Chiwetel Ejiofor, Gary Oldman & more in Palm Springs: who would you rather?


Here are some photos from Saturday night’s big event at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. I always forget about Palm Springs and how many big stars go to the desert to promote their films. Palm Springs always happens a week or two before the Golden Globes (which are this Sunday!), so people treat the Palm Springs International Film Festival as just an extension of their Oscar campaigns. Which means… lots of hot dudes with lots of hot talent.

I’m including photos of Chiwetel Ejiofor, Gary Oldman (with wife Alexandra Edenborough), Colin Farrell, Ewan McGregor, Matthew McConaughey, Jeremy Renner and of course, Bradley Cooper. Who would you rather? Chiwetel is making that thick beard work, but you know I have a thing for facial hair. I love it. And I like how Chiwetel looks with that beard, although I think I prefer him with less scruff. Ewan surprisingly enough isn’t doing it for me here… he just looks too pretty. Colin isn’t doing much for me either, and I think it’s his hair. McConaughey… well, I’m never really attracted to him anyway, same thing with B-Coop. So, my top three? Jeremy Renner, Gary Oldman and Chiwetel. I think Chiwetel is at the top.

By now, I’ve seen some of the major awards contenders – I’ve seen 12 Years a Slave, American Hustle and Saving Mr. Banks, and I still want/need to see Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and Dallas Buyers Club. My general thoughts on how the awards season will shape up? I just don’t see how American Hustle will be able to dethrone 12 Years a Slave for Best Picture. Hustle is a good movie, an entertaining movie, with great performances all around – I especially want Jeremy Renner and Amy Adams to get more awards-season attention. But the film is flawed and I think the story suffers from historical inaccuracies. I have to say this too… I think Hustle suffers with Bradley Cooper cast in such a major role. I wasn’t feeling him. Christian Bale on the other hand? This might have been my favorite Bale performance ever. Weird, right?

So, I still think the awards season belongs to 12 Years a Slave and I still think Chiwetel is the best choice for Best Actor. YAY!







Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Greata says:

    Chiwetel Ejiofor: uber talented, gracious, humble, intelligent, sexy……what’s not to love?

  2. Alexandra says:

    Chiwetel, Gary, Ewan – that’s all!

  3. T.fanty says:

    I would fit quite snugly in that little space between Colin and Ewan. They kind of look like they’re waiting for me.

    And Gary, obviously.

  4. I just saw ‘American Hustle’—I agree with you about B. Coop. He acts the same in all his movies, and he doesn’t do it well either. He was the worst one in the entire movie–everyone else was amazing. JLaw and Amy!! I LOVED Christian’s gut–I don’t know why, but I loved it. And his comb over. My favorite Bale performance will always be him as Laurie. Always. I always wished that he and Jo had got together–remember when he kissed Winona in the film–you could see a line of spit from both of their mouths. I read that was the movie that he met his wife on–she was Winona’s assistant.

    And yeah–I don’t see American Hustle dethroning 12 YAS–I would be PISSED if that happened. That movie haunted me for days–I’m someone who can watch Schindler’s List over and over again, and not be so affected, as I was by 12 YAS.

    I’d hit Gary, as always. I like to imagine that he’s super freaky in the sheets—it’s always the quiet ones. I like his wife, too. She’s like Lucy Damon–she just shows up to support her husband and looks fabulous while doing it.

    And wtf happened to Ewan? He doesn’t look as….vibrant or excited…….he lost his spark. Maybe he’s just tired. And to me, Jeremy Renner is just not cute. Not at all. I’ll never forget when he wore eyeliner and mascara, along with a silver vest and pointed boots–he’s not a fashion boy, bless him.

    • Frida_K says:

      “I’d hit Gary, as always. I like to imagine that he’s super freaky in the sheets”


      He is an intelligent man, and the smart ones have such brilliant imagination and creative capacity. Plus he seems like he has a strong personality. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

      I do love me some Gary O.

    • Jules says:

      @Virgilia Coriolanus: I agree regarding American Hustle…Cooper was…well, Cooper. The man is the same in every movie he stars in. The standout was Jennifer Lawrence…I thought Lawrence was fucking fantastic because she made me feel (ultimately) sorry for Rosalyn Rosenfeld and I really shouldn’t. I also bought her as a young trophy wife with obvious daddy issues. Loved Bale as well…only Bale could make that transformation oddly appealing.

      As far as who is the most appealing of the gentlemen…Mr. Ejiofor. Beard, beard, beard. Love it. I love Matthew McConaughey but that suit…he looks like he just walked off the set of a Rat Pack film c. 1960. Either that or off the set of Hairspray or something. Too glittery. All of these gentlemen are very nice looking though.

    • JLG says:

      I thought Bradley Cooper was the best part of the film! That scene of him and Amy dancing at the club solidified it for me – he was strangely, very sexy to me!
      Personally, I wasn’t impressed with JLaw in that film, she was good but not mind-blowing. Bale was good, he always is though. Amy Adams was good, but just like Bale, she’s always good. Renner’s performance was probably my second favorite.

  5. blue marie says:

    Ewan, although they all look pretty snazzy.. (except McConaughey looks like he should be performing on a dinner cruise “remember to tip your bartenders and waitresses folks”)

  6. MrsBPitt says:

    What the heck is McConaughey wearing??? I’ll take Colin Farrell…something about him, always looks a little sad, and makes me want to try and put a smile on that beautiful face…

  7. Vera says:

    How many times has Gary been married? 4 or 5? He should be married to someone closer to his own age. If he was a woman people would question his relationship.

    • Kiddo says:

      See, that’s the thing. He’s an excellent actor and I knew nothing about his personal life because attention paid to him is mostly on the screen. Whereas someone like Demi, all the attention is on her personal cavorting and not on the acting. I think that makes somewhat of a difference.

    • Four times–they’ve been married going on five years now (in 2009). I like them together–they’re both very low key, so it’s not like she’s Hilaria Baldwin 2.0. He said in an interview last year (when promoting Tinker, Tailer) that he’s not proud of being on his fourth attempt at marriage, but that he was in a good place now.

    • Simmie says:

      When someone has been married that many times it does raise some eyebrows, but at least some of his earlier marriages were when he was drinking heavily and not in the best state of mind. Now that he’s a recovering alcoholic and presumably making better choices all around, I hope that he’ll find lasting contentment with his wife.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        It’s hard to remember that he was married to Uma Thurman once upon a time! (1990-2)

        Also, he was engaged to Isabella Rossellini (my very favorite.) I think they met filming “Immortal Beloved.” That relationship ended over his drinking, I heard. He seems to be in pretty good shape now.

  8. Lindy79 says:

    Agree completely about Hustle. It was a good movie, with some great performances.
    Maybe I’m alone in this (and I think I am given all the praise and nomination talk), and I am a fan of her normally but I felt a little like J-Law was phoning it in, and she looked out of place in comparison to the rest of the cast, possibly because of how young she looked. I just didn’t buy her in the role.

    12 Years a Slave was haunting, it feels wrong to say that I enjoyed it but the performances and the way it was done was brilliant. Chiwetel was just remarkable.

    • I thought JLaw was great–she’s the young trophy wife, so I didn’t think that she *wouldn’t* be baby faced, compared to everyone else. Her kid was in preschool, so she’s playing her own age in the film. I didn’t like the makeup, because JLaw is someone who needs simply, natural makeup–that’s when she looks her best.

    • Simmie says:

      I thought she was miscast. She seemed too young for the part and I thought her mania was a little one note. But I didn’t like the movie much on the whole, so.

      • IrishGirl says:

        @Simmie: I don’t feel that Jennifer Lawrence was miscast at all considering that she was written as a young trophy wife who is very manic. I was particularly impressed with Lawrence’s comedic chops and really agree that she was the standout (in my opinion anyway). I know that whenever Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t on screen,I missed her. I really do think that 2013 was a great year for film. So many good movies this year!.

        Oh…must stay on topic …Chiwetel Ejiofor is extremely attractive…that BEARD…don’t mind scruff, bring on the scruff. Love Matt Mc. but he looks like something out of Dean Martin and the Gold Diggers. Cooper looks good (though he was outshined in AH by well, everyone, though), and really the rest do as well.

      • Simmie says:

        Ok. Well I thought JLaw (along with most of the rest of the characters) were underdeveloped and that their relationships to each other, especially hers with Christian Bale, wasn’t well explored. And I know that some people have kids really young but I didn’t find her at all believable as a 23 year old with a 5 year old son. Different strokes and all that.

        We can agree on how great Chiwetel looks though.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I really hated Amy Adams and I can’t decide if it was because her character was so loathsome, or because she is.

  9. Mia4S says:

    All lovely, but Gary is something special. Why are fans wasting time whining that DiCaprio doesn’t have an Oscar when Gary is still waiting on his first? Priorities people!

    So have you heard the rumour Gary Oldman is going to star in and direct a film with Ralph Fiennes and Bennedict Cumberbatch? Oh my GOD! If any of you know the film Nil by Mouth…this happening would be…oh my God!!

  10. Jenny says:

    Chiwetel is lovely, but it has to be Jeremy for me. He might have looked ridiculous in American Hustle, but he was so adorable and tragic. Bradley Cooper, on the other hand, was just irritating and does nothing for me on or off the screen.

  11. Diana says:

    EWAN!!!! and Gary. I’m in lalaland sandwiched between those two… *drools*

  12. Dani says:

    Is that Gary’s wife or daughter? Geeeez. I like Matt’s blazer. I have something similar from Zara.

  13. Sila says:

    She is Gary’s fifth wife. Gary left his first wife and baby son in 1988. I Wonder why people never critizise him for beeing a bad father to his eldest son.

    • Mia4S says:

      I always heard him get a lot of criticism about his past until a few years ago. Most of it deserved and as far as I know he’s never argued against that. However, he’s been clean a long time, was a single father to his other two boys and he and his eldest son are apparently on very good terms now (his son has worked as a PA on Dark Knight and Harry Potter movies). If they’ve found peace, I don’t see the point of going on about it now.

  14. Ann Valor says:

    All of them, preferably at the same time.

  15. Ginger says:

    You’re killing me with that photo of Colin and Ewan together! But damn Gary Oldman… Love him! And look at his wife…dang girl if that dress were any lower cut… Go Gary!

  16. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    American Hustle is VERY loosely based on ABSCAM. My father (a former NJ politician) was a friend of Angelo Errichetti (who Renner played in the film and they renamed “Carmine Politto”). According to my father, he portrayed him pretty accurately. He was very much loved by Camden city, even after his conviction and still had a great deal of political pull after he was released from jail.

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks for that information. I have seem similar comments from other people who knew Errichetti. Renner certainly came across as very real, unlike Cooper and Lawrence who were more like charicatures, which if fine if you like that sort of thing.

  17. LMB says:

    Gary and Ewan, Always!

    What happened to Matthew’s face? Looks like he had some surgery on the eyelids or something. And he should sack the stylist. Jackets like that are not meant to be seen in public.

  18. tila says:

    Personally, I wasn’t too impressed with American Hustle, think I did have very high expectations though. I did however think Jennifer Lawrence was a scene stealer and found myself looking forward to when she would next be on screen as I got quite bored with the storyline. On another note, will always have a soft spot for Colin probably because quite a few people comment on how much my boyfriend looks like him :D

  19. kibbles says:

    I started watching American Hustle this weekend from my laptop and I had to keep stopping. It was too boring for me. I got about half-way through and I will try to finish the rest sometime this week. I can imagine falling asleep if I had seen it in a theater. I guess I’m not a big fan of David O. Russell’s work. At least I got through Silver Linings Playbook without stopping, but I was unimpressed with the story and performances in that movie as well. Shrugs. Martin Scorsese is a much better director in my opinion.