Jennifer Aniston’s part in ‘Horrible Bosses 2′ is only 4 raunchy, bisexual scenes


Jennifer Aniston had a supporting part in Horrible Bosses, a raunchy R-rated comedy in 2011. I never saw the film, but I’m assuming she had about the same amount of screen time as Kevin Spacey and Colin Farrell, the other two “horrible bosses” in the film. Aniston played the predatory sexpot psycho boss to Charlie Day’s character. Anyway, the film was a financial success so of course they’re making another one. Christoph Waltz and Chris Pine have been added to the cast (as more “horrible bosses” I believe) and Aniston and Spacey are reprising their roles as well. The Daily Mail just got their hands on the script and they’re trying to get all the clicks by using phrasing like “Jennifer Aniston… bisexual… addiction…schlong.” I guess I should throw up a SPOILERS here. SPOILERS for Horrible Bosses 2:

As Jennifer Aniston gets older, she just seems to get better… and more risque. Hot off her daring turn as a stripper in We’re The Millers, the 44-year-old will be heating up screens again for Horrible Bosses 2 by playing a sex addict who goes on a wild binge.

Her character, randy dentist Julia Harris, seduces not just two men, but also a woman, MailOnline has learned exclusively after obtaining a copy of the script. The sequel starts with Jennifer’s character Julia meeting up with Jason Bateman’s character Nick Hendricks during a sex addiction meeting held at her dental office.

He calls goes by the name ‘Blanston’ so that she won’t figure out he is the friend of her assistant Dale Arbus, played by Charlie Day. Jason’s Nick acts like he is an addict too so that he can fit in with the group. Things get weird when she asks him what his trigger is and he uncomfortably says, ‘Ladies, bosoms, and their back sides. Tight sweaters and undergarments.’

When Aniston’s Julia looks bored with that comment, he tells a story about how he felt up a pantiless flight attendant in attempt to gain her attention. She seems bored again so he mentions a guy being there too. She suddenly perks up, saying ‘Meeting adjourned,’ then kicks everyone out of her office. She then ‘pushes Nick into a chair, kisses him and grinds on him,’ per the script. Julia tells him, ‘God that story was hot. I’ve got a little story for you Blanston. Don’t move.’

The fetching dentist then says from another room, ‘In preparation for landing I need your shlong in a locked and upright position’ then steps out in a very skimpy flight attendant costume, the kind girls wear at Playboy mansion Halloween parties. She starts kissing him, taking off his clothes, then jumps on him. The script strongly hints the two sleep together.

That’s quite a sexy scene for Jennifer and Jason, who in real life are such good friends they double date with her fiancé Jason Sudekis and his wife Amanda Anka. In the next scene, when Nick meets up with his friends, it’s clear he has slept with Aniston’s Julia as script notes say he has a ‘beaming glee.’ He tells his friend Dale, who Jennifer’s Julia sexually harassed in the first Horrible Bosses, ‘You’re crazy for not treating yourself to at least one helping of that.’

Toward the end of the movie, Julia then tries to seduce Dale again but this time she’s successful. When he asks her why she’s always after him, she tells him his ‘c–k is like a trophy’ and she wants it for her mantle. The beauty seals the deal when she blackmails him and he hesitantly caves in. Dale, who is happily married, feels awful about the affair and is worried his wife will leave him if she finds out. But in Jennifer’s last scene in the film, she is seen with his wife and it’s made clear she has seduced her as well as the two touch each other lovingly and have pleased smiles on their faces.

In Jennifer’s four scenes in the film, she manages to bed three people, which must be a record for her career. This is quite a role for the former Friends actress who has built her empire on playing sweet girls-next-door like Jenny in Marley & Me and Katherine in Just Go With It.

Wearing sexy outfits isn’t anything new for the Emmy winner, however. She donned a naughty French maid get-up for Friends With Money and a fetching Princess Leia bikini costume from Star Wars for Friends. Horrible Bosses 2 was shot in Los Angeles in November and December. Her We’re The Millers co-star Jason Sudekis and Kevin Spacey are also in the movie.

[From The Daily Mail]

She only has 4 scenes in the film? Well, it is an ensemble comedy and Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day and Jason Bateman are the leads. I have no doubt that Bateman will be funny in this and anything he does, but Aniston as the raunchy seductress? Eh. Can I still get some eye-rolls, hair flips and waved hands please? What am I saying? Those are already in her actress’s bag of tricks. Anyway, I’m sure Aniston picked up a nice paycheck for only four scenes. It’s probably more money than I’ll ever see, so the joke’s on me.


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  1. Hannah says:

    Cancel the film, the script has leaked!

  2. Luca26 says:

    She was funny in the first one. I guess since she they don’t really make rom-coms anymore her new shtick is raunchy stripper/sex fiend. As long as the body double is willing and the plastic surgeon is on speed dial why the hell not?

    • V4Real says:

      I can’t stand this woman but I did liked her role in the first Horrible Bosses. That’s how it should be from now on. If she’s in a movie make her scenes short ones and not centered around her. I must admit I really liked that movie and looking forward to the sequel. Charlie Day and Justin Bateman reeled me in.

      • I did like her in ‘Horrible Bosses’, probably the only film of hers I’ve seen and liked her in it.

        My mom rented ‘We’re the Millers’–my God. What a waste of a movie. I mean I chuckled at a few parts, but as a whole? It was awful. The kid with the weird eyebrows was funny, but other than that? It could have been a lot better than it was. Like the stripping scene–it would’ve been hilarious if, instead of showing how sexeh Rose was, they could’ve shown that she was the world’s worst stripper, which is why she was so desperate to work in a strip club (that was going to make her into a prostitute), and why she took Sudeikis’s character up on his offer. The only person who elevated the material was the teen w/the weird eyebrows. Everyone else was mediocre. Wasted opportunity to actually make a really funny movie–the writing was like someone in 10th grade wrote it.

      • epiphany says:

        @virgilia – that’s exactly what I said when the film came out. Instead of playing the stripper as sexy, she should have played it all screwball and slapstick – the world’s worst stripper.
        Of course that might have required some talent, so…

      • MaiGirl says:

        I agree, virgilia and epiphany. It would have been hilarious and made a lot of sense to the story if she were terrible. Instead, the scene is yet another desperate reminder that Jennifer is still “hot”, and it’s really out of place to play the stripping scene as straight sexy when the whole movie has such a slapstick tone. I liked the first Horrible Bosses, but I am not thrilled to hear that she is reprising her role, because it really is starting to seem like she’s in a raunchy comedy rut.

      • Isa says:

        I really liked we are the millers. But I found her strip tease very awkward. I just can’t see her as sexy.

  3. Sara says:

    She is funny but too stiff to be taken seriously in risque scenes/roles.

  4. FLORC says:

    Get ready for Aniston’s PR to go into full force as Maleficent gets more attention.

  5. Meme says:

    Good god will Anniston never stop? She’s another one who’s going to go the plastic surgery route ( a la Demi Moore) instead of aging gracefully. She’s not hot.

  6. stormyshay says:

    Is she duck facing in the promo poster?

  7. insomniac says:

    “‘Jennifer Aniston… bisexual… addiction…schlong.’ I guess I should throw up …”

    I just did. No thanks.

  8. Cecilia says:

    This sounds like fun & Dang!!…Jennifer looks gorgeous with dark hair.

  9. j.eyre says:

    I think the bigger news here is that Jennifer Aniston is now engaged to Jason Sudekis, according to the article.

  10. Jackson says:

    Eh, it’s a comedy so I don’t really consider this some sexy siren kind of role. She can play a comedy sexpot, just not a straight-up sexpot.

  11. Mimz says:

    No, you need to watch the first horrible bosses to understand how good she was there! I never was and still am not a Jen A fan, but damn that WAS raunchy, unexpectedly for me. Way more than We’re the Millers – where there definitely was a body double.
    Im really looking forward to this sequel, i skipped the spoilers because I’m so excited to watch it!!!

  12. Kiddo says:

    She’s good at the comedic actress bit, why not? At least it’s not a variation of Rachel.

  13. the original bellaluna says:

    Horrible Bosses and Bad Teacher are two of my go-to faves when I need to laugh!

  14. Just from that little exerpt, the script sounds like a hot mess. And it doesn’t make sense to me. If Jason Bateman’s character knew how freaking crazy Jennifer’s character was (through his best friend Dale), why would he go to her office for a meeting? And for a sex addiction meeting at that. When did his character become a sex addict?

    Also–Dale has blackmail material on Jennifer’s character (he had Jamie Foxx’s character record her feeling up a patient), so why would she even be trying to seduce him? And why would he fall for it AFTER he’s married to whatever his wife’s name is? He made it clear that he was disgusted with her in the first movie.

    This has already got me CONFUSED. I don’t know how they’d get over those ‘minor’ things. I’ll watch it because of Christoph Waltz though–love him.

  15. blue marie says:

    Honestly she only had maybe one or two more scenes in the original. I actually liked her in it, thought she was funny. Charlie Day was the best part of it though..

    I’m more curious to see if Bob Newhart will make another appearance?

  16. Maya says:

    So sad and desperate isn’t it. After 2 decades in the industry Jennifer has been reduced to stripping off her clothes and try to act sexy to be able to get any roles and attention. Usually it’s the other way around where new actresses have to be naked to get any parts.

    How long is she going to be able to use her body (body double), hair, personal life, beg her show business friends to get her roles and attention? Not long it seems because people are getting tired of her and her pr games.

    PS: despite the fact that Jennifer has a good body – she is not and never will be sexy and always seems asexual. Maybe it’s time she retires from Hollywood and gives the opportunities to real actresses with talent and instead settle down in Cabo with her gigolo.

  17. The Original G says:

    This has 2015 Oscar written all over it. For someone else.

  18. GirlyGirl says:

    Jennifer Aniston in another movie!?!

    That’s just so fantast…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    (wakes with keyboard stuck to face)

  19. Erinn says:

    At the end of the day, if you’re showing me Charlie Day, you can have my money

  20. neelyo says:

    She wasn’t funny in the first one. She can’t do much as an actress so coloring her hair is the only trick she’s got to show range.

  21. AG says:

    The Daily Mail thinks that Aniston’s fiancé is Jason Sudekis? Hilarious. Poor Justin. Can’t get any respect.

  22. Boodiba says:

    She was good in the first one! Overall it was a very entertaining movie. I’ll almost definitely watch the sequel.

  23. serena says:

    I don’t generally like her but this movie was really good, so I suggest you to watch it Kaiser. Also.. it’s ok to spoiler but thatwas half of the movie?!

  24. The Original G says:

    Why does every mediocre movie deserve a more mediocre sequel?

  25. vylette says:

    Fiance jason sudekis!?! What happened to justin theorux???

  26. Soulsister says:

    Oh look. Jennifer Aniston in another film where she has to take her clothes off.


    She is clearly a very talentless, mediocre one trick pony.

    • Maggie says:

      If that were true she wouldn’t still be making movies. I watched her in the Breakup recently. She was great in that movie. Plus The Good Girl, Along Came Polly. She’s done some decent stuff. I’ll watch the sequel, the first was hilarious.

      • epiphany says:

        No, she’s still making movies because Huvane makes sure she’s constantly in the tabloids, which makes producers think she’s still wildly popular, and they put her in films because of her supposed popularity. He does exactly the same thing for Gwyneth Paltrow, also his client. As long as Aniston keeps Huvane on the payroll, she will always have a career.

      • She’s still in films, because the films she makes are really cheap to make–30 to 40 million–and she does romcoms and comedies. And she brings a lot of attention to the movie, but it’s not HER that they’re coming to see–as evidenced by when she stars in a film, or when she’s in an ensemble. If she’s in an ensemble then the film does good, but if it’s HER that’s the draw and noone else, then it bombs i.e. ‘Management’. She can’t open a film by herself.

        And she can’t play the romcom queen for too much longer—remember how Meg Ryan’s career turned out ( and Meg can act). Neither can she play the raunchy, dirty girl for too much longer.

        I hope that she actually uses her production company for something other than her own romcoms. She’s said before that she’s never really gotten the roles she’s wanted–what I don’t get is why doesn’t she buy the scripts that she wants, and produces them herself? She has a ton of money from ‘Friends’, her endorsement deals, flipping houses–she has only herself to worry about, no other pressing responsibilities—if she wanted to she could’ve played a lot more interesting roles than she has.

        She’s had the time and the money to do so, I don’t get why she doesn’t do it.

      • June says:

        The Good Girl came out over 10 years ago! Her fans constantly bring it up like it was some masterpiece, when she could not even get a golden globe nomination for it. It was a fluke.

        Lots of mediocre actresses still make films. They, like aniston, get the leftovers.

        Cate B. is the same age as her (44) and look at the roles she gets. She is not desperate.

      • Maggie says:

        That Huvane bullshit is just that. Lol! Do you not think other actors don’t do PR? She’s in the tabloids because ppl are interested in her. You posted too! She has a huge following and that’s a fact. Cate B is not known for being a comedic actress although I’m sure if she so chose to she could be. Aniston has been nominated several times and won! She’s not a hasbeen no matter what you want to make her out to be. You don’t have to like her, her style, her boyfriend, her choice of holiday or her movies but at least be honest. She’s extremely successful for what she chooses to do. She doesn’t owe any of us an explanation of her choices in movies or her life.

      • The Original G says:

        Yes, lets be honest Maggie. Her movies suck. Her “huge following” watch her movies when they hit TV. Her PR consists of baby bump baiting, sympathy and her constant indefinate wedding plans.

        She’s played the same role for years and she’s been very lucky to make the kind of money she made for “Friends”.

      • epiphany says:

        You’re wrong Maggie. I know you love this woman – not sure why, as she doesn’t know you exist, and furthermore, doesn’t care – but Havane is a PR mastermind. He’s the one responsible for her post-Friends career. “Poor Jen” was his idea. “Five years after Brad” was his idea. He plays the media like a virtuoso, which a mediocre talent like Aniston needs to get the attention she does. Take Huvane away, and Aniston goes the way of David Schwimmer.

      • GirlyGirl says:

        When has being in a movie meant you had talent?

      • Sal says:

        +1 epiphany, I know some need to believe the Huvane stuff is bs, but the fact remains that he was caught out giving tabloids stuff and ringing back once it was published to deny. Without him, she would be like the other 5 Friends stars. Without a career.

    • Kim1 says:

      I wonder if she will use the” We’re the Millers” body double again? I can’t wait to hear about her diet and exercise regime to get ready for the film.

      • That’s what I don’t understand. Why would they have her get into shape, eating all those kale chips or whatever, if they’re going to use a body double for the stripping scenes? Which makes even less sense because she’s playing her actual age, so it’s not like she’s supposed to have the body or the butt of a twenty year old.

    • Maya says:

      + 100000000.

      Jennifer is only in the showbusiness because of her stripping off and begging her so called showbusiness friends (not really friends but signed with the same agency).

      She is only acting with the same group of people and doing Rachel in every role. Brilliant directors like Clint Eastwood, Martin S, Christopher Nolan (who famously laughed out loud at the thought of ever working with Jennifer) Steve McQueen, David Fincher etc aren’t knocking on her doors ever.

      • JessMa says:

        Nolan didn’t laugh out loud, the crowd did. He was asked if he would want to work on a Jen RomCom and he said no. If you have seen his work I don’t think he meant it as an insult to anyone. He is not a RomCom director. You are talking about drama directors and Jen is a comedic actress. People should stick with their strengths. I know you love Angie, and I think she is a good actress. That being said, I can’t picture her doing comedy. I think Angie excels at drama.

      • Josephina says:

        Earth to all of the JenHens–

        In case you did not know, they do have recognition awards for Best comedic actress or Best comedy EVERY year– and guest what?!?!?

        Aniston has never been nominated nor won for a FILM comedic role…other than the cheesy, PR-induced “Dirtbag” Award she received from People’s Choice for her role in Horrible Bosses.

        Commenters here earlier have said it– she works best in an ensemble just like Friends. After 20 years being in the film industry – she is still just a character actress who cannot open a movie on her name alone. There are not enough JenHens to fill the seats.

  27. Nic says:

    I like that she’s dropped the twee sweetie from her repertoire. She played the first one as a super agressive sex fiend and it was fun.

  28. June says:

    Her and Cate B. are the same age! Amazing when you look at the class Cate has and the desperation aniston has.
    Cate actually chooses quality roles. Aniston seems to only take her clothes off these days. She needs a new act. Same old, same old.

  29. shellybean says:

    I thought she was great in Horrible Bosses.

  30. kellyinseattle says:

    The duck face doesn’t suit her.

  31. Mn says:

    Not in a million years would she be believable as a seducer or temptress! Who in the world could she seduce? I can’t take her seriously in any role because she flops her hands around and does her stupid smirk.
    She is so blah.

  32. Peppa says:

    I thought Horrible Bosses was funny, but I could not stand her in it. Maybe it was because I found the character obnoxious, or just the fact that she was obviously trying so hard to shake her image was obnoxious to me.

  33. Janet says:

    She’s about as seductive as a turnip. A movie critic wrote about her performance in “Derailed” when she’s hitting on a guy in the train. The critic said that Angelina Jolie could have nailed that scene in 1.5 seconds just by raising an eyebrow, whereas poor Aniston just managed to look constipated.

    OTOH she really looks nice with dark hair. There, I said something nice about her.

  34. pwal says:

    Ouch… Sudekis isn’t her fiance. Justin better get hisAniston people on this.

  35. Amy says:

    I thought she was ok in the first one, but she did look stunning (as always). The cover of this one also suggests that she will also be giving an ok performance whilst looking gorgeous. :)

    Either way, looking forward to watching it.

  36. Green Is Good says:

    How does this woman keep getting movie parts? The Miller’s movie bombed. She truly leads a charmed life, because she is a mediocre actress. Her hair is 90% of her performance and personality. Every film she has had top billing in has bombed, and each performance is her Friends character revisited.

    Don’t know who she blows for parts, but she’s blander than vanilla ice cream melting on a sidewalk in July.

  37. Michele says:

    This poor memaw is becoming more and more like Madonna. Retire already, you are old. Oh, and boring.