Kendrick Lamar tells GQ that Tupac Shakur came to him in a ‘vision’ at the age of 21


I don’t know much about Kendrick Lamar. I know he’s a young rapper who has risen to the top very quickly and that’s about it, so I came into his new GQ “Rapper of the Year” interview with an open mind. As it turns out, he’s kind of interesting. I was expecting some variation on the stereotype I have of a young hustler in the music business, and while Kendrick does have hustle, and at times he seems like he’s all piss and vinegar, but he’s also kind of funny and self-aware. You can read Kendrick’s GQ interview here – I didn’t realize his “dis rap” on Big Sean’s “Control” was that big of a deal, but apparently it was enough to, like, send shock waves through the industry and now Kendrick has some kind of beef with Drake (or Drake has a beef with him). Anyway, that’s not the point of this story. The point of this story is that Kendrick Lamar has seen a ghost. THE GHOST OF TUPAC. For real!!!!! Here’s the story, as Kendrick told GQ:

When Kendrick Lamar was 21, Tupac appeared to him in a vision. Before you roll your eyes, Lamar wants you to know that he’s not the hermit-on-the-edge-of-the-Nitrian-Desert, vision-seeing type. He knows how this sounds.

“I was coming from a late studio session, sleeping on Mom’s couch. I’m 26 now—it wasn’t that long ago. I remember being tired, tripping from the studio, lying down, and falling into a deep sleep and seeing a vision of Pac talking to me. Weirdest sh-t ever. I’m not huge on superstition and all that sh-t. That’s what made it so crazy. It can make you go nuts. Hearing somebody that you looked up to for years saying, ‘Don’t let the music die.’ Hearing it clear as day. Clear as day. Like he’s right there. Just a silhouette.”

The visit from Pac changed Kendrick’s connection to the world he was chronicling in his music and compelled him to think more carefully about who was listening to it. “It wasn’t just about money, hos, clothes, drinkin’,” he explains. “I mean, I come from that world, but at the same time, I started to realize that there’s people out there that can’t really connect to that lifestyle. They’re in the struggle.”

[From GQ]

Was this Ghost Tupac? Or Hologram Tupac? Or Angel Tupac? I don’t even know. Is it really considered a “vision” if it’s just a really vivid dream? I guess that’s the biblical question – weren’t all the angels coming to people in their sleep? Sh-t, I need to read the Bible more. Where was I? I mean… I don’t doubt that Kendrick had a very vivid dream. I once had a vivid sex dream about Andrew Garfield and it changed the way I thought about him completely, but I’m not going around calling it a “vision” or anything (although it was super-sexy, hot damn). So, what do you think? Angel Tupac? Ghost Tupac? Or just Dream Tupac?

ghost tupac

Photos courtesy of Sebastian Kim / GQ.

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  1. tifzlan says:

    I love Tupac. Everytime i’m feeling blue, i listen to Keep Ya Head Up and it’s like having someone to talk to. I know that sounds completely pathetic, but his music makes me feel like i’m having a conversation with him and i like that.

    • Kcaia says:

      Oooh, child, things are gonna get easier! Yes, love Tupac too. He was ahead of his time, but I still cant get over him being only 26 when he died. Maybe it was just a dream, but if Kendrick considers it a vision, then it probably was. He was the one who experienced it. I remember being like 15 and refusing to believe tupac was dead!

  2. Violeta says:

    Now Kendrick sis… It’s still called a dream. Because you looked up to him, feel like a connection, he’s somewhere in your subconscious. I dream of my late grandpa (whom I miss dearly) all the time because we were connected, I guess it’s the comfort of a loved one, one whom you looked up to, and some dreams look more real than others and it can be like a revelation… or I’m a huge fan of Billie Holiday and her songs pierce my heart or something… or I had a vivid threesome dream with Cillian Murphy and Colin Farrell because well, I fancy them deeply and ;qjdfhhgkljspqjklszfgggg… *mind wanders off to threesome dream*

  3. Ag says:

    Why is this being called a “vision”? He said it – he was super tired, fell asleep, and had a dream about Tupac. A dream – that’s that. (I thought I’d put that out there before before the “there are things that we just don’t understand about the spirit world” crowd rolls in.)

  4. RN says:

    I had a dream the other night that I was eating a really superb cheese. Now I feel connected to the contents of my dairy drawer.

  5. Dyllish says:

    I think this was a dream because Kendrick looks up to him so he feels like Tupac is encouraging him to not give up on music since at the time of this “vision”, he wasn’t getting anywhere in the music industry & was probably ready to quit. Just a thought

  6. Anna says:

    I actually really like Kendrick, he does some awesome interviews, and his whole relationship with ASAP Rocky is hilarious and super bromancey

  7. tila says:

    So glad you guys covered him! Wasn’t expecting that at all. Love how you guys try to keep it diverse and love Kendrick!

  8. Hakura says:

    Who *hasn’t* had a ‘feud’ with Drake? I mean, Chris Brown, Common, Nicki Minaj, & most recently (to my knowledge) Future, the rapper who just did a song/video with Miley Cyrus as an ‘alien’ (who apparently only differs from humans in that she strips & rolls around in an industrial sized vat of glitter). & those are just the ones I heard about in passing … Who knows what other BS nonsense feuds there are.

    • juicylucy says:

      Common had a beef with Drake? How did I not know this? To bad for Drake. Common is a lyrical genius. I’ve seen him live and he literally freestyled to a cute girl in the audience for about five minutes and it was still better than anything Drake’s every made.

  9. Kim1 says:

    Kendrick on CB who is next Wiz, Waka,2 Chainz, Gucci Mane LOL

  10. AlmondJoy says:

    Lyrically, Kendrick is one of the best rappers out right now. If ur a fan of real hip hop, get to know him!

  11. Ladyray says:

    love kendrick and pac is my baby.

  12. Caitlin C says:

    This photo shoot is giving me serious Haitian minister vibes

  13. Thiajoka says:

    “Was this Ghost Tupac? Or Hologram Tupac? ”

    That was exactly what I was wondering when I clicked on here. LOL.

  14. Danskins says:

    Kendrick is one of the best rappers out there and I love how he’s calling out some of his fellow rappers over wack lyrics and even other issues like conspicuous consumption. He’s got a big future ahead and is considered by some to be the next Tupac. Hopefully he can continue succeeding in such a fickle industry.

  15. BrandNewNick says:

    WHO is his weed man? I need somma DAT chronic!