Did Kim Kardashian pluck, wax or fill-in her daughter Nori’s eyebrows?

nori west

Kim Kardashian posted this ^^ photo of North “Nori” West on her Instagram yesterday. Eyebrows! Nori has very strong baby-brows! Some people think that Kim waxed Nori’s “baby unibrow” but…? I don’t know. I don’t feel like going through the previous Nori photos to see if the child had a unibrow – I don’t think she did. More likely, Kim just plucked one or two errant hairs and then put a little makeup on the baby. Anyway, I don’t really have much to say about Nori. She looks like a healthy, well-fed baby and she’s beautiful. Please don’t go off on some tangent about baby-hating this or bad-motherhood that. I kind of like how Kim posts photos of Nori on her Instagram – many women do and there are certainly worse things.

I’m also including some photos of Kim out with Nori and Kourtney Kardashian (and baby Penelope, I think). Kim looked cute in that grey outfit, right? Yeah, I hate myself for admitting this, but I would wear that ensemble. But could I afford it? How much does it cost to be KatFace Kardashian?

It takes a village, and Kanye West is sparing no expense to make sure his fianceé and baby mama Kim Kardashian looks red carpet ready on a whim, paying $250,000 to have the reality starlet’s glam squad on call 24/7, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

West, currently on the North American leg of his Yeezus tour, has been accompanied by Kim and her ever-present glam squad.

“Kanye has told Kim he will spare no expense to make her look ready to go to a major photo shoot whenever she desires. So, Kim’s hair stylist, make-up artist, and stylist all based in Los Angeles, are on call 24/7, ready to get on a private jet to be whisked to her location,” a source close to the couple tells Radar.

“Kim only trusts her team to make her look gorgeous and doesn’t want to work with outsiders. This doesn’t come cheap, and Kanye will shell out $250,000 just while he is on tour for Kim’s glam squad. The money doesn’t mean anything to him because Kanye wants his lady to look perfect.”

Meanwhile, as Radar previously reported, fans of the E! star slammed Kim has being “sleazy” and “greedy” for giving just 10% of her online auction to the Philippine’s relief effort.

The soon-to-be Mrs. West “loves that money is no issue ever with Kanye. He never balks at how much money Kim spends,” the insider added.

“The truth is that Kanye spends a lot more than Kim does on clothes, accessories and cars. They are a perfect match for each other.”

[From Radar]

Wait… wait… so Kanye is paying Kim’s bills now? I really do doubt that. I mean, I can see Kanye spending money on gifts, I can see him putting some Glam Squad people on retainer, but I’ve always gotten the impression that Kim pays her own bills and she knows how to take care of herself financially. Of course, maybe this is about something else entirely – Kanye treats Kim like his personal Barbie doll, so he wants to pay for her Glam Squad so he gets to tell them how Kim should look.



Photos courtesy of Instagram, Fame/Flynet, WENN.


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  1. gg says:

    She looks like a grey used condom, or a flaccid old man’s … Jeeze get some clothes that aren’t three sizes too small and work for your figure?

    The baby didn’t have a unibrow to start with and it could’ve just been photoshopped.

    • Dhavynia says:

      Lol best comment of the day

    • An says:

      If you look closely you can see the unibrow-area being blurry. So yes, photoshop.

      Why would you need to photoshop your kids baby pics though. Seems… Vain.

      • Cristina says:

        Oh my God! You are right! She did photoshop the baby’s unibrow – the area is blurry if you look closely. I’ve only noticed after you pointed it out despite starring at the photo for quite some time because I think North is so cute.

        As for Kim’s outfit, I don’t think it flatters her figure at all. I’ve seen more pics from this outing and thought “wow, they photoshopped the hell out of her body in bound2 video”.

        Regarding the bills, she pays her own bills. Sure Kanye buys her gifts and everything, but the girl can pay her bills.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        The idea of manipulating the image of a BABY is completely offensive to me. The picture looks different from the over-the-shoulder photo but who knows. This does not bode well for North as she gets older and the mother continues to teach her she does not look acceptable as she is. Is KK already forcing her own body image problems onto an infant? Plastic surgery by ten years old?

      • amilu says:

        Totally blurred/smudged with a photo editor! Firstly the blur. Secondly that beautiful baby’s head looks a little too hirsute to have such perfectly separated and defined brows. I don’t mean that in any mean way; lots of babies are a little fuzzy. She’s still gorgeous.

      • Belle says:

        This photo looks very photoshopped to me as well.. not only the unibrow area, but the eyes/eyelashes as well. I’m not saying a baby can’t have full/thick eyelashes, but these look very much like they were edited. Seriously… that area where you would normally see SOME of her eyelid… completely darkened. The eyelash area looks worse to me than the unibrow area. SO FREAKING SAD.

    • snickers says:

      thank you for saying what i was thinking… she looks like she POURS/STUFFS herself into whatever clothing choice. everything looks like a sausage casing. NOT flattering

      • floretta50 says:

        Got that right she put mascara on the baby eye lashes and she did something with her eye brows, Kim K is Libyan and her before pictures show her with heavy eyebrows, also look at Kanye West his eye brows are so bushy and that they touch in the center of his forehead, there is no way that baby would not have heavy eye brows. she is cute but she looks like a boy. The most stunning baby photo I have seen in Hollywood is Brad And Angie’s Shiloh.

    • mytbean says:

      While that would be a tasty morsel of gossip if it were true… Nope. Photoshop is what I do for a living and have for 15 years so I know what to look for and there’s no shop there – at least not in the brow area.

      98% of the time people overlook a few things when “shopping”. In this image the digital pixelization is consistent and not smudged or softened in that area. I doubt very seriously that she would know to do the correction on a separate layer and then follow-up and make it consistent in pixels after doing the edit. Maybe I’m underestimating her expertise but I do doubt it.

      The color is off there – pinker. But I think that’s just the “charm” of low-rez phone photos these days.

  2. Nroth Wset says:

    Pencil Biatch….GOD< WHY..Luck is with the DUMBER ONES, under us…

  3. Penelope says:

    The baby’s adorable. Beautiful eyes.

    • Seni says:

      No everyone on ever online site is saying they photoshopped NOT JUST her brows but her nose thinner and her eyes larger. Here eye size did not change to twice the size in a couple of days.

      The photos have shown to have photoshop hallmarks. Kim is one sick individual.

      • Belle says:

        I don’t think they photoshopped her eye ‘size’, but it looks like they went to town, trying to create lush, full eyelashes and made a real mess of it. I posted above, but the area where you would normally see some eyelid (even if just a bit, depending on the angle), is totally blackened with ‘eyelashes’. It looks awful…. the right eye (left when looking at the photo) looks really bad, but they are both very edited.

        I also see some photo shop ‘blurring’ down each side of her nose. :( Poor child… what a horrible message this sends.

  4. Dani2 says:

    Look, she’s not exactly my favourite person but I don’t think she plucked or filled in her baby’s eyebrows. I don’t believe that even she could be that shallow. And Nori seems to be getting even cuter :) there’s nothing like a baby’s smile, I swear.

  5. Lena says:

    I don’t think she waxed or plucked Nori’s brows. But I think she airbrushed a little bit of her unibrow off for the photo. No big deal.

  6. Jacqueline says:

    I saw the photos of her and her new BFF getting their eyebrows done yesterday, and I honestly wonder what she has left to wax. I mean, I assume she’s also lasered her eyebrows to perfection.
    Am I the only one who looks at soles of shoes? Those are a brand new pair of heels, no scraped up or anything. I’d hate to constantly be breaking in shoes!

  7. Dawn says:

    Oh who knows? She is vile and vapid enough to think it important to do so. I give up on this do nothing of importance chica. Grow up, and use some of your time to do something of worth for those who are far less fortunate then you Kimmode. Show the universe that you are indeed thankful for what it gave you off a raunchy sex tape and awful reality show.

    • janie says:

      Since their popularity has taken a nose dive, let’s play the baby card? She pulls out a baby photo everytime coverage stops. It’s like crying wolf… The pics will stop working as well. She is a beautiful baby.

      • idk says:

        There is definitely a pattern going on here. Whenever someone else in the family is getting attention (khloe and kendal) Kim pulls out a new baby pic…or perhaps this time it was because Beyonce was getting attention. You know Kanye’s ego is hurt because Beyonce kept her album a secret from him (he has a big mouth remember). Also, he’s not a featured rapper on her album…you know he’s upset about that ! I mean how can Beyonce not have the best rapper of all time on her album? LOL.

      • Dawn says:

        Oh I didn’t know that about Bey not letting him on her album. I think that speaks volumes because it seems that the Carters have been keeping their distance from him for some time now. I don’t think Kanye West will have much longer in the lime light should his association to Jay Z (excuse me for this!) goes south.

  8. YummyMummy says:

    The top half of her gray outfit looks like it would go with yoga pants and sneakers. Not pumps! Kanye needs to hire a tailor to let out her seams!

  9. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    There’s Kim’s old face (Nori). That baby is going to grow up to be so pretty—too bad Kim wrecked her own face. Why did people think she plucked her baby’s eyebrows? Don’t look any different to me.

  10. lulu says:

    Lol! Obvious is obvious! She did something to those brows. They are way too perfect. I hope it’s just photoshopped, but I bet it isn’t. :-(

  11. Zigggy says:

    Goodness, that’s the first outfit I’ve ever seen her wear that I would wear too.

    • Jennabean says:

      IKR I would wear sneakers but yeH she looks almost like. Normal person just running around doing errands. I think she photoshopped her baby that makes me so sad. Your a mother now kimmy, show her how perfect and beautiful she is on her own. Without makeup,photoshop,fillers,surgery.

  12. Buckwild says:

    It doesn’t look like she did anything to the brows to me. I see people on dailymail comparing older photos when north was younger – uh do people not know that babies grow more hair as they get older? The kardaahian hate is warping their judgment

  13. swack says:

    North is beautiful and her smile just lights up her eyes. Don’t think she did anything to the eyebrows but may have photo shopped the picture. Sad if she felt she had to photo shop it if she did photo shop it.

  14. JJ says:

    I think the media is really ‘stretching’ for a story now… ridiculous. I really doubt she waxed or plucked Nori’s brows. smh.

  15. Raised Brow says:

    I can’t believe this story is getting steam. I’m not a fan of Kim’s in any way, shape or form, but I find it laughable at the suggestion she waxes her child’s brows. -_-

  16. littlestar says:

    Kim’s clothes are too tight as usual and her face is a mess, but damn I love those shoes!!! I am pretty sure they are Manolo’s – I am coveting the same pair but in a bright rich purple colour.

  17. Talie says:

    I definitely thought that they looked a little too well-manicured for a baby.

  18. Kaylah says:

    I did not notice the absence of the little hair patch in the middle of her head but i hope it‘s photoshop or a filter, hopefully Katface isn‘t vain enough to pluck a 5 month olds eyebrows.
    Why does she insist on that stupid stroller? It‘s like a 10 second walk from the car to the building. Carry the baby in your arms or let the nanny carry her. She‘s just trying to extend her obligatory I‘m a good mom ho stroll.

  19. Tiffw28 says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw the photo yesterday was Kim did something to her eyebrows. Babies eyebrows are not that perfect, even my little blonde babies have stray hairs right under their brows etc….Kim also has an obsession with body hair. Not saying she waxed but something was done. They are that superficial

    • oh dear says:

      you know, when i saw that pic of nori with jeff koons i was wondering how long it would take kim to become the next farah whatshername, because in that pic it looks like the little girl has a unibrow..

      actually if you put these two pics next to each other you can clearly see a total change in the kids eyebrows. i just hope its photoshop.

  20. Tazina says:

    Some people have too much time on their hands. This is one of the most ridiculous topics yet. Get a hobby and quit obsessing over a baby’s eyebrows.

  21. Anna says:

    I don’t think she did anything to her eyebrows… Of all the comments on the picture, I had never heard people actually thought that until now.
    Nori’s eyebrows look similar to Mason’s and Penelope’s…

    Kim’s body looks a lot nicer in outfits like this. I hate her heels though

  22. Soccer mom says:

    Her face is so unattractive now. Her mouth is weird. Why does her outfits have to be so tight all the time. If her chest was smaller it would be a cute outfit but since she is so top heavy it looks bad and makes her look heavy.

    • emmie_a says:

      Yes, her face is soo unattractive now! I was just on blindgossip.com and they have an old picture of Kim and omg. It’s one of the best pics I have seen that shows how much work she has had done. She was cute and ethnic looking before but she’s ruined every attractive trait she had.

  23. Han says:

    Why are there so many Kim Kardashian posts? And why is she so lightly criticised compared to far more accomplished women that this site covers? I am just wondering because i don’t get it?

    • FingerBinger says:

      There have been daily Kim K, Kanye West and/or K-klan/Jenner posts lately. I rarely comment or even read posts about them anymore. I had to read this one,however, I couldn’t believe that people are really talking about a baby’s eyebrows.

    • jaredlie says:

      Exactly. Natalie Portman, Gwenyth Palthrow, Anne Hatheway, Jennifer Aniston and nearly every female celeb on this site get tons of worse negative comments then Kim does. These ladies are all far more famous and accomplished then this Pee Queen. And I do believe that Pee Queen’s even dumber fiancée is paying for her needs and expenses. She doesn’t like to pay for things in life. She got her own free wedding and free expensive gifts. She thinks she can live it up like the Obamas or the Royals lol.
      I am also another person who doesn’t get why there are so many article written about her and her lame family. She is useless, ugl.y, untalented and hasn’t achieved very much in life. I can name atleast 50 celeb who are more famous, good looking and that have acheived something in life.

  24. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Ever wonder if she regrets those butt implants?

  25. AlmondJoy says:

    I’m having a hard time believing that this is an actual post.. lol. Im no Kim fan but this is kind ridiculous and it makes me laugh. I’ve seen pics of Kim and her sisters when they were younger. They all had very thick eyebrows.

  26. The Original G says:

    I’m always up for giving Kim a side-eye, but this is silly. That baby looks fine. Any concern for neglected and abused children is totally misplaced here.

    Pretty sure that $250, 000 on hair and make-up is a tax deduction.

  27. drea says:

    Looks like Photoshop to me. If you zoom in, you’ll notice that the part between the baby’s eyebrows is juuust a little bit smudgier than the rest of her face. I don’t think they’ll be plucking the poor girl’s brows until she’s at least… 5? Kidding. Well, not really. All I can say is good luck, sweetie!

  28. Kat says:

    There seems to be some pics that look like there is some kind of lens that stretches her vertically to make her appear thinner. Anyone else notice this?

  29. tifzlan says:

    Guys, seriously though, why is her mouth sliding further and further down her face?

    • Cazzee says:

      It’s actually her nose – it is getting smaller and smaller. KK’s nose has now been whittled down so much that there is a huge expanse between the end of her nose and her upper lip, which is why it looks like her mouth is sliding off her face. They took off way too much with the most recent rhinoplasty and this is the result.

      Is there any way to reverse a nose job?

      • tifzlan says:

        Okay, yeah, i see it! Wow, this girl has seriously effed her face up. She used to be pretty. A famewhore all the same but still, she was pretty. And now? Now she looks like the second coming of Jocelyn Wildenstein. And a giraffe. What would compel someone to ruin their face like this?!

    • Seriously says:

      I saw a quote from Kim where she said that her newly shaped eyebrows are the reason her nose looks different. Apparently they used to be “really square” and that was making her nose look longer. *cough*

  30. JJL says:

    There are seemingly far less “superficial” people (than Kim) that alter their childrens appearence – Gwen Stefani dying her childrens hair bleach blond so do I think KK did something to this baby for vanity’s sake – you bet. And she’ll continue.

  31. CaliforniaDreams says:

    No plucking or waxing, just photoshop. You can see that she retouched the very center to hide North’s unibrow. Which I think is really sad, but Kim herself is really sad, she leads such an empty life. Can’t stand her or Kanye, but this is the first pic that makes me think North is exceptionally cute, what a little doll. And I can believe that Kanye pays for anything Kim wants…he has to make her bearding worth it!

  32. Bgirl81 says:

    I had my first brow wax at age 11…*hangs head in shame*

    I can’t stand her, but the baby is precious!!

    • Daphne says:

      BGirl, only hang your head in shame if you pencil them on like I see so many women do. You probably have very think beautiful thick brows that can pull of any shape to suit your face. My teenager has thick brows. We call them her “angry caterpillars” when she haven’t had them waxed.

  33. Lynne says:

    I think she removed some of the brow via photoshop or whatever and I think she enhanced the lashes via photoshop.
    I hope as a child she doesn’t have image issues like the rest of them do.

  34. Tracy says:

    So the body in that grey outfit is the same bikini body splashed on a magazine cover last week? Yeah… ok.

  35. Cazzee says:

    Okay, I have to admit it – I just click on these posts to look at the baby pictures. Beautiful baby!

  36. LilyT says:

    Her baby’s face is perfect, beautiful. She has ruined her own.

  37. Grant says:

    That baby is frickin’ precious.

  38. Dani says:

    She looks awful from behind, her butt is literally sagging. She’s obviously wearing the tightest clothes ever so she can show us how she did lose the weight!! how she’s perfect!! how it’s all about HER!!! She grosses me out. As mother to a 3 month old, the uni area is so photoshopped. It’s waaaay too smooth. My daughter doesn’t have a unibrow but she has tiny tiny hairs that show if I take a picture that close up to her face. She’s so vain it’s disgusting.

  39. someone says:

    Definitely photoshopped. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt that she didn’t wax the baby’s brows. If you look at the picture of Nori in her stroller with Jeffrey Koons on Dec. 5th her eyebrows CLEARLY all but touch in the middle. It’s fine that you photoshop pictures of yourself but truly sad to photoshop your own baby.

  40. halleygee says:

    Definitely photoshopped between the brows.

  41. tx_mom says:

    I dunno, I would give her the benefit of the doubt. This photo’s focus is at the baby’s wrist, so we can’t see every little hair on that cute little face.

    I’d also like to add that some newborns are fuzzier than others. One of my kids had a full-on unibrow at birth which receded at around 4 months. (She also had fuzzy ears, which also cleared up around the same time!) If you have dark hair, as my child did, you can see all the fuzz. Cut a baby some slack! :-)

  42. SamiHami says:

    This is just dumb. I have no use for the Kardashians, but come on…a little airbrushing on the picture? Maybe. Plucking her brows? No.

  43. idk says:

    So you’re telling me Kanye pays people to put Kim’s hair in a ponytail? She can’t even do that herself? Does she really need a glam squad 24/7 ? Kanye must know his ability to make a lot of money is going to diminish at some point, especially since his popularity is dwindling. The Kardashians aren’t making the money they used to either. These two need to be much smarter about money. Didn’t Kanye say the reason he switched to Adidas from Nike is because of the royalties and how he did if for his daughter? No, he did it for Kim…the royalties will help paying for her glam squad.

  44. Jaxx says:

    I don’t know why everyone is talking about the brows, what has she done to her eyelashes? In the early pics Nori does not have such thick eyelashes clear up to her eyebrows. I sure hope it’s photoshop and not mascara. Imagine putting remover on a baby’s delicate eyes.

    As for other parents changing their child’s appearance. I was furious when Gwen bleached her little boy’s hair when he was about three. I saw a pic when they were leaving the salon and he was hysterical from the process and his poor little hairline was bright red from the bleaching. He had obviously been crying for some time. I thought it was very close to child abuse to put a toddler through that for vanity’s sake.

    • Belle says:

      +1 on the eyelashes. Yes, the unibrow area is blurred out… but the lashes look obviously photoshopped to me. I don’t think it is mascara… the entire eyelid area is blackened out… which would happen when trying to ‘fill in’ extra/more full lashes.

      • emmie_a says:

        I just saw pics on DM and now I’m convinced that she did photoshop the baby’s eyelashes bc in the DM pics you don’t see super dark, full lashes. That is soooo pathetic. Unless it’s just the lighting/angle in the pic that Kim released that makes the lashes look like that?

  45. Jennifer12 says:

    Her outfit is okay, but the pumps with it do not work. The baby is cute, but this IS the woman who said she’d have to wait to buy certain baby things until she knew what her baby’s skin tone would be. I wouldn’t put it past her to photoshop something she didn’t like.

  46. Meggin says:

    She looks terrible in that outfit. With all her money, she can’t buy clothes that actually fit her? I don’t get it.

  47. Josephine says:

    Kim has stubby legs. The nanny caught a cute moment on film.

  48. TeresaGiudice says:

    Kim needs to consult with the surgeon who worked on her ass because it look likes her fat injections are starting to migrate south for the winter.

  49. emmie_a says:

    Off subject but I saw a video of Kourtney Kardashian yelling at the paps (and so eloquently yelling ‘f*ck off’ while holding her son) and telling them to not talk to her when she is with her children (that’s fair I think) — so my question is, why are like 25 or so paps following Kourtney? Or maybe Kim was with her because I just can’t imagine that pics of Kourtney are in demand. And even so, once again, they want it both ways: They used to call the paps. The paps made them famous. But now they want them to go away – or they only want them around on their terms. Good luck with that.

  50. Sachi says:

    Precious baby. She has “smiling” eyes. So cute! :D

    As for Kim, her face is lopsided now. Should have left that nose and cheeks alone.

  51. Ming says:

    There are more pics of the baby being held by the nanny on this same outing.
    I find it so odd we’ve never really seen Kim hold her own child.

  52. rudy says:

    My daughter had perfectly formed eyebrows at birth, still does at age 14.

    You cannot tell at all from the instagram photo whether or not North was photoshopped. Her eyes looks strange but that can have everything to do with the angle of the camera, the light in the room, the camera lens, etc.

    North’s face looks chubby and plump and baby strange. I cannot even imagine Kim photoshopping baby pictures. That is horrific. If she did, god help her. She is already down a path that she can never come back from. Maybe perhaps, probably, Kim;s dysfunctions have much to do with PMK. But Kim is now an adult and it is her responsibility at this point to deal with any fall off from such an awful mom. It seems, unfortunately, Kim is all too aware and in agreement with her families disgusting fame hogness.

  53. Dear Kim:
    Free advice from the Advice Goddess:
    Skinny jeans: not for you. I’m not trying to be mean or critical, but skinny jeans are for, well, skinny people. Unless you thow some calf to bottom-of-the-knee lenth boots on, you cannot wear skinny jeans.

    Tall people who aren’t really thin can sometimes pull this look off too. You are neither skinny nor tall, so please cease and desist before you are further photographed in a monstrosity of an outfit like this one again.

    By the way, I can’t wear them either and I’m looking forward to the end of this trend.

    Yours truly,

  54. Jane says:

    Very cute baby. I am just sorry she has two totally f***ed up parents who take narcissism to a whole new level of insanity. Poor little dumpling. She has no idea how f***ed up her life is going to be with these Kim and Kanye as her parents.

  55. Dawn says:

    Oh and if anyone wants to see the REAL Kim Kardashian, the one before all the plastic surgery that she denies check this out: http://blindgossip.com/
    The whole Kardashian house is built on nothing but lies told by the biggest liars around. It truly is too bad that a national sports hero let that lowly klan drag him into the gutter with them. Bruce should have taken his girls and left PMK long, long ago.

  56. Kloops says:

    Looks like she used a blur app on the iPhone. Essentially, yes, photoshopped. The brows are far less prominent than some previous photo she shared. Frankly, I’m just happy she doesn’t appear to have plucked them yet. Let the kid be normal as long as possible. We all know this is going to end with this kid completely out of touch with reality.

  57. YEEESUS says:

    she totally messed with her eyebrows. you can see the difference in other pictures. watch, her forehead is next. she is going to have all the hair lazered off just like hers. that baby is doomed. she is better looking than her sisters trolls though I give her that.

  58. Kat says:

    My daughter has pretty perfect brows and super long lashes – she is 2, and she’s had them since she was born. Giving Kim the benefit of the doubt that she has a lucky baby, too.

  59. DailyNightly says:

    Photoshopped! Ck out the pics on The Daily Mail UK–http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2013/12/17/article-0-1A2A29DA00000578-893_306x423.jpg

  60. Asdfg says:

    Could be photoshopped but if you look closely there’s a red spot. Hmmmm…