Meryl Streep sent Emma Thompson a ‘long, heartfelt email’ after Emma’s Oscar snub


It’s weird to think of Meryl Streep sitting in front of a laptop and checking her email, right? I bet her spam is fancier than any spam I get. I bet her spam does flawless accent work and has glowing, youthful skin. Do you think that Meryl and I both get Emily’s List email alerts? Does her bank send her too many promotional emails? And who does Meryl email? Does she have a long list of A-list contacts? Does she send off pithy, funny little emails or is she more of an email-as-long-form-letter type of person? So many questions.

Anyway, Meryl appeared on The Ellen Show last Friday (I think?), and she talked about one particular email she sent to Emma Thompson following last week’s Oscar nominations announcements. As you know, Meryl was nominated for her 18th (!!!) career nomination for her role in August: Osage County. Emma Thompson was one of the biggest snubs though – even though Emma had gotten all of the big nominations (SAG, Golden Globe, Critics Choice) and a few critics’ awards, Emma’s performance in Saving Mr. Banks was somehow deemed unworthy of recognition. So Meryl wrote up an email to her friend. Meryl said: “I was really shocked. And I wrote her a long, heartfelt email saying how bad I felt. And she wrote me back and said, ‘Good.’” HA! Here’s the video:

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That’s nice. I hope Emma’s not too hurt about the snub – snubs happen and there’s no reason to go all Fassbender about it and go off to the corner and pout. But I don’t think that’s Emma at all – since she was snubbed, she’s attended the Critics Choice and the SAGs and she looked like she was having the time of her life anyway. Emma just has an admirable joie de vivre. And I kind of think Meryl’s right, she’s not going to win anything this year. The Academy just nominates her every year whenever she has ANYTHING out. Even though I wouldn’t mind seeing Amy Adams finally win her first Oscar, I think this year is all about Cate Blanchett. Which is also fine, because Queen Blanchett rules them all. I wonder if Blanchett and Meryl email?



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  1. blue marie says:

    Even if Emma was upset, she would never let on because she’s a professional. I’d like to go to lunch with both of them, I bet they’re a hoot!

    I can imagine Meryl emailing, what I want to know is if she’s a text-er?

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    They look so cute together. I love that they’re friends.

  3. SonjaMarmeladova says:

    I’m afraid you are.

  4. Lucy2 says:

    I would imagine in the grand scheme of things, neither of them care too much about awards. And I love that they’re friends.

  5. Penny says:

    I don’t think Emma was snubbed. Saving Mr Banks was extremely mediocre and Emma did the best she could with it, but her performance didn’t really deserve any nominations. It was good considering how average the film was, but it’s still one of her less impressive performances. Some people just get nominated based on their reputation, then mid-way through awards season people actually start watching the screeners they were sent and the nominations start to make more sense. Same reason Oprah and Tom Hanks have been left out, and also the reason why Meryl and Julia Roberts started out as the frontrunners for the Oscars and now don’t have a chance in hell of winning.

    • Sullivan says:

      I agree with everything you said. Not being nominated isn’t a snub.

      • Kate says:

        I like Emma and think she’s very talented but I agree that she wasn’t snubbed.

        Saving Mr. Banks was a problematic film that painted a false picture of Disney and misrepresented a very complicated woman. It didn’t deserve any noms.

        August:Osage County was not a great film either but Meryl delivered in the role. American Hustle wasn’t perfect but Adams was the most human element of the film. She played a woman who wasn’t just sexy but also had an undercurrent of desperation and sadness that was an anchor to an otherwise over the top movie.

        The right women were nominated. Sorry Emma.

  6. JessMa says:

    Her photobomb of Lupita was hilarious. Probably the best one I have seen on the red carpet. So funny.

  7. Neffie says:

    I love Emma’s outfit here,so effortless and her hair colourist gets an A+

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      I really like Emma’s hair here (color and style). Suits her perfectly.

      Why don’t celebs get those frizzy fly-away hairs poking out at weird angles from the crown of their head like I do??? Do they lacquer each hair individually or just dip their heads into a bucket of clear glue then quickly style it before the glue hardens??

  8. Kiddo says:

    I saw an interview where Emma said that she did feel bad, initially, that she wasn’t nominated. But then she added that she accepted it and was happy about having January back. I liked that she was honest. I didn’t believe Oprah when she said she didn’t think she would be nominated. She used Gale’s (Gail?) opinion as a substitute for her true emotions. It was all so transparent.

    I think Emma is genuine. I wonder if Meryl felt bad about her speech? Hopefully, Emma continues to get work so that she has the opportunity to be nominated in the future.

  9. Talie says:

    A lot of people were saying she may have lost the nomination because of Meryl’s diatribe against walt Disney… I think at that point, Amy Adams was already going to knock someone out and Emma was always the most vulnerable next to Judi Dench.

    • Kate says:

      To be fair though, most people still thought Meryl was the most vulnerable person given the Luke warm response to August.

    • Sunny says:

      Absolutely! I totally agree with everything you wrote. However, I do believe that Meryl’s speech tipped the balance on Emma’s nomination to the no category. That speech was so anti-Disney(rightly so though) that the Academy couldn’t nominate Emma in that movie that was so soft and sentimental about Disney without looking like a@#holes even if they wanted to.

      I don’t think Emma is all that bothered either way but I am glad Meryl sent that email.

    • Joan says:

      According to, the Oscar nominations were due by January 8; Meryl’s speech was January 7th. I seriously doubt her speech had any impact on Emma’s lack of a nomination.

      • gaggles says:

        It could have an effect on the votes for the winner. If Emma had been nominated then it would take votes away from her because “that’s not real art.” And please we all turn in things last minute, I’m sure artists procrastinate ALOT. I think the speech swung enough of the votes. Either way both of them are annoying me right now. I’m glad Blanchett is winning everything.

  10. frisbeejada says:

    There will always be some people who dislike Emma and they are entitled to their opinion but I don’t understand the criticism of ‘pseudo-intellectual. She is a Cambridge University Graduate in English, in her spare time she set up a charity to support women who were trafficked into prostitution – you don’t hear a lot about it because she does her charity work quietly, she adopted a Rwandan refugee years before the Madonna’s and Angelina Jolie’s though of adopting African kids, (and this is not the place to debate the rights and wrongs of that one) and as an Oscar winning screenwriter herself she is entitled to her opinions on other writers – she is also the only person who has won Oscars for both acting and writing. I think she’ll get over not being nominated quickly, she’s a mature, intelligent woman, she’ll appreciate that the Oscars are basically a bloody circus…