Jennifer Lawrence freaked out when people spoiled ‘Homeland’ at the SAGs


This is Kaiser, FYI. I normally don’t cover Jennifer Lawrence because Bedhead loves her, but I got permission to cover this story because it involved Damian Lewis and Homeland. Personally, I like J-Law but since I’m not the one covering her these days, I don’t pay attention to most of the crap she’s saying. I was a bit taken aback at the SAG Awards by just how annoying she seemed, though. It just feels like her shtick is wearing a bit thin. But she’s very young and very talented, and I’m hoping that at some point in the next year, she learns how to take a step back and not say every single thing that pops into her head (i.e. “the armpit vagina”).

But for this post, I’m defending J-Law, mostly because I think these Access Hollywood a—holes were really, really mean to her. When Jennifer was doing a live interview with Access Hollywood, Damian Lewis was being interviewed at the second camera position, just a few feet away. J-Law begins freaking out because, as she says, she’s watched the first two seasons of Homeland and she loves “Brody”. First the AH people force the meeting, and J-Law is doing her shtick and Damian is lovely and charming, embracing J-Law. There’s a misunderstanding about “How are you” and then the AH people go on to SPOIL the crap out of Homeland’s Season 3. Just beware: if you haven’t seen Season 3 yet and you plan to, don’t watch this video or read anything below.

How rude was that? And Damian feels sorry for her and tries to cover for these rude bitches. Jennifer clearly said that she had only watched the first two seasons, and that she didn’t want to meet Damian. And then she starts crying after they spoil it! Seriously, I have to give her some props for not walking off. Even if after seeing how emotional and angry she was, that AH journalist is still laughing. So mean.



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  1. blue marie says:

    That’s pretty rude. I don’t get upset when someone spoils a tv show or movie (my brother told me long before I ever saw it that Bruce Willis was dead in The Sixth Sense, he tries to ruin everything) but I do get mad if I’ve worked hard not to see a game score and someone just blurts it out, a-holes.

    • Neffie says:

      WOW that is really messed up. The reveal at the end was the best part.

    • K says:

      WHAT? Bruce Willis is dead in the Sixth Sense?!!????

      ; >

    • ol cranky says:

      my brother & SIL saw the 6th sense and we had this long discussion about the media making such a big deal over the surprise ending. they knew I hadn’t seen the movie yet but when I said, oh they’re making such a stinks about it, what is he dead? my SIL said, oh so you HAVE seen it. So I knew before I saw it. Luckily, the knowledge didn’t ruin the film at all. It was actually pretty interesting watching it with that knowledge and I was confused by the scene at the end where he talks to his wife at the table until I realized she wasn’t responding.

      What access Hollywood did was just plain wrong and extra douche since they had no remorse for it

  2. SHay says:

    Oooh. That actually makes me feel really bad for her. It was unnecessary for them to do that and she looks SO upset, and has to keep it together on camera.

    Those AH women seem pretty bitchy

  3. Tapioca says:

    You can’t legitimately complain about spoilers after the whole run of a season is completed!

    And I write as someone in the UK who doesn’t have Sky Atlantic and has to wait for the Game of Thrones DVD box set…

    • Marigold says:

      You can if someone ruins it for you after you’ve just made it quite plain that you haven’t seen it.

    • Tess says:

      You can when your being interviewed and tell them you haven’t seen it yet and they continue to tell you what happens

      • Tapioca says:

        No. Standard water-cooler TV rules apply to all! If you didn’t play catch up you have no-one to blame but yourself. ;)

        Also, they probably saved her – to paraphrase Peter Griffin – “one long boobless hour”, ‘cos the finale was big girls bloomers…

      • L says:

        I thought standard spoiler rules were-if it’s been out for more than a month, then if you overhear someone talking about it, or walk into a conversation about the show then you can’t get upset.

        However, if it comes up in the course of a conversation and you specifically say ‘oh, I’m reading/watching that’ or ‘I haven’t seen it yet don’t tell me’ and someone one still goes ahead and tells you, then they are jerks.

        The crying about it is WAY over the top.

    • Mata says:

      I’m with you. I think the way they did it was rude, but once something airs people shouldn’t be expected to worry too much about giving away spoilers.

      The thing that really annoys me is when people complain about spoilers on something that is historically based. It’s history! Just because someone doesn’t know history, doesn’t make it a spoiler.

    • JessMa says:

      I think most actors are behind on series due to their schedules. I think it was super rude. I know lots of people that are just starting to watch breaking bad, I wouldn’t dream of spoiling them.

      • Kat says:

        Exactly! Water cooler rules are if you know you didn’t see somehing don’t insert yourself in an area where it is being discussed and expect them to stop talking. She made it clear she didn’t want to meet and she had not seen the season yet.

    • Val says:

      I don’t understand why she has to wait for the DVDs – isn’t it out on Netflix? I stream all my shows online the day after they’re aired so this confuses me…

      It was definitely annoying of them, but then again you can’t realistically expect to not be spoiled when the season finale aired over a month ago… especially if you’re often surrounded by press and the cast/crew of said show.

    • lunchcoma says:

      I don’t think you’re entitled to a bubble of silence around you, but I also think there’s a huge difference between overhearing your coworkers discuss a show in the breakroom and having someone who knows you haven’t seen something purposefully spoil it for you.

      • Lou says:

        The former is fair game, the latter totally rude. I have a friend who does this and people actively get pissed at him. They’re literally yelling “stop talking” but he has to finish his sentences. It’s so rude. These interviewers were not fair.

        My partner is watching Breaking Bad, he’s in 4th season, and I would never spoil it for him!

    • impychan says:

      yeah i’m gonna disagree with you. while it’s common sense to avoid spoilers after a year, she went the extra mile trying to make sure that didn’t happen. she could’ve been rude to AH and pulled out of the interview and never had to deal with that crap but she did, and she paid for it. I am with Lunchcoma on this one.

    • RJ says:

      As someone who is into episode 3, season 3 of Downton Abbey-yes it is possible to avoid spoilers if you try, fingers in ears eyes closed

    • RJ says:

      If I can avoid Downton Abbey spoilers in the U.S., you should be able to do the same with Homeland. Most reputable websites these days are good about announcing spoiler info. I’m new to Netflix, and did a 5 season binge of Breaking Bad over the holidays. It was impossible to avoid knowing what ultimately happened to Walter White in the final episode because of Facebook & Twitter, but it didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the series. Just started in on 24. Good clean fun.

  4. Jes says:

    That is pretty rude. And clearly intention because they wanted that reaction.

  5. Lindy79 says:

    I doubt they were even listening when she said she watched 2 seasons.
    They don’t seem smart enough to put two and two together, they were more concerned with forcing a meeting.

    I did laugh at Lewis
    “are you crying?? You have such amazing emotional access”. It seemed a bit like he was taking the p*ss.

  6. Zadie says:

    O cry me a river. What is she, 12? Who would cry over a spoiler?

  7. Neffie says:

    i dont think they heard her. Anyways its my opinion that its not a shtik but she is genuinely VERY immature, she reminds me of one of those girls that grew u with just brothers(did she?)
    where farting, burp contest and wedgies are sooo funny. She will grow up.

  8. Kali says:

    Internet is playing up so not able to see the video but from the write up, sounds like the hosts were pretty mean.

    Random aside – I wish there was a clearly defined statute of limitation on spoilers for movies and tv (as in people can’t get pissed at you if you accidentally spoil a book/movie that was released X weeks/months/years ago).

  9. Nora says:

    Ugh, Jnnifer Lawrence WOULD be a Brody fan.

  10. yael says:

    maybe this is why she was annoyed and kind of rude in the press room video? previous reporters had already pissed her off and she was no longer in the mood to play along?

    • Zadie says:

      Yeah, if only it wasn’t her frickin job.

    • Lindy79 says:

      Oh come on, she should be old enough, professional enough and well paid enough to not hold the actions of one tv shows reporters against an entire room of press especially when the rest of the red carpet interviews were fawning all over her. This didn’t even happen immediately afterwards, it would have been 2-3 hours.
      The Q&A can’t be blamed for this.

      • yael says:

        eh… i get what you’re saying, but i could also see myself being as annoyed and pissy as she was after reporters spoiled something i had specifically mentioned i hadn’t yet seen. especially when you add in the exhaustion she (and pretty much everyone else running the awards circuit right now) must be feeling. my temper and patience would also be pretty thin.

        i’m not looking to excuse her behaviour. it was rude. i’m just putting it out there that this previous encounter with the press may have been a contributing factor.

      • Lindy79 says:

        That’s kind of the point though, Amy Adams (I’m using her as an example because she’s also in AH) has also been doing the award circuit for the same length of time (I believe she has done one or two more of the smaller events than JLAW) and has still managed to be professional.
        As someone said on the Q&A post a few days ago, this isn’t her first award year, she’s done this for 3-4 years in a row so should know how to behave, if anything she seems to get worse every year.

        I like JLaw but honestly, she shouldn’t be immune to criticism for her behaviour. I feel that if this were another actress, they would be toast for the way they carry on but for some reason people try to excuse it.

      • yael says:

        my only rebuttal would be that amy has 16 years on jennifer. at 22-23, i was also a bit of a shit when i got tired and frustrated and moody.

        like i said, i’m not trying to excuse her. i just think this may have contributed to her behaviour.

      • Lindy79 says:

        Well I can only say that at 23, I would have been thanking my lucky stars to be there, tired or not. I don’t and never will buy youth as an excuse for anything.

        I’m sure she’s lovely in person but I can’t help but feel that she’s realised the “I’m normal” thing has become her thing, so is now taken it from 0-60 and it’s bordering on annoying now.
        I’d rather her than say, Kristen Stewart but she needs to find a medium between that and the constant face pulling, acting up for the camera, swearing, flipping the bird, acting bored/annoyed/tired.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I think you have a lot of good points, Lindy, particularly what you said below about Lawrence becoming too self-aware. I’m really enjoying your take on her.

        That being said, how many of these Q&A’s do we really look at? I bet if we were to look at all of them, we’d see a lot of exhausted actors not displaying their best behavior.

        I know what you said about Adams (BTW don’t you just love her?) and your point that if she can handle it, they should ALL be able to handle it, but I think Lawrence was more hounded by the press than Adams and it just wore her down. It’s not an excuse that justifies being rude, just an explanation.

        As far as professionalism goes, I pride myself on being calm, cool, and collected when I’m in the office or interacting with clients and I value competence, civility and kindness in the workplace above all. That being said, I’ve had moments where I was exhausted, felt pushed to my limits or disrespected by a colleague or client and I straight-up lost my shit. Sure, I don’t make anywhere near as much money as actors do, but my point was just to say that I understand it– on a human level. Actors are just humans at the end of the day, prone to same missteps as the rest of us.
        Doesn’t mean we can’t have an opinion about their behavior, but I would stop short of condemning them because they had an off night.

      • Brittany says:

        I loooove the comments about she is just doing her job and getting paid for it. She shouldn’t get annoyed, tired, pissed off at stupid reporters. Are you people kidding me? At your job you never got mad? Annoyed? Had to have a cry in the office restroom over stupidity in the workplace? Please. I am so tired of the JLaw hate on these gossip sites now. She doesn’t take this stuff seriously, she knows shes not out saving lives by being an actress and is clearly having fun and all anyone does is hate on her because she walks the red carpet and laughs uncomfortably about herself. What a vapid person! And then I see a story on Gwyneth Paltrow and how she takes herself too seriously, etc. What is it some of you want exactly?

  11. NewWester says:

    I like Jennifer Lawrence and think she is a talented actress. But I do think she is entering the territory of some other actors in getting overexposed.
    Yes this is award season, but it seems like everyday there is another story about her. Also many of these stories do not make her look good.
    If she is not careful people will start to get tired of her. All Jennifer and her manager have to do is look at the backlash other former “It” actresses and actors have received in the past from being overexposed.

  12. original kay says:

    Is this a case of Jennifer being able to dish it out, but cannot take it?

    She has no problem photo bombing, making faces, speaking about “armpit vagina” on camera.
    yet someone does something back and she cries?
    did the journalist she was rude to (the one during the AM cast interviews) cry because she was rude? and she was, very rude.

    she needs some lessons in deportment.

    • JessMa says:

      What in the world does one have to do with the other. How does making silly faces equate with intentionally spoiling a series for someone against their wishes. Who are these people being harmed by silly faces and the word vagina?

      • original kay says:


        yes, she was “harmed”. I can see it now, years of therapy for jennifer.

        thanks for the morning giggle.

      • original kay says:

        Let me try and explain.

        You wouldn’t know if any of those people, the people she did things to- photobombed, etc, were upset because it didn’t show.
        The man she basically mocked *could* have been humiliated by her rudeness, but he maintained a level of professionalism and rephrased the question.
        She, on the other hand, responded like a child.

        quite simply, jennifer runs about these award shows acting like an ass, but at the first sign of someone upsetting HER she cries.
        It was a TV show. It sucked for her but really? laugh it off, Jen, which is how you expect people to react to YOUR antics.

        If you don’t see the parallels, well, ok. You don’t have to.

      • JessMa says:

        Geez, I’m not saying she was harmed. She was just upset with the spoilers. I meant that people are acting like she is some horrible person over some silly faces and jokes. Also she crept up on Taylor during an interview as a joke since they are friends. She didn’t photo bomb Lupita, she just looked really excited to see her on the red carpet, they were greeting each other.

    • eliza says:

      Not really seeing what those things have to do with someone spoiling a show for someone else.

    • ORLY says:

      It’s interesting how no one’s upset about Emma Thompson’s photobombing Lupita.
      Somehow it seems like Celebitchy is becoming the “let’s hate on JLaw” site. I say this because a lot of the negative comments about her aren’t from regular posters.
      Blah, she’s not so bad. She young and having fun most of the time.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I have no issue with the photobomb.
        It was the Q&A I had issue with.

      • original kay says:

        @ Lindy

        I used the photobomb because Taylor potentially hid any negative reaction she felt about it.
        she *could* have been perturbed,but we won’t know because she was professional.

        I agree, the Q&A was particularly terrible.

      • ORLY says:

        Lindy- I think it’s clear from you numerous comments that you don’t like the girl. I may be wrong, but your tone suggests as much.

      • original kay says:


        you can decipher tone from the written word?

        that’s quite a feat.

        (my tone is “sarcasm”, in case you missed it)

      • Lindy79 says:

        ORLY, on the contrary, I’ve said I do like her but I fear she’s become a little too self aware and is playing up too much and the result is her behaviour at this years award shows.
        I loved her at the Oscars last year (minus the flipping the bird in the press room).
        I’m having respectful, adult discussions with people on a gossip blog, I’m not insulting any other posters or getting into arguments. I didn’t think that was a problem but thank you for singling me out.

      • ORLY says:

        Kay – actually, yes, one can decipher tone from written word. How else do we understand literature, read and enjoy books etc?
        If that was sarcasm as you said, I don’t see how it fits here considering your PoV on this thread.

        Lindy – my comment wasn’t meant to single you out. Like I said, it seemed from your tone that you dislike her. If you do like her, then you do. I don’t agree with everything JLaw does or says but I think she is just enjoying the ride and being young and carefree. I think she needs some help with filtering her thoughts before opening her mouth.
        I just don’t think the amount of hate she has been getting lately is justified. We have a difference of opinion. No big deal.

      • Lindy79 says:

        That’s fine ORLY, I never said I hated her or said anything that I deem to be hateful about her. Its possible to like someone but also call them out on their faults/mistakes.

        (I do find it a little odd now to say “we have a difference of opinion, no big deal” if you’d taken that stance from the start you wouldn’t have taken issue with my comments, in particular, out of everyone’s and address me directly.)

        To sum up, I like her but she needs to seriously tone it back and act a little more professionally but still keep the charm that people liked about her in the first place. It seems to be getting worse each time she has to do awards season. She should be getting better at the game, not worse.

      • Liv says:

        Orly, I’m with you.

        Plus I thought the Q&A happened at the Globes and the spoiling interview at the SAGs. Two different events.

      • original kay says:

        @ ORLY

        I meant you, specifically.

        of course people can interpret the written word.
        They gleam meaning, though it’s not often done on a gossip blog by random strangers who are meaning to insult someone, which is how I interpreted your comment to Lindy.

        As for my comment being sarcastic and you not being able to “see how it fits”, well, I guess your superior deciphering skills failed you.

      • ORLY says:

        Kay – Hi random stranger on a gossip blog who interpreted (deciphered) the intent (meaning) of my comment to Lindy. :)

  13. Anna says:

    Ya’ll are going IN on Jennifer. The girl has always been annoying/attention seeking but people used to find it ‘refreshing’ because no one else was doing it. And by IT I mean acting a fool in public.

    • Mic says:

      I don’t find it acting a fool. I think most ppl find it “refreshing” because she was and is someone that says what’s on her mind even if it make you cringe instead of just repeating lines from pr people behind the scenes.

    • seriously says:

      I don’t mind her acting a fool sometimes…it just seems so contrived and cheesy (yyuck)…it shows how 23 this doh doh brain really is…not a very good business plan in my OP. I can only wonder what her publicist is like. Did she/he used to work for Bertney?

      This is by far the worst example of pandering and faking over crushes for the sake of stroking another actor and advertising for an already acclaimed show. GET A LIFE J LAW.

  14. mom2two says:

    I have not been a fan of Jennifer’s SAG antics but honestly, Access Hollywood should have left it alone when she said she’s only seen up to season 2 of the show and did not want to meet Damian Lewis.

  15. Eliz says:

    Fan of her or not I can understand why this would have irritated her

  16. Rachel says:

    She could’ve handled that better… for sure. The interviewer was probably laughing because she thought that Jennifer Lawrence was being Jennifer Lawrence – not seriously upset, just pretending to be for the sake of being funny (or whatever). Regardless, I don’t know why some people get so wound up over spoilers. If I haven’t seen something but everyone else has, I think it would be selfish for me to keep everyone from talking about it for my sake. It may ruin some of my enjoyment when the time finally comes that I do watch it, but at least my friends/family/whoever were able to enjoy themselves while talking about it.

    Frankly, I think the takeaway from this is that Jennifer Lawrence is just a big drama queen.

  17. christina says:

    Reslly just really how old is she and the other people how are seeing this as a big deal?

    Its a freaking TV show girl needs to grow the F up.

  18. I Choose Me says:

    Team Jennifer on this one. I think those reporters did it on purpose to get a reaction. Some spoilers are unavoidable because the movie or show season has been out for awhile but this is not one of those times. Not cool I say.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I couldn’t tell if the AH reporters just missed what she said in the flurry of their typical over-the-top enthusiasm or if it was intentionally said to get a reaction. Either way, I can feel the inevitable and fickle sway of the Gossip Tides turning against Lawrence. The love for her was so rampant for a while, you just knew the downfall was right around the corner.

      Personally I’m fond of her but never fully understood the rabid standom that followed her, but maybe that phenomenon is simply indicative of the strength of The Hunger Games fanbase. That being said, she never pretended to be a perfect person and that’s what always made her appealing to me. At the end of the day, I still think she’s talented and to me, she handles the overwhelming attention with a lot of humility. Sure, she’s made mistakes, but overall I think she’s a good person.

      • Liv says:

        I like her since Winter’s Bone, but I’m afraid she starts to believe the hype a little bit. I hope her family and friends ground her, but her family has been so sweet so far that I think they’ll do. I also think that she’s not acting at the carpet, this is truly herself. You just can’t talk about everything without filter in front of a camera.

  19. kibbles says:

    This is slightly off topic since I’m late to the party and just watched the American Hustle cast respond to questions in the SAG press room. Wow. Just wow. I can’t believe how rude Jennifer Lawrence acted. She’s at the point where the fame has clearly gotten to her. I’ve never seen her act that rudely before. Her behaviour was simply inexcusable and unacceptable. Amy Adams was a class act. I wasn’t bothered much by Bradley Cooper leaving mid-way through the interview since none of us really know the reasons why he left. He could have been feeling a bit ill or had to go to the bathroom. Even if he chose to leave for no reason, he wasn’t directly rude to the reporters. Jennifer was very rude. The questions weren’t great, but is it that difficult to answer a few questions? Wow. She should remember that a lot of women started off as America’s Sweetheart and later revealed their true selves (or who they became after the money and fame went to their heads) and are now not as popular with the public (think Reese Witherspoon and Julia Roberts). Jennifer is toeing a very fine line and I personally believe she has blossomed too early in her career. Sure, she’s set for life and will continue to get good movie roles for the foreseeable future, but she can easily lose the public’s goodwill if she continues to behave the way she did in that press room.

    • Anna says:

      My internet at work is being sketchy – can someone pleeeease fill me in on what happened/what she said at the SAG Q&A?? I shall be forever grateful.

      • Migdalia says:

        When you get to a spot where your Internet is solid go back a day or two to the article title Did Bradley Cooper act like a diva for sag q and a?….it was something like that. It’s worth the watch.

        Anyway IMO it was mistitled and should have been redirected to JLaw and Michael Pena. First Jennifer had a pissy face the whole time. A reporter asked some dumb question for the women about what were they wearing and do they carry on any beauty tips from their mother. Jen asked Amy what the question was…Amy told her and then Jen waved her to the microphone and said ‘you can take it’. Amy answered and there was an uncomfortable pause cause the reporter was waiting for Jen to answer next but it was clear she wasn’t going to. Then a foreign reporter (French?) asked a more in depth question about the actual movie, but he was heavily accented. Granted anyone at least watching the video could understand him, but JLaw then started saying out loud ‘what? Who are you talking to? What did you say?’ Looking all around the stage and being rude. Pena joined in whole Amy then again tried to tell Jen what the question was. The reporter then suggested that Amy answer, but she stepped back like she didn’t want to, but maybe she didn’t really understand the whole question either. Pena then went up to the mike and was like ‘Seriously bro honestly we don’t know what the hell you just said’. Shortly after Bradley walked off the stage while I believe Amy tried to answer the question. The next question was directed to Jen about her being a fashion icon she rejected that notion while reluctantly getting up to the microphone. The last question was for either her or Bradley but he was gone so after getting up to the mike she dropped a couple f bombs about Cooper’s absence from the stage. That’s it. That Q and A was a hot mess. *phew* you owe me a virtual cookie lol.

      • Lindy79 says:

        She wasn’t listening for the first question, which to be fair she was talking to DeNiro as he came on stage, but as someone who is paid a crap load of money by Dior to be a spokesperson, you’d think she could at least have stepped up to say “I’m wearing Dior” once she was told what the question was. I realise she was probably asked that question 100 times that night but, that’s what you’re paid for.

        I don’t get why none of them who said they didn’t hear the question were capable of saying “sorry, we couldn’t hear you, can you repeat it?”, JLAW went a bit “who, what..why who was that to?” but Pena was WAY worse in the phrasing of his comment.
        It was the face @ 3.50 when a question is directed directly to her which annoyed me, the journalist actually apologises to her for asking her a question because she makes it so obvious she doesn’t want to answer. The says “I did it, I talked” as in, “don’t bug me anymore”. She then got annoyed and swore a few times at Cooper for walking off as it meant she had to talk again.

        I really do get that she’s probably tired and fed up answering questions but come on, it’s her job and in the grand scheme of things, it’s not difficult to say things about the movie you’ve just won an award for. Its not like she was thrown a curve ball to catch her out with something random with no relevance to the movie.

  20. gaggles says:

    … first world problem indeed.

    Did anyone else find the whole interview OBNOXIOUS??? The spoilers were one thing, but the whole thing was annoying from start to finish. Like we get it Jennifer, you’re adorably hilarious and shy about meeting your favorite character. But why do you always act the ham?? You’re funny, why do you always have to be? If she wants people to stop talking and wants the overexposure to stop, then she needs to tone it down. I don’t think jennifer lawrence is willingly overexposed. I think it’s her behaviour and aw shucks personality that makes everyone want to gif her over and over and write a million lists about how she’s america’s sweetheart over and over. That’s what gives me overexposure vibes. People gif everything little cute adorable quirky thing she does. Because she’s so refreshing. So yes, she should tone it down. Go unnoticed one evening. Just be polite and not over the top.

    Fake, ingenuine, not being true to yourself you say? Oh get off it. We all have to do that at some point for our jobs. She’s having to do what 95% of the world has to do on a daily basis. I think she can handle not acting the ham.

    And unfortunately, this whole comment comes off as “hating.” But I like her. I loved Winter’s Bone. i think she’s talented (overhyped) but talented.

  21. GIRLFACE says:

    Ahhhhh haven’t seen it find tell me. So mean!!!!

  22. littlestar says:

    That was pretty rude of the Access Hollywood people to do that, but I don’t understand why she wouldn’t have just recorded them while they were playing on TV and then watch them later if she has to watch it all at once. “I’m not patient, I have to wait for them to come out on DVD”. Uh ok. If you had just PVRed them you would have been done the series by now. I’m sure someone like Jennifer Lawrence owns a PVR.

  23. Seán says:

    I don’t see her crying about it…she’s just shocked and annoyed by the spoilers, same as most people would be!

  24. Migdalia says:

    Alright I just watched the video on YouTube cause its not loading on here. Wow…di$ks! That wasn’t even cool. Idk if they heard her or not, but even be courteous to the general public…you’re spoiling for your viewership as well. Has season 4 aired yet? binge watching is becoming the new norm so you cant fault people for waiting for dvd/netflix upload. I don’t watch Homeland but I can be sympathetic about spoilers. There’s no stature or water cooler rule or whatever when someone specifically says ‘I’ve only seen this much’…’don’t spoil such and such for me’. I don’t think Jen overreacted and I would have just walked off if I was her. She kept as possibly cool as she could have and still made the interviewer feel like an ass. I got that the woman was nervously laughing though embarrassed to directly face her and let the moment pass.

  25. elle224 says:

    okay i know a lot of y’all are saying that spoiling the show isnt a big deal and Jen needs to grow up or whatever and how she’s crying “what type of person cries about spoilers” but seriously i would have been just as upset. Maybe y’all dont have a show/book that youre emotionally invested in but i swear to god if an interviewer had spoiled breaking bad or game of thrones for me (just an example im fortunately caught up on both) after i explicitly told them i was not at the end, I would have freaked out too. It was rude and the AH interviews werent even the slightest contrite; you can tell they didnt really care. Yeah Jen was kind of annoying about it and maybe should have handled it better but i mean come on, she’s just a kind of annoying person in general (i still love her though).

  26. The Original Mia says:

    When she said she hadn’t seen the new season, they should have left it alone. It was a dick move. She’s not alone in watching tv shows by marathoning the season than waiting week after week for new eps. I have a friend and that’s exactly how she watches her shows. I’m doing that this year for Justified. I wish someone would spoil it for me. I don’t begrudge her that or spoil the show for her. It’s a dick move to do that. And Jennifer has a right to be pissed/upset about it. She’s been working and her downtime involves watching shows she’s missed out on. Crap move by Access Hollywood, but since she’s the new Anne Hathway of the award season, I guess everyone is happy she got her comeuppance.

  27. MourningTheDeathOfMusic says:

    First world problems…

    • anonnie says:

      what an insightful comment. Without people like you I sometimes forget that the only individuals who can have “problems” or get upset about things are those in third world countries. wow i love people who compare every person’s “first world problems” to larger obviously more significant issues of third world countries like poverty and hunger – thanks for putting everything in perspective!!! ….christ

    • Jessica says:

      The next time you have any sort of problem at all ever that’s anywhere short of dying of hungry (or something equally as bad), I hope someone says to you, “first world problems”.

      So you know, late for work – first world problems. Power went out – first world problems. Flat tire – first world problems. The waiter brings your food and it’s cold – first world problems. Computer died and you lost the project you’ve been working on four hours – first world problems. Car was stolen – first world problems. Mugged – first world problems.

      There will always be someone in the world suffering more than you, but that doesn’t mean you don’t suffer, too.

  28. shellybean says:

    Well, crying over it is a little much, no matter how big of a fan you are. But she is an actress, so maybe her crying was just actress-y (I dunno as I can’t see the video on my iPhone).

    It was however super rude to spoil it for her when she said she hadn’t seen it. I hate people who do that. And who knows, maybe she just got done binge watching seasons 1 and 2 so was still super involved with the storyline in her head, which may explain why she was so upset she CRIED.

  29. jess says:

    Stupid move on the reporter’s part. I’d be a little mad too.

  30. Reece says:

    I can’t shade for this because I’d ragey too. In fact she did better than I would have.

  31. diva says:

    They told her about the ending of a show, big deal! It’s not the end of the world.

  32. m says:

    i really don’t like her like 95% of the time… but i totally feel her here. i am so giving her a free pass on this one cause i would’ve gone so *fangirl crazy* on that interviewer. oh, and homeland sucks. lol i feel like this interview is double damage, like, she’s part of the last handful of people that still like/watch the show… and the entire (what, 3rd?) season is ruined for her.

    lol bravo, sag awards interviewer.

  33. Mingy says:

    I can’t be mad at her for that, when Lost was on, I would have gotten Kanye-type crazy if someone spoiled anything for me. The AH reporter was f8cked up, JL kept saying she didn’t want to meet him and she wouldn’t listen. And boy her voice is really annoying! ICK (The reporter, not JL)
    Brody’s hotness was distracting, I never noticed him before!

  34. boredbrit says:

    I’d be PISSED OFF. Majorly. When you watch a tv show, you’re invested in the characters. Those reporters just came across as dumb as f*ck when they were like, ‘No, he really does.’ when Damien tried to save it. If someone told me spoilers about Prison Break after I told them I was watching it, (binge watched last summer) I’d be seriously peeved and that finished ages ago.

    Jennifer’s only solace was watching that bimbo reporter feel awkward.

  35. c says:

    do a write up on j-law’s engagement reports!

    I love that couple, I hope it’s true. nick & jen 4 eva.

  36. TSwise says:

    If Ben Affleck’d had the exact same reaction, you all would be at his front door with torches and pitchforks by now.

    Why this little girl is so revered, even when she acts like a fool as she’s doing here, I do not understand.

  37. St says:

    Well if you plan to watch mega popular shows 1 year after they are released then you have to be ready that some things may be spolied to you somewhere at some point. Specially in the media. I’m even afraid to open gossip and tv/movie sites one day after Game of Thrones or Walking Dead s episodes. Because they can even give it out in the titles with something like: “Richard Madden comments on Rob Stark spolier”". They think they hided it when they said “Spolier” but I know that something happened. Or “So about Lori’s spoiler”. Or “Twitter reacts on death of major character on last night episode”. So I know that someone will die. And it won’t be surprise for me,

    I never read comments under any Game of Thrones thread. Because I’’m afraid people will spoil books. . And try not to read comments on Walking Dead posts too. And Jennifer expects to not be spolied by Brody’s Spoiler?

    But on the other hand there’s only been few weeks or 2 months (I forgot when it ended) after season end. And reporters or actors should not spoil it on awards shows. In some countries people will see that Homeland season in year or two. And then actors will casually spoil it to them. That why people around the world pirate american tv shows. Because they know that by the time when that show will be shown in their countries media will spoil everything for them. Every death on Walking Dead or Game of Thrones…

  38. St says:

    P.S. It wasn’t mean – it was very unprofessional from reporter. Jennifer said that she saw only 2 seasons but reporter was so overwhelmed by Jennifer and her always happy and funny mood that she didn’t pay attention to it. And then it was too late.

    The thing is with Jennifer – I kind of totally expected her to pretend that she bought Damian jokingly denial that that happened. I totally expected Jennfer to be like: “Oh he didn’t spoiler? Oh, ok. Thank God, I got scared for a moment”…. Totally expected it and was even surprised when it didn’t happened.

    That’s how we take Jennifer. That’s how she presents herself. I think she really must be a little bit more serious in her interviews. Because we always threat her like she is 7 years old naive child. And we have to cuddle her, laugh at her every joke because she is so adorable when she jokes… That’s bad. But this is how she presents herself. Like she is naive and not too smart child.

  39. Teri says:

    I would be upset too, when someone ruined SOA season finale I was really upset.. Especially when you tell them you haven’t seen it. They never just ruined a episode they ruined a whole season and then you laugh in her face over and over again was very rude.. Who do they think they are?!

  40. Franny Days says:

    I hate, hate spoilers. I get really into my shows. I use to go visit the Daily Mail and they would freaking put Downton Abbey spoilers in their HEADLINES to articles. Still makes me shake with anger. Curse you, DM.

    • Lou says:

      Lesson? Never read the Daily Mail. You will be happier for it!

    • St says:

      That how people around the world feel when everyone spoils their favorite shows when they will be shown in their countries only in few months or 2 years. With Downton Abbey and Sherlock this is the first time when americans can feel like all other people :)

      It’s awful isn’t it? That’s why people in Brasil, Russia, Australia or Japan don’t wait and pirate them one day after they are show on american television. And then people shame them for pirating and are like: “But you can’t pirate. That way we won’t be able to pay Charlie Sheen and Justin Bieber all those millions of dollars that they will spend on drugs and parties. You have to pay”.

  41. Stace says:

    As someone who gets wayyyy too emotionally invested in movies, tv shows and books, I can totally sympathize with Jennifer. Those reporters were so obnoxious and downright rude. She already said she didn’t want to meet him. Why didn’t the reporter just drop it?

    I tend to tear up when I get really angry and don’t know how to react, so I can’t fault Jennifer there either.

  42. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I can’t feel anything but sympathy, as a U.K. viewer virtually all (U.S.) shows are doomed to be spoiled for me and it SUUUUCKS. They forced the Damian meet on her so I can’t criticize her for acting geeky, I do think it is just her default when she’s excited or even uncomfortable. That little witch of a reporter was evil, cackling away, no remorse, kind of wish J.Law had walked off, she gets points for sticking it out.

  43. valgal says:

    I think I may be the only one in this thread of comments who doesn’t think the reporters were dicks. I think the reporter interviewing Jennifer forgot, or wasn’t listening, when Jennifer said she’d only watched the 2 first seasons. Awful mistake from the reporter, but understandable since I imagine these type of junkets are a little stressful/high adrenaline if you’re working them and most of the interview are superficial fodder.

    If you see in the video, the OTHER Access Hollywood reporter is the one who first asks the question about Brody’s character, which was fair since she obviously didn’t hear Jennifer say she hadn’t watched the most recent season since she was busy interviewing Damien. That’s when Jennifer’s interviewer also started asking it, it looks like because she had forgotten. You can tell she feels really bad when Jennifer starts scolding her about it, she’s laughing from nerves because she’s an entertainment reporter and they’re not allowed to lose their cool on camera!

    Overall a bad situation in general (I’ve had lots of shows ruined for me on facebook), but as a professional, Jennifer shouldn’t have lost her cool like that during an interview either. It was really bratty.

    • Jessica says:

      The fact that Jennifer made it perfectly clear that she didn’t even want to meet Damien in the first place but the reporter pushed the issue anyway, that’s what makes her a dick.

      • Lou says:

        Why would anyone want to meet someone they’re a huge fan of on camera? Awkward. The reporter was trying to force it so she’d get a good clip. Boy, this that work out.

      • St says:

        This was the same situation like it was with Jeff Bridges. When Jennifer was very publicly freaking out for no reason like this was the first time she met any celebrity. And this is a person that met everyone during awards circuit. And it kinda felt forced and I was actually annoyed by that. It FELT like Jennifer was playing the game with cameras: “Oh I’m a fan. I totally freak out. Hyde me girlfriend. I’m so nervous to meet my idol. But push me to do it, please. Because I will regret for the rest of my life that I didn’t ask for autograph”. And at the end Jeff and Damian felt weird when they didn’t know how to react on that freaking out from Jen.

        And it was the same feeling here. I don’t know what Jennifer really wanted but reporter FELT that Jennifer was playing that game. Like “I’m gonna freak out, please, push me to say “Hi”. I felt the same too. Like it was some funny game in some Latterman show. Because people can’t take Jennifer serious, Because she is basically never serious in her interviews. And always tells some jokes, strange stories and being funny. And reporter did thought that this is what Jennifer wanted. Why else would Jennifer bring up this “I’m so scared to meet Damian” thing.

        I love Jennifer, Like we all do. And I like to watch her interviews. But sometimes it annoys me when she behaves like 7 years old child. I get what valgal said. And agree with it. It was really the Damian’s reporter that said that spoiler first. And Jennifer’s reporter was nervous all around and just tried to play that “celebrity on the carpet, be funny and enthusiastic” game.

  44. Jessica says:

    Jennifer’s behavior in the SAG press room was awful, but I can’t fault her for this. I would be pissed too if someone pulled the bullshit those reporters pulled.

  45. emma says:

    I feel for J-Law, she did say she had only seen the first two seasons. And why would they say that anyways?
    I don’t think like her crying was over the top, she wasn’t WEEPING or anything for crying out loud (pun intended), she teared up, probably out of frustration and annoyance at the anchors more than anything. I wouldn’t have even noticed it on the video if DL hadn’t pointed it out.

  46. Shelley says:

    I watched the video again, and it was the other lady who was interviewing Damian that dropped the bomb first. She wasn’t being malicious as she hadn’t heard Jennifer say she’s only watched 2 seasons. Not everyone is a big bad wolf out to get her.
    I think Jennifer overreacted. She is supposed to be a professional and should keep it together..mxim.

  47. Casey says:

    To me, she was annoyed and upset because the reporters spoiled it on purpose to get a reaction from her. Out of spite.