Eddie Cibrian: ‘There are some people who are just kind of born to create drama’


Eddie Cibrian is promoting his small, supporting role in the new film, The Best Man Holiday, which I just found out is a sequel to the popular film from 1999, The Best Man. Eddie is basically the only white actor in the film, and I have no idea what his role is. Does it matter? Probably not. People aren’t going to see the movie because of Eddie Cibrian. Anyway, Eddie stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live for a quick (4-minute) interview about the film and it was funny. Funny because Kimmel does not respect him in the least.

I think my favorite part was when Jimmy basically says that Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes are trashy tabloid queens always engaging in endless Twitter wars, and Eddie tries to shade Brandi by saying: “I think there are some people who are just kind of born to create drama and then capitalize on it.” Kimmel replies, “And you married both of them!” HA. Eddie realized that the interview was getting away from him and that LeAnn was not going to be happy about that, so Eddie tried this: “I learned from my first marriage not to do that on my second.” Er. Yeah, not so much.

As for the questions about this terrible-sounding Eddie & LeAnn reality show, Eddie told Kimmel: “I mean, we looked at each other and we like, we saw the majority of reality shows, the cast members get to consume a lot of alcohol and then they get to fight and throw things and we looked at each other and we said, ‘Why don’t we do that? That sounds like fun. Let’s join ‘em.’” Then Eddie agreed with Jimmy that it will end up being a “terrible, terrible idea.” These four minutes probably enraged LeAnn. They probably had a four-hour fight after this.



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  1. heidi says:

    Leann and Eddie are looking better than ever with Brandi causing endless bad press for herself. Someone throw Brandi a lifeline.

    • Jayna says:

      You have to be kiddng. Jimmy was spot on He married two drama-filled women. Brandi shows it with her ongoing feuds on the RHOBH.
      But LeAnn’s behavior the last six months on twitter keeping the feud alive and her horrible negative whinng interviews during promoting her album cemented that. That line I’m finally taking the tape off of my mouth is laughable. No one believes her anymore that she ignores everything and is drama-free. The tweets about Brandi wth her assistant, her home wrecker photo, her snark about the boys singing her affair songs, on and on. Jimmy called it just like everyone now sees it. Both women live in bad behavior far too often in dfferent ways, and no one casually watching really feels sorry for either one. But LeAnn is the worst example of a celeb having an affair with a married man and four years on still acting badly.

      Rock on, Jimmy.

      • aaa says:

        Do you really think that Leann’s interviews were worse than Brandi’s when she was promoting her book? Brandi called Leann crazy, knocked down a cardboard cutout of Leann, said basically that no one finds Leann sexually desirable – I guess she forgot about her ex-husband, and also said bad stuff about Eddie.

        I said in another comment that I think that Leann has a mean side, but to me she is nowhere near as vicious as Brandi. I think that Leann is mostly smug, obnoxious and clueless.

      • Lady D says:

        @aaa: Leanne has a mean side? She has shown consistently cruel and sadistic behaviour for 4 years now. Saying she has a mean side is like saying it’s warm close to the sun. Her ‘mean’ side has completely consumed her life. Her sadistic behaviour has destroyed her career, her image, and any goodwill anyone might have felt for the teenage yodeler.

      • Sal says:

        On the Brandi thread, I gave evidence of just how psychotically vicious Leann is. Brandi is not knowingly vicious, she reacts to attacks, but she is nowhere near even remotely as vicious as Leann, and the evidence clearly proves it.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes, you have definitely got to be kidding. After looking at those pics, all I could think is that both EC and LR used to look a whole lot better BEFORE the entire fiasco. Definitely a case of doing ugly things manifesting in their ugly appearance now.

    • Maura says:

      What bad press? Aside from the manufactured drama for RHOBH, which is all part of the show, I see her having fun at her birthday party, getting silly with a bunch of friends. Looked like a blast.

      • Tammy says:

        Really? You have got to be kidding me… yes she had fun, a LOT of fun, at her birthday party, so much she had to be carried out by two men. At least we did not get to see the tampon string this time and oh, she didn’t get behind the wheel of a car, so I guess it’s a plus. I don’t know how much of the RHOBH stuff is manufactured or real, I don’t watch it. I watch the NY and NJ versions and all I can say is tacky, tacky and more tacky.

        And she engages in the twitter nonsense as much as Leann does. While she has some sympathy because Leann is a complete nut case and Eddie is a pig, she’s as much as a drama queen as Leann is. The difference is Brandi isn’t crazy and thankfully so.

    • Tracy says:

      Nothing about LeAnn and Eddie looks good.

      • Ntwkinsider says:

        Why, because YOU say so? Hollywood says otherwise. Eddie may have cheated on his wife but, he has always been, and will always be, more respected in Hollywood than Brandi. Her second book will tank, and this is her last season on the Housewives. Her little podcast gig will not pay for her shoes, let alone her rent, and she has only herself to blame. You can’t slander the “big boys” and expect to find work in Hollywood.

    • Josephina says:

      @ Heidi-

      I COMPLETELY agree with you.

      Brandy is what we call a messy b*tch.— always caught up in somebody else’s gossip. There is no hope for her.

      Brandi is still on the warpath of a “woman scorned.” Who knows how long it will take her to heal her wounds. (Advice to women who have been dumped: This is what you will look like if you DON’T get your sh*t together and disassociate yourself from the pain of a failed relationship. This is why it is so important to MOVE ON.)

      Since she joined the RHOBH she has humiliated a number of women, akin to the way SHE was humiliated in her marriage. Her latest victims? Yolanda, Joanna, Mohammed and Lisa. She has trashed and embarrassed and humiliated and outed so many people … for what purpose?!?

      Brandi has no filter, and there is NO EXCUSE for her consistent, trashy behavior. Her character is simply poor and no, ONE divorce did not create ALL of this bad behavior. Brandi has yet to learn that you are responsible for what you DO to other people. You are not responsible for what people do to you. And comparing Brandi to persons of worse character is scraping at the bottom of the bowl.

      As this point, she is bathing in her trashiness, partly because her “fans” egg her on to behave in this deplorable, disgusting manner.

      She is now on par with Chelsea Handler. What man in his right mind would wife this calculating, vindictive bird? Oh, sure. Men will hit and quit it, but beyond that? Hell to the nooooooooooooooooooooooo.

      And she has no one in her life to help her get back on track. So this is it for Brandi. All that is left for her to do is to continue to humiliate and out people, because DRAMA is now her first husband. And she is very much in love with it. Five years from now she still be as messy as she is now.

      • lavinia says:

        ummmm…is that you, LeAnn?

      • jessiebes says:

        Leann’s loonies do visit this site every so often – completely ignoring the point of the article.

      • LAK says:

        1. You do realise that she’s the most popular character on RHOBH after Lisa. And whether you like her or not RHOBH is the most popular franchise in the group.

        2. ALL the tabloid drama is in service of RHOBH or any of the housewives shows. it’s part of the storylines and they ALL go along with it. Fake or real, the characters they play on those shows are exaggerated versions of themselves [exception Camille and possibly Kim] which moves further and further away from the reality of their real selves that it is akin to a proper acting job.

        3. Bravo encourages them to bring the drama. The more drama, the higher the paycheck. What you see in the tabloids is what will be onscreen. It’s from the same playbook that the Kardashians use.

        4. Not to mention, Bravo picks and chooses how they edit the programme to their own ends. it’s always interesting to see who gets the B edit and the messed up life Edit each season.

        5. ALL cast members are fine with the storylines. The ones who object to either the storylines or how they are edited do not return or change their drama for the following season or reduce their screen time.

        5. Yolanda and Lisa have posted supportive tweets to Brandi in the aftermath of the rude comment on WWHL, so i guess that leaves you in the corner of JK and M.

        6. It’s hyperbole to say she’s embarrassed the other housewives to extent she herself was embarrassed in her marriage. She has not. What’s funny is that the very people you say she offends turn around and extend their friendship to her as in the case of Paul, Yolanda and Lisa. Only JK and M bit back.

        7. Finally, there is rampant speculation that JK may be moved from Miami to BH. She needs a story line. She just got one, and she’s playing it for all it’s worth.

        At the end of the day, it’s the colosseum and just as ‘real’. Meh!

      • emmie_a says:

        Josephina: Wrong, wrong, wrong. Maybe at one point Brandi was scorned. But how has she not moved on??? She doesn’t bring up her ex or the affair every chance she gets or take jabs at her ex on Twitter. She wrote a book, said what she wanted to say, vented, and moved on. Brandi has a new life, new house, new job, new friends. She has moved.on.
        Same can’t be said for LeAnn, who to this day uses the affair to define her entire being, not to mention for publicity. The only new thing LeAnn has done this entire time is release an album… about the affair.

      • John Wayne Lives says:

        @Josephina..Everything you said.. She’s just gross, and robbing herself of a real life at this point

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        Bravo Josephina! I agree completely! Also, I’m getting tired of the way that anyone who calls Brandi out on her bad behavior is called “Leann” by others on this site! You don’t have to love Leann, or be Leann for that matter to honestly acknowledge how trashy Brandi is!

      • aaa says:

        Preach!!!! I agree with what you said that in five years she will still be as messy as she is now and I’ll add that I bet that Brandi was messy ten years ago, well before Eddie and Leann hooked up.

        I think that Brandi got a lot of sympathy because her husband cheated on her, and I understand that, but then it became more than sympathy and people thought that she was the “good guy” and Eddie and Leann were the villains, but it looks to me like no one is the good guy and all three of them are messy.

      • aaa says:

        Anyone who thinks that Brandi has moved on is wrong. She still talks about Eddie and Leann AND it looks like one of the main reasons that Brandi is mad at Lisa Vanderpump is because of Lisa’s relationship with Eddie’s ex-mistress.

        Brandi has not moved on at all from being the scorned woman!

    • Megan says:

      sadly I agree. I mean Leanne still looks crazy and pathetic but honestly Eddie doesn’t. That was a really good interview for him. And seriously Brandi is just a hot mess and frankly at this point gross.

      Leanne and Brandi are the exact same person except Leanne has money and talent.

      Those two loser women have done so much damage to their reps that I now don’t blame Eddie for cheating on Brandi, or using Leanne. And of the four I like Leanne’s ex and tolerate Eddie mainly because they both have kept their damn mouths shut.

      Both Leanne and Brandi need to STFU sit in a corner and MOVE ON!

    • Decloo says:

      I guess I’m the only one to agree with you. Where I draw the line is extremely vulgar behavior and Brandi takes the cake there. Drink so much that you can’t stand and your clothes come off? Check. Have your clothes fall off because you are so drunk and photogs get great shots of your tampon string? Check. Tell everyone on national TV that your rival’s vagina is malodorous? Check. Get so drunk again that people have to carry you to your car? Check. Both Brandi and Leann act like teenage idiots but Leann is not grotesque in public.

    • Bex says:

      May I just say that I come to this site yes, for escapism but also because the comments tend to be intelligent, witty and for the most part not unkind. It upsets me when the Heidi, aaa, Josephine tag team trio come in and hijack a story. They bring with them a crazily invested unpleasantness and bit of a bad smell.

  2. dorothy says:

    Eddie does realize he’s also talking about Leann, right?

  3. joanne says:

    that pig of a man cheats on the mother of his children numerous times and then accused her of creating drama? i guess she wasn’t supposed to be upset by HIS behaviour? PIG!

  4. Buckwild says:

    I watched this movie over the weekend and Eddie’s part was small but not as small as I thought it would be. He didn’t do a bad job. He does look handsome/cute in the film, and my friends were wondering who “dimples” was, but at this point to me, he is so overshadowed by his personal life that all I can see is “LeAnne’s husband”.

  5. Christin says:

    I watched the interview, and Kimmel owned it. Eddie’s snark about the mother of his children was a pot meet kettle moment. Is he not a drama king for his part in it?

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      He manages to avoid being a drama kind by playing those two women like puppets. Dude has a pattern and Brandi and Leanne are both dumb enough to play right into his hands.

      • Tammy says:

        LOL I don’t think Brandi is being played like a puppet though… Leann, most definitely. And you really are giving Eddie too much credit.

      • Sullivan says:

        I agree that Eddie is the worst of the three. Brandi & Leann are disgusting, ill-bred, attention-seekers. No doubt. Eddie? He is a two-timing coward.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Brandi is getting played by allowing her whole identity to be defined by an incident that happened…what, 5 years ago? If this were Aniston, everyone would be screaming at her to just move on.

        Yep she’s a puppet.

        As far as Eddie goes, I don’t think I’m giving him “too much credit”–it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to sit back and let these two women make asses of themselves. They willingly fight his battles for him and they can’t seem to stop tweeting insults back and forth. No sympathy for the stupid.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I agree that Eddie’s smart enough to just sit back and let them do the talking–but I don’t really see Brandi playing into that too often. I don’t really see her as perpetuating the drama, as much as Leann. A few times in the beginning, she did fall for Leann’s BS–but she learned. I haven’t heard her say anything about Leann other than “my kids like her”–I read that on twitter she was telling her fans to ignore Leann. The only time I’ve ever heard her reference her marriage was when she had her book. Other than that, I don’t get the idea that Brandi’s just egging Leann on.

      • Ennie says:

        But… With the Aniston compariso, Aniston has millions she made as an actress to fall back on, and she got lots of money with the divorce. She could be tanning in luxury for the rest of her life, whereas Brandi has to find a way to make enough $$$ to not onlyxsupport her children (dimples does not work much), but also “compete” a little with the lifestyle the new wife offers them, some kind of leverage.
        This job is the only one she will get wher she can make this sort of money, the only one.

      • Sal says:

        TOK, if this were Aniston, people would be supporting her and saying she “has a right to still be upset”. Only Aniston can get away with making an issue of a divorce that happened 8 years ago, no one else can. apparently. Also, Aniston didn’t have kids so doesn’t have to co-parent and isn’t bound to Brad for life via children. Brandi’s issues these days revolve around her children. Not Eddie and the affair.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Sal-No woman should be making an issue of something that happened 5, 8 years ago whenever. It just makes them looks like they never got over their ex.

        Brandi’s issues these days “revolve around her children”? Really? So was she thinking of her kids when she got papped with boobs falling out and tampon string showing?
        Please spare me the Mother Of The Year stuff.

        Given the public forum, Brandi still talks and acts like a teenager and doesn’t seem to think much about how her behavior reflects on her children.
        Sorry, Brandistans really need to try a new defense tactic.

      • Sal says:

        I meant, her issue with EDDIE and Leann are about her children (and not the affair any more), not ‘issues’ in general.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yes, I understand the importance of staying connected and amicable with the father of her children– but just this year she wrote a “tell-all” book about her life in which she talked IN-DEPTH about the affair and her relationship with Eddie. And that’s her right, but let’s not pretend that she’s let the whole thing go and moved on. She’s been making money and a name for herself by playing the victim card for years now.

        I get why people find her more likable than Leanne (who isn’t?) but I don’t see why people insist on putting this woman on a pedestal. All three are rather awful IMO.

      • Emily C. says:

        @ TOK: Yep. He picks women who will do his dirty work for him. Women who do not demand respect, and who think so poorly of themselves that they will do anything for even the lowest man. I am always gobsmacked that people don’t see right through him.

      • Elle Kaye says:

        @Kitten, you are absolutely right, and he loves the fact that it appears they are fighting over him. It feeds his ego.

        Why don’t they go to court and force each other to be nice for the sake of the children? That is pretty standard procedure in child custody. Unless, of course, they all do it for the publicy…shocker! Let’s face it, without the drama, no one would care about them, with the exception of LeAnn in concert. Sad they do this to the children.

  6. epiphany says:

    ‘Some people are just born to create drama.’

    “Hello kettle? This is pot – you’re black.”

  7. ChrisTEEna says:

    He seems so dumb yet impressed with himself. Dude had 10 lines in a movie and spends all of 4 minutes talking about his personal life because thats all he’s known for. I love that Kimmel called out Leann as being full of drama ( “and you married BOTH of them”).

    • Christin says:

      The movie was barely mentioned. How does a bit player end up doing press for the film?

      I wonder how the actual stars feel about this. Maybe any publicity is good publicity?

    • brin says:

      He and wewe are perfect for each other…two delusional egomaniacs.

      • ncmagnolia says:

        Precisely so. I loathe LeMann beyond WORDS. I feel sorriest for Brandi in this shit show, but I now wish she’d start engaging her brain and shutting her classless mouth.

        But ED…he is the true villain in all of this. He was a husband and a dad, and has let his wife crap all over his boy’s mother for the last 4 years. All he had to do was say, “SHUT it” to his wife and drama over. Yeah, he’s still got some hot left in him, but he is by far the worst in this situation.

    • Josephina says:

      Well, then. Ask Kimmel why he did not invite the stars of the movie on his show?

      Kimmel is aware of Eddie’s looks and the two women squabbling over him. Hell, you have an ex-wife acting like a jackass whose only claim to fame is you dumping her. ( Oops, sorry. Her NEW schtick is gossiping about other people’s secrets. Oh yeah, that’s so much better.) Hell, she’ll even write a book about you as a revenge tactic. Oh, what a lovely woman for new potential suitors to consider. Not. She just burned her own bridge.

      The current wife is so sprung that she cannot see straight.

      As long as Brandi engages, she will NEVER have a chance of anyone giving her the type of love that she has always been missing…

      • Erinn says:

        I find your posts on this subject pretty offensive. You’re making it sound like a woman’s only point to life is to be a wife or potential wife. It’s sad.

        You have so much anger directed to this woman and shes doing nothing that affects your life.

        So what if she wrote wrote a book on her failed marriage? The new wife wrote a whole album to cash in on it and never shuts up about it to the press. If Brandi is expected to move on after such a terrible situation then the woman who ‘won’ I needs to shut up and move on as well.

      • Josephina says:

        I get that I rubbed you wrong, but I had to make a point. Does Brandi appear like a woman who is comfortable being single? My tone would be different if I felt that SHE loved being single. She behaves like a scorned woman, forced into being single.

        Maria Shriver went through much worst, had paps and the media begging/craving for gossip, and she did not bite. She also had a lot more to lose as well.

        Who the hell is Brandi without the divorce and the drama she engages with the new wife? The divorce is 4 years old!!!! You hens ragging on LeAnn has not changed the fact that they are STILL married. Eddie’s choice. He did not have to marry her, but he did.

        You are justifying her behavior as acceptable and I remain confirmed that there is no excuse for her potty, diarrhea of the mouth. NONE. There is nothing cute, refreshing or endearing about it.

        Her whole story line is “Eddie repeatedly cheated on me, and I don’t like his new wife.” I have learned about everything the divorce from Brandi’s mouth. I just don’t really listen to LeAnn.

        There is not a single housewife in the franchise who would ALLOW their story to focus on being dumped or abused. Hell, even silly Portia Stewart from RHOA is learning quickly that she has to move on.

        No single woman should ALLOW themselves to be known for being anybody’s ex-anything… in the media. It is a recipe for disaster.

        And if you cannot see that her bitching IN PUBLIC about Scheana, LeAnn, and whoever else she might find out about later in life that rode her husband’s pole while she was married to him, is counter-productive, then seeing is not the issue here.

      • Lady D says:

        Josephina, you lost me when you compared me to a chicken. As for the clucking, have you seen the size of your posts?

      • Erinn says:

        Josephina – take a minute to think about why this is her storyline on the show. Very little of these shows are actual reality. This is the story that makes the network money. This is what has been edited to show the viewer of these shows. She’s making them money by doing this.

        The fact that you had to resort to calling other women hens just furthers my point of your sexist take on the whole thing. Women are here to be wives, the people who don’t agree with you are hens, and no woman should dare suffer long term affects of a bad relationship.

        Your lengthy replies are just dripping with hate, honestly I don’t know why this woman makes you feel so angry unless something about the situation is familiar to you. Either way I wouldn’t go around comparing posters on a gossip site to fowl when most of your posts are equally as long, if not longer.

      • Josephina says:

        @ Lady D-

        How in the world did you think my posts were related to you in any way?

        This talk about Eddie/LeAnn/Brandi has been going on for years and I have never really had anything to say. And the reason why is because I knew she was cheated on, she was hurt and needed to pick up the pieces to move on.

        But– Her method of “moving on” as played out in the medai (since she allows it in exchange for money) is …. low class, which is reflective of herself.

        So I will say it again. Move on, Brandi.

        Do it for your sanity and well-being. But you would have to lose the appetitie for revenge and stop being so vindictive in order to hear what I am saying.

        Ain’t no way in hell I’d let a cheating man write the last chapters of my life or have that much say in my happiness. The only thing he would know about me is my first name and my MAIDEN last name. He could see the kids as much as he wants to. There would be guidelines on how he could communicate with me. And he would have little choice but to follow them or else.

        She gives Eddie and LeAnn way too much attention… and that is her FAULT.

        You CAN have a good life—- prosperity, true friends, raising your children and have a man who truly loves you—- if and only if you let go. You are gonna have to let insigificant comments and subtle jabs go… let it roll like water off of a duck’s back. Hurting people as you have been hurt is NOT the way to go.

        No more excuses.

      • LAK says:

        Josephine: Taylor Armstrong allowed her abusive relationship to become her storyline on BH season 2, it was the central storyline of the season. The entire season was all about Taylor’s abusive hubby, Taylor’s inability to cope and whether or not to do something about it. And in between seasons she wrote a book about it. And when the new season £ started, it started with a conversation about her ex-hubby’s suicide. SO Brandi is doing just fine compared to the drama Taylor brought to the table.

      • Jessiebes says:

        Josephina, your hatred towards Brandi is absurd and way beyond normal. I’m just here for a laugh, not really invested in either Brandi or Leann, as I assume most of us are.

        But you take it to a completely different level. Your involvement and comments are like it’s you who is personally attacked.

  8. Frida_K says:

    His features are miniature and his forehead and chin are large.

  9. KatieKat says:

    TINY. EYES. That’s all I can think when I see him.

  10. eliza says:

    I can’t stand anyone in this triangle. Eddie is a z list, virtually, unemployed actoe, Brandi a trashy, blabber mouth who doesn’t know when to class it up and STFU. LeAnn is a needy desperado.

    No one in this little group is a winner.

    • gogoGorilla says:

      Agreed. I used to feel very sympathetic toward Brandi but I think she has pretty much eroded most of the general goodwill toward herself. I still feel sorry for her that she was married to a lying, cheating king of the douchebags, but she really needs to pull herself together. Whether she’s doing it for RHOBH drama or what, the dead kitty commentary was gross. Also, the public drunkenness–which is really kind of ridiculous once you have kids and are over a certain age (which I am also! hence putting down my college girl party persona a long time ago)–is completely unnecessary. Whether it’s true or not, she certainly gives herself the appearance of a person with a drinking problem.

    • claire says:

      All 3 have issues, IMO. Eddie is a lazy gross manipulative user. Leann is a mean narcissistic evil freak. Brandi has a big mouth and drinks too much. None of them are perfect. Still, there’s only one I have any empathy for or root for because at the root of it, I don’t think they are a bad person.

  11. DreamyK says:

    I could have done without seeing Falcor’s tongue trying to force it’s way into Eddie’s mouth during a photo-op. I should paste that on my fridge to curb my appetite.

  12. joanne says:

    how is he going to explain that interview to his sons? hey kids, want to watch daddy on the Jimmy Kimmel show? did you like how i talked about Mom? eddie, people have no respect for a boy/man who trash talks his children’s mother.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      I didn’t get the impression he was trash talking Brandi at all. Kimmel put him on the hot seat. He could hardly deny that they were both drama queens, but after all, he is still married to Leann, so naturally he is going to indicate Brandi is the drama queen Kimmel is referring to, but even at that, he barely agreed with Kimmel about the drama. I think he would have loved to get out of the interview with any personal references at all! Kimmel forced the issue to see what kind of reaction he could get.

  13. Renee says:

    Eddie’s background is Cuban, and while I am aware that there are white Cubans I don’t know that he either is or identifies as one. (I don’t know that much of his personal history except for his involvement with his ex and current wife.)

  14. NerdMomma says:

    I applaud any and all coverage of the douche who brought the last 4 years of drama. HE is the drama creator, the puppet master, whatever you want to call him. Time for some negative stories focused on Cibrian. Brandi can do what she wants, I don’t care if she creates some drama. I think that’s her job now. LeAnn is mentally ill and needs help. Cibrian is just a bad, bad person. I’d be so pleased to see the gossip world focus our disdain on him.

    ALL Rimes & Cibrian have done over the last few weeks is show us all that they read every tabloid and gossip site, care about every rumor, and have nothing to offer the world but their drama. Do they have a PR team or are they just snorting a bunch of coke then making their own PR decisions?

    • Josephina says:

      This is EXACTLY what I am talking about.

      A marriage ended – because it was not a marriage. Eddie was very deceitful towards her for many years. Thirteen years of deceit with a man you have been intimate with is very painful.

      Brandi has put herself out there. She is neither the first nor the last to be cheated on and have a marriage end. It can get ugly when one of the spouses has someone they start a new life with, and it actually works out better. Now that’s a sting that keeps on stinging. She needs friends that will help her heal, NOT friends who help her seek and attain revenge.

      You should not spend a lifetime getting over anyone. If you do, then they own you and they win. The secret is moving on and letting go.

      Brandi has not learned that yet. Still stuck in “he said, she said,” still stuck in “I’m going to get you back.” Pathetic way to live life… in your forties. Life is too short and time is precious.
      She is wasting her life away.

      Her loud-mouth, insensitive and careless behavior is out there for the world to see. And she is knocking out people left and right by revealing THEIR dirty laundry.

      Let Eddie go. He is not worth all this drama.

      • jessiebes says:

        Are you replying to a different commentor? Because you completely missed the point Nerdmomma was making.

        Instead this is probably your fifth rant against Brandi in this article alone. We get it, you don’t like her.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Josephina, she is the one who kicked Eddie out. I’m not going to say that Brandi’s classy–because some of the stuff she does, at her age, isn’t–but if she snarks on anyone, it’s Eddie. She’s barely ever mentioned Leann. She wouldn’t even be mentioning Leann if Leann hadn’t tried to replace her as the boys’ mother. Leann isn’t even the reason she left Eddie–she left Eddie because he was cheating on her with a ton of women–Leann was just the craziest and richest one. In the beginning, when Leann was going off the walls crazy–yeah, she engaged in Leann on twitter. But I haven’t heard anything but nice things from Brandi’s mouth about Leann (telling her fans to not hate anyone), for over a year. And when she wrote her book, she barely mentioned Leann. Again–Leann wasn’t the reason for their divorce.

      • Josephina says:


        You are correct. I was responding to another post and somehow it got placed here. It is Brandi’s BEHAVIOR I dislike, not Brandi. She can be fun at times. But the drunk, gossipy, foul-mouthed, potty-mouthed, spill-a-million-secrets Brandi? Flush her down the toilet.


        LeAnn is not my litmus test for an empowered woman, ideal wife or a best girlfriend. Her hands are full with Eddie as her husband.

        Regarding Brandi- That’s what she says. I beg to differ about her attitude and behavior toward LeAnn. Look at her behavior. That’s always where the truth lies. Knowing what you have seen, would you want her as a friend?

        Not once did I ever think cheating is what leads to a a divorce. Cheating is one of the ugliest and glaring symptoms of a marriage not working.

      • Emily C. says:

        @ Josephina — There are so many different kinds of cheating. Sometimes, yes, it is a symptom of a problem in the marriage. But serial cheating like Eddie’s is a symptom of the fact that the cheater is a total douche, nothing more. He’s not someone who made a mistake while his marriage was going through a rough patch. He’s someone who likes to be married and likes to have sex with random women, and that’s all there is to it. He enjoys being a cheater.

      • Ntwkinsider says:

        I agree 100000% Your comments are spot on. I have to LOL at the comments about your “hate” for Brandi from the same people posting HATE about Leann and Eddie. Brandi’s fans =====HYPOCRITES.

    • Sloane W!yatt says:

      “HE is the drama creator, the puppet master” – NerdMomma, I couldn’t agree more.

      Josephina, you are FINE to comment on this thread here; I understand your point that Brandi is still milking her very real victimization by that weasel Eddie. Brandi has to make a living and has no discernible skills other than pot-stirring. There’s a tangible connection to the center of their web, and it’s Eddie.

    • Jessiebes says:

      Josephina. I’ve been reading up on your comments and they are all about you hating Brand.i. You keep regurgitating the same old thing over and over again. You never say anything new or informative.

      You obviously don’t want to listen to any other logic or opinion, other than your own. Stubborn much? Actually that is fine. It’s good to hear somebody else’s opinion.

      But even though you may shout the loudest, it doesn’t make you right.

      • Josephina says:

        @ Jessiebes-

        It ain’t gonna happen. Look, some women feel kinship to catty, spiteful women. They can relate to Brandi. I am not one of them.

        I will not feel sorry for a woman like Brandi. I find catty behavior from ANY woman as stank behavior. It’s like letting fleas in circle around your food. Brandi is a messy bird that gets caught in in drama because she runs her mouth.

        LeAnn is not on my radar for thousands of reasons. And no, her marrying fine-ass Eddie STILL did not get my attention.

        Just remember, LeAnn can get your attention, not mine.

        I have met women like Brandi before and they get handled — only once. And that’s all you need.

      • EarlGreyer says:

        +1,000,000 @Jessiebes. She’s tiring.

  15. Patricia says:

    That’s funny about the four hour fight you predict, I can see her needing an hour to fight out each minute of this interview. It’s a hot mess!

    And the story about his son saying that in the theater was bizarre. He should have said that he is honored to be embraced by a black cultural movie, I would be honored to be able to be a part of something so strong in African American culture and entertainment like that.

    • betty says:

      Eddie could have left that part out, because the only work he seems to have gotten lately is through his black brothers, Eric LaSalle, Tyler Perry and now in this latest film. Actually the role he had in the Tyler Perry movie was larger, and he didn’t go to the premier or publicize it. I don’t know why he did it for this one where he had cameo appearances Even his ex wife is a bigger celeb as he and he is only known as Mr. Rimes and I bet he is jealous.He knows that reality show is a bust and he is hungry for work.

    • Sloane W!yatt says:

      It’s no big deal that Eddie pointed out he was a pale guy in a POC cast; The Best Man is a fun romp and I’m behind any publicity that garners the movie a cross over audience!

  16. MrsBPitt says:

    Out of the three of these players, I think Eddies the worst! HE was married, when he cheated over and over again…HE is the one who had two small sons at home, when he cheated over and over again…Yeah, LeAnn sucks cause she cheated on her husband, but at least there were no children involved…and yes, LeAnn went after a married father, but its Eddie’s fault he has no self-control…just because he is a man, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the capability to say “NO” to another woman…Eddie needs to shut up!

  17. Jh says:

    His voice and mannerisms are very odd. Very rehearsed and weirdly effeminate. Zero sex appeal. I’m grossed out.

  18. Lolo-ology says:

    I know we’ve seen these sad carpet pix before, but the last 3 in succession really just look like something out of a hostage situation in a movie and you’re yelling at the screen, “ruuuuuuuun you can make it!”

  19. msw says:

    Haaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha! *deep breath* haaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha!

    We give SueAnn too much credit for being the delusional one. Ed is totally out of touch with reality as well.

  20. Deanne says:

    The amount of press that Eddie is doing for such a tiny part is embarrassing. He’s doing more press than the leading actors in the movie. The audience were laughing at him, not with him. Jimmy owned the interview and Eddie comes across as dull and mean. No one clapped when LeAnn’s name was mentioned either. It was just crickets. Insulting the Mother of his two boys instead of talking about his bit part in this movie, really shows his true character, or lack there of. He rarely works and when he does have the opportunity to remind everyone that he is in fact, an actor, he instead chooses to reinforce his new persona as the biggest douche alive. What an utter and complete tool. Sorry, he’s not that cute. His eyes are disappearing into head his and he lacks charisma. His looks have faded from his days on Third Watch and in a big way.

    • Lady D says:

      Dull and mean indeed. Perfect description of the louse and his wife.

    • Sloane W!yatt says:

      “The amount of press that Eddie is doing for such a tiny part is embarrassing.” I disagree, Deanne. Whatever he’s paying his genius PR flack is not enough! Kudos to Eddie for parlaying a small part into big publicity. Cibrian plays the game well, and it’s becoming obvious that he’s a master manipulator of two wives and an unknown number of side pieces.

      • Deanne says:

        I agree with you 100% that he’s a skilled manipulator of the women in his life. He played Brandi, is playing LeAnn and his probably numerous side pieces, both past and present. Even other celebs have commented on the fact that it’s weird that he’s all over the place for such a small part. While it may mean a lot of publicity, it’s still odd that a bit player is interviewing, when the stars of the movie aren’t and it stands out that he’s probably only there because the drama in his personal life keeps him in the news. He reminds me of a girl I went to high school with . She won the “Miss Teen” title for our city and proceeded to attend parades and events for years afterward, Always wearing her “Miss Teen 198-” banner and tiara. She may have been invited, but she wasn’t relevant and no one knew why she was there so long after her tenure was over. It was embarrassing to watch, just like Eddie.

      • Sloane W!yatt says:

        Ohhh, Deanne, I see what you mean with that “Miss Teen” story. Eddie Cibrian is like the ‘Norma Desmond’ of contemporary male actors; in his mind, he’ll always be the young & hot ‘Star’ ready for his closeup. Yep, that’s cringe worthy.

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        Surely he doesn’t make the decision to do publicity himself. I would feel like he or any actor in the film would be directed by the publicity dept. (or whatever) of the film as to what actor would promote where?? Certainly since the film is probably meant to appeal to African American audiences with its majority cast, having a small part “white” actor promote the film to create crossover interest was a calculated move, not Eddie’s own idea.

      • LAK says:

        Zwella Ingrid _ my only grip about his casting for this film is that he is with an ensemble of several heavyweights and stunt casting a white actor they got Eddie?

      • Ntwkinsider says:

        I agree. There is nothing embarrassing about promoting a major film! He is an actor, that is his job. The Brandibotts just ride the fence, they say he is a bum and not working, then, when he is working, they find reasons to complain. LMAO.

  21. Liberty says:

    This always reminds me of college. We’d go out at night to bars that had live music and were just good place to see your friends and chill out and/or dance. We avoided the bars where, like clockwork every night by 11, some screaming girl was slapping out some other girl.

    So that’s how I classify celebrities, I guess!

    And the rest are wearing “WHAT WOULD HELEN DO?” fine celebrity eternal bracelets.

  22. Zooyork says:

    He’s ugly. I hope Leann reads this. She thinks she got a hot guy and that we are all jealous lol. My boyfriend is way cuter than Eddie. LeMann should have stuck with Dean, he is much hotter than Eddiot and a way better person on the inside too.

  23. Maxybabe says:

    My first reaction to that “extensive” interview by JK was how easily the Brandi trashing came out of EC’s mouth. How charming to do this on TV and even more charming to giggle away when the audience laughed as well. Disgusting way to talk about the mother of your children. Only the worst kind of “celebrity” trashes the parent of their children in this kind of situation. What is the point? As Will Smith once sang about his son and his ex, that despite their split and whatever happened since, his son “was conceived in love”. Sure kids want to hear positive things like this so they feel secure and loved, not made to feel disloyal to one or the other parent as a result of the nasty jibes.

  24. CaliforniaDreams says:

    He is SO bitter about Brandi leaving him, it’s crazy. To take swipes at the mother of his children on freaking Jimmy Kimmel, years after the marriage ended (thanks to his constant cheating, no less) is insane….get a grip, Eddie. Also I said this above, but this was my first time hearing him speak, and he is not what I expected at all…he came off kind of soft and bitchy. Bluh, he’s gross.

    • Lady D says:

      If I had to guess, I’d say he’s not over Brandi. Why else, when he has a movie to promote would he make the interview all about his ex? I’d say he’s the one that can’t get over the divorce.

      • claire says:

        They’re both narcissistic jerks. Focusing on Brandi as the reason for all their ills in life allows them to accept zero responsibility for their career failures and public scorn. It’s all Brandi’s fault, not theirs.

      • Christin says:

        He could have steered that interview in a much different, more positive direction. It’s little wonder he stays relatively quiet.

        He tried to lay on the charm up front by saying his wife “loves” Jimmy. Yet Kimmel did not pander.

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        Ok I don’t want to keep grinding away on this, but Jimmy Kimmel asked the questions. Eddie didn’t bring up the topic himself. Eddie was put on the spot, got out of the question as best he could, and I don’t see where you are getting that he was trashing Brandi. I think they are all pieces of crap, with Eddie being the biggest loser of all, but I still don’t see that he was trashing Brandi in this interview.

    • Cindy says:

      Yes, CaliforniaDreams, that’s exactly what I came away with as well. Eddie milked this opportunity to slam the mother of his boys and compare her in a negative light to Leann, (no wonder Leann is a psycho stalker of Brandi) and he seemed positively gleeful about doing it. He sounded soft and stupid and whiny, a complete jackass and Jimmy owned him.

  25. feebee says:

    That’s funny. Jimmy’s line was almost exactly what I thought when I saw the headline. But you know, had anyone really heard of Brandi Glanville before Rimes appeared on the scene? I think maybe she was made not born. LeAnn on the other hand….

  26. Rita says:

    This is a bit off topic but I want to talk about Eddie’s “supposed” week-end trip to China where LeAnn supposedly performed one concert for a couple thousand fans. Keep in mind that LeAnn, allegedly, has been schedule for 48hrs of inpatient rehab.

    Even the most desperate performer doesn’t load up a band, business manager, husband, and fly 28 hours round trip to sing at a poorly attended small venue before tweeting that the trip was so short that it “…seems like it didn’t happen”. During this supposed trip, the USA Roller Dance Skating team (What the hell is that?) asked for a meet and greet with her but she refused. Was it because she wasn’t really there? There were only a couple of pictures posted and those could have easily been taken in LA’s China Town but none of them were of LeAnn or her performance which is most unlike her.

    Just Say Jenn had one picture of dimples in a dumpling factory but it was so photo-shopped that it could have been a Mario Lopez cut-out pasted on a bag of Romen Noodles (Just add Water). Jenn says the picture is authentic but ever since she posted a picture of herself crossing the finish line at the Chicago marathon, I’ve had my doubts. It defies the laws of physics that a woman can run a full marathon and cross the finish line without even a wrinkle in her knee-high socks. No elastic is that good

  27. ELJ says:

    I can see LeAnn’s tongue in that first pic and it’s revolting. I’m trying to eat breakfast.

  28. MissNostalgia says:

    Yep…..like him and his wife. Two of the biggest drama queens out there!

  29. Stacey says:

    What a dick. He sure loves to drag Brandi’s name into any interview he can lately. Leann and Eddie are so obsessed with Brandi. It seems to be one of their greatest things in common. What a sad thing.

    Good riddance, Brandi. The reason I give Brandi a free pass is because Eddie and Leann act like their shiddy don’t stink. It is so ridiculous.

    Also, Brandi’s boyfriend is a babe! Wowza

    • Ntwkinsider says:

      You might want to rewatch the interview at slow speed. Eddie DID NOT bring up Brandi, Jimmy K did. The only obsessed person in this ridiculous mess is Brandi Glanville.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Then why didn’t he simply refuse to comment on her?

      • Stacey says:

        Have you seen the skydive interview? Eddie brought up Brandi without being prompted. Eddie can’t get Brandi off his mind or her name out of his mouth.

        As for Jimmy Kimmel, he would have kept talking about Brandi if Kimmel hadn’t changed the subject. He is clearly obsessed with Brandi. I’m not saying he is in love with Brandi, as I think a man like Eddie is unable to love anyone but himself, but he is hung up on Brandi big time. Brandi is hung up on him too. No doubt but the fact is Eddie tries to act like Brandi is beneath him and his cracky wife Leann and that is such BS.

        If he is not obsessed with Brandi, why else would he marry a women who has spent thousands in plastic surgery and make overs to look like Brandi? And continue to mention her in every interview, yet act like he is so sick of the drama and so over it? He is a confused conflicted man.

  30. Theresa says:

    I have always wondered, trying without bias, if Eddie ever admired or even liked LeAnn. Either when he started the affair or chose to propose and marry her. Did he ever think she was truly talented, good-looking… Because he had at one time a chance to establish the narrative that he was truly attracted to her, that there is something about her that made him choose her over everyone else, including his wife and children, even mistress. But sadly, and any LeAnn apologists out there, I challenge you; has he ever gone on record or given any interview where he extolled her individual virtures, gave legitimate reasons why he could not help himself? Waxed rhapsodic about her voice, her singing, her talents… For that is what her fans remember her for, what they still cling to. And if Eddie ever had a reason to fall for her, and seem genuinely in love, I would think he wouldn’t or couldn’t stop talking about it. It’s the perfect defense; she’s a rare songbird, her voice makes you fall in love, keeps him in love, her loving gentle ways that we don’t get to see… Knowing their critics feel that it was only her bank account that caught him and keeps him still.

    Instead, now that he is getting a chance to be truly vocal, on his own, since their fiasco started, he can’t find any way to convince us of anything other than the conclusions we have drawn. Instead, he wants us to think that LeAnn’s brand of crazy is better than Brandi’s. That everyone else must be crazy. It’s very disingenuous and makes him that much more deceitful. Never once has he in the past, nor does he now when he has nothing to lose, ever defend his current wife or praise her for anything except the standard “good wife, good stepmom”, such generalizations mean nothing. No wonder LeAnn is crazy. Eddie is not supportive, not encouraging. He thinks a hand hold, a hug is enough to keep us guessing, and he has LeAnn hungry for physical affection because it does not look like he knows how to provide anything else.

    I now believe that LeAnn will continue to spiral and deteriorate. Eddie isn’t going anywhere. He doesn’t have to, he’s figured out a way to have his cake and eat it too. He’s got her totally brainwashed, and he will most likely bleed her dry, for his chance of a meaningful and lucrative career are long gone.

    • Sloane W!yatt says:

      Theresa, your analysis is goood. Eddie’s a manipulative snake that can shed his skin all he wants, but he’s still a snake!

    • Christin says:

      @Theresa – These are excellent questions and observations. I don’t think he’s going anywhere until an exit with an easy landing is upon him.

      I saw him in an interview earlier this year and then Kimmel last week. He did a better job in the summertime interview, but when the subject of his wife and a possible reality show came up (the deal was not done at that time), he gave seemingly rehearsed wording. He had spoken in a much more believable, relaxed fashion when he spoke about his kids and fatherhood.

      The Kimmel interview was an opportunity during a time when the rumor mill is churning. If his intentions are honorable and he loves his wife, he has had ample opportunity (besides a publicist’s statement) to say so, yet he will not hesitate to publicly slam his kids’ mother.

    • Emily C. says:

      Eddie doesn’t admire or like any women. He’s one of those guys who thinks we’re all animate sex dolls.

  31. Denise says:

    I realised watching this that this was the first time I’ve heard Eddie Cibrian’s voice. Is it just me or does he have kind of a big ass?

  32. Stacey says:

    It goes to show where his mind is at constantly…BRANDI. There is a thin line between love and hate. The opposite of love is indifference.

    I agree, Eddie’s compliments about Leann are something a teenager would say. Shallow vague proclaimations. The best thing he could say about her in jimmy kimmel is that Leann isn’t as big of a drama queen as his first wife? Wow, I swoon at that romantic overture.

  33. Dimebox says:

    Meh. Eddie is a cheater and user who denigrates all women, including his current wife, and the mother of his children. Leanne is a mean spirited, vengeful home wrecker who has torpedoed her own career. Brandi had her life blown apart, has survived and even triumphed, but she needs to curb her tongue and her drinking. Of the three Brandi is the easy winner.

    • Emily C. says:

      Eddie wrecked his own home when he cheated. (And Leann did the same to hers when she cheated.) Brandi is a sexist alcoholic who thinks “waah it’s true” is some kind of defense against being an asshole.

      They all deserve each other. It’s just too bad there are children in the mix.

      • Dimebox says:

        I would say that Eddie and Leanne definitely deserve each other. But Brandi did not deserve being cheated on, or having the other woman target her so cruelly. She needs to act quickly to preserve the goodwill and sympathy that she has received. And the children deserve better from all of them.

  34. Relli says:

    I am so glad you covered this, the other day when I brought it up in another UBBT thread there was nothing but crickets I was LIKE REALLY OMG THIS IS A MUST SEE! Also I love how in the beginning hey they in a totally disingenuous “hey Jimmy, my wife loves you btw!” The man-child is full on Velveeta.

    *BTW you guys are killing me on this thread. LOL!

  35. Michele says:

    Yes Ediot some people were “kind of born to cause drama” and she’s your second wife Falcor!

  36. Dontbuyit says:

    The 1st picture of Narkissos and Joan Crawford should come with a warning. The irony is incredible. A funny passive aggressive interview from JK. Clear as broad daylight the guy doesn’t think highly of Eddie or of his tabloid fodder. Eddie was extra awkward in that interview.

    Who does a press circuit for a movie, when they had only a few lines? Token WG is in the movie for, single digit minutes. Is that the norm? Never see this with other minor roles in other films for any low budget actors.

  37. Emily C. says:

    If Eddie didn’t love drama, he wouldn’t endlessly create and feed it. He’s the biggest drama prince of all.

  38. someone says:

    Both Brandi and Eddie dis each other in interviews. Just two weeks ago Brandi made fun of Eddie and Leann’s Star magazine divorce cover story on Billy Bush’s Access Hollywood Live show. She joked she knew that a divorce was imminent and said she was sure there was trouble. If we are going to blame Eddie for doing this stuff then we should hold Brandi accountable too. All of them should stop talking about each other, although we know that leaves nothing for any of them to talk about.

  39. Green_eyes says:

    Both women are a mess! BUT let’s not forget Leann goes after her “fans” and sues them, harrasses them, and everything else she can think of if they disagree w/ her. However those Brandi has usually engaged in arguments or whatever you wish to call them are usually a friend of a friend on BRAVO RHW series & it’s network encouraged (well then Leann and her at each other also) but that’s the major extent w/ Brandi. Both women though only come out looking childish.

  40. I think Eddie Cibrian is a low life scoundrel that gets uglier with every picture I see of him and Leann together. They do not compliment each other at all. He opens his mouth and ruins any hotness he might have been clinging on to. Leann has got him by default cause I don’t think anybody else wants him at this point. Can’t imagine the dirty deeds he is dishing out to her. I think it’s obvious from pics for last several months that something very serious was going on with the two of them. Now, all of a sudden they seem to be showering and cleaning up for photos and he is looking at her lovingly and trying to show affection. Such a pr farce. Are they really stupid enough to think they can turn around the opinions people have formed since watching them the last four years? The lawsuits and the dirty treatment of the Mother of his children. People are not going to forget that and all of a sudden love them as a couple. I say God bless Brandi!! She’s entitled to go out occasionally and celebrate without being hounded by paps and worrying about what everybody thinks. Radar ran with an UNTRUE STORY. She was not falling down drunk. Brandi has had the same group of real friends for many years so don’t believe everything you see on t.v. and hear from Leann Lovers.

  41. Cindy says:

    There is so much here, where to begin? There are many other posters who can do better justice to the history of these three people and put Eddiot in his place, but I will try.
    This narcissistic chauvinist pig repeatedly cheated on his wife while she was pregnant and gave her HPV. He left his wife and two little children to move in with one of his many mistresses. He left Brandi when his parents were in charge of their finances and they were deeply in debt as a couple and were depending on gifts from both of their families. This late-30-something-yr-old father was photographed partying with his 20 yr old mistress on Brandi’s dad’s boat, while Brandi was pregnant with their second child. Eddie moved in with one of his multimillionaire mistresses who had been stalking the family for several months. (look up Leann Rimes and stalking and read the blogs on the death threats and destructive actions toward Brandi, i.e. moving into the neighborhood to stalk them and trying to run Brandi over.)
    His mistress, Leann was giving the free photos and videos that she paid paparazzi to take for her to the tabloids, in order to speed up the divorce and cut short the couples therapy he and his wife had gone into to try to save their family. Eddie then encouraged and publicly flaunted Leann and her employees stalking and bullying of Brandi (websites, twitter, blog posts, t-shirts saying “f*ck Brandi) and threatening her with death. Eddie then invited many of these same people to all of his children’s school and sports and family events. He encouraged his wife’s public swf-ing and stalking of his former wife in order to copy Brandi’s looks and role in the family: plastic surgery, hair style, wedding style, jewelry, rings, same truck, same outfits and posing in same locations with same clothing, same: shoes, purses, clothing, scarves, same twitter photos and tweets, same vacation spots, frequenting the same restaurants, dance classes, workout studios, bars, often within hours or days of Brandi going somewhere or trying something new. The stalking and bullying has gone on relentlessly for four years and in that time Eddie and Leann have used every opportunity to hurt Brandi and use her own children to hurt her. He exploits his own kids on a daily basis for money and attention from the tabloids and to hurt his ex, by photographing and tweeting about their private moments at home, school, sporting events and with friends. His kids are inhibited from having regular contact with their mom when they are with him and she only finds out that they were in harm’s way or hurt while in his care when his 2nd wife tweets jokes from the emergency room about stitches or posts photos of the boys bike riding on a busy street with no helmets. The man has no sense of boundaries or shame when it comes to being a co-parent or a father.

    • Leslie says:

      Yes, Ediot is a sleaze bag. I wish the tabloids would start writing about him being a kept man whose career has gone down the drain instead of writing about Brandi and LeAnn. Both these women are the only thing that keep him relevant.

    • Relli says:

      Yup, see for me it was the money thing too. I mean B & L are crazy and yes they have done bizarre and said horrendous things. BUT at the end of all the she said, she said this a grown man who when he had the chance threw his ex-wife and their children to the wolves and didn’t care. You can be a lot of things but a deadbeat dad who fucks their kids out of spite, your dead to me. Also finding out that his mommy and daddy still did everything for him including balancing his checkbook was a total ladyboner killer. It’s no wonder he found someone new to take care of him.

  42. Jennifer12 says:

    Eddie, you idiotic, pathetic, manipulative tool. Stop insulting your sons’ mother. It’s disgusting and horrible and worse when you think your sons will eventually know what you said repeatedly about their mother. Bad enough you expected them to understand you introducing them to a girlfriend when you were barely separated from their mom; bad enough you are inappropriately sexual in front of them and their friends; bad enough you insult and deride their mother at every turn and encourage your jackass wife to abuse her and attempt to take over the parent role; are you still douche enough to keep putting her down in public?

  43. MegG says:

    Lol why were they even interviewing Eddie? I don’t think he was the star?! I’ve never seen this Pig in anything!

  44. Jayna says:

    Another one of JustSayJen’s stories shot down. So much for her secret source about all the phone calls to Brandi and his apology and on good terms. There is obviously no love lost between them still. Brandi didn’ t seem too happy with him on twitter after seeing the clip.

  45. ILoveMyScorpio says:

    I think Brandi is histrionic. . Just sayin!

  46. NeNe says:

    Yeah, and her name is LeAnn, dumbass!!! I’m pretty sure their reality show will bomb. Come on now, she’s auditioning people to be her friend(s). Are you kidding me?