Lupita Nyong’o in Christian Dior at the Oscar luncheon: gorgeous or kind of blah?


There’s a lot of stuff that goes along with being an Oscar nominee. You have the actual Oscar campaign, you have all of those red carpets and, if you’re a woman, more fashion dramz than you’ve ever known. You have to do a lot of press, you have to play nice with your fellow nominees, and you have to never, ever put one foot wrong. But I’ve always thought that one of the most fun experiences of being an Oscar nominee must be the yearly Oscar luncheon. There’s press, of course, and a red carpet, but mostly you just get to sit in a room with all of the other people going through the exact same experience, and you get a nice meal too.

I’m breaking up the photos from the Oscar luncheon – which was held yesterday at The Beverly Hilton – into two groups. This group includes our favorite lady, Lupita Nyong’o, plus Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Pharrell Williams, Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke. Hawke and Delpy are nominated for Original Screenplay for Before Midnight. This is actually the second time Hawke, Delpy and Richard Linklater have been nominated for Original Screenplay for their trilogy of films. It’s pretty cool.

As for fashion… Lupita is wearing Christian Dior. Wow, Lupita’s in the big leagues now, isn’t she? When you’re wearing Dior to the Oscar luncheon, you know you’ve arrived. I was trying to figure out if I would have hated this on Jennifer Lawrence… and the answer is probably “yes”. This would have looked terrible on J-Law. But on Lupita… it works. It’s not my favorite thing ever on her, but it works. Oh, and Amy is in an Elie Saab suit type thing. I like the design of it – you know I love a good trouser – but I think the red is too orangey. If this was a darker, more violet red, I would have adored this.

PS… Pharrell is still trying to make that hat work. How does that make you feel?





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. AG-UK says:

    Love her but that dress didn’t flatter her great figure. And Pharrell is well Pharrell, looks like he belongs to the Canadian Mounted police. STill love him though

    • Erinn says:

      I looked quick and thought Pharrell was a kid wearing ‘grown up clothes’.
      I’m disappointed in this look, though it’s not absolutely terrible. I don’t like the orange against the pink. Maybe a different color, and tweak the cut a bit. She’s such a gorgeous woman though.

    • LB says:

      You are right, that dress is not flattering. Lupita is just this season’s it girl though – no matter what she does, most people will have a hard time saying it’s wrong. Then people will get sick of her and criticize her for everything. That’s how it always goes.

      I love Pharell. He’s so talented and has a unique sense of style. The hat is ridiculous but he’s owning it. He’s the only one who could get away with that.

  2. Neffie says:

    HAHA is Pharell trolling with that ridiculous hat?

  3. Anna says:

    I agree with you about the dress, it’s not my favourite but i don’t hate it..

    In my eyes Pharrell can do no wrong, even if he wears silly RCMP hats haha

  4. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I like Lupita’s look. Agree it’s not my very favorite, but it’s tasteful, pretty and appropriate, and if it bores you, you can just look at her lovely face.

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    The hat makes me feel irritated. Since you asked.

  6. CandyKay says:

    Not Lupita’s best look. She looks like a 50-year-old lady who lunches. The bodice doesn’t fit, and the hem is too long. Where were the Dior tailors when Hollywood’s newest star was in the house?

  7. minxx says:

    Love Lupita’s whole look! Amy Adams – awful! Julie Delpy.. gorgeous coat, shoes are not doing her any favors!

  8. Shelley says:

    That red? pantalon outfit would have looked better on a different body. It needs a tall person with hips. It’s not an easy outfit to pull off.
    Lupita looks Sssstunning as usual.
    I don’t know where to begin with that horrible black and white tent contraption. It is sooo unflaterring. Love the sexy gold shoes though…

  9. blue marie says:

    Pharell looks like a miniature Mountie, still cute though.
    While I like the dress, it’s ill-fitting, makes Lupita looks wide. The color looks good on her though.
    Oh Julie, what are you wearing? That’s 1950′s housecoat bad.

  10. capepopsie says:

    I don´t care if it is Dior, it´s still hideous.
    Not flattering even for Lupita :( But she is
    definitely brave for wearing it.

  11. Shelly says:

    Honestly I wouldn’t wish Dior on my worst enemy at this point.

  12. CaribbeanLaura says:

    I agree with the comments above. Lupita looks gorgerous that’s cause she is gorgeous. That being said her dress needs some serious tailoring. It does make her look much wider than she is. I love Amy’s pants suit combo and agree with Kaiser on the colour.

  13. Maria says:

    The dress is ugly but the face is stunning.

    I would like Amy’s suit more if the shirt was a bit more tailored to her body.

  14. lucy2 says:

    I don’t really care for Lupita’s – I find it a little distracting, and she has such a gorgeous face I think she looks better in more simple designs that highlight her, instead of making your eye go to the dress.
    I don’t mind Amy’s but agree the color is a little off.

  15. Kiddo says:

    Ooh. Those colors are terrible together. I’m not sure whose complexion would work with that puke-a-rific combo. It ain’t working on Lupita. Although the shape of the dress is a classic style, somehow even that isn’t flattering. The proportions or tailoring is odd, off; I’m not sure what.

    Too much red on Amy. Much too much. Pharrell is beating to death the hat bit, but I still love him.

  16. Paola says:

    That dress is AWFUL.
    Instead of enhancing Lupita’s gorgeous skin it just makes her look dark and one dimensional.
    The orange and pale pink in contrast with her amazing skin just make her look 50 shades of wrong.
    The shoes are a big WTF too. Why would you pair those shoes with that dress?!

    At this point DIor is very very disappointing.

  17. sarah says:

    Lupita is so beautiful and this dress does nothing for her. It makes her look bulky and flat-chested

  18. Pumpkin Pie says:

    I don’t like that dress on Lupita. Dress looks cheap and I don’t like how it’s cut. Lupita is beautiful though and there is this elegance about her.

  19. smee says:

    Lupita’s dress looks great on her – but you’re right, on JLaw it would have looked terrible. The simple round-neck, sleeveless cut is incredibly unforgiving, but she has the perfect figure for it. Even the odd colors look good on her!

  20. eliza says:

    Did everyone in HWood get together and agree to wear the ugliest outfits available to this luncheon? I am willing to bet the wait staff at the luncheon looked better than these messes.

  21. Lee says:

    Fashion fails all around.

    Watched Before Midnight last night. Terrible film, unfortunately. Nothing but a squirm-worthy fly-on-the-wall couple argument from beginning to end.

    • Anna Scott says:

      Amen to that. What a pretentious, boring, pseudo-intellectual load of cr@p.

    • Jo says:

      yes, yes, and weren’t you looking forward to it?? I loved Before Sunrise and Before Sunset and I marked my calendar months before the opening of Before Midnight because I wanted to be front and center as soon as it opened. I loved the dialogue in the first two movies – it was just so real. Jesse and Celine was so vulnerable and likable. The movies were so romantic. Then Before Midnight comes along. Wow, I know relationships go through a lot of disillusionment but Celine was just a flat-out bitch. Can I say that?? I felt sorry for Jesse – it was a full-on assault with her assumptions and accusations.

  22. Anna Scott says:

    Who’s the little boy in a cardigan? Lupita looks nice. I would pick different shoes though…..

  23. Jaana says:

    Wow who even brought that dress for her to wear? Fire them immediately! She looks like a boy in his grandmother’s evening dress.

  24. janet says:

    I do not see what the appeal is regarding Lupita. She is a great actress and probably a wonderful person but she is average in the looks department. The dress is horrible on her.

  25. HappyMom says:

    Julie Delpy looks like she’s hiding under a couch.

  26. Åsa says:

    I think Lupita’s choices are getting worse and worse (I just saw pics of THR’s nominee’s night thingy and that Valentino is awful). Maybe she’s doing it to completely blow us away at the Oscars? Or maybe she just doesn’t have as good a taste as people make her out to have.
    (But she’s a terrific actress and I guess that should matter most)

    Also, I think Pharrell looks ridiculous with that hat. I guess I like Amy Adams’ outfit best, though the tailoring and colour could be better.

  27. Nicolette says:

    Lupita what happened? Knocking it out of the park the entire award season so far, but this is just meh for me.

  28. I Choose Me says:

    Amy looks great but you can tell her eyes are still sad.

    Don’t like this outfit on Lupita.

    That black and white dress the lady in the 4th pic i wearing is so fugging unflattering.

    Pharrell looks like a jackass in that hat. I don’t care why he’s wearing it.

  29. ashley says:

    I think yesterday was earth day,that’s why she wore that dress,sandra bullock and myrell(sp)? streep wore similar dresses. She looks good to me,to all the ppl saying rude stuff in the comments,your jealousy is showing.

  30. Anna Scott says:

    Lupita looks like a boy and that’s not a good thing. Not every woman has to look super feminine and tomboy look is awesome. She, however, looks like a 12 year old boy. Is it the hair, is it the body? These horrible dresses don’t help. They only emphasize how boyish she looks. I would like to see her in a nice pair of pants and a blazer.

  31. Tiffany says:

    The most fashionable person at the luncheon was Pharell’s hat. That thing is a star all its own. And it makes me feel…Haaaappppyyyy.

  32. peetalimbs says:

    Whenever I read a post or comment about Lupita, I feel like I am stuck in a world of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

    She looks hideous and I certainly would not change bodies with her.

    • Observer says:

      I think she has a really pretty face. Very feminine facial features that are very symmetrical.
      To each his/her own I guess.
      “Hideous” is clearly a ridiculous word to describe her with though.

      • peetalimbs says:

        She has delicate facial features, yes. But that’s the only thing ‘delicate’ about her. She’s horribly built. Way too masculine.

        And yes, this entire look was indeed hideous.

      • Observer says:

        I chose the word feminine instead of “delicate” for a reason. Full lips are rarely described as “delicate”. By feminine features I mean full lips, high cheek bones, button nose.
        You are clearly looking at her upper body (and let’s face it, her short hair) hence why you say she’s “masculine”.
        Yes, she has arm muscles, they’re toned and muscular and yes she has wide shoulders (which I think is elegant btw but that’s another discussion..), and her small breasts.
        If you direct your eyes further down you’ll see she has a very feminine lower body with hips, butt and thighs, all very feminine.
        Would a different cut flatter her bodyshape more? Yes, but she’d had to try really hard to look hideous imo.

  33. LAK says:

    I’m completely confused by Pharrell’s outfit

  34. homegrrrrl says:

    Of course all I can utter stutter is “…h..ha…hat…haaattt”.

  35. Deedee says:

    Lupita’s dress was a fail. But i love her shoes.

  36. moon says:

    That dior dress has such bad tailoring. What is dior doing?! They’ve been going downhill these past two years. Also not a fan of those shoes – wrong colour for lupita and does not match the dress well.