Lindsay Lohan didn’t order the cracked-out Barron Hilton beatdown, maybe?


Over the weekend, Lindsay Lohan enjoyed some good old fashioned crack shenanigans. It was just like old times… there were drugs and alcohol, a shady party at a mansion thrown by God knows who, a guest list that included at least one Hilton, and all of that added up to the pièce de résistance: a violent assault with Lindsay may or may not have “egged on” or “ordered”. To recap yesterday’s piece about the situation, go here. Basically, Barron Hilton got beaten up by a dude who was probably in Lindsay’s entourage. It’s all pretty shady, of course, and I believe the stories about Lindsay A) fleeing the scene and B) fleeing her hotel so the cops couldn’t find her or her friends after the assault. So, what’s going on now? Well, crack denials, shenanigans and a possible flight from justice. SERIOUSLY.

The guy who laid the smackdown on Barron Hilton’s face this week is claiming Lindsay Lohan had nothing to do with the attack … and his rep tells TMZ the blame falls entirely on Barron. A rep for Ray Lemoine (yes, really) claims his fists only started flying after Barron refused to leave the house … and says Paris Hilton’s little brother got physical first.

We’re told Ray had been renting the house for a few days — and allowed LiLo to stay there because she was a friend of a friend … but claims Hilton got all pissy when Lemoine asked him to leave after the party Friday morning.

The rep claims Hilton pulled the “do you know who I am card” but Ray didn’t care — so Barron pushed him … and that’s when things got violent.

We broke the story — Barron told cops Ray attacked him at Lindsay’s request … but the rep says Ray is adamant Lindsay had nothing to do with his actions.

[From TMZ]

TMZ parrots Lohan-friendly sources and often their sources are named Lohan too. I don’t really know what to think of this version, but I guess this is the version we’re going with now. The NYDN says that Ray… LeMoine (that’s how they spell it) is “on the run” from cops now, but “sources” back up TMZ’s version too – a source claims: “There were a bunch of kids at the house, when Ray got back from a party, who weren’t meant to be staying there. They had all been up all night drinking and Barron was one of them.” When Ray asked Barron and his friends to leave, Barron yelled, “Don’t you know who I am? Do you know who my sister is?” (which is sad) and then Barron started the physical altercation.

As for this Ray guy, as of mid-day yesterday, he was in Key West, trying to flee to Cuba (seriously!) because (his words) he’s afraid of “the Hiltons and Paris’ Cash Money crew… Castro hates the Hiltons and took their Havana hotel in 1959 as a base after conquering Cuba, so they are stoked I’m coming down to hate capitalism. Viva la Lohan!” SERIOUSLY?! Now Castro is part of a Lindsay Lohan shenanigan story?!



Photos courtesy of Lindsay’s Instagram & Twitter.

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  1. Kiddo says:

    If it involves a Hilton, my bias will lean toward believing Lohan. It’s a bit of a reverse Sophie’s Choice, though.

  2. Sisi says:

    So lilo was staying at the villa, uet went to a hotelroom before the fight started… Sounds like crackanese

    • Snarkweek says:

      Exactly this! The story said that she was a guest at some luxury villa yet she also had a hotel room. Sounds like a crack haven to me. Someone should’ve ordered their boyfriend to hold her down in the bathtub with a loofah and a bar of soap.

  3. Tessa says:

    Soooo…Lindsay is crashing at party pads? She’s such a dumbass.
    Terrible person. Just the worst.

  4. Lark says:

    Oh dear god this is hilarious and so cracked out. Believe it or not, I can buy that Lilo had nothing to do with this beat down. Barron Hilton is a coked out mess himself supposedly…This Ray guy though SMH.

  5. KromBoom says:

    Once upon a time
    In a land far, far away
    Lindsay worked with Tina Fey

    This story belongs to the Housewives of New Jersey. Does Lindsay know how far she’s fallen?

  6. I totally thought the header photo was Kimmy

  7. blue marie says:

    Yes, because no one has EVER lied for Lilo. Hell who even cares at this point-they all sound like losers.

  8. nico says:

    Lindsay is a sweet angel. She would never do anything bad.

    Shame on all of you.

  9. Baylor says:

    “Do you know who my sister is?” LOL! Yeah , and no one cares.

  10. Quinn says:

    OH MH LORD…the pictures from the Daily Mail…that “mansion” looks like the inside of a flop house. G-R-O-S-S. How fitting for BOTH a Lohan and a Hilton spawn.

  11. JEM says:

    I can’t get enough of the last picture. I wish it could be my Christmas card.

  12. Birdix says:

    Why does her hand look so strange in those selfies?

    • Patricia says:

      I noticed that, too. It makes me wonder if she is injecting something into her arm or wrists. Doing so can cause water retention and swelling in the hands. Some pics on her insta show even worse hands than what is seen here. It definitely does not look healthy.

  13. Mia4S says:

    So the Oprah series will be boring day shots of the Cracken going to church and reading scripts (she printed off the Internet) and in the meantime this was going on? The delusion will be overpowering!!!

  14. Patricia says:

    I still don’t get how the blame could really fall on Lohan, even if she did suggest the man administer a beat down on Barron. Unless she paid him or forced him, it’s on he who did the beating. This whole story makes no sense to me.

  15. TG says:

    I don’t understand why a rich person would bother with all this stuff and trying to get attention. If my parents were loaded and I had a trust fund I would be traveling the world and enjoying life not partying with losers on a coke binge. Why do they feel the need to be popular? So weird.

  16. Dannie says:

    They are all losers stuck in a high school mentality.

  17. Moiselle says:

    Dear HBO and Showtime,

    Please make a show based on Lilo’s antics. You will have pure gold on your hands as long as you do not cast any RL member of the family. Except maybe Lilo herself if she can get cleaned up and away from the bad influences on her life. Yeah, you’re right. Chances of that happening are pretty much zero at this point.

    Dear Barron Hilton,

    “Do you know who I am?” Yes. A parasite.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  18. Garrett says:

    The author is right. The “sources” are always from a Lohan. And if she is innocent then why won’t she answer a few questions from the police? This tells me that she might’ve had something to do with it.

  19. Dommy Dearest says:

    No no no ladies, that’s not why this dude fled. He is afraid of Paris herself. He saw the South Park episode that had Paris in it. He saw what she did to that pineapple.

    He knows.

  20. 28blue says:

    This Lindsay story ceased being interesting. The Miami Beach PD already stated she not being investigated and never was brought up as a person of interest. Barron, described by many witnesses at party, was surly to downright boorish. Dude is loaded enough to have his own libertine fest.

  21. slightly peeved says:

    TMZ is now saying that one of the renters of the villa blames Lindsay for starting it
    and that she was thrown out (didn’t just leave as she claims). And that when Lilo tried
    to get back in, the security guard wouldn’t let her (video?) because of it.

    Who knows. They are all so messed up.

  22. Debbie says:

    Oh, ffs, those riDICulous lips.

  23. Tara says:

    Are those pictures really Lindsey Lohan? She looks like a cross between Paris Hilton and Kim K. I feel like i have some sort of vertigo… or just bad eyesight.

  24. Aysla says:

    This is wrong, I know, but I find this entire story hilarious.

  25. littlestar says:

    “the Hiltons and Paris’ Cash Money crew… Castro hates the Hiltons and took their Havana hotel in 1959 as a base after conquering Cuba, so they are stoked I’m coming down to hate capitalism. Viva la Lohan!” —– !!!!! This has to be the funniest most random quote I’ve read in a long time :D .

  26. Marcell says:

    “SERIOUSLY?! Now Castro is part of a Lindsay Lohan shenanigan story?!”

    LOL. God, a mess. Love the girl but my god. She never fails to amuse us all. Viva La Lohan.

  27. V says:

    This is the sign for the end of days. I’m actually Team Lindsay on this one.

  28. jwoolman says:

    She skipperdeed back to New York and was photographed letting her dad into her apartment building. She seems to bring him in close whenever she’s made a mess that needs to be cleaned up. Her version(s) of events don’t hold together very well and Lemoine’s online rant is a bizarre justification for a violent act that could have caused serious injury or death – head impacts are funny that way. Lemoine admitted to hitting a guy wearing glasses… in the rant, Lemoine blames Barron for getting injured because Barron had glasses on when Lemoine hit him, wonderful logic. They’re so junior high.

    But no matter how obnoxious a person is, an adult can’t legally beat on somebody because he says obnoxious stuff. That’s why Lemoine veered quickly into claiming Barron got “physical” first so he can claim self-defense. Halle’s boyfriend tried to make the same claim about Gabriel for the same reason, but few believe it because that story contradicts the evidence and common sense and the histories of the two men. This situation is murkier because everybody was probably high as a kite, but I don’t see good reason to automatically believe Lindsay (a habitual liar) or Lemoine. I doubt that she’s in legal trouble if she egged on the assailant, but she’s in major trouble with the Hiltons. Maybe that’s the mess she brought dad in to clean up. Has Oprah paid her yet or are they still filming? She might be worried about Oprah’s reaction, considering Oprah threatened to fire her early in the project because of her behavior.

  29. Vilodemeanus says:

    Typical drugged out nonsense. No matter how many times you do rehab, it’s you that has to change your over all behavior and Lilo can’t do that. I think there are mental issues that are pretty severe. Like Amanda Bynes, Disney has a real knack for finding the broken ones, and then breaking them for good. I see more arrests and she has done mostly walk ons, with the Canyons and that bombed big time since 2008. Her career is DOA so now it’s just watching her implode and probably OD. She’s got nothing going on but the Oprah tragedy and no one is going to watch her fugness, it will be like Paris’ last reality show that no one watched. She’s a weasel, a drunk, an addict, a thief, a liar, a criminal, and has psychological issues that I don’t think can be treated but managed if you know what I mean and she can’t seem to manage one out of town trip much less her life. Car wreck on steroids is what she is.