Julia Roberts: ‘Listen, every actor wants to win an Oscar, full stop’


I can’t even tell you how excited I am about Julia Roberts’ Oscar campaign this awards season. You guys, it’s going to be good. Julia is always good for press/gossip, but we have the added bonus of it being Julia versus Meryl Streep. So far, Meryl has not been playing. Meryl avoided Toronto like the plague (Meryl was allegedly “sick”) and Julia has been doing early appearances where she’s been the biggest thing ever, a legend in her own mind. But that sh-t is going to come to a grinding halt when Harvey Weinstein doubles-down on his strategy to put Meryl up for Best Actress and Julia up for Supporting. We’ll see, Julia. We’ll see.

But for now, Julia is basking in the attention. She covers the new issue of Marie Claire to promote August: Osage County, and there are some very “interesting” moments. You can read the full piece here and here are some highlights:

Having a physical, on-screen fight with Meryl Streep: “I tell you, Meryl’s strong! And I could not get the pills out of her hand. I’m just thankful I didn’t hurt her.” (The two later sent a photo of the scene to their mutual friend, director Mike Nichols, “for his birthday, with me choking her, like fighting over him. And of course,” Roberts hoots with laughter, “Meryl found her light.”)

On Meryl: “I had many imaginary conversations with Meryl about working together. One night we did a play together at Lincoln Center for Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp fundraiser. When a person goes from being on a pedestal in your mind to even cooler, better, and more fabulous up close, you get to understand them a little more intimately.” But how did the two end up doing a film together? “We have the same agent, Kevin Huvane, and it was his dream. As my career is slowing down, he thought, I’ve got to figure this out before she brings it all to a screeching halt in favor of car pools.”

She still thinks she’ll have more Great Roles: “I think the reason why I’ve been able to enjoy my career is that I always knew, for some reason—even when it was about getting a job to pay your bills and stuff—I always knew that it will surface, it will come. The things that are correct for me will come to me at the time that I am interested in them and have the capacity, the understanding, to do them. When I miss out on a part, I can be bummed I didn’t get it, but then I see who got it, and I think, Oh, well.”

Her advice to young actresses: “Good luck, darling.” And she laughs again.

On social media: “It’s not the same business. It’s really different. And the Internet has so much to do with that.” No surprise she’s not on social media—”It’s kind of like cotton candy: It looks so appealing and you just can’t resist getting in there, and then you just end up with sticky fingers and it lasted an instant”—or that she never Googles herself: “I have too much potential for collapse.” She elaborates: “There’s an anonymity that makes people feel safe to participate in hatefulness. I like a good old-fashioned fistfight if people are pissed off at each other. I just feel like if you’re really mad and want to have a fight, then put your dukes up.”

Hillary Clinton is a hero: “I had interviewed Hillary Clinton [for OWN], who has become a personal hero to me—who she is and her convictions as a woman and mother and a humanitarian. She let me sit in on a meeting as a fly on the wall, but I’m a person who can’t not say anything for too long. It’s about women taking care of their families and what an incredible challenge it is for a myriad of reasons, and how fixable it can be. I saw a picture of a woman with a baby on her back, just like I would be with one of my babes on my hip, cooking at the stove. Her hut is full of toxic smoke, and that child is in tremendous peril. It’s my privilege and honor to cook three meals a day for my family, and it’s a luxury on a level that I didn’t even realize, because it can be relentless for me on some days. You have pride in how you take care of your family.”

On her Oscar chances: “Listen, every actor wants to win an Oscar, full stop. It doesn’t mean you try to design things around how to accomplish that because that’s impossible. Now that I’m a grown-up person and have things of such greater value to pin my idea of joy and fullness on, if something like that were to happen again, my feeling of thrill would be defined in a completely different way.”

On her skill in delivering dialogue: “I used to be better at it. I have to work twice as hard to remember half as much.”

[From Marie Claire]

Compare this to George Clooney’s Esquire interview – Clooney comes off as a candid sh-t-talker who is happy to entertain. Julia Roberts comes across as someone who would happily sh-t talk but she’s too busy talking about herself. Clooney is a storyteller – Julia is a rampant narcissist. That’s how I see the difference. You guys… this awards season is going to be GOOD.


Photos courtesy of Cedric Buchet/Marie Claire.

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  1. Alexandra says:

    Yeah, everybody wants to win an Oscar, like, you know, Joaquin Phoenix. Julia is all about ME ME ME ME…and the rest

    • Mary says:

      Yeah, he totally does. He just pretends he doesn’t but it comes off a defensive act. You can tell when he won the globe years back how happy he was.

    • LB says:

      He may want an Oscar but he’s not going to campaign for it. Nor should he. It is such a turnoff – some of my favorite actors and actresses come off so pathetic when they engage in this behavior.

      It’s idealistic but the work should stand for itself and in his case, it almost always does. I hope I never see the day he drops to his knees, begging for Oscar recognition.

  2. Tulip Garden says:

    I usually don’t care for Julia AT All but I didn’t find this interview annoying. She did say some things that I liked. She acknowledges a career slow down, speaks about the privilege it actually is to care for your family, and acknowledges her admiration for two different women.
    I actually enjoy snarking on her but I don’t think this is very snark worthy….damn it!

  3. bluhare says:

    She’s glad she didn’t hurt Meryl? What a candy coated insult.

    And, Julia, last I heard you aren’t British — full stop.

  4. Annabell says:

    Both Julia and Clooney are both sh*t talking and one is NOT better then the others.

    I like Clooney but he only doing it as part of his Oscar campaigning to mix it up from his normal ass kissing, At least Julia is just being Julia.

  5. aims says:

    She is a huge narcissist. I can’t with her. If she’s really a great actress as she claims to be, maybe she can start acting like she has some humility.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I have never really been impressed with anything she’s done. You know where I first saw Erin Brokovich? On LIFETIME. It was an okay movie, I think, but I never would’ve thought that she should’ve won an Oscar for it. All I’ve seen her in, was the love interest, with maybe a little drama/thriller elements mixed in. And she’s always playing Julia Roberts. Always. She’s lucky that she’s cute, and has good game.

    • Becky1 says:

      Yeah, she definitely comes across as narcissistic and I imagine she’s not the most pleasant person to be around but I have to give her credit-she’s a very smart lady. Her acting talent is decent (she’s an okay actress but nowhere near Meryl’s league) but she has managed her career extremely well. She was lucky enough to become successful at a young age and she didn’t squander it with drugs, alcohol, etc. She worked hard and made lots of movies and lots of money prior to starting a family. Now she’s married with kids and can do a project or two whenever she feels like it. She can afford to live with her family in New Mexico away from the paparazzi and all of the craziness of Hollywood. I’m not a fan of her personally but I am a big fan of how she has managed her career. If I were a famous actress her career (career only-I’m not defending any of the diva-esque behavior I’ve heard she exhibits) is the one I’d love to have.

  6. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Okay, seriously. My first gripe is that this is the woman who dumped LIAM NEESON! Who was my very first celebrity crush. Ever. Before I hit thirteen and watched Schindler’s List–I didn’t really like boys. And then I saw Schindler’s List, and I was in love. I mean, if I could pick only one celebrity, I’d pick Liam.

    Wtf is wrong with her? Correct me if I’m wrong, anybody, but Liam is such a sweetheart. I was reading his dong post the other day, and someone on there said that Helen Mirren said in an interview once that Liam was actually very homebound–liked to stay in, read books, and just have a quiet night in, as opposed to going out into the Hollywood nightlife. SIGN ME UP. I’m legal now ;)

    Okay, now that I’ve got *those* particular thoughts off my chest—this Oscar season is going to be GOLD. God, I love it when we get posts on celebs like Julia. Seriously though–how in the world did she ever get past the “Low Vera” tshirt? Honestly? Because just for comparison, with Brad/Angelina–I was on this website, for school, that was giving some basic facts about each state. And in one section, they had a list of a bunch of celebrities/notable people from each state. On the Oklahoma one, they had Brad Pitt–this little blurb mentioned his divorce from Jennifer, and him getting with Angelina.

    So how is it that this school website mention the “shock of the world”, and the tshirt isn’t even mentioned? Because if I hadn’t gone on this site, I never would’ve known anything about the tshirt incident. Julia was the “It Girl” up until that point, correct? Maybe she just lost her status?

    And also, I just watched “America’s Sweetheart’s” and the irony is sweeeet.

    All right, I’m off now–to think of some naughty things to do to to Liam that include cream cheese frosting and some borrowed rope from Miss J. Eyre—I may need the attic of Thornfield for this one. Will Bertha be willing to vacate for a couple of days???
    *grins naughtily*

    • Violeta says:

      … she was 19 when they dated, he was 35, and at that time Liam Neeson was already a well known playboy (and yes his foot long peen) before the whole sweeheart thing so …

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Well just because someone gets around, doesn’t mean that they aren’t a really nice person, a caring partner. I’m just directing it at her, because what I read was that she dumped him/had a jumpoff when she dumped him—I don’t remember the guy’s name. And it’s Julia. She got around too. Maybe because I don’t exactly have tons of guys beating down my door–but God.

      • Violeta says:

        lol what? Anyway, I did not imply he wasn’t a nice person, I said he was a playboy at the time they dated/lived together for less than a year, thus the sweeheart of now (cf “correct me if I’m wrong but Liam IS such a sweetheart”) is different from the playboy of then (cf what I posted above). Julia Roberts or not, did you miss the Liam Neeson playboy era (adding to that the high profiled women he dated) before getting married or…?

        And btw to the contrary popular belief, it’s Neeson who called things off right at the timeline she met Dylan McDermott, it’s from there that she formed that pattern of dumping one man to go with the other etc.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Oh, I didn’t mean to sound angry or anything towards you—but from what I heard, when Julia was young, she went through dudes like tissues (not slut shaming her or anything; Liam did the same), and she broke a fair few hearts (deserved or not)….from what I heard, she’s the one who broke it off with Liam and he was the heartbroken one–where’d you hear that he broke it off?

    • Monkey Towz says:

      I’m with you Virgilia! Next to Alan Rickman, Liam is high on my dong-o-meter. I can’t stand JR but she has banged some FINE men!
      As other posters have noted, the cover is fug & her comment about young stars rude. She has mediocre talent at best & she’s one of the few celebs I dislike so much that I don’t watch her movies b/c she’s always playing JULIA ROBERTS!

  7. Shauna says:

    That cover photo is horrible, why would they do that? I find her beautiful in her quirky face but they totally missed that.

  8. Abby says:

    Umm noo…Joaquin is an exception.

    She looks bad in these photos.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    That is a very unflattering cover photo! She looks like she’s about to fall asleep.

  10. Gine says:

    Whoa, that cover is DREADFUL. And while I generally can’t stand her, I do have to admit that she’s looked pretty good lately. She must have pissed off someone at Marie Claire.

  11. feebee says:

    “good luck, darling” and laughs. yep, that just about sums it up.

    The cover does look bad but I’m choosing to believe it was done by design in a karma sort of way.

  12. Post It's says:

    “I like a good old-fashioned fistfight if people are pissed off at each other.”

    Or, in your case Julia, just prance around in front of the paps wearing your puffy paint “Low Vera” t-shirt.

  13. Tiffany says:

    Now when I see or hear Julia Roberts I just laugh at her because of that Family Guy skit. Just funny and dead on.

  14. NovemberScorpio says:

    Ugh, I have never liked this woman. Maybe it’s her narcissism. I don’t know. She just gives off such a cunty vibe and seems like the type that takes great pleasure in ridiculing/humiliating people. She has absolutely no chance of winning an Oscar this season and should just go back to churning butter and torturing the staff on her organic farm.

  15. Beth says:

    I’m not crazy about her, she’s annoying.

    Can we talk about why she presented George Clooney his Britannia BAREFOOT? She was onstage. Barefoot. WTF? Bitch, Benedict Cumberbatch is there, put your shoes on! Have some respect.

  16. Kelly says:

    We get it Julia. You are a mommy and that is the most important thing ever. So go be a mommy and stop acting then. Give others a chance.

  17. erna says:

    I would punch her and Im not even a violent person.

  18. pnichols says:

    cant stand this woman. she looks like a dude on that cover. bleck.

  19. Az says:

    So I’m the only one here who loves her? Because I do. I LOVE JULIA. So much. “Good luck , darling”. Sweet fancy Moses that is so perfectly condescending.

  20. Lisa says:

    I don’t get why Julia is getting so much hate for this interview and Clooney is getting love. Please to try to sell be that BS of Clooney is a storyteller.

    Yes I know Julia a b*tch she dosen’t try to hide her I’m better then you personality . To me both come off as being self absorbed.

  21. lunchcoma says:

    Julia and Tom Cruise? I think we’ve got this week’s quota of marginally talented narcissists who mostly play sanitized versions of themselves covered.

    There’s nothing so very terrible in this interview, but I loathe her all the same.

  22. melior says:

    She tried to be relatable with that ‘privilege to cook for my family’ thing but then her snarky self came shining through : ‘ good luck darling!’. Precious.

  23. joan says:

    That cover photo is the ugliest I’ve ever seen her!

  24. Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

    I used to love Julia, and now I hate her. When and why did that switch flip? I think it might’ve been around the “A Low Vera” episode.

    Julia: STFU. Full stop.

    • Snappyfish says:

      That’s when she became “dead to me ” she is a vile self serving jerk. There are far too many examples to list

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      That’s what kills me about her. I mean, I get it–she was with a married man. Okay, fine. It’s done. Move on GRACEFULLY. At least try and feign respect in public. Don’t antagonize the WIFE of your MARRIED boyfriend PUBLICLY. If Danny Moder had been famous, Julia’s career would have been G O N E. Because girlfriend can barely act beyond romcoms, and the press would’ve murdered her if there had been two big players in the equation.

  25. Emily C. says:

    She’s constitutionally unable to talk about anyone but herself. Oh, and we must all understand that she’s a MOM and a WIFE and has a FAMILY that she CARES FOR and that’s what really matters to her, really, not her career, that’s just a bonus, because she’s a WOMAN and so of course she puts her FAMILY before everything else and that’s what fulfills her. Ugh and yuck.

  26. I Choose Me says:

    I actually liked this interview. Huh, imagine that.

  27. Thiajoka says:

    “Her advice to young actresses: ‘Good luck, darling.’ And she laughs again.”

    They cut off part of her quote: “And try to have an older, successful sibling already in the business.”

    I don’t doubt that she didn’t get where she is in part due to her looks and, somewhat, due to her acting–I liked her in Mary Reilly and kind of wish she’d gone down the more serious movies route rather than landing in the rom-com genre because I think she’s capable of more than she’s actually done. But to discourage younger actresses while not admitting she had at least nominal industry contacts due to her brother is just rude, in my opinion. It’s hard, we get it. It will be harder for some because they don’t have that sort of contact.

  28. serena says:

    “Good luck, darling.” And she laughs again – God, that’s so bitchy!