“Robert Redford doesn’t care that he wasn’t nominated for an Oscar” links


Robert Redford doesn’t give a crap about not getting an Oscar nom. [Buzzfeed]
Brandi Glanville’s defense: it was a joke for adults. [Amy Grindhouse]
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Prince Harry shaved his ginger Viking beard. [Dlisted]
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The Entourage movie is already filming. [A Socialite Life]
This weekend is all about Flowers In the Attic. [Starcasm]
Desolation of Smaug’s alternate ending. [Moe Jackson]
Jonah Hill tells a gross poop story. [The Blemish]
A Playmate was found dead, police suspect an overdose. [Bitten & Bound]
Classic blind item: allegedly Jennifer Love Hewitt. [I'm Not Obsessed]
Here’s Lily Allen’s latest single. [PopBytes]
Jennifer Lawrence’s style inspiration: Mia Farrow. [IDLY]


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  1. Lydia says:

    Hm. It sounds like he’s a little bit upset at the lack of a distribution and campaign. Oh, well. There isn’t a single nominee in his category that doesn’t deserve to be there. Plus let’s discuss all of the other men who were left out: Tom Hanks, Michael B. Jordan, Joaquin Phoenix and Idris Elba to name just a few… You obviously can’t nominate EVERYONE, there are people left out every year.

  2. Hannah says:

    Of course he doesn’t, he’s ROBERT REDFORD, ffs!!

    Still a looker, btw.

  3. TheCountess says:

    I saw “All is Lost” in the theatre and loved it, but had a feeling there was only room for one elder statesman nominee and Bruce Dern was visibly working the circuit (nothing wrong with that, they all do).

    Still enrages me that Jonah Hill now has two acting nominations and Redford only has one. Absurd, really.

  4. TC says:

    Um…very misleading headline. Redford NEVER said he doesn’t care or doesn’t give a crap about getting an Oscar nom. He recognizes it’s a business and that the film suffered from little to no distribution from Roadside Attractions. He actually said an Oscar nom would’ve been nice but he’s not upset or disturbed by not receiving one. Pure grace. Love him. I saw All is Lost and it’s an incredible cinematic experience.

  5. Lucy says:

    He knows what he has done, and has nothing to prove.

  6. GeeMoney says:

    Doesn’t Redford already have an Oscar? I would like to think that he doesn’t care at this point in time.

  7. Kosmos says:

    I think Redford’s in a category by himself. He’s unique, he’s fabulous, he’s artistic and creative and his love of good film has been his life’s achievement. He’s a wonderful man and he doesn’t need this award to add to his already full and noteworthy career and life. I’m sure every actor supports Redford’s achievements and respects him wholeheartedly for his contributions to the industry throughout his lifetime.

  8. Kim1 says:

    Usweekly says Depp and Amber are engaged

  9. Dorothy says:

    I have adored him since I was a child…and admire him a great deal! And he lives by his words, something lost on some “stars” these days full of phoniness. May have to watch The Way We Were this weekend – swoon :-) And uh yeah, Acadamy Awards and even journalism is all PR BS these days. That is what is more disturbing than any awards show. Again, call email Vanity Fair, the Gwyneth give in, and the fact the Gwyneth Paltrow of all people manipulates the media to such an extent is absurd and a very bad sign on the times, really!

  10. Miss M says:

    He was too wonderful in “All is lost” to be nominated. He deserves his own category.

  11. Zandy says:

    Wonder why you didn’t cover those Fassbender’s holding hands pics with his new bit? Is Fassy not liked anymore, replaced by Cumby?

  12. SonjaMarmeladova says:

    Sally and Colin would be such a great couple. I hope it’s true.

  13. Leah says:

    They should give all the Oscars to Robert.

  14. taxi says:

    I love RR forever, even though I met him eons ago & he’s overly aloof & always has his “minders” to keep people away even at exclusive resorts, but I do wish he’d stop with the hair dye.

    • RobN says:

      I stood behind him in a grocery store in Northern California a couple of months ago and he was very friendly and nice. Joked with the cashier, stood with a couple of people while they took cellphone pics. Just generally seemed quite nice, and from the price of the bottle of wine he was buying, he’s not cheap.

  15. Sixer says:

    I’m leaning towards Sarah of Pajiba about Girls. It is good and clever and the dialogue is like something Iannucci would write. But the mirror it holds up is a closer mirror to viewers than Veep, so it makes some people uncomfortable and defensive. I don’t find Lena Dunham in the least bit simpatico, in fact, I find her very annoying, but this doesn’t make her show rubbish. Having said that, I think it is too repetitive to make for continued enjoyment. I watched three episodes of the first series and then became bored.

  16. lili says:

    has Redford ever been involved in in bad film project?

  17. The Rover says:

    I both love and hate the Oscars. Love to see all my favorite stars all decked up on the red carpet, and although every year the entire awards ceremony seems too long, there are some great jokes and speeches made every year. Hate the constant pandering to small movies that may have been watched by 1 in 100,000 people and giving the shaft to big studio movies even in the art direction/makeup/visual effects/sound categories. Just look at the winners of the past 20 years – which of any of these movies are worth watching more than once? Shakespeare In Love? Mystic River? Crash? Chicago? American Beauty? The Hurt Locker? 10 years from now, no one will remember any of these movies, no one will be buying them to add to their movie collection. Meanwhile, new generations will still discover gems like Goodfellas, Saving Private Ryan, Dark City, The Dark Knight, Watchmen, The Prestige and many others.

    Robert Redford is one of the finest actors Hollywood has and with an amazing body of work to boast of. But just like Charles Chaplin, he’ll be given a lifetime achievement award and that’s it. Some actors, like Daniel Day Lewis are recognized time and again for their work but a lot of other deserving actors never get their due. Awards are kind of meaningless since appreciation of cinema is a subjective thing and at the same time, you do feel that the people whose work you admire and have enjoyed should be rewarded and recognized. The Oscars are the biggest movie awards but I feel that they nominate the same circle of people every year, rarely giving a chance to new, fresh talent. It makes me think that the Oscars are out of touch with the pulse of the public.