“Kristen Wiig’s style choices this month have been lacking” links


Kristen Wiig’s needs a new stylist, stat! [Evil Beet]
Adele looked gorgeous in Stella McCartney (WTH?!) at her MBE ceremony at the palace with Prince Charles. [Go Fug Yourself]
Selena Gomez is taking some time off. [LaineyGossip]
Sharon Needles & Alaska’s breakup is full of drama. [Dlisted]
Review of Her: apparently, it’s really great. [Pajiba]
The Shahs of Sunset guy shaved his mustache & looks so much better. [Buzzfeed]
They made another Expendables movie. [Moe Jackson]
Hugh Jackman’s shirtless for Christmas. [A Socialite Life]
I swear to God, Jennifer Garner looks pregnant again. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Chuck Norris tries to top Jean-Claude Van Damme. [The Blemish]
Julianne Hough without makeup. [Popoholic]
Kyle Richards goes HAM on Lisa Vanderpump? [Reality Tea]
Selena Gomez’s wax figure is super-creepy. [IDLY]
Katie Couric’s stupid talk show is finally canceled. [Bitten & Bound]
John Mayer cracks a joke about Kanye West. Oh, the rant’s coming! [Amy Grindhouse]



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  1. QQ says:

    …. Agreed, this is happening because Kristen, a full sized beautiful adult, is trying to dress like an esoteric elfin Olsen

  2. Sullivan says:

    What she lacks in style she makes-up for in talent. I’d like to have style AND talent, but if I can only have one, I’ll take talent.

  3. Decloo says:

    Remember when Tina Fey dressed so awfully for so long? I think Fey must have finally gotten a stylist. She needs to help a sister out here. Also, sorry for shading kids, but those Affleck girls could use a few pointers too.

  4. heebeegeebee says:

    Adele looks so beautiful! Head to toe she is PERFECT.

  5. Irishae says:

    I adore her, but Kristen Wiig’s style choices are ALWAYS lacking.

  6. AC says:

    J. Garner does not look pregs. More like she has had 3 children and a soft tummy. Cut Mama Garner some slack.

  7. zinjojo says:

    It’s not just this month that Kristin Wiig’s style choices are lacking; it’s always the case. I like her so much and think she’s extremely talented but girlfriend needs a new stylist. That top photo looks like a matronly, mother-of-the-bride dress, and even then it would still be just awful.

    And it’s not just her clothing choices, her hair always bugs me too — it’s never a good shade for her coloring, and trying to do the long, mermaid curls just doesn’t work for her face shape. I’d like to see her with a longish bob — I think it would do wonders.

    Okay, that was a rant, and perhaps Kristin has better things to do than worry about her personal style, but even then she’d be better off simplifying instead of whatever it is she and her team are trying to do now!

  8. LilyRose says:

    “John, you ain’t got the answers!”


  9. ray says:

    aw im so sad about alaska and sharon, i love them both :(

  10. Stephanie says:

    I think I prefer Kristen as a blond.

  11. BooBooLaRue says:

    Call me crazy, but that first frock is lovely (for someone my age!).

  12. Kim1 says:

    Tom Cruise dropped lawsuit against Life and Style.I wonder if there was a settlement

  13. magpie says:

    That first dress on Kristen is just too fug for words, Adele looks awesome. And yes Selena needs a break because it’s just not working. Take some time off and regroup honey.