Courtney Stodden: ‘I feel that I am a true feminist’; ‘I don’t read or write’

Bethenny Frankel is having all the tabloid personalities on her show in a vain attempt to boost ratings. It’s getting us to talk about her, but I doubt more people are watching. Bethenny’s interview with 19 year-old Courtney Stodden will air today, and they sent us some advance quotes and videos, which you can see below.

Courtney recently announced her separation from her 53 year-old husband, character actor Doug Hutchison. It’s unclear if Courtney and Doug’s separation is as much of a stunt as their creepy marriage, and if they’re still together behind the scenes. They are still living together in the same house, Doug is still Courtney’s manager, and they were seen out at a restaurant last week grossing out patrons with their PDA. So it’s possible the whole separation is just a media angle they’re taking to put Courtney out there on her own. And Courtney is certainly earning headlines again, if only for the continually dumb stuff she says.

On Bethenny’s show, Courtney shared her deep thoughts on feminism, and explained that it’s not true that she’s working on a book since she doesn’t “read or write.” She was joking sort-of, but it sounded like it could be true.

In if she’s going into porn
No that’s the not direction I’m taking. Trust me the second I turned 18 the entire porn industry turned upside down, Vivid, all of them, I turned down a $5 million porn offer about three months ago. Link to video.

Her thoughts on feminism. She was asked “how are you going to take back your youth?”
I think that whether a woman or anybody quite frankly wants to wear combat boots or eight inch heels, I think that’s their prerogative. I think if somebody feels comfortable a certain way with their life choices, how they look, regardless of what it is, if they are not hurting themselves or other people I think it’s fine, it’s fair game. Have at it, enjoy your life, look the way you want to look. I happen to feel comfortable like this, I like the way I look, I love the way I look. I think that’s all that matters. I think that can empower other people too from hearing that. I know people might think this is funny but I actually feel that I am a true feminist because I believe in women looking the way they want to look, I think real women support women.

On if she has a book coming out
I don’t have a book coming out that’s a rumor. I don’t read or write.

On her plans for the future
Yes, I’m not sitting here saying what reality show can I do next, right now I want to focus on kind of starting over again.

[From The Bethenny Frankel show, received via email]

Why is it that when a young woman is criticized for showing T&A they bring up “feminism” as if everyone telling them to put it away is anti-woman? Feminism does not mean supporting other women regardless of whether you agree with their choices, it’s an entirely different concept. I guess I wouldn’t expect Courtney to grasp that, because she states that she doesn’t read or write. She’s “joking,” but I get the impression that reading and writing are not her priorities. It’s not like she finished high school, right? Wiki says she completed high school through an online Christian academy. Whatever is going on, it’s sad on some level and I do hope that she’s finally breaking free from Doug, and her family. She seems really confused.

Here’s Courtney talking about “feminism.” Notice that Bethenny asks her a completely different question, and that Courtney feels the need to declare that she’s a feminist.
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And here’s Courtney saying that she doesn’t read or write. She’s “joking,” and she laughs about it. O-kay.
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These photos are of Courtney out with Bobby Trendy and friends earlier this month. She’s also shown at a “fashion show” in late October and on Bethenny’s show this week. Credit: FameFlynet, Pacific Coast News, and The Bethenny Frankel Show

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  1. Flora Kitty says:

    I can believe that she’s functionally illiterate, no shocker there.

    • Angie says:

      Indeed, something to be proud of…poor thing

    • Ag says:

      That was my first thought – I bet that she actually can’t read or write too well, her parents don’t seem the types to value education. And its not like her grandpa, ehm, husband, was going to let her learn, since that might get her to start thinking independently. Sad.

      And, yeah, “feminism” does not equal supporting other women in absolutely whatever they choose to do. Sigh.

  2. mk says:

    Hahaha, makes me think of Matilda’s mother talking to Miss Honey: ‘You chose books, I chose looks.’

    So happy the world is overrun with feminists today.

    • tifzlan says:

      I love that movie!

    • Moiselle says:

      Soooooo. She is saying being a feminist is all about looks? *le sigh*

    • Meaghan says:

      That movie was just on last weekend and I watched it again. Love it.

      You know, I didn’t care about her either way but I watched Celebrity Big Brother and it made me like her a little bit. She is dumb as bricks but she seems like a nice person.

    • Tazina says:

      She probably can read or write but probably not well, mostly due to lack of interest. Use it or lose it. What she means is she never reads a book and she never writes anything down.

      She certainly has people talking with that comment so she’s probably not as stupid as one might think either.

  3. lucy2 says:

    Apparently “I’m a feminist!” is this year’s “I was bullied!”.
    I’d bet their “split” is just for more attention. And when someone has that much plastic surgery in such a short amount of time, I sincerely doubt they love the way they look. She’s trying to force her body and face into some gross idea of what she thinks men want, not what she wants.

    • MonicaQ says:

      I still can’t turn on ESPN without them talking about “Bullying in the locker room” for the past 3 weeks.

      • m says:

        The thing that bothers me the most about this whole bullying thing is that about 70% of the time, the person who claims to have been bullied was just told a truth that they didnt want to hear and that makes people who have truly been beaten and bullied look like whimps when they try to tell someone. As a result of the exaggerating by some, people dont think bullying can be that bad. So the moral is, dont claim something unless you know what it really is because it ends up hurting the cause rather then helping it.

      • Algernon says:

        The bullying in the locker room thing is pretty serious. We should still be hearing about it. Consider what it means that grown men made it so far in life thinking it’s okay to treat people like that. It’s not just guys being dicks, it’s the pinnacle of an endemic problem that plagues sports, not just football, at every level. These guys pushed that Martin guy so far because they’ve been bullies and assh-les all along and no one ever stood up to or made any effort to stop them. And think of what it means for Martin. He achieved his dream, something very few people realize, and walked away knowing it would very likely end his career (and indeed, people are pushing for Richie Incognito to be reinstated while everyone calls Martin a tattletale and a pu$$y). So how bad was it, really? It had to be pretty effing awful.

        “I was bullied” has become an overused catchphrase like “I’m such a nerd” or “I’m totally a feminist”, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still serious cases of bullying occurring. Every time someone says “I’m a feminist” (or “I’m not a feminist”) is a chance to talk about what it is, what it means, and how it applies to us today. Same with bullying.

      • emmie_a says:

        “…about 70% of the time, the person who claims to have been bullied was just told a truth that they didnt want to hear…”
        That is a form of bullying! Maybe I’m not understanding your point, but if you go up to someone (w/out being asked) and start telling that person these ‘truths they didn’t want to hear’ then yes, you are bullying them. They didn’t invite you to share your opinion and most likely your opinion is not something uplifting or positive so you are being an ass and you are bullying that person.

      • bluhare says:

        Sorry, with m on this one. Sharing an unwelcome or unwanted opinion with someone might not be the nicest thing ever, but it isn’t bullying. Unless said person keeps it up, tells others, threatens and/or intimidates over it. Then it would move over to bullying type behaviour.

      • Leila In Wunderland says:

        If those ‘unwanted truths’ come in the form of homophobia, transphobia, slut-shaming, body-shaming, or ableism, then it is bullying. Unfortunately, those behaviors are all too common in our schools. You’d be surprised.

      • emmie_a says:

        bluehare: I agree. I should have been more specific but I wasn’t thinking that saying an ‘unwanted truth’ once would be bullying. I’m talking about taunting the person or not letting it go — that’s what I take to be bullying.

      • Maddie says:

        Generally an “unpleasant truth someone does not want to hear” need only be told to them once and is clear and concise. Bullying involves un-necessary repetition of this “truth” and uses language intended to shock, upset or confuse. The intention of a bully is never to help (although they often couch it as such, body shaming and claiming it is out of concern for their health is a classic example) but to make others feel awful about themselves so that they can feel stronger and more confident in comparison. Usually the target of the bully is already painfully aware of this “truth” – for example race, weight, sexuality, facial features etc it does not need to be told to them.

    • Torisan says:

      I agree with what someone said above. The bullying claims have gotten out of hand, and it minimizes the suffering of people who really ARE bullied.

    • Frenchie says:

      I thought last year was “I am bipolar” ?

  4. brin says:

    I think her idea of feminism is looking like a blow-up doll.

    • gogoGorilla says:

      Agreed. She scares me.

    • constance says:

      I still can’t believe she is only 19 years old. If she is truly 19, the idea of that face aging more and being altered further by surgery is scarier than her admissions of undervaluing literacy.

  5. Eleonor says:

    Do you remember when at a certain point bashing the Kardashian became a trend? Now it’s the turn of blubbing nonsense about feminism.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I’ve always felt sorry for her, but I have to say, that made me laugh really hard.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yeah I snickered at marie’s comment but I do feel a bit sorry for the girl.
      She seems to have a good heart, if not the brightest bulb…

      I feel like the “I turned down porn offers” bragging rights will be short-lived though.

  6. sheera says:

    wow..what did she do to her lips? Does she think it looks good???

    • gg says:

      She’s already more than halfway in Dolly Parton territory. She probably thinks this comparison is incredibly good since everybody loves Dolly. However. People only overlook Dolly’s awful surgical looks because she is a great songwriter and singer, has lasted the whole nine yards of her career without scandal or shade, and is a very sweet lady, taking the time to talk to anybody that wants to meet her.

      Because just looking like Dolly Parton without any other thing in her favor is a very bad thing. The only thing this little girl can do is porn because she has absolutely nothing else to offer. I keep waiting for her to see how her own words contradict themselves but she’s just not bright enough to ever see that. Even Shauna Sand looks better than THIS thing.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I would also like to add that Dolly Parton is sweet, witty and charming. Her personality is just incredibly endearing, not sure about Stodden…..

  7. carol says:

    she literally cannot read or write, or she just doesnt think she`s good at it/isnt interested in doing it?

    • Sonia says:

      She met her hubby taking an online class on acting…which moved into a ‘relationship’ online, so she can read some…

  8. lenje says:

    She definitely read tabloids or magazines — how else did she pick up “feminism = women supporting other women” that has been annoyingly trumpeted by ignorant starlets these days?

  9. NewWester says:

    The comments on this should be good. “

  10. aims says:

    Here we go again. Another uninformed girl throwing the word feminist around without understanding what it truly means. I stated what feminism means to me yesterday, and don’t feel like I want to repeat myself. This girl needs to learn a few basics. Reading, writing and some history. Then maybe she can be a little more informed when she opens up her silicone injected lips.

  11. Elisabeth says:

    her and Miley are feminists?

  12. CaribbeanLaura says:

    I can”t see the video (thank Jesus) but somehow it seems that this stodden chick is a bit more self aware that some of the ‘stars’ out there (I’m looking at you backdoor teen mom) It really is a shame that her parents f***ed her up this much.

  13. Arock says:

    Why does the media always ask porn stars and pop singers to define feminism and not actual scholars? I think that’s more telling. The juxtaposition of tits in spandex talking about equal rights is the only way we, as a society, really have this conversation. It makes it a defensive conversation and dumbs it out. So tiring.

    • Delta Juliet says:

      That is an excellent, accurate, and scary point.

    • MaiGirl says:

      So true! I think the feminist dialogues that are happening are only happening in specialized circles, like Women’s Studies students, or in situations in which unequal treatment is obvious and related to practical concerns, such as issues surrounding incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace. It’s classic preaching to the choir. So, yes, if you do hear someone dare to call themselves the “f” word at all, it’s hydraulic wonders like this.

      • Arock says:

        That’s always been the case. I feel like the general perspective falls into 3 categories- feminism is a mean, boot stomping, eccentric topic, a demand children make or a threat, rather than an expectation. I don’t believe 90% of people understand the most literal definition, even women. It’s slung around like and insult and women are expected to defend the label of “feminist” lest it discredit you.

    • lucy2 says:

      That is a GREAT point.
      It sadly reminds me of the whole Sandra Fluke thing, when she stood up for equal medical rights, and was called every name in the book by right wing extremist blowhards. But it’s a conversation that needs to keep happening, because things certainly aren’t equal still.

      LOL at hydraulic wonder, MaiGirl

    • littlestar says:

      Good point, Arock! Betheny should have invited a prof of women’s studies or something similar on the show to debate about it. Throw in Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry and it would be REALLY interesting :).

    • I Choose Me says:

      Great observation. Things that make you go hmm…

    • Lucinda says:

      Because if you make feminism about freedom to show T&A, then society can ignore the freedoms and equality women truly lack, while simultaneously perpetuating the myth that a women’s true value comes from her sexuality and ability to attract a man.

  14. AlmondJoy says:

    Wow. I can’t help but feel deep sorrow for this poor, lost girl. She was groomed to be this way and probably never had a normal childhood. Just sad.

  15. Jessiebes says:

    Wow. This is what the suffragettes fought for.

  16. Celebitchy says:

    Golly, it’s a brave new world with Courtney and Miley claiming to be feminists. (-; I think I’ll start telling people that I was an astronaut…it’s just as true.

  17. Nicolette says:

    I just can’t.

  18. Lolo-ology says:

    My knee-jerk reaction is that we’re all just being trolled. >_<

  19. teehee says:

    Feminism, to me, is about women having the right to respect, equal pay, equal work opportunities, educational opportunities, positions of authority, pregnancy and motherhood benefits,…and and…. and not being seen as merely a physical toy for another person whose only purpose is to be a mother or to wash dishes or please a man in bed. Feminists take issue with her brand of supposed ‘feminist’ because she actually plays into one of the things we wish to see go away– ie, that a woman is just around to cater to mans desires, and to be ogled for her body. Ok, I can be fair and say I understand the women who dont want others to tell them what to do with their body or clothes– that is one of the longstanding battles against women (slut if she enjoys sex, not a muslim if she doesnt cover her head, etc) but I dont think I would necessarily call prancing around in mini dresses the epitome of feminism. At least not in the deeper sense. A lot of women understand liberation to be just that, but without realizing that this is only playing into MANS concept of what a woman should be or be valued for…. Im sure there is so much mroe a woman can be vlaued for PLUS women STILL arent earning as much, arent getting any child support, arent getting decent maternity leaves, are still just viewed as things to be degraded, are still being exploited continuously…… so really WHO CARES if you a wearing a damn mini skirt and stripper heels, with bruises all over your legs– that IS NOT accomplishing anythign for our cause!!

    • NerdMomma says:

      Preach! Great post @teehee and well said!

    • Lucinda says:

      There are women who OWN their sexuality and parade around without being merely an object of men’s desire. She just isn’t one of them.

      • teehee says:

        Yes, I wholeheartedly agree! Often those women are not even noticeable, they don’t have to be such try hards too 🙂

  20. Prim says:

    Here’s my tuppenceworth on the “I’m a feminist, I’m empowered” while treating yourself like an object.

    Sexualized girls often go one of two ways, into sexual anorexia or sex addiction. You act-in your abuse by avoiding anything to do with sex, it you act-out your abuse by treating yourself like an object.

    If you switch from sexual anorexia into sex addiction (pretty common) there’s an initial high because everything you’ve repressed is suddenly embraced.

    Actually, nothing much has changed, you’re still not working through your abuse, all you’re doing is repeating it again and again by objectifying yourself. But it does feel “better” than bring stuck in sexual anorexia and being cut off from everything.

    So I understand why young women say they feel empowered by objectifying themselves, but really I think what they’re talking about is the high they get from connecting to a hidden part of themselves. Their shadow.

    There’s a lot of help these days for women and men who’ve been sexualised in their youth. I hope this generation will get it faster than my generation did. I know a lot of women in their 40s who are only just beginning to heal the legacy of abuse and that means years of terrible relationships and often missed opportunities to have families.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Beautifully stated.

    • Lucybelle says:

      This is very interesting, Prim. Thanks for sharing.

    • Shannon1972 says:

      Much food for thought here, I never considered it that way. Thank you, Prim.

    • Runs with Scissors says:

      Incredible comment. I really think we need to stop demonizing other women and instead try to understand why they feel the need to recreate their own objectification as a means to gaining a feeling of agency in their lives. It feels more powerful to be an agent in your own objectification than to be a passive vessel, hence the feeling of “empowerment.”

      I’m not saying this is necessarily the case for all women, but I really think in the vast majority, this is what’s happening.

      To me, this is where 3rd wave* feminism runs off the tracks.

      Thank you so much for your great comment!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I’ll echo what others here said: profound comment, Prim. Really good stuff.

      To add to Runs With Scissors’s comment: I DO think it’s the right attitude to try to understand/empathize, instead of judge. My issues with Stodden are not personal in nature-I don’t really have an opinion about her-but I do have an opinion about the systematic way that women are rewarded for transforming their image into that of a real-life blow-up doll. I just get tired of what is considered “sexy” being dictated by the male gaze and while I know plastic surgery is a personal choice, it saddens me that women think this is the aesthetic that will catapult them into superstardom (and sadly, it so often does).

      So to me, she’s really just symbolic of a larger problem.

    • Miffy says:

      Excellent observation.

      I would also like to add the theory that the self-objectification belittles the premature sexualisation they’ve endured by making hyper-sexuality a casual, everyday thing.

      I have always felt for Courtney Stodden, I seriously hope that she gets to be the person she wants to be (even if that does mean inflating body parts synthetically) rather than being groomed into a cartoon by older people with ulterior motives who should have had her best interests at heart.

    • Leila In Wunderland says:

      The ‘damaged goods’ stereotype.

      Not all women who enjoy overt sexuality or have sex for pleasure were sexual abuse victims. And there are some women who have been sexually abused, who happen to enjoy those things, but it’s not a result of what they’ve faced. Jaclyn Friedman worded it much better than I did, though, in her book. (Which every woman and feminist should read!!!) 😀

      • Prim says:

        Next time I write from personal experience I must remember that I am a damaged goods stereotype! Seriously though, if you talk to men and women who are recovering sex addicts and sex workers, and I count a fair few amongst my friends, you’ll find that most were abused and most report that their issues with sex are a direct consequence of their abuse.

        Recovering addicts are much more insightful about why they acted out than active addicts. It’s a bit like asking an active alcoholic at the bar why she’s drinking, compared to asking her after a year of sobriety, the answers are usually very different.

        I’m also confused why you’d suggest that people who’ve been abused enjoy sex as if that’s some kind of extraordinary insight. It’s intimacy sex addicts fear, not sex. You generally become addicted to something that feels good, there’s no mystery in that.

      • Leila In Wunderland says:

        I wasn’t thinking about sex addicts, though. I was mostly thinking about the stereotypical argument being made that women who openly embrace overt sexuality must have been sexually abused as children, and the stereotype that if anyone who was sexually abused engages in sexual behavior as an adult that traditional society frowns upon, it’s because they’re ‘damaged.’ This argument is used against the LBGT movement all the time, as well as women who reject culturally imposed modesty and who experiment sexually.

  21. Lolo-ology says:


  22. judyjudy says:

    Those titties are really empowering.

  23. Lucy says:

    You don’t say?

  24. Christin says:

    I can’t get past the pink dress photo. The slit is so high that I’m not sure what is showing on her thigh. And what are all those eyes on fabric beside her? A jacket of eyes?

  25. Tracy says:

    Way to keep it classy Bethenny.

    • emmie_a says:

      So I’m wondering if Bethenny can only get D-list guests — or is she surrounding herself with the D-list to make herself look better??

      • Tracy says:

        From what I have read she can only get D list guests and threw quite a fit when Ellen did not hand deliver A list guests to her show.

    • gogoGorilla says:

      Bethenny is circling the drain. I for one will be happy to see her go down.

      • Tracy says:

        I always thought her talk show would fail, I just had no idea she would turn it into a three ring Jerry Springer circus on her way down. Hilarious.

  26. Jackson says:

    What an interesting looking crew she’s hanging with – is the guy in the black hoodie the same hanger-on from Anna Nicole Smith?? I saw maybe two episodes of her show back in the day but I remember that fool. Good luck, Courtney.

  27. Patricia says:

    Bethany is a terrible interviewer, she is so dumb sounding and painful to listen to. And it’s like she did zero research for this interview. She’s awful and no doubt her show will soon be cancelled!

    • Tracy says:

      I tried watching it once. I made it about two minutes.

    • littlestar says:

      She is a pretty bad interviewer. I watched the episode with Back Door Teen Mom and it was like she was afraid to ask any hard/serious questions. She was placating Teen Mom. Why? No one cares about her, and those of us that do, it’s only to ridicule her for her poor life choices. I’m tired of interviewers canoodling supposed celebrities – call them out on their ridiculousness already!

  28. Suze says:

    “I don’t read or write.”

    Oh how sidesplitting, how funny, ha ha hah. Good joke, Courtney. You are a stitch.

  29. feebee says:

    She’s not a feminist, she’s a tragedy. Maybe she can’t read or write, but then who read the medical forms and signed off on those boobs?

    She’s now old enough to make her own decisions and choices in life but I fear the sort of foundation from childhood she has. I imagine it would be like trying to dive off a collapsing platform.

  30. Nelly says:

    There is no happy ending for a girl who looks like that, and makes her breast that big.
    My mother always told me that there are no short cuts in life.
    Also I hope someone sprays that chair after she’s gone, from the looks of it you can catch something, her dress if way too short for a 55 year old woman to ware. (she looks like a 55 year old woman trying to be young.

  31. Jaded says:

    Stodden, Miley and their ilk are using the “I’m a feminist” statement in a transparent attempt to justify their utter stupidity and socially abhorrent behaviour. It’s an insult to feminists today, and to those feminists from way back who led the charge to get women the vote, an education, equal pay for equal work, access to birth control and family planning, etc. etc.

    *Ruffles feathers in righteous indignation*

  32. Allison says:

    In my best Inigo Montoya voice:

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  33. serena says:

    Somebody needs to teach celebrities the dictionary explanation of the word ‘Femminist’. Because they just say it a lot these days, but it comes from the wrongest places and has no meaning like that (more like it’s an insult coming from certain people). ugh

    And maybe that’s just the problem: They don’t read! If they did they’ll know it’s, just get an education.

  34. dcypher1 says:

    I hate how all these girls throw the term feminism around yet it seems they are clueless about what it means. A true feminist is not illiterate and writes books on feminism. They pride themselves cus they have brains and don’t get naked that’s how we stick it to the man. She’s an idiot.

  35. JudyK says:

    Okay, I’m not lowering myself to watching Courtney Stodden (or Bethenny Frankel, for that matter).

    Courtney looks older than I do, and I could be her grandmother. And, hey, I’ve had NO work done…she’s had too much done and made her young self look like an aged cartoon character.

    Pure trash, just like Bethenny’s show…and no shock that Bethenny has had to resort to the sewer level to get guests. Ellen, you blew it. (And I love Ellen, except for her poor, poor judgment here.)

  36. Maddie says:

    I think frightening thing about her is SHE IS FAMOUS because she married a 50 yr old creeper, this is what our country and society in general has sunk too.

    Have a singing cat? Get ready Goodday NY and everyone else will be knocking on your door, its crazy how all these talentless idiots are getting air time for being talentless idiots.

  37. Anon says:

    She doesn’t read or write? does it mean she doesn’t, read or write, or that she can’t ?

  38. DebraSam says:

    On a wholly superficial level: the contrast between Bethenny and Courtney’s faces and that of Helen Mirren’s circa 1969 (featured on the instyle ad at the bottom of the article) is INSANE!

  39. RobN says:

    It’s going to bother me when this chick ends up dead at 25. It’s sad when somebody really never had any chance at a normal life and is used and manipulated by everybody they know. She wouldn’t know normal if it hit her with a stick.

  40. Holden says:

    What a joke, sick of her mouth farts. Go away.

  41. Madpoe says:

    Please don’t let this woman reproduce! Ev-ah!

  42. emmie_a says:

    I don’t watch the show but in these pics Bethenny looks less evil but more plastic. Is it photoshop or has she done something to her face??

  43. Dawn says:

    Her first thought should be to learn to read and write. Then she needs to take her implants out, and after that she needs to dye her hair to a more natural looking shade. What in god’s name is wrong with her parents? Who doesn’t make sure their children in this day and age get an education? There is so much wrong with this poor girl it is just mind boggling.

  44. jelynn says:

    I love her, ngl

  45. Cletus says:

    I can’t help it, I feel so sorry for her. Her parents should be on a chain-gang somewhere, and her husband tarred and feathered. I could be wrong, but my initial reaction to her is that I want to take her to my house, wash her off good, put some clothes on her and take her somewhere she can get some help.

  46. GeeMoney says:

    She was waaaaaaaaay better looking before she got all of that plastic surgery.

    I just feel sorry for this girl. She just seems like a person who’s desperate to be famous and will say or do anything to achieve it.

    Sometimes I wonder… what has the world come to when a lot of people just make it their goal in life to have people talk about them and in turn become caricatures of themselves in order to make a living? All I want to say to these people is go back to school and contribute something worthwhile to the world.

    But then again, if they all did that, we’d have no one to talk about on sites like this.

  47. Asdfg says:


    She’s like the only “celebrity” with fnck3d up hair. Can anyone confirm this? I think if she took out all her extensions she’d be bald or close to it.

  48. TherapyCranes says:

    I don’t agree with her definition of feminism. I do however understand what she’s saying and I agree. All the power to women that want to dress sexy if that’s what THEY want. All the power to women that don’t want to dress sexy. All the power to women that want to wear a swan dress. If that’s truly what the woman desires then all I can say is have fun and enjoy your life how you see fit.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yeah it’s hard to hate on her for what seems to be an attitude that embraces other women, regardless of their lifestyle choice.

  49. Leila In Wunderland says:

    Celebitchy said:”Why is it that when a young woman is criticized for showing T&A they bring up “feminism” as if everyone telling them to put it away is anti-woman? Feminism does not mean supporting other women regardless of whether you agree with their choices, it’s an entirely different concept.”

    It’s true that not everyone who is opposed to nudity and feels that women should dress modestly is anti-woman. But EVERY woman has the right to make her own decisions in this area. That doesn’t mean it’s anti-feminist to criticize or question the choices women makes in these areas out of concern. It doesn’t mean you have to blindly approve of everything.

    The problem is when women and feminists go all Mean Girl/Newt Gingritch on women because of their choices when it comes to modesty vs. freedom. You know, portraying other women as ‘bad’, ‘problematic’, or ‘damaged goods’ (I’m putting it nicely) just because they disapprove. Some women and feminists automatically scream prostitute/exploited/damaged/victim/brainwashed by men EVERY SINGLE TIME the subject of nudity, suggestive dance moves, or revealing clothes come up, and that implies that women are incapable of making any choice other than ‘modesty’, or that lack of modesty makes someone inferior. Another concern I have is that as soon as a woman who rebels against modesty calls herself a feminist or empowered, everyone shrieks, “THERE’S NO WAY THAT SHE COULD EVER BE A FEMINIST! SHE’S NOT WORTHY BECAUSE SHE HAS SHOWN TOO MUCH SKIN OR WHATEVER!”

    *****Feminism is not and should not be this intolerant, “Solidarity is for Modest Women” movement that’s all about tearing down women who openly rebel against modesty. That WOULD be anti-feminist and anti-woman.****

    That said, I doubt that Courtney Stodden knows much about feminism at all and she really needs to research it. But she won’t.

  50. ilovetobake says:

    I think its quite sad she doesn’t read or write

  51. Torisan says:

    She reminds of me Jayne Mansfield.

    • portlandjan says:

      Uh, no. Mansfield had an IQ of 155, was very well read and was a concert-grade pianist. And she was already in her early 20s before she went into show business. Jayne Mansfield had the bad luck to come along at a time when the powers that were, in entertainment, would allow female performers to be either beautiful or smart, but not both.

  52. Torisan says:

    Women make themselves look this way (bleached blond, implants, 5 inch heels) because, well, that is what men go for. Then men complain when the woman turns out to be a “gold digger”. Well men, you were thinking with something else, not your brain.

  53. Marianne says:

    Her face is EVEN more plastic.

  54. msw says:

    I honest to god don’t care how she dresses. I am grossed out by her hypersexual little girl thing. The sexy baby thing seems so weird next to those gigantic fake breasts and (unnaturally) aged face.

    I agree with the above comment, i feel like we’re all being trolled.

  55. Patti Nichols says:

    I know nothing about this girl…..can someone give me the quick summation. Does anyone think she thinks shes the next Pam Anderson?

  56. evelena says:

    So now the definition of feminism is that women can wear what kind of shoes they want? Women can do what ever the hell they want and any criticism they get from men or women is against “feminism”?

  57. Delorb says:

    This girl is far from dumb. She has gotten a lot of people to talk about her and she didn’t have to leak porn like those others. Well, not yet. She’s after something (fame, fortune?) and is probably going to get it. Too bad that when it happens, she’ll realize that the price was too high.

    Live long enough and suddenly you’re 40 (Pam Anderson) and you can no longer cover up the wear and tear. What to do then? At this point she doesn’t have a clue, as evidenced by her answering the question about her lost youth with something about wearing high heels.

  58. Jenn says:

    One of those implants burst and it’s gone to her brain. That’s obviously the only reason she thinks feminist means the same as dumba$$ ho.

    • Leila In Wunderland says:

      “Dumbass ho”, eh? But, but, but, clearly you’re not a feminist either, right?

      [crosses fingers] PLEASE SAY NO, PLEASE SAY NO, PLEASE SAY NO!

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Fish are gonna swim, birds are gonna fly, and those who miss the point will always be with us. Leila, ol’ pal, here’s hoping Jen has an epiphany.

  59. GIRLFACE says:

    I also disagree whole heartedly with these asinine definitions of feminism being thrown around. She is so disgusting looking. It’s very sad.

    • Um, since when was calling another person “disgusting looking” feminist in any way? You’re judging her for how she looks – yes, that’s VERY feminist of you. Bye.

  60. It truly depresses me that there are so many haters that constantly overlook her intelligent, insightful, and eloquent words just because of the way she looks. Do you think a normal 19 year old would have such a profound view on feminism? I don’t think so. Feminism doesn’t mean you HAVE to be butch or that all you care about is education. Feminism means that a woman can be whoever she wants, and like Courtney said, as long as she’s not hurting herself or anybody, then what the actual fuck is the issue? Is Courtney harming anyone by being herself? She is so brave. She doesn’t give a flying fuck about her haters and continues being who she is. That’s what I call a true feminist.

    • Leila In Wunderland says:

      I have to agree with a lot of what you’re saying. I totally understand some of the criticism she’s getting- after all, there’s nothing feminist or empowering about getting a buttload of plastic surgery, becoming an old man’s sexual servant at 16, and acting ditzy. However, the people calling her a ho and saying she can’t be a feminist because of the way she dresses and her physical appearance are being kind of anti-feminist and ignorant themselves.

      What is feminist about judging women by their physical appearance, people?

  61. dontbuyit says:

    She couldn’t be any more opposite of what a true feminist is, if she tried. What causes has she stood up? She was to busy strutting half naked on some Cali beach being photographed for press attention, than rallying for women’s rights. Ooh, ohh, but but she did turn down a 5 mil vivid porn deal. Respect thy body, I’m a good wholesome CG, yada, blah, etcetera . No! She had doug’s money at her disposal to turn down such a deal. Women like Alice Paul would be rolling in their grave at this ridiculous statement. Already had the iq she just needed the right surgery to finish off the body and complete the transformation. Bimbo

    • Leila In Wunderland says:

      I agree that if she’s going to be a feminist, the ditziness has to stop. She also needs to put her money where her mouth is and stand up for a cause.

      But feminism is not a dress code.