Search the Web under the watchful stoned eyes of K-Fed

In case your Google, MSN, or Yahoo! search experience was too straightforward and lacked a certain psuedo-celebrity factor, you can now search the web under the watchful stoned eyes of Kevin Federline. Some web company capitalizing on people spelling the famous ISP Prodigy wrong, Prodige, has offered up a kind of dumb business model in which you can search using a K-Fed branded page and get a chance to win tickets to go to his birthday party in Las Vegas on March 24th, travel not included:

K-Fed is rather adept at lending his freakshow fame to a number of products and services that might otherwise have been ignored if not for the absurdly kitsch presence of his endorsement. The latest such product comes to us by way of Prodege (no relation to Prodigy – RIP, old buddy!), who has created the Search With Kevin Marketing Campaign allowing you to search for things on the Internet as you would using Google, but with K-Fed’s stupid face staring at you while doing so. Pretty awesome, right. We still think Gizoogle is a much better “white people who talk black” searching solution, but we’ll admit that it’s pretty funny when you do a “Kevin Federline, Douchebag” search

[from Best Week Ever!]

This is the guy who couldn’t give away tickets to his performances before Britney dumped him, and there’s a company that thinks they can get traffic to their search engine by offering tickets to his birthday party as a prize. Still, the tickets may be worth something. Hi newly-rehabbed estranged bald wife is said to planning on attending, and anyone that can snap some pictures of her is sure to make a buck.

The last I checked, the first two winners from “5 hours ago” and “4 hours ago” were the same K. Sendlosky from Pennsylvania. I wonder if that person is going to bother to pay for the flight. The prize doesn’t even offer accommodation.

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  1. Poor Boopie says:

    I see he’s still milking that 15 minutes of fame he once had.

  2. Toubrouk says:

    Yes, he looks like a man whore.

    I can’t iimagine that some persons can be attracted by that style.

  3. Mr. T says:

    The guy is creep city. I wonder if he has worn out the mirror in his room yet?

  4. gg says:

    “Searching for a Clue with FedEx”