Rihanna smokes a joint in Times Square & shows off gold tooth: trashy or simply RiRi?


They say you can’t buy class. Rihanna has made New York City her home over the past month or so, and she’s renting a fabulous $39,000 a month duplex penthouse. She has famously turned 3 out of her 4 bedrooms into closets because she possesses so many clothes. Her apartment offers her every luxury and security she could imagine, yet here’s a photo of Rihanna stalking through Times Square with a doobie in her mouth. Yes of course she Instagrammed that sh-t because she’s Rihanna.

Rihanna followed up with a photo of her latest dental accessory, a good tooth. Honestly? This isn’t as bad as her AK-47 grill, but I still don’t understand why Rihanna does this to herself. Voluntary dental visits = crazy.


Rihanna also got all excited about Monday night football and posted a photo of Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks too. She apparently is crushing on the guy, so I’ve included his photo in the gallery. An Instagram commenter mentioned how much the guy looks like Chris Brown, and it’s true. Also in the gallery: many photos of Rihanna’s opulent New Year’s Eve party in her fabulous apartment. Cara Delevigne was there, and Rihanna pretended to cook for the camera. LOL.



Photos courtesy of BadGalRiRi on Instagram

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  1. Rose says:

    hmm. the guy looks like chris brown. just saying.

  2. Anna says:

    LOL omg he does look like Chris Brown!

    btw I don’t think getting grills, or just one gold tooth involves going to a dentist. The people I know who have them just go to a jeweller.

  3. Ladyray says:

    Come on guys, this man is much hotter than Chris. Ew, don’t say that.

  4. blue marie says:

    Damnit, you just killed my crush by comparing him to Brown, thanks..

  5. bns says:

    She’s so cute and fun. I wish I had her life.

  6. paola says:

    That is not cooking. It’s just putting things on a plate.

  7. TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

    The best description of her singing – when she’s not lipsynchinhg – was by someone on this site: she sings like a goat being strangled. Talentless and uneducated are just not charming, no matter how you slice and dice it.

  8. Brittney says:

    To be honest she has really not been that obnoxious lately. She has been staying under the radar a lot more than she used to in the past. I wonder if she has taken the chance to let the “miley phase” pass through and calm the negativity around her life. If so good move and she can thank her publicist. She still will always be a bit crazy but that’s her and what young and rich does to these kids now.

  9. Neffie says:

    this girl has a type,she likes the pretty boys.

  10. Hakura says:

    I just… Find her so incredibly trashy. It’s not that she’s a sexual person, or even raunchy, & it’s not the weed/alcohol… There’s just this undertone of… I mean, after seeing that video she did most recently, that she’d do any degrading thing in the book for money? She just has no class at all, no *morals*, & regardless of her self-absorbed lifestyle, seems to lack any self respect. (Her repeated returns to Brown made that abundantly clear).

    • Leila in wunderland says:

      I usually agree with you- and I agree that her running back to an abuser is not self-respecting, although I try not to judge people who do that too harshly because it’s a shitty and common situation- but sheesh, what does art have to do with morality? I’ve never believed that music videos, movies, or other art forms should have the restrictions of traditional values placed on them. There are plenty of actors and actresses who have played murderers and other types of criminals on film, and nobody says they’re trashy and have no morals. So why are things different when a female celebrity takes on a sexual role in a movie or music video?

      • Hakura says:

        @Leila – I don’t deny (& am well aware) that all celebrities (actors/musicians/reality TV) can be playing a role, or exaggerating certain characteristics for the sake of getting attention (Re: Miley).

        I used to like Rihanna, Which gradually became ‘indifference’, then annoyance, eventually reaching something like disdain. You know from my comments (& I’ve been here awhile) that I’m not the sort who thinks badly of women living whatever lives they want. & when I say ‘morals’, I don’t mean the ‘holier than thou’ Sunday morning version of ‘morality’, more like a sense of awareness what she does with the influence she’s come to have.

        It may not make sense, but I see her as ‘misogynistic’ herself, in the way she sees & portrays women… Not unlike the rappers in the industry (who base their reputations on being ‘the man’, ‘the playa’ who screws around & has no respect for women, belittling them as just sex objects to be used, often calling them awful names just for a sexual history the same as their own). Rihanna exhibits a lot of the same reference of women, be it from her ‘real life’ strip club antics to what she portrayed in that video.

        She comes off as ‘try hard’ in a lot of ways, & while I’d never deny her right to be anything she chooses (& it’s *not* bc she exhibits stereotypically male-behavior in many ways), I just find her classless & dislike her. There’s something about her that strikes a chord with me, & it’s hard to explain, but I’m sure everyone has experienced that before.

      • Leila in wunderland says:

        I see. I can understand how people can not like her- she does have an attitude and she hasn’t always been respectful to other women in the business. I haven’t liked everything she has said and done.

  11. Hillshmill says:

    Is she using paper plates? Haha if I had that much money, I’d at least splurge on Chinet plasticware!

  12. Brittney says:

    That’s no joint, that’s a blunt! (Which also makes it easier to “hide in plain sight” because it’s a tobacco product on the outside… though I doubt she knows what discretion means.)

  13. ORLY says:

    I love her. She’s living her life as if no one’s watching, she hangs out with the same people she use to be friends with before she became famous, and she seems to adore her family.
    She is too “out there” and vulgar for some people, but no one can be loved by everyone.

    That football player only looks like Chris in that one pic. If you look at other pics, they look nothing alike.

  14. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I’ve always wanted her to be something she’s not, for example, I wish she wouldn’t ruin her pretty face with a gold tooth. Over time I’ve accepted that she never will be, and I sort of like her for it.

  15. Irishserra says:

    Trashy. As BH says, you can’t buy class.

    Also, (and this is a genuine question) I don’t get the gold tooth thing. Is it a replacement for a tooth gone bad? Or is it just an accessory? If I had to have dental work done, I would want any replacement to look completely natural as opposed to anything that might advertise that my dental hygiene might be lacking in any way.

  16. Diana says:

    To answer the question: just riri, which means TRASHY. Simple as that.

  17. Nerd Alert says:

    It’s a blunt, and it’s poorly rolled. With all the weed she smokes you’d think she’d learn to do it right, or just get a roller.

  18. Julianna says:

    She’s been hanging out with Cara Delvigne so much that they’re making the same faces now. The gold tooth reminds me of Kesha.

  19. raincoaster says:

    Being trashy and being RiRi are not mutually exclusive: they are in fact identical. If someone snapped her picking up her dog’s poop or eating an apple, that photo would be purchased and hushed up quicker than you can say “coverup.” It’s her image. Lindsay Lohan wanted to be RiRi before RiRi existed.