’ agreed.

“I asked my doctor, ‘What else would you do?’ And he was like ‘You should get a chin reduction and eyebrow lift and liposuction.’ I didn’t realize what I was signing up for: It took me a year to recover, I was too impulsive.”

Now, she tells Us, she feels better than she has in years. “I’m the new, new, new Heidi!” she raves.

[From Us Weekly & The Daily Mail]

You can see the different photos at the Us Weekly link. I’m sort of at a loss for what to say. I feel bad for Heidi, I guess? But not that much. It’s not like she was a child who made a terrible decision that still haunts her. She was an adult, she was a dumb famewhore who decided to get attention by mangling her body and her face with a ridiculous amount of plastic surgery. It was her body, her choice, and it bugs me that she’s playing the pity-poor-me card. It also bugs me that she’s basically selling this “new new Heidi” story to Us Weekly, probably for a modest profit. Now, all that being said… her implants were about to fall to her belly button?! YIKES.



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  1. Kate says:

    Those are far bigger than C-cup implants. Her old implants were terribly done, I think she’s just had new ones (same size, possibly different shape, definitely better work) put in, but she has to sell it as a drastic change because ‘I replaced my implants with the same size implants’ isn’t a story.

    To stretch out your skin with F-cup implants then go down to a C-cup…either you have massive scars where excess skin was trimmed (and either end up with your nipples on the bottom of your boobs or have them cut off and put up higher, which may not work and then you end up without nipples), or you have saggy excess skin which will at best make your implants look weird, at worst will be dangerous as it can cause the implant to rupture. If you go that big when naturally you have a pretty small chest, you’re stuck with the size unless you want your boobs to look completely mangled. The idea that you can just take them out and get your old boobs, or much smaller boobs, back is quite harmful. It’s not that easy at all.

    • Axis2ClusterB says:

      I think those are the old boobs? The ones at the US Weekly link look smaller, but she’s wearing a huge shirt.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        She may not have needed a lift after downsizing so quickly. I’m 5’7″ 125 lbs and my breasts go from a D to a G cup when I’m nursing. Each time they have gone back to their previous size and shape without looking loose or saggy. I’m now pregnant with my third at 33 and may not be finished breast feeding her until I’m close to 35. I’m sure my age will come into play this time and “the girls” may not recover the way they have in the past. If I don’t have much luck I will get a breast lift (which can now be done without that horrible anchor scar you mentioned). I think Heidi has youth on her side and may have the skin elasticity to bounce back. The same thing happens with pregnancy bellies. Some of us done get loose skin or stretch marks, even with drastic weight gain, while others have loose saggy skin as stretch marks with minimal weight gain. It all boils down to age and genetics

  2. GiGi says:

    As a woman with large, natural breasts, I’m baffled by why someone would do this to themselves intentionally. It is the biggest PITA. I’m fairly slim but then I have this enormous rack so I always have to buy separates for bikinis, am constantly struggling with buttons, not to mention that they’re heavy and let’s not even start about trying to exercise with them, lol!

    I’m sad she had to go through all of this to realize that she *may* have needed therapy instead of a surgeon, but I’m glad she’s landed there now…

    • Birdix says:

      And how does she go braless with breasts that big?

    • KGWM says:

      AMEN. I am built the same way! They are a PITA!

    • cr says:

      If I had to have cosmetic breast surgery it would be to go to B cup, instead of the near D I am. They are a PITA.

      Hopefully she seems to be finally realizing that all that plastic surgery didn’t make her happy and that she didn’t need it.

    • blue marie says:

      Completely agree with you guys, it’s obnoxious to have to wear 2 sports bras to work out. If I were going to do anything plastic surgery wise it would be a reduction.

    • swack says:

      I understand what you are going through. My youngest daughter had E – F when she was in 5th grade. It affected her shoulders (they were very loose and the PT could pull them out of socket easily). She eventually had a reduction (best thing ever). I don’t understand it either.

      • Patricia says:

        Ladies, I barely fill a C and THEY are a PITA. I give you props and respect. Every time I am at the gym I think HOW do these larger chested ladies do it. My B-Cs are aching and bothering me and they really aren’t even that big. But I guess I’ll learn how you ladies manage soon enough, I just found out I’m pregnant and they are already growing! I can’t even believe Heidi voluntarily got breasts that size!

      • cr says:

        A college dormmate had a situation similar to your daughter’s. My dormmate ended up having a reduction between her junior and senior year in high school, down to B cup. It wasn’t only the physical problems for her, but also that she got teased a lot.

      • Tammy says:

        ►swack said: “My youngest daughter had E – F when she was in 5th grade.”◄

        Oh my gawd. That poor girl. I can only imagine not only the pain of having breasts that large at such a young age, but the taunting as well.
        I am happy to hear, for her sake, that she received a reduction! Big breasts are not all they are hyped up to be!

    • MonicaQ says:

      38F, I feel you. I’m a big girl and broad shouldered and they *still* give me a headache and still have to put on 2 sportsbras, a harness and 2 things of underarmor before I can even *get* into my shoulder pads to play football. Ugh.

    • Jaded says:

      Me too, slim body but giant tatas – I had DDs verging on an E cup and finally had them reduced in 2007 to a C. Best thing I ever did – I can actually wear bathing suits that fit and 2 piece suits now, and I don’t look like I’m so top heavy I’d tip over in a gust of wind.

      • GiGi says:

        Really!? I’m 32 DD (sometimes larger, sigh) and I often find myself browsing plastic surgeons for a reduction…

        I was really hoping after I had kids they’d go all smallish – I didn’t even care if they were droopy so long as they were small. But, nope. They got bigger and fuller. At 35 I feel like I look ridiculous and everyone assumes they’re fake because they’re so big. Ugh!

        How was the recovery? I’m nervous to have it done!

    • loveisthecoal says:

      Most of the women in my family are fairly slim and have naturally large breasts (we’re talking between DD-F) and after seeing what they go through (back pain, neck pain, hard time finding clothes, not to mention the people who look at their chests rather than their eyes/faces when speaking to them), I’m kind of glad I only ended up with Cs!

      • Prettylights says:

        Agreed, larger breasts are a pain especially when you’re shorter like me. I’m 5’4″ with D size but an hourglass figure and had a heck of a time finding an appropriate interview outfit when I was looking for a job. If the top fit the waist was baggy and the sleeves were long, if everything else fit the bust was too small. I finally had to go a size up in petite. When I shop for button downs I’m always popping the top button which is so trashy looking, and I can’t wear spaghetti strap tank tops because I have to wear a bra always and I hate showing straps. And then yeah, the guys looking at your chest instead of face. I stopped wearing cleavage baring shirts after college when I literally had guys taking cell phone pics of my chest at the bar, not just once but a few times! That made me feel so objectified that I pretty much stopped showing cleavage at all. I feel like girls with naturally large breasts try to hide them, and girls with large fake breasts show just about everything but their nipples. Strange world we live in.

    • nicegirl says:

      OMG the story of the day is that I JUST realized what PITA means.

      I am ridic!

      thanks, folks!

    • Persephone69 says:

      Agreed with all… started developing at 8 years old, was a full D cup by 12 and by mid 20s I was a 36-G

      Yes.. G and my god did it break down my shoulders and back and of course self esteem issues come along with being so large so young. I finally had surgery at 30 with insurance paying for almost all of it so I was very lucky.

      So on to recovery… yes it sux but only for like a week (with about 6 weeks total healing time) but it was more worth it then I can really explain, wish I would have done it as a teen! I was bullied and harassed (even by teachers) and in pain for all those years. Scars fade to almost nothing and I was later able to breastfeed both of my babies.

      Anyway, funny story, I was on major pain meds when they “unwrapped” me a few days later and I looked down and started crying and said “Mom they’re too small they took them ALL OFF!!!” I was down to a nice full C cup so the technicians and Doc were all laughing but since I’d never seen them so small I thought they were GONE lol.

  3. Lem says:

    She’s still sounds none to bright. ‘you’re bottoming out’ sounds like a ambulance chasers pick up line. ‘omg, they can come out my navel, blink blink”

    e! filmed her reduction from an F to a D ; I have a hard time believing spencer stayed home while cameras were rolling

    • hadleyb says:

      Bottoming out is a term and does happen when one has implants. Look up breast implants, or go to a breast implant board — it’s fairly common.

      They also don’t “almost bottom out” either they have or not, and you will FOR SURE know when they do. One may and one may stay in the pocket. A lot of people with boob jobs bottom out and just don’t get them fixed which is why they look so bad, and not everyone’s will fall to their belly button. And you can have the best surgeon ever and it could still happen, it’s the body most of the time not always the surgeon.

  4. Sara says:

    What would posses someone to want size F breasts? Major issues

  5. smee says:

    She needs to have that man-child Spencer surgically removed. He is as toxic as a “bottoming out” breast implant.

    I actually feel sorry for her. She seems stupid and most likely got talked into the plastic surgery by him – so she could make “lots of money for them with her new boobs”. Whoops – that didn’t work out – he forgot to mention she needed to do PORN with her new boobs in order to make the money.

    Heidi, I suggest: 1. learn how to do something so you can make a living bc your “fame” is pretty much over or 2. find a rich husband who wants a silent, plastic wife. Chop-Chop!

    • eliza says:

      To be fair, and I am in no way defending her ugly douche of a husband but he tried to talk her out of all the procedures as did her family. She did insisted on doing what she did. It can’t be blamed on others as in the end we are all masters of our own universe and in charge of all final decisions.

    • NeNe says:

      I do not think that she was talked into do it. She seems as pathetic as him, and she just liked the attention. She knew what she was doing when she had the surgery. She knew people would be talking about her. I think it’s just that simple.

  6. Cazzee says:

    This is a bit off topic, but I always thought it was kind of weird the way her plastic surgeon died tweeting as he drove up the Pacific Coast Highway. How does that happen?

    • Merritt says:

      I was about to comment on that. I remember that he died because he was paying more attention to his phone than the road. And not long after his death, she started going on about how he pressured her into all the surgeries. Which if course he was no longer around to refute.

  7. gg says:

    This is what awaits Courtney Stodden.

  8. Shannon1972 says:

    Maybe the tide is starting to turn against the plastic Barbie doll look? Why someone would choose to have an F-cup breast is beyond me. At the time of her surgeries, I thought that therapy would have been much more helpful, rather than all that suffering. The things women feel they have to do to stay in the public eye is quite sad…

  9. eliza says:

    Blonde bombshell? Ahahahahahahahaha!

    I don’t feel sorry for her at all. This was elective surgery that she not only chose to do but insisted on doing along with getting the biggest implants she could. Her now deceased plastic surgeon who she is now throwing under the bus begged her to go smaller but she threw a tantrum to get the F’s. She publicly declared she wanted H cups to go with her name, Heidi but never got them because she blew all her $ on nonsense surgeries and her husband blew the rest on his Zen crystals. Ugh.

  10. NerdMomma says:

    Nice how she’s blaming it all on the doctor who is now dead and can’t refute her claims that he talked her into the crazy amounts of surgery. Yeah, right. She probably had to beg and beg for him to do something so risky. His name was going to be everywhere so he had to make sure he’d be able to do it well and not have her die on the operating table.

    Heidi, we really all just want you to go away now.

  11. GeeMoney says:


    I have big breasts, and they suck. I’ve always felt as though anyone who has a C cup or smaller has got it made.

    Oh well. Lesson learned for her, I guess. She probably thought that she would get a lot of attention and perhaps another reality show if she became a plastic surgery freak… lol.

  12. Karen81 says:

    I don’t know what is but I feel gross just clicking on this article.

  13. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Sure, I guess it’s a bit sad…………..that you can’t fix stupid.

  14. Maddie says:

    I do not feel sorry for this foolish fame ho, she choose the “short cut ” to being famous, she went to F.I.T. only to drop out to work at a PR firm and she couldn’t even do that job because Spencer and clubbing was a tab more important.

    While former friend LC graduated from college, wrote a couple of books and has a fashion line, Heidi was trying to stretch her 15 minutes of fame pretending to divorce Pratt, 9 surgical procedures in one day appearing on stupid reality shows etc etc..

  15. ashley says:

    I have big boobs and they fuck!ng hurt!! I can’t even do sit ups without my back hurting,it sucks. Why would you do that to yourself? I wish i could get a reduction,but i’m broke ugh!

  16. swack says:

    “I didn’t realize what I was signing up for: It took me a year to recover, I was too impulsive.” This statement blows my mind! If I am having that much surgery, I sure as heck would be researching it. What an idiot (and I don’t say that lightly)!

  17. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Perhaps her situation will make those thinking about undergoing surgery think twice.

  18. WendyNerd says:

    Courtney Stodden: take note.

    I think what she did was immensely stupid, but I won’t throw hate at her for it because I don’t want to be unfair. In certain ways, I was gifted in my proportions and have a natural DD bustline and while having that size while having a fairly slender waist makes it hard to shop for things that fit (most clothing retailers seem to think if you have big boobs, you have big everything else). But I was lucky and so I don’t want to judge women who don’t feel their boobs are big enough. It would be easy for me to judge, because I have naturally big boobs. It’s really sad how people pressure girls and make them think they have to have giant breasts.

    The worst thing is that big boobs are so overrated. I’d rather have smaller, naturally perkier breasts than the ones I have now. There is the back pain (though I don’t have it so bad as other girls, nine years of ballet gives you surprisingly strong muscles in your back) and the fact that finding properly fitting clothes is a nightmare. I wear push-up bras all the time because if I don’t they’ll start sagging naturally, and I’m only 22 (I know because other women in my family with similar proportions had their boobs start to sag by age twenty because they didn’t have push-ups at the time, but my sister manage to avoid that by wearing push-ups, I followed suit and have avoided it. But the fact that I have to do that just to keep me from having saggy boobs in my early twenties is ridiculous). And the sweat! Why do people never talk about under-boob sweat? It’s a nightmare. And they’re always pretty much the first thing anyone notices about my appearance. It actually sometimes makes me really insecure about the rest of me, like I wonder if my face is at all pretty, if any and all of my physical attractiveness comes down to my boobs because so many people fixate on them. Like I wonder if I’m just a butterface with big boobs. People fixate on them and seem to assume my bra size is inversely proportional to my intellect. People act shocked when they find out I have a brain, especially guys.

    But everyone acts like they are the most wonderful, womanly, attractive things in the world and you HAVE TO HAVE THEM. Heidi was naturally small-chested and it’s not surprising that she felt so drastically insecure, especially in Hollywood. So I do feel a little sorry for her and won’t hate on her for this.

    However, I will hate on Heidi for being a huge bitch in general, being with an awful person whose treated both his family and hers like trash, and for being a talentless famewhore.

  19. Ginger says:

    I went from a regular C cup to an E while pregnant and I hated it. It was then that I realized that women pay for that kind of discomfort when getting large implants. I did not get that at all. I finally understood why larger breasted women have reductions done. I have never heard of implants ” bottoming out” that’s truly frightening. Heidi should talk to Courtney about this.

  20. Lisa says:

    Dear god, I’d topple over if I had anything larger than a C. I only want B implants, as it is. I’m afraid of rupture/needing replacements every 10 years. Anyone have any insight on this?

  21. Quinn Parker says:

    This girl needed to put her money into therapy instead. Her sad choices make my head spin.

  22. Carolyn says:

    I confess to being a The Hills fan..back in the day. It completely baffles me why Heidi hooked up with Spencer in real life. Any rational person would have realised he has “issues”. He must have some weird control over Heidi/brainwashed her. She needs to remove Spencer from her life. As for the excessive plastic surgery, Heidi was pretty without it all.

    I want 5 mins with her to say “what are you doing”

  23. lunchcoma says:

    I realize that she’s kind of a despicable person, but every time I read about her my only reaction is, “Oh, honey…” She seems to have so many issues, and it seems like her personality type is particularly unsuited to fame and public attention.

  24. Amanda G says:

    I’m glad someone talked some sense into her, but even with that correction, she still screwed up her face and that isn’t reversible. She was a very pretty girl pre-plastic surgery, was still pretty after a little bit of work was done early on in The Hills, and now she looks like a barbie doll after the additional 10 surgeries a few years ago. In any case, she’s ugly no matter what. Ugly on the inside is far worse than ugly on the outside.

  25. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Aaaannnnddd this is why my A cups will stay A cups. Sure I’d like to have a B or C, but all the things that can go wrong scare me.

  26. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Back scooping is just another name for lower back fat liposuction.