Kim Kardashian in a Celia Kritharioti prom dress at the Oscar afterparty: budget?


Ha, I completely forgot that the Kardashians try to get in on the whole Oscar thing every year. Khloe, Kim and Kourtney attended the Elton John Oscar after-party last night and it was a trio of AWFUL. I actually think Khloe looks the worst – she looks like a middle-aged drag queen – but there’s no excuse for Kim’s Celia Kritharioti prom dress either. And Kim looks like she popped ten Xanex before she came.



Here’s Britney Spears at the Elton John party – her hair color has faded a little bit and it looks a little bit better. She still shouldn’t have gone that dark though. And she still looks super-uncomfortable on the carpet too.


Liberty Ross at the VF party – I like it. Considering she had her boobs out completely last year, this is a vast improvement. I even like her low-key makeup.


Dear Mindy Kaling: Hey, girl. I love you. You’re super-talented. You’re lovely. But can you learn how to dress for your body? Maybe it’s not your fault – you’re wearing a dress designed by your show’s costume designer, Salvador Perez. That’s very cool and it’s awesome that you’re representing a friend. But just say no to peplums. Forever.


Evan Rachel Wood in Elie Saab. She looks so pretty. God, I love her face. To me, ERW is like Angelina Jolie – she will never be uninteresting. Even though the dress is meh (the design is typical Elie Saab, the color is fantastic), all you can see is Evan’s amazing face.


Do you think Ashley Greene wondered, “Why Kellan Lutz and not ME?”


Jon Hamm & Jennifer Westfeldt – her dress is so boring. He looks nice.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Sisi says:

    is it my screen or do Kims boobs look yellow up top?

  2. swack says:

    For once Kim’s dress isn’t two sizes too small. On the other hand Khloe’s dress is too small.

  3. shellybean says:

    Evan Rachel Wood is everything in that dress! So effing flawless.

    Hmm. I actually don’t think Kim looks that bad. Her boobs are a little too much, but that dress cut is flattering on her body, and she looks great in red. Her hair and makeup look good, too. Khloe’s dress seems like it’s too small.

  4. QQ says:

    Someone said on twitter last night that Kim looked like a Voluptuous Michael Jackson and basically i haven’t been able to Unsee that

    Also if I was Khloe I would so stop posing with my sisters! Is just unfair and all bad everything (also her body and hair look great!)

  5. serena says:

    The Kardashian trio dresses is awful! I mean, Kim’s the better .. and that says a lot. Kourtney trying to replicate Angelina Jolie’s.. girl, you’re 10 millions years too early. And Khloe…. ugh!

    I actually like Britney’s dress and hair/make up here, she looks lovely (but unconfortable).

    • Josephine says:

      I agree – they look so budget and plastic compared to everyone else. They should not go places where they can be compared to real celebs. Kim’s wrinkly dress showing off the uneven breasts looks incredibly cheap.

      • Jestie says:

        Totally agree they should avoid being compared to real celebs. What makes Kim’s dress look so cheap is that it looks like the department store knock-off version of the dress worn by Lupita Nyong’o. The dresses are a very similar cut, but the wrinkly satin and boobs on display just make Kim look tacky.

  6. Eleonor says:

    Jennifer Westfeldt face looks more plastic than Kim Kardashian…
    I like Britney, she looks good here.

  7. V4Real says:

    Khloe looks the best out of the three. I can understand Khloe being there because she was a guest on E last night. I chuckled a bit when they asked her if she had ever been to the Vanity Fair Oscar party and she said no. She goes to the Elton John party. I bet that’s only because she hasn’t been invited.

    I see Courtney has been looking in Angelina Jolie’s closet.

    Kim and her frozen face just doesn’t do it for me.

    • idk says:

      I saw Khloe on E last night as well. She barely spoke and had nothing to contribute when they were talking about fashion and movies. She just nodded and smiled. Normally she’s the talkative one. I guess it was part of her contract to be there or they need to be seen out more to help with low ratings of their show? I don’t know.

    • Mel M says:

      First thing I though is “that woman looks really pretty” but it does not look like Kim K to me.

    • kay says:

      it is her frozen eyes that freak me out.
      is it just me or has she looked, literally, shell shocked for the last year?
      like, the lights are on but nobody is home.
      i actually feel sad for her. i can’t remember the last time i saw a photo of her where she looked happy and alive.

    • Prettylights says:

      I think Khloe looks gorgeous here actually but does need lighter makeup – and she needs to pose separately. Kim and Kourtney are so tiny compared to her that being next to them makes her look bigger than she is. But her figure – wow, damn I’m jealous!

      Kim looks so budget with her boobs on display like that. With just a little more covering her cleavage this would have been a great look for her. Everyone knows Kim has boobs, she doesn’t need to constantly put them out there. I am a similar shape to Kim (short and curvy) and this weekend a friend asked me why I don’t ever display my ‘perfect boobs’ and I just told her that it attracts the wrong kind of attention and makes me uncomfortable. I can do sexy without letting people see almost every inch of my mammaries.

      Kourtney looks cute but like she’s totally trying to do Angelina, and it falls short.

  8. TG says:

    So do A-Listers not attend Elton John’s party anymore? Did they ever?

  9. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    That picture of the K sisters looks crazy out of proportion. Is Khloe that much bigger than the other two? It looks like a giant Khloe superimposed on a normal sized picture of Kim and Kourtney.

    I can’t believe I know the minor Kardasians now. I blame this site.

  10. cr says:

    I didn’t mind Kim’s look, for her it’s not so bad.

    Liberty, on the other hand. And are those pockets on her dress?

    I like the color on ERW’s dress.

  11. Wiffie says:

    Khloe’s bod is bangin, but her too ombre hair and too dark makeup ruin it. When did Kim’s face get so LONG? how do you even make your face longer?

    • Elle Kaye says:

      I agree with you! She barely looks like the same…her face is so long, and there is just too much space between her nose and her mouth. Her symmetry is all wrong.

      Khloe needs to stop with that horribly dark lip, it makes her look harsh. And poor older one…why does she always dress like a man with a terrible tailor? She has so much potential. I suppose since her sisters are opting to sell sex, she is attempting to separate herself from that image as much as possible. I give her credit for that, at least.

  12. I am in love with Evan Rachel Wood’s face. She is so gorgeous and so talented–I loved her as the snotty daughter in Mildred Pierce.

    This is the best I’ve seen KimmyK look in a LONG time–if the boobs had been contained a little more, this would’ve been a win.

    And God–can you imagine the amount of famehoing and mugging for the camera, if Ashley Greene was at the Oscars???? She probably would’ve had to push Elsa out of the way–and you know she’d do it too.

  13. FingerBinger says:

    How do the Kardashians and Paris Hilton keep getting invited to these Oscar and Golden Globes parties/events? I don’t get it.

    • claire says:

      I don’t either. If I was a celeb who had just attended the Oscars, and walked into a party and saw them, that’d tell me it’s a bad party. People like them shouldn’t be allowed to the parties. It has nothing to do with them, they’re not there to congratulate people; they’re there to get the photo ops and famewhore. They’re just there to piggyback off other people’s achievements.

    • booboocita says:

      There was an article in the LATimes a few years ago in which Graydon Carter (editor-in-chief, VF) said he was downsizing the VF Oscars afterparty so that the event would be as exclusive as possible. He didn’t want anyone in attendance who wasn’t absolutely A-list. At the time, he was upset because Paris Hilton had been featured on the cover of VF (the one on which she appeared topless and wearing riding pants and boots), and it was one of the lowest-selling issues in VF history. He also got a lot of letters from upset readers wondering why she was profiled in the mag. He didn’t mention her by name, but he was quoted as saying that he didn’t want any reality TV stars or “lower-tier starlets” at the party. Ouch. Wonder why Selena Gomez got in, if that’s the case. I’d say she’s high B-list, not quite A level.

    • Elle Kaye says:

      You buy tickets to the Elton John/Aids Foundation Oscar party, that is why the Kardashians attend this and not the VF event. Proceeds from Elton John’s party goes to the Foundation.

  14. Aria says:

    Evan Rachel Wood was Vanity Fair’s best dressed by far. Perfect colour, hair, makeup, everything. Perfection.

  15. pru says:

    I have the opposite feelings about ERW. She always struck me as a plain girl who piles on the makeup. Beautiful dress and body though.
    I really wish the K Klan would stop getting invited to these things.

    • Steph says:

      When I see Kim K. and all her family I always think of mean girls…

      “Stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen!”

      I think of Kim K and her family as the ‘fetch’ when I hear that quote, please media! stop trying to make Kim k and her family a “thing”. They all got famous off of her father and her sex tape, nothing more

  16. wonderwoman21 says:

    Is it wrong that I think (other than the goth lipstick) Khloe looks great? Am I going to hell? Is this the first part of falling into the gaping Fartrashian hole of eternal doom? I need answers!

  17. Jayna says:

    I actually don’t mind Kim in that dress for an after party and her boobs look great. The color is pretty on her. At least it’s not her usual way too tight and not flattering cut. She has that drag queen face going on again.

    I like Khloe’s look.

    Kourtney is the one that looks like s ……t.

  18. Jayna says:

    Liberty’s dress is so fug on her, not flattering at all. You would think a model would be more acutely aware of what is flattering and what is not.

  19. BendyWindy says:

    Evan Rachel Wood looks like she got the “better” version of Elsa Pataky’s dress. Same color, same sequins, but hers works and Elsa’s…doesn’t.

  20. JudyK says:

    OMG, Kim looks gorgeous…that dress is beyond beautiful, and I like her red lipstick.

    What in the hell has Khloe done to her face!!!!

  21. Jayna says:

    How can you call her dress boring? Jennifer Westfeldt’s gown is lovely. I want it. The color, the material, the style of the gown. Put it on someone more shapely and even better.

  22. TheCountess says:

    Yes Kim, we get it: You have big boobs. Please stop putting them in our faces.

  23. Happy21 says:

    I think that the Klan look pretty bad but ya know Kim wouldn’t look so bad if not for those gigantic tatas attached to her chest. I think if you wear anything that is cut like that with boobs that big you are going to look like a p0rn star. Another case of not dressing for your body.

  24. Muffin says:

    The only reason Khloe looks like a “giant” is because Kourtney and Kim are midgets. Khloe is average sized compared to them. I think Khloe looks the best, she’s come a long way. Kourtney: boring. Kim: Fake fake fake!

  25. Lola says:

    Britney looks great here. Why can’t they dress her like this for her shows instead of those awful lingerie inspired costumes and ankle boots!

  26. Jayna says:

    Kim didn’t smile in any of the photos I’ve seen. How pretentious she is. Big time A List actresses were smiling for photos.

  27. Lucybelle says:

    I don’t usually comment on the Kardashians because I hate to feed the monster and I want them to go away forever. But the other day I remembered a picture I saw of her in People long ago, before Kanye, before KUWTK, before the sex tape. When she was just a friend of Paris Hilton. It was her and Paris on a ride at Disneyland and I was struck by how beautiful she was. Exotic, curvy, she was enviably gorgeous. Now this is what she looks like.

  28. AlmondJoy says:

    Mindy Kaling looks fine. Compared to some of her past outfits, she shines in this one. I see nothing wrong with a curvy girl wearing peplum. I realize that I makes a woman look hippier than usual, but being hippy doesn’t have to be a horrible thing. Werk Mindy!

    KimK actually looks good. Not a fan of the color but this is an improvement for her. Kourtney looks nice but boring and underdressed and Khloe looks plastic.

    Poor Brit =( i get the feeling that she doesnt want to be there. Hopefully she wasnt forced into making an appearance by her handlers.

    Evan Rachel Wood slaaaaayys and she’s wearing my favorite color. YES.

  29. dagdag says:

    I must be the only here who loves peplums.

    Mindy Kaling has a very nice round decollete with round shoulders, nothing spilling out; she looks fantastic to me. The peplum makes her look more curvy.

  30. Tracy says:

    So no escort job last night, Kim? Hey, even ho’s need a night off.

  31. erindipity says:

    I wonder if Angelina was annoyed that ERW wore a different version of her same dress? It seems kind of ridiculous that the people at Elie Saab let that happen.

  32. bluhare says:

    I’ve got to give Liberty Ross credit for being able to wear a dress with side pockets right on her hips. Balls of steel, Liberty!

  33. judyjudy says:

    ERW = Perfection

    I really like Jennifer Westfeldt’s dress. The color is rather dull but otherwise I think it is really beautiful.

  34. daisy says:

    When does Kim spend time with her baby? She’s photographed pretty much every day sans baby. At least her sister seems to spend time with her kids.

  35. Ruyana says:

    Each of the Ks looks absolutely AWFUL.

  36. Vampi says:

    Why is Kimmode the header for this post of Oscar fashions??? I almost didn’t click on it and would have missed all the others except I wanted to ask if anyone else thought one of Kim’s eyes looks wonky..or lower than the other. Something is off. And her LONG face and the gap between her mouth and nose
    ….. Wow! Girl had ONE thing going for her….beauty….and she cut all of it away with the surgeon’s knife. Shame. Her in a header pic of Oscar fashion tells me gossip sites will not let her die. Don’t no one wanna see that mess associated with real celebs. Just me rambling. Sorry folks! :)

  37. Paige says:

    Kaiser! I always agree with you-but ERW?….so plain and fug.

  38. TrixC says:

    ERW is probably my favourite of the night – how anyone could describe that dress as meh is beyond me! And the hair and make-up works perfectly with the dress.

  39. Size Does Matter says:

    Kim’s face looks like Tori Spelling in the header photo. Pretty dress, and the right size, I think. I like Khloe’s look but the lipstick is too harsh. ERW is a knockout but I still hold Marilyn Manson against her.

  40. Other Renee says:

    I totes LOVE ERW’s dress! It is gorgeous. So is she. If Jennifer Westfeldt’s dress had been that color instead of the washed out version of that color, that would have helped.

    Since Kim usually looks like a total whore, I’ll give her a pass with this dress. Great color for her and it’s not four sizes too small. That’s progress.

  41. Isa says:

    My major complaint about Kim is that she always wears unflattering clothes for her body. This is one of her best looks. Shame about her face though. It looks like the bottom half of her face is being pulled.

    I love ETW’s dress. Love the color.

  42. DanaG says:

    Khloe looks like a giant and none of those girls look that great. I love the colour of Evans dress and I love sparkly things so it makes me happy. Britney really does look uncomfortable she needs to go back to blonde. Wow I can’t believe are still interested in Liberty Ross!

  43. lucy says:

    I’ll just say that the embalmed Kardashian sister indeed looks better than usual here, with her overexposed mamms hoisted up above waist level for a change, and a vibrant lip color instead of the usual no-lips look. The cut of the dress is flattering, but if I can see sternum the look is not a success.

  44. Alina says:

    don´t think the K´s look that awful. Yes, Kim´s boobs are too much (again), but overall it´s one of her best looks! All 3 look better than usual. The middle one looks cute with the suit, except the hair (meh). The tall one tries “Jessica Rabbit” but she tries way too hard. Less would be more.
    I´m shocked that the K´s were better dressed that some of the real stars. Upside-down world!

  45. Ag says:

    0h, god. this picture. the three of them. good lord.

  46. Oh La La says:

    Elie Saab never disappoints me. I want all of his designs. Gorgeous!

  47. amilu says:

    “Even though the dress is meh (the design is typical Elie Saab, the color is fantastic), all you can see is Evan’s amazing face.”

    I disagree completely. That dress is GORGEOUS. The embellishments are applied in a subtly eye-catching and interesting way. She looks like an Art Deco statue. Total class act. I love it from top to bottom. She looks amazing!

  48. Sarah says:

    I actually think Khloe is looking better than her (half?) sisters….she keeps looking better and better in my opinion. She’s lost weight and is flaunting her height in this great way and now I think she’s become the hottest of the trio somehow.

  49. Jana says:

    Does Kim K. need paid in order to smile too? That vapid, insipid stare she has is ridiculous!
    But Khloe looks great.

  50. mollie says:

    Kourtney looks like a mini Mariachi Musician.

  51. tredd says:

    Khloe looks amazing. She has always been the prettiest because she is the least plastic. She is interesting in her beauty. Not Armenian Barbie, like Kim (boooring)
    Kim keeps getting surgery in an effort to catch up to Khloe.
    Khloe’s stunning here.

  52. Evi says:

    Kim’s dress is a bit…I don’t know. But that designer has so many other better options in the collections.

  53. Vilodemeanus says:

    Kim has had so much done to her face she actually is sporting the Paris Hilton WONK EYE now. Her body is just a tragedy and impossible to dress, but the acres of material really helped hide the bottom half of her body. Remember she’s only about 4’11 and nearly as wide, and if she continues with the facial surgery she’s going to look like Michael Jackson by next year. Lay off the shots or you’ll be Wonky 2.