Kim Kardashian & Kanye West don’t want to bring North on their honeymoon


I’m not one of those people mega-concerned about Kim Kardashian’s lack of public interest in her daughter. Would it be nice to see Kim and Kanye out and about with one of them holding Nori? Of course. Would I prefer if Kim didn’t edit her daughter out of her selfies? Sure. Do I think it’s kind of funny that Kim leaves the baby with the nannies while she jets off to Paris with Yeezington? Ha, yeah. But I also think… I don’t know, all of those selfies and pap strolls aren’t the same thing as the day-to-day activities of being a parent. We don’t really know what kind of mom Kim is, nor do we really know how hands on she is or how much she’s really spending with Nori. And yes, I think it’s kind of unfair that it’s all on Kim when Kanye doesn’t really seem like the most engaged father either. For all of the concern-trolling about Kim’s mothering skills, I bet she’s still spending way more time with Nori than Kanye has spent with Nori.

So, now that we’re hearing more about Kanye and Kim’s wedding plans, it’s time to hear about the honeymoon plans too. And now Radar reports that Kanye doesn’t want some third-wheel baby on his honeymoon.

Even though Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s daughter has two full-time baby nurses, North West won’t be going with her jet-setting parents on their honeymoon after the wedding in France, has exclusively learned.

The couple is in the midst of planning “their over the top wedding in France this summer, including planning their honeymoon. Kanye has made it clear to Kim he doesn’t want North to come with them on their honeymoon,” a source told Radar.

“She will most likely stay behind at their apartment in Paris with her baby nurses. Kim wants to go back to Venice, where North was conceived so they can start expanding the family. Kim hates to leave the baby behind, but will definitely need down time after the wedding.”

However, Nori will “absolutely be a part of the wedding! Kim is so excited to dress her little girl up with her on the big day,” the source added. “Everyone knows how unpredictable babies can be, but Nori isn’t worrying her parents because she is super mellow, and they aren’t concerned about her disrupting the wedding.”

North has earned the sad online moniker of “Ignori” because social media posts assert that her parents never spend any time with her.

“Twitter calling North West ‘Ignori’ because Kim is never with her child …” user @teeyuhkorea wrote in an example of the posts.

Another critic, @Xian toni joked, “Kim K pretending to not want to hang out with Jonathan [Cheban] so she can spend time with Ignori is hilarious!”

And @Biggs417 wrote, “D*mn, they callin’ Kanye baby Ignori cuz Kim don’t take care of her kid …”

Such criticism has been running rampant in recent weeks, since Kardashian and West were spotted vacationing in Miami and Paris without their daughter. But Kardashian has been quick to slam her detractors.

“U sound so ignorant,” she wrote to one Twitter user. “Bc I don’t tweet or instagram my every move w my daughter means I am not with her 247? We share what we want. Or is it bc I go support my fiancé at every show & I post pix?

“When the baby goes down 4 bed or a nap, parents are allowed 2 work & support each other,” she continued, “maybe even have fun too.”

[From Radar]

IgNORI is mean, you guys. Sort of funny, but mean. And yes, Kim is sort of right. I said it. Her Instagram is not a definitive account of her time allocation. Just because she’s not posting baby photos 24-7 doesn’t mean she’s not spending quality time with the baby. But… I do think Kim follows Kanye’s lead in most things. If Yeezington wants to take a vacation without the baby, that’s what they’ll do. If he wants to honeymoon in Italy for a month without the baby, that’s what will happen.




Photos courtesy of WENN, Kim’s Instagram.

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    • Tiffany27 says:

      MTE. I can’t stand Kim and Kanye, but I don’t see the pdoblem here. Would you all bring your kids to your honeymoon?

      • JessMa says:

        I had my honeymoon four years before I had my kids. But if not, no way I could leave my babies for more than one night. Not just because I nurse, but because it would cause my babies major distress.

        I don’t go out late often, even before kids. Hubby and I are dinner and a movie type people. In the past three years we have only been out super late twice, for a wedding and a party. Our kids freaked out. They were awake and sobbing when we got home even though they were with their beloved grandparents. I felt horrible both times.

        I do think it might be different for Nori though. She might perceive her two nurses as her caregivers. Many children of the rich and famous form that parent/child bond with their nannies. Maybe Nori won’t even notice they are gone.

      • Tazina says:

        Parents need holidays away without their kids. We went on several trips when the kids were small and they stayed with the grandparents. It would be better if Nori was left with family though, not these baby nurses. They did take her with them on that ski vacation so it’s not like she’s always left behind.

      • bluhare says:

        I had huge separation anxiety as a child which I think wouldn’t have been nearly as bad as it was if my parents would have actually spent some time away from us. I remember a babysitter once in my entire life.

    • ashley says:

      aside for that, Ignori is genius!

    • Eva says:

      Depends on how long they’re away, any more than a week maybe two is too long to be away from a baby just for a holiday. It’s not like this is his/her only break from their child, they’re constantly out and about.

      • kcarp says:

        I am with you on more than a week. I think a week is even a little much for a baby. These people get enough vacations seriously it’s not like they go years without a vacation and they just have to get away.

        My question is how long are this kids naps that she can put on 5 pairs of spanx, pap stroll, have lunch, pap stroll again??

        Then she is magically home when she wakes up does all the mom stuff for rest of afternoon and early evening, then spanx it up again, put on her ridiculous Kayne approved costumes, then go see Kayne rant and rave for a couple of hours in various cities, then be home again?

    • Amy Tennant says:

      I have to agree. A honeymoon is for the couple.

      Ignori is funny, though. Sad and mean, but funny.

      I also give them the benefit of the doubt that we don’t know how much time and attention Nori gets from her family. Just because she’s not in pictures all the time doesn’t mean she’s not in their lives (and I hope she has loving caregivers besides her parents). If she were in pictures all the time, folks would be complaining that Nori was being exploited or being put in danger, etc. Now I’m not saying that Kanye and Kim are spending enough time with her; I’m just saying we don’t really know what Nori’s life is like.

    • YummyMummy says:

      They have full time help, they can afford suites with privacy. Bring your baby.

      • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

        That’s what I don’t get. Why did they even have the baby if they don’t want to spend time with her? this is where some folks who are rich in the wallet really baffle me. They are so amazing at this age and you can miss out on so many priceless moments by not seeing the child on a regular basis; and there are those who are rich in the heart, yet poor in the wallet, who ache to spend time with their kids but are not able to because of having to work so hard to provide.

    • idk says:

      I don’t understand why they are telling everyone when the wedding is and where it will be. I thought Kanye was oh so private? Please, Kim will be crying if there aren’t a thousand paps outside of her hotel on her wedding day.

      They could bring North along with her two nannies. I mean if they are really planning a month long honeymoon, that’s wayyy too long to be away from your baby.

      Also, CB, don’t be a hypocrite. You’re saying we shouldn’t judge Kim because we don’t really know how much time she spends with North, well the same can be said for Kanye…we don’t know how hands on he is as a father.

      • Samantha25 says:

        The honeymoon isn’t a month long. At least the article never says it’s that long. Claiming that it’s for a month was just a snarky comment. I’m surprised that people are so angry that Kim and Kanye aren’t taking her. It’s a honeymoon. If they took Nori it wouldn’t be one. I also don’t understand the claims that they don’t spend any time with her. Pap shots are only a few hours a day. The funny thing is if Kim and Kanye took Nori everywhere they went, people would call them mediawhores.

    • Lucinda says:

      Depends on how old the child is and how long they will be gone. I would bring an infant but I nursed both my children so leaving them is much more difficult logistically. I assume she isn’t nursing but even then, I would not leave my child if it were less than a year old. Probably less than 2 years old. So yes, I disagree but to each their own.

      The baby is beautiful.

  1. Chrissy says:

    No big surprise! That child barely exists in their world! Poor Nori!!!

  2. whipmyhair says:

    If they were a non celebrity couple I wouldn’t shade them for going on their honeymoon sans Nori.

    But as they appear to already travel without her already I’m side-eyeing this. Having a baby means adjusting your life to suit the babys needs. From what I can see this isn’t happening.

    Can we also talk about the honeymoon? The concept of being alone with Kanye for long periods would scare me. Way too much ego for one person to placate.

  3. Belle Epoch says:

    “Ignori” is brilliant.

  4. QQ says:

    Beahahahha IGNori?!? That is EVERYTHING! Seriously, the sooner people see that Nori is at the moment, for these people (til she can generate income) No better than cute furniture or an adorable accessory, the sooner we can stop being shocked

  5. Wilma says:

    Nori really is very cute. Her name keeps reminding me of the noro virus, but the kid is cute.

    I don’t care about her parents. I do think that if they would show us Nori all the time people wouldn’t be happy about that either.

  6. Anthea says:

    It’s not a big deal they won’t be taking her on their honeymoon. Everyone I know who had kids when they got married had a babysitter. And if she was instagramming North’s every move we’d all be criticising that, I think.

    I don’t know whether she’s a good parent or not; in general I think there’s too much judgement of all parents (famous or not) from people who only see a tiny bit of what they do. Even if the kid is with nannies a lot, I doubt she’s seriously neglected. Rich families always used nannies to bring up their kids and sometimes the nannies do a great job. Who knows!

  7. Tracy says:

    Here is why I don’t feel bad in my assumption that she is not a very hands on mom. 1) how many times has she jetted off and the kid is what? 8 or 9 months old?
    2) she goes on a pap stroll nearly every day. How many hours a day is she spending with her glam team before she goes on these pap strolls?

    I am not saying that she does not love her child but I don’t think North (gawd that name) is her top priority. Kim will always be Kim’s top priority.

    • Relli says:

      THIS and she is a woman who is part of a family that had built their “fame” on being accessible 24/7. You see every moment of their lives from their shows, to their social media accounts, clothing, accessories and makeup as they have or at least PMK has constantly stated their lives are an open book. So while I understand privacy of the child it’s odd that a woman who shares every mundane detail if her life doesn’t underarms how people can pice together the limited amount of time she spends with her kid.

    • Mel M says:

      Exact, plus you need time for yeeszus to approve every single outfit you go out in.

  8. DanaG says:

    A month is a very long time to go without your child celebrity or not. The fact is they could take and she has nannies it isn’t like Kim and Kanye are up every couple of hours looking after her. I think she is more a prop that is the general sense I’m getting. Kim seems more then happy to leave her at home while she travels around. I think both of them are too selfish to be great parents so I’m hoping she has great nannies.

    • yolo112 says:

      !!! Did I miss the ‘month’ part?! That’s how long they plan on leaving her?! When Mr. yolo112 and I got married, my 7 year old stayed with my cousin for ONE night and we missed him dearly. He was in the same city, like, 20 minutes I’m not coooool like Ye and Kim so whadda I know…

  9. Kiddo says:

    Every time someone writes a post about Kimye, photos of that baby should be up instead. She is the only good thing about them. She is truly precious and adorable, (until years from now when they make her feel inadequate and she resorts to plastic surgery).

  10. LadyMTL says:

    I can’t believe I’m going to type this but I think that KK is doing a good thing by not posting pics of North all the time. I mean, this child deserves some privacy – even if her parents probably don’t know the meaning of the word – and she shouldn’t have her face splashed on anyone’s Instagram 24/7.

    Also, I don’t see anything wrong with not bringing her on their honeymoon, depending on how long the trip is, of course. Parents do deserve some time to themselves, after all.

    And now I need to go cleanse, because I feel so dirty for defending these idiots, lol.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Don’t feel bad…I was thinking the same things….any other celeb would be praised for not having their baby in the spotlight all the time….I think people had already made their minds up the minute Kim announced her pregnancy, that Kim would be a terrible mother…if we saw Nori 24/7, Kim would be criticized, if we don’t see her, same thing…and now, I too must go cleanse (shudders)….

    • MonicaQ says:

      This. If she *did* do that then everyone would be accusing her of ho-ing out the baby for money and she can’t even talk yet. I don’t like the Pee-Pee Princess at all either but I’m shocked at the restraint she’s shown. Actually I’ll go with “restraint”.

    • Suze says:

      It’s actually one of the few things I find in her favor.

      The royals are keeping baby Prince George under wraps and everyone nods their heads, yes, that is the right and proper thing to do.

      I think it’s the same thing for North.

      As far as the honeymoon without baby goes, it just depends on the duration.

    • Josephine says:

      I don’t think she keeps the baby under wraps. I think she rarely takes care of her. Her lifestyle has not changed at all, and it’s not surprising that the baby is not pictured often since she has taken several trips without the child in the child’s first few months. Add the daily pap stroll, and the fact that when they did take her for the weekend, she was relegated to another bungalow altogether with the nanny, it’s not clear when she is ever with that child. And any time she talks, her clear obsession is her body. She says few, generic words about the baby, mostly that she doesn’t give them any trouble. She’s oddly detached in speaking of the child.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I agree with you all. If she was constantly showing pictures of Nori, she would be accused of being like her mother. And who brings a baby on their honeymoon? Now, excuse me while I go fill my tub with bleach.

  11. tifzlan says:

    I know none of us will ever know sure what type of mother she is, but it speaks a lot to what her personal interests are when the only time she DOES show Nori is when she needs good publicity. Yeah, i said it. That child is not even a year old and she has jetsetted all over the world with Kanya, leaving Nori behind. I think people aren’t stupid. Maybe she’s with her child more than we think, but we’re certainly not too far off the mark when we say she cares more about herself and her brand than Nori’s needs.

  12. Lilacflowers says:

    Just. Go. Away. And what the hell is she wearing in that picture?

  13. Kympro says:

    I didn’t take my then-1 year old son to our honeymoon. We went to Vegas for a week. Not exactly kid friendly. It was fine. I throw no shade. Except for the fact that they’re spending a whole MONTH away. Then I shade. Isn’t that a pretty long time away from your baby?

  14. paola says:

    Ehhrrr no thanks.. we don’t want them here.
    I mean Italy is such a predictable place for honeymooners, not original at all.
    Just sayin’..
    I might have to start a petition to avoid this.
    Plus Venice is sinking already, under that ass poor Venice is doomed.

  15. eliza says:

    No news here. They never bring her anywhere. The little girl is being raised by nannies. She is only trotted out and about by mama for the obligatory pap shots.

    A little O/T- I was super furious that they trotted out Kim Kardashian during Leno’s send off last night. How this talentless woman manages to get her mug on the final show of his 22yr Tonight Show hosting gig is beyond me and it pissed me off.

    • Josephine says:

      Made me think yup, this show is done and has jumped the shark.

    • idk says:

      Her singing was horrible…still can’t believe she put out a record a few years ago hoping to launch her singing career. Kanye was in the studio when she recorded that song. LOL he probably told her “you sound better than Beyonce, Kim you’re a star !”. Also, did you see when they announced the other celebs they said “Oscar nominated or successful athlete, etc. but when Kim came out they just announced her name lol…no intro or anything because she is famous for nothing.

  16. swack says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with them not taking North on the honeymoon. That being said, I don’t know what type of mother she is and it’s okay she doesn’t show pictures of North all the time. What bothers me is that she doesn’t even talk about her. Most parents when a milestone is reached gush about it. First tooth, crawling, sitting up, etc.

  17. UghInsomnia says:

    I just got married in August (second marriage for both of us) and we didn’t take the kids. It was a nice break that allowed us one on one time. BUT! It was only 5 days, not an entire MONTH. Yeesh.

  18. TeresaMaria says:

    Leaving your kid for a week to have a quality time with your husband is one thing. Leaving a kid for a MONTH is totally different. They have nannies and other hired help on daily bases – they can spend as much time as they want having “quality couple time”

  19. Eleonor says:

    No big deal for me.
    BTW about the “ignori” thing.
    If she was hanging around bringing Nori all over the places people would say she is pimping her in some way, plus Nori is a little baby, probably sleeps most of the time.

  20. Marigold says:

    I’d give her the benefit of the doubt but neither she nor Kanye deserve it. Sometimes things are exactly what they seem.

  21. CeltLady says:

    The pics that Kim posts where she doesn’t show Nori/Ignori’s face strike me as her attempt at being like her idol, Beyoncé.

  22. Common Sense says:

    I might have missed something; where did it state a month-long honeymoon?

    2) Why would they bring their child?

    3) Why should they post pics of North or be photographed with her to prove they spend time with her?

    4) I can’t get over how cute North is!

  23. Kaylah says:

    Lol, IGNori & IGNorth will forever be funny, It’s up there with “baby Two Directions” imo. With that said I think everybody wouldn’t care about North if she didn’t
    1)Take Pap Ho strolls every 2 days with full hair & makeup- like who has time for such with a baby.
    2) Travel the world & leave the baby behind then say stupid shit like “the baby is too young to travel”, There was absolutely no reason for her to go Paris both times seeing as she looked a mess both times but I digress.
    3)Take a thousand & instagram pictures & keek videos as well as tweets about stupid things.

    There are celebs whose kids are not in the spotlight but then they themselves are not front & center either, they usually only come out when they have things to promote so I don’t get how that’s the same thing.

  24. m says:

    Poor thing. She doesn’t have a chance in hell with parents and a pimp granny like that.

  25. magpie says:

    Sorry, a week might not seem like a long time to us, but to an infant it’s a lot. That poor child will be raised by nannies.

  26. Stef Leppard says:

    Is there anything cuter than a smiling baby? That series of pictures is so sweet. What a little darling.

  27. Putchka says:

    That baby has the cutest, most kissable face. Kim, satin sucks. Not flattering on anyone.

  28. Dani says:

    For an everyday couple who isn’t rich and doesn’t jet everywhere every other day, fine, I agree leave your baby at home (for a week not a month!!!) because this is likely their last vacation as just a couple. But for KK and Doucheezy, they are literally in a different country every single freaking day WITHOUT their child. WTF? Maybe if they spent less time gallivanting around people wouldn’t accuse them of being shitty parents. No one is saying post pics every day, but don’t only post pics when you want attention. Kim is the epitome of Lucifer’s Homegirl clone. She’s gonna pimp out her daughter harder than her mom pimped out her sex tape.

  29. OriginallyBlue says:

    Well they never bring that poor baby anywhere, so this is not a surprise.

  30. laura says:

    It is pretty obvious that she is not a present mom, she is in Paris for days then she spent week ends with Kanye without leaving Nori around. She is doing selfies non stop (perfectly groomed and dressed, I imagine it took hours of preparation for makeup, hair, dress etc etc) without forgetting her shopping ,working out etc…. Nori just cannot fit in her schedule.
    When my son was 6 months, to a year old I was too exhausted and will never spend time taking selfies or could not be away for more than a few hours at a time from my baby…
    She is a very self absorbed person and full of herself, i feel for Nori!!!

  31. Chibichichai says:

    Someone called it; nori is being raised by nannies. (She has TWO full time nannies) So she has that going for her.

    Leaving the baby behind is fine, for a week or two. For me, I rather she be near her family then full time in another country with just nannies. For someone who says she’s family oriented, she really doesn’t spend time with them (out of filming) does she?

  32. Cerulean Skygirl says:

    I would never leave my babies for more than a brief period. However, I could see someone leaving their child for perhaps a long weekend, but A WHOLE MONTH?!?!? At that age Ignori will most likely forget about her parents when they’re gone. She’ll ignori them once they return. As for them trying to “expand” their family…. perhaps the relationship will end before they get that opportunity. After all, Kim’s other 2 marriages barely lasted more than a few months. One of these dimwits will get bored with the other and move on, and hopefully we won’t have to see or hear about them ever again.

  33. Amsterdamned says:

    its just all sad.Where is chilsdservices when they are needed.Money doesnt mean stability.

  34. daisyfly says:

    The way I see it, the less time they spend tainting the kid the better. If the only people in her life she recognizes and respects are her nannies then the better it will be for her. She won’t care about her mother’s superficial expectations or her father’s unattainable satisfaction.

  35. idk says:

    Did anyone hear Kim singing on Jay Leno last night?

  36. tricklady says:


  37. Dommy Dearest says:

    Ew, why are you defending this trash at all? It’s painlessly obvious she doesn’t spend time with her daughter when she’s being papped constantly. We aren’t idiots, we have eyes and can see. Kim cares more about the needle that injects her frozen face with botox than she does about her kid. Putin has more motherly instincts than Kowdashian does. (dry sarcasm with the Putin but hell, it’s friday!)

  38. Jaana says:

    No surprise here. Ignori will always be second best.

  39. Zwella Ingrid says:

    I think adults need personal time away from their kids. That’s how they maintain their relationship. I don’t find any fault with them not taking Nori on their honeymoon. There is not enough evidence to proclaim that they are ignoring her, although it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that they are.

  40. mar says:

    sadly, Im sure Nori will be closer to her 2 nannies then her mommy

  41. skeksis says:

    I don’t think this is a big deal. It’s a relatively new idea that a child is supposed to come first in a household. Nori is well cared for and has everything she could ever need. The people commenting here and elsewhere about how their kids have breakdowns when mom and dad go out alone–you are raising dependent children. That’s not good.

  42. Anon says:

    This little baby may surprise everyone. There are no guarantees on how people will turn out.
    I know good conscientious parents who have really ungrateful offspring, and then there are the crackhead/alcoholic/abusive parents with loyal exemplary children who not only survive but eventually thrive. Since North is an innocent little baby, I will hope she does well in life against all odds. I have seen people in far worse circumstances grow up and do great things. All the best to little North.

  43. Emily C. says:

    Besides the fact that it’s completely ridiculous to even consider taking a baby on your honeymoon… Dragging a baby to another country, a place with strangers, where she is unfamiliar with everything, is not good for her. Far better to leave her with caretakers she knows, in a place she knows is safe. I hate the contemporary lie that a baby must constantly be suctioned onto its mother. It is damaging for both women and babies.

  44. Shazz says:

    That is one adorable, happy looking baby – must be doing something right.

  45. jellyfish says:

    I think its good that they aren’t taking her out for pap strolls and posting a million pics of her on the internet. celebrity parents should protect their child’s privacy, not use them for their own gain. The Kardashians are a pretty tight knit family, so I’m sure her sisters or mother (god help that poor baby) and a bunch of nannies take care of Nori when Kim is gone.

  46. Riversidekat says:

    Didn’t Kim honeymoon in Italy with Kris Humphries too? Does that bug anyone else??

  47. yep says:

    Glad to see that Backdoor Farrah and Kim have “healthy breaks” from their daughters. They have a lot in common, Im surprised they are not BFFs.

  48. Vanessa says:

    North is one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen. Who says two wrongs don’t make a right?

  49. janet says:

    Cute little girl. Anyways, I had my baby with me on my honeymoon and I wouldn’t do it again. It sets the tone for your marriage and you need to come first as a couple to raise a family.

  50. Anastasia says:

    I’ve long thought it’s weird that you don’t see her with that baby. That picture above is the first time I’ve seen her IN a picture WITH her baby. I’ve seen her pushing the baby in a pram in some pap pics. But never holding her or anything like that.

    And yeah, you don’t know, but really, would it surprise anyone to find out she’s just not that into her baby? Or that she doesn’t spend a lot of time with her?

    I mean, she’s got two full-time nannies! Why two? One day and one night?

    What I wanted when my baby was a baby (she’s grown now!) was other people to do all that other crap that kept me away from HER. I wanted a housekeeper and someone to cook and do the laundry and run the errands, so that I could spend time with my baby.

    But I’m positive she also has those types of people. Got to leave plenty of time open for pap strolls and following your baby daddy around the world. *eye roll*

    Their honeymoon is a MONTH. That is a LONG ass time when a baby is young! She’ll change a lot in a month. If you have two nannies, and the kind of money they do, you can get a big multi-room suite and have the baby THERE at least. Then you can see her when you want and leave her with the nannies when you don’t. What’s so horrible about that?

    These people are worthless.