2014 Golden Globes recap: what was your favorite moment from the night?


After a few awards seasons where it felt like a who’s who of who’s that, it does feel like this year’s awards season is a return to old-school movie stars and BIG movies and big moments in TV. The Globes had some fits and starts, sometimes moving so quickly, I didn’t realize that 40 minutes had passed, and sometimes it was like, “Ugh, this 20 second speech is going on FOREVER!” Biggest disappointment: that 12 Years a Slave was shut out in all of the acting categories. Biggest excitement: 12 Years winning Best Picture, and I was also very pleased that Amy Adams finally won something. Anyway, here are some highlights from the 2014 Golden Globes:

*Honestly, I got super-excited before the show even began. It was a good year to be a fashion-watcher, both for good and bad style. Some great red carpet moments! Also: this year’s red carpet trend was AWFUL HAIR.

*Amy Poehler & Tina had so many amazing one-liners, it’s impossible to list them all. I think the biggest one was the Clooney one: “Gravity is nominated for best film. It’s the story of how George Clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age.” I also loved: “Matthew McConaughey is here. For his role in Dallas Buyers Club, he lost 45 pounds, or what actresses call ‘being in a movie’.”

*Amy Poehler finally won something too! I love Amy and Tina’s long-standing bit with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and I love Amy’s yearly bits for her Parks & Rec nominations – this year’s bit included a back rub from Bono and it worked! The best part? After Amy won, Tina told her there was still a special place in hell for her, which is THE BEST Taylor Swift shade ever.

*Amy & Tina’s Leonardo DiCaprio joke was so good, it messed up the telecast! The joke: “And now, like a supermodel’s vagina, let’s all give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio.”

*What was with all of the s-bombs? Jacqueline Bisset is a bit of a whackadoodle, so I’ll forgive her, but Elisabeth Moss knows better. Speaking of, I was thrilled Elisabeth won. I think she’s so incredibly talented.

*Jennifer Lawrence won again (Best Supporting). I hope there isn’t a backlash against her, because right now it seems like everybody is putting her on a pedestal.

*Very happy for Bryan Cranston & Breaking Bad’s respective wins. Don’t say goodbye just yet – I’m sure the show and Cranston will also win big at the Emmys in September. Not to mention at the SAGs next Saturday.

*Bono’s kind of a tool but I would bang The Edge. That man is aging like a fine wine.

*I was beyond happy whenever the camera rested on Idris Elba, Don Cheadle, Emma Thompson or Meryl Streep. I could have watched all of them the whole show.

*The Globes were haunted by the presence of Angelina Jolie: Angelina’s father Jon Voight won, as did Angelina’s godmother Jacqueline Bisset. And Brad Pitt was the last person thanked on stage. Haunting.

*I was happy that Amy Adams finally won SOMETHING. She’s like the Susan Lucci of all awards shows – always nominated, never a winner.

*Jared Leto won Best Supporting Actor, proving once again that Michael Fassbender is an idiot for not waging a proper campaign. I have to give it to Leto, though – his campaign is extraordinarily effective. As for his geisha hair… um, NO. Meanwhile, Fassbender definitely won Best Ginger (joint with Amy Adams).


*Emma Thompson is amazing everywhere. She is amazing in the audience, she’s amazing as a presenter, she’s amazing as a person. Everyone was like “Emma was so drunk” when she presented with a cocktail & her Louboutins in her hand, but I’m pretty sure she was just doing a bit.

*Michael Douglas used the word “mince” as a pejorative when he accepted his award for Beyond the Candelabra. Is this offensive?

*I like that Woody Allen didn’t give a sh-t enough to show up to accept his Cecil B. DeMille Award. He never comes out for these awards shows (when he’s nominated, or receiving a lifetime achievement, but he did go to the Oscars to present a tribute to NYC after 9/11) and I’m glad he didn’t start this year. But OMG, Diane Keaton accepting the award on his behalf was insane. SHE SANG.

*Leonardo DiCaprio won Best Comedy Actor for Wolf of Wall Street. I guess he’s getting an Oscar nomination. Ugh.

*YAY for Cate Blanchett! She looked gorgeous and I think she’s probably the frontrunner for the Best Actress Oscar. Plus, I liked her speech!

*Matthew McConaughey won for Dallas Buyers Club? I mean… I get it, he really, really wanted it but NOOO. No.

*ALL OF THE BEARDS. So many wonderful beards, so little time.



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  1. ray says:

    amy looks wonderfullll! tina is so pretty but that dress is fuggggg :(

  2. Lopusta says:

    Was surprised at the shut down of 12 years a slave :( So wanted TYAS to sweep the awards.

    • ANDREA1 says:

      Yea am with you on that. Well at least it won for best picture

    • Mika says:

      This reminded me of a text post on Tumblr that I saw earlier today, saying something like this “12 Years a Slave won’t win shit because it’s an unapologetic portrayal of racism, and you know white people don’t like to be reminded of the brutality that had happened”. :/

      • Mel says:

        This is a ridiculous and condescending comment.

      • bettyrose says:

        Yeah these obsevations are often made when hard-hitting racial films come out. Any one here even remember White Man’s Burden? There’s a film with an A list star that got fully ignored by critics and audiences alike.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        Wow, that’s incredibly insulting and it grouped a race into one. Then again it was said on tumblr so I question the intelligence of the blogger.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        How insulting and what a load sh*t! If that’s true, then why did “The Help” get such praise? Why did Roots show on T.V. year after year? I am white. I am appalled by how slaves were treated and viewed. Most people regardless of race, color or creed feel horrible about slavery. I have no control over atrocities that happened in the past. I played no part in it, so I have no shame/guilt, but I view it as a part of American history that should never be forgotten.

      • lunchcoma says:

        Jennifer, I think there’s some room to criticize the comment Mika quoted, but I’d also note that The Help is a movie about white people helping black people. That’s a great deal more comforting for people who are uncomfortable with their country’s history of racial oppression than something like Twelve Years A Slave.

    • momoftwo says:

      I wonder if TWAS will be shut out because people didn’t see it. You know going into it is going to be brutal

      I almost didn’t watch it and had to turn away several times. But by the end, you realize it should win every award imaginable.

      So again, I wonder if people just didn’t see it. American Hustle is a lot easier to swallow

      • Migdalia says:

        Except that it has nothing to do with the box office receipts. The voters are sent screeners to watch potential nominees.

      • tessy says:

        That’s why I won’t see it, I simply can’t watch violence and brutality anymore. I’m physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually unable to tolerate it. There is nothing wrong with leaving things to the imagination, but shows are getting far too graphic, unnecessarily so.
        I was enjoying Scandal on TV, but the last couple of shows have been distressingly, graphically brutal and if they don’t change the trend I will no longer watch it.
        That said, it doesn’t seem to bother most people, I think as a whole society is getting used to it which is not a good thing.

      • StaCat1 says:

        Box office can play into academy votes. They do tend to favor films (winning- not nominated necessarily) that do well at the box office.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Migdalia, I know that screeners are sent out to union members for SAG awards and the Academy for the Oscars…but I don’t know if they send screeners for the Globes. I have received screeners for quite a few movies, including American Hustle, but not for 12YAS.

      • bettyrose says:

        I haven’t seen the movie, but I had trouble finishing the book just because it’s so heart-wrenching and unfair. I absolutely think there’s racism in Hollywood, though, just as there’s sexism, and I don’t think it’s unfair or offensive at all to question why movies on hard-hitting racial topics don’t do as well as less controversial films. And “The Help,” jeezus I found that whole premise patronizing. Hardly a comparison to TYAS.

      • Nina W says:

        I’ve never watched Schindler’s List either. I find it very difficult to get things out of my head. I actively avoid movies that depict graphic violence and I tend to avoid movies that I suspect will depress me. It’s not that I wish to deny history but I truly dislike being manipulated into upsetting emotional responses by movies.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        Tessy thank you for mentioning violence. I can’t handle it either and get upset for days by things I cannot “unsee.” Personally I think our culture has crossed some kind of line. People are un-shockable. Scenes of rape, murder, and torture are standard on TV and in movies, and children see all this stuff. It may be “pretend,” but it certainly doesn’t look, sound, or feel like it. Why do we keep putting terrible things out into the world? If I had to, I could argue for realism in a slave or Holicaust movie – but can’t people get the idea without being subjected to deeply disturbing images? The rest is just gratuitous.

      • Meaghan says:

        I didn’t watch it because I hate Oprah. And it seemed like it would be too long for my ADHD riddled mind to pay attention to, and it looks boring. I’ll admit it, I hate most Oscar winning movies because they. are. boring. This doesn’t mean I am for slavery or uncomfortable with the subject matter because I genuinely believe we cannot forget history or it will repeat itself. I just believe there is a time and a place and when I watch a movie I want to have fun and relax and enjoy it. When I want to learn about history I learn about history, and do not rely on actors or actresses to give me a usually inaccurate portrayal.

    • lunchcoma says:

      I was very disappointed, especially at Lupita’s loss.

  3. AG-UK says:

    I had to tape it as I am 8 hours ahead time wise but fast forward thru a lot this morning but will look later as far too long to sit thru it. Not as dull as Oscars but too long for me. I am so pleased Jared Leto won and yes that hair but anyone looking like he does can get away with it he is a beauty and his suit fit him like a glove. I know everyone wants Chiwetal to win and he probably will for Oscars but I am thrilled for Matthew I have to support my fellow Texan and he was really good. The ladies looked nice from what I saw, Cate stunning, Sandra nice as well but I love her, Amy I liked that dress her hair kind of boring but with the dress maybe she felt she needed less of a hair do?? Jennifer’s dress was lovely but I didn’t care for her make up she had too much on I think. I think Leo should have practised the nominated films as he mispronounced Philomena :) He looked good though and he doesn’t do it for me. Chris Pine looked really handsome.

  4. Harriet says:

    So disappointed about 12YAS. Maybe Fassy is an idiot and maybe he isn’t. I can’t stand the concept of campaigning for an award personally, so if he loses on that it’s fine by me. Perhaps it is a game of survival of the fittest for those who campaign, but the best should be honored regardless, a bit like winning a race at an athletics meet. Do I think Leto was deserving? Not as much as Fassbender really.

    • MynameisPeaches! says:

      I don’t get this at all. The rest of the cast have campaigned hard for 12 years’ no one is calling them desperate or above it all . It’s part of an actor’s job to promote and campaign for their projects.

      Michael was pissed because he let all that praise for his performance in Shame go to his head, so when he was not nominated for an Oscar it hit him very hard. He felt bruised about the whole experience. However, to then not campaign for a film which we are told is very important just because of how you were treated the year before is absolute folly. I don’t think he deserve to win an Oscar. Why should they give it to an actor who refuses to take part in the campaign when it could go to an actor who has put the effort in? Lupita and Chiwetel deserve to win because of their brilliant performances and also because they played the game and have campaigned hard for this very important film. I think his chances of winning the Oscar are slim now and he has only got himself to blame for being a whining bitch.

      • Maria says:

        Give me a freaking break.

        He didn’t act like a whiny bitch, he admitted to getting wrapped up in the process and NOT wanting to do that again, plus how is he to campaign when he was filming in NZ?

        The man has worked nonstop and flying back and forth is exhausting. If he did campaign, folks would say it’s inappropriate because this film should focus on its black actors (something I agree with).

        He did his initial promotion and went back to work without selling his ass the way so many actors do, at the very least, he never made shady comments about his peers.

        Leto can’t say that.

      • Migdalia says:

        +10000000 for Maria. More proof that the Oscars is just pageantry not about what it should be about. He promoted 12 years like he should have. What obligation does he have to personally campaign for his own Oscar?

      • Harriet says:

        Maria, I agree that Michael isn’t a supporting actor which kind of puts him on the side focus anyway. On the other hand I disagree a movie ought to focus only on its black actors? Main actors yes. But not because of what colour they are?

        Anyway @MynameisPeaches, given that the focus of the award is about an actor’s performance in a movie, I don’t see how additional focus needs to be put on how much an actor lobbies for an award. Simple as. Otherwise the award needs to be clearly labelled “Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture Drama with overall lobbied support” Yes Michael promoted Shame, and didn’t fare well, maybe he is a bit burnt, but I’m talking about this scenario, and not what happened two years ago.

      • I agree with Peaches. If Fassy didn’t want to campaign, fine, but why announce it? I think he would have won everything if he had done zero campaigning, but had stayed silent about it. He was just being pissy and giving the Academy the finger. It’s going to cost him, I fear. It’s not just the performance (and never was.)

      • Harriet says:

        The Academy deserves the finger. And why not announce it? He didn’t put out a press release, he was speaking in an interview. “I think he would have won everything even if he did zero campaigning but had stayed silent.” He said those comments in one interview, none of know how many ripples it caused in the water, outside the world of celebitchy. Again, obviously I’m not the person deciding the awards but did someone sit there going “I know what. Michael didn’t show up on the red carpet enough or schmooze me, therefore his movie performance must not be good. And did you read what he said? Let’s base our merit on that instead of his acting abilities” I mean seriously ! ! !

        Then comes what was actually said,

        “…on not campaigning for or attending the Oscars this year:
        “That’s just not going to happen, because I’ll be in New Zealand. I’ll be on the other side of the world. You know, I get it. Everybody’s got to do their job. So you try and help and facilitate as best you can. But I won’t put myself through that kind of situation again.” He goes on a bit about the process of campaigning for one of these things. “It’s just a grind. And I’m not a politician. I’m an actor.””

      • jaye says:

        I think campaigning to win an award that should be based on the caliber of work you turned in is gross.

      • jessica says:

        Michael Fassbender not campaingning for the film has nothin to do with the fact that Lupita and Chewitel didn’t win (not saying you said that). He was trying to make a point and his point was proven: it doesn’t matter how much you promote promote promote people are going to pick what they think is best (and if you remember Monique did the same thing and won so the man is not stupid or an idiot). The same thing happens every year. I learned a long time ago (when the color purple came out) that there was much more that went into the process of giving out awards and it is quite clear that the people who vote do not like black movies. Period. 12 years a slave was 10 times better than any movie I had ever seen and for it to only win best picture really made me think. What is really going on? Do HFPA not like McQueen? Think about it: this is this man’s 3rd feature film and he’s pretty much been killing it since Hunger. How many fairly new directors can do that? Does the HFPA not like Fassbender? Has his exposing the Hollywood machine for what it really is (a popularity contest) made him a part of Hollywood’s shit list? Does the HFPA not like Lupita? It is quite clear who the favorite was during the days and months leading up to the Golden Globes, and Lupita did campaign (hard)…If campainging is all it takes to get the gold why aren’t Lupita and Chewitel photographed with their own awards? Last nights award ceremony was a shit show. I don’t think I’ll watch another golden globe ceremony.

      • Nina W says:

        Just because your movie didn’t sweep the awards, Jessica, hardly means it’s all about race or that it was dissed. “It only won Best Picture” but that’s not good enough? You may not see merit in other films but guess what, these awards have nothing to do with you and your opinion. The Golden Globes are decided by the HW FOREIGN press, not the studios or the actors or the directors or the producers or anyone else in HW but a group of foreign journalists.

      • jessica says:

        Normally when a movie wins best picture it means that it had a stellar cast. The movie that wins best picture normally sweeps. The cast for 12 years a slave didn’t win anything. Don’t you think that’s a little odd?

  5. Sixer says:

    Didn’t see it but am VERY HAPPY for Elisabeth Moss. She was fantastic in that show and has been underappreciated.

    Note to T.Fanty – I know you don’t like bleak but please watch Breaking Bad. It’s a true tragedy.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes. And she was sweet in her speech thanking her mom and brother.

      And yes about BB. I resisted it for years thinking it would never be my thing. But it’s truly the best show I’ve ever watched and I’m still mourning the loss of so many beloved characters.

      • Sixer says:

        We (quite rightly) poke fun at TommyAnne for making everything Shakespearean, but if ever a TV show deserved the label, it’s Breaking Bad. I don’t think I’ll ever quite get over just how perfect it was. I can see that it wasn’t to some people’s taste but in terms of quality, it is unparallelled.

        I am tense-challenged today. Sorry.

      • Faye says:

        Me too! I held out for so long because Breaking Bad was so hyped, I thought it couldn’t possibly live up to its reputation. And it seemed so bleak. I finally caved this fall and watched it all in two months. Bleak it was, but I’m glad I watched it. A true “Shakespearean tragedy,” and such a fantastically written and acted show.

      • RJ says:

        ITA-just did a Breaking Bad marathon on Netflix over the holidays. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I even broke down & bought the last 8 episodes on Amazon Prime because I couldn’t wait. So glad Brian Cranston won, sorry Aaron Paul was shut out for best supporting actor. Anna Gunn looked amazing, I hope we see her more in the future. And where were Betsy Brandt (Marie) and Dean Norris (Hank)?

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree – it’s worth the bleak and tragedy to see those performances and that writing. It’s probably the best show all around I’ve ever seen.

  6. lourdesdx says:

    When Tina and Amy introduced Leo :
    “And now, like a supermodel’s vagina, let’s all give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio!”
    The look on Leo’s face when he got on stage was PRICELESSS

    • QQ says:

      That was my FAVE thing ever that Tina and Amy made fun of these dudes!

      Also RONAN FARROW AND HIS FOLLOWERS FLAMBEYED WOODY’S WIN!! he literally asked when did they show him getting accused of molestation and it took off from there

      • lourdesdx says:

        I follow him on twitter and hes HILARIOUS! And I love the fact that he doesnt shut up and sweep under the rug the truth about Woody.I hope he gets his own talk show.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Maybe it’s just me, but I get uneasy when I read about Ronan and/or Mia blasting Woody in the press. That’s not to say that I don’t agree that Woody is a disgusting pervert–not at all.

        But they seem to bring it up just to bring it up–I mean besides some smart remarks about it–has Ronan done any charity work, written any articles about how what Woody did to their family left lasting effects on his life? On his mother’s life? On his remaining siblings life? I haven’t seen anything.

        Or when Mia did that Vanity Fair interview–why would she even want to talk about that? She wasn’t bringing it up in a context of her supporting some charity that deals with child molestion and/or rape. She wasn’t trying to promote having a free and open communication with your children, so that when something like this happens–they feel that they can come to you.

        I know that it isn’t something that you ever forget—but I just get the feeling that they’re using it as a punchline, and not for any real awareness–when in reality, they both have some following, some clout, and they COULD use what happened as a platform into a very worthy cause.

        I just find it strange that Ronan, who was a young child at the time, continually tweets about it–that tells me that Mia talked to him about it a lot, and probably not in the way that I was saying. If it was me, I would not be bringing it up in the context of a tweet……

      • lunchcoma says:

        Virgilia: Ronan has done a ton of charity work for UNICEF, worked in international affairs, and written a bunch of columns about various things. Now, I’ve heard that he’s something of a celebrity kid hire, but it’s not as if his Twitter is the only thing going on in his life.

        As for the motivation, I think it’s worth noting that Dylan Farrow recently went public about her experience with abuse. Whenever Woody Allen gets discussed online, everyone seems to focus on him and Soon-Yi, with his detractors calling him her stepfather and his supporters minimizing his relationship in the family. A lot of people seem to have forgotten that there’s a second alleged victim here as well. I think Mia and Ronan keep bringing it up because it’s their daughter and sister whose victimization is being ignored and they have a more public platform than Dylan does.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Well I mean that I think he can do a lot more than just tweet about it…..and should. If it is that important to him. I don’t know–I just get the feeling that Mia just goes on and on and on about it–and not in a good or helpful way. I don’t know how to describe it–obviously yes, she should be upset, she shouldn’t let it be forgotten. But it just seems to me that they’re using it almost as a punchline, than to actually bring awareness.

        Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s just how I feel right now.

      • lunchcoma says:

        I guess that to me it seems that if he’s doing it with the approval of his sister, the alleged victim, that’s enough justification in and of itself.

        I think it’s admirable when people who’ve been victimized and their families want to become activists in a particular area, but I don’t think they’re obligated to do so if they want to speak out about their own experiences. Expecting otherwise seems to either force people down particular career paths or silence victims.

      • Nina W says:

        Why shouldn’t he tweet about it Virgilia Coriolanus? Why should he have to do charity work or pretend nothing happened? Woody’s behavior has had a huge impact on their lives and they have every right to talk about it any way they see fit. He doesn’t have to do charity work just to complain about his jackass father.

    • Anna says:

      I was most impressed by not a single twerking reference. It stayed dead, as it should.

    • LilyRose says:

      This was the best intro of the night.

  7. B&A FN says:

    Love the shout out from Steve McQueen to Brad Pitt for being instrumental in getting 12Years A Slave made. Steve McQueen: “Brad Pitt without you this movie would have never been made”. CONGRATULATIONS TO 12 Years a Slave.

    • I was sad that the Brange didn’t go—I’m guessing that Angelina is still filming. I just read an interview with the Coen brothers, and they said that the film was a difficult shoot, because of all the aerial shots, etc–they said that they were glad that they just had to write the story, and not actually have to direct any of it. I think Brad finished filming ‘Fury’ in December, not sure though.

      So I get the feeling that they operate on ‘either we both go or neither of us go–which works, I guess. I wouldn’t want to sit through a boring awards ceremony (especially if I’m not nominated), if I wasn’t going to be with someone I knew.

      I also think that they didn’t go to keep the attention on the movie–because the HFPA are some shady, and crafty so and so’s….I still can’t believe they nominated Angelina in a ‘comedy or musical’ category, for ‘The Tourist’, so they would show up.

      But I wanted to see what sack dress she would’ve worn :(

      And I LOVED the DiCaprio shade!!!! I’m still laughing about it now.

      • Maya says:

        Fury only finished Friday in UK and they had a wrap party on Saturday – many tweets from the cast and crew confirmed that.

        Angelina is still filming in Unbroken so it makes sense that Brad & Angelina weren’t there.

        I personally think after the oscar nominations comes out later this week – that is when Brad will join the campaign and take the lead. He is immensely powerful in Hollywood and he will campaign as much as he can not because he wants an Oscar but because he believed in this movie and that it deserves the awards.

        I predict both Angie and Brad will be there at the oscars and the media and Hollywood would go crazy like they always do whenever Brad and Angelina enters any red carpet.

        PS: I loved the Coen brothers interview about how hard Unbroken is to film and how since Angie knows them personally – she asked them to write it. Despite what some haters claim Brad and Angie have some powerful and talented friends in the industry who will step up if they asked.

    • kate says:

      …”wherever you may be.” That was some understated burn on Pitt.

  8. Greata says:

    I came away from the Globes truly angry. 12 Years A Slave …what happened there? Jennifer Lawrence as Best Supporting Actress…PLEASE! I agree with Leto’s win ….(even though I am a Fassbender Fangirl)…..but hated his acceptance speech …thought it was crude. Matthew McConaughey for Best Actor…NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Loved, and agreed with Kate and Amy’s wins! It seems as if the HFP wanted to please everyone and in the end pleased very few. Let’s hope the SAGS are better.

  9. taxi says:

    Tina looks better this year than last, glad Amy won, Cate looked fab, Dianne K looked very good. She always wears suits but at least she left off the doofy gloves. Emma was great & looked beautiful. Chastain got too much botox. Her face was really frozen in the table panoramas. Robin Wright looked terrific but she showed too much boob on one side. Killer body though.
    Nice to see Nicky Lauda.

    • loveisthecoal says:

      I was mildly annoyed that they had Chris Hemsworth present with Niki Lauds rather than Daniel Brühl…wouldn’t that have made more sense? I get that Hemsworth is the “star” so I’m sure that was the reasoning, but it would have been nice to see my boyfriend/CB husband presenting! (Clearly I have some bias here.)

  10. allons-y alonso says:

    WHO WAS THE RECIPIENT OF ROBERT DOWNEY JR.’S WINK? – my hopeful answer: Mark Ruffalo

  11. Ice Maiden says:

    ”*ALL OF THE BEARDS. So many wonderful beards, so little time. ”

    Really? Was George Clooney there? I didn’t see him.

  12. Sisi says:

    Robert Downey Jr. winked at Idris Elba…. although I might’ve been imagining that

  13. LB says:

    JLaw isn’t even campaigning so there’s no reason to even be upset with her. It’s the critics who have latched on. I hope she does take the break she wants so people can miss her. Also she brought Nick – love them together!

    Tina and Amy killed and I kept wanting them to come back and say more. I liked Leo winning but was surprised (in not a bad way) about Matthew M winning. I wouldn’t be opposed to an Oscar for either but Chiwetel was also amazing. It’s actually a hard year to decide – they were all so good. Loved loved loved Alfonso Cuaron willing. He deserves it in my opinion. Amy Adams was a good choice but the oscar is Cate’s.

    • Tapioca says:

      They’ve split Mockingjay into 2 money-making parts, so 2014 and 2015 will also be filled to the brim with Jennifer Lawrence.

      I grant you she’s a good actress – except in the first HG movie, in which she showed a flatness of delivery of which Kristen Stewart would be proud – but I guess I just don’t see the spectacular multi-award winning performances the critics do!

      Yays for Amy A and Amy P. Boo for Chiwetel not winning.

  14. GiGi says:

    I actually really enjoyed the show. It was quipy (Rhat’s a word. I swear.) and not full of wonky bits (I’m looking at you Oscar’s). The fashion was pretty good and I’m glad it wasn’t a red carpet full of the same looks. I’ll be interested to see how last night’s wins flow through the rest of the season.

  15. Sisi says:

    btw were the Golden Globes always this…. white?

    The only non white presenters were Zoe Saldana, Usher, Diddy, and Paula Patton, so basically only one actual actor. Yet there were so many talented people in the crowd :(

    • Daphne says:

      Yes, unfortunately, its always this white—presenters & winners. But Globes arent as bad as Oscars. I used to like watching for the dresses but if you’re watching to see if your fav actor/tress of color will win. It’s likely not going to happen—like blue moons and haley’s comets.

      • Nina W says:

        I disagree, I think there’s been progress, there are many more substantive movies of “color” being made nowadays and a lot more diversity of casting. Much of the color bias comes from the natural history of Hollywood and not some conspiracy to keep people disenfranchised.

      • jessica says:

        Nina, I’m pretty sure you’re determined to disagree with anyone who brings up the issue of race. I’m not black and I can see what’s going on. How about you open your eyes and actually look. There are more black actors and actresses in Hollywood than they allow or invite to these ceremonies. And the issue of them not being in movies or having upcoming projects should not be brought up for the simple fact that there were a bunch of white actors and actresses with no upcoming project or relevant projects in the works. It’s very unfair, and not only to black hollywood. There are so many different races and cultures in Hollywood and they are not being represented.

  16. Kiddo says:

    Best line/joke, at the beginning, that Amy and Tina were hosting again, because Hollywood will do the same thing over and over until people hate it. It’s so true.

    Why did they kill the sound after the joke about Leo and models’ vaginas? I thought it was just my broadcast, at first. Did he swear? He was kind of a douche mispronouncing “Philomania” instead of Philomena. Maybe it wasn’t intentional, but he was reading a teleprompter.

    Oh, and I love Brooklyn 99. I thought I was the only one really enjoying it. Maybe it will gather a following now. Andy was adorable in his speech. The cast of Parks and Rec was cute too when Amy won. Another very funny show.

  17. LadyMTL says:

    The George Clooney joke at the very opening of the show was by far my favorite moment. It’s just too bad that he wasn’t there because I would have loved to have seen a cutaway to his reaction.

  18. xboxsucks says:

    thanks CB , i thought my loonie self was the only person noticing angelina s family winning ;-)

  19. blue marie says:

    I didn’t watch it but after the mini recap Kaiser gave, I’m kind of sorry I missed it. The Swift shade is hilarious though.

  20. Marigold says:

    The slicked back hair. Dear God, there was so much slicked back hair. Hair doesn’t just do that. So, it was either falling to the side or gelled into a helmet. Mila Kunis’ hair was slicked into some sort of updo and profile wise, it was awful. How did this become a thing? The softer hairdos from the night were head and shoulders above the rest. Please take note for future shows, celebrities.

  21. Esmom says:

    I thought Amy and Tina did a great job but I remember them being even funnier last year. The Clooney joke was definitely the first home run of the night and seemed to shift the tone to more relaxed. As someone pointed out, I like how this show is less polished and full of hokey bits like the Oscars.

    A lot of people who won seemed genuinely shocked. Although Matthew McC was clearly very well prepared with his speech. Jacqueline Bissett was the worst. Jon Voight wasn’t much better, although maybe that’s tinged with my bitterness at Aaron Paul losing to him.

  22. allons-y alonso says:

    I have a special GG gift for Kaiser. I give to you your Gods Cumberbatch and Fassbender together in photographic glory

  23. Mia4S says:

    The direction of the show was amateur beyond belief (they kept showing the teleprompter!) but Amy and Tina were divine. That Leo intro was classic (don’t count on an Oscar nod yet, RDJ won that catagory a few years back with Sherlock Holmes of all things).

    Globes love the “stars”, there will definitely be some differences at the Oscars.

  24. Janie says:

    MATTHEW! Alright, alright, alright!

    Love him endlessly, him and his lovely wife. Good for them both.

  25. lucy2 says:

    I enjoyed the show overall, but my favorite part was probably Amy winning. I adore her and Parks & Rec, and it often gets snubbed and she never wins. I was really excited for her, and I loved how elated her costars looked.
    Also, I kind of liked Tina’s red carpet dress, but her first on stage gown looked gorgeous on her.

  26. smee says:

    I was surprised when Michael D. said “mince” as well – very surprised no one is really talking about it here. I didn’t get the “garbage man” reference made by Tina Fey to Matt Damon – what was the joke? Melissa McCarthy “as Matt Damon” was supremely un-funny as well, but maybe I was missing the joke there too………..help! please!

    Also, I though Tina and Amy both looked spectacular in all their outfits.

  27. Marianne says:

    I think my favourite parts were the jokes about George Clooney and Leo. Emma Thompson drunk (and flinging her shoes) and the teleprompter failing.

  28. Cora says:

    The Clooney and Leo jokes were my two favourite.

    The shade Jim Carrey gave to Shia LaBeouf came in a close third!

  29. Lori says:

    I liked when Amy was dressed up as the sulky boy……..when she made into the audience and asked if Idris Elba was her father I loved it. When she asked if it was Harvey Winstein I laughed and vomited just a little.

  30. mellie says:

    Love Amy and Tina…they are awesome! Hope to see them again next year.

  31. eliza says:

    I didn’t watch. Awards shows are nothing more than a masterbatory fest of Hollywood egos pleasuring themselves. The only good awards shows were back in the day when real talent still existed in Hollywood. Now it is all pretty packaged fakery and bought awards by Weinstein. No thanks. I watched True Crime on HBO and Downton Abby.

  32. Nan St. George says:

    The Irish guys were the best part for me last night. From Fassbender to Colin Farrell to U2 and Liam Neeson, they all looked delicious and I was in heaven. Add to that the many camera cuts to Idris Elba and I was a very happy girl.

    • Esmom says:

      Agreed except Bono needs to ditch the shades. My son has recently discovered U2 and he asked who the guy with the sunglasses was. When I said it was Bono he was bummed. Not sure what he was expecting but apparently not that!

      • Jayna says:

        Bono on why he wears shades.

        In a six-year-old interview with Rolling Stone that reporter Jann Wenner has recently shared, Bono revealed that he doesn’t wear his ever-present sunglasses just to look like a super-cool rockstar while the rest of us have to sit around being normal. They have an actual purpose.

        “[I have] very sensitive eyes to light. If somebody takes my photograph, I will see the flash for the rest of the day,” he says of his baby blues. A medical condition in his right eye sometimes causes problems, as well. “My right eye swells up. I’ve a blockage there, so that my eyes go red a lot. A magazine across the pond was referring to me as ‘old red eyes.’”

        He says that when he drinks wine, his eyes turn red, and other allergens can irritate them as well. “So it’s part vanity, it’s part privacy, and part sensitivity,” he explains.

        He also admits that he has a preference for Bulgari shades. “A lot of times, people think when they see a B on the side, it is just my own megalomania. Only half the time it is.”

  33. Sarah says:

    Thanks y’all! As a mom w 2 small kids and no TV I don’t get to watch awards shows anymore. The Globes were always my favorites! Between y’all’s tweets and Lainey’s live blog I still got in all my laughs and dress talk.

    Sadly I’m not really surprised that TYAS didn’t get more acting nods. Just look at the history. Also I think the foreign press might have had a different um shall we say historical perspective.

  34. ToodySezHey says:

    The highlight for me was the George clooney joke…I think I laugh-cried for a good 10 minutes after that.

    Also, the Leo joke and when RDJ said Olivia Wilde was wearing the Matrix? *__________________*

    I was too through.

    But once again, I was angry that no brown people won any individual awards. Not Kerry, not Chiwetel( and he was up for TWO categories) not Idris, not Lupita. I w.as feeling some kinda way and also now I worry for 12YAS Oscar chances after it most blatantly got snubbed except for the best pic win. That said, I hadnt seen many of the movies/shows nominated this year( too broke and no time) But still, I really had hope at least ONE brown person would win something but…damn.

  35. Kim1 says:

    Scott Fienberg THR tweeted Gravity will win Best Picture ,Oscar voters wont see TYAS because of the brutality so be prepared

  36. Luca26 says:

    It was so disappointing that 12YAS didn’t win any acting or directing awards but the GG is the starf**ker awards show and not really predictive. The SAG awards usually give a much better indication for the Oscar. If JLaw wins another Oscar it will cement the backlash against her because Lupita really deserves it.
    I loved it when Amy dressed up as Tina’s son.
    The Clooney and Leo jokes were priceless.

  37. Kristen says:

    The supermodel’s vaguna joke was AMAZING. I was so mad the telecast messed up right after. I liked Leo’s reaction, too. Kind of like, “Well, they’re not lying…”

    I thought Tina and Amy looked GORGEOUS in their first on-stage dresses of the night. The burgundy!! The hunter green!! So pretty. Also loved when Amy played Tina’s surly son.

    Why is everyone hating on Matthew McConaughey’s win? I love him and thought it was well deserved.

  38. Audrey says:

    I’ve heard that Dallas Buyers Club is incredibly moving (I have a high needs 9 month old so I can’t go to the movies. Nobody babysits more than once lol). And that Leto is phenomenal in it. He made a couple man friends cry.

    I’ve also had a number of friends tell me that American Hustle made them understand why people like jlaw

    So I’m kind of sick of the 12YAS backlash. It got best picture. It’s being recognized as a fantastic film. Some people thought other performances more powerful or key to the success of the film.

    It’s okay to disagree but can we not tear others down to lift some up?

    I also hope Leo gets an Oscar nom. He’s a great actor and should have won for Gilbert grape

    • Kiddo says:

      Basketball Diaries and Gilbert Grape were excellent Leo movies. I think I like him less in epic big budget films.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      I’ve seen all the big award bait films this year. 12YAS was incredibly brutal. It was well acted but very hard to watch, especially for someone like me who was not born in the United States. It was a learning experience and a hard one. It was a superbly made film and rightfully deserved best film – drama and SHOULD earn the best film Oscar. American Hustle was just an entertaining movie and Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams owned their roles. The women in that film were standouts over the men. Jennifer Lawrence was fantastic and in the race for supporting actress, there are so many wonderful and deserving actresses that it’s a horse race, honestly, come Oscar time. Dallas Buyers Club was another hard to watch film. Matthew McConaughey was so amazing and Jared Leto was simply phenomenal. And Alphonse Cuaron did some amazing directorial work in Gravity. Sandra Bullock was quite good, too.

      The whole “backlash” phenomenon is ridiculous. And what really kind of scares me is the glee some people get in seeing backlash. It’s really kind of creepy, actually

  39. Hootysgram says:

    All I want to know is…WHERE WAS GEORGE CLOONEY? He’s usually at these things and was nowhere to be seen!!! Didn’t have a date, perhaps?

  40. Diana says:

    I can understand why TYAS didn’t win the acting awards. I saw it saturday and to be honest, I was disappointed. Chiwetel did not do it for me and the story I just didn’t buy it. When Epps wife kept on yelling and treating him like crap there was no way with a character like that man had for her to able to talk like that that freely and not get a beating for it. Then I went and watched The Butler and was reminded of what a good movie looks like. I just prepared so much for TYAS and in the end it was nothing as scarring as it was made to be by some commenters here.

    • jaye says:

      It was based on a true accounting of a free black man who WAS kidnapped and sold into slavery.

    • Diana says:

      Still, that slave was her husband’s favorite and most of the time she totally humiliated him with what she said, so no, I don’t buy that a psyco slaver would allow his wife to talk to him like that without consequence. And yes, it was BASED on a true story but something about the acting and the way the story was presented felt off for me and the people who watched it with me. My mom even laughed at some parts that were not meant to be laughed at. So I stand by my opinion on the movie and understand why it didn’t win as much as everyone was expecting it to win. My friend even said that if it won anything it had to be due to Brad Pitt’s involvement and the place he occupies in HW and I kind of agree.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        What? I’m not understanding what you’re saying.

        You said Patsy was Epp’s favorite–true. How did Patsy humiliate Epps? Or did you mean Mistress Epps?—Epps was drunk all the time, and he felt guilty that he was lusting after a slave, so when he was drunk he was a lot most susceptible to listening to his wife i.e. beating Patsy. So I don’t understand your point.

      • pwal says:

        I’m sorry that you don’t ‘buy’ that Epps would tolerate his wife’s abuse. Myself, I do buy that he would, given the fact that his isolation from other Whites weren’t by his design. Sure, he interacted/had business dealings with that other plantation owner who had his former slave as the head of the household, and Sam Bass, who was open about his lack of respect for him-but that was it. I suspect that the nightly ‘dances’ with slaves harkened back to the days when the plantation was teeming with White neighbors socializing with him and his wife. But I suspect that his erratic behavior put a lot of White people off, hence his fixation on the slaves. And I think the erratic behavior came to a head when he crossed the line with Patsey, who was likely not quite a teenager when the rapes started.

        Epps wife’s physical attacks towards Patsey seemed incredibly personal and exact-attacks that she felt confident in doing because Epps or Patsey wouldn’t fight back. Epps, because despite the poisonous nature of it, her presence is somehow reassuring- at least one White person will deal/remain with him. And Patsey won’t either, not because of Epps wife’s position, but because, IMO, Patsey, as a child (before the rapes and Epps wife’s resentment and hatred set in), watched her, learned her manner and how a so-called ‘lady’ conducted herself and imitated it. Maybe Patsey engaging in that play bolstered Epps wife’s ego briefly, but as soon as Epps crossed the line with Patsey, Epps’ wife became enraged that a lowly slave who acquired her manner (and probably did it better than did, since apparently, Epps wife’s background wasn’t all that pristine or affluent) got and kept her husband’s attention, although it was completely unintentional.

    • Marigold says:

      You didn’t buy it?

      I suppose history books are just works of fiction for you.

    • Diana says:

      Again, I’m sorry but it did not ring true to me. I guess we can all interpret it in a different way and it’s awsome you guys think that it was a great movie but for me it wasn’t. I did not connect with it and it fell flat for me. You guys have your opinion and I have mine.

  41. Happy21 says:

    Lupita should have won for 12 Years a Slave.

    I thought her acting was amazing. I also thought that Fassbender should have won for that.

    I think that MM did a FABULOUS job in Dallas Buyers Club but was still surprised he won for some reason.

    I loved JLaw in American Hustle but I don’t know if she should have won. It had me wondering if she is going to be one of those actresses (not unlike Kate Winslet) that is nominated for almost everything she is in?

    I think 12 Years a Slave was the best picture of the year. I think it maybe should have won for best director as well. I’ve seen a few of the movies nominated and it is by far the best picture of the year. The whole move, story, acting, everything all rolled into one made it that way. It was a combination, not just one person who made it that way. I hope it wins at the Oscars big time.

    I do not see why Gravity is nominated for anything. I didn’t like it and I can only stand Sandra Bullock’s nasally whining for so long. It should not win.

  42. bros says:

    Im probably the only one who agreed it was right that 12 years a slave got shut out of every category. As a film, it didn’t work. Ive made the argument before but it had a bad screenplay which made no use of its main characters, everything but the social message and the cinematography felt like an afterthought, with 0 character development, even for fassbender’s really good performance-he was just as much a caricature of ‘slave owner’ as solomon was a plot device.

    I disagree with it winning best picture, because it’s evident when you start breaking it down to the sum of its parts, it cinematically was not great, despite its important social messaging and ethical soul.

  43. emmie_a says:

    I love Amy Poehler – so glad she won!

    I’m not a huge Tina Fey fan but I like her w/Amy — I wish there was more of them throughout the show… although I liked the pace the way it was. Less fluff is always a good thing.

    I thought Diane Keaton looked amazing. Her hair was perfect and loved her suit.

  44. Aly says:

    Lupita and Chewy not winning their awards was messed up. I think Jennifer Kawrence is a great actress but it seems her farm is what is winner her awards lately. And no, I really didn’t like SLP, but American Hustle was much better.

    SO happy Alfonso Cuaron won best director!! I was torn between him and Steve McQueen but I’m very happy his brilliant work for Gravity was recognized. He worked so hard on that with his don and I can truly say I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. Gravity winning best director is perfect, but 12 Years a Slave winning best picture overall makes sense. I’m sure this is how the oscars will play out, except I hope to see Lupita and Chewy up there too…

  45. erinn says:

    Pretty sure Emma Thompson was doing a bit, especially as her date was her 14 year old daughter. I think they should give out awards for the most entertaining presenters.

    Loved loved loved Diane Keaton’s suit, but her speech was a bit scattered and the song at the end left my BFF and I simultaneously texting: “what is happening here?!”. Also, while I am willing to concede that Woody Allen may be a very talented film creator, I’m still totally creeped out by him. Ronan Farrow had some interesting tweets last night.

  46. Sumodo1 says:

    I want to thank all of you at Celebitchy.com for working so hard to give us this extravagant “morning-after” gift. You have out-done yourselves!

  47. MavenTheFirst says:

    My favourite moment was when it ended. I watched for Tina and Amy and they did not disappoint with their zingers. I mute most of the speeches unless it’s writers or comedians (only way I can bear sitting through it).

    On the upside, seeing clips from ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ and ‘Nebraska’ really piqued my interest in a way that none of the other films did. I am going to check them out. It was actually a relief to see them in the midst of all the loud and massive hype.

    Oh, and Emma Thompson rules!

  48. Dommy Dearest says:

    I watched First Class the other day and I have to be honest: why do people think Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress? She isn’t bad but her lines that she delivers makes it obvious she’s reading from a script.

  49. Maya says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Leo mocked the votes for giving him an award for the comedy category?

    • lunchcoma says:

      I thought I heard a little bit of joking in his acceptance speech, and I was just fine with it. I mean, come on. The Wolf of Wall Street is not really a comedy, Leo isn’t really a comedian, and Martin Scorsese isn’t really a comic director. Some of their competitors were a stretch for the category too.

      He doesn’t have any control over things like that, of course, but I don’t mind him being a bit self-aware that it’s ridiculous.

  50. Avilita says:

    Many great jokes and THAT Bradley Cooper’s pissed facial expression when he lost.

  51. Chloe says:

    I was pretty happy with all of the acting awards handed out except for J-Law’s, I found her role in AH hustle annoying, Amy A. ruled as her character and I really liked Bale, I don’t think B. Cooper deserved a nomination, though I loved his pissed off face when he didn’t win (you know the same on he had at the Oscars last year). Unfortunately besides TYAS I’ve not seen any of the other supporting actresses work, but I felt that Lupita was better. As for Matthew winning, I thought he (along with Leto) were brilliant in DBC and deserved the award just as much as any of the actors, so I see no snubs there.

  52. original kay says:

    The very best part was Ronan Farrow’s aptly timed tweet.

  53. Lexi says:

    for a while Fassy could do no wrong on here, and then other actors/actresses get hate for campaigning for the oscars and now Fassy can do lots of wrong and he’s gets hate for NOT campaigning. I don’t get it.
    I wonder what will make people turn on Cumberbatch…
    I think Leto and Fassbenders performance were both SO good so it’s hard to say even on acting merit alone who should get it. I can’t decide personally cause I loved both.

    The joke about Leo DiCaprio was by far the best of the night! Although I was at my mom’s house watching and busted out laughing and she was like “i dont get it…” I was just like “uhhhh nevermind… so naive.” gotta love good ol’mom.

  54. Kosmos says:

    Tina and Amy were AWESOME hosts….witty, clever, and definitely funny. Loved the put down joke to Leo DiCaprio the most!!

  55. Lisa says:

    That was the most together I’ve seen Diane Keaton ever. Then she sang. But it was still no Annie Hall performance, so, bravo.

    Jacqueline Bisset was beautiful and I loved her speech. Nobody shuts a Scotswoman down! <3

  56. Lisa says:

    Bono’s diss of Sean Combs/Diddy/Puffy Magic Dragon ON STAGE was awesome.

  57. chimchimsmom says:

    My favorite moment is every time Amy Poehler shows that ass Will Arnett what a fool he is.

  58. chimchimsmom says:

    Worst moment = mention of Jonah Hill masturbating by the pool in Wolf of Wall Street. Ugh! I didn’t see the movie, but I can’t unsee it in my mind!

  59. boo says:

    I watched GG by bits and fits, I can’t watch the whole thing, but I did see Idris Alba wink, at who I don’t know, but it was so damn sexy, that I just smiled to myself, damn that man is sexy! I know I said damn twice, but damn he looks good (that’s three times!).

  60. And then there were none says:

    I know everyone’s talking about the film & acting categories but I’m most disappointed by U2′s win for best song. It should have gone to Frozen. A perfect example of the Hollywood Foreign Press being a bunch of star f**kers. They gave it to U2 because they showed up.

  61. lisa2 says:

    My favorite was Tina and Amy. Funny women with great chemistry. Just shows that as a female comedian you can be funny without saying foul things about other women (take note Chelsea Handler this is humor with class). I was watching Showbiz Tonight and they did a segment on the two of them Talking about there career path. They have know each other for 20 or so years. Started out doing improv and such. I was very impressed with how they have continued to support each other over the years.

    I was disappointed that Lupita lost out. I think she was the obvious and most deserving winner of all the TYAS cast. Such a powerful memorable performance. Shame.

    Negative: Outside Tina/Amy the rest of the show seemed armature hour. It just felt weird not sure if it was the pacing or just the bad production.

  62. jessica says:

    The #1 thing that makes me sad is the lack of side eye at this Golden Globes. Especially with Meryl there. I’ve been in need of more Meryl side eye gifs.