Kim Kardashian mangled a pink Dior dress by cutting it in half: trashy & tacky?


Here are some photos of Kim Kardashian outside of the Jimmy Kimmel’s studio yesterday. This dress is Dior. And yes, that is supposed to be a DRESS. The original Dior was a one-piece dress and Kim and her style people CUT THE DRESS IN HALF. Can you tell? I can tell. And I’m assuming she cut it because it didn’t fit properly and she couldn’t be bothered to wear a dress in her REAL size. Well done, Kim. You managed to make a Dior dress look like some budget Kardashian Kreation.

As for the Jimmy Kimmel interview… it’s just typical Kim crap. Part 1: she talks about their plans for a Paris wedding and how Kanye really does care about the wedding plans. She also says that she plans to change her name to Kim Kardashian West when they get married. Apparently, Kanye also asked Kim if they could please have some time away from Kim’s family.

Part 2: Kim talks about how Rob is an awful babysitter and how he doesn’t even show up for his niece.

Part 3: Kim talks about her mom’s marriage to Bruce Jenner, Khloe and Lamar’s marriage drama, and Kim says Khloe wasn’t even trying to get pregnant in the last year of the marriage. Interesting.



Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, Kim’s Instagram.

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  1. sullivan says:

    There would be high drama if the dress was lent to her. That would be funny.

  2. Happy21 says:

    Not one of her worst looks but she still looks too plastic.

  3. Jackson says:

    Why cut that dress?? Ugh. I would have been the first to say how fab both she and the dress looked had she left it in one piece. Everything this woman touches gets trashed up. Such a pity.

  4. BendyWindy says:

    That dress is ugly in one piece or two. Who keeps telling her that the crop topped, bare midriff is flattering? It makes her look wide, wide, wide. Which, for someone who keeps talking about how mean everyone is for thinking she photoshops her selfies, it’s really, really dumb to keep proving us right.

  5. TheOriginalKitten says:

    At least the skirt is long?

    Even though I am no longer using any derogatory terms to refer to women, I must take a brief reprieve to point out that underneath all the glamour that is Kim Kardashian lurks a Video Ho that is simply dying to come out.

  6. Buckwild says:

    She looks good here actually. She doesn’t look as vacant as she did in the last few outings.

    • bondbabe says:

      Stop the presses because I have to agree that she DOES look good here (and I NEVER have anything nice to say about her)! But I really wish she hadn’t cut that dress because she would great if she hadn’t done so; it went from a great dress to a trashy one.

      But she still looks like a camel…okay, start the presses again.

  7. Dawn says:

    She looks so smug and full of herself. She has never accomplished a damn thing that has had a real impact on the world. She made a sex tape for god’s sake she didn’t cure cancer. And truth be told there are millions of women who have never had surgical work on their faces more beautiful than this tramp. I find it a shame that Kimmel thinks its cool to allow her to promote her nothingness yet one more time. And she makes that Dior look like something she found at Fredrick’s of Hollywood. What a phony she is.

  8. Dani says:

    She’s straight up disgusting. She’d throw her whole family under the bus to make herself look good. Rob doesn’t show up for his niece…but you jetset every freaking week away from her.

    Also it looks pretty hard for her to smile/laugh. She just opens her mouth and makes noise.

  9. PixelEight says:

    Kim talking about dropping her blackberry in the toilet: “When you have a baby, you just don’t care”. Like she actually spends time with her or takes care of her. I only see her travelling around the world. Who is she kidding?

  10. Cristina says:

    Yes, of course, it’s obvious she messed with the dress. The mis-matched zippers on the top and the skirt, the fit, and those weird bulges make it all look like a little girl had fun creating an outfit. Plus, I really think the fabric looks like cotton candy, with the color and all.
    Her face still looks plastic and her interview annoyed me so much! Her voice is so fake and whiny and she sounds exactly like Paris Hilton.
    I couldn’t even sit through the whole thing.

  11. Alana says:

    1 piece, and without the matching shoes…then maybe.

  12. HH says:

    Her face is just… distracting. Not ugly. Not beautiful (to me)… but distracting, especially when she talks. No matter what she tries to say, her mouth/face move in a way that is unnatural.

    ASSUMING NO PLASTIC SURGERY: I would like to know what workouts her and Khloe seem to be doing. Both of them lose weight in their waist, arms. legs, but not in their butt and boobs. Khloe’s rear is really standing out and it could just be squats, but they both *seem* to lose weight in the same areas. I’ve just never heard of people who gain weight all over but don’t lose it the same way. It’s like they only lose weight in desired areas.

  13. Sandra says:

    That shade of pink is very flattering on her, and the way that necklace frames her face is beautiful. I really love that necklace.

  14. Ruyana says:

    Shades of Lindsay Lohan’s tailoring.

  15. swack says:

    It is one thing to alter a one piece dress into two pieces if it is done professionally. This looks like they cut it, sewed the top up as far as they could and then just folded over the top of the skirt and then did not press it to make it more crisp looking (not so bulky). The problem with that type of material is that it stretches and you can see that where they cut it off. Plus it’s a bit bulky to do what they wanted to do.

  16. Hot Farts says:

    Argh. It’s NOT DIOR ANYMORE. Pretty sure they wouldn’t claim it but would instead ask her to buy a dress in her REAL SIZE. No truth leaves her lips—it’s all fabricated BS just like her face, her fake sausage-shaped boobs and her giant butt. Her dress does not MAKE HER LOOK fat…she’s FAT!!

  17. AlmondJoy says:

    A Kim K post. Every. Freakin. Day.

    The answer will always be the same. She looks tacky, her old face was more beautiful, her clothes are too small. This should cover every comment we’ll see on this post, lol. I swear there’s nothing more to say about her.

  18. Palermo says:

    I just can’t with someone this vain and ridiculous. Has she ever had a thought about anything happening in the world? It’s a life of staring in the mirror.

  19. gg says:

    Wow, her face looks really markedly thin to me here.

    Also, again with the summer clothes when it’s bloody 4 degrees outside. Ticky-tacky. Course, it’s all only to show off and she is probably too insecure to wear normal warm clothes. I have to admit I can’t recall her wearing non-skin-tight clothes or winter appropriate shoes, just like anyone starved for attention.

  20. The Original G says:

    Good Lord. Stop trying to make the midriff thing happen.

  21. themummy says:

    Good lord, I cannot stand this woman. I watched the 1st video (why??????) and watched her not move her face the whole time. I’d love to see her pissed off because you know it looks the same as her happy face…except a different sound coming out of her semi-frozen mouth.

  22. dorothy says:

    Only Kim Kardashian could take a brand like Dior and make it look tacky and cheap. What is she thinking?

  23. Mingy says:

    I saw a photo of her on daily mail, there’s a zipper in the back of her top, so how exactly did she cut it?
    oh kim, how i love to loathe ya.

  24. MissTrial says:

    I can’t help but ask, what does she talk about with actual celebrities? Who else was on Kimmel? How would she talk to, say, Meryl Streep? Matt Damon? Even Beyonce? How do they discuss their ‘ craft?’

    What does she say? What can she say?

    I had to pause and check Kimmel’s guest list for last night, all ” reality stars” – so lame.

  25. Penguin says:

    Looks like miss piggy. Actually no scrap that, at least miss piggy is cute.

  26. Maggs says:

    Wouldn’t Dior get all pissed that she did this to one of their designer dresses??

  27. daisyfly says:

    She totally Marge Simpson’d it.

  28. Mylene - Montreal says:

    This is really the worst clothes she wears since the beginning of its popularity. The clothes are badly cut. At first I did not know that the dress had been cut and I do not understand why all looked so ill-fitting .. Now I understand. In addition, the colors of the shoes is not at all the same tone as the dress. HORRIBLE !!! and too much artificial bronzer and too much make-up.

  29. Josephine says:

    I wonder if she’s bothered by the unevenness of her breasts? She constantly has them out, and it’s so obvious that her left is hitched higher than her right. I would demand a refund. As for the interview, she’s the very definition of complete idiot.

  30. Mylene - Montreal says:

    You cut a H&M dress .. Not a Dior

  31. Mylene - Montreal says:

    WOW .. SHE IS SO STUPID … i lost my blackberry in the toilett but at least i have my baby and my fiancé !!! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  32. Chrissy says:

    If I were Dior, I would sue her for claiming this was designed by them. Who would spend thousands on something or accept something as a gift and then destroy it by cutting it in half. It is completely ruined IMO and uber-trashing. But why am I not surprised!!!

  33. ALJsMom says:

    her nose is too small for her face

  34. zana says:

    Why does she get invited in these shows, why?? How sad to promote this woman and her family? I have lost respect for Ellen, Jay Leno, Jimmy and all others who promote her. There are so many good actors/art people who do not get even a small recognition by the entertainment industry. This is so damn wrong!! I have to applaud Lainey for not even mentioning her name in any of her articles where she refers to Kanye.

  35. PrettyLights says:

    Where the heck did her nose go? Does she seriously expect people to believe that’s her natural nose? Just look at pics from her in the Paris Hilton friend days – her nose was so much larger then. Now she just looks so fake fake fake. She is beautiful but not in a natural way anymore like she used to be, and I agree with others who have posted that she just looks so dead and unhappy behind the eyes.

    I wouldn’t trade my life for hers in a million years. Yes she’s got the money, vacations, clothes, jewelry, ect but it doesn’t seem like she’s truly happy with her life. Also she obviously has self image issues since she constantly is getting plastic surgery, posting altered selfies, and basing her self worth on her body. Sometimes when I really think about what her life is like I just feel bad for her, but then again it was her choice to put herself in this situation so maybe I shouldn’t.

  36. Jupiter says:

    the sound of her squeaky annoying voice is irritating as f***. She sounds like a total flake, valley girl.

  37. umyeah says:

    WTF is going on with her face? And she cut the dress in two so she can show off her airbrushed abs.

  38. CK says:

    I always thought that Nasim Pedrad’s (sp?) impression was off and a little too spacy, but now…wow was I wrong. Her delivery just makes her seem like an airhead, especially when telling that Rob story.

  39. Miss Anne Thropic says:


    This dumb bitch went to the same santeria practitioner as JLO.

    Also, her very expensive tailor doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    AND BTW, the entire European fashion community thinks this bitch is a JOKE.

  40. knowwhat? says:

    No matter how tiny, petite, short, small you want to call it… that big ass of hers will ALWAYS make her like a heifer!!!!
    And, yes. All her clothing is tacky!

  41. Jackson says:

    Just got around to watching a few minutes of the interview. Wow, this is the first time I’ve ever heard her speak. I’ve maybe heard a word or two from her while flipping past her show. Has her voice always sounded like this?? Yikes. Reminds me of Paris Hilton.

  42. Nene says:

    Is it just me or does Kim look like she is sleep-standing in the second pix?
    No offense to blondes, but I think Kim’s blonde hair makes her look even trashier than before.

    And upon my soul,if ever Kim becomes a size 0 then it’s definitely possible for me to get down from my normal size 8UK(5″7) to a size 00.
    #yeah right.

  43. KayLastima says:

    So very trashy. So very tacky.
    She looks like hell in that dress, on the verge of down right dumpy.

  44. JackieM says:

    I don’t like Kim, and don’t care one way or another about the dress she is wearing. But I must say that that particular shade of pink suits her really well. Makes her much more feminine looking. I just hate how she has screwed up her face with all the botox, fillers, nose jobs, and whatever. And I much preferred her darker hair, it made her so exotic looking. And at least she at one time had a sparkle to her eyes, and a sweet, girlish smile. Now, it’s just garishly frozen. Damn! I miss the days of watching Kim’s “Cry Face”. LOL…we always cracked up over that. I think even her sisters used to make fun of it, and I even think there’s some young girl on YouTube who imitated Kim’s cry face. Oh, those were the good old days. ☺

  45. jwoolman says:

    My idea of high fashion is eBay coveralls, but she looks nice in these pictures to me. If she did cut it, maybe she just couldn’t get both top and bottom to fit right at the same time. Although doesn’t she have someone famous on call to alter her clothes to fit within a few hours? Or why couldn’t the Dior people adjust it? I assume she actually owned the dress, unlike the infamous La Lohan and her itchy scissors. In any case, such an alteration makes it different from the original but not necessarily in a bad way.

  46. angie says:

    After you have a baby, your body changes. Even when you lose the weight Im told the midsection is never quite the same. I think it’s kinda cool of her, to have altered her more expensive pieces to fit her new frame rather than just tossing them and getting new ones. It’s ballsy too, cause she knew everyone was going to spot it. it being Dior, and didnt gaf. I dont like Kim because her voice drives me crazy, but I can’t hate on her for altering her designer pieces when she can no longer fit into em. F it! I actually find it endearing. Also, WOW, that colour looks amazing on her. Im olive and could never pull that off.

  47. courtney says:

    I’ll say this the blush tone looks really nice on her but it’s a faux pas to cut a designer dress in half it would’ve been better had she had it hemmed it’s not like she was on the red carpet at the Oscars or something it’s Jimmy frigging Kimmel live. back in the day women used to know how to use a needle and thread or a sewing machine like for example Joanne Woodward made the dress she accepted her Oscar in 56 years ago rather than having Dior Chanel or Givenchy make it though at the time Givenchy was dressing Audrey Hepburn who is a couple of months older for movies premieres and award shows she was Herbert Givenchy’s muse. granted those women had many traits which the K/Jenner women don’t Grace & tact among them

  48. Patriciacamille says:

    She looks like a pink spongebob to me

  49. Rich says:

    Wow! She is looking beauty, but I want to know that what type of dress she that is?
    And I want to share her surgery photo before and after look, check this photo looks very natural
    The before look photo is looks natural and the after photo changed her face a good new look. LOL Plastic Surgery Kim Kardashian before and after is looking good in this photo.