Beyonce doesn’t eat between 8 pm and 8 am, does 100 squats a day


Shortly after the Grammys this year, the fashion designer who dressed Beyonce gave an interview in which he claimed that Bey is currently “smaller than a size 4.” This was heavily debated. It’s not that any of us think Beyonce is not in shape – she is. That is without question. But Bey has always had curves and she almost always embraced those curves as a positive. That being said, over the course of the last year, she has lost weight and her curves have been downsized. Some of you think it was lipo. Some of you think that it was just diet and exercise. But can we agree that she probably isn’t a size 2? Or is that too controversial? Anyway, Star got the skinny (!) on how Beyonce lost the weight:

Beyonce’s flawless size-two body made jaws drop at the Grammys, and Star has uncovered exactly how the diva got in the best shape of her life.

Sources say Beyonce relied on trainer Marco Borges’ plant-based diet, nixing all bread, pasta and sugar, instead opting for salads and veggie-based soups. But Queen Bey’s main trick for a royally amazing figure? Zero food between 8 pm and 8 am.

“Beyonce dances every day, so all she does on top of that is three minutes of squats, around 100,” reveals the insider. “She does them until she’s out of breath and almost collapsing, but that’s exactly how she gets that butt.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

After she gave birth to Blue Ivy (cough), Beyonce talked a lot about what she was doing to drop the pregnancy weight, and she made it sound like she started training and working out just weeks after giving birth. So, I don’t doubt the dancing/squat part of this story. As for the “no food between 8 and 8” thing – I’ve heard that rule before. I couldn’t follow it because I get up early and I like a decent breakfast (a banana and yogurt, most days), but I do try to not snack in the evenings.

I’m also including some photos from Beyonce’s performance at the BRIT Awards. Her dress was designed by her tour costume designer, Vrettos Vrettakos, and she wore $2 million in Lorraine Schwartz diamonds. I could swear that there’s a girdle under that dress.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Erinn says:

    I don’t eat between 7p and 9a generally. But I also work a stressful desk job and don’t get nearly enough exercise.

    Wasn’t there just speculation that she’s been padding her butt as well?

    • nofkksgiven says:

      I don’t understand why so many people try to act like Beyonce is “big/thick” or even normal sized – she very well may be a size two – she is in fact shapely because her proportions create an illusion of being very “curvy” but she actually carries little body fat and takes up little space. Like most celebrities she is TINY and being anything bigger than size two on camera often reads as being very full and pudgy. Point is Beyonce – in person- is probably smaller and fitter than this website likes to imply.

      Also – a friend of mine worked at a pizza place in NY, which got closed down for a few hours for Beyonce and Jay-Z to come eat, and she said Beyonce had a “fruit plate” while Jay-Z ate pizza. Years worth of hours of exercise and a very healthy diet….why wouldn’t Beyonce be thin? Also, look at pictures of her standing with other celebrities (who we would have no problem admitting are small) and she is often the same in size just with a curvier shape.

      • Falula says:

        I saw her in real life at o’hare a long time ago (it was still destiny’s child era but there were only 3 members, so 2001-2002?). She was impossibly tiny. I couldn’t believe it. I think most celebrities seem larger than they are because when they are singled out on the red carpet and shot alone we assume they are average height and go from there, but she was much much shorter than me (I’m 5’5″) and really slim.

        I know she’s significantly older now but she seems to be in great shape so I would bet she really is a 2.

      • Erinn says:

        I just think she pads her bottom because if you look at her in the leotard type thing, the proportions are completely different than in the gown. I’m not sure why people think she’s so large, because she really doesn’t seem it to me. I just thought that her butt looked out of whack haha

    • Zadie says:

      Isn’t Beyonce officially like 5’7” or something?

  2. Pies says:

    I adore Vrettakos and he does wonders with Beyonce but I can see the Spandex underneath. Also, blonde Bey doesn’t do it for mey…

  3. missy says:

    I wonder if she ever gets tired of the corsets/girdles/whatever she uses to cinch her waist…

  4. Kiddo says:

    She probably eats dinner later, and goes to bed later, getting up later. I’ve heard this rule before as 6 to 6, or maybe it was simply after 7PM. At any rate, it’s probably best not to go to bed on a full stomach, for a bunch of reasons. I never feel particularly good when I go to bed full. I end up with a food hangover the next day.

  5. Birdix says:

    She looks great, slim, but healthy and strong-who cares what size she is?

  6. Rachel says:

    I’d like to follow that rule, but I don’t get home until 7:30, then making dinner, I usually don’t eat until after 8. Sucks, but it is what it is.

    That dress is super sparkly. If it wasn’t for the weird sleeves, I’d love it.

  7. eliza says:

    I eat my dinners early and RARELY eat after 6p.m. I have breakfast around 7:30a.m. I run between 5-7 miles per day. (Except in cases of ice and snow). I have followed this rule for years and find it works for me in maintaining my weight while allowing me to kind of eat what I want.

  8. Ren says:

    I see no problem with this. I eat nothing after 7 pm. Good for her if she’s being truthful lol

  9. Petee says:

    I get up early because of my insomnia so I like to eat within the hour.I also stop eating around 3 in the afternoon but I also get up around that time in the morning.I also drink a ton of water all day and a lot in the evening.I have maintained my 150 pound weight loss this way.It work’s for me and sometime’s I mess up.Like last night I wanted Italian food.I love it but carb’s are not my friend.Woke up sluggish with a complete food hangover.Not a good feeling.

  10. Heather H says:

    Personally I don’t think she is a size 2 and 4 is debatable in normal off the rack clothing. I say this because I am a size 6 and a tad curvy and look similar to her. In reality, size is wholly dependent on the clothing manufacturer. I take anywhere from a 2 to an 8 depending on the style and manufacturer, sometimes the more high end the more “allowance” there is. Beyonce’s 2 in a high end gown may be someone else’s 6 in a normally priced article of clothing. In the end a size number is meaningless.

    • Falula says:

      I thought it was the opposite – designer sizes run smaller and “made for the fatty masses” clothes run bigger to make people feel better. I say that without snark, because I’m on the large end of “regular” sizes, but the more expensive the clothes the larger I wear. (Eg, 10 at old navy, 12 at loft, but 14+ at j crew).

      • GByeGirl says:

        Yes, and true “formal wear” sizes are much smaller. My usual size 8 was a 14 when I went ball gown shopping. I did get it slightly nipped in at the waist, but it was momentarily upsetting when I had worked so hard to get down to an 8. A good formal wear shop will let you know about this so you are prepared for it.

    • GByeGirl says:

      I think that when celebs say they are a certain size, it’s more like they can “fit into” that size but wouldn’t actually wear it under typical circumstances. I can painfully squeeze myself into a 6, sometimes a 4, but I in real life wear an 8. Also, the camera really does add a lot of weight. Simon Doonan wrote about curating Marilyn Monroe’s wardrobe for auction and that her capri pants were impossibly tiny. We equate MM with jiggly curves, not tiny capris. She was curvy, but very small and seemed bigger because she was less toned and everyone just saw her on camera, rarely in real life.

  11. Nicole Valles says:

    I could totally follow that 8-8 rule is my damn job didn’t make me stay so late all the time.

  12. Bree bree says:

    I rarely eat after 8 PM. I actually did for the first time in a long time last night and I feel so gross compared to how I usually feel while getting up.

    + agree about the corset!

  13. littlestar says:

    I do something similar. I stop eating in the evening after I’ve finished a light supper, usually around 630-7. Then don’t eat til about 8am the next day. It’s awesome because you don’t wake up feeling bloated in the morning from eating too much and snacking the night before. It’s a great way to control weight, and again, keep the bloat down. If I’m craving something really badly at night, I’ll drink a cup of tea. Usually it works to help keep the cravings down lol.

  14. Snappyfish says:

    I do the wolverine diet thingy & it works for me. I don’t eat after 5pm or before 9am. I don’t do all the crazy exercise portion but I do bike everyday for 30 mins. (Stationary bike when I can’t get outside)

  15. Daisy says:

    She looks to be about a 4. Maybe a 2 in some designers. Why not.

  16. Bridget says:

    Um, one 3 minute set of squats? 100 squats is really not a lot.

    I would imagine that one of the hardest parts about the 8 to 8 thing is that Beyonce lives a lifestyle with a lot of late nights, so if one is up until 1am not eating at all past 8pm might not be the easiest choice. But ideally, dinners shouldn’t be your biggest meal of the day anyhow, you actually want to eat a good-sized lunch/supper, and eat a healthy but not oversized dinner.

    But considering how cosmopolitan Bey & Jay fancy themselves, I can’t picture them eating dinner before 10.

  17. AG-UK says:

    So I need to get on the 100 squats on it tonight after my plank challenge. I have been doing the 5:2 since July makes me watch the amount of food I eat.

  18. Rachel says:

    Honestly, I saw her in concert and she was TEENY TINY. Like, shockingly so. Still had curves, but a small frame. I’d believe in a second she was a size 4 or smaller.

    • Karen says:

      Agreed. I blagged front row (!) when she was in London in 09 and she was ridiculously small. In particular her top half was tiny, she looked like a max size 10 (which is a US 6 i believe) and this was before she went on this weight loss trip, so yeah i can buy shes a 2/4 now. If it wasn’t for her hourglass shape she would probably look more her size. And she’s not very tall, at all. I was shocked at overall at how small she seemed.

  19. Dani says:

    You can see the bulkiness of her corset/girdle under her dress. Size 4 my bum. Don’t see why she keeps trying to prove a point that doesn’t matter (like Kim K). I’m not even a fan of hers but there is SO MUCH more to her than her size that she should be focusing on. Her voice, her career, her daughter etc.

  20. cro-girl says:

    Clearly the idea isnt to go to bed hungry and it isn’t to not eat at some magical hour where everything you eat turns to thunder thighs. The idea is to eat your calories through out the day so as to fuel yourself when you’re actually burning them. If you do this properly you shouldn’t want to eat after dinner. Anyone can do this according to their own schedule. Dont eat after dinner and its not hard if youre doing it right.

  21. TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

    Who cares, she’s still a brainless shilling twit and her music is generic corporate drivel.

  22. HoustonGrl says:

    I don’t generally “pig out” right before I go to sleep, but I would hate to follow a rule like that. I love having an orange or an apple at night, and maybe a little chocolate with a movie :) Life’s too short!

  23. Vivian says:

    How do I have no curves, skinny and tall, almost similiar in body shape to but taller than Taylor Swift and Im still a size 8?

  24. Dawn says:

    I have a friend that lost 70 pounds in a little over a year eating like that. Between the hours of 8 and noon she eats whatever she wants, between noon and 6:00 she eats protein and good carbs and between 6:00 and 8:00 only proteins. She swims for an hour 3 days a week instead of doing the squat thing and she looks great believe me. She has about 40 pounds to go and she will be at 125 which is actually thin for our age group. She can stop any time she reaches 140 I think. She did this because she was pre-diabetic, all of her excess weight was in her gut and butt, her triglycerides were high but she had normal HDL readings. It has been interesting to watch this process. So good for Bey!

  25. Jane says:

    You go to your local health food shop and mention this they’ll probably tell you there are suggested time frames to eat, and part of the reason people might be overweight is due to “metabolic exhaustion” from eating all the time, rather than between an 8-10 hour period.

  26. Yep says:

    I have a hard time believing many of her diet stories because they vary too much; I also don’t know what to believe about her exercise regimen since she’s consistently said she doesn’t exercise – she loses it all on tour through dancing. I honestly think genetics may work in her favor and the dancing has helped.

  27. zano says:

    7p and 6a? GET A LIFE! Does it take much effort to type an extra couple of m’s?

  28. paris hilton says:

    Is it required that we see the labia majora of every pop-star these days?

  29. Ladyray says:

    I believe it. she looks pretty tiny at the grammys. I’m the same way and can go between 2 and 4 depending on the material or brand…

  30. Fishlips says:

    I couldn’t imagine not eating for 12 hours. I am hypoglycemic (non-diabetic) and must eat every 2-3 hours in order to keep my blood sugar stable. Otherwise, I could have a seizure, go into a coma, or die. Either way, the outcome sucks!

  31. ItsetsYou says:

    I don’t care what the papers ‘report’ – she is NOT a size 2! Paltrow is size 2 and how can she be smaller than Knowles?! Please. Beyonce is in great shape but she is not super skinny and is more likely a size 6.

  32. Karolina says:

    There is some weird padding going on under her dress. Beyonce is one of the fakest stars ever when it comes to her appearance, almost as fake as Kim K, but it is not so obvious. Fake hair, I suspect she did something to light up her skin, she definitely got lipo on her stomach and a nose job. And of course she faked the whole pregnancy thing.

  33. Lauraq says:

    Her sparkly dress makes me think of a blue version of Jessica Rabbit’s performance dress in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? That is all.