“This Season 4 ‘Game of Thrones’ teaser is so epic & Dinklagey” links

Game of Thrones, Season 4: A Foreshadowing. So much Dinklage! [Pajiba]
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Rihanna & Drake are still happening? What about Zoe Kravitz? [LaineyGossip]
Karl Lagerfeld saved an American fashion editor! [Dlisted]
The Fug Girls’ epic coverage of NY Fashion Week. [Go Fug Yourself]
The IOC doesn’t care about LGBT rights protesters. [Buzzfeed]
Bruce Willis & Emma Heming went on a babymoon. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Enrique Iglesias’ stalker went above & beyond. [Evil Beet]
The Bachelor shamed his hookup, and now she’s talking. [Reality Tea]
Chris Kattan arrested for a DUI. [Starcasm]
This is rather brilliant. I need these cards. [The Frisky]
The Russian police performed “Get Lucky”. [The Blemish]
Selena Gomez shows off some midriff. [Popoholic]
Kanye West has denied cheating on Kim. [Amy Grindhouse]
Eva Mendes wants you to know that she’s still with Ryan Gosling. [IDLY]


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  1. QQ says:

    That Trailer gave me all The tingles!! Oh My Gawd and the dance with Jamie and Tyrion and The Hot as sin Dorne Contingent ( i cant wait to see all the conniving ass sand snakes and Dorne!) and Everyone stanning for Bronn’s Character and how Gorgeous my Medieval Boy Band is growing up to be ( Im an INNAPROPRIATE STAN for Jojen Reed and Bran Stark, like I love them more than is acceptable!)

    *Siggghhh* sorry Massive GoT fan here (the books too!, I had two panic days when i was on my last few pages, G.R.R.M BETTER FINISH THE EFFING BOOKS!

  2. tifzlan says:

    That Russian police choir is so amazing! I can’t stop watching!

  3. Mandy says:

    Ugh, we do not have HBO so I am still waiting on Season 3 to come out on Netflix! I love GOT so much!

  4. Sayrah says:

    That was awesome! Can’t wait!!

  5. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Wth????? I just read on the Dailymail that Julia Robert’s sister, Nancy Motes just died of an apparent drug overdose.

  6. caz says:

    To say I can’t wait is an understatement. Maisie’s Joffrey impression…gold :)

  7. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Can’t wait, I’m ridiculously excited for the next season to start :) .

  8. Tiffany :) says:

    Wow….I just read that Nancy Motes, Julia Robert’s sister (half) passed away from a drug overdose last night. CB had an article about her last August, saying Julia makes fun of fat people.

  9. vv says:

    April needs to get here NOW! That was a fantastic watch though, HBO did a good job putting that together. It is sure to get a lot of people excited.

  10. A Mascarada says:

    Great teaser. Funny how Kit is such a Bronn fan.

  11. Godwina says:

    GoT panting.

    Am I the only one mesmerized by the Snow/Harington lips? SO pillowy. If I ever bumped into him it would a struggle to stay off that man’s mouth. GOD. LIPS.

    Also: the Red Viper onscreen simply can’t be as hot as the Red Viper is in the books. Alas. I will only be disappointed, no matter who they cast. It’s “The Princess Bride” Wesley all over again.

  12. deehunny says:

    It’s hard to believe Enrique Iglesias even has a stalker now in 2014 and it’s not 2004