Mariah Carey: ‘I fire nannies if they try to make themselves more important than me’

Mariah Carey Stops By The MTV Studios
Mariah Carey did an interview with NY Radio station Power 105′s Breakfast Club show. She was promoting her new single, “You’re Mine (Eternal).” The video is here, and it’s a mishmash of breathy vocals and flattering digitally altered shots of Mariah posing next to water and covered in body glitter. Basically it’s like every other Mariah video we’ve seen. Here’s a screenshot:

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 8.19.05 AM

As for her Power 105 interview, you can watch the interview in full on YouTube if you’re interested. TMZ has a two minute highlights video in case you can only take so much Mariah. (Honestly I got through 20 minutes of the video and had to shut it off.)

They start off by discussing the lighting in the radio station. Mariah brought her own lighting team and a hair person. To a radio show. Then they move on to the fact that Mariah was late for the interview, and that she’s routinely late for everything, although she claims to be doing better lately. Mariah spends most of the interview smoothing her hair, talking about Mariah and acting like she’s the most important person ever, as usual. The hot DJ, Charlamagne, mildly calls her on her sh*t, which is amusing. He even asks her if she wears Spanx, but she dodges the question.

Mariah reveals that she really doesn’t know what her husband, Nick Cannon, is up to, and that she goes through nannies like water. Of course she does. She also says that she wouldn’t have done Idol for just 12 million dollars. She got more than that.

On doing Idol
That was a moment in my life that I want to press ‘delete.’ I was hoping to be more of a mentor for the contestants… they chose to go another direction which was ‘reality tv.’

On how much she made for Idol
I got more [than 12 million]. I wouldn’t have done it for 12 [million].

On what Nick is doing for her for Valentine’s Day
He’s not even going to be home from what I hear now. The schedule dahling.

On if Nick is a hands-on dad
Nick, he has fun with dem babies when they’re fun. And then when it’s like they’re interfering with other things, they go to the crib, and that’s fine.

On Nick saying they have lots of sex
I can’t comment on Nick’s commentary. He should slow down and stop talking. I hope Nick’s listening. I would prefer to have a certain degree of decorum vs. just saying things for laughs.

On if she’s divorcing Nick
Yes we’re going to divorce court after we leave dahling. Dominican Republic here we come.

On having twins
Can anyone congratulate me for having twins? Imagine carrying two twins.

On if she has nannies
Unfortunately I have to have nannies but I’m very hands on. I go through nannies like this [snaps fingers] and I hate to do that but I have to, because if they try to make themselves more important in the baby’s mind than me… [makes cutting motion over throat]. I just brought a girl back home with me from Puerto Rico and she’s here.

[From videos on YouTube and TMZ]

I know a lot of people love Mariah and find her amusing, but I can only take so much of her. She’s not playing up this diva act for laughs. This is how she really is. When her nearly three year-old twins start to bond with a nanny, Mariah fires that person so there’s no consistent caregiver in their lives except Mariah. It’s not about her kids at all, it’s all about Mariah. Nick is off doing his own thing, and Mariah makes it clear that she doesn’t agree with that because she doesn’t have control of what he says. I don’t think they’re going to divorce or split anytime soon. Nick has dealt with Mariah for years and she’s always been this way.

Oh and did you see Mariah Carey’s crazy BET Honors gown? (Those photos are here) She was falling out of it. She sort-of talked about it during the interview, saying that the idea was for her to be “luxuriating” in the dress, but she didn’t make much sense.

Mariah Carey on her way to CBS Radio Studios

Mariah Carey Stops By The MTV Studios

Mariah Carey is shown on 2-12 and 2-13. Credit: and FameFlynet.

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  1. Hannah says:

    “Unfortunately I have to have nannies but I’m very hands on.” Oh, knock it off! “Unfortunately”. You’re very hands on, sure you are.

  2. MsGoblin says:

    OMG, that BET Honors gown is atrocious. Girl, you’re not 19 years-old anymore; have some dignity.

  3. bammer says:

    What a nightmare. She can’t even sing anymore. I feel sorry for her kids. They’ll have quite a story to tell when they’re older.

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      OH MY GOD I KNOW!!! For me, hearing the words “Mariah Carey can’t sing” is like hearing “Naomi Campbell can’t pose” or “Albert Einstein can’t do math.” I mean, what? She was like The Singer of my childhood, indisputably talented whether you liked her or not, and now…. she can’t even sing on key let alone hit the high notes! I will now let out a big AHHHHHH! to relieve the burden of my shock and shattered girlhood dreams.

      • phlyfiremama says:

        Vision of Love is such a great album, but it has been seriously downhill since then. I am so sone with the diva princess butterfly antics, not just from her but from the other too precious pop tarts as well. (Ha, accidentally typed “poop tarts” several times. Freudian slip!) This whole “treat your lady like a queen” nonsense has GOT to stop!! How about just treating us like we are equal, lets start there~or if you MUST imply treating us like royalty, than treat us like KINGS.

      • I Choose Me says:

        No, she can still sing. Not to the level that she used to circa Vision of Love days but she’s just lazy and spiraling ever deeper into narcissism. I honestly think something’s wrong with her. Chica don’t act right. Her ‘I’m a pretty princess butterfly and rainbows 4eva’ shctick and her refusal to grow up smacks of some deep seated issues to me.

    • Kosmos says:

      Mariah has always been my favorite singer. After the prime singing years have gone by, unfortunately, everyone’s voice loses something. This happens to the best of singers. But she undoubtedly can still belt out a good song, as evidenced on the last American Idol she judged. I loved her look when she was younger, not so top-heavy and much slimmer, of course, but she’s always been a little over-the-top with her diva attitude, which I wish she would tone down. However, she has had an incredible career, she’s worked really hard to earn her success, and there’s no mistaking that she’s had one of the best voices around, hands down.

  4. BendyWindy says:

    Gee I wish I could play with my kids when they’re fun and then discard them when they’re not. I’ve never cared about them one way or another, but this appalls me.

    • Mayamae says:

      And she said they are placed in their cribs when they’re rowdy. I have never even heard of children that age in cribs. I’m hoping she really means playpen because there’s a bit of room in there.

    • kay says:

      rofl. no kidding, eh?
      i must’ve missed that chapter in the parenting book and am full of “dayum” now. ;p
      mine are 12 and 6 now, but i am going straight out to buy a gigantic crib to stick them in when they aren’t “fun” anymore.
      ah, bendywindy, thanks for the giggle! (and your name is giving me the giggles too. i keep seeing someone in a yoga pose and farting. lol, then a willow tree in the wind…and on and on. :)

    • Tazina says:

      She can still sing. She sounded fine on a Christmas special I saw her on. As for the dismissal of the nannies she needs to pay more and find somebody who will be around for a while. I don’t blame her for not wanting the kids to favour the nanny but that can happen and she needs a nanny who knows how to play it right. Mariah’s a diva. She has an ego. Who cares…it’s what she is. I see no problem with that.

      I don’t think her marriage to Nick will last. The age difference doesn’t bother Nick but it bothers her and she doesn’t feel all that secure in her relationship with him, even though he loves her totally.

  5. Duchess of Corolla says:

    I feel sorry for her children. It sounds like Mariah’s ego comes first, even at the expense of her babies.

    Also, I hate to break the news to Mariah, but babies aren’t always fun. But, you have to take the good with the bad…not just let someone else deal with them when they are cranky. Of course, Mariah wouldn’t want someone else to do that too well, though…

  6. Tracy says:

    It is all about Mariah even when it comes to her kids.

  7. Len says:

    This woman is mentally unwell. She really seems on the verge of a nervous breakdown, which had happened before hasn’t it? She reminds me of Madonna also, desperately clinging to youth and fame.

    • Ericka Lyn says:

      THIS! This is why I feel so much for Britney Spears. I think there tends to be a point in most people’s lives where we become mentally “unwell”. With time and knowledge to process and overcome emotional pain etc, many can get through things on their own. Mariah had a breakdown and wasn’t overly medicated after, nor was there a conservatorship. Look at her actions ever since, has the woman gotten better or worse? She’s out of control! Yet in the media she is simply labeled a “diva”. A large part of this is due to the team she keeps on her payroll. I find it strangely sick how famous ppl get passes for being psychopaths. #mytwocents

    • Joy says:

      Amen sister. Remember when Mariah could REALLY sing and was humble. Then she lost her mind and never got it back.

  8. Kiddo says:

    I like her voice, not so much her personality and overdone sausage encased sparkle princess boobage dress act. Not because it is overtly sexy, but rather because it isn’t.

    I have deep feelings of sympathy for her husband, who seems like a nice enough guy, with the patience of a saint.

  9. LadyMTL says:

    I remember the good ol’ days when Mariah used to be known for her voice and not her t*ts and over the top diva attitude. I miss those days.

    *Sighs and goes back to being an old*

    • Nicolette says:

      Me too. She used to sing back then too, instead of so much breathy…..I don’t know what to call it. Instead of her voice being her focal point she’s made it her breasts. Sad that even a woman with such a gift feels the need to resort to the same cheap antics of those who only wish they had her talent.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        When she was married to Tony Mattola, in the beginning of her career, he kept an iron grip on her image. He put her talent front and center and played up her beauty without being trashy. He was also, apparently, a total control freak who turned her into something she wasn’t.
        All of this diva stuff didn’t start until after the divorce.

  10. Neffie says:

    What a silly woman, this act is not cute. And if you were there raising your babies ‘hands on’ like you say NO nanny could ever brainwash your child.

  11. jaye says:

    Narcissism thy name is Mariah. She talks about Nick like he’s a boy toy and not her husband. I don’t know how he does it. I don’t think I could take her in even small doses.

  12. Luca26 says:

    There is nothing wrong with having a nanny. All parents need caregivers and richer parents have better caregivers. I do find it odd that she feels the need to fire them for the sin of bonding with her kids. Why don’t people ever question Nick or any other father about the nannies?

    • Marigold says:

      No one has a problem with her having a nanny. It’s weird that she’s so insecure that she fears her children bonding with the nannies. I didn’t have a nanny but I did bring my child to daycare and I was so happy to see she had a bond with the woman that worked in the room. At the end of the day, she was also ecstatic to see me so I never felt like the care provider was trying to put herself above me. Switching nannies 100 times and shopping for them like they’re merchandise is both detrimental to the children and condescending to the nannies. They are people. People she is trusting with her children. People that probably don’t toss them in a crib when they “interfere” with “better” things. This who interview actually disgusts me.

    • Lemon says:

      I don’t think female celebrities, at least in the present, are always criticized for having nannies. Clearly, if they have children and work, someone needs to be watching the kids.

      However, I think when these celebrities get criticism (and rightly so) is when they try to act like they are completely hand-on, and are making it work with no help. Or when they act like they are just like any other mom and able to lose the baby weight in 2 weeks, but don’t acknowledge the nanny behind the scenes who gives them all this time to focus on weight loss.

      Or then, there is the case of Mariah, a women so hideous she brags about firing nannies when her children start to get close to them. That frequent transition of caregivers is not good for children, not to mention the difficulties I’m sure Mariah will have when her kids get older and as part of normal development begin to distance themselves from parents and forge closer relationships with others.

    • K says:

      I think it’s great when working people can afford nannies; a good nanny is way better than daycare for a baby or very young child. But the reason for that is kids need to form attachments when tiny to loving, consistent caregivers, and MC states that as soon as that happens she is jealous and fires that caregiver. So her kids are constantly losing people the moment they bond with them – that’s a horrific thing to do to small children.

      I’m a mother to small kids. Baby, and kindergartner. And the ideal is for them to have secure, non-ambivalent bonds with several caregivers, so they grow up able to trust in love and other people. She’s trashing that for her own selfish emotional reasons, and that’s not remotely okay.

  13. Jayna says:

    Love her or hate her, at least she owns being a diva and she owns her bitchy persona. I have to admire that even if I don’t always like it or her.

  14. MrsBPitt says:

    Sounds to me, like Mariah is over Nick, big time….she talks about him, like he is nothing more than an irritant in her life….I’m going to say the divorce will be announced in one…two….three…

  15. Patricia says:

    I have been a nanny and there are plenty of days when the nanny spends far more time with the kids than the mom. If you are the one getting them up in the morning and hearing about their dreams, feeding them breakfast and talking about anxieties and excitements for the day, getting them off the school bus and hearing how the day actually went, helping them unwind with some backyard fun or laughs… I could go on but you get the point. If you are the one doing all those things as opposed to mom coming in exhausted at 8pm then guess what? You ARE the bigger person in their life. You ARE the bigger person in their mind. It means you are doing your job.

    • Mayamae says:

      I understand what you’re saying. I have heard of nannies crossing the line, but think a child needs someone as a primary caregiver. It reminds me of how close Tori Spelling was to her nanny. Her father was indifferent and her mother cold.

    • Sandy says:

      As a mother who had nannies when my children were young, there is nothing wrong with what you are saying. Yes, you are a huge part of their lives. No one should belittle the role you are playing in the children’s lives. However, when you act like mom is an interloper when she gets home at 8, when she has been out of the house all day partially to earn your paycheck, you are going to get fired.

      • Patricia says:

        I agree Sandy. At the end of the day there should be no sense of competition. I would always tell the kids “mom is #1″ as a way of enforcing that whatever mom says, goes. If mom calls and says homework done by 6 then THAT is what is going to happen. If kids complain about mom there’s no reinforcing the complaints. Nannies are not there to be the “fun”one and paint mom the disciplinarian.
        But Mariah sounds awful. If you are not there with your child you can not begrudge them creating a bond with the person who IS there. It doesn’t mean mom doesn’t have a bond, or that the nanny is replacing you, it means she is doing her job.

      • K says:

        Patricia, I have to wonder what sort of parent doesn’t want their child to love and be loved by someone who looks after them a lot of the time. If it takes a village then surely being able to buy the expertise of someone who will grow to love your kid, and be loved by your kid, is a priceless thing to offer them? If a nanny is good, then an attachment will form, and it’s emotionally vital it does if the kid is to grow up sane and grounded, IMO. Sure mom has to come first as she’s the main stability the child has, as well as primary attachment figure – but as you say, a great nanny will know that and work with her to make sure it stays that way.

        A parent whining that their child loves the nanny is ridiculous. It means things are going well.

    • Sandy says:

      Agree, Mariah does sound awful! And Patricia, you sound like an awesome person, and what a fantastic nanny you must have been! Kudos to you.

  16. nenou says:

    “i brought a girl from puerto rico” wow she sounds like she got a slave!

  17. Ellie66 says:

    Mariah lives in her own little world where she is Queen of all (it looks like the 90s) ;) Lol!

  18. paola says:

    First of all you should never regret something that brought you more than 12 million dollars out of respect for people with real jobs. That amount of money it’s stupid insane and you should just suck it in and keep the bitchy comments to yourself. It’s just desrespectful.
    The saying ‘Don’t spit in the plate you eat from’ sums up this concept very well.

    Second, No one goes on a reality tv show to worship Mariah but to actually gain fame for their talent. So of course the acts chose the reality show road, because that is what they signed for with or without Mariah.

    Third, poor kids. Firing nannies just because the kids care for them more then they do for their own mother is wrong wrong and wrong. If you don’t want your kids to get too attached to the person who looks after them than quit your job and be with them. If this is your real concern. Otherwise you’ll raise kids with problems.

    Last but not least, Mariah you can’t sing anymore without sounding like a dolphin in danger so it would be good to spend time with your kids now when it’s not too late.

  19. HappyMom says:

    Could she be any more narcissistic? Those poor children. She’s a whack a doo, their dad is in and out (probably to avoid her) and their nannies come and go. Yikes.

  20. Crank says:

    She was also on the Elvis Duran show yesterday and brought her own lighting. I can’t stand the whole ‘dahling’ crap. You could tell they were holding back their judgments. Elvis even asked her to match his 10,000 donation to St. Jude’s and she was like ‘I’m doing a private show for a patient’ and totally avoided it.

  21. neelyo says:

    Can’t stand her. She’s so dumb and not even a good diva. But I love looking at her because her makeup cracks me up. She tries to do with contouring what Lil Kim has done with surgery.

  22. Maria T. says:

    So, here’s my one and only personal experience with Mariah… It was around 1998 or so and I was living in NYC, just out of college. It was dead of winter, in the middle of a snowstorm. Just miserable. Anyway, I went to a bar downtown on a Thursday night or something – definitely midweek. I was with my co-workers. We were dressed in many layers, wearing coats, hats and everything because it was so cold and snowing. And who should waltz into the bar but Ms. Carey and her entourage. And she was wearing, no joke, a teeny tiny miniskirt, a belly shirt and super high heels. Not even a jacket. We were DYING! It was ridiculous. However, she seemed friendly. Just on a whole different planet than the rest of us. Even then! She’s like an alien.

  23. K-Rock says:

    If she held and paid attention to her kids the way she constantly holds and covers her stomach, she wouldn’t need any nannies.

  24. K-Rock says:

    Gotta love Mariahs videos that never stay on her for more than a nano-second, lest we see an unflattering angle. Ugh *massive eyeroll*. And no, I couldn’t make it through the entire video.

  25. Fancyamazon says:

    So in other words, she wants professional help to raise her children, but when their familiarity and affection (naturally) outgrows her own, they are out the door. Lucky children, I must say. Lots of quiet time, and cool professionalism in their care. Lots of money, but a bit low on the cuddles, I am willing to bet. No messes, no fussing, like breathing accessories. Fun.

  26. Bodhi says:

    Well… is anyone really surprised by her statements about her kids? I’m not, unfortunately. She had those kids because she wanted living accessories & someone to love her forever. I don’t doubt that she loves them, but she certainly doesn’t want anything to do with the day-to-day, which can be the best part!

    Those kiddos are going to have AHmazing tell-all books in 20 years…

  27. lunchcoma says:

    Horrible. One of the few things that makes me feel better about certain self-absorbed famous people having children is the thought that the kids probably have nannies who provide most of their emotional support. If Mariah’s don’t even have that, I imagine they have a lot of needs that aren’t getting met. Plus, think of the lesson the kids are learning. “Don’t get too attached to anyone, because that’s how you guarantee they’ll leave you.” I’m guessing that’s going to serve them well when they’re adults.+

  28. swack says:

    Many things in her interview got to me. First, I feel sorry for those children. To be placed in a crib because they are being rowdy is so wrong. Second, I can’t get over the statement about brining a girl home from vacation with her. Third, this: Can anyone congratulate me for having twins? Imagine carrying two twins. “Two twins” doesn’t make sense and many women carry twins or more. I have a friend whose daughter carried identical triplets.

  29. MonicaQ says:

    That MadTV skit of her was pretty spot on. Jeez, “Vision of Love” was my jam when I was a kid. After she divorced her manager/husband/thing, she lost her dang mind.

  30. Jackson says:

    She should really stop giving interviews.

  31. shelley says:

    I agree with Mariah for firing her maids. As much as children do get attached to maids, there are boundaries. It’s not only about affection…things like who the primary disciplinarian is. Some maids exert their own value systems on the children instead of validating yours as the parent.

    • lunchcoma says:

      Having that problem with one nanny? Sure, I’ll buy that. Having it with so many that your nursery has a revolving door? That’s a sign that you’re either doing a very poor job screening your employees or that you’re reacting to a lot more than severe overreaches.

    • swack says:

      ” because if they try to make themselves more important in the baby’s mind than me” – this is such a vague statement that it needs more explanation. Nowhere does it indicate anything about discipline. I agree with lunchcoma that problems with one, maybe two nannies is possible, but to have a revolving door of nannies is not a good situation.

  32. Miffy says:

    Wow, so where/who is the stability in those children’s lives? That’s so sad. When I read the headline I wondered if it had been a case of maybe one nanny over stepping her boundaries but that’s insane.

    So their dad has little to do with them if they’re not being fun, they have a steady stream of complete strangers taking care of them on a practical level and the only alleged consistency is a woman with an insane work schedule who still considers herself ‘hands on’? Dem Babies would make an interesting case study for child development researchers.

  33. kellyinseattle says:

    She doesn’t want ANYONE to be more important than her, and what’s with with her criticizing. Nick for his lack aom? Like she’s so classty. I do like her, though, and her twins are beautiful.

  34. happyfeet says:

    Damn shame how insecure Mariah is. She’s starting to look like Miss Piggy in the face – is it the botox? Smh. Guess Nick is realizing that his dreamgirl is nothing more than a greedy, insecure, drunken mess which could be why he’s not around so much. She’s delusional if she thinks she’s hot! So sad because she’s talented. Ah well, dahling – that’s showbiz!

  35. OriginallyBlue says:

    She is not cute or amusing. She needs to take the advice she gave to Nick.

  36. Anon2 says:

    How sad to hear, sounds like the nannies actually be the most important persons in the children’s lives. Mariah lives in a world of narcissism.

  37. diva says:

    I love her. Always have. She is so extra. I think she plays it up more when the cameras are involved.

  38. Leila in wunderland says:

    I’ve been a babysitter and I’ve wondered if I would like being a nanny, but I don’t know if I could work for a parent who’s a tyrant or a diva like Mariah, even for the money. Could you imagine having someone like her for a boss?

  39. jferber says:

    Sorry, but I can’t help loving Mariah. Maybe she isn’t expressing herself well, but I do think she loves Nick and the kids. I certainly love Nick myself. Say she’s a dingbat and a diva, but I don’t believe she has a mean bone in her body.

  40. original kay says:

    I loathe the phrase “dem babies”.

  41. Irishserra says:

    So that video…

    Are we supposed to conclude that the guy in the video had a “glitter” dream? ‘Cause that’s how I took that.

  42. kimbers says:

    Every time she opens her mouth it’s like she’s trying to prove something. I dont get it. We’ve all known those people…the ones who have the self esteem issues (which obviously she has I mean duh) and behave similar to her. Of course she has the bank account to magnify her issues, but clearly she has self worth she over compensates for!!

  43. Irishserra says:

    I miss the old Mariah. No wait. She hasn’t changed at all. It’s just that adolescent Mariah in the late 90s/early naughts setting is so much easier to digest than 40-something-married-with-kids Mariah 2014 who behaves exactly the same way she did over a decade ago.

  44. msw says:

    I can’t help but think there is a really easy solution to this problem.

  45. Godwina says:

    Because of course she does.

    Gross person.

  46. dom says:

    is no one going to address that she was HIGH OUT OF HER MIND on pills and drinking champagne at 6-7 in the morning??????

  47. ParisPucker says:

    Is anyone going to talk about the fact that she CONSTANTLY finds reasons and ways to be in a bikini?!?? There is something seriously wrong there. She can’t handle getting older – at all. Yes, it’s vanity of course, but with a dose of craycray. The way she prances around in skivvies all the time is really not normal, and should raise an eyebrow. It’s true that ever since her breakdown on TRL (yes, am old) she has never quite recovered…

  48. Maritza says:

    She’s fat again and not attractive at all. I imagine her employees talking about her behind her back. I don’t think she has any true friends and her husband seems to be anywhere else than with her.

  49. I'm With The Band says:

    Yes, imagine carrying two twins. Twins *are* two, so that would mean you’re carrying quads, dahling.

  50. Shawny says:

    Was she drunk and/or doped up?

  51. Shawny says:

    You know what? This thought just came to me. I wouldn’t surprised if she became addicted to prescription painkillers after having to take some for her shoulder injury.

  52. CoolWhipLite says:

    I wonder if she actually fires those nannies, or if they actually quit because they’ve had enough of her psychosis. But Mariah has to control ALL things (like her husband’s every utterance, I guess), so she recreates the story to make it sound like she fires them. However, I do believe that she would sack nannies because of her jealousy problems. So, either excuse fits. And those two children have special needs, so double shame on her for firing a nanny who might be able to be a patient and skilled child care provider.

    I can’t figure out Nick and his reason to stay with this bizarre person. Was his own mother a tyrant who turned him into a lifelong enabler? Might he actually be in the closet and preferred marrying an older “diva” and enjoys blabbing about their supposed sex life? I don’t condone outing people…I’m only noticing that there are some textbook qualities to their pairing.