Tom Hiddleston appeared on Top Gear for one moist lap: dorky or fabulous?


Other bloggers might not enjoy the fact that their Tom Hiddleston posts become the stomping ground for wild conspiracies and ridiculous rumors. Personally, I enjoy it. Tom Hiddleston is the human equivalent of an overeager puppy, so I find it endlessly amusing that Hiddles has ended up with this kind of obsessive fanbase. Anyway, as I previewed on Friday, Tom Hiddleston appeared on Top Gear. It was pre-taped and it aired on Sunday in the UK. I have to say… although I liked the manliness of Tommy’s photos with the Stig, he was back to his puppy ways for the interview:

Tom Hiddleston on Top Gear (02/09/14) S21E02 from Hiddleston-Daily on Vimeo.

Lord, so much to discuss. First of all: THE GLASSES. Ordinarily, I’m a big fan of men who wear glasses, but for Tommy… they made him look A) so much younger and B) even dorkier than usual. For the interview, I think he should not have popped his collar up. But! I enjoyed his story about his first car and how he had for ten years. I also felt sorry for Tommy because he had to do his lap when it was, as the Brits say, “pissing rain.” I HATED when he did the American accent, but I loved his impressions, as always.

And here’s the behind-the-scenes stuff from Tommy’s very, very moist lap. You get to see Tommy hydroplaning and driving in the grass! He takes off the helmet around the 2-minute mark and all of a sudden he becomes very hot.



Photos courtesy of Top Gear.

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  1. AG-UK says:

    Dorky but I still like him, I find everyone on that show dorky.. and James May the top dork.

  2. starrywonder says:

    Can’t help but love him.

  3. Lindy79 says:

    Him stalling, haha!! Mortifying. He handled it well though.
    Horrible conditions to do a speed lap in, I don’t envy him at all.

    He seemed, to me, a little reserved at the start of the interview, like he was thinking carefully what to say (probably worried that he wouldn’t have any funny car stories or something). He was fine once he seemed to relax a bit.

  4. Sixer says:

    Haven’t watched it. I just feel compelled to shout BALL GAGS from the heavens. Just because I can. It’s my trigger term du jour. I might do it again later.

  5. Hiddles forever says:

    Me and hubby loved that part. Yes, a dork in a show of dorks. So perfect!

  6. Lilacflowers says:

    The second video says “not available…”

  7. MissMary says:

    Aw, I loved the glasses, lol. More power to ‘em for making it on a wet lap (moist is just…*shudder*)–I was half thinking he’d go barreling off into the fences or something!

  8. Tiffany says:

    I will not bitch about Tom being a puppy dog anymore. After reading about Shia it is refreshing to see someone who is enthusiastic when he is interviewing. He is
    a professional, dependable and does not go out of his way to embarrass his employers (although some of you might disagree with me). There is not such thing as the performance art of being an a-hole.

  9. InvaderTak says:

    Funny. Love top gear. Don’t even mind the American teasing.

    And what ridiculous rumors and conspiracies? I missed it.

  10. Kali says:

    Stop using the word moist in conjunction with Hiddleston. You’ll make the dragonflies combust.

  11. Aries_Mira says:

    BBC’s Top Gear is awesome!!! Hope Kaiser knows Benedict Cumberbatch has also made an appearance on their show :)

  12. Hello Kitty says:

    I love dorks!

    In the interview he said he’ll be in Toronto soon to film Crimson Peak. Hmmm…gotta figure out what spots he’ll likely hang out at…

  13. grabbyhands says:

    I love the dorkiness. He was all nerdy and relaxed and sweet. And the glasses! The American accent! The impressions! Everything was delightful and I’m glad I get to see it again when it hits BBC America.

    And cripes, when he said “Take that bend HARD”. Oh my,

  14. Abbicci says:

    Oh, my glorious, glorious Hiddles. I will watch this clip several times over the next few days and each time I will smile.


  15. pleaseicu says:

    Dorky and fabulous. Loved the glasses. Loved his enthusiasm. He’s such a kid sometimes. He was adorable.

  16. Kelly says:

    Kaiser, that title!! :D :D

    I loved it, he stalled the car, ahahahahaha, that was so gratifying to see as I’ve just recently gotten my driver’s licence and am still having technical issues with my old car since I’m not experienced.

    Oh my, he seems like a silly shit driver just like me, and I effin love it, hahaha.

    Also those glasses, LMAO, adorable.

    And who knew he’s afraid of heights? Ahahahahah, marvelous.

    • joespider says:

      I just loved the way he laughed at himself.

      Re the heights, 500 ft up in the air in a banking helicopter with no seatbelt – I’d be scared.

      But then I get scared
      changing light bulb.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        @Joe Spider: that helicopter thing actually happened to me on my honeymoon! It was NOT my idea, as I hate heights. However…when in Rome and all…this was the thing to do in Hawaii. Anyway, we were flying over the live volcano on the Big island of Hawaii when the door opened on its own. It was terrifying, and on the souvenir tape of our flight, you can hear me screaming bloody murder. My husband just casually reached over and closed the door. He always has grace under fire, or actually grace *over* fire, in our case.

        They don’t fly over the volcano anymore. I wonder why?

      • Kelly says:

        Shannon your story is hilarious!! (sorry, can’t help it, I’d pay to see the video really, romantic honeymoon sightseeing tour, all of a sudden the bride screams as if she’s being killed, lol)
        Hey you and Tom have something in common now!

      • Shannon1972 says:

        I wish I could post the video! It was not my best moment, but funny waaay after the fact LOL
        Yep, Tom and I are now flying daredevils (or flying chickens, really)

    • joespider says:

      You poor thing, I would have died. Some years ago I had to climb three separate sets of stairs 400 steps in all (imagine skyscraper fire escapes) up a cliffside in northern Italy. I was hyperventilating all the way, inhaler out all the time. It aged me ten years I swear. The idea of a helicopter ride like yours would have resulted in instant divorce. :)

      • Hiddles forever says:


        I would have fainted lol never boarded a helicopter and I doubt I ever will…

      • Shannon1972 says:

        It was the last time he talked me into any small flying aircraft. Funny…I did (very loudly) threaten him that if we ever land this godforsaken flying bucket of bolts, I will instantly divorce him. Or at least something very close to that, but using a copious amount of profanity. I also threatened the helicopter company, the pilot and the pilot’s future children. I was hardly the blushing bride at that moment.

        Lucky for me, we have it all captured on tape! :D

        @JoeSpider…I will do many things for love, but climbing 400 steps up a sheer cliff is probably not one of them. You are much braver than I am, inhaler and all!

  17. Side-Eye says:

    No matter what he does, he’s always been one of the most twee, flimsy looking men I’ve ever seen.

  18. Miss Jupitero says:

    After a solid week of reading about Woody AlIen, and other utter crazy horrifying people in the entertainment industry and wishing dearly that I could bleach my brain of all this evil, I cannot find it in my heart to even chide Puddletom for being Puddly.

    He can dance and do backflips and hump Luke’s leg all he wants. I’ll forgive him for the Jag. (Isn’t he too young for a midlife crisis mobile?) I’m sure I will be shouting “ball gags!” later on, but it is all pretty harmless in the great scheme of things.

  19. betsy says:

    He didn’t go as fast as Cumberbatch. I wondered why things were so quiet on Tumblr. Also the fact he repeated some of Cumberbatch’s quotes on the lap suggests he’d been watching Cumberbatch’s lap far too much.

  20. Leah says:

    Dorky AND fabulous. The two combine in one lovely package with Tom. And it further proves to me he is one hell of an actor considering the difference between his goofy boyish self and the total hot, screaming, manly and arrogant Coriolanus he inhabited when I saw the play last weekend.

  21. Shannon1972 says:

    So very happy right now!! I’m still campaigning for a daily dose of Hiddles. Or you can simply, you know, just post the picture of Hiddles with that Stig guy and attach it to a different post (excluding posts about that other British actor who shall not be named here). Or make something up and post the picture. I would be fine with that. It’s so much fun to have a celebrity crush again! :)

    Oh, and I just have to do this, because I like them both:

    Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch are both extremely talented and attractive British actors.
    *looks around for falling sky*
    Nope, we are all still here. ;)

  22. Janeite says:

    Tom Hiddleston has an obsessive fanbase, Kaiser? That’s news to me! ;)

    I loved these vids. And I was very amused when he said, “I’m always driving in puddles!” like some kind of little song.

    I thought he did quite a nice job on his lap around the track!

  23. Ginger says:

    Loved it! Especially the singing as I tend to sing in the car all the time. The glasses dont bother me. Like the scruff!

  24. Joann says:

    I love in the extra footage when the top of the umbrella flew off and Tom in his glasses and helmet just goes with it.

  25. lunchcoma says:

    Dorky and fabulous. Haven’t we all learned by now that unless he’s playing a role, dorky is part of the package?

    Love the glasses, but then, I always like men in glasses.

  26. ZsaZsa says:

    Seriously can we have one thread without that woman’s name being mentioned!? He’s never said he’s with her and hasn’t been spotted with her in 6 months.

    I’ll be in the garden till you can all behave.

  27. Gin Princess says:

    I wonder why he didn’t tweet on his birthday? He was trending worldwide, and it would only have taken a minute. Off topic I know but it seems unlike him.

  28. Secret Squirrel says:

    Why are you sorry?? Nothing wrong with being tired of somebody. You don’t have to apologize for it.

  29. Ginger-rose says:

    Ok, so maybe since he’s getting more attention, the asshole-it is setting in? :( Hope not, but you never know….or maybe the REAL PuddleTom is showing his true colors? Or it could be a Luke W thing, who knows. I’ve always wanted to like this guy, but….I keep going back to not trusting him to be a decent person. I think Hollywood turns people that way.

    But on a positive note, I’m betting he smells like Cool Water (men’s cologne)…or….something a LOT more pricey. Hubby just uses after-shave and won’t let me buy him the stuff, so I’m woefully ignorant to what’s out there, but I’m sure he smells absolutely delectable. ;)

    • Ginger-rose says:

      My comment was in response to Gin Princess, sorry for any confusion.

    • lunchcoma says:

      I guess that doesn’t seem like an asshole move to me. To know about the fan effort, he’d either have to be following Tumblr posts about it or be logged on Twitter at the time it was trending. I don’t blame any celebrity for staying far away from Tumblr (I wouldn’t want to know about strangers’ sexual fantasies about me) and it seems perfectly normal for someone who doesn’t use Twitter on a daily basis not to bother checking it on his birthday, of all nights.

      And if it were intentional, I still don’t know if there’d be anything to condemn there. I think performers have an obligation to be gracious to their fans, but that doesn’t necessarily require the high level of engagement he used to show on Twitter. Frankly, some of his fans are pretty creepy, and it’s hard for me to blame the guy for wanting to put a little more distance in those interactions.

      • Janeite says:

        That’s how I feel about it too, lunchcoma. If he chooses to say “thank you” via Twitter, that is great. If not, no big deal. I think it was nice of those fans who chose to wish him a happy birthday, but at the same time he’s not obligated to acknowledge it. And who knows? He may send out a thank you tweet soon and then everyone will be happy!

  30. Gin Princess says:

    Come on, over 70,000 tweets saying happy birthday and not one thank you tweet? I’m sure no one was expecting a full run down of what he did, or a pic or anything but a quick ‘Aww thanks guys’. It’s just kind of coloured my opinion on him. Loved him on Top Gear though.

    • ZsaZsa says:

      Maybe he was with his family? He does come across as a bit of a mother’s boy.

      Or maybe the twitter crazies have finally got on his nerves?

      He might of forgotten his password.

      Finding out if he’s followed anyone new within the last day is a good indicator if he’s really ignoring fans or is simply too busy

      • Gin Princess says:

        I hate that I know this but yes, he followed Jaguar UK on Sunday so he was online. I saw someone mention it. I don’t judge him for not tweeting, just thought it was a bit off. I think he’s distancing himself and I can’t blame him.

        And Benny’s at the Donmar? Is a big cloud of energy forming over Covent Garden like in Ghostbusters? I swear if I hear a giant marshmallow man is seen stomping through London tonight, I will not be surprised…THEY CROSSED THE STREAMS!! Argh!

        Zsazsa – chuck a bottle of wine over here, please, thanks…

      • icerose says:

        Definitely a mothers boy but I think the fact that his mum was a single parent for some time played a part in that. I have noticed that men who have been raised by a mum on their own are often very close to their mothers. I really like that. They also shared love of the theatre.

    • Ginger-rose says:

      You know, then again, he could still be celebrating….*wink-wink, nudge, nudge*…;).

    • 'p'enny says:

      i am sure he will, give him a chance.

      His family/friends probably threw his phone away yesterday, i can imagine his phone is one those that beeps every 50 secs.

      and, he is juggling a lot of balls at the moment, filming starting in toronto and he’s not there yet he’s probably learning another set of lines, character planning etc. Still finishing Coriolanus, and he looks knackered.

      • icerose says:

        It took him a while to respond to all the you have reached a million followers tweets. I think as you say he is pretty busy at the moment. The security guard at the Donmar said he was last week.
        When I went last week it was fans crowding around Mark Gatiss and blocking the exit as people were leaving that was a problem. The security guard had to request several time that hey move to let someone in a wheelchair out.

      • browniecakes says:

        The behind the scenes of the Elle video – TH is on his phone quite a bit. I only follow about 50 people on Twitter and can barely keep up. How could he manage to follow over 1100 without help? Tom follows BC’s old girlfriend and Molly from Sherlock. ‘Bout time BC came to see him.

      • 'p'enny says:


        his twitter feed will be carefully broken into lists.

        1) those he care about -friends
        2) those he has to promote
        3) those he has to network with
        4) the fangroups that actually show respects and do some charity stuff
        5) and the 1million stupid fans that have nothing interesting to say, except ‘I love you, your perfect, and please follow meeee’

  31. icerose says:

    @’p'enny thanks for that I wondered what he thought of it.

    And talking of Benny he is watching Coriolanus at The Donmar tonight . Lucky audience. That has raised the temperature considerably higher than Moffat, the Sherlock gang , Jim Jarmush, Josh Whedon ,Jessica Chastian, Guillermo del Toro and Helen Bonham Carter. The only person I got was Ed Milliband.

    • M.A.F. says:

      How do you know he is watching the play tonight? Have there been sightings?

      Edit: never mind. I read up post. I was wondering when/if he were to see it.

    • 'p'enny says:

      I’ll mss the twitter feeds of Coriolanus and the celeb sightings, Damien Lewis and Helen McCrory, Billie Piper, and Laurence [who had a crush on Tom over Christmas, those tweets were funny] Fox, Kenneth Branagh, someone from Prison Break, Sam Mendes, Nicholas Hytner, Michael Granage [?] Edgar someone-off to make Ant Man?

      it’s no wonder i couldn’t get a ticket ;-D

      In meantime, i shall wait to hear the stories how Benedict and Tom got out of the Donmar tonight in one piece. And, which lucky pub they ended up in. Probably, came out holding hands with a written message on cardboard saying – were getting married. or something flaming for fans.

      • windy says:

        maybe they’ll both ‘come out’ (the way Mark Gatiss meant in his twitter reply to a fan) from Donmar in matching grey sweaters with a black sweater each tied around their waists, and leave in Tom’s Jag (the one that comes with Mark Strong) and rendevous at Ben Kingley’s just because he looks like he has the biggest pad for parties. Ah yes, ‘it’s good to be bad’.

      • ZsaZsa says:

        Right that’s it @windy, I’m organising their wedding. Mark strong is the Jag chauffeur, Jane is the bridesmaid and Bunny is the best man. Elle magazine is doing the official coverage of the wedding and Mr security man is on the church door Incase Luke wants to stop the wedding.
        We are all invited and Sixer is appointed to do the speeches.

        Anyone else want to help to give them the wedding of the year?

      • belle says:

        Their vows should be constructed out of Shakespeare quotations, and Joey from War Horse should be the ring bearer.

      • windy says:

        @ZsaZsa, can I volunteer to be the bridesmaid as well please? And we can hold the wedding at Secret Squirrel’s garden? We need wedding favours too! Miniature frebreze for all guests to bring home? And cookie monster can hand out the cookies (assuming he doesn’t forget the stuff Tom taught him about delayed gratification and munch on all the cookies)… Who’s going to be the priest? And what about wedding music? Invitations?

    • Kelly says:

      I wonder if anyone actually pays attention to the play at those performances, lol

  32. Mairead says:

    Fabulously dorky or dorkily fabulous: either way with a double first from Cambridge he’s entitled ;)

  33. pru says:

    Dorky looks so sexy on this man. Love him!

  34. Penny says:

    Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston in the same building? I love it. Hope the fangirls left Benny alone. Hope Ben got a chance to talk to Tom afterward.

  35. ZsaZsa says:

    Mark Gatiss apparently blew Ben a kiss last night at the end. We shall see tonight if his character keeps getting hit by the sword and other objects by PuddleTom tonight. Nobody openly flirts with PuddleTom’s fiancé EVER!

    Ben might of encouraged it though due to the Chris Hemsworth scandal, where he was sitting next to Tom and may or may not have been holding hands with him. There’s been other reports of sightings of them together but only a blurry camera footage of Tom and someone in a helmet is not much evidence.

    PuddleTom has always maintained he’s single but we all now know of his secret wedding to Ben is imminent.

    Got to go, Ben’s insisting on wearing his flip flops and fishermans hat to their wedding and I’ve got the feeling Tom is planning on bringing out the dragonfly jacket as well.

    • 'p'enny says:

      ZsaZsa “Nobody openly flirts with PuddleTom’s fiancé EVER!”


      well Mark wasn’t invited to the after-party, Tom and Ben left him behind in the boot of the Jag as they headed for late eating at the restaurant.

      actually, since the jag has room for four bodies, ‘you know what , I mean” I wonder who else was flirting with Tom’s fiancé was stuffed in there?

    • Kelly says:

      “Mark Gatiss apparently blew Ben a kiss last night at the end”
      I can’t take this!! Mycroft blew his little psycho brother a kissy kiss!!! I am collapsing with joy!!!

    • icerose says:

      To add to the scandal Martín Freeman and wife turned up at the matinee tonight and hinted to Tom about a threesome. Benny has broken off the engagement and poor Mark is trying to stop the stage from flooding as Tom gives free range to his emotions in the final scene off Coriolanus.
      At the end of the performance Mark again reiterated that although he is out Tom and Ben are not gay but share an intense bromance which had led to a more intimate relationship and could the fans at he door tonight please not mention Benny if they want to be able to read their autographs when they get home

  36. poppyseed says:

    Hiddles has a new interview with Time Out London, it seems, where he answers questions about obsessive fans and the like. He does confirm that he’s shut the social media door a bit – “I don’t want to sound like a twat, but sometimes you just don’t want to stop and take a selfie.” Good for him. As he becomes more famous, this is the natural order of things, I suppose, or else he risks becoming a Kardashian.

    Only available right now as a photo of the article page on someone’s Twitter.
    Page 1 of 2:
    Page 2 of 2:

    • jammypants says:

      That’s a really good interview. Thanks for sharing!

      • ZsaZsa says:

        I disagree with Jammy. He doesn’t come across very well in that interview. I hope it was because he was tried but he was doing the exact thing he was moaning about. The reason why he has obsessive apart from the fact they are weird is because they want information.

        If you don’t want to talk about something, don’t start a fire and moan when it gets out of control.

        Ben needs to gag him more. That boy talks his way into trouble sometimes.
        The stalking needs to stop otherwise he will completely Hollywood himself

      • Janeite says:

        Yeah jammypants, I thought the same. A good interview. Shorter than the Elle one but better and more insightful. He comes across as quite self-aware and also very aware of his fandom, the good and the not-so-good.

        Thanks for the links, poppyseed.

      • poppyseed says:

        ZsaZsa – what did he do that was the exact same thing he was moaning about? That he approached actors when he was young?

        He’s spoken openly about being grateful to his fans, and there are plenty of reports of his kindness towards them, even recently. But there’s a difference between respectfully approaching an actor and the obsessive fan behavior that I think he’s referring to – the screaming, the pushing, chasing, stalking, telling him they love him and that there’s no one in the world more perfect than he, etc., that must feel awfully uncomfortable for any reasonable human being.

        Perhaps he should not have said anything at all, but I rather like that he was frank in this interview. He comes across as more honest and more human, less the prince charming that that every other groveling female reporter tries to make him out to be.

      • jammypants says:

        Nah, we can agree to disagree ZsaZsa. I thought it came across quite frank :) Nothing more. Nothing less.

        And let’s be real here. Ben has said some dumb things too.

        @Janeite, I agree. The Elle one was ok, but they sure asked him stupid questions, verging on Tiger Beat, giggling teen material at some parts.

        @poppy, agreed!

      • ZsaZsa says:

        No I agree with him being Frank with some of fans as it’s been long overdue.

        I’m referring to what he doesn’t like talking about. He shouldn’t of talked about it in the first place.
        It must be very frustrating for him at times but sometimes he does bring it on himself. Not that it’s an excuse of some people to behave towards him. I’m really pissed with Luke because poor Puddletom needs PR help more than ever due to his increasing popularity.
        The trouble is that Tom didn’t expect his fame to become so big in such a short time. Imagine not bring able to do things that you used to do and always done and now it’s been all taken away. He needs proper guidance without sounding like in his words a twat.
        Still better than the Elle interview. I do prefer the light hearted ones though when you can tell he’s realaxed

      • jammypants says:

        I know what you mean. I sometimes think it’s also down to the kinds of questions he’s asked as well though. He’s acknowledged that he “can’t say no.” That’s a problem for sure. Looks like he’s starting to firm up a bit though.

        Here’s the thing. At least the thought hit me. If he elects to answer a question, he can at least put a stamp on the black and white things. If he chooses not to answer, the journalist will spin their own take on it. I’m not sure there’s a win on this, other than at least giving one’s thought on certain subject matters.

      • Gin Princess says:

        Argh. I know I’m coming across awfully anti-Tom at the moment and I don’t mean to, I don’t, but I kind of agree with Zsazsa.
        It seemed he was sending a very clear warning to the crazy fans – long overdue I believe – but the rest, I don’t know, it just seemed very different to normal and I can’t put my finger on it.

        And I still think that not acknowledging over 70k happy birthday tweets – (and before you say it, no I did not send one so this isn’t a personal grudge) – is just bloody rudeness.

        Either way the Hiddle-gates are closing for good. Fans had better get used to only getting whatever Luke sends out.

      • Kelly says:

        Agreed, I love LOVE it, he sounds like a real human being for once, OMG!

        p.s. he eats like a horse every day?!? eff you man, EFF YOU, where does all that food go to, his dong?! he’s skinny as a rake when he’s not obsessively working out for a role, and that’s to butch up, not lose weight! fml really

      • jammypants says:

        @Kelly, now that I’m in my later 20s I’m starting to understand the problem with sugar and eating and where it goes. Some people seem a bit luckier in that department with their never ending metabolism churning.

      • ZsaZsa says:

        I respect Jammy’s opinion :-)
        I think everyone knows I’m more of a fan of his light hearted interviews. What I read here was a man very tired, probably frustrated with the whole fan fiasco and in need of a hug from his mother. The whole Elle issue didn’t do him anymore favours either judging from the comments I’ve read.

        I’m sorry but I’m not one of those fans who claps like a seal at everything he says because let’s face it, i don’t agree with what he says all the time

        Besides I’ve got a wedding to plan. I’ve heard we might be able to get Ken to do a soulful meaningful Shakespeare reading during the service.
        Does anybody here want to try and remove Sean Bean from the wedding car trunk?

      • 'p'enny says:

        i think everyone’s right, it’s all happened too fast – in particular the last six months, since Comic-con/thor 2 it’s reached the moon.

        I think this interview is the very first time, that i can recall, where he’s actually talked about his ‘obsessive’ fans bad behaviour [not everyday ones] i liked his expression ‘talking them off the ledge’ a bit. I think that is a good way of putting it.

        i also agree he’s stoked the behaviour too, he charmed himself an army, and he knows it. It was all fun when it was part of the controlled Marvel universe at cons and promo tours. When it was kept behind barriers and tables, he wasn’t sat still long enough to be an everyday target.

        But, it has no place outside/inside the Donmar and the fans were expecting the same level of Tommy-attention, ‘hugs’ and ‘selfies’ and he tried to meet that demand, initially. I really believe he did.

        I remember when he started the back-door signings and he tried to catch the tube home, i thought then, you ‘plonker.’ That isn’t going to work! What went from 30 wanting his attention, grew to 100+.

        And, the stoking continued when it came obvious how Josie Rourke and Tom sexed this play up, and they knew it. So, it could have been all boring, roman war-like, but no! Make it sexy and ‘good’, why don’t you? ;-) Twitter-Tumblr went crazy, then came those official photos :-o

        …. but worst of all, then came the brilliant acting reviews in the UK press -Tom was actually taking this play seriously. :-D

        But, Benedict has the problem now, poor guy. Sherlock S3 has sparked the crazies. I wonder if they will sex-up Hamlet- keep the punters awake. He’s already finds his obsessive fans ‘unnerving.’ but, he has more balls, i think he will turn round and tell them to ‘f-off’ I can’t wait to see that. But his career is in a strong enough place to survive that. Tom’s isn’t yet.

        I hope Tom will come back to the fans with smiles again, but at the moment the bloke has closed up shop. It’s been too much. I do think he has been under enormous pressure, first lead play -NT Live, not a word wrong. Then came the Tomapocalypse… good grief

        I will be forgiving towards him not twitting to his fans, as he should be doing and keeping his posts all ‘promotional’ i think he’s trying to calm the ‘obsessies’ down.

        although, i don’t know how OLLA is going to go down next week… that may bring a whole new bunch of ‘obsessies’ the students! All those stoned cultural students loving midnight films and decorating their walls with posters the size of buses… think Jim and Tilda are soo cooool.

      • lunchcoma says:

        I’ve got no problem with his statements about fans. He tries to be gracious and kind, but sometimes he’d rather be able to go about his life and do his grocery shopping. That seems reasonable enough to me.

        He did sound a bit snarkier in this interview than in many others, but I think people have seen that side of him before. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a little more that and some, but somewhat less, sweetness and light when he’s among friends. Like Lilacflowers, I’m mostly surprised that he referenced politics, especially since (unless I’m missing out on some very obvious context) it seemed to be unprompted. He usually seems to veer away from anything controversial, so that seemed like it might have been blurted out.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Kelly, infuriating, isn’t it? My brother is like that too. He has to eat a full meal before bed or he loses weight in his sleep.

    • pixie-stix says:

      @Poppyseed, thank you for sharing that interview. I found his straight talk refreshing and there were many good points.

      This: Do the work, enjoy the work, take it seriously, don’t take yourself too seriously and keep your head down! Nobody needs to know anything more – and – in a way, they don’t really want to.

      Excellent and very aware. And I think it’s true, people don’t really want to have their bubble burst by seeing into his private life. Of course, it doesn’t stop me from speculating and reading what’s out there! It’s part of the fun of being a fan. ;)

      • icerose says:

        “”Do the work, enjoy the work, take it seriously, don’t take yourself too seriously and keep your head down! Nobody needs to know anything more – and – in a way, they don’t really want to.”"

        I liked that as well. Nothing that new but I like the way he set it out. A nice polite way of saying mind your own business.

        Having said that all the Donmar fan stuff is a lot of Chinese whispering. Somebody took a box of chocolates to the Donmar staff to apologise for the fan behaviour and they did not think that there was any. So basically a few incidents get repeated and re blogged and again and again and morph in the process,.

      • pixie-stix says:

        Yes, he phrased it well. Good philosophy to fend-off the fan tsunami and keep focused.

        I haven’t kept up with the goings-on @ the Donmar, except when he was meeting fans, but I’m not surprised a little gossip goes a long way!

        Am I right in thinking you saw him on stage last week? I am envious. I’ve yet to see the NTLive production, something to look forward to.

      • Janeite says:

        I liked that comment too, icerose.

        And I think that the stopping of Hiddles’ appearances outside the Donmar was more the culmination of a lot of things rather than one particular incident. Tons of fans lining up every night, not all of them listening to the security guy, the presence of only one security guy not really being enough, possible health & safety issues posted by large numbers of people blocking streets and sidewalks, etc. And maybe Tom just got tired of it. He’s certainly not obligated to do it and he may have just requested that it be stopped.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @lunchcoma, it seemed to be in response to the questions about his education and being stereotyped because of it. I noticed that even in Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson threw both Eton and his grades at Cambridge at him as if he should have to defend where he went to school and how well he did. As if a twelve year old kid has a say where his parents sent him to school. I saw a program he did with Mark Rylance and a Shakespearean scholar around the time Hollow Crown came out and, for no explicable reason, the Shakespearean scholar responded to something he said with a rant about Eton, which he politely ignored with a smile. It just seems weird and it usually seems to be the male (and British) interviewers who do it. The female interviewers all just seem to gush and ask stupid questions. I’ve seen others whine about “posh bashing.” He doesn’t seem to do that exactly, just seems to be asking to be taken on his own merit and not stereotyped.

      • Janeite says:

        “…just seems to be asking to be taken on his own merit and not stereotyped.”

        Yes, exactly that, Lilacflowers! All of that endless questioning about his education, background/family, and the whole “posh” thing has to be getting so tiresome for him. Heck, I’m tired of it too! I had forgotten all about that interview with Mark Rylance and the Shakespeare scholar until you mentioned it. I think it may have been a BBC thing, if I remember correctly. It was more of a discussion and less of an interview with Hiddleston and was quite engrossing. Glad you saw it as well.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @janeite, yes, it was a discussion about various themes in Shakespeare that came after several bits about the making of the Hollow Crown, somebody’s talk about whether Shakespeare or somebody else was really Shakespeare, and some other documentary-type clips, and then the discussion with the two actors, the scholar and a moderator. When the guy went off about Eton, near the end of the show, the moderator tried to cut him off and Rylance rolled his eyes and shook his head.

      • Roberta says:

        This sounds like the Newsnight discussion in 2012 with regular presenter Jeremy Paxman, Simon Schama the historian, Mark Rylance and Tom, just before the Olympics. It was a lively discussion, quite common on Newsnight (that’s the point). I didn’t see Paxman cut anyone short except for the usual reasons, ie they ran out of time (I also don’t recall Rylance rolling his eyes).

        Just to let any non-Brits know, it’s quite common for people in the UK to “rib” someone for their background, the same as Australians do. I do get the impression that Americans particularly don’t get this.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Interesting that he chose to make a political statement in that interview.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Thanks for sharing, poppyseed. It’s a nice, short interview, putting several things into neat perspective, without all the unnecessary gushing that has gone on in other interviews, although, with the exception of the political statement, not really much new, just saying several things that have been said before with some frankness and rather colorful language, which doesn’t surprise me. And wow, wasn’t that a run-on sentence from me!

  37. Lisa says:

    He is gorgeous. And he goes to Canada indeed, but I guess he be visiting England as no actor is needed on the set all the time. And I heard he started to follow some fan suddenly, which happens to be a very pretty girl, so who knows what new we will hear next time ;)

    • belle says:

      None of the cases I’ve seen have been Tom so I don’t know if this is what happened, but there have been a few of instances recently with celebrities accidentally following people who tweet them often. Or there’s something buggy in the twitter app, as a couple of my friends have people showing up in their feed who they never followed. Or maybe he just followed her, I don’t know. I do know from personal experience though that it’s really easy to accidentally follow and favorite things, and Tom has been known to not be particularly savvy in the twitter department. :P

      • ZsaZsa says:

        He’s not following anyone new. In fact he’s had a twitter cull.
        Still not going to re-follow him when I can get the same information here. Twitter is a personal thing and if there If one place he can air his real feelings it is there. It’s not like he hasn’t before. I have a feeling that his hands is tied and not in a good way.

        As he’s more famous he now needs a PR agency that can deal with it more instead of making matters worse for him.

        Lets hope that Canada will give him the break from the limelight he needs

      • Lisa says:

        Maybe you right indeed I dont know. But she did not seem to tweet him that often ;) I checked her history a bit. Above being pretty, she seems also very nice. And she fangirls a bit as well :) Watched Coriolanus in December from the front row so maybe flashed him with her beauty :)
        Anyway it would be extraordinary if he hooked up with someone outside the industry. Very refreshing.

        I dig what you say on twitter. It sometimes unfollows ppl suddenly without the account owner’s part to it, so probably it may follow us well. Or someone may hack and follow. PPl do weird stuff sometimes. I do not follow much of his fandom group. Only Hiddlestoners and Loki Page. I believe Hiddless Goddes are the most crazy.

        I also hope Canada will bring him break, but then again you think there are no crazy ppl in Canada? :)

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Lisa, so, you are stalking people he follows on Twitter to see what they look like?

      • ZsaZsa says:

        So come on Lisa what’s her Twitter name? The only twitter fan account which isn’t obsessive is UK Loki. She’s normal some of the people she talks to isn’t.
        Hiddlesmeme I class as being one of the crazy ones who used to tweet every hour on the hour. I’ve thinked they’ve stopped now since the Time out article thank god.

      • Lisa says:

        I have noticed that only some two days ago. She is not a fan – group. She is a very nice girl :) And her name is Zara. I know that curiosity killed the cat, but it is an unusuall thing. Whatever happens I am rooting for it :)

    • Kelly says:

      Finally, fresh squeeze gossip!
      Bring on the after-show sex-in-the-park-with-pretty-fan sightings!

    • Lisa says:

      @Lilackflowers First: No I am not stalking anyone, especially as we followed each other before he started following her. Two twitter is somewhow a public means of communication and all tweets are public to read unless someone makes it secured. So your theory failed. Sorry :)

  38. Gin Princess says:

    If nobody wants poor Sean Bean – can I have him please?