“Mila Kunis shows off her bump with Channing Tatum in Las Vegas” links


When I first looked at these pics, I honestly thought that Mila Kunis was Jenna Dewan. Right? Anyway, Mila is showing off her bump. [A Socialite Life]
Russell Crowe covered Johnny Cash on the Tonight Show. [Buzzfeed]
Ha, this old Gwyneth Paltrow-Alexa Chung video is awesome. [LaineyGossip]
So many juicy blind items, so little time! [Dlisted]
We could never, ever forget about Tom Hardy. [Pajiba]
This is a cute dress on Melissa McCarthy. [Go Fug Yourself]
The trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is terrifying. [PopBytes]
Selena Gomez refuses to be “sexy” for you. [Evil Beet]
Jason Hoppy is still taking Bethenny Frankel to court. [Reality Tea]
Joan Rivers did a parody sex tape with Ray-J. [The Blemish]
Is it wrong that I love Taylor Swift’s outfit here? [Popoholic]
Who in the world is Kimberly Garner? [Moe Jackson]
Dog the Bounty Hunter brings some Simon Cowell Moob Realness. [Celebslam]
Here’s Kylie & Kendall Jenner’s parody of the Vogue cover. [IDLY]



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  1. freebunny says:

    Mila doesn’t look good here, bad makecup and potato head man looks forgettable, like usual.

  2. Wiffie says:

    She looks cute! She’s at the stage I hated, though. You don’t really have a bump yet, but it’s there, so you just feel like a fat lump. I probably looked not as bad as I felt, but I hated it until I finally popped overnight. She is and will be a cute pregnant woman.

    • g0tch4 says:

      I’m at this exact stage right now. This is my first kid and everyone keeps wanting me to show them my actual bump. Like, lift my shirt up and show them which I feel is weird. To be fair, it’s my mother and sisters that want to see bare bump but it’s still weird. And all I feel is fat, like I waaay overate at dinner. Only it’s not dinner, it’s all day, every day. I can’t wait for this illusive “pop” everyone keeps talking about.

  3. Tiffany says:

    As someone posted on another story about Mila, Jim Bean has to be seething at the teeth with their current spokesperson expecting. If she actually had to go out for promotions this is a bit of a disaster. If you and your SO are thinking of trying to get pregnant, do not sign up to endorse alcohol.

    • InvaderTak says:

      She endorses beam? At least go for jack Daniel’s!

    • Jessica says:

      I doubt she was “trying”.

      Re Mila and Jim Beam, it’s kind of like how Scarlet Johansen has caused a pickle for Marvel with her pregnancy. Mila has put Beam in a tight spot with an unplanned pregnancy.

      • Sunshine says:

        I think it’s kind of funny actually. Can’t they just photoshop or CGI the pregnancy out? I mean there’s so much of that in every movie, and every advertisement, it’s not like it would be anything new. I mean it drives me crazy, as a mother and a woman, that women are altered into almost cartoon-like creations as a regular thing. So why not use it in this instance?

    • Ericka Lyn says:

      how does that sound though? stop living your life because of a contract you signed? when at the end of the day you can walk away from it just fine. sure maybe its not how you should conduct business…but if you were in the same boat I’m pretty sure we all would view is as take it or leave it. with the pregnancy? sometimes things just happen when they should.

  4. Ugh says:

    Mila is getting on my nerves. Before she was all anti paparazzi I don’t want to talk about my relationship. Now paparazzi are being tipped off invited to their brothers weddings, and little tibits of her pregnancy and engagement are being leaked to the press. She turned into such a hypocrite after criticizing her peers for doing the same.

    • Mina says:

      She knew she’d be getting more attention since she stepped out with Ashton, I think all she’s doing is managing her own press. You eventually have to face things like this when you’re in the public eye.

    • FLORC says:

      She hasn’t suddenly become this way. It’s been happening for a while.

      I forgot the actors name, but he said something simple and smart to the effect of…I didn’t move to LA because I wanted to keep my private life. It’s possible to live your life privately and be in movies without ever being papped.. Smart guy.

      • M.A.F. says:

        Yep. As Lainey points out-if they want to disappear, they can. You can also live in LA and not get photographed. It is as simple as not calling the paps and not going to all the “it” places.

      • Maxine05 says:

        FLORC – YES! THIS. You may be talking about someone else but when I saw your comment I thought of what Daniel Radcliffe said

        “There’s certain things you can do to make it a lot easier on yourself. . .I don’t have Twitter and I don’t have Facebook, and I think that makes things a lot easier because if you go on Twitter and tell everybody what you’re doing moment to moment and then claim you want a private life, then no one is going to take that request seriously.”

        I have no idea what is going on in his life and I like it that way. Just like NONE of us knew what was going on with Angelina Jolie and her surgery and by the way, I didn’t even know Paul Walker HAD a child much less that she’s 15 years old. I just don’t buy it with celebs who say they can’t get away from the media. Yeah, you can.

        Mila Kunis dated Macauley Culkin for what – 9 years – I think I can count on one finger the number of times I saw pictures of them together and I don’t ever remember her talking about him. He’s no Ashton Kutcher in terms of popularity but if she had wanted to blabbed about Culkin and get pap’d – easy – but she didn’t with him. So yes, something has changed. . . .

      • FLORC says:

        Not Radcliff, but he was in the Potter movies and is that age… Lost the name and too lazy to find it. The point is the same though. It is easily avoidable. And should you get papped don’t make a big deal out of it. That will make you a bigger target. Act like you don’t care and no one else will care.

        Just like Kristen and Dax. No one cared about them and they weren’t papped until they made a big deal of it. Now they’re on everyones radar.

        It’s very transparent. And yea. She dated him for 9 years and almost no one even knew they were together until the break up. She knew how to fly under the radar. Now she’s got an agenda.

  5. Side-Eye says:


  6. Reece says:

    Why do we always say someone is showing off their baby bump? It’s only a matter of time before you can’t hide it.
    I know, I’m being bitchy today.

  7. Mel M says:

    I know nothing about the movie they are promoting but I do know that all of the pics I’ve seen of them at this event shows that they have zero chemistry. It almost looks like they can’t wait to get away from each other.

  8. Jayna says:

    I used to think she was cute. I loved her in some movie I saw years ago. But I haven’t thought she was cute for a year or so. Her face just looks odd most of the time, wide and flat.

  9. Moi says:


    This ^

    Congrats to Mila (auto correct made her name Milan lol) and Ashton. Demi and Ashton had an open relationship and were also swingers (they were here in Austin at one point, they were swingers. True story), so I’ve never got my hate on for Ashton.

  10. LAK says:

    I love Mila Kunis. That is all.

  11. Simon says:

    Kimberley Garner is an ex-star of British reality show Made In Chelsea. She lasted one season because everyone hated her.

  12. kc says:

    I am going to add a separate comment because the need for more accurate conversation about the terminology around pregnancy needs to be reiterated with most of the blogs when reporting on mothers-to-be.

    This is not showing off a bump.

    In fact it looks like she would rather crawl into her costar to avoid exposing her maternity.

    Using that descriptor conjures images of these mom-to-be’s are over-exposing or zealously parading their pregnant bellies when it is reported that they ‘show off’ their ‘bumps’. They are usually walking. Or standing. Be more creative in your reporting, please. There are show offs, and when those celebrities are in fact showing off their maternity, they can definitely be called on it.

  13. ZAK says:

    I don’t see her showing off anything either, like at all.

  14. Mrs. Horton says:

    I saw all the pics from the premiere at a different site, and all I could think was how, as someone else put it, overly intimate they seem. She is like all over him, snuggling up to him. She looks like his wife (not physically)!!! I would be furious if I saw a pic of my husband with his costar like that. It’s not even professional and in my opinion the truth is really obvious. Based on what I am seeing in body language, they already hooked up. Doesn’t anyone have respect for their relationships anymore??