Gwyneth Paltrow asking her A-list friends to ‘boycott’ Vanity Fair’s annual Oscar party


Here are some photos of Gwyneth Paltrow mingling with the peasantry at LAX yesterday. She was flying out – probably to her olde home, London, if I had to guess. They understand her in London. They appreciate ROYALTY in London. *sniff* Not like in LA. Los Angeles is far too egalitarian for Dame Gwyneth. All of these peasants, thinking that they have the right to read about celebrities in mass-market publications. It’s enough to make one clutch their pearls.

Anyway, a few days ago, Radar claimed that Gwyneth was trying to “fight back” against Vanity Fair. VF is probably (hopefully) going to run a Goop slam-piece in their next issue, and until the article goes to press, Gwyneth is calling up all of her elite friends (haha, like she has ANY peasant friends), trying to get them to join in her in a “boycott” of VF. So far, only George Clooney has taken her call, I guess, but Julia Roberts is ignoring her. And now, a new peasant wrinkle. Gwyneth is trying to get A-listers to boycott VF’s annual Oscar party, which is known as “the hottest ticket in town” come awards season. Hahahaha.

Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t just on the defensive with Vanity Fair, she’s going on the offensive — actively asking her A-list friends to boycott the magazine’s famous Oscars party, has exclusively learned.

As we reported, the war between Paltrow, 41, and the popular magazine — which is planning to run a bombshell expose on her — is at an all-time high amid private vows and declaration to destroy the monthly’s reputation.

“Gwyneth feels her relationship with the magazine has been destroyed and she’s urging pals not just to avoid doing business with the magazine, but to skip the mag’s Oscar party as well,” a source dished to Radar. “To be frank, she wants to shut their Oscar party down entirely.”

It’s not the first time Paltrow has enlisted the help of her famous friends to tarnish the magazine.

As Radar previously reported, a mass email she sent to her pals begging them not to participate in the magazine’s expose was revealed stating: “If you are asked for quotes or comments, please decline. Also, I recommend you all never do this magazine again.”

The fuss started when Vanity Fair‘s editor-in-chief Graydon Carter expressed his hard-hitting approach to Paltrow when she decided to decline cooperation with the magazine for a cover story featuring her.

“We wouldn’t be doing our job if there wasn’t a little bit of tension between Vanity Fair and its subjects,” Carter said. “In any given week, I can expect to hear from a disgruntled subject in Hollywood, Washington, or on Wall Street. That’s the nature of the beast.”

[From Radar]

Yeah, I don’t think many people are going to give a sh-t about “standing with Goop”. This is all such bulls—t. It’s like Gwyneth has decided to “take a stand” and become some moral crusader… but the only issue she cares about is herself and her image. I just can’t see how anyone else would really care that much if VF ran a slam-piece about her. Why would George Clooney or Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts or Oprah really care enough about Goop to NOT go to the VF Oscar party?



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. The Original G says:

    Boycott Vanity Fair for what? Telling the truth about her?

    She’s just calling more attention to herself. Maybe that’s what she wants.

  2. Lindy79 says:

    From what I’ve seen it’s the hottest ticket that night so good luck in getting people to shun it and go to Elton’s one Goop.

    If this is true, her actions are giving this story way more attention.

  3. Anna says:

    Goop’s hair has been looking awful lately and she’s been looking quite tired. Maybe all her crazy dieting is finally catching up to her again?!?!

  4. Kate says:

    Nah. I lived in London. They don’t get her there, either, and they don’t particularly like her. She’s a dumb, albeit elitist, American with crude Americanisms and that dreadful, nasally American twang.

  5. NeNe says:

    I want to know who the heck she thinks she is to tell people what to do. I hope none of her so called friends listen to her. It’s time she got off her high horse already. I personally cannot stand her.

    • Charlotte says:

      Every time I read that ‘I recommend you all never do this magazine again’ line I get a little thrill. It’s so wonderfully, beautifully, magnificently deluded. I shouldn’t love it as much as I do, but I do. J’adore her inflated ego. It’s magical. Goop is a superb example for parents to not bring their kids up telling then they’re the greatest person in the world.

  6. Jackson says:

    “All of these peasants, thinking that they have the right to read about celebrities in mass-market publications.” Hot damn, I’m not a suck-up but that sentence needs to be entered into some kind of bloggerdom Sentence of the Year contest.
    As for Goop and the Vanity Fair party, good luck with that.

  7. marina says:

    If she has nothing to hide why is damage control in overdrive? I guess it’s because she’s the collosal b!tch I thought she was.

  8. Dawn says:

    I think she can ask but I doubt anyone will and that will more than likely blow her out of the water. When is this issue coming out? I can’t wait to buy it and read it to see what has her panties in a bunch. Really if she wan’t making such a big deal about this I doubt I would buy it.

    • gefeylich says:

      Yeah, all this fuss over something everyone now knows: that she and her husband fool around with other people. Big whoop – like that’s so shocking in Hollywood and to anyone who’s ever read a gossip blog.

      I suppose she still thinks it will “sully” her “perfect” image – as if anyone thinks that neurotic bitch is perfect anyway.

  9. MsGoblin says:

    Can’t stand Gwyneth, but I LOVE THAT COAT! Anyone have designer info on it? Not that I can afford it, being the mere peasant that I am.

  10. Gia says:

    G…baby girl…I love ya, but this VF bizz has got to stop! Give it up already!

    All she’s doings is fanning the flames and making me want to read it. And I have never read Vanity Fair! (Except in the 90′s whenever Madonna was on the cover)

  11. Bipul Khan says:

    What their friends are telling? do they agree with her to boycott vanity fairs annual Oscar party.

  12. Daz London says:

    How will they ever recover ????????????????????

  13. lady mary. says:

    yawwwn! me thinks goop is trying to get more publicity out of this so called shit ,why doesnt vanity fair bring it out simply like they did with liberty ross interview ,or they can just put up a presentation with slides and pop up at their vanity fair party in front of all those celebs ,coz this is just plain borin ,its like robs dior ads with teasers and rumours and no substantial interestin subject enuff to back up the hype

  14. chloe says:

    She is not helping herself by all her crying foul, I’m betting there are a lot of stars out there that are hitting ignore when Gwynies number pops up.

  15. rebecca says:

    The VF article is going to be a let down I bet. All this hype about it only started because of Gwyneth’s total over reaction. LOL at her thinking people will boycott the VF party because she tells them too.

  16. Hannah says:

    I don’t think Clooney has ever been to the VF Party, anyway. He’s always hosting his own do for his friends.

  17. blue marie says:

    Hmm, guess we’ll see if her tantrums/boycotting works when we see pictures of the party. I have a feeling she’s one of those who people humor but may not actually like. So they’ll be all “yeah, yeah we’re not going” only to be photographed arriving on the carpet first.

    Man this better be a good article with all this bullcrap build up.

  18. KC says:

    I keep saying this but allow me to repeat myself. VF have painted themselves into a corner here. If they do a hard hitting piece they come off spiteful. And they make it easier for her to claim that there are personal grudges at play. And while gossip hounds like us may know her uppity ways, the general public dont. To 98 percent of film goers, she is that dorky looking but pretty actress who is in the Iron Man films, has an Oscar, a bunch of kids with that dorky singer in that band and wrote a cookbook. All Gwen has to do is show up on some shows crying about how she doesnt live in Hollywood and spends her life outside movies raising her kids and writing a little blog for her friends. And that VF figured she would be an easy target. Its not hard to paint this as a David versus Goliath tale, with Paltrow in the David part.

    BTW, if anyone is in doubt as to how narrow the gossip world is, select 5 random people and tell them that John Travolta likes the d*ck and wait. I expect that most wouldnt even be able to compute that having never heard it, even though its probably the biggest cross-over gossip out there. (Not that its our business but then neither is Gwens personal life).

    If I were the Editor I would tread with care. This may well affect the VF brand and cost him his job.

    • Lucinda says:

      First, I think this story is not true. Second, I think anything GP does is because she may be in cahoots with VF to drum up interest in a story about her. That being said, I think there may be more interest than you think in an article that takes her down. She is no longer appealing just as an actress and gossip column subject. She is also shilling to the mom crowd and pretty pretentiously at that. So while a significant number of people are buying her BS books, there are other moms who probably would love to see her taken down a peg or two. Plus all the people my age who remember her as the hot young thing would probably enjoy a salacious article about who she really is. There might be more play than you realize. That said, I still think this is all smoke and mirrors and the article will actually be very tame.

      • KC says:

        I have no doubt that theres a segment that wants her taken down. I’m just saying that the general public just dont like that kind of thing. The exceptions are where celebrity has engaged in criminal behavior ofcourse. Generally people dont like publications pulling their celebrities off their pedastals. This is true even in the gossip world where softball publications always have more followers than the snarky variety. Most people dont want their celebrity dissected, it ruins the illusion of celebrity.

        And as I said, the little that the non-gossips know of her is very relatable. When she goes on the offensive in mainstream outlets she will find plenty of sympathy.

        I suspect VF will be forced to adjust the piece to this outcome. I think the only dirt they will print will be about how she fought the piece. Writing about a salacious piece about an affair denied by all the parties will just confirm the David v Goliath narrative.

    • Stacy says:

      If this VF so called dirt on Goop was not true then she would be suing them and not throwing a B*tch fit because you can only sue for liberty or else it’s falls under the guidelines of freedom of speech . Not to mention Goop is acting like a guilty person, so one would think their is some truth to VF claims.

      So at the end of the day would VF be hurt no nor would it cost anyone their job.

      • jecca says:

        Defamation, in general, is pretty broad. She’d be able to try to sue for libel if the story wasn’t true, but, if it’s a gossip piece, all VF would have to do is claim in the story itself that their information came from “anonymous sources” and ensure that they hadn’t broken any laws infogathering (freedom of the press doesn’t provide legal immunity from that) in order to get off of the hook.
        Also, even though there’s no Constitutional protection afforded for it, courts legally recognize an individual’s right to privacy. This has some caveats for celebrities, politicians, and other public figures, but that right is still protected (especially if the perpetrator gains commercially from the story, as VF would, and the subject would be readily identifiable, like Goop would).

        So… Depending on the nature of the situation, it could hurt VF. It could hurt Goop. It depends on how much of an a*stowel either side feels like being. So far, Goopy’s “NUKE VF FROM ORBIT!” strategy is edging her in front in *that* particular race.

    • The Original G says:

      Oh please. She’s an irrelevant actress pushing middle age with no box office and few film prospects to speak of. And if she’s going to be skewered for secretly eating cheeseburgers and pushing overpriced recycled cashmere dishclothes she only has her overblown, pretentious self to blame. It’s amusing , not serious and cetainly not worthy of this teenage drama.

    • JJ says:

      I find the whole story more embarrassing than relevant. First I think a respected magazine should stay out of peoples bedrooms, if they don’t want to come off as cheap and sleazy.
      How do they have proof 100% anyway, both Goop and that Billionaire guy have denied the affair. Apparently Goops marriage has survived the affair, so why should an outsider have the right to judge.

      VF is loosing customers, because media has changed so much in the age of social media. Everybody has a blog, message boards are everywhere. Nobody has to buy a paper mag anymore to be informed about whats going on in entertainment. Actors and celebs had to work with VF and the like 10 years ago, but nowadays that’s not the case anymore.

      I tend to believe that this is just a PR ploy by VF and possibly Goop as well. Both benefit from the enormous publicity.

    • Steph says:

      Respectfully, the problem with your argument is Goop’s response to this whole fiasco. She’d sue if she had a case. She doesn’t, so she’s attempting to be a bully.

      And think about it. Wouldn’t a publication like Vanity Fair, with its teams of lawyers, be very well aware of the current state of libel laws? They wouldn’t publish anything they couldn’t back up, especially knowing that Goop is a histrionic whack job.

      • JJ says:

        VF has not published their article yet, so what is Goop to sue? At the moment there is just rumors. Goop is with the same publishers forever. If she was not happy with her public image she would have fired Huvane long time ago. Huvane and his brother are among the top agents and publishers in HW.

        If VF goes after one of their clients they were in trouble. But anyway, I doubt all this is about going after the hand that feeds you, but rather a big PR game to sell more magazines and get Goop publicity. The losers in this will be the people who believe in all the stupid hype.

    • Nina W says:

      I disagree, GP has very little clout and VF can only gain from publishing a scandalous article about her. Nobody cares about her squeaky clean image, everyone is interested in the dirt and the more she squawks about it, the more interest gets generated. That’s just money in the bank for VF. She’s either pulling a fast one and is in cahoots with VF or she needs a better handler cause she’s looking quite the fool.

    • gefeylich says:

      Oh, please. Graydon Carter is VF’s editor-in-chief, and he couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Paltrow and her tender feelings. She’s an aging actress who can no longer do better than the girlfriend role in a Marvel franchise, and despite her delusions of power and influence, she sounds ridiculous and Jenna Maroney-like with all this “Boycott Vanity Fair, fellow superstars, because they’re MEAN TO ME!!” palaver. Yeah, as if that’s a good cause worthy of all of them burning bridges.

  19. eliza says:

    I am sure Vanity Fair will mourn the loss of 4 people.

  20. grabbyhands says:

    Riiiiiiight. The VF Oscar party is one of the biggest of the awards season. No one is going to boycott it for her. They’re going to have to piss off a whole lot more people than Goop in order to have any kind of a significant drop in popularity.

    But hey, she tried.

  21. mia girl says:

    So what is it the VF has on her?!! What can be so bad that Goop is letting this whole narrative play out and not issuing a statement to refute the idea that she is hell-bent on scorching the earth Vanity Fair inhabits?

    In my mind the whole “boycott” thing is the most self-serving thing Goop has ever done and reflects much worse on her then the idea that VF might be have the goods on an possible affair with one of the Glee producers.

  22. Bridget says:

    The majority of celebrities have had to deal with a major scandal as a result of something they don’t want everyone to see being published. It’s one thing to ask your friends to not work with VF, but asking them to boycott everything about the publication infringes on a pretty big professional commitment/tool for a lot of those stars. We’re heading into Oscar season and those VF Hollywood slots are still a big deal. Gwyneth overstepped – she figured her friends would shun their professinal obligations to protect her reputation – when the rest of them would have sucked it up and worked with VF to mitigate the damage. She’s played this really badly, it’s amazing how little finesse she’s show.

  23. my .02 says:

    “Don’t go to the hottest party after the Oscars because I have dirty laundry that I don’t want aired.”


    (that’s going to go over well)

  24. badrockandroll says:

    I’m not going to the Vanity Fair party. I hope that Gwennie doesn’t mistake that as support for her.

  25. Torisan says:

    I would not have a friend who was so controlling that she would try to prevent me from attending an event that I wanted to attend.

    I do what I want, and all my friends know that. They can’t control me and they can’t make our friendship dependent upon their whims and spiteful desires.

  26. Nev says:

    If Madonna is going, I am for sure going!!!!!

  27. Anna says:

    I doubt half of this stuff is true.

  28. phlyfiremama says:

    Oooh, the mean girl in me wants to grab popcorn and watch the goop ship sink that night!!

  29. marina says:

    You can only sue for libel if it’s not true.

  30. Liberty says:

    G: ….and so you mustn’t mustn’t go to their party! They will probably be serving things made with you know lard and like cream and meat and sugar anyway. And I saw a picture of you and you looked like fatter than me and like even a giant mouth doesn’t make the rest of you look smaller, so, why go? You don’t want pictures around of you putting foods in that mouth right now. I can send you photos showing that, where like Meryl looks you know somehow tighter than you so I wanted to tell you that and say don’t go to the VF party and I will help you look less like a bus driver on a big-people route I will send you a cleanse and – hello? Julia? Jules? Oh, bother!

    G: ….and they’re mean and it’s not fair and like Graydon knows Uncle Steven and so it’s like double triple mean, because he also totally knows my father died and so why do this to me? Why do this to me? Doesn’t he want me to be happy? Why can’t he support me like Daddy did? Of course, he’s CANADIAN, so you can’t really trust them, plus they’re all literally fat. So George, don’t go to the party, because what is a movie compared to supporting someone who used to date a friend of yours and I would have allowed him to keep dating me but he like grabbed all the attention in the room and that just isn’t polite, Daddy would never – hello? hello? Is that a yes?

    G: ….and it was my vacation in Florida and we were just talking about like, dieting, and the part under your arm that can be a problem and how to make children thin, and he was I guess fascinated to hear what I had to say because he heard like everyone saying Oh G say more, tell us more, we see your life and you and it’s all like literally perfect, so tell us more so he would obviously feel amazed to be around me talking to me like any other commoner would feel when until then they can only touch me online or stare at my films. So we would just talk and talk and we would like be talking in a room at a party then it was like everyone had gone home because it was like tomorrow, but nothing happened even when we had to talk in his hotel because he wanted to know my most inside deepest thoughts and even gave me some handbags, so how is that an article compared to what I know about jeans and maple syrup? So it’s just really mean so I shan’t go, and I am asking you as a dear friend not to go to their next party, Robert, and not just because as a former drunk or addict you probably have fat cells sitting there which your wife needs to be thinking about too, by the way, the fat cells are just waiting to explode on her and then that’s humiliating for you, trust me — hello? Well, really!

  31. poppy says:

    shut it down? more like sit it down, as in girl, take a seat (or row).
    her interfering with the VF oscar party will NEVER happen.

    there is definitely something very fishy about all of this. i don’t believe stephen huvane is losing his touch/iron clad grip over media.

    that said, if and when they publish this panty bunching article and if it is VF’s best selling issue (doubtful, her covers don’t sell well), goop will twist it in her favor.

  32. Megan says:

    The more trouble she goes through to destroy vanity fair, the more I believe the story is true. This bitch is digging her own grave by causing so much of a fuss.

  33. GIRLFACE says:

    Precisely. You can only sue for libel if it’s not true! What could possibly be so bad to make her act so offensively? She is acting SO guilty and hiding behind her fame and privilege.

  34. TheCountess says:

    Thing is, it’s not implausible to imagine some celebrities having second thoughts about Graydon Carter and VF if indeed the magazine publishes a slam piece. Vanity Fair is known for ass-kissing fluff pieces, and for them to turn on a movie star they had a very big hand in building up will certainly give Gwyneth’s peers pause, with or without her personal appeals for a boycott.

    • GIRLFACE says:

      You make a good point but methinks the stars doth burn brightest when they burneth low. LoL. I mean is GP still in the game at this point? Is this story just a dirge>? If VF has any hand in her undoing, they won’t have acted alone. Her going crazy over it certainly looks bad. Actors need fluff more than they will come to fear a magazine, IMO. Not that it isn’t a little shitty of VF to deal her this hand. It’s Chinatown or whatever.

      • TheCountess says:

        I don’t really think giving your friends and industry colleagues the heads up that you’re unhappy with rumors of a slam piece in an elite, industry-fluffing periodical is really “going crazy.”

        As far as “fearing” a magazine, a celebrity who is accustomed to getting her or his ass kissed by a publication of VF’s stature surely will be wary of them in the future. Sure, Gwyneth has become a bit of low-hanging fruit, ripe for parody; but her slide into punchline could very easily happen to other performers, and while they may expect checkout line tabs to take pot shots, they probably do not expect it from a glossy like VF.

        I always thought given Carter’s background at Spy that he was an odd choice for VF and am amazed it took so long for his celebrity-hating side to start seeping out.

      • GIRLFACE says:

        Yeah, you’re right about a lot of things. I guess she’s not going crazy technically but I think if it weren’t true that she wouldn’t be so up in arms.

      • gefeylich says:

        Stars and their publicists have nothing to fear from VF if they play the game and give access, which most of them do if they know what’s good for them (the flattering photographs alone are worth playing nice). Paltrow and her people must have gotten really high handed with the magazine and now they’ve certainly pissed off Graydon Carter for some reason. But rather than cause other stars to back her up, I think this will just make them shrug and say “Oh well – I like the magazine and what it’s done for me. Why rock the boat?”

    • The Original G says:

      Known for ass-kissing fluff pieces? No, I don’t think so. They have skewered a lot of people over the years.

  35. mk says:

    Hahahaha. Sure, I think Vanity Fair is off my ‘buy’ list when it comes to magazines, but nobody skips out on the Oscars party. Doofus.

  36. moon says:

    LOL at Goop’s arrogance if she thinks she can take down an established, long standing magazine. She’s not that well liked or powerful enough.

  37. snappyfish says:

    such a ridiculous woman.

  38. Lark says:

    Meh. Radar. That says it all when it comes to being accurate. That said I wouldn’t be surprised if Gwynnie was trying to get people to turn on VF.

  39. Monkey Towz says:

    I’m holding my breath on this one. I always assume that everybody sleeps around in Hollywood, so unless VF has some real dirt, I’ll be tuning out. GOOP needs to keep her mouth shut (like the sublime Kate Moss does) & just work. And if she’s such a great artist, maybe hang out with REAL artists who truly struggle. The bum on the street has more interesting stories to tell than these out of touch people.
    Eta, I can’t reply to any posts on this damn phone which I use almost exclusively. Argh!

  40. chloe says:

    I’m starting to agree with other posters I think this is a lot of build-up for nothing, I seriously doubt most of Hollywood cares about an affair that happened 5 years ago and there were already rumors of Martin’s infidelities. I wonder if some recording has popped up from the Murdock tape incident that has Gwynie talking dirt or maybe Pitt made a deal with VF this summer when he gave his interview for WWZ, in agreement for not writing a total scathing story on his movies production problems he would give them the goods on Gwyn, this last guess is just me really wanting to know what exactly went down in that relationship, I know Brad would never talk bad about anyone., but a girl can dream.
    What shocks me is how snooty she is, I realize she comes from an acting family, but I never got a snooty vibe from Blythe Danner.

  41. jenniferjustice says:

    Actually the story vf intends to publish is true. The reason she is upset is because the public thinks the know what its about but will be shocked to learn its not what they thought was coming. There have been blinds for months in this. Everybody thinks its about her having an affair with hotelier Jeffrey soffer when thongs were rocky between G and Chris martin due this supposed fli g with Kate bosworth. Even if you though G was married at Tue time she garnered public sympathy because Chris supposedly cheated on her first…she came out looking like the victim. What is really going to be told is that long before any of that G got it on with somebody involved in the Shakespeare in love movie and the man’s wife divorced him for it. So now she’s going to be seen as not only not a victim but a homewrecker and sleeping her way to the top BC whoever it was has pull to help her win the award she received for her role in that movie. She’s worried it will. completely change the public’s perception of her as the wholesome molly homemaker. I don’t really see why she cares. The public does not like her already. If she and her husband are solid who cares what strangers think? I see it as a control issue on her part with vf. She’s used to getting her way. She made threats so now she’s had her no off called and she can’t/ won’t back down.

  42. lucy2 says:

    While this is probably exaggerated, she has made it worse for herself by demanding all her “friends” follow her orders.
    No one is going to skip the VF Oscar party for her.

  43. Aria says:

    All this sounds like teenage drama. Besides, who cares? It’s not like she has a HUGE fanbase to lose. Get it over, Goop!

  44. RHONYC says:

    why does she have security? her face is so mundane, i wouldn’t notice her in a crowd.

  45. Snowpea says:

    Anybody remember her being interviewed years after her Oscar win when she said (I’m paraphrasing) “I stayed in bed for ten days after I won the Oscar. I felt like the whole world was laughing at me”.

    This says to me she is temperamentally predisposed to social anxiety and neurosis. She would be sh*tting herself right now, knowing that her image is gunna be tarnished.

    VF is not a gossip blog, where the diehard gossiphounds congregate. It is a prestigious publication, read by her target demographic.

    I reckon she would be freaking out right about now.

    PS She looks so much cuter when she has washed, airdried, wavy hair and puts down the damn hair straightener!

  46. jw says:

    How selfish of her… this is her fight and she wants to bring everyone into it to get her revenge. So childish.

  47. Sarah says:

    She is making a fool out of herself if this is really true. That would be proof enough that VF has something here. Why bother otherwise to have her “friends” siding with her on this boycott thing??

    On a side note… with whom is she holding hands here??? Bodyguard? If so, why?? There are no crowds around. Don’t get it…

  48. Rose says:

    Of course she’d go on a crusade that benefits her instead of using her celebrity and friendships with “powerful” people to do anything else that needs actual attention.

    P.S. I don’t know if that had already been mentioned. So many comments! Apologies if I’m repeating what someone else might have already pointed out.

  49. Chloe says:

    Capricious and pretentious woman! Vanity’s Oscar Party is important event and very positive for great actors. Paltrow is not great actress, doesn’t has talent and her face is hideous. Frozen by surgery.

  50. Kosmos says:

    I’m not sure how true this is, but if there is truth to all of this, then I don’t really blame her for being at odds with VF if they intend to write an unflattering article about her. Most people would not enjoy having a mag like VF write something negative about them, would they? We don’t really know her side. I used to love her as an actress in her younger, acting years, but then I never really “knew” Gweneth, of course. While I love to read articles about these folks, both the good and the bad, I can completely understand how they might feel. It’s just part of being a celebrity, I guess…..

  51. luna says:

    Good grief this woman is still at it? Well good luck to her.

  52. LadyS says:

    There is no fucking way George Clooney is backing out of VF for her bony ass. Read this article where he talks about rights to privacy:

    Yeah Gwyneth, good luck to ya!

  53. jenniferjustice says:

    Sorry. My bad. Blinds just solved this one unequivocally – its Madonna’s husband guy Ritchie. That’s what broke gwyn & madges friendship and eventually the divorce of Madge And guy. Goop had her eye on guy and was using Tracy whatever trainer to keep track of his schedule so she could meet up with him “accidentally” on a regular basis and it worked. The award he supposedly helped Influence her win was the music one for country strong but I don’t know how. Madge didn’t bury her for the sake of both all their kids. Team Madge! This going to be epic.

    • Evelyn Apricots says:

      GP did not win any awards for Country Strong. Maybe what you say, but this too. If you wanna know what happened between her and Madonna after 15 years of friendship where Madonna helped her through her father’s passing well here it is : ALLEGEDLY Gwyneth sided with Tracy Anderson when Madonna discovered that her Raising Malawi charity for kids in Africa lost millions of her personal money and contributors to the person who was the head of the charity Philippe van den Bossche, allegedly Tracy’s boyfriend. Though allegedly Tracy is herself a scammer (she may or may not have stole money from friends and partners). When Madonna learned that there was no money anymore to build the schools she promised, she had an audit made by Global Philanthropy and most of the money appeared to allegedly have been spent on luxuries for Van Den Bossche whom she allegedly fired. Allegedly she also cut ties with Anderson because of this and with Paltrow who sided with the allegedly scammng couple.