LeAnn Rimes ‘drowning her emotions with junk food,’ fears Eddie is cheating on her


As I think most people have noticed in the past few months, LeAnn Rimes has gained some weight. I don’t even believe that she’s gained all that much, and I don’t think her body looks very different than how she used to look four years ago, when she first got together with Eddie Cibrian. Let’s face it – for several years, LeAnn was dramatically underweight, almost painful to see. But her body has corrected itself and while it’s slightly startling to see how quickly she’s put on the weight, I think she looks healthier and better now than she did in her underweight years. What bugs me is that she’s still wearing the same kind of “Single White Female-ing Brandi” outfits, stuff that is way too tight for her newly recovered figure. Anyway, The Enquirer has a judgy, Mean-Girl piece about LeAnn’s body:

LeAnn Rimes was a no-show at the CMA Awards and The Enquirer can reveal why – she’s embarrassed about her 38-pound weight gain. LeAnn is such an emotional wreck over her floundering marriage to Eddie Cibrian that she’s been pigging out on fattening comfort food.

“Poor LeAnn is so distraught over fears that Eddie is going to cheat on her that she’s drowning her emotions with junk food… she’s gobbling everythig in sight. Now she’s become so self-conscious that it kept her from attending the CMAs. She feels physically unattractive and didn’t want to try to squeeze into a formal gown.”

The 5-foot-5 star is super-sensitive about her weight, even though she’s still only tipping the scales at 128 pounds, say insiders.

Last year, The Enquirer reported that LeAnn checked into a treatment facility for stress after learning Eddie was still in touch with a former lover. Since then, she’s fretted about staying attractive to Eddie – and she even underwent a $100,000 beauty makeover.

“LeAnn is worried sick because she knows the type of woman that catches Eddie’s eye,” said the source. “And right now she’s a far cry from that.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

128 pounds? I’ll believe that. I think she’s probably around that figure, although for it to be a “38 pound weight gain” that means that at her smallest, LeAnn only weighed 90 pounds? Eh. No. At her smallest, she was probably 105-ish pounds, and she’s probably put on a much needed 20 pounds. That’s my estimate.

But, while I’ll continue to say that I like LeAnn’s body more now, I do think The Enquirer is right when they discuss how she’s no longer Eddie’s “type” now that she’s not pin-thin. Then again, he was married to a pin-thin woman and he cheated on her with LeAnn (and other women). Maybe it’s not so much that Eddie only likes one particular body type, it’s that he will always like a variety. And THAT is the bigger problem.



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  1. dorothy says:

    Of course he is. He cheated on Brandi with Leann, he’ll cheat on Leann with someone new. You can’t teach and old dog new tricks.

  2. Sullivan says:

    It’s going to get ugly in here.

  3. KC says:

    Cant stand Leann but her body is off limits imo. And I should hope that given that there is literally no female body shape that is immune for criticism, we can be kind to each other, and yes to Leann too.

  4. Monie says:

    Whoo wee, Karma is a 38 (or 20) pound bitch, ain’t it?!

    • Carmelita says:

      Oh for god sakes. Look up “karma” in the dictionary. You and everyone else uses that word completely wrong. Stop it.

      • Monie says:

        Thanks for the suggestion. From dictionary.com: seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation

        As I was saying…

      • rirhoo says:

        What Carmelita said. 99% of the usage of karma is incorrect. It annoys me to such a degree. Karma is not likened to revenge.

        “For every event that occurs, there will follow another event whose existence was caused by the first, and this second event will be pleasant or unpleasant according as its cause was skillful or unskillful. A skillful event is one that is not accompanied by craving, resistance or delusions; an unskillful event is one that is accompanied by any one of those things.”

      • Monie says:

        I did not liken karma to revenge. To me, karma means…bringing upon oneself an outcome, whether good or bad, based upon one’s own actions. That isn’t revenge. I never use words of which I do not know the definition. Thanks though.

    • rirhoo says:

      So you’re saying the outcome energy of what LeAnn did in regards to her affair equates to pounds on her body? You make no sense. You’re welcome, though.

      Instead of just hitting up the dictionary, you might want to study Buddhism.

      • Arock says:

        Damn, ladies.
        take a page out of Courtney stoodens big book of feminism; put the pocket books down, start supporting each other and point that anger right back at the luck dragon who started this fight.

      • shinymarbles says:

        I’m with Arock here, even if Courtney Stodden’s big book of feminism only contains a picture of a half-drawn bunny and some lip gloss stains. If the article is saying that Leann is eating herself bigger because of her failing relationship with a cheater who she, quite realistically, worries might once again cheat…wouldn’t her weight gain (as a result of her emotional eating) be an event that is caused by another, preceding event? Or are food cravings not “skillful” events? Is this a waste of time? Yes. Yes, I think it is.

      • ncmagnolia says:

        *hi-fives Arock*

        Thank GOD you finally got here!! Talk about splintering from the ORIGINAL POST?? People, just stop reading here.

    • Hakura says:

      @Carmelita – I believe Monie used the word properly, & was not likening karma with revenge, only implying that her negative & hurtful actions towards others (completely without remorse) , were bound to bite her in the ass eventually.

      But even if she *had* used the word incorrectly, there was absolutely *no* reason to be rude or condescending. A simple informative reply including the definition would have been more than enough to get your point across.

  5. Quinn says:

    If he’ll cheat with you, he’ll cheat ON you…dumb girl.

  6. ChrisTEEna says:

    Leann looks to be about 135-140. Which is perfectly FINE for someone who is 5’5. I am her size and I weigh 137 as of this morning and I fit comfortably in my size 7 jeans. Leann at her tiny size below
    was too small and she could not sustain that longterm.
    I think she just looks terrible in the face area because the fillers/botox she put in when she was tiny arent meant for a healthy weight face so she looks all bloaty. plus alcohol hurts your face too.

    Leann looked so much happier and healthier with Dean.
    Eddie is just bad news bears for women.

  7. Erinn says:

    Minus the wandering bolt-ons, I really wouldn’t mind having her body.

    I’m short. 5’2″ does not take weight gain well. On top of that, I got my dad’s family genes, rather than my moms, so I’m also wide in the hips and the ribcage. Even if I was down to 105 or something tiny like that, I wouldn’t look as thin as someone more narrowly built. I just keep telling myself that these wide hips better help with future childbirth.

    • bettyrose says:

      Yep. 5’3″ here with big hips, big butt. I work hard to keep my weight down to 120, but I actually don’t like the way I look thinner than that. I was 115lbs at my lowest, and I felt like my face looked gaunt. My hips/butt were less noticeable under clothes, but is that a good thing? I think the best option for petite but curvy girls is staying toned. We can’t be stylishly slender, but we can keep things firm, right? I think LR’s bod looks good. Like someone who enjoys her food & liquor but works out with a trainer.

  8. karmasabiatch! says:

    Oh, please…talk about a bunny boiler.

    This woman is circling the drain. Several things about about this article are blatantly untrue, tho. Eds has probably been cheating on her since her crazy came out, so her fears about him cheating? That ship has aready sailed. Yes, I’m sure she IS embarrassed about her weight gain (after telling the public she was ‘naturally thin’ when she was weight-stalking Brandi). The reason she wasn’t at the CMA’s wasn’t bc she was mortified, it was bc she wasn’t nominated for anything this year. Nashville has pretty much washed its hands of her, so she wouldn’t be asked to present. She just flat wasn’t invited.

    I’m 5’9″ and I weigh a lb. or two less than 128, and I’m very healthy looking. So SheMan is 4 inches shorter and the same weight? Yeah, no wonder her weight gain has been so glaring. I still believe this is just the beginning of the Karma train that’s about to mow her down. The interviews she and Eddie give are staged and painful to watch. Brandi and her boys deserve freedom after four years. I hope her epic meltdown continues and she disappears from public life altogether.

    • Alexandria says:

      What does sharing your weight have to do with anything?

    • Emily C. says:

      So bragging about your own weight, body-shaming Leann, and calling her “SheMan” (wtf) was on-point how?

      I’m 5’8, and the last time I saw 128 was at the very beginning of puberty, when I was a skinny little girl. If I weighed that little now, I’d be so stick-thin I’d likely be dying and I’d also probably have to chop off my boobs. Everyone has different frames and muscle weighs more than fat. Leann’s body looks *very* good now.

      • Ag says:

        Yeah… I’m 5’10″. I was ca 130lbs a few years ago (I was depressed) and people thought I was anorexic . I was skin and bones. It wasn’t a good look (I thought it was, of course). So, yeah, people have different body types etc, but there’s a point where your weight loss makes you look unhealthy, and where it looks anything but natural. LeAnn looks way better now than she used to when she was super skinny.

      • emmie_a says:

        Emily C: I don’t know why you assume karmasabiatch was bragging about her weight. I took it as her comparing her weight to LeAnn’s, to gauge the accuracy of the claim, which isn’t necessarily bragging. Just because she weighs less than you doesn’t mean she’s gloating.

      • Emily C. says:

        I took it as bragging because she was comparing herself to Leann and finding herself better because of weight — I think it’s pretty blatantly obvious, actually. (Which is rather sad, to think you’re better than someone else because of weight. If nothing else, there are so many other, legitimate reasons to feel superior to Leann Rimes.) I brought up myself to point out that everyone has a different healthy weight, no matter their height, because everyone is built differently.

      • karmasabiatch! says:

        Wow, Emily C!!

        I’ve seen people on here write entire essays on their personal lives and have never gone there, very sorry to offend with a personal comparison. Even sorrier you chose to go with a personal attack on a stranger, and you overlooked the main point of my post. If it makes it easier for you to envision me at 180 lbs., go for it. But my points about SheMan stand. Hope you’re a happier person for the remainder of your day!

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        I would just like to say that I think Leann looks healthy now, and her weight looks right for her height. I hope she does not freak out and start trying to diet down, because she truly looks good just as she is right now.

    • Tammy White says:

      There is so much to criticize about Leeann that no one needs to discuss her weight gain. Your statement implied that at 5’9″ and 129 looks healthy on you while Leeann 4 inches shorter did not at the same weight. I don’t know if you were criticizing her weight & I’m not assuming you were but it does make me wonder why you even brought your height & weight into it at all. Her weight gain has nothing to do with whether Eddie is cheating or not. He was probably cheating on her when she was skinny as he is a serial cheater. Karma is going to hit her hard because of her actions when she met Eddie, not because she gained weight & fears he will cheat.

    • Faith says:

      Wow so much body shaming in reply to this comment. I can see why she added her height and weight in it saying your healthy is hardly gloating I think she is just saying that at a taller height weight gain isn’t as noticable compared to shorter heights. I can’t tell her weight at all sometimes I think she looks 128ish others 135 sometimes 125 or even 140 its how she dresses but everybodies bodies are different my friend are the same height but shes about 10 stone and I am 8.3 both of us look healthy but if we swapped are weights round we wouldn’t look right its not just height but bone structure.

    • lily says:


      Be good then……you seem to have serious weight issues or obsessions if you think gaining a few pounds is the worst thing the Universe could throw at someone. And if you believe in Karma you do realize you were ridiculing someones weight. Go get some counseling stat.

      • arock says:

        *throws a bucket of water on the thread*
        Scram! all of you! Get on outta here! Give her back her back her toy and you stop tattling.
        i kid. but not really.
        Listen, this is a gossip site. (we know, we know) The person in check has been horrendous. the commenter was using herself as a measuring stick or comparative example not attacking any one reader of said comment. If you pick up your trident everytime someones skinnier/faster/smarter/dumber than you (them, whomever) youre going to loose the will to nit-pic, and we cant have that.
        on the plus side, your deltoids will be tight like madonna. your choice.

    • gg says:

      Sorry but 5’9″ and 128 is way under healthy weight as others have pointed out. Check any chart. Anybody fighting to keep that weight and height has anorexia.

      • graygirlie says:

        That is just as ignorant as those commenting on Leann. I was going to stay out off all of this but now I will speak up AND I’m going to mention my own height and weight so get ready to scream. Saying that the girl has to be anorexic is just trying to bully a girl you are all saying is being a bully. I am 5’6 and 105. I am not anorexic, don’t have any issues with eating at all, I take medication for epilepsy that keeps me very thin. I hear comments about it all the time…anorexic, crackhead, “she probably just went to the bathroom to puke” and these are grown women. My point is that it’s not okay to proclaim anyone has a disorder or really to talk about anyone’s body at all. You simply don’t know, don’t pretend that you do.

      • LAK says:

        There are people who are naturally thin. Declaring all skinny tall people anorexic is a touch extreme, no?

      • gg says:

        It is, which is why I did not do that. I said anybody fighting to stay that weight has a problem. Just putting that out there. Stop the hoohaw nonsense.

  9. suhon says:

    She is rich enough to hire a private investigator. Some of the new weight is looking good on her, but she needs to curb it pretty soon. Maybe she wants to be a healthy weight to carry a child pretty soon!! Where is the proof though, that Eddie Cibrian is in fact cheating yet again? This is all hearsay until a new woman comes to light. Still waiting on the proof, people. Provide some!!!

    • Jessiebes says:

      I’m sort of agreeing with you. Yes she could get a private investigator to check on Eddie, but she is not likely going to tell if she did, or what the outcome is.

      Also these blind items are all great, fun to read and make sense but I’d like to see some proof of this too!

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Eddie had MULTIPLE women at his beck and call, while he was with Brandi. Leann was one of them–she was just the crazy one. Do you honestly think that he’s not doing the same old bs that he was doing while married to Brandi? Leann’s just rich–THAT’S why he went crawling to her when Brandi kicked him out. Leann wasn’t even the reason they got divorce; it was the other women. So YES, he’s got enough cocktail waitresses to last him a lifetime.

      I bet you that he just lays awake at night, praying that it’s all a dream, and that he’ll wake up and Brandi will be laying next to him. People may not like Brandi for her mouth, but from what I read, she took care of him. And most fools don’t understand any of that, until it’s gone.

    • betty says:

      Who said she hasn’t? Leann has the proof you don’t need it he is not cheating on you. If everything was okay in their marriage, why would divorce rumors come up. Even Kimmel mentioned something about Eddie staying married . Whether you believe is irrelevant, Leann is the one that has to deal with it.

    • briargal says:

      I detest LR but I have to agree with you that she does look better with the added weight and that she will need to curb adding any more. Don’t forget that her bio parents are somewht hefty people and she will soon be there too unless she starts taking precautions now. She was in a much better toned weight while with Dean. Mentally too, much better.

  10. MollyB says:

    Refresh my memory but didn’t Brandi shade Leann for being chubby when she and Eddie hooked up? Something about her smearing cake all over herself and being a “bigger girl” or something like that? Not that I think 128 lbs makes someone chubby obviously but to Brandi, I’m sure it does.

    • LAK says:

      You have to remember that Brandi was a model. The modelling industry’s view of overweight or even ‘big’ is completely askew. it’s not a Brandi specific shade. Her friend Yolanda, also a former model, is constantly admonishing her daughter for doing or eating anything that will make her fat. And They all go on the master cleanse all the time. modelling makes you see fat people everywhere.

      • Emily C. says:

        It’s not a Brandi-specific shade, but it’s still an incredibly crappy and sick thing to do. And I mean “sick” literally.

      • soso says:

        The woman fucked her husband I think brandi can call her chubby all she wants!

      • LAK says:

        “”Sick, literally”"?!! Come on. It was mean, but saying it was ‘sick literally’ is taking it too far. I suggest you re-calibrate what a truly ‘sick, literally’ insult is because calling someone ‘bigger’ is not it.

      • emmie_a says:

        Emily C: 99% of the time it is crappy to say something negative about someone’s weight. But when you take into account all the vile, evil, ‘sick’ things LeAnn has said and done to Brandi, a shade about her weight is nothing.

        soso: HA!

      • Emily C. says:

        Making fun of someone for not being extremely skinny is pretty sick, literally — and I mean that in a “they need help” way. It’s an anorectic mindset, and the modeling industry is built on it, making it a sick industry. Also, admonishing your daughter all the time not to eat things that will make her fat is extremely poor parenting. I do believe that being so focused on what women look like, and only approving of one body type, is a moral and social illness.

      • Penguin says:

        Exactly. In modelling world anything over 120 pounds is considered fat & you’re only allowed to be that “heavy”"if you’re a 6 ft giant. For every1 under that height then over 100 pounds is considered fat.

      • ncmagnolia says:

        EmilyC….based on all of your comments above, did it ever occur to you that YOU apparently have an unhealthy approach to people who are thin?? Bullying, aggro comments directed toward thin people are as uncool as remarks made to overweight people. As a person with a lean frame, I get tired of the “skinny b*tch” comments, trust me. Try not to be so hostile. Leann obvs has yo-yo weight issues, but posts about her should always involve her nasty behavior, not her weekly shifts in poundage. Calm down.

      • aaa says:

        Leann was wrong for screwing Brandi’s husband and Leann wanted Eddie for the long-haul so she has to put up with his bitter ex-wife and her nasty behavior.

        I read all the time about how Leann and her friends attacked Brandi. I don’t think that it was right for Leann and her friends to do anything to Brandi, but I am sure that Brandi did a lot of nasty things to Eddie and Leann, so whatever Leann did, she did not do it just out of the blue.

      • Josephine says:

        Emily C., she was the wronged women who saw a place to strike, and she did. I can’t believe you are going to take a comment said in the midst of that and make it into a huge deal. It is not an “anorectic” attitude – it’s a strike in the heat of the moment kind of comment.

      • meh says:

        @Penguin- I’m a 6 ft. tall woman, and I don’t appreciate being called a “giant,” you squat dwarf, you.

      • Arock says:

        @nc magnolia- well that escalated quickly. I saw that coming at Emily c first post and excused myself to the bar. I don’t think jarmasabitch ment that at all nor did it warrant an attack about attacking. Appearence doesn’t change the fact that the person in question behaves like an asshole and throws it all on the table for everyone to shift through (it just makes it fun) And since thats the case ill call it true- fat, skinny, wench or swamp goddess cause I can and I do what I want.
        *snaps in a Z formation*

      • Lady D says:

        @Arock, Also slightly boggled about the verbal scrapping. I’m starting to think I fell in a JA/AJ thread.

      • LAK says:

        Arock: You rock!

        Meh/Penguin: are you ‘sick literally’ at the mutual sizeist comments?

        Soso : too right!

        ncmagnolia/aaa/Josephine/karmasabitch: hugs for daring to be rational not to mention understanding nuance and context.

        Lady D: We are definitely in twilight zone.


    • Petee says:

      Sorry Brandi needs to get over herself.She is not all that.I am not a fan of any of these people but I heard Brandi on Howard Stern and she was pretty crude.I also don’t find her attractive and she is too thin.But maybe that is just me.All these people are messed up.

    • claire says:

      Awwww, poor Leann. Brandi called her a bigger girl when Leann was f***ing her husband and father of her two small children. Crime of the century right there.

      • aaa says:

        @ claire,
        It’s not the crime of the century for Brandi to call Leann fat, but guess what, it’s not the crime of the century to screw a married man and father of two children.

        Neither Brandi, Eddie nor Leann are good people and all of them are bitches. Even though Leann and Eddie got things going when they screwed each other, bitter Brandi went after both of them with guns blazing and they reacted, therefore establishing a vicious cycle that they are still caught up in years later.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @aaa-THIS. When will people realize that they all suck?

        Brandi was cheated on…what, five years ago? I mean, shouldn’t she move away from the “scorned lover” victim angle at this point, at least for her own emotional well-being?
        ..and why are we still using the affair as an excuse to justify Brandi’s sh*tty behavior?

        As far as Leanne goes, she’s nuts and will likely self-destruct on her own, but she is FAR from fat in any way, shape, or form.

      • TherapyCranes says:

        @TheOriginalKitten Everything you said. They are all shit.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Agreed, aaa. They’re the The Unholy Trio of Trash.


      • emmie_a says:

        Brandi isn’t the one who leans on the affair for publicity. She’s not the one who is always talking about the affair. She isn’t the one who wrote an album about the affair. She’s not the one who uses the affair to define her life. That is all LeAnn.

        Yes, Brandi has her own issues – but she cannot be grouped into the same category as LeAnn and Eddie. Brandi REACTS to a lot of shit LeAnn puts out there but more often than not she doesn’t even do that anymore. I think it’s unfair to say that all three of them have the same behaviors because that is not true. As I’ve always said, sometimes you end up looking crazy when you have to deal with crazy (and I’m only talking about the love triangle here, not Brandi’s Real Housewives dramas – that’s her own doing)

      • LAK says:

        emmie_a: Exactly. Brandi might have been added to RHOBH because of this triangle, but her dramas on the show or even the tabloid generated drama that helps sell the show has NOTHING to do with LeAnn and Eddie. As i have always said, i am a self admitted RHWOBH addict.

        The triangle was mentioned in the beginning and only 2-3 times when Brandi was explaining her situation to another character who was going through marital woes, but LeAnn was not mentioned by name. It was primarily Eddie on each occasion.

        Mind you, the RHWOBH producers dedicated an episode to Brandi and Eddie’s *other* mistress, Sheane [sp?] so they could promote their new show Vanderpump Rules. There was an internet rumour that Le Ann was going to join RHWOBH which was very quickly shot down by Andy Cohen.

        LeAnn is desperate to be a part of the ongoing commentary on RHWOBH. She’s given numerous interviews saying she is a topic of conversation on the show when that is not true at all. She’s also admitted to watching the show religiously with her publicist so we know who is obsessed with whom.

        Anyone who watches the show knows the drama Brandi brings to the show has nothing whatsoever to do with Eddie or LeAnn.

        The only time she actively promoted the triangle of doom was during her book tour. She swore she’d close that door once the tour was over and she has. Since then, She has rarely talked about the other two. She actively discourages her twitter followers from trash talking LeAnn on her twitter feed or even updating her on LeAnn’s activities. We know LeAnn is always trying to provoke a reaction from Brandi, but since she closed that chapter, she’s not reacted once to LeAnn’s taunts. She’s living her life.

        It is unfortunate for her that the public always look to her reactions whenever LeAnn does something crazy. And the more crazy LeAnn and Eddie act, the more people take it as a reflection on Brandi when it should not be.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      Brandi was thinking along the lines of Hollywood weight standards, which are not healthy, or realistic. Brandi was PO’d at Leann, with reason, so she would naturally lash out in any direction available. Also, as anyone who has been following Brandi’s actions in the last year, she is no stranger to shading people. Recent pictures I’ve seen of Brandi, show that, imo, she is painfully thin right now, and is teetering on the verge of been unhealthy thin herself. I would much rather see any actress, singer, etc. at a healthy weight, and as others have mentioned, that can vary according to height and body type.

  11. brin says:

    Youch! Ediot is attracted to her wallet, it’s the only one that matters.

  12. Violeta says:

    Fear no more. He IS cheating on you.

  13. Rita says:

    I don’t think LeAnn is concerned that Eddie is going to cheat. Her problem stems from the fact that she knows he’s already cheating and has been for some time. LeAnn’s plan has always been to “goat rope” Eddie into a pampered affluent life style and he would “love” her for it. Her money has always been her means. Her current figure is LeAnn’s natural body form. Her problem is Eddie’s desires run more toward “gap girls” and away from “thigh chaffers”.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      THIS! We all know he’s been cheating since he got with her–that’s a fact. She’s probably also very insecure because Brandi didn’t kick Eddie out because of Leann–it was because she heard about the other women he’d been cheating on her with (who weren’t dumb enough to call the paps on themselves with him). So Leann can’t even say “he loved me so much that he left his wife for me”–because it’s not true. Eddie BEGGED Brandi to let him stay home, to fix their marriage–Leann wasn’t a huge part of their breakup (more like Eddie’s wandering dong) until she started acting inappropriate towards the boys when Eddie came crawling to her.

  14. Christin says:

    She should save her money, because her investment doesn’t seem to be paying off. If she stopped the expensive lifestyle, would he stick around?

    I don’t think weight had anything to do with not attending the CMAs. It’s not like she’s been in hiding.

  15. Celia says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if LeAnn and Eddie were spreading these rumors themselves to get more publicity for their upcoming reality tv show.

  16. Dubois says:

    When people come off adderall they regain the weight they lost – rapidly and in abundance. It’s my opinion that she was on adderall for a few years hence the dramatic weight loss. I also beleive she went to rehab to get off the adderall. I know someone who was on it and their behavior was erratic and paranoid. Leann is still crazy, but I don’t think she’s quite as bad as when she was super thin. See also Lindsay’s post-rehab weight gain.

    I think Leann looks much better. Her body frame is medium, so she was never meant to be petite like Brandi.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      I tend to agree with you. I think her behavior since the “rehab” stint has been dialed down quite a bit from what it was before. Your theory would explain a lot.

    • Cirque28 says:

      Yep. I don’t know if the stint in rehab even truly happened, but I’d bet anything LR was on Adderall and then came off of it. For a while there, she was skinny, incredibly energetic, unhappy (albeit excited to be so skinny), overly talkative, and deeply paranoid. Remember her visit to Chelsea Lately? She was so jittery and talking like she couldn’t get the words out fast enough– I knew she was on stimulants then.

      Although I would never tell those who thrive on Adderall not to take Adderall, it is, after all, amphetamines. And these are side effects people tend to have on amphetamines. LR traded in her super lean figure (which looked godawful on her body type) and regained some semblance of sanity.

  17. There once was an actor named Ed
    could not stick to his marital bed
    so his dick wandered free
    into Scheanna Marie
    (but she’s sorry, or so she has said)

    Not content with his low level hos
    and with bills at home mounting, he knows
    it was time to trade Brandi
    for Sugar Mama (with candy)
    Middle class in LA surely blows.

    “Northern Lights” came a calling one day!
    Handsome sheriff our Eddie will play
    And so off to Alberta
    where he soon starts to flirt-a
    and soon married Leann he did lay.

    But Leann wanted Eddie for real
    so she papped him and Brandi did squeal:
    “Get the fuck out my house,
    you herpes-soaked louse”
    So Ed with the Devil did deal.

    In closing I’ll leave you this thought
    ’twas a lesson my mother was taught
    when you marry for money
    you earn every penny
    and that’s why Ed’s no longer hot.

  18. Relli says:

    Jeez Louise, I don’t even like the woman and I think this article is super mean. But the pictures of her eating are funny ONLY becuase you know she calls the paps and yet she still eats like a farm hand in front of them. On the other hand did anyone see the Kimmel interview with Crud.

  19. insomniac says:

    I couldn’t care less what her body looks like; she’s a nasty piece of work at any weight.

  20. only1shmoo says:

    Given LeAnn’s deplorable behaviour over the last few years, all I can say is that this story is so good that it’s got to be more fattening than anything that self-important narcissist has been shoveling in her mouth (yes, I know, I mean-girled her, but she’s a bully so she had it coming!)

  21. nk868 says:

    the woman was severely anorexic and now that she has put on weight we’re going to use pictures of her eating food at a soccer game and a picture of her yawning to highlight her weight gain?? these tactics are usually reserved for crap mags like star. c’mon, you guys are the best at being bitchy within reason.

    saying she’s looking better now but commenting on how much weight she has gained seems unnecessarily mean – especially since you know she reads your site. i am no leeann apologist. i straight up cannot stand her and think she’s a loony toon narcissist. she’s obviously as crazy as a bed bug and incredibly manipulative, so i have no sympathy for her… *but*… this is some serious fat shaming for someone who NEEDED to gain weight. this site is better than this. if not for leeann, than for other women/girls reading this site not needing to read several articles commenting on how much bigger she is now and how she’s no longer tiny enough to sit on her husband’s knee. now that she is at a healthy and still reasonably thin weight.

    • Stacey says:

      Leann’s appearance and weight are fair game. She calls paps to take pictures of her and then splits the profits with them, allegedly. She flaunted her frame with excessive bikini photos for years, so in my opinion she has invited the public to comment on her body’s weight rollercoaster. She wants the compliments but not the criticisms..well thats not how the game works.

      I feel like such a troll saying this but I really don’t get the whole big deal with the weight commentary thing. I’ve always been obsessed with my weight, like every other woman in the freaking world, we nit pick weight gain on ourselves and celebrities…we all think these things, whats the big deal with saying it out loud? It’s ok to call her a who*e and a homewrecker but we can’t say she gained weight? People love to trash talk her in the blogs about sensitive topics like weight, because she is such a nasty person. No one in the blogs or comments will ever take the high road with Leann because I think people feel she doesn’t deserve that kind of graciousness. The tide is turning against her online and even the mainstream rags (ex Star) are really giving it to her. And no one deserves it more in my opinion.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      She was NOT severely anorexic. If you think so, you have never seen a severely anorexic person. Google.

  22. Jayna says:

    What a joke. No way a 35-pound weight gain. And she flaunts herself everywhere and thinks she’s hot. Why would she be a no show. More like she didn’t get invited.

  23. Lrayne25 says:

    Wait, what about Leann? I’m sorry, but she cheated on her husband too. She may not have a permanent roving eye like Eddie but I bet she’d jump off in a hurry if she got some good looking guy to pay attention to her and feed her bottomless needs. They both have proven to be cheaters.

  24. Debbie says:

    Errrr … can we talk about this “$100,000 beauty makeover”? Because …

  25. LeAnn Stinks says:

    She’s worried that Eddie “may” cheat on her?? Ya think? I am sure he has cheated on her already.

    Also, what the heck is she wearing in that top picture? She looks like a two bit hoofer, uh hooker, that one would see outside the Lincoln Tunnel. Just awful.

  26. Vanessa says:

    I don’t understand why people are so quickly to defend Leann about her weight Leann is without a doubt a mean sprited bully. Leann has stalked and harassed Brandi for years Leann started a rumor that Brandi youngest son wasn’t Eddie and had her minions talk about the subject on twitter . Leann revealed Brandi personal medical operations on twitter and had a fan post a crude picture online Leann and her minions call Brandi a old bitter bitch Leann has done countless evil and mean things to Brandi that definition of sick not Brandi or anyone calling Leann chubby.

    • NerdMomma says:

      I completely agree with you about what LeAnn has done and why we all have every right to call her out on stuff she’s DONE. But people aren’t defending HER on the weight gain- they’re defending women in general. If you attack a 5’5″ woman who is at 128, what about the gals (like me) who are shorter than that and weigh more than that? I get on this site and find out I’m a heifer!! If you attack LeAnn based on her weight, you’re not saying there’s something wrong with LeAnn. You’re saying there’s something wrong with weighing more. That hurts all of us. And I agree with other posters who say that when people attacked LeAnn for being too thin, that hurt us all too. Because all body types can be criticized. If we attack LeAnn, let’s focus on the things she’s done that are wrong and crazy, not the things we ALL struggle with (body image).

      • claire says:

        Who is attacking her? Has anyone said she is a bad person or a horrible person because of her weight? It’s just being discussed because she spent ages focusing on her own weight in the media, discussing tons of nonsensical reasons why she would have gotten so thin, rather than the obvious issue: that she was trying to morph into his ex-wife. That is interesting. That is part of the insanity of these last 4 years. Now, she is rapidly putting on weight and looking unhealthy and odd in the face. People are going to speculate about as to what is going on with her, how weight gain shows off her botox and surgery and all that other stuff.

      • emmie_a says:

        NerdMomma: I understand what you’re saying but how can you take what someone says about another person (to hurt that person) personally? They’re not talking about you. When someone attacks one of LeAnn’s physical attributes, they are likely doing it out of spite for LeAnn, not anyone else. I don’t think these things can be generalized. Unless someone specifies that they hate that physical tribute in general, I always take it as they hate it about the person they’re talking about because they don’t like that person. Like it’s more of an attack about the person, not the physical attribute.

  27. Palermo says:

    WHY would you want to live with somebody you were in constant fear of cheating on you? Is he all that? If he cheats good riddance.

  28. Kate says:

    I’m in the minority in that I think she looks pretty bloated and awful lately with the extra weight. I don’t think she should be as thin as she was at her most unhealthy, but she could stand to lose about ten(ish) pounds. I don’t know. Maybe the super skinny distracted from her face? I think she looks awful.

  29. Leslie says:

    I think LeAnn’s weight gain is from alcohol. Her face/skin looks has that hard, too much alcohol consumption look. Of course she’s probably eating lots of junk food too. She and Ediot are most likely planting these stories to keep themselves relevant until their gutter level show comes out.

  30. N says:

    She’s heavier than 128. I would guess around 140lbs. She looks good but not 128lbs

  31. TheTruthHurts says:

    140. And she wasn’t at the CMA’s b/c she wasn’t invited to perform or present & her album wasn’t nominated.

  32. Gistine says:

    True story: Once upon a time my ex husband started schtupping the help – my real estate agent’s haggard assistant. We reconciled and took the house off the market. We split again and he left in a poof. I had no idea anything was going on between the two- and what had been going on. I found out later they were having sex in my house in between showings. This girl had no shame and bragged about how they did anal the first night he left me because I never would. Yep. She also told people he left me because I couldn’t have kids. Slag.
    Cut to 6 years later, two kids, a forced marriage, a prenup, and at least two infidelities on her end. (He’s no saint, either I am sure.) He is never, ever home and spends his weekends and vacations some 9 hours away from her and his children. Chances are, he’s already got somebody too. Their marriage is a sham and she goes out of her way to say HOW AMAZING and in love they are, when the truth is, before my father died, my ex told him that he did not love her, never would, would always love me, was still in love with me and would never forgive himself for what he did to me. Oh, and he just wanted children. (I cannot.)
    Moral of the story: IT ALL COMES AROUND, TENFOLD, CHEATERS CHEAT, and everything happens for a reason. I’ve only gone up since the divorce -finished school and met an AMAZING man. One thing though: I thought I would be HAHAHAHA! when I heard of their ongoing drama, but strangely enough, it just made me sad. Sad for the kids, and even a bit of pity for those two -just a bit! I’m quite surprised that their upcoming comeuppance has made me feel the opposite. I think it’s largely because of the kids. They always suffer – and look at their parents. Bummer.

    • Amanduh says:

      …awesome that you rose above that horsesh!t!! And I think it shows what kind of woman you are that you feel sympathy (even if it’s just a tiny bit!) for them. Good for you- living well is the best revenge. Onwards and upwards :)

    • ra says:

      Thank you for sharing! I’m going through something similar and now I am soaring!

      • Gistine says:

        Ladies! (Amanduh, ra) It was difficult, believe me! The betrayal was a BITCH, but I did survive it. You just take it day by day, ra. I am living proof that things come around -it takes awhile, but it does happen. Know that their fate will be far worse than yours eventually. You cannot build any foundation when you pair up in such a way. Fortunately for me, I’m not in the spotlight! We are going to see this pair implode right before our eyes!

        And remember: people often times do not get what they want, but they sure get what they deserve! :) Cheers to that!

  33. AmyB says:

    Let me preface this by saying I cannot stand LeAnn. She is a narcissist in need of intensive psychotherapy for her actions and behaviors. That being said, for her to be criticized for gaining much needed weight and having a very healthy fit figure is disgusting to me. This is the kind of message that perpetuates eating disordered behavior in young women. I should know. I battled anorexia for almost ten years in my twenties and fully recovered. Hate on LeAnn all you want for her disastrous life choices, but to criticize her body is truly below the belt.

  34. aaa says:

    I think Eddie a cad but if he was cheating as much as people are saying, someone looking for a payday would have sold him out to a tabloid.

  35. Dimebox says:

    I’ve read all the comments saying that Leanne’s weight should be off-limits. I understand the point, and agree with the need to not emphasize size shaming. However, it should be pointed out that weight is just about the only thing that Leanne did not try to embarrass Brandi about, or encourage her followers to do so. (only because she couldn’t) All other facets of Brandi’s life were fair game, and there was a huge amount of cruelty to Brandi, which by extension hurts her children. So, I won’t criticize Leanne’s weight, but she has left herself open on other subjects. I’ll still call her Falcor and laugh about the wreck of her personal life. Is that bitchy? You bet!

  36. Kerrboom says:

    She looks like she’s in mid-yawn in that one pic, and it made me yawn every time I looked at it, lol.

    On her weight: I’m 27 years old, 5’0 and weigh 94 lbs (I was the same height but 84lbs all thru high school) and there is no WAY she weighed 90 lbs, even at her thinnest. She’s 4 inches taller than me and if she was 90 lbs, she would’ve looked like a pencil drawn stick figure. She looks healthy now.

    I’m definitely no fan of hers, but the tabloids need to STFU about celebrity women and their weight. It’s cruel and serves no purpose except to make the celeb feel bad if she reads it, and other women with that body type (or larger) feel bad about themselves. Hell, I’m super thin and it makes *me* feel bad seeing articles about “deathly thin” celebs. It sucks to think people think you look like Skeletor because of your weight. I’ve got a high metabolism, I couldn’t put on anymore weight even if you paid me.

  37. NinaS says:

    Just so I understand: Leann and her “friends” can talk about Brandi’s “beef curtains” on Twitter and LOL themselves into oblivion long before Brandi herself talked about her vaginal surgery (needed from giving birth to EC’s beautiful children), but we’re supposed to be sorry we’re ragging on Leann for lying about losing her “baby weight” then stuffing her own face and gaining weight? I agree that body shaming sucks and I just hate it, but I feel no remorse for thinking how great it is that she is heavier than she’s ever been. I’ve been watching this crazy circus for a while and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as evil, immature, narcissistic and disgusting as LR. Not having to see her strut around in a bikini with that self-satisifed smirk on her overly botoxed, unfortunate face is the best part of her weight gain. Eat on, Leann. Eat on.

  38. Leslie says:

    I guess LeAnn’s is paying Ediot enough so that he’s not embarrassed to tag along to Taiwan for a one night concert. If he had any balls, he’d be out trying to find work. Right now he’s know as a kept man who just did a six-line, blink-and-you’ll-miss-him role in a movie. That’s pretty low status for an actor who’s done some “decent” roles (CSI) in the past. Once their VH1 show hits the airwaves, he’ll forever be known as Mr. LeAnn Rimes. What kind of career will he have after that? Makes me wonder if the man has any brain cells left.

  39. vvvoid says:

    I have a hard time believing she’s less than 130 lbs. She looks fine but I’m 5’5” and at 35 weeks pregnant I’m 147lbs. I’d say a good 15lbs of that is amniotic fluid and baby because I’ve actually lost 15-20lbs since becoming pregnant [I was close to 160], rather than gaining anything, and am thus considered high risk. My frame aside from a baby bump is thinner looking than LeAnn’s. I do have d-cup boobs [pregnant or not] and a booty so perhaps that accounts for something, but I swear my limbs and face are a lot thinner than hers appear in some of those photos, and I am medium boned and a mesomorph like her. I’d put her at 135lbs, and I think she looks fine weight wise. She looks healthy. She looked gaunt and awful before. Her face isn’t something weight gain or loss can fix, much like her personality.
    I think her big insecurity is the fact that Eddie seems to like ectomorphs like Brandi. A mesomorph cannot starve themselves to become an ectomorph, nor should they IMO because mesomorphs are the better proportioned [Kendall Jenner=ectomorph, albeit a perfectly formed one, Kourtney Kardashian=mesomorph], often times they just end up looking like unhealthy freaks like LeAnn did or like Renee Zelwegger often does at her slimmest.

  40. someone says:

    I think she looks good. I also think it is difficult to look back at pictures of your skinnier self and not wish you were still that way – even if it was achieved in an unhealthy way – so I can empathize with Leann on that one.

  41. Asdfg says:

    You don’t have time to cheat when you’re photographed everyday. I don’t believe this. Probably a stunt for their reality show.

    She does look much better with some meat on her bones.

    Wish I could gain weight in the right places. All my gained weight seems to go straight to my gut. :roll:

  42. MsDaisy says:

    Anyone seen the pics of joanna Krupa in a Team Rimes tshirt? She is despicable.

    • Jayna says:

      Brandi wasn’t despicable for saying first to Andy Cohen that some guy told her that Joanna’s “pu ssy smells bad,” though? Gotcha. Both women, Brandi and Joanna, are pigs, just in different ways and different degrees.

      • LAK says:

        oh please, let’s not pretend Brandi’s comment came out of no where.

        If you watched the entire show, JK was rude and baited Brandi. Too bad she didn’t realise how far Brandi would take it. No one being taunted about painful events in their lives would respond in a polite, ladylike rebuttal.

  43. bendgal says:

    Bottom line….what goes around…comes around. Once a cheater always a cheater.

  44. Melissa says:

    I thought she looked pretty, yes, PRETTY in the first picture…. That is, until I scrolled down and saw that heinous outfit she’s wearing.

    The extra weight? Hardly “extra”. She’s probably at a healthy weight for the first time in years. She looks MUCH better.

  45. Jennifer12 says:

    I loathe Leann and her bullying, but she is not heavy and looked horrible at the Frankenbrandi weight. Her fake breasts are disgusting, but she isn’t fat. That said, I don’t feel sorry for her. She taunted and bullied a woman whose life she decided she wanted and used Brandi’s own kids as tools against her. She is vicious, mean, spiteful and evil. People are picking up on the dead marriage and that is the karma train pulling into the station.

  46. TheOriginalWaffle says:

    My husband just said about this story, “Oh, LeAnn, no man is worth that.” Meaning no man is worth worrying about your weight so much.

    As much as I hate the crazy antics, I would love nothing more than for her to snap out of the Brandi Barbie Bot crap and get more Miranda Lambert on us: music, feistyness, flesh.

  47. Tulipps says:

    Now that we are slowly realizing that Eddie really hates Leann…has anyone else thought that maybe it is really Eddie that is really setting up Leann for all the pap photos?, maybe he is tweeting on her behalf to get back at Brandi?, leaking info to the tabloids for money? Seems like he hates her for outing their relationship and this is his way of getting back at her for ruining his life? I feel like he married her for money, fortune, and fame…but is also seeking revenge by bleeding her dry, and ruining her career and screwing with her mind. He may be the person pulling all the strings these last few years and Leann being obsessed with being with him goes along with it…like a sheep to slaughter. Just a thought.

  48. AprilStar says:

    Well there are a couple of old sayings regarding mistresses…the way you got him is the way you will lose him and when a man marries his mistress he creates a vacancy. These two knew the game when they got into this marriage so I feel absolutely no sorrow for either one of them now. The only ones in this whole fiasco that I feel any sympathy for are the kids. No child deserves to see all of this drama unfold on such a public stage and there it is played out for sh*t and giggles and these kids are going to need some serious therapy before it’s all said and done because all of the adults behave like hormonal teenagers.

  49. Leslie says:

    She makes him tag along like a puppy dog when she goes on tour. If he happens to have a two-day job (a few lines in some movie) and can’t go, she will cancel her venue. He doesn’t have a career, and hers is no longer important. Her top priority is to try and keep him from cheating. That means she has to keep him in sight. I’ll bet she even cuts her performance time down since she knows he’ll be hooking up with some side piece while she’s on stage. Remember this man knows how to find women, and how to cheat. No one knows that better than LeAnn.

  50. Mazzy says:

    I’ve always thought she had a cute figure, now and when she was super skinny.

  51. yep says:

    I’m trying to remember when a 100,000 makeover requires a person not to wash their hair.

  52. Penguin says:

    She is obviously recovering from an Eating disorder.

  53. Sonia says:

    I’m fully expecting him to pull a 5150 and lock her up, so he can spend her money and cheat on her freely

  54. MsDaisy says:

    JAYNA- Brandi is a saint. Joanna is disgusting. She is beautiful but her behaviour is appalling. Supporting the woman who broke up a family. Brandi isn’t lying about anything she says about Joanna, the escort, who ran around sharing her goods from Poland to Miami to Hollywood. No wonder Romain treats her like that. He knows she is a tramp.

    • Jayna says:

      Brandi betrayed a confidence her supposedly close friend told her to use and rush to gossip to some housewife at a Bravo party she barely knows. She can’t stay out of things not her business. Her own friend wants her to shut up and stop embarassing her family.

      Brandi’ own father hasn’t spoken to her in six months. She whines on twitter how he’s in bad health but didn’t rush to his bedside and apologize. I don’t buy for a minute he’s not speaking to her over a dress. being too trashy. There’s far more to it than she says. Probably the way she overshares too many gross details.

      Brandi is far better than disgusting Joanna who has few redeeming qualities, which Brandi does, but Brandi has major issues and I consider her classless half the time. But keep on putting Brandi up on a pedestal as a saint and enjoy her drunk as a skunk this next season on the Beverly Hills Housewives.

      • joanne says:

        how do you know her father isn’t speaking to her? i haven’t seen her mention it on twitter. i’m quite curious about how you would know.

      • SouthernGal says:

        Ummmm not true. Read her Twitter line and you will know she was upset about her Dad having his heart stopped. I swear you people are reaching. Yes, she was wrong to blurt out what was said to her but to say her own Dad is disowning her is unreal. Damn!

      • Jayna says:

        @Joanne, it was her blog I read it, but also on Daily Mail a few days ago.

        “Explaining that he still hasn’t spoken to her since February when she donned a racy plunging white gown, Brandi admitted it hurts.”

        Her blog this week:

        “My parents have been married now for over 44 years. Normally my dad would have come to help me move as well. Sadly, at that time he was really struggling with some health issues, and we were unfortunately not on speaking terms.” She also says on her blog they still aren’t speaking but wants to make up.

        @Southerngal, I never said he was disowning her. I don’t know where you got that. I said he hasn’t spoken to her for six months and that after her comment about him on WWHL I bet he won’t be happy with her even more.

        She was upset hearing he had a health episode through her mother. She and her father still aren’t speaking. I have no doubt she’s upset. But I stand by what I said, if he wasn’t speaking to me, I would have physically rushed to his side to see him if he was ill.

        What I was saying is I think he’s not so happy with her behavior. She had said before he was unhappy with her sharing stories about him and his pot days. Brandi’s nonfilter and truths seem to upset people she cares about.

      • norma warner says:

        Brandi’s parents , both of them, spent the weekend with her and the boys three or four months ago. She was speaking to her father but his procedure was rescheduled. What we are seeing was taped 8 or9 months ago. Yes, Brandi is a saint. The things that have been done to her and her children are despicable. Sure, she has no filter, but the info she spouted was already known by many.

  55. Kelly says:

    LOL, this whole thread is proof just how much women are obsessed with their appearance and weight. I can’t imagine hundreds of guys going on a site then analyzing in detail the weight gain/loss of some actor or singer.
    Jesus Christ.
    Who cares if Rimes weighs 100 or 200 pounds, her body was never her problem in life.
    And in general, who cares if you’re fat or skinny. There really are bigger issues and more important things in life.

  56. michele says:

    When you marry your mistress, you create a job opening.

  57. michele says:

    And if she weighs 128 I’ll eat my cat. My 20 yr old daughter is 5’5 and weighs 125 and is very thin and photographs very thin. MeAnn is no where near 128! Look at her figure when she’s not in spanx ….notice her in her sloppy jeans on Ediots lap at the soccer game. That’s not 5’5 and 128 pounds. Trust. I see that height and weight everyday and it’s a lot thinner then chunko. She’s at least 140.

  58. Jenn says:

    Maybe she’s on antidepressants, I know from experience that some can pack on the pounds. I still can’t stand the silly, shallow, heifer, or her squinty husband.

  59. Jane says:

    In a nutshell, it makes no difference what weight she is. In the end she is still a very sick, horrible woman with no morals and values whose career us going down the toilet. Her past is coming back to bite her in the a** big time. She will never change for the better. Usually I have faith that people can change (it did for Robert Downey Jr.-who at one time looked like he would live a life in despair, but he sought help and has made a magnificent recovery), but I can honestly say it’ll NEVER happen for Leann. She WANTS to be this mean, rude and evil. She DEMANDS to be this narcissistic, and LIVES to torment Brandi. She will never admit that she is making mistakes and ruining people’s lives because in the end she is the only thing “that” matters.

    • briargal says:

      Totally agree with you! Even if the rumored rehab does happen, I really don’t think it will help. She has been this way all her life with lots of destructive help from her parents, a few friends (one in particular who profits and helps her with her career) , her twitter pals and everyone who just fed into her ego.
      Hopefully she will get to a better place but as far as I’m concerned, she will always have this past few years overshadowing any career she had and ever could possibly have. She made it all about her and what she wanted so she has earned her just reward. Live with it, LR!

      • Jane says:

        Thank you for agreeing with me. I totally agree with you in regards to the rehab comment. She has to want it for herself because she feels her life is out of control. She is not a proactive person in regards to her own emotional health. She is totally reactive, thus instantly blames everyone for her faults. Her delusional state of being prevents her from see things as they really are-hence that ludicrous comment she makes all the time about “her truth”. She can have doctors all over the place in rehab try to help her, but she won’t budge.

        She will continue to state that everything is her father’s fault for her early childhood trauma, Brandi’s fault that her career is in the toilet, her dentist’s fault that she cannot perform the way she used to, a teacher’s fault for making people believe she is mean etc, so on and so forth. In the end, she will never say, “Yes, I screwed up, I am being selfish, I have hate in my heart and want people to love me because I’m a narcissist to a fault. I’m sick and need help and must change.

        I know this is going to be harsh, but if she were to die today, how many people celebrities would come to her family’s side to pay respects? How many singers in the country music industry will shed tears over her being gone? Would the Grand Ol Opry pay tribute saying they lost a great talent and a wonderful human being? Would a CMT award show pay tribute to her like other award shows did for say…Whitney Houston? I think not. I do not know where she was born, but would the city of her birth have a grand service for her like Whitney? Heavens no. How many singers would dedicate a song to her memory during their concert? How many “fans” would raise a lighter for her in the dark? I think we all know the answer to that one.

        She wants to be seen as this huge music superstar who is bigger and better than everyone else. Instead she resorts to lawn chair tours and going to far reached places on the planet which she prays doesn’t hear of her extreme antics at home in hope she can sell a few tickets.

        I see her fall from grace dropping faster and faster these days (Heading to MACH 2 now) and it is not going to be pretty when the actual crash happens. Usually I feel bad for people and try to find something positive to say about them, but in this rare case, she is a total lost cause and I’ll use my sympathy for someone who deserves it.

  60. mae says:

    Leann will be amazed that when she finally does the right thing and reverses her karma life will treat her well. She has become so egocentric that she can’t even see all the things she does to completely hurt adults and children alike. If Eddie is cheating….which…duh…she will be able to move on and see her life clearly. She will be ashamed and the true healing will come. Her career will take off she’ll meet someone great and her karma will reverse.

  61. SouthernGal says:

    Everyone is focusing on her weight which is wrong but she is by far from fat. I loathe this woman with a passion but to say she is fat is ridiculous. I’m African American and most men in my culture would embrace someone with her height and weight. So it is embarassing to read women fighting over weight. Look, I’m her height with a big ole ass, hips, thighs and is 50 pounds heavier than she is. It is all in confidence ladies and how you carry yourselves. Period.

    Now weight aside…she is still a vile human being. No question. Everything she does is with some form of malice. Her life is miserable so why not make everyone around you miserable. She has no real friends and married to a man who didn’t leave her but got with her by default. Those who are following this hot shiddy mess knows the real truth. If Brandi didn’t kick him out, they would still be married. LeAnn knows it as well which is why she starved herself trying to look like Brandi. Let’s not even start on what she’s done to her face. Truth be told….all of those “dental surgeries” are results of cheek implants, botox and fillers. Even when she speaks now it is so much different.

    She ruined her body and looks for a man who is only with her for money. Y’all forget he’s an actor (not a good one either) and I’m sure when the cameras are on them he seems attentive but behind closed doors he ignores her. If she was so blissfully happy, social media would be the last place to be for hours on end.

    LeAnn won’t ever learn a lesson until she is down to nothing. I mean lose everything. And most of the time for people like her…that is what is needed to bring back reality.

    • Christin says:

      Agree! You also hit the nail on the head about hitting rock bottom before ever having a chance of truly learning anything. In her case, it will have to be everything – relationship(s), money, the whole deal. And even then, some never gain enough self-reflection to make positive changes, especially if even one enabler is still around.

      As for the rehab rumors floating around, I hope everyone realizes that rehab’s long-term success rate is very, very low. There is no quick fix here. Behavior and issues we see now were present long ago, just not as obvious to the masses.

    • Jayna says:

      Great post. I agree with everything you said.

    • Ming says:

      Oh my, how dare she go out and have fun with her friends on her birthday.
      Seriously, what is wrong with drinking on your birthday? I’m trying to figure out what great sin brandi has committed by enjoying her birthday night with friends?
      I think we all know Miss Leann gets drunk and tweets bizarre and snarky things, which she later deletes from her timeline. And the booze is obviously affecting her in many ways, mental and physical.
      Sorry, but brandi gets a pass on this one from me.

      • Jayna says:

        True if this was the first time. My post was basically snark is all. I forgot I can’t snark Brandi on here. Only LeAnn can be snarked for anything and everything.

        Brandi has been seen drunk in public far more than LeAnn. Brandi has admitted recently in her blog we will see her drunk a lot more this season as she’s been in a dark place. Doesn’t a new Housewife on the show state Brandi needs rehab? Brandi drinks and tweets at times. Your proof LeAnn is some falling down drunk are blinds in JustSayJenn’s gossip column you’re believing as some fact, which I find laughable and which I find most of the time made up or really embellished, and from some random drunk tweets. LOL I’m an equal opportunity basher on these two women. I feel sorry for Brandi having to deal with LeAnn as a stepmother to her kids, but I find both women objectionable in many ways.

        I think both women have drinking issues (not raging drunks every day) and all kinds of other issues and make fools of themselves pretty regularly. Brandi is just a better person than LeAnn is all and why I rail on LeAnn more than Brandi, but Brandi is not off limits. She gives me plenty of ammunition to snark on.

  62. BaronessOrczy says:

    I really don’t understand the Leann hate. She looks good and has talent. There are truly vile celebrities out there who don’t seem to incite comments like this.

    • Leslie says:

      She used to look good, and she used to have talent. Her looks and voice have both been affected by too much drinking. Though I don’t understand why she made the list of “most hated celebrities” because I didn’t think that many people even knew who she was.

    • briargal says:

      OBVIOUSLY you two have not been following all the Leann articles on this site and others. You need to Google her and learn why people detest her. Believe me, she has totally earned the despising!

    • LAK says:

      I wish i could go back to a time when i knew nothing about LeAnn Rimes beyond her talent…..

    • Jane says:

      Oh honey…and SHE is not vile? If you think that cheating on your husband with a married man with 2 children, then taking him away from his family, taunting his wife, copying her clothes, accessories, vehicle, breast augmentation/surgery, getting the same doctor to do the procedure as the ex-wife, getting the same wedding dress designer as the previous wife, calling his and her children your own, making out with him in front of the children, acting drunk on TV’s X Factor and throwing a child singing partner under the bus saying it was her fault, suing a teacher, suing a dentist, suing her father, going after another married man (John Bon Jovi), ramming her tongue down the throat of her husband at a red carpet event, bragging non-stop on twitter how wonderful her life is, writing a whole album on her affair years after it happened and teaches her step kids the lyrics to a song bashing their mother ….oh Lordy, if I go any further I’ll lose my early dinner. The point is, she is a nutcase. If you call the above mentioned normal and does not justify her “most hated status, then I give up. I have no hope for society!

  63. Claw says:

    Does anyone know where i would get those boots in the first pic? or a knockoff/imitation? poor Leann, I do feel sorry for her.

  64. Leslie says:

    Eddie and Brandi’s sons had a soccer game yesterday. Where are the pap pix? Are there any? Guess not since LeAnn wasn’t around to call them to take pix of her HAPPY family. Wonder how much money she gets from the paps. You think it’s as much as 50% of what they make on the pix?

  65. norma warner says:

    He was sleeping with his wife and Scheana when Leann got him and I’d bet he never stopped. That’s his MO.