Jennifer Aniston refuses to visit Japan until they stop dolphin hunting (update)


Did you know Jennifer Aniston is really concerned about dolphins? I did not. Radar claims that Jennifer feels passionately about dolphins, so much so that she flat-out refuses to travel to Japan because of Japan’s “dolphin hunting practices.” Come to think of it… she never goes to Japan to promote her movies, does she? And I just thought that she never did Asian tours because…? Well, I guess I’ve never thought about.

Sushi fan Jennifer Aniston won’t be enjoying hand rolls in Tokyo any time soon. Radar has learned that despite international star Aniston’s popularity in Japan, the actress refuses to set foot in the country because of its dolphin hunting practices.

“Jen travels the world to promote her films, but there’s a strong exception … and that’s going to Japan,” a well-placed source in Jennifer’s camp said. ”She doesn’t allow herself to be contractually required to travel to Japan because of that country’s policies toward fishing and specifically the treatment of dolphins.”

Aniston’s fans are largely unaware of how important animal rights issues are to the former Friends star. After seeing the 2009 documentary The Cove, which exposed cruel dolphin hunting practices in Japan, Aniston financially supported the foundation behind it, says the source, and even appeared in a dolphin-friendly PSA.

Says the source, “She has vowed not to go to Japan until the country’s policies change.”

Meanwhile, Aniston’s longtime rival Angelina Jolie and ex-husband, Brad Pitt have no such qualms about travel to the Land of the Rising Sun.

“Of course Angelina likes animals, but she also loves the people of Asia,” a source explains. “After all, two of her adopted children are from the region. She is constantly traveling to Japan on vacation or to promote her movies.”

[From Radar]

Thanks for underlining that point, “source”! Compassionate, animal-loving Jennifer takes the moral high ground while money-grubbing Angelina hates dolphins so much that she promotes her films in Japan all the time! Uncool Bermuda Triangle 4 Eva. Seriously, though, I think it’s interesting that Jennifer feels so strongly about this issue, just because I didn’t know she cared. The dolphin situation is horrible and I think when many people hear about how awful it is in Japan with the dolphin hunts, they become outraged and disgusted. Aniston also took part in a PSA.

Update: Aniston’s rep has denied that she will not travel to Japan to promote her films. He called this story a “complete fabrication.”


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  1. QQ says:

    😂😂😂😂😂I dont even approve of Dolphin hunting but how fking stupid of a threat is that?? Ooooohh No Aniston yelling At the Ocean in our Shores OOOOOHHH

    Well Cabo, seems like you are shit out of luck this year again!

    • Badirene says:

      QQ I love you so much for this comment, really needed the laugh today.

      Poor old Japan, will she also bycott that Japanese hair straightening treatment she was reported to get back in the day?

    • Janet says:

      I support her stance, and I feel the same way. Perhaps it goes deeper. Personally I am not o.k. with their dolphin or whale hunting. I boycott everything from Japan and I certainly won’t travel there. It’s a small thing, yes, but it matters to me that I don’t support this country in any way, while they engage in these practices.

      At least she cares.

      • Badirene says:

        But if she cares will she boycott Mexico too, for the numerous human rights violations ?

        From January 2007 to mid-November 2012, Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission reports 109 cases in which it found that members of the army had committed serious human rights violations, and received complaints of 7,350 military abuses. (from Human Rights Watch website)

        Journalists, particularly those who have reported on drug trafficking or have been critical of security forces and authorities, have faced serious harassment and attacks. From 2000 to July 2012, 82 journalists were killed and 16 moredisappeared.

        Its easy to boycott something you will never use or somewhere you will never go, its no hardship. Sometimes you need to start closer to home.

      • LadySlippers says:

        You’re assuming the story is true. It might not be.

      • Christina says:

        Yet she going to be staring and producing a movie with chinese financing, funny case whale and dauphin hunting happens in China. Not to mention Smartwater, Aveeno and Living Proof are all sold in Japan. So she ok with profiting from the Japaness market but not visting it.

        She also ok vacationing in Mexico whis is known for numerous human rights violations and is friends with uncle Terry.

        For her sake I hope this story about her not going to Japna is untrue because she comes off as a BIG hypocrite which will not help the cause.

      • Cecilia says:

        @ Janet

        I support her stance on this as well. Remember when the activists were going wild on whale, dolphin, seals atrocities?? I was all for it then & all of a sudden you just didn’t hear about it so much anymore. I hope Jennifer succeeds in getting it back out there, front & center.

    • Ag says:

      QQ – hahaha!

      I mean, does she have enough pull to affect any change? Is she actively doing anything about the issue? Meh. I don’t care.

  2. don't kill me i'm french says:

    goodddddd for her ( on Christian Bale rant’s tone)

    i pretty am sure that the Japanese gov is very worried by this news

  3. Sayrah says:

    Oh FFS! The Jolie shade again?

  4. JaDeRu says:

    Angelina’s tux at the BAFTA’s was made out of 100% dolphin skin.

    source: my fevered brain.

  5. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Um, what? I guess we can give them points for creativity–trying to make her over into some animal rights activist–which I would love to hear from her than the usual.

    I guess we all know who the ‘well placed source’ is.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      Yes, and more importantly, why is Angelina Jolie still being touted as Jennifer Aniston’s ‘long-time rival’ and why is significance still being given–after three serious relationships, an engagement, and several hook ups–to Brad Pitt’s status as her ‘ex-husband’? And a Rival in what, exactly? Life? Is this an attempt to prove/show ‘substance’ in Jennifer’s life?

      This smells like a pre-breakup sympathy ploy designed to blame Jennifer’s continued unhappiness, and just the state of cruelty in the world in general, on Jennifer’s ‘long-time rival’ Angelina Jolie. Sad.

      • Blue says:

        You knew she couldn’t stay quiet with Brad and Angelina riding high at the BAFTA’s.

        Plant and deny a story, Yawn.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “This smells like a pre-breakup sympathy ploy designed to blame Jennifer’s continued unhappiness, and just the state of cruelty in the world in general, on Jennifer’s ‘long-time rival’ Angelina Jolie. Sad.”

        Wow! That is some crazy speculating! Wow, what a reach.

        I don’t think Jen is perfect by any means, but I think she is probably as tired of the “triangle” as we are (or maybe I should say “as I am”). It gets clicks, though, so tabloids will still exploit it. I think it is a HUGE stretch to think this came from Jen’s camp.

      • Sal says:

        Tiffany perhaps you haven’t been following this triangle. Aniston’s agent, Huvane, has form for dropping stories only to deny them when they are published. This has his fingerprints all over it. This is vintage Huvane.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Tiffany, who wrote: “Wow! That is some crazy speculating! Wow, what a reach.

        I don’t think Jen is perfect by any means, but I think she is probably as tired of the “triangle” as we are (or maybe I should say “as I am”). It gets clicks, though, so tabloids will still exploit it. I think it is a HUGE stretch to think this came from Jen’s camp.”

        Tabloid exploitation? Is ‘that’ what you call the hijacked “Jen is Getting Married!” People magazine ‘Oscars’ edition Cover, which coincidentally came out the weekend of the rumored Jolie-Pitt nuptials? Wake up and smell the smoke from Jen’s marijuana cigarette!

  6. booboolarue says:

    ahem, in other news, SmartWater uses plastic bottles that end up in the oceans. . .

  7. Lilian says:

    After watching The Cove no one would want to set foot in Japan ever again. What a horrible horrible thing.

    • MrsB says:

      It’s truly awful. I actually couldn’t make it through the whole thing. Dolphins are such an intelligent species, it’s unbelievable to me that this is still going on. So I know people are making fun of her, but if it raises awareness, then good for her.

      • Kimbob says:

        Absolutely! I had to do a report/presentation about dolphins when in college. They are SUPER intelligent, compassionate mammals, & have been known to rescue/help humans at sea in distress, also. It’s mind-blowing, really.

        And yeah, I totally agree w/you, MrsB…the comments, making fun of her & picking her apart, when I feel she’s done @ least one thing right. Taking a stance to not visit Japan…it definitely brings much needed attention to this cruelty issue.

      • MrsB says:

        I actually have a story about dolphins at sea! Quite a few years ago when I was a kid, we were vacationing in Destin, FL. My friend and I were out swimming about chest deep and suddenly we hear everybody screaming at us and we see a shark in front of us. As it circled to the back of us, my friend being the smart one, takes off swimming like hell back to shore. I was frozen, just completely could not move. I just stared at this shark as he continued to swim circles around me. Now, in reality this probably lasted about a minute. At the time it felt like an eternity. Anyway, suddenly the shark changes directions and heads out to sea and about 5 seconds later a pod of dolphins come swimming/jumping up to me. I got back to shore and then they disappeared. One of the most terrifying/coolest experiences of my life.

    • bondbabe says:

      I had to leave the room when watching The Cove. I was sobbing. I think everyone should be aware of the hunting practices.

  8. HappyMom says:

    I think it’s more that she really hates to travel.

    • LadySlippers says:

      I think it’s this too. I’d check to see what countries she does and does not visit before attacking one country.

      And Japan gets WAY more flak for whaling. Other countries beyond just Japan continue to hunt whale & dolphins (not to mention other animals) — so why isn’t anyone throwing them under the bus?

      Plus, I agree, why does this article mention AJ & BP? There’s a lot of fluff here that really makes one question the credibility of the story.

      • harpreet says:

        THIS! There is also a dolphin hunt in…a Scandinavian country, forget which one, but no outcry against that one.

      • Ary says:

        I think it’s more whales that are hunted in the Faroes. There aren’t a lot of dolphins up north that I know of, if you don’t count orcas. Also, in Greenland they club baby seals so… plenty of stuff to get upset about.

      • LadySlippers says:

        Korea is also killing the sun bear and that’s wrong.

      • TrixC says:

        Harpreet you’re probably thinking of Norway, which hunts minke whales and I believe some smaller species such as pilot whales. The Faroe Islands (part of Denmark), and Iceland also hunt whales. I am personally against all whaling because I think it’s cruel and unnecessary, but I find the Japanese hunt in the southern ocean particularly objectionable because 1) It’s an area designated as an international whale sanctuary and 2) the Japanese lie and pretend that all their whaling is for the purpose of scientific research when really everybody knows they are hunting for meat.

        I haven’t seen the Cove as I don’t think I could sit through it (Blackfish was bad enough), but I say good on Aniston for her stance. It might seem trivial, but if enough people make such a statement perhaps the Japanese will listen.

      • LadySlippers says:

        @TrixC: Assuming the story is true (which I’m not convinced it is), the Japanese couldn’t careless about one celeb boycotting their country. The Japanese feel it’s their ‘god given’ right to hunt whales. It’s part of their culture and so on.

        To get their attention you’d need something A LOT bigger than this. Hell, demands by China and Korea go ignored too when it comes to their wartime atrocities. My guess is they have no clue and even if they did — they wouldn’t care.

    • Sal says:

      Yep. She never travels further than America and Mexico so what is Huvane on about?

  9. Nelly says:

    I agree Lilian. For anyone who has not seen the movie it really is heartbreaking. Any bit of light thrown onto this subject is good no matter how small or insignificant it might seem.

  10. kibbles says:

    When will people differentiate government policies from a country’s people and culture? Almost every government in the world has atrocious policies that discriminate or violate human rights or animal rights. I believe Japan should apologise to China and Korea over Comfort Women and other crimes they committed during WWII. That doesn’t mean I’ll boycott visiting Japan or avoid Japan for a business trip. It’s like someone refusing to visit America because of our government’s decision to invade Iraq or because the NSA spied on other nations. I support gay rights but I’ve visited African countries with anti-gay laws and I would be open to visiting Russia someday because I’m interested in traveling to new places and learning about different cultures even if they have beliefs that I disagree with.

    I think it is an excuse because I’ve never seen Aniston visit an Asian country. Despite having millions of dollars to vacation somewhere new anytime she wants, she does the same trip to Cabo each year and basically hangs around most of the time in LA. She doesn’t seem interested in traveling as much as the Jolie-Pitts.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Good point. She won’t even go to New York very often to see Justin. I think she just like LA and Cabo.

    • LadySlippers says:

      I’ve lived in Japan and Japan has a LONG history of atrocious war crimes. *shudder* The Chinese and Korean people have very good reasons to be upset with Japan. And I’m SOO very glad they lost WWII — Japan and Germany had sliced up the US between themselves and right now I’m in the ‘Japanese’ half (although the Japanese did this only as a way to lull the Germans into complacency; they fully expected Germany to lose and thought the Germans and all white people were scum. So it was just a tool to world domination).

      But I agree — plenty of people have legitimate gripes with almost every country on the planet which is why I’m not sure I believe this story.

      FYI to people wanting to protest Japan and other countries for illegal hunting practices: There are NUMEROUS ways to protest a country but not visiting the county (or countries) isn’t really going to get any country’s attention. And if you don’t get the offending country’s attention — how will you or anyone going to persuade them to change???? Find a way to impact the country’s bottom line. It’s also got to be bigger than a few random people. Make it a legal newsworthy event. Do something that has the ability to build momentum. Go to that country’s governing body and take the protest their. And keep at it.

      Good luck. Change is slow but it always starts with one person.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        You lived in Japan?? My mom was stationed there, when she was in the Navy–my older sister was born there. One funny thing that your post reminded me of was that my mom told me that she and a friend of hers were stationed in Guam with each other, after both being stationed in Japan with each other. One day, her friend’s kid came home with a bike. The mom asked where the bike came from–the kid grabbed it out of someone’s front yard. I can’t remember the name of it, but it’s this Japanese cultural thing, where at a certain time of day or week, if you want to get rid of something, you put it out in your front yard, and people can just take it.

        Also, my mom dated this Mormon guy while she was in Japan–she said he was about 6’7″–she said she had to lift her elbows up to hold hands with him.

      • Veeeeee says:

        ? “Im SOOO very glad they lost”. Whole nations and people of today can not be blamed for past atrocities. Let’s not even mention nuclear bombs dropped on innocent civilians. The War is long over. You need to get over it.

      • LadySlippers says:

        @VG: My ex is Navy and that’s why we were there too. I actually loved living there once I got used to the vastly different culture. And boy is it different! Lol.

        I vaguely recall the trash/bicycle thing thing. But not enough to remember details.

        Speaking of Guam, there is a cool site that’s been preserved that related to WWII. Three Japanese soldiers were trapped in a pocket of Gaum’s forest during the war. Well they never got word that WWII had ended and they lived virtually unnoticed for years. By 1972 two had died and they found the one Japanese solider that was not aware the war was long over. It made the news — they flew the Japanese soldier home and he was reunited with his wife. There’s now a museum of sorts to show people how these men survived in the wild so long. It was cool!

        @Veeeeee: You misunderstand me. I’m not ‘hung up’ on that war. Although many, many, many people still have to feel the after affects of war, years, decades, and even centuries after the confusion of their war (I mean war in general).

        I wrote what I did because the Japanese are the type to make sure their impact is felt long after they’ve left the region. I write to honour that, nothing more. We bombed them (whether you agree with it or not) because the US understood that aspect of the Japanese.

        When I was in Japan we were told that the Japanese lost only once in their history –1945. Now that might not be true but it points to their cultural folklore and what they believe about themselves. Which is often more powerful than actual facts.

        And while a war might be ‘over’, their impact rarely ends with a truce, treaty, or surrender.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @LadySlippers, who wrote: “I wrote what I did because the Japanese are the type to make sure their impact is felt long after they’ve left the region. I write to honour that, nothing more. We bombed them (whether you agree with it or not) because the US understood that aspect of the Japanese.
        When I was in Japan we were told that the Japanese lost only once in their history –1945. Now that might not be true but it points to their cultural folklore and what they believe about themselves. Which is often more powerful than actual facts. ”

        I’m not sure you’re aware of exactly how what you’ve written is read; which is your opinion, and is perfectly fine as such, but it reads like you’ve focused more on the Japanese ‘people’ as atrocious rather than the country of Japan.

        Every country, even ours (the U.S.), has and does act in the manner you assign to Japan. The Native Americans can say the same about us. Iraqis can say the same about us. And who could have been more filled with the notion of Divine Right as an excuse for atrocious behavior than the Germans before and during World War II with their Aryan ideology?

        And what about how Japanese-Americans were treated in the United States during World War II? Their property and wealth was confiscated and they were put in Internment Camps (, while German-Americans were mostly tolerated because they didn’t look ‘different/foreign/other.’

      • LadySlippers says:

        @Emma: I do know that the Japanese aren’t the only one to commit atrocities. My comment was directed at Veeeeee because Veeeeee thought I was ‘hung up’ on the war and I was trying to demonstrate that the Japanese have an unusually violent reputation in war that is still being felt in the region today. But that doesn’t mean others don’t share that same reputation — including the US.

      • Veeee says:

        Thank you Emma, clearly LadySlippers is intent on confirming that “the Japanese have an UNUSUALLY violent reputation”, even though “that doesn’t mean others don’t share that same reputation-including the US”. Ok, so that means Aniston should boycott the US as well? I thought we were discussing dolphins here, not delve into world history. Also, “violent reputation in war that is still being felt in the region today”. What present VIOLENCE is there against other nations? Actually, don’t bother answering, your opinion is clearly prejudiced against Japan.

      • LadySlippers says:

        I’m not prejudiced against Japan, I loved living there. What I’m stating is common knowledge in that region.

  11. GMarchetti says:

    Finally I agree with her on something!

    And by they way, it’s not just with dolphins, it’s a massacre what they do to whales too.

    From now on, I’ll TRY to not trash her.

  12. Venny says:

    Girlfriend needs to watch “Earthlings” and then rethink her visits to… basically everywhere.

  13. Erinn says:

    What a stupid story. That’s the best I can manage. Aniston’s reps are at least trying to spin something new I guess.

  14. Cecilia says:

    Good for Jennifer to bring awareness to this worthy cause.

  15. Tippy says:

    As a youth, actor Dick VanDyke feared certain death after he fell asleep on his surfboard, was sucked out to sea and awoke to see numerous fins circling his board.

    His fears turned to relief when he realized that the fins were those of a pod of porpoises that took turns nudging him back to shore.

  16. Patata says:

    I’m staying away from japan until the Fukushima nuclear power plant is stablized. Almost 3 years later and no one knows how much damage has been done, when it will be “fixed” or how to “fix” it. The media has done a terrible job of reporting it’s progress, or lack there of.

    • doofus says:

      they will never “fix it”. it’s too badly damaged and is leaking millions of gallons of radioactive water into the Pacific.

      it’s probably the biggest environmental disaster in the history of the Earth, and the lack of reporting on it is staggering. The stories I’ve read (outside of the mainstream media, of course) are frightening.

      as in, I will never eat seafood from the west coast for the rest of MY life, and it won’t be “safe” for at least another 50 years.

      • Cecilia says:

        Radiation levels have already elevated on the west coast, so much so that they are not even releasing accurate radiation readings. The lack of reporting on it IS staggering. As they have no resolution to this disaster, it just gets buried. The excuse is they don’t want to scare anyone. Such an insult it is to be taken for stupid.

  17. Ary says:

    People making light of this should watch a video of dolphins being slaughtered by the hundreds in japanese lagunas. The water turns completely red. It’s brutal. And even though I’m not invested in this Triangle Bull Shit/endless shade for both parties I’m glad that she supports this.

  18. Sara says:

    I wonder why she doesn’t talk about this issue in her interviews? It would be a great way to spread the word and get more people involved…

    • LadySlippers says:

      I think the article isn’t correct as you bring up a great point. Many stars vocalise their personal beliefs why not her?

      • Cecilia says:

        Some people just walk the walk & don’t feel like they need to broadcast it. She is serving up financial backing & lending her voice — just like with St Jude’s & her breast cancer awareness.

      • Janet says:

        Oh Cecilia, please, give it up. She’s never walked any walk. There is a vast difference between getting hands-on with a cause you believe in, and just throwing a check at it every once in a while.

      • Maya says:

        @Cecilia: you should stop before making a bigger fool out of yourself.

        You just wrote above that it’s great that she is bringing awareness to this cause. Now you write that she doesn’t need to broadcast the charities she does. Either she doesn’t broadcast what she does or does broadcast it.

        Btw – Do you even know what bringing awareness means? You use your fame to bring awareness to the cause they support. That’s how it works and many celebs do that. Even your precious Jennifer does commercials for St Jude, now this, breast cancer support etc.

        While you call others fake and trying to build their good image – you also praise Jennifer and call her genuine – you should try and not sound like a hypocrite.

      • Kim1 says:

        I agree if this something she believes in she could mention this important cause in interviews on Ellen for example, She could mention it in magazine interviewsbefore talking about her hair issues. That’s talking the talk and walking the walk.

      • Nee says:

        What exactly does she do for St.Judes besides write a check and star in a few commercials that take only a day to do?

        And she is the same person who thought tanning in Mexico = charity work

        “He said to me, ’You come to Mexico all the time and Mexico is really hurting right now because of the swine flu and the drug trafficking and all of this sort of stuff but it’s not all of Mexico,’” she explained. “These people survive on us coming down and spending money and coming here to these beautiful places.

        “It sort of made sense to sort of say ‘Hey, let’s help out Mexico,’” continued Aniston. “”

        What a joke she is.

      • Kim1 says:

        Well Well Well her rep calls the story a “complete fabrication”@

      • Sal says:

        At this point one can only assume Spinner/Maggie/Cecilia is just a hateful troll because they’ve just been exposed as a hateful immature hypocrite yet they don’t even care they’ve made a fool of themselves.

    • Bea says:

      It’s not written in her hand to reference.

      • Blue says:


        Holy crap did she really say that?

        That has got to be one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve ever read.

      • Maya says:

        @Blue: Yep Jennifer did say that as well as these equally ridiculous statements:

        1. “I didn’t wear mascara in Just Go With It. It’s fun to transform a little bit — what did I have to lose? I was ready to be silly and go with a full-out comedy, and it was the first time I felt truly sure about what I was walking into. (on her pushing her acting limit)

        2. I dont do charity

        3. It just gets so boring you know just to do the same thing over and over again.

        4. He’s a rare one. He is extraordinary and it is wonderful to watch him… the way his brain works and the way he thinks thoughts… it’s beautiful. (about John Mayer)

  19. Springtime says:

    What I find funny is the reference that Aniston is a “international star”! That is funny because I am sure Japan is saying “Jennifer who?” She is not a big movie star and tv star is fading outside of the constant repeats of Friends. Apparently, Aniston and her pr team or trying to branch out but again branching out with nothing to back it.

    As usual the writers must include the true “international/global movie stars” in the mix to receive traction with this planted story. Poor Brad will forever be forced to remember the past he has left behind.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      According to our international readers (well, international to my American self), Friends is on all the time–which I believe it. I don’t have tv, but I was house/cat sitting for my grandma, and I was up all night watching tv–at one in the morning, they put on Friends for a good two hours, back to back. One of my aunts LOVES the show–she has all the seasons on dvd, and watches reruns on tv all the time. I thought the show was okay (I only really liked Phoebe), nothing groundbreaking.

      • lower-case deb says:

        i’m in South East Asia, and when it was still running, it was aired on national television and many people watched it. i was at one time slobbering over Tom Selleck’s character there
        even today, there will be some months where random Friends episodes will be aired once a week. VERY RANDOM and on regional television. (granted this is regional television that aired Knight Rider faithfully still).

        anyway back to Friends.
        we are more familiar with the characters’ names though.
        even today i have to think really hard to remember Phoebe’s real name.

        when Marley and Me came out on the big screen here, a bunch of us was trying to fix a date to watch it together. my friend said: Oh Rachel Friends is playing the woman! (to her, they’re all surnamed “Friends”)

      • Saywhat? says:

        I’m from SEA too. Friends was very popular back then. I didnt watched a (full) single episode – don’t know why – but yes, they were mostly known by their characters’ names.

  20. Maya says:

    If she really supported animal rights campaign then she will become a vegetarian. She cannot simply choose which animal to support and which not to support. That will just make her a bigger hypocrite then she already is.

  21. Veeeeee says:

    Is she going to boycott movies made by SONY pictures as well?

  22. lucy2 says:

    This story is a bit ridiculous (it is Radar after all) but if it brings more attention to that terrible situation, good.

  23. Bea says:

    How funny that all of a sudden she is all um…into like…um.. the plight of the seagu…um…dolphins. What a humanitarian of the moment she sis.

    But, wait!! The Chinese are good, they are giving her money to make films that no one will see. So, all of their documented human rights violations are okay because you know – CASH!

    Why isn’t she on the streets of Mexico handing out Smart Water to the dying children there? Or does she wait for them to grow up and gives them an extra fiver for plumping her pillow the right way and call it charity?

    As for the shade her people threw at Angelina? No surprise there given that Aniston and her people are the ones who just cannot let go.

    Maybe they should be putting out statements about Theroux who is out partying the nights away while Jen sits at home night after night and twirls her hair extensions around her fingers and contemplates the unic…dolphins.

  24. Oceansoul89 says:

    This probably isn’t true. It is from RadarOnline. If she really does care about the dolphin situation, then good for her. The last paragraph is just annoying. There is no need to throw these three together every time there is a story about one of them.

  25. toto says:

    What about Nabu her favorite restaurant? i think this story is false as hell .
    the woman just don’t like t travel so her Pr team found new story for her.

  26. Rena says:

    ALREADY DENIED by Huvane. She cannot afford to boycott a county where her films might be shown and actually make some $$$$$$.

    • Kim1 says:

      I knew the story was BS since Radar only posts BS stories Im not even going to claim this a “plant and deny” story .

    • Bea says:

      Of course he has. He was getting crap from everywhere for shading Angelina in the article for no other reason than he could. He would have never denied it if he hadn’t made that mistake.

      This is exactly how the PR puppets work for their fees. Put the story out there, include Angelina – who is the talk of the town with BAFTA and Unbroken at the Olympics so that it’s gets play – and then deny, deny, deny.

      See: every pregnancy story that gets printed after Aniston cradles her mid-life burrito belly bloat.

      Only this time it backfired because there were more people calling her out than congratulating her.

      By the way, her last movie in Japan didn’t even crack the $300K mark so no skin off their nose if she never shows up there again.

  27. Mei says:

    Jen eats sushi but she doesn’t support dolphin slaughter? She does know how tuna are caught right? What a hypocrite!!! And WTF did she ever travel to Asia anyway? Her films flop there and she is on her way to obscurity any day now. She went to Europe where they eat horses FCOL. I guess this is another desperate PR stunt. No other explanation!!

  28. Meinu says:

    Good Lord, reading at the comments makes me feel like the poor girl can’t do anything right: she’s an attention-seeking b*tch if the story proves wrong and she’s the worst hypocrite if she is actually supporting this cause (because she’s not at the same time taking responsiblity for world hunger, drug cartels and probably a few pandemics). I guess it makes you think twice before even attempting to do good things…
    I see celebrities promoting being vegetarian and endorsing cosmetics tested on animals, charities spokesperson wearing blood-tainted diamonds, super health-concerned star advertising poisonous processed food manufacturers.
    My point is that maybe it is just some media cr*p because make bucks with any story about her. Even if it were something pr-related, ALL celebrities (A until Z_listed) conviently use media to serve their own interests. She’s not better or worse. I just don’t get the bashing that she gets everytime.

  29. mar says:

    I follow the dolphin hunts. They are 6 months from Sept to March. It is the cruelest thing I have ever seen. They trick the family of dolphins or pilot whales into the Cove by banging on rods to confuse them, then they pick the prettiest few for captivity, and sell them to the parks for 150k each, and then they kill the remaining pod for meat.
    I commend her for calling them out!

  30. Angie says:

    When I think of Jennifer Aniston, I remember what Brad Pitt has said about their marriage: “I didn’t like who I was when I was with her.” Jennifer Aniston is such a fake; Brad Pitt even said this about her. (Don’t y’all remember that shallow furniture-designing Brad Pitt) This is all to drum up publicity and a PR stunt; I have not heard of Jennifer Aniston believe or be passionate about any cause or charity.

  31. The Original G says:

    I’m really disappointed that I had posts removed from this thread today. Jen did a japanese commercial for Heineken. And the shade that the source threw on the Brange is ridiculous. I see it struck a nerve and Aniston has denied the story.

  32. Lene says:

    Jennifer should stop being a hypocrite and do something about high kill shelters and puppy mill breeding right in her own state. I could be mistaken but I never got the impression she was much about charity and animal rescue?!

  33. Michele says:

    There’s 4 million awful things she could be helping or bringing attention to in LA County the dumb *ss. I’ll be so glad when she goes away… doesn’t she feel the need to retire finally ? So over her!

  34. elmo says:

    The thing nobody knew and cared
    Release and Deny
    So J.A.ish

  35. Anon says:

    ‘The Cove’ was made in 2009, the timing after the BAFTAs very suspect and the shading of Pitt and Jolie very, very suspect. The rapid denial of Huvane…..suspected plant/deny, as his and Jen’s usual game. But, well played.
    The plight of dolphins is horrendous in Japan, tell Jennifer to step up and do more, walk the walk in 2014. Donate 5 million to Whale Wars or go to the UN and plead her case. Don’t suck up the PR and do nothing.

  36. Racist? says:

    I never see her with people of color… her friends/boyfriends are all white.
    Perhaps, she doesn’t like Asians. Also, I agree with the person above about her going to Mexico. The human rights violations there are very prevalent. Are dolphins more important than human beings?

  37. Boycott her movies says:

    If she boycotts JAPAN, I will boycott her movies… wait a minute, I already do.

  38. Chrissy says:

    Please. Just add Jennifer Aniston to all the other celebrities who have prejudices of some form or another towards Asia. e.g. Julia Roberts only tours in Japan because every other Asian country is below her.

  39. NeNe says:

    Ugh! She is soooooo over-rated!!

  40. Elle says:

    Not surprised it’s BS. I think most stories about JA are fabricated and not planted by her publicists. It’s never made sense, If they planted stories about her then surely they would be doing it with their other famous clients.

  41. homegrrrral says:

    No one is perfect. She’s trying at least provided this story is true.

    The a fut up place, We should all pick a least one cause.