Justin Timberlake’s team is miffed he only got 7 Grammy nods instead of 10

Justin Timberlake

Poor Justin Timberlake can’t win no matter what he does. He very badly wants to be a well-respected actor, but critics won’t let him be great. Audiences don’t much like the idea of heading out to watch JT at their local multiplexes either. So Justin is forced to earn his millions by “acting” through his music, which is such “an elevated idea.” Not to mention his attitude when he stated earlier this year, “My music career hangs over me like a cloud.

I give JT a hard time on a regular basis, but he really is an incredibly talented musician. The two 20/20 Experience albums are filler crap or what I like to call “Walgreens music,” but I listened to Future Love/Sex Sounds during my last run and remembered how charismatic he used to be. JT was so much fun, you know? Now he’s completely full of himself, and he’s surrounded himself with fellow whiners.

Justin has kept quiet in the wake of last week’s Grammy nominations, but his team is complaining for him. JT earned 7 nods including Best Pop Solo Performance, but he failed to scoop the “big” categories, including Album, Song and Record of the year. Justin’s producer, Rob Knox, and music supervisor, Scott Vener, couldn’t help but vent all over Twitter:

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

Ugh, these guys. Justin could have told them to chill out or delete their tweets, but no. That hasn’t happened, so I can only assume that they’ve all been bitching together in private. I wish JT understood how fortunate he is. He’s sold more albums (2.3 million) than any other artist this year! JT needs to realize that he can’t win all of the awards all the time. Especially since he doesn’t even want to be a musician.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

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  1. Dani2 says:

    Justin has always been such a pretentious asshole. I don’t even think he deserves the seven he got – he basically stuck to the same formulaic stuff that has always worked for him. He’s talented (musically) but he kind of does the same thing over and over again. He should be grateful for what he did win.

    • MaiGirl says:

      I’m right there with you. He has gotten far too much credit for “originality” and “artistry” when he is just derivative and pose-hard. Why don’t people seem to know that he wouldn’t be anywhere without Timbaland and his other producers (but mostly Timbaland). THAT’S why his first albums were so good, and why his latest ones haven’t been as good, since he as taken over more of the production. As for being ungrateful, looking back on how he spilled the beans on Britney, how he treated Janet, and his baby-like meltdown when he was Punk’d and called his mama to cry, I am not at all surprised.

    • ToodySezHey says:





      I mean, he despite turning in a double album effort, its obvious he phoned this shyt in. So many songs from 20/20 structurally and rythmically were remniscent of earlier efforts from other albums. Tell me that there isnt a similarity between Cry Me a River, What Goes Around Comes Around( a song I love to this day) and also Mirror? Tell me there isnt a similarity between Like I love You( again, a song I still love) and Bodycount?

      I can definitely believe the rumors that despite JT’s assertion that 20/20 reflects some sort of inner introspection, it really reflects that both albums were hurriedly recorded in 20 days. The album songs song not fully thought out or conceptualized. And the albums are indulgent as hell, letting tracks that should be 3 mins tops run on and on for 5+ minutes. Dude, you aint a damn house dj or Tool, those tracks dont need to be 5,6 minutes long.

      Honestly, we all know the Grammy’s song out long ago. I stopped giving a damn about the Grammy’s in ’98 when Lenny Kravitz beat out Jeff Buckley for best rock song. Lenny’s nominee was his song ‘fly away’ which no doubt was a well written hit song, and I do love me some Lenny and have several of his albums…..but you will never convince me that the entirety of Lenny’s whole career catalogue comes to anywhere close to Jeff’s song ‘Everybody Here Wants You’ which was the other song nominated,l and frankly, not even won of Jeff’s best songs. But when Lenny won that year, I knew then the Grammy’s was about album sales and nothing else and havent watched since.

      That said, given the Grammy’s low standards, Im still shocked Justin got as many nominations as he did. From what I have heard but albums are mostly filler music that is wannabe innovate but mostly overlong and over indulgent fluff.

      This is why people who compare JT to Robin Thicke annoy me. Blurred lines aside, Robin is the Real Deal. And what I mean by that is…Justin, essentially, is a pop artist. A pop artist who has just enough RnB sheen to his songs to earn him some street cred and love in the Urban( read afro american) community. But he is not a true soul artist, and when he does dapple in a soul singer sound, it never seems authentic to me. He is at his best when he is comfortably straddling the line between pop and rnb i.e. songs like ‘Like I love you’, ‘seniorita’, ‘sexy back’, ‘what goes around comes around’ ‘suit and tie(which come on…you know he was stampling a little robin thicke steeze on there) ‘cry me a river’ etc.

      Meanwhile, RT is the opposite. His natural vibe is as a good old fashioned soul/RnB singer. Thats why when he first broke big, he had more recognition in the black coummunuty as a opposed to a more broad pop appeal. If you have his albums ‘Evolution of RT’ ‘Magic’ and ‘Love After War’ you know for real he is a through and through RnB soul crooner. Blurred Lines was an intentional attempt on his part to have a more broad pop sound and appeal, but was still is grounded in his soulful style. Also, Robin bares his soul and speaks on personal issues in alot of his songs. I never get the feeling that JT bares anything in his music., a few songs aside. Again, at his core, JT is a pop artist and entertainer. JT is more Madonna , while RT is closer to someone like D’Angelo or Maxwell.

      I say all that to say this..Justin made a crappy double album, but because he has loyal fans and sold well, he still has a gander of undeserved Grammy nods. Take your awards and your money and stop phvcking whining already, Pipsqueak!

  2. Talie says:

    Has he ever explained why he thinks being an actor is his true calling? I don’t get why he would describe his career as a musician as a cloud. Very odd.

  3. Jenna says:

    Oh, how I miss the JT of the ‘Cry Me A River’ days. What ever happened to him once he brought ‘SexyBack’? *le sigh*

    • LB says:

      His first two albums were killer. The first was really good and also benefited from being his first solo project, plus Britney breakup intrigue. The second album was distinct from the first in its experimenting with sound. Really unique work. There’s a reason even hipster music critics considered My Love to be one of the best songs of the year.

      He just wasn’t daring enough on this album. Most of it sounded just like the first two; Suit and Tie was interesting but not much else sounded distinct from his prior work. He needs to get more creative with different producers who will push him.

    • gefeylich says:

      Oh, you mean the song he wrote about Britney in which he whines about how she cheated on him? Yes, he was the Taylor Swift of his day once. Now he’s just giving Kanye a run for his money in the Undeserved Petulance Sweepstakes.

      Face it: the only “team” who is “miffed” at JT’s “meager” Grammy showing is made up of JT, Biel and their dog. Yeah, they’re all extremely miffed and don’t care who knows it!

      Boy, just wait until the Oscar noms roll around. The high-pitched screaming over the “snubs” of JT’s fine movie acting will only be heard by that dog (who will be miffed again).

  4. Anna says:

    The 20/20 experience wasn’t even that great and definitely not worthy of being nominated for best album.
    This whining reminds me of what happened last year with Justin Bieber, it was so embarrassing.
    I bet they only made Kendrick Lamar the exception to fit in, they probably don’t actually think he should’ve been nominated either.

    On another note, I’m glad rap is getting more recognition at the Grammy’s again. And I hope Kendrick wins in his categories.

  5. Bananapants says:

    It didn’t get those nominations because the album/s are marginal, at best. I saw him with Jay z this summer. He held his own for about thirty minutes and then I was honestly bored, probably because I remembered all the douchy things he says about being a musician.

  6. Mimi says:

    His hair plugs are distracting. It gives him an unnatural hairline for an aging man. He must have ordered the Nic Cage wiglet.

  7. Hannah says:

    Not that I like Justin or agree with these guys, but the Grammys are utterly irrelevant and nonsensical. You could go down the list of nominees and pick them apart. For instance, they nominated Ed Sheeran as Best New Artist when his album was released in 2011 and he was already nominated in a different category last year.

  8. Tapioca says:

    I like the “most purchased” tweet – it’s like saying Transformers: Dark of the Moon deserved a Best Picture Oscar nom because the masses have a high tolerance for by-numbers manufactured cr*p.

    I still love FS/LS and occasionally play Justified, but the tracks I heard off 20/20 were clearly phoned in after taking a valium…

    • LadyMTL says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. So his album sold a lot of copies…and? That automatically means he deserves a nomination? What’s the correlation between the two? There are tons of cr*p albums out there that have sold millions of copies, do they all deserve awards? No.

  9. blue marie says:

    I’m sorry, who are these people and why do I care what they think? Man, how funny would it be after this whining that JT gets nothing? Fingers crossed it happens..

  10. Han says:

    I am no justin fan, I mean i like some of his songs and i think he is talented but he is not someone i listen too but i kind of agree with these guys that the grammys lack cred.

  11. Mindy says:

    Way, wah, wah… Poor widdle baby. Not getting 10 noms for a ‘meh’ album. My heart BLEEDS for him (not).

    Justin… Go and put your big boy pants on and grow the f&*k up. How that mess got 7 noms is beyond me.

  12. Barbara says:

    They do have a point though… the nominations were a testament of how bad music is in North America these days… I like JT (whose music I’m not particularly a fan of) better than the rest by a mile.
    It DOES sound like 14yo girls voting to get those nominations…

    • paola says:

      We all know that the ‘look factor’ is important to sell records and win awards. How else you would explain the success of some bands like One Direction or Backstreet Boys back in the day? They’re not great singer.. they can hold a tune but they’re average. Katy Perry is not a great singer, nor is Rihanna, but they sell because of their image.

  13. Toot says:

    I’m pissed that Bruno Mars didn’t get Album of the Year. His whole album is good. 20/20 sucked to me and he should be happy he got those 7.

  14. Lark says:

    I’m not a fan of Justin’s, but they have a point in how ridiculous the Grammy’s have gotten….and I can’t even believe I’m going to say this but Yeezus had a point in his bitching too. For example, Katy Perry? Especially when it is SO close to the Sara Bareilles song and was released three months later….

  15. paola says:

    JT is one of the celebrities I dislike the most. He should be grateful for what he had, many musicians would cut their right arm to get to where he got. To me he needs to chill out and cope with the fact that he’s not considered a hot hunk anymore and move on to the next project. The next project might be a great new album, but this time maybe different from ALL the others?

  16. Frida_K says:

    If only Justin would just put his dick in a box and focus on that, and if only Kanye would shove a fish stick in his mouth and just keep silent…imagine how much calmer the world would be?

  17. Yelly says:

    What an epic douche he’s become. FutureSex/Love Sounds was an INCREDIBLE album though.

  18. GeeMoney says:

    I want to preface my post with this: I am a die hard Justin Timberlake fan.

    With that said, The 20/20 Experience album really wasn’t that good. His first two albums (Justified and FutureSex/LoveSounds) were really innovative and wonderful, and this one was just ‘meh’. I loved “Suit and Tie” and “Mirrors”, but the rest of the album just didn’t deliver (especially the second half).

    I know that he wants to be an ‘actor’, but he’s no good. Hell, his wife is a better actor than him, and that’s not saying much. Honestly, he should just go back into the studio and focus on making good music. And then every once in awhile make the occasional SNL appearance.

    It breaks my heart to really write anything negative about my #1 celebrity crush, but I just had to be honest.

    • Katie says:

      I totally understand. I’ve always been a huge JT fan, I always say he is my next husband, lol. But he has such a stick up his ass! His attitude has gotten ridiculously annoying and he thinks he can do anything musically but he needs to realize he can’t and just go back to the original formula.

  19. The Original G says:

    Well, I’m miffed her got 7 instead of 0.

  20. Janet says:

    He’s lucky he got 7 for that snoozefest. In that case I hope he wins zero Grammy’s. Also what happened to his voice? He had potential to be a really good vocalist and now his voice sounds so thin and airy.

  21. Nicole says:

    I will give it to Justin, he’s a great musician but a shitty lyricist. He needs help. Maybe he can talk to Diane Warren or something. As for his assholeness, I’ve just learned to separate personality from product. If I just bought music from people who were good people, my catalog would be a lot slimmer. I only draw comfort in knowing, asshole attracts asshole, and he’s creating a lot of bad karma.

  22. Violeta says:

    Can’t wait for their tweets when//if JT wins ZERO grammy!

  23. Audrey says:

    Has he ever won a Grammy? I always think of him as the Leonardo DiCaprio of the grammys

  24. GirlyGirl says:

    Meh, JT is sooo lame. Watching his video made me want to check that my TV hadn’t gone through a timewarp back to 1999.

    You know, when he was relevant.

  25. elle224 says:

    Who cares about JT, when Led Zeppelin, David Bowie and Black Sabbath are nominated for Grammys this year!!!!!!

  26. Zooyork says:

    Why did he get any nominations at all?? His music is so boring and he sounds like Minnie Mouse.

  27. ol cranky says:

    Sorry guys, while all too often these awards are about popularity, they’re supposed to be about quality. If Timberlake’s last album isn’t up to snuff to the the big nods then Mr. Knox shouldn’t blame the academy, he should be blaming himself because, obviously, he did a crap job with the production and blew smoke up JTs ass instead of helping him make a great record

  28. Ravensdaughter says:

    I always thought Justin was a douchebag until I saw he and Jimmy Kimmel do “The History of Rap” together. It was hilarious and Justin seemed to be having as good a time as Jimmy playing the audience and partnering up with Jimmy. They must have practiced for awhile because Jimmy kept up with Justin-I would have passed out.
    Play this when you’ve had a crappy day and you will feel better, I promise:

  29. Vilodemeanus says:

    I can’t stand his music, no one I know listens to him. I do wonder who would down load an entire album of his … stuff. I couldn’t stomach it . Sounds like the Grammy fluffing of JT is over and the hanger ons know it and are sad because the money train is pulling out of the station without them on it.

    Beginning of the end, and did I mention HE CAN’T ACT? He Can’t Act worth a shit and it’s like watching a bad high school drama understudy, along side professional actors, he’s even worse when paired with real talent.