Jennifer Aniston wishes young actresses had sexier style, wore less makeup


I don’t really care for Jennifer Aniston’s red carpet style these days. Go ahead and yell! Back in the day, though, I think she took more chances that ended up paying off – while her red carpet style default has always been “flat-ironed hair, falling in her face, with a clean, minimalist gown or dress,” that style looked better on her in her 30s. Now that she’s in her 40s… it feels like shtick. Even when she tries to mix it up a little bit, she ends up looking sort of dated, because Jennifer came of age sartorially in the 1990s and she never moved past it. What’s my point? I wouldn’t take Jennifer’s style advice. But that isn’t stopping her from trying to dish it out!

Jennifer Aniston is NOT making friends with today’s young actresses. Jen says they’re ruining Hollywood’s sexy image by dressing like frumpy grandmothers. The 20-somethings should shape up and start showing off their shapes, says the 44-year-old “We’re the Millers” star.

“It pains me to see young beauties like Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightley or Emma Stone dress frumpy or in a long gown that looks like their grandmother’s curtains,” Jen told a pal. “Older, piled-high hairstyles and caked-on makeup also gall me. This is the time they should go with as little makeup as possible and dress as edgy and young as they possibly can.”

In a recent interview, Jen didn’t name names, but sources say she was clearly addressing young starlets Lawrence, 23, Johansson, 29, Knightley, 28, and Stone, 25, when she admonished:

“Don’t grow up so fast. When you are in your 20s, look in your 20s…Girls in their 20s now are looking like they’re in their 30s. I would say enjoy your age… It flies by.”

And the actress spelled out to her pal exactly how to stay glam: “Girls like Jennifer and Keira should stay fresh-faced, keep their hemlines high, ditch those clunky outfit-killing shoes and avoid dressing in a famous designer’s clothes just because they are famous designers.

“Young Hollywood is growing up so fast, but they don’t have to rush it with outfits that are way beyond their years. They should revel in their youth – they’ll have plenty of time to rein it in when they’re older.”

[From The National Enquirer]

Jennifer’s one to talk about “caked-on makeup”. She wears a TON of makeup and it often looks very, very cakey. I also think the whole “wear short skirts and look young!” advice is dumb in general – not everyone feels like miniskirts are the height of fashion, after all.

But, all that being said, Jennifer’s not ALL wrong. I’m often disappointed by Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone and ScarJo’s style. I get the feeling that J-Law simply doesn’t know what to do with clothes and she just wears whatever her stylist (or Dior) tells her to wear. Emma does try to be edgy and unique, and I think that’s what gets her into trouble, because often those difficult “trends” wear her instead of the other way around. And ScarJo… well, I’m always disappointed that Scarlett can’t figure out a way to get designers to tailor clothes for her body type. More often than not, Scarlett wears stuff that was meant for girls with Keira Knightley’s body type and it doesn’t work.

In other sketchy Aniston news, apparently she doesn’t approve of Justin Theroux’s “dumpster-diving”:

While Justin Theroux thinks one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, his fiancée Jennifer Aniston isn’t buying it. Justin, who loves dumpster diving to furnish their Manhattan apartment, is getting serious static from his future wife.

Jen is “embarrassed by his hobby and “tells him they have more than enough money to decorate,” spills an insider, who adds that Justin’s recent finds include a discarded Darth Vader helmet and a rusted bedpan to use as a planter.

“But it isn’t about money for him,” adds the insider. “He’s always found joy in stumbling upon a piece and then deciding what to do with it.”

No deal breaker here: the couple compromised, opting to hit thrift stores together instead.

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

“Justin Theroux thinks one man’s trash is another man’s treasure…” Must not make joke. Must not make joke. Must not make joke. ARGH. Okay, it’s out of my system. Personally, I would be sketched out if my fiancé (Benedict Cumberbatch!) was literally trawling through dumpsters, but I enjoy some good thrift-shopping. I love looking at old costume jewelry and ceramics and lamps and such. I recently scored a rather beautiful brass pot at my favorite little thrift store!



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. ANDREA1 says:

    Argh… Justin thinks one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Must not make jokes indeed kaiser :) ;)

    • ANDREA1 says:

      I love that jimmy choo she has on in the first picture. I don’t believe this story since its coming from national enquirer

      • Esmom says:

        The whole story reeks of BS if you ask me, nothing in it sounds real. Desperate tabs.

      • ANDREA1 says:

        Esmon I agree with you. The tabloids are now desperate. The triangle story doesn’t sell anymore So they have nothing interesting to sell.

      • Skye says:

        Amen. I mean, come ON:

        “In a recent interview, Jen didn’t name names, but sources say she was clearly addressing young starlets Lawrence, 23, Johansson, 29, Knightley, 28, and Stone…”

        Oh, it was CLEAR, huh? According to the voices in the staff writer’s head? And she told “a pal”? Please. So much wrong with this item, most of all the fact that they put her in QUOTES naming names, then go right on to say she didn’t name names. Not only is it BS, it’s sloppy careless BS.

        I hope “young Hollywood” has enough sense to realize this and not make something out of nothing by hitting back.

      • homegrrrl says:

        I agree, the Enq is pure mind-trash. We used to read it in college while stoned. I think my room-mate lined the bathroom walls with it at some point. REally quality funny stuff for the most part; I’m completely drug free now, but if I see the National Enquirer in a super market I get immediate contact high.

  2. carol says:

    those comments just make her sound like one of those old men telling teenagers to ‘get off my lawn’.

  3. Hypocrisy says:

    I am sorry but instead of going after those Young women who maybe dress frumpy but still conservately, hence refreshing in those days, she should go after the ones who dresses like playboy centerfold wanna be at a Heffner party.

    Sometimes the dresses KK is wearing with her frame, all boobs out or that nasty tight panthy she used to wear is offensive.

    I rather see Young women dressing frumpy and not overly sexy than the oversexualized i often see these days.

    Plus, cake up make up ? Bitch please, did she see her clog up big pore premature aged skin full of it ? ! Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone is like the less make up the better. Scarlett doesn’t overdo too, doesn’t even care showing her cellulitis thighs on the beach and doesn’t oversexualized her very sexy feminine frame. Jessica Alba is the same, they don’t overdo it, make up Wise as well as dressing Wise…and they could with their figure.

    They are more natural kinda of gals with their pale natural skin, not high maintenance like…hum…hum..with a brasilian straightener, her bleached blond extension and tanorexic skin..

    Just because Aniston is still into short dresses at 45 doesn’t mean all Young women should. they can or cannot. It’s their choice.

  4. Bubbles says:

    JLaw and Scarlett don’t dress that great, but Keira ( she’s been around for so long, I can’t believe she’s only 28) and Emma almost always look amazing.

  5. Charlie says:

    She’s got a point. Enjoy your youth — you will be wondering where it went soon enough. She looks gorgeous in these pics. I love her style.

  6. Jayna says:

    I used to like the way Jennifer dressed back in the post-breakup period, when she was in the movie The Breakup. She had a streamlined classic style. Pencil skirts, taiored shirts, etc. I’m not a fan of her style these days.

    Regarding her comment, I uderstand a little bit of what she is saying, but the times are different now on the red carpet. And, let’s face it, Jen, no offense, but Jennifer Lawrence was at these shows because she was nominated for best actress award. How did you expect her to look at the Oscars. It’s a lot different than you appearing at an award show for best hair or whatever. LOL

    And as long as you’re giving advice, can I give you a piece of advice? You are 45-years-old, why are you trying to look too hip? More importantly, why in every movie you do, winter, fall, whatever, are you so tan? It’s disconcerting. By overtanning your face for appearances and movies you must think makes you look younger. It doesn’t. It makes you look older. You want them to look younger and sexier in their 20s. I want you to look more sophisticated and not the stringy-haired/overtanned woman every time I see you. I loved you in your twenties in your little movies because you had a unique look. You seem to be afraid of change in your 40s, same ol, same ol.

    EDIT: Darn. Bluecatplate said this story was from the Enquirer. I was shocked Jen named names because she’ not that type. I would never have commented as if it were true, then.

    Sorry, Jen.

    • ann h says:

      She was the only one in the “family” with a dark tan and it was really noticable in “We’re the Millers.” It was really distracting.
      Off topic, the Millers not even once wore their seatbelts in the motor home. The other RV couple did and that distracted me too. I know that’s really minor, but it’s hard to believe it was overlooked.
      I didn’t mind the movie, but the young people definitely stole the show.

  7. toto says:

    Justin has weird hobbies collecting ( old syringes , teeth, rusty medical stuff ) yuck but looking for old things is not all weird , i love old stuff too to me its more sentimental as appreciating memories and the past.
    Hey did anyone ever heard Justin talk in interviews? Jesus he has one of the most annoying voices I’ve ever heard .

  8. Anon says:

    Thank you. One selfie, supposedly devoid of make-up– does not make one an authority to rag on the young ones— O’Hypocritical-apply-the-make-up-with-a-butter-knife-Jen.

  9. DenG says:

    Aniston is “edgy” only when she sets everyone’s teeth on edge. Always. Homely hipster.

  10. Bubbles says:

    JLaw and Scarlett don’t have great style, But Emma and Keira almost always look amazing.

  11. Bex says:

    Style isn’t always about being skin tight and/or showing skin. I am with the person who said they’re sick of seeing the likes of KK stuffed into outfits with their boobs out (paraphrase). I think of being young and being fun and having that time to play with fashion and trends – not having to be a billboard for sex and flaunting a 20-something body. (Ha, this being said, wow, my skirts were SHORT back in the day…)

  12. lisa2 says:

    I hope this is in fact a BS story. Because it makes her look like a superficial twit. The young women mentioned have a lot going on for them. They are not playing the sexy game and are focused on the work. Which is paying off. Boxoffice success based on their names. Critical and award recognition.

    I thing being sexy is whatever you decide it is. But if you don’t have much about yourself that is interesting you have to talk about others.

    yet another superficial story. I think these young women are doing it just right. They all have relationships and didn’t have to do a ass/crouch show either.

  13. The Original G says:

    ……says the person still hiding her haircut. Jennifer, if only you had half the great performances of the starlets you criticize. She’s out of their league acting wise.

    BTW, her shoes have been severly dating her for almost a decade. Oh well. It’s just fashion. She’s very attractive, but she these comments make her sound like she’s annoyed they make her feel old.

    Less tabloid press. More art.

  14. floretta50 says:

    For once i am going to agree with Jennifer Aniston, she is right about Jennifer Lawrence, pay close attention to this actress, in most of her movies she is the youngest among older people , her make-up and hair is styled to look years older but she sticks out with the face of a 15 year old teenager. Most of her roles are really for an older actress, VOILA, oscar nomination because she sticks out like a sore thumb you can’t help but notice her youthful face among people who could be her father or mother. Aniston is beginning to speak like an intelligent woman her age again.

  15. Maya says:

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – lol. So true with Jennifer being many many many men’s trash and is now Justin’s sugarmama aka treasure.

    Well done Kaiser for resisting to make a joke about that but I don’t have the same will power;)

    Few things I wont ever take Jennifer’s advice on or criticism from – relationships, friendships, beauty, hair treatments and fashion.

    I will trust her on her exercise regime because she does have a nice figure, her romantic comedies because she is good in them & I used to trust her on her hair secrets and treatments but that was almost a decade ago.

    Her fashion these days is straight messy fried hair, mini dress, amateur looking makeup etc. She is looking more and more desperate to hold on to her youth and she is having the audacity to attack others on their fashion?

    I would rather see someone dress classy in a young age than someone who dresses like they haven’t left high school.

    • Josephina says:

      It’s Aniston speaking. What else can she say?

      She can’t give them acting advice so…

      Maybe Aniston is tryng to reinsert herself as a fashion icon? You know new haircut-check, get your friends to cut their hair-check check, criticize the young female actresses for not following her footsteps- check check check!!!

      She had the respect of such in her thirties. But theses short dresses above her knees in her 40s are so overdone that the wow factor has been silenced. In fact, she wasn’t wearing that many short mini skirt dresses until she hit her 40s.

      She seems overly invested in looking young and for what purpose is still unknown….

  16. Josephina says:

    Ryan Reynolds’ wife Blake Lively is definitely into fashion and she dresses hot as well as classy. And she does take risks.

    JLaw and ScarJo are young women with older spirits. Hence the choices in gowns. They want to be taken seriously as actresses and are not necessarily going to take roles as someone’s girlfriend or love interest only.

    Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway have great style. they can do glamorous and pretty. Kate Hudson does go for the sexy look. And yes, they do romcoms.

    KStew’s (Kristen Stewart) fashion sense is just…. weird.

    One thing is clear. Not one of them emulate Aniston’s style.

    The person that reminds me most of Aniston is Julianne Hough.

  17. Square Bologna says:

    *yawn* Hair and makeup. Hair and makeup. Hair and makeup.

  18. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    When I read the headline, my first thought was when she wore that blue-grey Vivienne Westwood, with the tanned skin, and frosted eyeliner–yeah, less makeup my butt.

    But it’s a tabloid story, so meh.

    Personally, I think Jennifer (like the other Jennifer L.) can’t pull off complicated makeup looks. She looks her best when she lays off the tan, wears simple, natural makeup–and pulls her hair out of her face (and doesn’t go overboard with the hairspray, because her hair always looks brittle and dry on the rc).

  19. Dingo says:

    Why are the names in the quote When she did not name names? I don’t her it – Strange?!

  20. lisa2 says:

    OK.. laughing a bit because I had to go to the archives to find this.. It’s like reading a chapter book. All these stories are building on each other. I think the story is BS because she is hardly the person to tell anyone how to dress.. but man all these stories just keep coming…

    Jennifer Aniston’s ‘makeover’ is part of a master plan to look ‘edgy’ for Justin

    In addition, the former Friends star said she spontaneously decided to get an upper ear cartilage piercing. But the source told Radar it’s all part of a master plan, in part sparked by her fiance Justin Theroux‘s bad ass style.

    “Kate and Jen planned to match her style with Justin’s a little bit more. But also, they really want to see how far they can push the rest of America. Kate has reignited Jen’s interest in being America’s primary hairstyle and fashion trendsetter.”


    saw this comment on the Kristen Wiig

    Sullivan says:
    December 20, 2013 at 12:43 pm
    What she lacks in style she makes-up for in talent. I’d like to have style AND talent, but if I can only have one, I’ll take talent.


  21. doofus says:

    I’m amazed at how many people believe something a “pal” of a celeb said to the Enquirer.

    oh, wait…no, I’m not.

  22. RobN says:

    The only actual quote by JA was that you should dress your age and enjoy it. Hard to argue with that. The other quotes are made up by an anonymous source who doesn’t actually exist, so why would I judge her based on that?

  23. Pam says:

    I’m not a fan of Aniston’s at all – acting, or fashion, but I seriously doubt she said any of this crap.

    • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

      I agree with everything you said.

      Nothing else to add. :)

      • idk says:

        Yeah, I don’t think she said it either. I mean really, why would she comment on anyone’s appearance…remember she did have a nose job…so who would she be to give advice about how to look/not to look. That’s like saying “don’t wear too much make-up girls but definitely get that nose job ! Oh and make sure you change your last name so it doesn’t sound too ethnic !”.

        I think she should have kept her original nose and original last name…there was nothing wrong with either.

    • Artemis says:

      Look at the sources, of course she didn’t say this. I mean, even if she did, the article even ASSUMES she’s talking about Jlaw etc when they refer to an interview.

      Furthermore, her image is that of being a ‘girl next door’, she wouldn’t be caught dead saying such things about other, more talented, actresses!

  24. Bea says:

    When is she going to dress her age? Because she could be someone’s grandmother at this point in her life so we need to see a whole lot less of her. In every way possible.

    Of course I say that in advance of the avalance of cooch in bikini shots that will start emerging soon. You know, by those photographers who “happen” to be able to get so close to her – for 2 weeks.

  25. themummy says:

    This is a whole lot of “a friend of a friend told a friend that a friend said that Jen said….” Gotta take this one with a major grain of salt, I think.

  26. Aysla says:

    Yeah… I don’t believe this story. She told a “pal” all of this? Do people really talk about celebrities to their friends? I find that odd. I limit celebrity-gossip to online blogs, unless it’s about whatever went on at X televised award show or music/film/tv talk. I do agree that Jennifer severely lacks red carpet style, and her shoe game is really awful and dated. She should get a stylist.

  27. lovenyc says:

    I don’t know, if Aniston said any of these things or is it just another tabloid story made up to sell their rags. Who knows for sure? Anyways, I’m happy to see some young actresses not showing anything and everything at all times, because showing your private parts to me only looks desperate and not sexy, hello their Miss Hathaway. I just turned 28 years old and used to be a model, so I don’t see anything wrong with dressing sexy on occasion going to a club for some dancing with my hubby and some friends, but I don’t do desperate. Aniston should worry more about herself, especially her severely damaged skin and that fake tan that would look bad enough on someone who is not an actor and their job doesn’t require to look good for their work, but on an actress it looks really bad. And that ugly blond hair of hers is so damaged from all the styling, I don’t understand what hairdresser of hers would even admit doing her hair. Nothing ages her to me more like that fake blond hair. I see it on so many older women. If she wouldn’t have taken care of her body eating wise and exercising, I don’t think she would have been succesful in LaLa land, because honestly she is at best a mediocre actor and not pretty at all in my opinion. Her outfits are too many times on the young side, but at least she is not showing her boobs 24/7 or flashing her biscuit and she looks a lot better than many girls I know that are half of her age (body wise) proudly displaying their muffin tops for all to see. She could tone it down a bit, especially her hair color, it’s too fake blond looking, maybe a warm medium brown would do it. Her face looks older to me than her body, at least from pictures, she destroyed her skin with smoking, drinking and tanning. In regards to Justin, he is just creepy looking, so I’m not surprised at his dumster diving or collecting useless junk.

  28. Josephine says:

    I doubt she said anything like this. But I will say that the youthful style she supposedly referenced is a dated notion of how young people should dress. It’s so nice to see some young women (the confident ones) let their beauty shine through instead of resorting to hoochie-wear for attention. I think the 20-somethings are rejecting the over-the-top and cheap looks of the 30-somethings like Simpson and Kardashian.

  29. Skye says:

    Come on, peeps. This is so obviously a sloppy attempt at manufacturing a catfight, it’s pathetic. Look, they DIRECTLY QUOTE her naming names, then go right on to say she didn’t name names (but it was “clear” whom she was talking about…hmm, sure, okay). According to a “source”? And she said this to a mystery unnamed “pal”?

    Whatever Anison may or may not think about YH’s style, the woman’s too media-savvy to let a rant like that get out. I call BS, start-to-finish.

  30. Kim1 says:

    Story is BS
    I pray dumpster diving story is BS sounds like another story written about her brother.

  31. Carolyn says:

    Aniston & Huvane are now going with “snarky Jen”?? Aniston is in no position to give advice to younger actresses. She has a stylist for all her appearances.

  32. Elaine C says:

    She ought to focus on accepting parts that might make her look like a talented actress, and quit turning out flops…

  33. shelley says:

    Anyway, all young people should indeed dress their age. There are ways of being classy without dressing like a grandma.
    As for Jennifer’s style…she has been doing really well lately. I love all these outfits shown here. Her body looks great too.

  34. Hypocrisy says:

    Why don’t she go after her man with his stupid hipster look with is forever tight pants and his old unwaxed curled up boots à la Tintin, all this in his forties ?

    His feet should be in a bad taste with those forever curled up ugly shoes

  35. Lux says:

    Oh god… That second outfit is the WORST!

  36. Sal says:

    Justin Theroux thinks one man’s trash is another man’s treasure…” Must not make joke. Lol, it was exactly what I was thinking, and probably most of the commenters on here, too.

    Its a pity she doesn’t dress for her age, but dresses decades younger. She is mutton dressed up as lamb. That short, short dress she wore at the hand print ceremony is just one such example. She needs to grow up and dress her age.

  37. Jessi says:

    Probably advice she was given many yrs ago and was too chicken to take now she’s spouting off like it’s opinion to the young girls of today. Do as I say not as I do eh Jennifer.

  38. Top Dressing says:

    Shes still absolutely gorgeous. Probably more beautiful than ever.

  39. Sullivan says:

    The pic of her in the floral dress looks like she’s square dancing. Or worse, clogging.

  40. Kris says:

    I am SO OVER her style! Being classic is great but she is just boring!