Sean and Julian Lennon to perform together in UN concert


It could be a landmark moment: the two sons of late Beatle John Lennon, both of whom are musicians, are reportedly performing together next month in a United Nations concert. The performance marks the first time that Sean and Julian Lennon have collaborated. Over the years since their father’s murder, the two half-brothers have had little contact with one another. Many of John’s friends have hinted that John’s widow, Yoko Ono, was the reason the boys were kept apart. John’s mistress, May Pang, said in her book that John had renewed his relationship with older son Julian while he and Ono were separated, but when he went back to Yoko, that closeness fell apart. But it appears that two two sons are trying to bridge that gap, with or without the blessing of Yoko.

Julian Lennon and Sean Lennon, the sons of John Lennon, are finally going to perform together in public.

Sources tell me that the Lennon boys have agreed to appear at a United Nations event here in New York on February 26th called the UN-Millenium Goal Awards. Other artists tentatively scheduled to appear include Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora, as well as possibly Akon and Macy Gray.

The show is the brainchild of Rhodesian Sacha Stone, founder in 1999 of the Humanitad Foundation. Stone, who lives in the UK now, is said to have relationships with all involved and convinced the Lennons to come aboard. This would mean putting aside differences between the two former Lennon households.

When John Lennon was murdered in 1980, a rift grew because Sean’s mom, Yoko Ono, wouldn’t give Julian what he and his mom, Cynthia Lennon, considered a fair share of the estate. Julian Lennon wound up engaging lawyers, and a long legal situation followed. In May 2007 Julian told Howard Stern that he still hadn’t gotten any money from Yoko Ono. Unbelievable.

Over the years, there’s been plenty of animosity, mostly fueled by Ono. At a 2001 tribute to Lennon at Radio City Music Hall, she all but wiped out any reference to the Beatle’s first family. When Cirque du Soleil’s “Love” show opened in Las Vegas a few years ago, the severe Ono kept her distance from the amiable Cynthia and Julian. Sean was a no-show.

More recently, though, the two brothers have found more common ground, with Julian surprising Sean in Prague at a 2007 gig. Ironically, the brothers could not be more alike: soft spoken, friendly, and talented. Julian, of course, had success in his 20s with hits like “Valotte” and “Too Late for Goodbyes” in 1984-85. Sean has released a couple of indie albums and one on his dad’s old label, Capitol.

[From Fox News]

I would definitely be interested in hearing what kind of music the Lennon sons would make together. From what I’ve read, all of the Beatles’ offspring have some kind of musical talent – Paul McCartney’s son is also a musician, and Ringo Star’s son is a talented drummer as well. Maybe they could all get together and form the next generation of the Beatles? Ok, maybe not. But it’s nice to see that the adult sons of John Lennon are getting together after being apart for so long.

Here’s John Lennon’s “forgotten first family,” Cynthia and Julian Lennon, at the premiere of Cirque du Soleil’s “Love,” featuring remastered music by The Beatles, in Las Vegas. Photo credits: WENN.

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  1. Allie says:

    Yikes! Julian has aged really badly. He used to be so cute. Cynthia looks great though!

  2. Arvedia says:

    I love the picture of Sean and Julian. I´ve always been a Lennon fan and they are both so much like him that I can´t stop smiling.

  3. CandyKay says:

    Julian does look as if he’s had a hard life. And as if he has made the close acquaintance of a tanning bed.

    I believe George Harrison’s son Dhani is also a musician.

  4. MSat says:

    Yes – I forgot about him. Dhani performed at the tribute concert for his dad. He is the spitting image of his father, and quite good on the guitar.

  5. Cinderella says:

    What a great thing to see. Hope it’s successful for them in many ways.

  6. Simon Scowl says:

    It’s no surprise that Yoko wants nothing to do with Julian. He’s a constant reminder that John had a life before her.

  7. Diva says:

    As a 12-year old, I thought “Sitting on a pebble by the river playing guitar” were about the most inspired lyrics I’d ever heard. I would love to hear more music from Julian!

  8. xiaoecho says:

    Why are they performing when they both have limited musical gifts at best. Because their father was famous?? So what?

  9. barneslr says:

    George’s son Dhani is an excellent guitarist…and really resembles his dad, too. Check out the “Concert for George.” It’s truly wonderful, and Dhani is impressive.

  10. Amit Kshirsagar says:

    In 1964, there were only 4 Beatles:

    (a) John Winston Lennon

    (b) James Paul McCartney

    (c) George Harrison

    (d) Ringo Starr

    Years after their acrimonious break-up, and 29 years after John Lennon’s senseless murder, and followed after 21 years by George Harrison’s Death,
    thank GOD , that Paul and Ringo are still around, but they can never ever officially be The Beatles again:

    So what could be better than to have the sons of John , represent their father in spirit,

    Nothing could be a more poignant reminder as to what the Beatles did for our Globe, and what an ECHO filled cry that can be heard in the hearts of Babyboomers all over the World –


  11. Kim Petty says:

    I am so happy to see Sean and Julian are friends. I never could understand why Yoko was so insecure that she had to eliminate Julian from his fathers life but in the end I have to blame John for letting her. The fact that Julian would have to fight Yoko for part of his fathers estate is so upsetting. There is plenty of money for everyone in Johns life and to ignore Johns son is a mean, horrible thing to do. It tells me that Yoko didn’t really love John at all. I just hope when she dies if all goes to Sean that he will do the right thing and give Julian half.

  12. galin says:

    I wonder how many ex-wives around the world are nicknamed “Yoko”? I know mine is.