Cate Blanchett in silver Prada at the Oscar luncheon: lovely or chintzy?


Here are more photos from yesterday’s Oscar Luncheon at the Beverly Hilton. Several big names weren’t in attendance… like, Jennifer Lawrence. Bedhead says J-Law is probably knee-deep in Mockingjay filming. I don’t see any photos of Chiwetel Ejiofor either, which is depressing. I hope Chiwetel was there and he just didn’t walk the carpet or something. I hate to think that Chiwetel isn’t campaigning at all or enjoying his first Oscar nomination. And of course, no Michael Fassbender either. Fassy’s in England, filming Macbeth. So… he has an excuse, I suppose.

I’m including photos of Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, Jared Leto, Christian Bale (and his wife), Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo DiCaprio and Leo’s Oscar-nominated BFF Jonah Hill. Is the Best Actor race a death-match between Leo and Matthew at this point? Ugh, that’s depressing. If it’s a head to head match up… I might have to give it to Leo.

As for fashion, Sandra Bullock wore this absolutely awful Stella McCartney (BELT!!!!). I would yell, but hopefully Sandy is getting this crap out of her system so that she can walk the Oscar red carpet looking stunning in something WAY better than this POS Stella McCartney. As for Cate, she wore Prada. I have a deep love for metallics on the red carpet, and I think this is a good, solid look. I’m not crazy in love with it, but it’s decent. Cate really does seem to have lost her spark, I think that’s what’s been wrong in her recent red carpet appearances. Maybe it was losing her friend Philip Seymour Hoffman, maybe it was the Woody Allen awfulness.






Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Anna says:

    Nothing but love for Cate’s outfit, though Sandra looks good too. Much better than the previous lineup.

  2. paola says:

    What’s with Prada lately? I didn’t like any of the gowns they have put out lately, they all look so cheap.

    I am for Leo winning the Oscar this year. I can’t stand Matthew McConaughey.. and I used to have a HUGE crush on him.

  3. L says:

    It fits well, but cates dress looks like cheap tin foil I’m sorry. There’s something off about the skirt to.

    When will people stop wearing Stella? She hasn’t put out anything good in years

  4. Nicole says:

    I think a win for Cate at this point would be a slap in the face to abuse survivors. And I think she knows that there are a lot of people who feel that way, thus the second place silver.

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    They all look pretty blah, really.

    Cate has reasons to look sad, some not her fault and some of her own doing. I’m sure this is a difficult time for her. I used to love her, but the whole Woody Allen episode has changed the way I feel about her. I don’t hate her, but I don’t understand her position, either, nor do I respect her choices.

    • decorative item says:

      I use to love her too, but now I’m feeling a little cool towards her. I know she is only doing her job, but I have a problem with her choice to work with Woody Allen. A silly trophy is not worth your integrity and self respect. Honestly how anyone could work with a man who has no trouble sleeping with the teenaged daughter of the woman he had been dating for years is beyond me. And, for whom he was the only Father figure in her life, regardless of whether she was legally adopted by him or not. And sure, it all started the day she turned eighteen, because Woody is obviously a man of high morals and integrity.

  6. LB says:

    I don’t mind Sandra’s outfit.

    I really don’t mind Matthew M. to win. He’s. Good guy and I’m glad he’s getting better projects. But he is literally the same in everything. Dallas Buyers Club just features a skinnier version.

  7. Maria says:

    The silver dress is ugly. I typically adore Blanchet but she’s really rubbed me the wrong way this season-I side eyed her for the chick flick comment regarding Scorsesi’s movies.

    Chiwetel is campaigning but subtly, I know, it’s a rarity in Hollywood (especially given how obvious most stars are).

    I’d say filming a movie in England is justifiable reason enough to not fly across the ocean for a luncheon.

    Also, I need Jared to dye his damn hair, the ombre look annoys me (on anyone).

  8. Kali says:

    What is happening with all the b00bs? First Lupita’s then Cate’s? Eek! Love and support your bazookas, ladies, and they will love and support you!

  9. lucy2 says:

    Cate’s works for her, as do most things other people couldn’t wear. Sandra looks great but the dress is a mess. I like Meryl’s look, though it seems a bit spring/summery.
    I frickin’ love Christian Bale.

  10. danielle says:

    Care seems a bit over done for a luncheon

  11. emmie_a says:

    I actually thought Amy Adams looked the best – but she’s in another post. I don’t like Cate’s dress at all. The color washes her out and the fit makes her look like she has a super long torso – it’s really strange. I thought Meryl looked cute but like lucy2 commented, her dress is a bit too spring/summery.
    And I’ll give props to Jared Leto – looks like he’s having fun w/fashion.

  12. jj says:

    I am hoping for Dame Judi (nobody more deserving than her), Chiwetel, Jared and Lupita.

    I doubt Cate wants an Oscar now with all the Woody Allen controversy going on.

    Did all the better stylists leave LA for some reason, they all look pretty awful. I like the pink handkerchief with Jared’s golden jacket though.

    • Kiddo says:

      “I doubt Cate wants an Oscar now with all the Woody Allen controversy going on.”

      Really? She has been campaigning nonstop.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        I don’t know if she cares at this point, or is simply doing her job. One the one hand, it’s her job to campaign and she might as well go for the win. On the other, she’s looking to win with a tainted film and her good friend (who won an oscar himself) just died. There is no good outcome for her this year.

        Usually I would be more sympathetic, but I can’t muster much in this instance except for the fact that she was close with PSH and was obviously devastated by his death. If it were me, I would feel very cheap campaigning for an award in the wake of a close friend’s death. I know she has to, but still…

      • Kiddo says:

        I don’t think the film is tainted so much as the director. I can’t get inside Cate’s head as to her desires, I can only state as fact that she has been promoting her work. As to the motives or obligations, I really have no idea.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Fair enough. I copped to the fact that I’m projecting, and that’s just how I would feel.
        Though Allen has been tainted (again), I think it’s fair to say that his films are by association. Especially this one, since the actors in *this* film were specifically called out by Dylan Farrow. I think Blue Jasmine will always be associated with the molestation scandal.

      • jj says:

        Maybe she has to campaign because the studio wants her to. If its just her choice I seriously question her moral integrity. Not that I ever thought she was such a great actress or understand why she wanted to work with Allen in the first place.
        The guy was always a creep and is way overrated as a director.

  13. Kiddo says:

    Cate, Two things: Ground control to Major Tom, or I’ll have mine baked with chives and sour cream. I do like the cut of the dress, though, maybe in another color. It’s very flattering for her figure, but I dislike the high kick pleat, or whatever it’s called. She’s holding it like she’s uncomfortable with it, herself.

    Sandy looks kind of cute. Leto is wearing an updated Michael Jackson thingy, with those socks and shoes. Leo looks like Leo, how he always dresses.

  14. Original Tessa says:

    Cate has to be an emotional train wreck right now. I feel for her. Between PSH and Woody Allen, she’s had a rough couple of weeks. She should separate herself from Woody, but clearly that’s not happening. She still wants the Oscar. Sigh…

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Well even if she wanted to separate herself from Woody, she wouldn’t be able to. You have to buck up and accept your choices and follow them through, sometimes, even if you regret them.

      How would it look, to other directors, if she just completely abandons promoting the film (by dint of accepting an Oscar nom. and actively campaigning before Dylan’s letter)???? Then they’d be wondering how would she behave if something ‘controversial’ happened or came out, on their sets or to a director or producer–would she jump ship?

      It’s better for her to keep quiet and pray to God she doesn’t win for this movie—and then never be in the same room as Woody again.

      • Emma says:

        I agree with this. I think Cate is in a difficult position and it would be unprofessional of her to just stop campaigning at this point – it´s her job.

        Also, I may be wrong about this, but isn´t this letter of Dylan´s the first time she has spoken out about this abuse? If that´s true, then until this letter came out, the abuse accusations were something that a lot of people were undecided about. Perhaps if Cate had seen that very powerful letter before doing the film, then she would not have gone ahead with it. But, because the letter has come out in the middle of her campaign, then she has really no choice but to slog it out and probably pray that she doesn´t win. I sense that at this stage, she is probably feeling extremely conflicted.

        It was that letter (and reading that 33 page custody decision) that convinced me that Woody had abused Dylan.

      • kibbles says:

        +1 She should not have worked with Allen, but there is nothing she can do to change that. It was a choice she made that is now coming back to bite her in the arse. All she can do is ride this out and in the future consciously avoid directors who have been accused of rape and pedophilia.

      • dizzylucy says:

        Emma, that’s how I feel about it. No one knows if Cate was aware of any of the allegations or not, all of this is becoming so public now, but I’d imagine the movie was filmed back in 2012.
        At this point, I’m going to judge anyone who choose to work with him NOW, but it’s possible a lot of the actors who have worked with him in recent years simply weren’t aware of it.

      • mayamae says:

        Regardless of whether or not Cate knew about Dylan’s upcoming letter, the details are easily obtained, and it’s no secret how his relationship with Soon-Yi began.

        I really like Cate, but I don’t understand why she is getting so many excuses made for her. She’s at the absolute top of her game and only choses films she wants to do. And she WANTED to work with Woody Allen, bad reputation or not. And if this was Natalie Portman or Gwyneth Paltrow, or even Julia Roberts, people would be calling for her head.

        I must say it broke my heart to see her going to see PSH’s children with a big bag of toys. It seemed like something a mother of young children would do.

  15. Shannon1972 says:

    I actually really like Cate’s dress – the fit and drape are beautiful, and she has the body to carry it off. However, that color does her no favors. She’s so pale right now, she either needs more dramatic makeup to draw attention to her face (or even a brighter lipstick would help), softer hair or a warmer color. It’s all very severe, perhaps the idea was to blend into the background as much as possible? She looks so uncomfortable – with all that’s happened, I’m sure this oscar season has been joyless for her.

    Sandra Bullock could wear a circus tent and I would still love her. Jared looks like a 50′s bandleader. It’s a weird look for him, and I don’t care for it at all.

  16. smee says:

    I LOVE CB’s silver dress – especially the cut of the skirt part…….I do wonder if she would have looked better in different metallic, like a bronze or pale gold…..the silver washes her a out a bit.

  17. eliza says:

    Was it “Dress your Worst Day” at this Oscar luncheon? Whoa!

  18. Anna says:

    Leo’s been looking better lately, not so old and bloated. His head doesn’t look as huge either

  19. TG says:

    I love Sandra Bullock’s dress minus the red belt.

  20. Evi says:

    Can’t stand the way Cate dresses. Awful. Just awful.

  21. Mouse says:

    For a luncheon they all look nice

  22. We Are All Made of Stars says:

    Well, when Leo DiCaprio’s bloat face looks better than basically everyone, you know it’s a sign of the apocalypse.

  23. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I actually hate Cate’s dress. The shape is really unflattering on her (makes her shoulders look really wide and her torso too long). I also think metallics look really cheap in daytime. I haven’t really been feeling her fashion game at all this season come to think of it.

    I do, however, think Sandra’s dress is adorable. I don’t even mind the belt.

  24. Stef Leppard says:

    Hate Cate’s dress. Actually don’t mind Sandy’s. She looks cute.

    *ducks and covers head while scurrying out of thread*

  25. CaribbeanLaura says:

    Guys I was on Vanity Fair website yesterday looking at some slide show or the other and they had a picture of Leo from 1999 I believe and he was breath-takingly beautiful. I mean I gasped when I saw it. I had forgotten how beautiful he was. Wow. That is all.

  26. Aria says:

    Did Julia Roberts go? I heard her sister died. Maybe it was an awful rumor.

  27. pam says:

    I’m hoping for a split vote with Bale as the winner.

  28. Cupcake says:

    Cate is impossibly lovely. I adore the dress. Jared Leto… gah… I wish I could age that well!

    I’m always slightly impressed that Christian Bale is still married. What do y’all think?

  29. Jackson says:

    Lordy. Were these the Bad Fashion Awards? Cate, Sandra, Meryl and Jared are all taking awards home.

  30. Patty says:

    I feel bad for Cate; her and her husband were very close to PSH. And I’m still rooting for her to win the Oscar, she deserves it. I genuinely think she had the best lead actress performance.

    And if she doesn’t win, I will be disappointed. Penelope Cruz recently won for VCB and nobody batted an eye. Hell the man himself just recently won an Oscar for Midnight in Paris, and I don’t recall any outrage.

    I don’t understand why everyone is suddenly
    advocating for Cate Blanchett of all people to be punished. Any and all ire should be directed at WA. I would hate to be punished professionally because my boss was accused of child molestation 20 years ago. And I really don’t understand why the victim doesn’t just go after him via a civil suit.

    • Violet says:

      I don’t know why people think that with awardng Blanchett they are in some way reconizing Woody actions. She is the one who gave the performance, not Allen, and she deserves the award because of her performance. Nothing more

    • emmie_a says:

      ITA. People who want to punish Cate for starring in a Woody movie are skewed. This is Woody’s battle, not Cate’s. She is/was doing a JOB. She isn’t out there everyday hanging out with Woody, telling the world what a great person he is or touting his merits as a father. She took a role and did an outstanding job. It starts and ends with that. The award is based solely on her performance. Everything I’ve read from industry types is of the opinion that the Academy doesn’t care about the drama. They’ll vote for her for her performance, as it should be.

    • mayamae says:

      For me the difference is I’ve never respected Penelope Cruz and therefore wasn’t outraged by her decision to work with Woody Allen. Cate Blanchett is highly respected and has the pick of some of the best roles out there. She allowed herself to be manipulated by Woody Allen. I think he gets actors to work with him because his work is often Oscar material, and by using these top players, he gets financing for his films. If people like Cate turned down these roles, his career would be over in five minutes. Hollywood loves money a whole lot more than Woody Allen.

      And by the way, attempting to separate Cate’s performance from Woody’s directing is one of the reasons he’s still working in Hollywood.

  31. Alexa says:

    I LOVE Cate Blanchett’s dress. And I think Christian Bale is really a cutie-pie. {{smooch}}

    • Sarah says:

      Bale would look so much better without that hideous beard. But yes, he is looking good and he actually wore nice clothes, for once! I love that man but he has no fashion sense. In a recent interview, he admitted that he has three pair of pants and three pair of shirts and doesn’t care at all about fashion.

  32. Serena says:

    Cate`s dress is maybe the most awful one she ever put on. hate everything about it.. it seems so cheap ugh. she really lost her sparkle.

  33. Lucrezia says:

    For me, Cate was the best dressed from this event(I mean everyone choose unfflatering and boring clothes, so it was not that hard). The dress fits her perfectly, her make up is stunning and I like that she keep it very simple. I think she looks perfect, I’m looking forward to her Oscar dress (hope she wins it too, fingers crossed).

  34. shellybean says:

    They all look bad, except for Leo. Sandra’s belted dress is hideous. Cate’s dress is boring and shiny. I don’t get Christian’s shoes. Jared is dressed like a clown. And why is Meryl wearing a spring dress in the middle of February?

  35. veggieaddict says:

    God, isn’t Colin Firth roped in WA’s next project? And Marcia Gay Harden, and Emma Stone… I think they finished filming already…the movie will flop most likely in view of this scandal. I wonder what is Colin thinking about all this, he’s most likely appalled to the core and perhaps wishing he shouldn’t have gotten involved in the movie; same for the rest of the cast…

    I really feel for Cate at this point. We can’t be sure of what she knew about WA’s alleged child abuse case before she accepted Blue Jasmine, it wasn’t like in Polanski’s situation where he was trialed for rape/date rape/pedophilia and everyone knew about it. Plus Cate started her Hollywood career in the mid nineties, well after all the Mia-Woody hullabaloo, so it’s not 100% certain she has heard the gossip around that time. I think Kate Winslet still supports Polanski, now that is majorly disgusting and off putting….why, Kate, why? *disappointed* I honestly think those who are celeb rapists apologists must be either very naive, either lacking in moral compass, either rapists/abusers themselves.

  36. Tiffany says:

    I am not feeling Christian’s Moses beard.

  37. lily says:

    Not even Cate can pull off a terrible Prada dress, but I am very curious to hear her acceptance speech should she win best actress honors. Will she fawn over Woody, briefly mention him or not address him at all? I’ts also interesting to note that Blanchett’s reputation has taken a hit since Dylan Farrow’s letter was released.

    And Yay for Dylan Farrow telling the likes of Blanchett, Keaton, Johansson and even us to have the conscience kicking in matters, it is not an accusation, it’s simply as Dylan asked : “What would you do if it were your child?”.

  38. Janet says:

    Why does anybody think uneven hemlines are flattering? They look awful.

  39. janet says:

    Jared, Elvis wants his suit back.