Kim Kardashian looks exhausted, wears white skinny jeans in LA: cute or fug?


Kim Kardashian’s Atkins diet is really working, right? These are some new photos of Kim and her friend Brittny Gastineau yesterday in LA – Kim and Brittny went to a beauty salon (I think Brittny’s mom Lisa was there too) and then out to eat at La Scala. Kim’s body looks really good. I still don’t understand why she thinks she should wear white skinny jeans (??), or why her hair has to be this color, but other than that… she looks really good.

All of the other sites are talking about how tired she looks… okay, I see that. She doesn’t look totally exhausted, more like she just had one bad night where maybe Nori wouldn’t go down. If you believe that Kim looks after Nori at night and there isn’t an army of nannies taking care of the baby. Which… is debatable. Although Kim is still totally a famewhore, she seems to be more connected and motherly to North than I was expecting.

Since I don’t have much else to say about Kim in these photos, I just wanted to tell you about this weird Page Six story – legendary photographer Bruce Weber told Page Six that Kim is one of his favorite subjects to photograph because she’s so nice. Weber said: “At first I wanted to photograph her mom, Kris Jenner. She [Kim] came to the set. I always judge the person I’m going to photograph by how they are with my assistants and my crew — she looked at each one and introduced herself. She was just so personable with everyone. She was wonderful.”





Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Bree bree says:

    Her new nose job is so noticeable! It’s just getting tinier and tinier. Anyway, she looks sad these days! Odd.

  2. Tiffany27 says:

    I think she looks like she’s just wearing less makeup.

  3. judyjudy says:

    She looks rough, like she needs a nap and a multi-vitamin. The blonde hair isn’t doing her any favors.

    Those jeans look painful.

  4. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Her face is……..not good, not good at all.

    PMK needs to intervene and limit Kim’s injections before she loses her cash cow.

  5. Len says:

    For all of her faults, I don’t recall reading reports of KK every being a diva or bitchy to people.

    • Holly says:

      I remember seeing her on The Rachel Zoe Project a few seasons ago – the assistants (or maybe Joey?) were sent out for a ton of heels and lingerie. She did seem pretty benign, and uber sweet to Rachel and she talked in extreme baby voice the whole time. It was pretty sycophantic all the way around, but at best I would describe her behavior as totally harmless, like she knew she was lucky to be in the shoot.

    • HH says:

      I’ve heard from someone that personally met her that she was sweet. As dumb as you would think, but sweet.

      • Kcaia says:

        I’ve said this before on here, but I have a friend that’s met many celebrities and athletes because he works in the private jet industry. When I asked him what Kim K was like, he said she was completely low maintenance, incredibly polite to everyone, and a “total sweetheart.” Although my friend speaks of all his the celebrities he meets with respect, I’ve never heard him speak so affectionately about any of them like he did Kim.

    • An says:

      Yeah, that’s the one thing I could ever give her credit for. She seems like a nice and sweet person.

    • Josephine says:

      I don’t know — what she did to Kris Humphries doesn’t seem all that sweet. She may be nice to people who wait on her, and that is a good thing, but I’ not convinced that makes her a nice person deep down. It also seems that for all of her money (unjustly earned), she cares only about herself.

      • Nina W says:

        Well said Josephine and I would add that she is unkind to her family, I stopped watching their stupid show because they all treated each other so horribly. She may be a nice professional but I still don’t like her and I don’t think she’s a sweet person at heart, she is very self-involved.

      • Hakura says:

        @Nina W – This is definitely not a defense for Kim (or any of the rest of them). But I was under the impression (I could be wrong) that quite a bit of what was said & done on their show was scripted BS, which ‘engineers’ the ‘drama’, ‘bitchiness’, & ‘cat-fights’, to give viewers a reason to care enough to watch. But that’s also not to say that NONE of it is real, or that they *don’t* really act that way, in actual reality.

        I’d imagine that a totally dysfunctional family was the inevitable outcome of PMK ‘raising’ (Read: ‘managing/pimping’) them.

        And while Leann & Eddie’s (so-caled ‘scripted’) ‘reality show’ isn’t even a dimple on Kim’s spacious behind, I figured they borrowed their premise (or ‘formula’) to catch the public’s attention, from the likes of the K-Klan. But again, I could be wrong about how much/or what, is real. I guess I take it all to be a load a crap . & don’t think much about it. xD

  6. MonicaQ says:

    Say something nice: At least the hair color is growing out. And she’s not spilling over the top of her jeans because she bought them a size too small.

    • sooz says:

      do they even make jeans on the rack with those proportions?

      • thunderthighs says:

        Um, some of us have similar proportions, thank you very much! And yes, it is a pain in the butt (heh) to find jeans when you’re super curvy, but it can be done. (I recommend J Brand to similarly curvy girls)

      • emmie_a says:

        She must find jeans that fit her in the ass area (I use the word ‘fit’ loosely…) then get the legs tailored. There’s no way she can find jeans that fit her like that just off the rack, which just goes to prove how incredibly fake and altered her body is.

      • MonicaQ says:

        Nope. She has to have them tailored I am 99% sure. Otherwise she’d have the waist gap. I get it all the time and I don’t have Voltron butt assembled out of plastic, paparazzi dust, and low self esteem either.

      • Linda says:

        It amuses me when people say Kim has a huge ass. You should come to my part of the world (West Africa) or even Johannesburg. Many African women have big butts. I was self conscious when I came to the US for the first time. I thought people would look at me in a funny way due to the size of my bum.

      • Kcaia says:

        Ikr, Linda. I come from a very multi ethnic area, and a butt like Kim’s isn’t anywhere near rare or unheard of, and I mean natural God given, on girls Kim’s size and smaller, especially on latina and black girls, but not only. I went to high school with a very pretty girl who wasn’t very smart (she was incredibly sweet and naive though). In school, she had a butt and chest but they were more proportioned to her small frame, but around age 21 or so she started filling out, gained like 25 lbs but in the thighs, butt and breasts, and that girl could prop a soda can on that thing now! Actually, she does, she’s one of those white girl with natural assets models that bends over wearing thongs on sites called, like, Big Whootys (white + booty)

      • A.P. says:

        Many women all over the world have similar proportions. I have a few Eastern European friends and they were skinny as a rail until 24-25 and then BAM! big booty out of nowhere. I’m Indian and I’ve seen the same happen in my family (me included.) That’s why I’ve never put much stock in those rumors of KK getting butt implants or fat injections of whatever. I’ve seen many women just go from having no ass to still being skinny with a big booty in the span of a year. (It happened to me.) It’s just in the genes.

    • KayLastima says:

      I think she is diving into the realm of Khloe with a bit of camel toe. And when things are über tight fitting on the bum with these ladies it always look like they are wearing a loaded saggy diaper. It makes me cringe every time.

  7. pnichols says:

    I feel for her. Being a mother as well, I remember those days of zero sleep. It’s rough. Worth it, but rough.

    • j78 says:

      Your’re kidding right? Do you really think she in the one getting up every 3 hours to feed the baby like the average person….her nanny is getting up and bottle feeding the child, not Kimmykakes. This “look” of hers is just to gain sympathy.

      • Bob'sTina says:

        How do you know this? As a new mom, I am not gonna judge another new one, celebrity or not. My hope is that she is engaged with her baby and takes good care of her.

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        I rather doubt she is getting up in the night to feed Nori, but we honestly have no way of knowing that. I don’t think, however, that she is trying to look a certain way to gain sympathy! That’s seems a little far fetched. I think its more reasonable to assume that at worst, she had a bad night’s sleep the night before. More than likely she has just gone out without makeup. I do agree with an earlier poster that her jeans look extremely uncomfortable. But I’m picky about my jeans not cutting off my circulation.

      • gefeylich says:

        Exactly. This woman has been out every night since her kid was born. It’s ludicrous to think that she sees that child at all outside of staged pap shots on the street.

        Those “dark rings” are makeup. Of course she has a platoon of round-the-clock nannies to take care of that kid. I’ll bet she doesn’t even know how to change a diaper, much less get up at 2 am for a feeding.

    • Bridget says:

      Kim’s talked about using night nannies because she needs her sleep. Also, its highly doubtful that she’s nursing as she’s lost so much body fat. If you lose too much weight too fast you lose your milk – that’s why they suggest not losing more than a pound a week.

  8. aims says:

    her ass is huge! it should be part of the seven wonders. Why does she insists to wear tight clothes?

    • thunderthighs says:

      Geez louise, can we stop with the huge ass comments? I can’t be the only woman on this site who also has a giant caboose. And I work out a lot and it just.. gets.. bigger

      • emmie_a says:

        Aims was obviously talking about Kim, not you — so don’t take the huge ass comment personally. And Kim loves her huge ass which is why she bought it, likes to put it on display and enhances it so she obviously doesn’t see it as being a downfall.

    • karmasabiatch! says:

      +1! Can’t believe nobody commented that her diaper ass is till nauseating. Girl, stop the butt injections or pull out the implants or whatever. And my mom says no white after Labor Day, don’t know if this is true or not. But white accentuates weight, just no.

      • Sassy says:

        The no white after labor day rule doesn’t apply in LA. It is warm there, so people dress for the weather.

      • Melissa says:

        You are the second person in a matter of days to reference a diaper when talking about her butt… The first was a friend of mine who said she looks like she always has a “full diaper”. DEAD at both comments!

      • TG says:

        You can wear white after Labor Day just be mindful of the material as you would with any item of clothing. I love seeing people in winter white and cream. It looks so elegant.

        As far as Kim’s butt goes check out the pics they have up on The Superficial of Kim in a green skirt and a grey tee shirt. It looks like she is wearing butt pads that have slid out of place. Either that or the fact her underwear are about 4 sizes too small and the lighting of the fabric is making it look that way. Someone please explain what is going on with her dumpy behind. We need a scientist on this project.

  9. Marty says:

    I think she just goes so full on with her makeup that when it’s like this she looks “exhausted”. Just goes to show you the power of concealer!

    • anon33 says:

      I have this same issue. I also have kind of a “sallow” look to my skin when it isn’t evened out with foundation and concealer. I have the same brown-toned undereye bags too, whether I am rested or not. Unfortunately some people do actually “need” makeup.

    • FunFactor says:

      Someone speculated on Daily Mail that Kim had her makeup artist give her “dark circles” so the public would assume she was exhausted from taking care of North and regard her more favorably. Cynical? Yeah, but nothing would surprise me….

      • Sachi says:

        Kourtney looks the same without makeup. Both of them looked very plain during that scene on their show where Kim was having stomach pain, called Kourtney in the middle of the night, and neither had makeup on. Their skin tone looked uneven, dark circles under their eyes.

        It’s the dead, vacant eyes that surprise me. Kim looks drawn and tired, not preening and showing off when the paps are around. Something is very off with her.

      • emmie_a says:

        Honestly that wouldn’t surprise me. You know absolutely every move they make is calculated for their show or for the press. Nothing happens by chance.

  10. Ag says:

    I bet her diet has something to do with it. If she doesn’t eat complex carbs, she’s prob tired. Or maybe just a hang-over. There’s no way in hell this woman is looking after a baby in the middle of the night. She has said so much herself, that she needs lots of sleep and that nannies take care of Nori at night.

    • Amory says:

      I agree – and I’m not sure where the author is getting this idea that she is bonding with the baby. She’s been seen with that baby once or twice, and seen without the baby a million times, including a little vacation for herself when the baby was tiny. And then there was that little overnight trip with the baby banned to another cottage. I would guess the opposite — she hasn’t bonded with that baby at all, and it’s easy to forget that she even has a child.

      • Tammy White says:

        How are you sure she isn’t bonding with baby? Because she isn’t seen with her baby? I suspect you would criticize her no matter what she does.

      • Sachi says:

        The Daily Mail had photos of Kim holding, cuddling, and kissing her daughter while out to lunch with Kanye. North looked like a happy, healthy baby. The photos didn’t show a nanny and Kim carried her sleeping daughter in her arms.

        I don’t think she’s 24/7 with the baby, but I really doubt the claim that she’s not bonding or that she hasn’t bonded with her baby at all. That kind of statement is too presumptuous, even towards Kim Kardashian.

      • jwoolman says:

        Sachi – in the Daily Mail photos you saw, was the baby showing. Any happy reaction to Kim? I ask because I saw a spread in DM with gushy Kim-is-bonding-with-baby text where in all the pictures, baby acted like “who the heck are you” – no smiling or reaction at all. Kim was posing in various ways, even staring direct into the camera, lifting the kid up and down etc. It was worrisome. I know the baby can smile because I finally saw one photo of the baby by herself doing that. But she was so unresponsive in those pictures with Kim that I wondered if she was either very developmentally delayed or just didn’t spend much time with Kim. If Kim is depressed, that would explain it. I do suspect Kim has limited intelligence (maybe dull normal range) but that wouldn’t prevent her from connecting with the baby.

      • Josephine says:

        It was a “guess,” so relax people. I don’t know, seems to me that when someone is so comfortable leaving a newborn for a flippin’ fashion show, and has the baby stay elsewhere, they might not be that into the baby stage. A lot of women really struggle to get away for small moments when the baby is so young – it literally hurts to tear away here and there. I’m guessing that she doesn’t, considering that she leaves the baby frequently, and leaves for lunch, shopping, going to fashion shows, getting more work done on her face, taking selfies… One pic or her holding a baby is considerably less evidence …

  11. mommak918 says:

    I think she looks great body-wise. She really is dropping the weight and bloat fast. But, yea her butt is ridiculous….in a bad way.

    Does she get specially designed jeans that fit her waist/butt ratio? Bc her waist seems smaller than the size of her butt would be….

    Sometimes I find getting jeans harder bc I do so many squats that my quads/hams/backside are bigger than my waist but not to that degree of Kim K….as in jeans are tights on legs but bigger in the waist. ::just thinking aloud here::

    • Marty says:

      To your last point-yes! My bottom half has always been larger than my waist and it is SO hard to find jeans! The only think I’ve found that helps is to get stretch jeans. It will say “stretch” on the label. They are slightly more comfortable and the only kind of jeans I can wear without a belt.

    • Holly says:

      I would say she’s following Stacy & Clinton’s advice to fit the jean to the leg and hire a tailor to take the waist in – that would be the costly but reasonable way to do it. However, given the poor fit of her clothes prior to, and during, her pregnancy, I think she’s proven she prefers a shoehorn and oil to a tailor. The last picture kind of screams that she still can’t dress her ass, which is weird because it’s been such a focus for most of her life!

  12. Erinn says:

    I really don’t think the jeans are that bad. Considering the size of her bottom, compared to the rest of her, anyway. They’re not too tight in the legs.

    I don’t know. I think I’ve hit the point where I don’t even like picking on Kim at all. If she wants to wear unflattering clothes, who cares? I don’t feel right picking at her. She looks exhausted, and it kind of makes her seem more human.

  13. dorothy says:

    While I am not a fan, the jeans look much better than the ridiculous cut off t-shirt and overly tight skirt the other day.

  14. Meredith says:

    I love Bruce Weber’s comment that “I always judge the person I’m going to photograph by how they are with my assistants and my crew”. Great thought – how does someone (famous or not) treat “the little people” – people who need to keep their jobs, people who have no power over the Kardashians of the world but just worry about making mortgage payments and paying for their kids’ braces. If Kim K was nice to those people (and this wasn’t just a famewhore story planted by PMK), then I am impressed.

    • Cazzee says:

      I totally agree. How a person treats those subordinate to them is an important sign of character.

      Also? Don’t ever date a guy who is rude/mean to the waitstaff – because one day, if you stay together, it’s going to be you who’s bringing him a plate of food….

    • Nina W says:

      Kim’s career is important to her and she knows the advantage in being a professional and being nice to everyone she works with. It doesn’t make her anything more than savvy however. I don’t buy it as a mark of good character given her other behavior.

  15. Dyllish says:

    I’m not a fan but I think she looks really good in these pictures, I like her jeans, I even like her hair & the colour. Guess I’ve been drinking the Kardashian Kool-aid. With that said, she needs to do something about her massive butt cos after noticing how good she looks, the sight of her ass almost made me change my mind & I agree that her nose job is very noticeable here..

  16. Soccer Mom says:

    I wish she would go back to the darker hair. I think she looks better with less make-up and normal clothes. She is always so dressed up in awful clothes for her body and so much make-up, but here I think she looks decent.

  17. ctkat1 says:

    Her style post North has been a big improvement- I get that kanye is about the monochromatic color scheme, and she’s about the pastels to match her daughter, but I like the more relaxed jeans and tee look she’s been sporting during the day.

    I think she’s wearing less makeup in general, which is why she looks “zonked”- she isn’t wearing two inches of coverup and foundation around her eyes with those horrible spider fake lashes.

    I don’t love the new hair color and I’m neutral about a nose job, but I actually think her current look is much better than the pre-pregnancy one.

    • gefeylich says:

      You’re kidding, right? The see through lace dress with black granny underwear? That hideous dress Tisci put on her in Paris? That draped grey dress that looked straight from her collection at Sears? Yeah, she’s moved away from those awful prints she used to wear, but her clothes still look cheap and about three sizes too small.

  18. Dawn says:

    She looks like she is an aging street walkers in that get up. I swear she has dead eyes and looks hung over in every picture I see of her. The only time she has seemed happy to me in at least a year is when she was on Jay Leno and she didn’t have Kanye or anyone else with her. It is all about the fame and money to her and that’s about it. Again, I believe very little of what I read in the media about her because it never matches the stories I’ve heard from people who have had to deal with her.

    • idk says:

      I know I have seen her have quite a few diva fits on her show. I know the show is fake, but why would you want people to think you’re a diva if you’re not one ??? I think she is “fake nice” to people who can help her career…just as Paris Hilton about that lol.

      • Justme says:

        I agree, fake-nice. She knows she is not liked or respected, get slammed in comments and in the press at times, her family is laughed at, so she is EXTRA nice on shoots or stuff so people can say “oh, but she’s sooo nice”. Everything is manufactured and fake about her, her personality is likely tweaked too.

  19. Yelly says:

    She’s definitely looking like a zombie these days. But she IS a new mother so I guess that explains a little bit.

    • gefeylich says:

      The zombie look is from the Botox and other procedures.

      To think she actually takes care of that child is laughable. That little girl is being cared for by nannies, which all things considered is actually the best thing for her. The less contact she has with her vapid mother, narcissistic father and monstrous grandmother, the better.

  20. idk says:

    This is how she looks when she does her own make-up and hair…it must have been her day off from shooting KUWTK. You can tell she is still wearing make-up. I see mascara, eye liner and lipstick. She probably doesn’t know how to apply the under-eye concealer or something. Her outfit is fine. I doubt she is tired…I mean come on, what does she do? She has nannies, nurses, etc. to watch the baby. She shops, eats out a lot. Not hard work. But I have to say, EVERYTHING she does is calculated…there is always a reason to WHAT she wears and HOW she looks. Maybe she wants everyone to think she’s a real “hands on mom” ??? or that her and Kanye are really having “relationship issues”???

  21. MrsBPitt says:

    She might as well wear skinny jeans…ain’t no hiding that ass, no matter what she wears!! Her body looks good from the front, though!

  22. phaksi says:

    She does look tired, but she looks so much better without all the makeup

  23. AlmondJoy says:

    I’m no Kim fan, but sometimes I’m offended by all the comments about how huge and disgusting her butt is. Her’s may be fake, but there are many women naturally shaped the way she’s enhanced herself to be. I refuse to believe that I am gross-looking because I have a larger butt than most.

    • GiGi says:

      I hear you! I *wish* I had been genetically blessed in that area! I think her backside looks great (real or not) and I’m no KK apologist. I know women who ARE built like this naturally – it’s wonderful. And I don’t blame any of them – or Kim – for wearing tight pants. It may be a look some people aren’t used to seeing, but that doesn’t mean it’s not attractive.

    • Linda says:

      Seriously, it’s getting tiring. Millions of women have big bums due to their genetic makeup ie West African women.

      • AlmondJoy says:

        @Gigi and Linda agreed! I believe that all body types should be celebrated. I actually love my figure and am not ashamed of my butt.. the hubby loves it too ;-) I realize that it may not be ideal to most or what people are used to seeing, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

      • AlmondJoy says:

        @Linda omg yes! Nigerian woman have beautiful bums! All natural.

      • ag-UK says:

        I am black and have a basketball butt it sticks out no matter how skinny I can get it’s THERE. I can’t imagine someone getting a fake butt that’s hard to fit in clothes?? I would love skinny jeans but sorry to say they are def. for a certain body type, long boy type bodies straight up/down unless you get them to fit the top and tailor the bottoms. She doesn’t look that tired but her eyes look dead as some say even when she got engaged she didn’t look alive.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      @Almondjoy-I completely understand why that offends you and I’m not excusing it, but I think people feel like they have the green light to criticize KK’s ass because it is assumed from older pictures that she paid for it.

      But I completely get why someone saying “that huge ass is nasty” would be offensive. If it counts for anything, there’s a girl in my TABATA class who is TINY with a huge butt and I think she looks AMAZING. She’s super-fit and works hard for that ‘booty pop’.

      Myself, I have a naturally tiny butt and do endless squats just to get the look that many of you ladies have naturally—so just know that some of us are jealous!

      • AlmondJoy says:


        I agree! People definitely call her booty gross because it’s more than likely fake. But I think she’s just trying to imitate women that have it naturally. I have a small waist and large bum but the comments in Kim threads make me think that if I ever saw any of these people in person, they would be disgusted by me. It I just feel that if you have a tiny booty you should own it and wear what flatters it. If you have huge booty you should also own it and wear what flatters it. Be proud of that tiny booty you work so hard on ;-) I do squats as well so I can keep it tight!

      • Linda says:

        Pls don’t be jealous, am sure you can get away with wearing anything. I can’t wear shorts or short skirts cos off my big butt.

    • Sheila says:

      Sorry, but skinny jeans are not for those body types, they just aren’t. Don’t hate, am just saying. It’s like people with wide shoulders shouldn’t wear clothes with shoulder pads, it just emphasizes it more. People with skinny ankles don’t look good in capris, just makes your them stand out more and the eye goes right to the ankle. It’s just basic fashion sense, that’s why celebs work with stylists, to emphasize the great body parts and less focus on the less great body parts. KK’s bum is fine, it’s not fat, but she should not wear skinnies, just not flattering to larger-bum body type, just squishes it and makes it look bad and it’s not an ugly bum, just bad pants on the bum.

    • Nina W says:

      No one is criticizing you when they’re bagging on Kim so I would hope you wouldn’t take it personally. Kim is about as artificial as can be so people are suspicious that her booty is not god given. She also dresses her figure badly. None of these facts should make anyone feel bad about having a lovely big booty.

  24. Hannah says:

    I can believe that she’s nice to everyone. Is that the standard we set now, though? You introduce yourself to people you work with and your not a complete a**hole -> you’re a good person?

  25. Mon says:

    Anyone seen kayne recent tweet – “Kim does not understand what a blessing I’m to her”?! Words fail me….

  26. JudyK says:

    Agree she looks tired (and she looks okay in these photos…for a change…not great, but okay).

    But she is NOT tired from caring for her baby…it’s from her jetting around with Kanye. (Can’t type his name without an ICK.)

  27. tifzlan says:

    Seriously though, what is wrong with her face?

  28. Dyllish says:

    Hey @ Linda, fellow Nigerian here, I dont think the real problem is the size of her butt cos there are ladies who have bigger butts than hers over here but the way she dresses gives them a weird & unflattering shape.

  29. gogoGorilla says:

    There doesn’t have to be a correlation between a woman’s behavior while pregnant and how she is with her baby. Some women have seriously super shitastic pregnancies–you feel and look awful the entire time. Kim is definitely someone who had that kind of experience. She looked completely swollen and full of fluid. Plus, she insisted on dressing ridiculously most of the time, so I’m sure she could hardly wait for it to be over. (So, I’m still shading her for insisting on wearing non-maternity clothes and making such a big deal out of her weight BUT I think sometimes pregnancy does NOT agree with a person.)

    I think Kanye is pretty much in charge of her look at this point and he seems to want to turn her into a mini-Beyonce, so this is where it’s at apparently. It’s really unfortunate. Nori is adorable and you can see that she has a lot of her mother’s pre-surgical features. Kim was very pretty at one time. Now she just looks plastic.

  30. CaliforniaDreams says:

    Hmm, wonder if its a coincidence that she looks this way/got papped visiting Kanye at his “bachelor pad” a couple days ago, all while Ricardo is in town….to me in these pics it looks like she spent the previous night and possibly that morning crying. Def don’t think she was up with North though.

  31. shellybean says:

    She looks great. I’ve always thought she looks so much prettier without the layers of war paint.

  32. madchen says:

    She looks more normal than usual but the shoes…I do wish she would stop trying to strangle her feet.

  33. Hmm says:

    So this is a thing– to wear Spanx under jeans? Yikes, how uncomfortable.

  34. Palermo says:

    The space between her nose and upper lip is much too wide now, she should have stopped a few nosejobs ago. Of course she isn’t tired from caring for the baby, she is out every single night like she’s carefree. She might be “nice” but I can’t imagine having her for a friend. She is just so superficial, what the heck would you talk about, nothing of any substance.

  35. mar says:

    her facial surgery now has her looking very distorted.

  36. Lady Satan says:

    The comments on her being – and I paraphrase – “dumb but sweet” make me wonder how much of the famewhoring is her, and how much is just her being manipulated & pushed by her Momager. I can imagine ol’ Kris laying on some heavy guilt trips and manipulation to keep her favourite in line and promoting the brand.

  37. Gistine says:

    I think it’s all fake, fake, fake. She has makeup on – and skipped the concealer? Nope. Everything about this sham family is staged. This is a ploy for sympathy and nothing else.

  38. RHONYC says:

    Kanye has been LYING to her!
    this bitch ain’t neva out this house with a FULL, ON BEAT FACE, o-kay.
    now she’s listen to his BEE-US “nah, baby…you look fly without makeup. you too beautiful, you don’t need that. i don’t want you to wear it. do it for me. Yeesus commands you” :-(

    she’s out lookin’ like a gotdamned RACCOON listenin’ to that fool.
    concealer up Kim, stat! you look a mess. smh
    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

  39. TherapyCranes says:

    I’ve have dat ass and thick thighs and I wear white skinny jeans. I wear skinny jeans all the time. Am I missing some sort of taboo? Meh. I’m alright with it if I am because they are super comfortable to wear and I think I look good. I think her body looks good in this outfit as well.

    However I hate the hair color and cosmetic surgeries she has had. I wish she would embrace her beautiful features and be proud. I’m a boring ginger and I would love to have some ethnicity rather than pale and freckled.

    • Melissa says:

      Gingers are never “boring”!!! Your hair color is so unique and probably beautiful I’m sure!

    • TG says:

      Yes everybody lives gingers! I think skinny jeans can be worn by anyone it is just a matter of styling and finding the right jean. I have noticed that all these celebs were those super ugly booties and this super fugly tennis shoes by Isabel Marant and other brands and it cuts off their legs and makes them look stupid. Same for when everyone was wearing Ugg boots everywhere. Just goes to show that just because celebs anoint a certain look as “trendy” doesn’t mean it is a good idea to follow.

  40. GeeMoney says:

    The color white is not her friend. I don’t know why she keeps wearing it… it just makes her look bigger in all of the wrong places. And her nose job is unreal.

    Still waiting for the Kardashian 15 minutes to be up… I’m so over them.

  41. mia says:

    Her face looks like a 33 year old not wearing makeup. It is sad trust me I know. I see it in the mirror. Now if she swaps out those shoes she will look like a completely average 33 year old.

  42. Holden says:

    Britney Gasteneu looks great, Kim, not so much. Those jeans are horrid on her.

  43. Bridget says:

    I’m going to say it: i think she got a lap band. She’s lost so much weight so fast, its not just Atkins. Or she’s on the Tracy Anderson 800 calorie special.

    Also, her extreme weight loss should put to rest the idea that she’s actually nursing, because your body will stop producing milk with a rapid weight loss like that, you don’t want to lose more than a pound a week.

  44. truthful says:

    she looks like she just doesn’t have her normal spackled made up look to me w/accompanying mink lashes.

  45. putchka says:

    O.K. I’m not in a good mood and haven’t read all the comments. What the hell is this moron exhausted about? Taking pictures of her ass? Trying to have an intelligent conversation? I see some said “she’s so sweet, blah, blah”. She better be sweet, can you imagine if she was a nasty bitch? Take that back. She’s too vapid to be nasty. She should just go to Google earth to get a good picture of her butt. OK, thanks. I vented.

  46. novemberscorpio says:

    Oh please. . I’m sure this woman has a night nurse and a team of nanny’s who help out during the day. She also lives with Kris, Kendall, and Kylie, so she has all the help in the world living in that house! She had her makeup artist made her look tired and haggard in hopes the public would stop talking shit about her lack of parenting skills.

  47. Melissa says:

    I like her with dark hair. I feel like the blonde washes her out. I used to work with a plastic surgeon. Typically, butts that are augmented are shaped like hers. And the woman’s legs are always thin. I guess it is possible to go from having a flat one too one that is big and round although I haven’t seen it. If you are slim/skinny but would be prone to gain weight in your butt/hips/thighs then, OK.

  48. Milla says:

    I don’t believe she was on a diet. If she had all that work on her face, why not have on the body too?

  49. chalkdustgirl says:

    Every once and a while I google her “before” plastic surgery because I always forget how she once looked. It baffles me that she would do this to her original face. What a shame…

  50. SuSu says:

    nothing wrong with her weight. Why shouldn´t she be allowed to wear white skinny jeans? She has a big butt and? Big butts are sexy and people like to look at it.

  51. Bennu says:

    Aren’t you suppose to stop wearing white after Labor Day?

  52. A Fan says:

    She has ruined her once beautiful face…

    [maybe that's why she looks so sad...]

  53. Sarah says:

    Honestly, that’s how I look every morning without my make up on. I always look like a drowned body in the morning with deep circles around my eyes and that heavy paleness. And I don’t even have a child. I would not put this as exhausted but as failing to put make up on. Concealer for a start and some blush would mostly have solved the issue…

    Though, I do agree with you all on the plastic surgery. She should have skipped it. She was always so naturally beautiful that you can’t understood why one would go for plastics here.

  54. tila says:

    I’m sorry but am I just seeing something which nobody else is? She doesn’t look good, imo she never really has, just always kinda dumpy to me. The white skinny jeans are AWFUL and her face is jacked. Nori’s cute though.