Jennifer Lawrence in Dior at the SAGs: lovely or multicolored disco ball?

Jennifer Lawrence

I breathed a sigh of relief when Jennifer Lawrence did not win at last night’s SAGs. She was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress but lost to Lupita Nyong’o. This is marvelous news for those of us who fear JLaw is heading into overexposure backlash. The internet can be an awfully cruel beast, and I think JLaw is carefully toeing the line as far as her image goes. The good thing is that she knows how to disappear from the public eye, but skipping the SAGs would have been a bad move. She did look a little wasted at one point during the evening. More on that in a moment.

Let’s talk about this dress, which hopefully will not inspire as many parodies and giggles as her SAGs gown. Jennifer is wearing Dior Couture, of course. I love the sleek and flattering silhouette and the glossy, sequinned fabric but am not crazy about the multicolor sequins. What is going on with Dior these days? The fashion house would never dress Marion Cotillard this way. This isn’t the worst we’ve seen from Dior on JLaw, but it could have been so much better. Also, Dior loves to smoosh Jennifer’s rack. Shame on them.

Jennifer went minimal with accessories and makeup, which was a wise choice. Her only jewelry was a pair of geometric Jennifer Meyer earrings and a few tiny rings. Smokey eyes topped off the haircut that she pulls off so well.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

JLaw did collect a trophy as part of the American Hustle cast. I’m pretty sure she took a shot before hitting the press room.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Katrina Bowden

Katrina Bowden wore black-and-gold Badgley Mischka, and this is an amazing dress on her. I haven’t ever been wowed by Katrina on the red carpet, but girlfriend hit a home run here. She scored a rare flat-ironed hair win too.

Katrina Bowden

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  1. Schmuck says:

    I love Jennifer. She is the best madurchod in Hollywood.
    Love her!

  2. SonjaMarmeladova says:

    This is the best Jennifer has ever looked. Ever.
    I’m so glad she she didn’t win because she was way over the top in AH.
    Also, I like the girl, but she’s slowly starting to annoy me.

  3. Sullivan says:

    Oy, the silly faces. Jennifer’s glittery dress appeals to the magpie in me.

  4. Marianne says:

    I actually really like Jennifer’s dress. Its probably my 5th favourite dress of the night. However, I am getting a little tired that she always seems to have this seem silhouette. I get that she has a Dior contract and they put her in whatever they want, but I would love to see her rock something different. Or at least have her wear a big statement necklace. Its a great dress and she looks lovely, it just feels a bit “same old, same old” to me.

  5. Kaiser says:

    You know what J-Law’s dress reminded me of? Old-school, late ’90s Randolph Duke. Remember Randolph Duke? Anyone?

  6. Stef Leppard says:

    I think this is one of the best Dior gowns JLaw has had to wear. It was flattering and fun. I think she looks better like this than in a big flouncy princess gown.

    Dior must make some really fug dresses. I’m never wowed by Jennifer when she wears Dior.

  7. V4real says:

    I like this Dior better than that sheet with lace she wore to the Globes

  8. TheCountess says:

    One of the better gowns Dior has put her into. Those faces though – ugh.

    However, no way she was as smashed as Cuba “HAPPY MLK WEEKEND!” Gooding Jr. *That* was embarrassing.

  9. Tig says:

    I love the silhouette on JLaw, and the sequins are OK. But she really needs to dial it back a notch- “armpit vagina”??? There is cute “ill at ease” and then there’s “please stop”- she’s at the latter point.

    • Lark says:

      Yeah, I like her but it’s a little much..This may get me shunned on CB, but she kind of reminds me of a more talented, younger Julia Roberts…pretty but not drop dead gorgeous looks a la Angelina Jolie that can be construed as “unattainable” or “threatening,” very over the top, very extra, very “meeeee”….I saw her going on about armpit vagina and making this whacky faces when she was introduced to Lupita and I just wanted to be “girl, reign it the eff in.”

      • TG says:

        Ha ha ha I was thinking the same thing last night about J- Law reminding me of Julia Roberts. I think she probably is a nice girl but her cutesyness has gotten old. I still maintain that she faked her fall at the Oscars last year, especially with all the evidence of her trying to get attention for being an aw shucks kind of girl. I still like her though and I love her hair. I want that hair so bad.

    • original kay says:

      I have to agree.

      at first it was funny, I guess, how she was just “out with her thoughts” but it’s like now I feel she pulled one over on everyone and she really is just trashy, low class.
      I am all for having fun,but for god’s sake you are an adult. stop giving the finger, talking about bodily functions on TV and please GOD stop with the “armpit vagina”.
      stop photo bombing and making stupid faces.
      be WITH everyone there, as a part of the event, stop making it all about YOU every time.

    • Cali2002 says:

      Wow, serious J. Law haters(real word) here on CB. I’m so sorry that someone having the best time of their existence seems to annoy you lemons along with the fact that she got on her private her dream job…

  10. Lark says:

    I actually really like this dress and I think she pulls it off.

  11. MollyB says:

    What is the material of Katrina’s dress? It looks so different/interesting.

  12. Kiddo says:

    The dress looks good on her, but I feel like I’ve seen that dress or a variation a hundred times before. The faces; when did Jennifer get all full blown Miley?

  13. Uto says:

    Is the cuff on Jennifer’s ear a real piercing or is it just a cuff you pinch on your ear? I love it!

  14. pretty says:

    HAHAHA there is an article about her mentioning “armpit vagina” in Yahoo! main page right now.
    anyway she must feel frustrating i mean she can not help it if she gets the oscar. ugh you know if she wins, she sets some kind of records.

    “If [Jennifer] Lawrence wins, she’ll make history as well as the youngest woman to have two Academy Awards. A win for Lawrence would also make her the first actress to win back-to-back Oscars since the legendary Katharine Hepburn”

    i would feel awful if she wins and the internet suddenly start hating on her

    • It’ll be even worse because she *can’t* disappear afterwards—she’ll be up front and center, promoting Mockingjay 1&2 for the next two years—-so she wouldn’t even be able to pull a ‘Hathaway’ and disappear for a while……

    • Lucy says:

      Yeah, that’s why I’m kinda hoping she doesn’t win this year. Not because she doesn’t deserve it (all of the nominess do, including Julia), but the hate she’s receiving right now is overwhelming. And to be honest, I think she feels that way as well.

      • Andrew1 says:

        Completely agree! I lover her and it seems people are thinking she’s ‘overexposed’. Well she was in the highest grooms sing movie of 2013 that also set other records, as well as in a highly praised awards film, so yeah she’s going to be in the spotlight. Be glad she’s using her time to actually act in great movies and doesn’t pull drug or naked stunts to get attention.

      • Lou says:

        Definitely. It’ll work better for her in the long run. And I love her too. She hasn’t done anything offensive or dodgy, she’s just trying to have fun during a promo run that may get pretty tedious at times.

        This dress is one of the nicest Dior ones I’ve seen on her. She suits the style. But I hope Dior let her mix it up some more.

  15. Autumn says:

    I really liked this on her. It suits her better than the princess dresses she has worn in the past.

  16. Sprink says:

    Lawrence looks flawless in that gown. Kateina Worsit, not so much. It sort of a whispers “winged messenger of the Gods…”

  17. Renee says:

    I like J-Law’s sequined dress. She looks nice but needs to grow the f up. What’s this about her acting goofy when she met Lupita?

    No joke, I thought Katrina Bowden was J-Lo at first glance.

    In the lead photo J-Law is giving me unbotoxed Ellen Barkin vibes.

  18. serena says:

    This is something new for me to say: I love JLaw’s dress (lol), it really hugs her figure and is somewhat young and fresh too.

  19. Evi says:

    Ever since Galliano was sacked, Dior has gone to the dogs. Terrible dresses.

  20. MrsBPitt says:

    I like both dresses, but I really think Jennifer’s acting is way overrated….

  21. Kasia says:

    The problem with Dior is that John Galliano no longer works there. You can say what you want about him, but he is one of the most talented designers ever. Too bad he ruined his career in such a way.

  22. Aria says:

    I totally disagree. This is the best Dior dress JL has wore since the beginning of their “collaboration”.

  23. shellybean says:

    I think Jennifer looked awesome. The dress was formal but still managed to look cute, young, and fun on her. It also fit her perfectly. Loved her styling, too!

  24. Janet says:

    JLaw’s dress is gorgeous and she is wearing the hell out of it.

  25. rep says:

    Dress looks good, girl acted bad. Both in AH and at the awards. What was wrong with her? I cannot believe she kept making those faces. Maybe she is burned out, tired of faking. But this behavior really made me dislike her, more.

  26. kibbles says:

    I love her dress, styling, and haircut. She looks fab here. One of her best looks ever. Most of her Dior dresses have been horrible, but this fits well with her youth, personality as well as her role in American Hustle. This is a rare win for both Lawrence and Dior.

  27. gabby says:

    Jennifer’s dress with the sequins reminds me of that episode from the “mindy project” about it only being “girl pretty” and not “guy pretty”. It’s so true, men HATE sequins.

  28. bored_01 says:

    Love Jennifer Lawrence’s dress. Age aproppriate and glamorous

  29. Libby says:

    Love, love Jen’s dress. It looks great on her and it is something I would wear.

  30. gatinha523 says:

    She looks amazing but I am so sick of the strapless dresses from Dior. I would lovvvveeee to see her head more in the direction of her red Calvin Klein from her Winters Bone nomination…god that was an amazing look.

  31. pam says:

    She looks great in that dress – love the colored sequins. I’d wear it!
    I see her behavior as harmless – at least she is not trying to be “edgy” and “cool” and contemptuous, biting her lip and rolling her eyes and stealing other women’s husbands. Neither is she needy and begging for awards like AH, making sure the paps get crotch shots of her and then acting all demure about it. Jen is young and fresh, and enjoying her success. She deserves it.

  32. Lucy says:

    Jen looked FANTASTIC and she made me laugh a lot last night!! I wish you had covered the pictures in which she’s meeting Lupita, though. And I agree with you on the backlash thing. I think she’s 100% deserving of her nominations, but I LOATHE seeing people hating on her every time she wins something. So it’s for the better (and I’m sure she feels the exact same way).

    • paranormalgirl says:

      She was fantastic in American Hustle, in my opinion. And well deserving of her nomination. If she wins, she wins because the voting body WANTS her to win. She is doing no more than any other nominee to “campaign.” Who do I think should win the Academy Award? Lupita Nyong’o for her beyond fantastic performance in a hard to watch film. Will I be mad at the world if Jennifer Lawrence wins? No. People win and people lose.

  33. Megan says:

    I loved both these ladies’ look.

    JLaw was great, second best of the night for me. I thought the dress was pretty but there were better however, with the pairing of hair/makeup/accessories it put her at second best dress. Her overall look was stunning. Love that haircut on her.

    Side note American Hustle did not deserve to win at all. I haven’t heard a single good thing about this movie or the performances. It was a fine popcorn movie but not award winning. That should have gone to 12 Years or Dallas.

  34. rep says:

    Thank you. I dont know one person Who thought highly of that movie or her performance. And she is free to behave anyway she wants, but the antics did not endear her to me.

  35. lucy2 says:

    I don’t mind this dress, but I think she is a much better match for Calvin Klein.

    Funny how quickly the tide has turned against her. I still like her. She had two big films that came out around the same time, and did the typical promotional and awards circuit. Beyond that, you rarely see her.

  36. Jules says:

    The tide hasn’t turned against her…and Lawrence isn’t anywhere near the hate that Hathaway and Stewart received (still receive). I keep reading about all the hate (on Gossip blogs but I’m not seeing it for myself)…where?…while I don’t think people are falling all over her like last year (and that has more to do with the fact that we now have gotten to know Lawrence…or become familiar with her personality) that doesn’t translate into hate. Jennifer Lawrence has become a huge deal in a short amount of time…and I think she’s handling it well.

    The woman does know how to disappear and will again…and when Mockingjay is finished and Lawrence goes back to indies it will be good for her, I imagine.

    Anyway, the dress was easily my favorite look and Jennifer Lawrence looked terrific.

    • Norman says:

      People Like Jennifer Lawrence I think because she is and comes across as authentic and she can have fun at an event like this. If anything some people will say she is somewhat annoying as she tends to more or less say what she thinks without much filter. She is handling the lime light well and she is most importantly likeable to the consuming public. Unlike Anne Hathaway she does not appear to be snobbish and self congratulatory and unlike Kristen Stewart is not surly and emotionless, and dismissive. Jennifer is doing well I think she will handle herself well when The Hunger Games movie series is over.

  37. Reece says:

    Not shown in these pics but THE SHOES were like stripper bridesmaid shoes, it was just a NO.
    The dress I liked though.

  38. Mar says:

    Who is Katrina? She is drop dead gorgeous here

  39. TheOriginalWaffle says:

    I love her pulling silly faces. Just because you’re goofy doesn’t mean you’re wasted. Women aren’t obliged to try to look “pretty” in their facial expressions 24/7.

  40. Norman says:

    Jennifer really looks nice in that dress (best one so far) and Katrina looks great too.

  41. Camelia says:

    I’m sorry but can we talk about the awful Q&A the cast of American Hustle gave after the SAGs ? Between Cooper who didn’t even bother attending and that dude whom I don’t even know that was so rude to an interviewer (he told him that they weren’t listening to what he was saying after a very long question, the interviewer was obviously embarrassed, you could feel it). And Jennifer, oh my god, I’ve always been one of her apologists and thought that she was just being fun and authentic and great and down to earth whenever everyone else thought she was rude or lacked of tact … But this time she came across as really RUDE, no laughs, no jokes, didn’t hide the fact that she was annoyed to be there, she wasn’t gracious AT ALL. She went full Kristen Stewart on this one, even dropping ” f***” two times. That’s a long road from ” a very bad word … it starts with f “. The way Amy (God bless this woman, she’s a true angel) handled the questions made her seem even more obnoxious and bratty … So much disappointment …
    Sorry for my bad English btw, I’m Moroccan.

    • SonjaMarmeladova says:

      That was really horrible. Thank God Amy is a class act. I love that woman.

    • MisJes says:

      Bradley Cooper stepped out of the Q & A before a question was posed to those of the “American Hustle” cast who had also worked on SLP, i.e. Jennifer and Bradley – meaning that JLaw had to take on the question by herself.

      She started to answer and was clearly struggling with the question, and she said mid-answer “…f-ing Cooper!”, referring to him leaving her to do it alone. It was said in a joking manner, and there were DEFINITELY laughs, especially from Amy Adams, who was standing behind her. She then said “f-ing Cooper!” again in an undertone to Amy Adams when she rejoined her in the line-up, and Amy laughed. It wasn’t the most eloquent job – but I don’t think it was her displaying how “annoyed” she was to be there, but rather that she was having trouble coming up with a good answer and tried to be humorous to cover. It was meant in a good-natured way.

      I think you are blowing this way, way out of proportion.

  42. Isa says:

    I love the dress. But looking at her I can’t understand why she’s always talking about her weight and how she won’t diet. She looks no bigger than the chick below her.

  43. Sophie says:

    I love this dress and I think this is the best she’s looked since the red CK dress at her first oscars, but still nowhere near as good as she looked back then.

  44. kitty-bye says:

    Duck-Tape & sequins *_* tease, however pretty.

  45. seriously says:

    What bothers me about her bravado…is her ordinary acting ability and image…she’s nothing all that inspiring or unique…but I’d say it’s a very cute dress and hair cut.

  46. I liked Jennifer’s dress. Well, so much better than, in my opinion, disaster at the Golden Globes. Metalized dresses and sequin dresses are making a very strong comeback, replacing all the big crystals fab. As far as being multi color, I truly believe is goes with her personality. I give it thumbs up!