Michael Fassbender & Steve McQueen are in London, not Oscar campaigning…?


Here are some photos of Michael Fassbender and Steve McQueen in London last night. They did a Q&A at the Soho Curzon Cinema for 12 Years a Slave. I’m surprised Michael is actually participating in something, not just because he’s “not Oscar campaigning,” but because I thought he was off vacationing with his new girlfriend, Madalina Ghenea. He didn’t even show up to the SAG Awards. Because that’s just who he is, y’all. He’s the guy who publicly complains about not being nominated for big awards, and then when he IS nominated, he doesn’t even deign to show up.

I’m actually starting to worry a bit about 12 Years a Slave’s Oscar campaign overall. McQueen lost at the DGAs, and now he’s in London, Michael is MIA, Brad’s in Australia and Chiwetel and Lupita … well, I love him but Chiwetel can’t be expected to support the Oscar campaign on his own and I think Lupita is out of LA and back in Brooklyn now too. Here’s hoping the 12 Years people put it into high gear soon.

A few more pieces of news – Fassbender’s new film, Frank, premiered at Sundance last week. Again, he didn’t even bother showing up to promote it. Frank is the film where he wears a huge papier-mâché head throughout the whole movie. It looks bad. But the film picked up a distributor at Sundance. You can read more about it here.

As for McQueen, you remember that McQueen conducted Kanye West’s Interview Magazine cover interview? Well, McQueen was recently asked about his friendship with Yeezington and he said: “We talk all the time. He’s a very lovely man. A lovely man.” When asked why he’s such a fan of Yeezus, McQueen said: “Because he’s an experimenter, he’s tireless in trying to create sound and music. That he can be progressive within the now. He’s very current. I’m just happy that he’s around.” Well, that’s nice. Yeezington made a friend!



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. LadySlippers says:

    Kaiser, I agree about the Oscar campaign. I read somewhere else that basically everyone else is seriously campaigning for their Oscar whereas 12YAS is not campaigning much at all. Makes me sad. :-(

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      Even Dicaprio ‘s campaigning hard contrary to Christian Bale who is in holiday at Paris

    • AG-UK says:

      I don’t understand why WOULDN’T you campaign if you feel you are in a film that is worthy, it found an audience, you are proud of it whether I was up for an award or not I would want it to be promoting it. I don’t mind Matthew “campaigning” hell someone has to. plus I thought he was fantastic. Just if you work for a big company and want someone’s business you get out there travel and schmooze :) Lupita has been out there on the circuit but I guess it’s tiring and she can’t do it on her own.

      On a side note.. eeek that beard ummmm don’t know

    • Addison says:

      First off Michael is already filming Macbeth so it’s easy to be in London rather than L.A… This is why he did not attend the SAGs as well as not going to Sundance for Frank.

      Michael never said he is not campaigning. He said that because he would be filming during this timeframe it would not be fair to the rest of those casts if he were to leave the productions just to campaign. He said he will do what he can. Hence this appearance.

      I would rather that campaigning not be done. Rather win because people loved you in your movie. If you campaign, did you win because you did or because you were awesome in the role. In the end, the movies that deserve the recognition will endure the test of time. 12 Years will, Gravity and the movie with Bale, Lawrence, Cooper and Adams not do much. See I can’t even remember the movie’s name now…

    • Ed says:

      “Frank” got awesome reviews actually. One of the top 10 at Sundance to watch, unlike that Camp X-Ray mess.

    • LAK says:

      Firstly, lots of academy voters in Britain. Also, the BAFTAs are coming up. They need to campaign for that. There is alot of behind the scenes campaigning going on. Campaigning isn’t only the red carpet events or the awards themselves.

  2. An says:

    That ginger beard!!! -dropping trou-

  3. Hannah says:

    Hmm… Didn’t Kanye make some inappropriate comparison between what he has to “endure” and what Solomon goes through in the movie?

  4. LB says:

    The Oscar campaigning stuff is gross. I have resolved to not even watch the awards this year because its not the best barometer of the year’s best work. There’s no point anymore except to see the fashion and any funny moments, and I’ll check that out online the day after. One less Sunday evening wasted.

  5. blue marie says:

    Fassbender actually looks cute here, although in the top photo he resembles Joaquin a bit. Anyway, when are the Oscars? I’m sure they’ll campaign eventually, maybe they don’t want to over-saturate? Sorry, I have no idea how it works. (rarely watch them, prefer to just look at the fashion)

  6. Elodie says:

    Eh???? I mean I get that one can sensationalize but truly here Fassbender said he bought into his own hype during the Shame frenzy and he learned the lesson, nothing to do with complaining about awards themselves, and it’s no secret that awards are all about politics, so again I don’t see why the big fuss because he said he’s an actor and not a politician?.. if one does the timeline track he did Xmen all summer then TYAS promos, then off to NZ filming then attended the GG then off to vacationing and isn’t Mabeth filming supposed to start this week anyway? And once giving a Q&A at the Curzon means he is still doing the promo job right? I mean I’m confused what is to criticize about it, besides that he seems to have improved a bit clothes wise but he still looks ehhhh at best…?
    As for Sundance, Maggie Gyllenhaal is also a big gun in the film industry so her showing up was enough to gather interest, since she’s still the little darling of indie flicks.
    And I wouldn’t worry much about TYAS campaign overall, the main cast, producers and director do the job, they show up at all events. There aren’t any films awards/galas only for the past 4-5 days, so I don’t see why one should worry? It’s just the DGA isn’t as mediatized as the GG, SAG and other Critics Choices… so Chiwetel and Lupita also deserve a rest. They would go down the votes if they showed up at Grammys (yes looking at you Julia), now it would be puzzling imo.

    • Angelic 21 says:

      plus 100.

      Fassbender never complained about not being nominated, he said he was disappointed and will not get caught like that ever again.e

      i actually like 12 years a slave members a lot for not campaigning. I think it’s ridiculous for a movie or actors to campaign for Oscars. It completely devalues the awards, their performances and movies should be their only campaign for the awards. Before I started reading this site, I didn’t even know actors have to campaign for awards and because of it I’m completely over awards and after Oscars didn’t nominate The dark Knight.

    • Harriet says:

      I totally agree with you Elodie. Quite frankly, I see it as this: An interview was quoted from, the internet interpreted the interview, the people believed the interpretation and therefore an entirely different belief has now been made truth through reiteration. Nothing wrong I guess, unless people don’t question things for themselves. I also believe Frank got good reviews in Sundance.

    • LMB says:

      I also totally agree with Elodie. And I’m actually looking forward to Frank. Seems like an interesting film. Don’t get the criticism at all.

  7. Lindy79 says:

    I get the impression from McQueen that he’d rather if he wins, his films win on merit rather than a gross campaign which the Oscars have descended into in recent years.

    • Sixer says:

      Not to project decency onto people I don’t know, but I hope that’s it.

      • Lindy79 says:

        Exactly, that’s just me piecing together from interviews etc. but really I have no idea.
        Its a shame really, in terms of the other movies nominated there are a few I wouldn’t mind if they won but American Hustle is not one of them. Even Gravity, it’s a visually stunning movie and should win awards for the technical merits but it is by no stretch a Best Picture nominee.

        I think they have a much stronger chance at the Baftas than the Oscars.

    • Addison says:

      I think for Steve it is more important that he make a great film, than getting an award.

      I think that he and everyone else involved in the production if this film know that a Masterpiece was created. They are proud of this film (as they should be). For them, not getting an award will not take anything away from what they already know.

      This film is first class. The actors delivered amazingly. It is a testament to the people that lived it.

    • littlestar says:

      I hear ya, and good for him if so. I also find “Oscar campaigning” to be gross.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I hear ya, littlestar. I mean, I could see wanting to do a dinner party thing for the critics/whoever votes, to talk to ALL of the potential nominees, talk about the characters, etc, find out how deep they actually got into the character—that would be something fun (and I would watch it–instead of all these fluff interviews, I want to hear Daniel Day Lewis talk about Daniel Plainview and his motivations–I’ve watched ‘There Will be Blood’ 10 times now, and I still don’t understand the entire movie), and cool to do.

        None of this, come shake my hand and kiss my ass, and I’ll vote for you.

      • LAK says:

        Virgilia Coriolanus – all that stuff happens behind closed doors. That’s how films with small budgets make it onto the nomination or win in the end. Lots of behind the scenes drinks/dinners/ meet and greets.

        As i keep saying, campaigning isn’t just the big RC events.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        LAK, I mean that it would be something nice to do–not something that sways the vote because someone didn’t want to go have dinner w/a critic.

      • LAK says:

        Virgilia Coriolanus: Ok. I think i misunderstood what you meant.

        The types of interviews that i think you mean happen all the time. They don’t show up on a gossip blog. To start you off without going into nerd territory, there is a regular series run by the Hollywood reporter called the round table. It highlights different aspects of the industry. it’s better to go with the videos.


        It’s currently award heavy, but it’s really great most of the year.

        I also like the interviews that Indiewire.com do [also look out for videos].

        Different festivals run indepth interviews as the festival is running. These are different from the press conferences and interviews cover a range of people at the festival, not just the red carpet favourites. Toronto is the best for such interviews. They have a DP/30 youtube channel where all sorts of people are interviewed. Here is the McQueen/Fassbender interview.


        I’ll throw in Lupita because i loved her interview.

        Also, Charlie Rose does great interviews which delve further than the glossy surface. I think i finally started to appreciate Nicole Kidman after seeing her on Charlie Rose. There was none of that coy ‘I’m so shy and yet i must suffer for my art’ nonsense.

  8. Luca26 says:

    Maybe they are campaigning with the BAFTA contingent? They pushed the King’s Speech through to Best Pic.

  9. Sixer says:

    I’m inclined to wonder whether or not they would both handicap their own campaigns even if they were pressing hands? Neither are word-mincers, especially McQueen.

    Oh, I don’t know what to make of it at all.

    • LAK says:

      I realise that CB and this website are american so the BAFTAs aren’t a blip on this website until the red carpet. The BAFTAs are 2 weeks ahead of the Oscars so they better make nice with the academy voters here.

      Oddly, there are many Academy voters in Britain as well as voters belonging to both bodies so it’s not ridiculous on both counts for them to be in Britain right now.

  10. St says:

    Well that’s because it’s not about who made better movie but who campaigned better now. That’s wrong and idiotic. At first you have to make movie and then campaign that it would receive awards. That’s why people hate Hethaway and Portman after Oscars. People liked them before. But then they started their campaigns, they were everywhere and people were so tired of them that they couldn’t stand them anymore.

    Also it’s very annoying when they will choose one actor and then give all awards to him/her. And awards become boring. Every year this happens. Michal showed up at the Globes, saw that they will give supporting actor to Leto and didn’t bother to show up for other awards shows. Why? Jared will get it. It’s also very hurtful for Fassbender because after 12 years a slave premiered and everyone said that he has in in the bag and will win every award for it. And then they decided to promote Dallas Byers Club, and it was about rights of gays, and how badly they were threatened and stuff and everyone started promoting Jared and Mathew and now they receive those awards everywhere. And I think that Michael is hurt. And he really was better then Jared.

    I hope that Michal will not show up at the Oscars too. They will still give it to Leto. Also it would be fun if lead actresses nominees would not show up. Everyone knows that Kate will get it. Why bother?

    • Em' says:

      Well, it’s not only about winning an Oscar for best supporting actor (he could have, but it would’ve been helpful to let the Academy knows that he is interested in winning one), it’s also about promoting a very important movie with a very important message.
      It’s about supporting Steve, Lupita and ChiweteL too. Because, for what I know, people in the industry like him a lot and he is well respected; So showing up is one/ a mark of respect 2/ a nice way of supporting and helping your castmates and director.
      But well, I guess it doesn’t matter.
      I used to like him very much, still think he is crazy talented. But I have to say he is making it very hard to like him right now.

  11. Samantha25 says:

    If I recall correctly “Slave” has been winning most of the “Best Picture” awards and Gravity is winning mostly “Best Director”. I don’t think it means “Slave” won’t win an Oscar. Also they could be campaigning privately not publicly.

  12. betsy says:

    Pitt isnt working hard enough to bag this film the oscar. I think they’ve given up already.

    • Dingo says:

      I think he is not doing it because he mostly is the money man behind this movie.

    • Rena says:

      What is Brad Pitt supposed to be doing that he has not done? He has been working on a film Fury in the UK for months since end of August to January, flew to Toronto from London and right back to the film set in the UK, flew to LA for the SAGS and PGA. He just wrapped on Fury like the 12th of January and wants to spend time with his family in OZ. What is wrong with that? He has practically been commuting between UK and OZ every 3-4 weeks while having some of his kids with him most of the time while filming.

      Why place blame on Brad or Fassy or anyone else in TYAS? They have all been supporting their most excellent film as much as they can. Must they be over eager lapdogs like Matt or Jared or Anne and Julia please notice me Roberts?

      This whole Oscar campaigning is repugnant to me.

  13. Maya says:

    I saw someone who looked like McQueen in London yesterday and I thought that cant be Steve since he is in US. But now you are telling me he is in London and that I actually saw him? facepalm…

  14. Lucretia says:

    God, what a hostile, unpleasant column this is–everything described with the most negative connotation possible, with a bit of phony concern-trolling dropped in as well. This Q&A was a BAFTA-linked event, and they may be pinning their hopes on BAFTA instead of the Oscars, which makes some sense for European-centered filmmakers. Fassbender is preparing for Macbeth (hence the beard). If Twelve Years a Slave doesn’t win anything, it won’t be because McQueen missed shaking that one last hand at an Oscar campaign luncheon.
    Dare you to print this.

  15. Maria says:

    Fassy said he wouldn’t campaign and he hasn’t. He did the necessary promotion and fell back, kudos.

    If he wins, it will be about the work, not the politics. I have no problem with it :shrugs:

  16. lisa2 says:

    I’m really curious.. what do people want them to do that they are not. Going on Talk Shows does not help. I mean people are forever on shows promoting their films that don’t do well at BO nor get the critics behind them.

    My thought is if the voters are going to vote for a film they are going to vote for a film. You can kiss ass all you want. It doesn’t always make a difference. I never expected Steve to campaign hard. He said as much. Brad was film a movie for months. He could hardly stop production to and head back to the US to kiss up. I never thought he would anyway. They just did a Q&A for 12 Years.. Most of the other people nominated are all well taking a break outside the ones that are showing up everywhere.

    I just don’t know what else they are all expected to do.

  17. magda says:

    well, I really hope after last year Hathaway disaster more and more people decide that Oscar campaign is not so great idea at all.

  18. Gracie says:

    That is one fiery ginger beard. Jeezus.

  19. AlexL says:

    The reason why Michael isn’t showing up to events is because he’s currently working on Macbeth which is being shot in both England and Scotland, with Marion Cotillard.

    He’s been working constantly since October, both in New Zealand and in Scotland.

    • Lucretia says:

      Yep. This guy will have made Slow West and will be close to finishing Macbeth, in the time since the premier of TYAS, time which he presumably “should” have spent making the rounds and begging for an oscar. He has also done lots of interviews for TYAS, as well as magazine appearances. Yet he is treated as a slacker??!! Don’t get that at all.

      • Addison says:

        I know Michael is no slacker because as a fan I am aware of his appearances on TV as well as published ones. I have bought some of those publications and read most of them. As far as TV I have seen like seven. I have read news of his appearances at places that he can campaign.

        Yes I sound like a stalker. No, I just really love this movie. I have also read and viewed interviews with Steve, Chiwitel, Lupita (love her!!!). Plenty of campaigning going on. I don’t know what others are doing but I gather they are shaking the hands that need to be.

        People talk Lucretia because they just don’t know the facts. But then gossip boards don’t usually care about facts. But it makes for more lively debate!

  20. Jenn says:

    I have never thought they would be campaigning,they just promoted the film,Steve McQueen isn’t the type who campaigns and Michael has already said that he won’t.
    Lupita has been campaigning very well,we don’t need to see hee pap’d everyday otherwise it will be tiring! She has very high chances to win :)

  21. TheCountess says:

    I have to admit, none of Steve McQueen’s films have done much more me. I thought “12 Years” would break the cycle – the topic seems impossible for it *not* to – but aside from Lupita’s performance, I really didn’t feel very engaged with it. I still think it will probably win Best Picture (in addition to Best Supporting Actress) because voters will be conscientious of how it will look in a year when “Fruitvale Station” and “The Butler” were passed over in major categories, and “12 Years” isn’t a bad choice – it’s just one that is leaving people surprisingly cold. If I had a vote, with the choices available, I’d be getting behind “Gravity” or “Philomena” for the top award, films that for wildly different reasons, moved me through and through. “Gravity” will deservedly take Director and every technical category, and Chiewetel is simply not a factor in the Matthew/Leo battle.

    As for Assbender, Jonah Hill is probably the only real threat to Jared Leto. I wish Barkhad Abdi had more of a chance, but he is the “the nomination is your award” slot this year.

  22. MollyMaxwell says:

    I find the tone of this article so bizarre. I get that you’re somehow offended that Fassbender isn’t “campaigning” hard enough for your liking but there are a few important points you fail to mention.

    1) As mentioned in some above comments, he’s been working steadily all fall. He did a solid six weeks of promotion for 12YAS in relation to its October release and then went to New Zealand and is now working in London.

    2) Oscar campaigns are spearheaded by the distributor not the actor or the filmmaker. It’s not like Fassbender or McQueen can just show up somewhere and be all “I’m campaigning now – vote for me Academy members!” Fox Searchlight has obviously chosen to concentrate their efforts on Lupita and Chiwetel and that’s why they’ve been much more visible. Oscar campaigns take money so they’re not going to waste it if they feel the vote can’t be swayed in a particular category.

    3) BAFTAS are an important award too. McQueen and Fassbender are obviously covering that angle which makes more sense given their ties to that community.

    I don’t really think there’s anything untoward or pouty going on here. I mean, if you don’t like Fassbender that’s cool, but don’t try to make it sound like he’s bailing on this movie when he’s clearly been behind it whenever he could be.

  23. Lydia says:

    It’s all but guaranteed that 12YAS and Gravity are going to split the Director and Picture Oscar wins. As for the BAFTAs, Matt M. and Leto aren’t even nominated in their categories, so the 12 Years guys have a better chance there.

  24. Migdalia says:

    Everyone realizes that the Oscar votes were already put in about three weeks ago right? And the interviews/”campaigning” you see coming out though out Jan/Feb were done months ago! Also, I’ve only heard good reviews on Frank especially Michael’s performance. He’s also filming back to back movies right now! You know like umm say Christian Bale who has been absent from promoting American Hustle and all the award shows.

  25. Green Eggs and Ham says:

    The history of the Oscars have shown a clear demarcation concerning movies where the main characters are black. They rarely or never win; no matter .
    Ralph Fiennes did not win for Schlinder’s List and he was brilliant ; what chance will MF has?
    Why waste time? He did the debacle for “Shame” – did not work, looked like a virile foreigner that the provincial egotists cannot even claim “That’s my boy!!”. So he was not nominated.
    Realistically 12YAS may get 2 Oscars – Lupita and (still a BIG IF) Best Picture although a case can be made for script; director. best actor and editing
    I fail to see the significance for a popularity contest for a trade show.

  26. Asiyah says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it didn’t seem like he was complaining about not being nominated for Shame. It didn’t seem like he was angry with the Academy about that. He was angry with himself for believing his handlers, his people, the people paid to suck up to him, for believing the hype. And so he decides, NEVER AGAIN. It’s not NEVER AGAIN I WON’T CAMPAIGN. It’s NEVER AGAIN, I WON’T BELIEVE MY OWN HYPE. Maybe he’s not “campaigning” because he’s busy. Maybe he isn’t “campaigning” because he doesn’t like the idea of sucking up for a prize. Or maybe he actually doesn’t see why he should win for this particular film, when the breakout stars are Chwitel and Lupita. Why does it have to be something along the lines of Fassbender being a whiny little brat? I’m not even a huge Fassbender fan, but some of y’all seem to be reaching with his comments and actions.

  27. TheOriginalKitten says:

    The vilification of Fassbender is getting really REALLY old.

  28. TSwise says:

    Still no one has explained to me why it is NECESSARY AND PROPER for Fassbender to be campaigning for an Oscar, but it was ATROCIOUS AND UNNECESSARY for Affleck to do it last year.

    I really am waiting for an answer to this.

    • Harriet says:

      So true! Now I want someone to answer this too!

    • TheCountess says:

      Well, it helps to make oneself visible, and by extension, a likable and a worthy winner. As we saw last year, while that can still result in a win (i.e., Anne Hathaway), the backlash from the general public can be huge when it is *super* obvious someone is groveling for votes. The window between nominations being announced and the start of voting is hugely important for, say, someone like Lupita Nyong’o; her speech at the SAG awards was “campaigning” in the sense that the graciousness and elegance with which she accepted her (well-deserved) award will sway voters to want to see her step up to the podium again.

      If you come off like you don’t care – by not showing up to various awards, and other industry events, during this time – voters are likely to think, barring some extraordinary, one-in-a-million performance, that the Oscar will be wasted on you. Very few people are of the caliber of George C. Scott or Marlon Brando, able to get away with publicly flipping off the Academy.

  29. Nanou says:

    So …. Hathaway and Affleck compaigned hard last year, they were desperate. Fassbender doesn’t compaign this year and openly gave his reasons, he’s arrogant and doesn’t have any respect for his cast and crew… ok …

    • JWQ says:

      I think Fassbender IS arrogant in general, I have never liked him and never understood the hype, since I have never seen a movie with him in it that made me think: “Wow, this one is really good!”. When he first said he wasn’ t going to campaign for 12YAS, he sounded like a bratty child who refused to do something because the bad parents didn’ t give him the prize when he first tried. That said, while I still don’ t like him, and I still think he’ s immature and unlikable, I now think that yes, not being nominated/winning for Shame was a big disappointment and he doesn’ t want to hope again for something, but also that maybe he realizes how stupid the whole oscar thing is and refuses to play the game. I also can’ t stand when people say that when someone doesn’ t campaign s/he is sporting no respect for the movie or the other actors. If an actor refuse to prostitute him/herself and the academy takes it personally, to the point that everyone involved is not even considered anymore, it’ s not that person’ s fault! It’ s just further proof of how big of a joke the award is.
      I still don’ t like him, though!

      • KC says:

        This: “he realizes how stupid the whole oscar thing is and refuses to play the game. I also can’ t stand when people say that when someone doesn’ t campaign s/he is sporting no respect for the movie or the other actors. If an actor refuse to prostitute him/herself and the academy takes it personally, to the point that everyone involved is not even considered anymore, it’ s not that person’ s fault! It’ s just further proof of how big of a joke the award is.”

        Does not jibe with this: “When he first said he wasn’ t going to campaign … he sounded like a bratty child who refused to do something because the bad parents didn’ t give him the prize when he first tried.”

        There is a lot of cognitive dissonance going on here simply to justify why you don’t like him. Either the award is a stupid joke and campaigning for it is prostitution (and therefore, not campaigning is a virtuous thing to do), OR the award is valuable and campaigning for it is an honor and obligation (and therefore, campaigning for it is the virtuous thing to do). But one cannot have it both ways.

      • JWQ says:

        I think the award IS a stupid joke and everyone who refuses to go after it does a good thing. But even if it’ s given to people for the wrong reasons, it’ s still the most important award an actor can receive for his or her job, and lots of people think it’ s a honor to get at least one. When I first heard of him refusing to campaign, I thought he wanted the oscar because HE considered it valuable and important, but since him getting snubbed for Shame was a recent thing and he talked about it in the interview, what I registered was “They didn’ t like me the last time, that made me not liking them back! Ué Ué!”. I can assure you that I would’ ve thought the same about anyone. It helped that I don’ t like him, but the way he put it, it really sounded like that. I still think he is doing this for spite, but my dislike for the oscars is apparently bigger than my dislike for him, which means that even if he is doing it because he wants to play hard to get, it’ s fine because at least we’ ll get one campaign less and, hopefully, some general understanding that the academy sucks!

        And my “I also can’ t stand when people say that when someone doesn’ t campaign s/he is sporting no respect for the movie or the other actors. If an actor refuse to prostitute him/herself and the academy takes it personally, to the point that everyone involved is not even considered anymore, it’ s not that person’ s fault! It’ s just further proof of how big of a joke the award is.” comment was really generic. It was addressed at everyone, not at him. It had nothing to do with Fassbender, even if he might be included in this specific case, it’ s just that regardless of the academy’ s attitude towards single directors/writers/actors/producers, they should give awards to people who deserve it, campaign or not. If McQueen and Lupita and the movie don’ t get the award, it shouldn’ t be because Fassbender doesn’ t campaign and someone else does, it should be because the academy thinks they were not the best in their category!

  30. ByeBye says:

    The fact is that on differents sites, fans are asking questions not because he is not campaigning but now he was not at thé SAG but was seen in italy with Madalina Who has bad reputation…Someone have posted thé link to Just Jared up… And he do not look good on photos with her and not on this ones…

    • Daniela says:

      Im Fassbender italian fan. Madalina had serious healt problems. A well informed italian site explained the fact. That’ s why Michael was in Milan during the Sag week and they look so sad and worried. Anyway she’ s such a sweet person and all the voices about her on JJ are totally false, enfatized by gerard butler obsessed fans..

      • Talia says:

        Now, Daniela, come on. No one here is that naive. We all know about the woman’s reputation and it is nothing as you mentioned.

        Like ByeBye stated, people are upset because he is not known for missing events yet he missed five in a row that week – the same week he was nominated for an Oscar. And the events that he missed (SAG, Critic’s Choice, DGA, Sundance and Graham Norton) were missed because he chose to go to Italy and vacation with a woman who is known for being a fame wh*re and star shagger. It’s awards season and he was individually nominated for all of those award shows mentioned above, except the DGA, which nominates individual films. Yet, the other members of the cast showed but he didn’t. He wasn’t off doing Macbeth. He was off doing… well, I’m sure we can all use our imaginations. And he’s not looking worse for the wear because of Macbeth. He’s acting in the film not building the sets. Plus, I don’t even think principle photography has even begun on Macbeth as yet.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      How is his reputation any better than hers? They both sleep around–he just happens to be a lot more famous than her.

      • Daniela says:

        Of course he missed all the appointments…I’m sorry for my english above all but I intended Sag for all that red carpets..
        Believe me or not, they weren’t on vacation at all.. the day they were photographed in Milan they came out of the hospital. Her eyes were full of tears as you can see. I read from a second italian eye witness they secretely have been in Usa for awhile after her illness and then in Torino we somebody met them.
        She’ has gotta have some serious problem… if you go on her facebook you can see a symbol of grief and sorrow: a black window. Let them stay in peace and good luck

      • Lolita de las F. says:

        I do not know of every single thing Fassbender has said in the press, but at other sites they place links, so I have read some of the things. I understand that the fans are well aware that he sleeps around, and that apparently he is known for the overlapping between women. What they think comes from an interview that he gave and said that he knew women were now more interested in him because of his fame due to his work and he was aware of this change in women’s perception of him. To some fans it meant that he was aware that some women out there just wanted him for that. She has a reputation of just dating men to obtain a career. I know, it happens in any field but the fans thought that he was smarter than that. Plus, he was not at awards and other events because he was in Italy with her. Someone that was on vacation looks really tired. So, there you go, the speculation. I find hilarious that on this site (when pictures of NZ got published) a poster wrote that she hope they were together and that she got preggers or something like that. People that have followed her (from Butler fans to other that live in Italy) say she reads this things, and that she has been caught red handed saying things that when questioned by the press apparently were not true.

  31. allheavens says:

    I want Chiwetel to win but if Leo wins I won’t be mad.

    Nebraska with good, Dern was great but I am tire of the Academy giving Life Achievement Awards, Longevity Awards, and You’re Still Alive and Working? Awards.

    Bale was good but not the best this year, same about Matthew.

    I would like just one actor or actress to actually go on TV and say, “I worked by ass off, and I really, really want to win. Now go vote for me, fuckers.” That would be honest.

    • M.A.F. says:

      I admit I haven’t seen Wolf on/of Wall Street and I don’t ever plan on to so I can’t say if Leo deserves the award or not. However, if you are going to point out with Dern and the “Life Achievement/Longevity/You’re Still award” stick, then you need to recognize that with Leo what has surrounded him and the Oscar is the “it’s his time/he is due” talk.

      • KC says:

        Why don’t you plan on ever seeing Wolf?

        I think it’s pretty obvious that Allheavens is referring to lifetime achievement/congrats on still being alive awards that are given to old actors. I suppose I can understand how someone around the age of 21 would see no difference between Leo Dicaprio and Robert Redford/Bruce Dern, but as someone over the age of 25, I promise that there is a lot of difference between ages 40 and 75 and that Leo is NOT in the running for any old age awards yet.

  32. Cali says:

    12 YAS was one of the first films reviewed and it seems so long ago.
    Fassbender along with the cast did so much promoting/talk that at one point I was thinking it was a little to much. With all the Q&As, panel discussions, I got tired of seeing Steve, Chewetel, and Fassbender. Apparently the Academy was already tired of the film before they even viewed it.

    Now that it’s time for the award shows they are expected to kick it back into gear for another round and not just appearing on the awards show – they have to do talk shows again along with interviews.

    Chewetel has done talk shows and he seemed quite nervous at times, this campaigning for yourself is not for everyone, some people are just not good at. Fassbender isn’t good at it either.

    Anyway, I don’t see 12 YAS getting a lot of Oscars, I’m looking at only one win and that’s (Lupita) only if JLaw doesn’t kick it into gear and start a strong campaign of her own and I like JLaw a lot.

  33. Jessica says:

    lol I swear you guys keep saying he complained about not getting a nomination for Shame. But I fail to pinpoint a time in which he did any kind of complaining. He just said that he wouldn’t campaigning for an award, which if you think about it is the noble thing to do. Begging people to give you an award based off of how much they like you as a person is pathetic. Why can’t the man’s talent just speak for itself? Why does he have to beg and plead to be given the title of best actor the world has ever known? The ridiculousness of it all makes me sick. And another thing, if he were to complain about not being nominated he should have complained about not being nominated (or even acknowledged) for Hunger which is by far his greatest performance.