Vanity Fair’s Gwyneth Paltrow ‘takedown’ isn’t happening after Goop surrendered?


Not with a bang but a whimper. That’s how months and months of speculation – juicy, fun speculation! – has ended. Vanity Fair was supposed to do a revealing, unflattering article on Gwyneth Paltrow months ago. She refused to give them an interview or access to any of her friends, then publicly snubbed VF. VF’s editor Graydon Carter responded by saying that Gwyneth had “forced their hand” and Page Six revealed that Carter had sent an investigative journalist down to Miami to find out some information about Gwyneth’s relationship with Jeffrey Soffer. At some point, it was either going to be all-out war or all-out surrender. So who surrendered? I guess they both did.

Gwyneth Paltrow has kissed and made up with Vanity Fair. A source exclusively tells Us Weekly that the 41-year-old actress recently had a heart-to-heart with the magazine’s editor-in-chief Graydon Carter following their public feud.

“Gwyneth and Graydon spoke on the phone a few weeks ago,” the insider tells Us. “They worked out some of their differences.”

Earlier this year, Paltrow allegedly tried to prevent Vanity Fair from publishing a damning piece about her. The New York Times reported in September that Paltrow sent an email to her celebrity friends asking them not to talk to the magazine.

After the email went public, Carter confirmed to the Times of London in October that he would be running an article on the star. “We started a story on her. We have a very good writer and it’ll run,” he said, adding, “She sort of forced my hand.”

However, after Paltrow’s heart-to-heart with Carter, the article will reportedly be less controversial than initially speculated or may no longer run at all. “There may be a story, but it won’t be as bad as it originally was going to be,” the insider says.

But reports that Vanity Fair planned to expose the Goop guru’s alleged infidelity — she’s been married to Coldplay’s Chris Martin for a decade, and they share two kids — are completely unfounded, a Paltrow source tells Us.

“The story was never going to be as bad as tabloids were guessing,” the source says. “That whole angle about the alleged affairs was something that was made up by Page Six and was never something that anyone at Vanity Fair believed was legitimate and was never going to be in a story they were working on.”

[From Us Weekly]

Huh. This just makes me think that there was something to the Jeff Soffer rumors but Gwyneth managed to sweet-talk Graydon Carter and he agreed to withdraw some of the more hardcore rumors about Goop. I’m betting it was a tit-for-tat situation – Graydon extracted a chip from Gwyneth and he’s going to play it at some point. Like, now Gwyneth owes him something. Something big. Something more than a cover interview. We’ll have to watch to see how Graydon cashes it in!

But of course I am disappointed. I wanted a big, juicy tell-all. But I feel like VF did have Gwyneth running scared about… something. I wish we knew what.



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  1. Talie says:

    Probably her husband’s affairs…

  2. V4Real says:

    Seems more like Vanity Fair surrendered. An actress threatened to take away all her friends and boycott your party and all you could do was give her a cover on your mag and a fluffy interview. You kiss and make up. Goop still wins though I thought this was hog wash from the start.

    • Anna says:

      Pathetic. I am so disappointed.
      Gwynnie just ruined this Grinch’s Christmas.

    • blue marie says:

      I’m disappointed but not surprised.. Side note: Graydon looks like a reject from the Chocolate Factory, that hair..

    • JojoAnn says:

      I agree. VF would have opened themselves to major backlash if they went with what was being rumored. Honestly, an affair? Who gives a phuck? How would they justify a serious publication writing that kind of salacious bs? The woman isnt a politician running on a family values platform. Shes not selling a chaste religion. Shes a mere actress who has ventured into Lifestyle writing. It may not be my thing but even to me it just came off as sexist douches who hate her for not sticking to her lane. And thats how she would have played it in her Oprah interview.

      I said at the time that VF started posturing that they would never go through with it, that Graydons bosses would do the math and figure that the issue would sell out but also plunge public perceptions of the magazine. I was right.

  3. Aussie girl says:

    It was so weak of VF to back down. I think a lot of people were looking forward to this story.

  4. annaloo. says:

    More Goop poop I am smacking myself for clicking on….gah!

  5. bowers says:

    Gwyneth and Graydon sound like an English Tea Company. I doubt there was a story to begin with.

  6. Kim1 says:

    When her BFF Jay Z was on last month’s cover I knew her friends weren’t boycotting VF.Obviously she asked her friends to speak to VF for this interview.Tit for Tat

  7. QQ says:

    She is the real life Grinch Who Stole Our Christmas …BOOOOO

  8. Ice Maiden says:

    I think that whatever VF had on Gwyneth, her reaction suggests it had to be bigger than the Jeff Soffer rumours. An alleged affair 5 years ago with someone who isn’t really famous, and wasn’t (correct me if I’m wrong) even married at the time is no biggie. I don’t think it would really hurt Goop’s reputation, especially as both would simply deny it.

    So what was it? Enquiring minds need to know!

  9. deVries says:

    Its all in your head,my fair GOOP will never surrender to that dude…i do think he was the one to grovel

  10. Algernon says:

    Or there was just nothing there. Maybe VF did some research and found nothing really salacious. I’m sure Gwyneth, just like Chris Martin, has had an affair or two, but in the last year they seem more solid than ever before, and even though Goop annoys the ever-loving eff out of us, to a lot of women, she’s aspirational and the second coming of Martha Stewart. i can imagine the backlash if VF did an expose and it was just that one time a few years ago Gwyneth had an affair, but look she stuck it out and she’s still married. That would pretty much divide the judgy moms in two. Half would be on VF’s side, ready to burn the harlot, but the other half would applaud her for sticking with it and working it out for her family. And it would probably just end up creating sympathy for Goop, who doesn’t need it coming from us peasants anyway.

    • Ice Maiden says:

      I agree. As I said above, I don’t think a rumoured affair from 2008, with a then unmarried demi-celeb, would do Gwyneth much harm. They’d both just shrug and deny it, and it would all be a bit ‘meh’. Especially bearing in mind that Chris Martin has long been rumoured to have had affairs, this would hardly be the scandal of the century, even given Goop’s wholesome image.

    • Penny says:

      Agree. They went looking for dirt, and all they came up with was a few affairs on both sides, which both Chris and Gwyneth have alluded to before anyway.

      They made the mistake of building it into this huge thing, and there was no way they could deliver.

  11. Faye says:

    Commenters here have said all along this was just a publicity stunt that would never happen. I tend to side with them after reading this.

  12. St says:

    Whatever. At least it is finally over. Never for a second I cared what VF will expose bout Gwyneth. Because I don’t care about her at all. And there is nothing scandalous they could print. No one believed they would do it. But they insisted and insisted. And now nothing will come out of it…

    They both lost. VF are looking like idiots. Gwyneth found out that public hates her even more that she thought. It was weird and strange feud.

  13. xxx says:

    Lame. Goopy clearly won here. She still got the cover and no scandal. Snore. I will never touch a VF again! Boycott! Boycott! :-)

  14. Santolina says:

    Awww, Graydie and Goopy made up. Now, why should we believe anything VF writes about Goop from now on, given where the editor-in-chief’s nose has been? I used to respect their investigative pieces, but this “publicity stunt,” if that’s what it was, makes Page Six and the Enquirer look like pinnacles of journalistic integrity, by comparison.

  15. Penny says:

    People know that’s an old cover right?