Mindy Kaling: ‘It takes a lot of effort to look like a normal/chubby woman’


The Mindy Project finally returns tonight. I CANNOT WAIT. I’ve been thinking about that sexy kiss between Danny and Mindy (Chris Messina and Mindy Kaling) since January. And that’s part of what I love about the show – they were so smart to go on hiatus with such a bang, such a game-changer for the show. And now we get to find out what happens after the kiss! Mindy and Chris were already teasing the aftermath at Paleyfest last week – you can read the EW coverage here (there are some minor spoilers). Basically, they say that Mindy and Danny simply have too much chemistry together to not try something, but of course it’s going to be a damn mess.

Mindy also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote the show. I’m including the videos at the end of the post. Mindy talked about her recent Vogue interview where she proclaimed, “I don’t want to be skinny.”

Mindy Kaling never set out to be the poster child for non-size-zeros. The Mindy Project star was recently praised for telling Vogue she doesn’t “want to be skinny,” but Kaling didn’t find the admission all that revelatory.

“People were like, ‘That’s so great that you said it,’ and I didn’t think that was so weird. Every woman I know feels that way,” she said on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday. Kaling then cited her Topshop look at PaleyFest as an example of her feedback.

“I wear these outfits and stuff. I’m not skinny, but I’m an actor, which…that never happens in the world of regular-sized people and actresses,” the Emmy-nominated TV writer said. “I also am the recipient of a lot of backhanded compliments about it, where people are like, ‘It’s so nice that Mindy Kaling doesn’t feel she needs to subscribe to the ideals of beauty that other people do.’ And I’m like, ‘I do subscribe!’ They’re like, ‘It’s so refreshing that Mindy feels comfortable to let herself go and be a fat sea monster.’ By the way, I like run and work out. It takes a lot of effort to look like a normal/chubby woman. The way they talk about it, [it's] like, ‘She’s a pioneer because she’s glued to her sofa.’”

So why did Kaling decide to show “a little midriff” at PaleyFest? “Unless you have problems, for most women that’s a nice little area right under your bra,” she explained. “Some people were pretty mean about it, but then some people were like, ‘She’s just so courageous!’ Aren’t surgeons courageous?”

All jokes aside, Kaling is happy to give her viewers body confidence. “On my show, I date guys…if that makes girls feel like, ‘Oh you can be normal and get married and having sex’—which largely TV [says] you can’t do—then great,” said the former Office star. “But you also don’t want to be the face of Stay Puft marshmallows. It’s hard when you’re a narcissistic vain person and you wanna be a role model.”

[From E! News]

I like what she says. Truly. I admire her for how she handles all of the weight/body-image crap that other people put on her. At the end of the day, she’s got a completely normal and average figure and why are we even talking about it? She’s incredibly talented, let’s talk about THAT.

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  1. Kiddo says:

    She was pretty funny with the sea monster quip.

  2. aims says:

    I think she’s normal, and I don’t like to talk about people’s weight because it’s a little bit of a slippery slope. What I love about Mindy is her smarts. I think she’s incredibly funny and smart. Which makes her even more attractive in my book.

  3. V4Real says:

    Is she going to be one of those celebs that are the opposite by talking about how hard it is to look good when you’re, her word, chubby as oppose to constantly talking about how hard it is to stay slim Salma Hayek style.

  4. Santolina says:

    She’s talented and happy in her skin, and it sets a good example for other women. Yay, Mindy!

  5. Rainbows says:

    The show had to end on a high, this was a forced hiatus afterall and the buzz was it may not be renewed. When you hear the word hiatus from your Network, you need to play your Ace which is what they did. As it turns out, Fox decided to stick with shows that have a small but loyal followings rather than keep trying to chase pilots for a mega hit show. It seems clear to me that Mindy will want to stretch out the drama between those 2 because her dream finale after multiple seasons would be that they

  6. megs283 says:

    Ah, I CANNOT WAIT for tonight’s episode! One of my coworkers is a new convert, and we already have plans to discuss. That kiss was amazing – I wonder if they’re going to pick up right on the plane, or do some awkward “next day in the office” scene.

    After last night’s HIMYM…I need some joy!

  7. ray says:

    I so hope it doesnt take a huge nosedive like new girl when nick and jess got together. i dont think anyone knew what to do after that. i have faith in ya kaling!

  8. Annie says:

    I like her, but I don’t find that she says anything that makes you really think or shocks you. She’s very, very “safe”, and by safe I mean saaaaafe. I mean to me, saying “I don’t need to be skinny” is just a repeat of what she knows most of the public are going to like and respond positively to. The public like a celebrity looking and weighing somewhat average because they can relate to it, it doesn’t feel like it’s something that’s challenging them, inspiring them, or making them feel uncomfortable in their current state, or making them think about the bigger picture. Give me a celebrity that’s incredibly skinny who says “you know what? Maybe you think this is too skinny, but I don’t give a flying f, I’m not trying to be relatable, I will not gain a pound to please anyone but myself” And then I’ll pay attention. Why? Because It’s something strong, bold, something self-possessed, something not pandering to what “most people” are going to like, something not caring about a backlash. Which is why, although I often don’t agree with what she says, I love Gweyneth Paltrow. She’s a little troll but you can tell she loves it and don’t care what us plebs think.

    • Happyhat says:

      I get you. Although, some people like their celebrities thin and those that are not are EVIL and MUST BE PUNISHED!!!!

      I’d like to see celebs saying, which they sometimes do, they constantly workout and are always on a diet because they are not genetically gifted to be that thin and if they don’t stay that thin they’ll never find work in Hollywood again. You know, “Yeah, I don’t eat what I want, I can’t – I don’t eat that much at all and I haven’t tasted a donut in years!”

      “I’ve been blessed with a good bank-balance, where I get a little lippo and a lot of laser skin resurfacing to counteract the aging effects of the diet I’m always on. So what – what did you think, I was born this way?! I don’t think so!”

    • V4Real says:

      I agree with most of your post but I have a different opinion about this statement.

      “Give me a celebrity that’s incredibly skinny who says “you know what? Maybe you think this is too skinny, but I don’t give a flying f, I’m not trying to be relatable, I will not gain a pound to please anyone but myself”

      I think most slimmer celebs (females) are trying to please everyone but themselves. I think they have given into the Hollywood standards of what a starlett should look like. They believe the skinner you are, the better the chance of you sustaining a Hollywood career. How many times have we heard celebs say I was told to lose weight. So no they are not trying to be relateable, they are trying to stay employed in the business by conforming to Hollywood’s interpretation of beauty.

    • Annie says:

      Yeah, I agreeeee. If skinny is not your thing, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Just please live by your words, rock your preferred weight and don’t go desperately trying to lose weight 3 weeks later. And if you like the skinny aesthetic, please be brave enough to admit to it (even thought it’s unpopular right now), don’t go pussying around with this “Oh, I haaaate skinny, I’ve been to all the doctors to try to gain weight but can’t, my dream figure is like Beth Ditto” crap.

      “They believe the skinner you are, the better the chance of you sustaining a Hollywood career. ”

      Not true, since actresses that are significantly thinner than average get constantly critiqued and attacked with virtual bombs for being “too skinny” and are known primarily for being “too skinny” before their acting craft. Being truly super skinny in Hollywood might actually hurt an actors career, I reckon being around Scarlett J’s size is optimum in terms of public approval. Look at Kate Bosworth – I reckon most on the negative publicity around her is reverse weight discrimation, pure and simple. Having a little chub to you will help a Hollywood career, being skinny as in no extra flesh, will hurt you.

      • V4Real says:

        I don’t mean super skinny. I’m talking the size of Paltrow, Kate Beckingsale, Camaron Diaz, and such, these women fight to maintain their slim figures. Even actresses such as Jennifer Aniston and Katherine Heigl used to have curvier figures but lost a lot of weight to be slimmer and have what they consider the perfect body.

        Did Kate Bosworth have much of a career from the jump?

      • Lindsey says:

        I agree with you that being too skinny does hurt actresses public approval, but I don’t think that was what V4Real was referring to when she/he said:

        “They believe the skinner you are, the better the chance of you sustaining a Hollywood career. ”

        I think they were referring to the pressures that producers, directors, casting directors, agents, and the like place on actresses to be overly thin because THEY hold the erroneous belief that what sells best to the public is super skinny female leads. It’s an enormously sexist and misogynistic system that all too many actresses fall for. Women of all shapes and sizes should be on TV and theater screens, but they are not because the “gatekeepers” of female acting roles have decided that extremely thin is the only body type allowed, with the odd fat girl thrown in for comic relief and visual juxtaposition.

        Frankly, I don’t know why they can’t get it in their thick heads that society likes seeing people of all shapes and sizes on screen. It works brilliantly in the U.K.–there is so much more body and looks diversity on British TV. The overly photoshopped/perfectly polished ideal that’s taken over US TV and films is more off-putting than appealing to me.

      • Annie says:

        “I don’t mean super skinny. I’m talking the size of Paltrow, Kate Beckingsale, Camaron Diaz”

        These women fight to maintain their slim figures eh? All of ‘em are currently at the highest weight I’ve ever seen them. IMO, they are all naturally slender women who have naturally gained a bit of weight with age. They all used to be slimmer, when you look at old pictures, yet I can’t find ANY photographic evidence of any of them being significantly larger than they are now (except during pregnancy for the first two). In fact, Cameron had stated she was bullied at school for being skinny. Look at Paltrow in Emma, she’s around 15lb *lighter* than she is now. Now I personally don’t think that’s GP’s Emma weight would suit her now at 42, but *if* she were to go back down to that, there would surely be a MASSIVE public outcry- since even though she’s steadily gaining weight with age, there are still “skinny biatch” comments aplenty. I still maintain that the most publically approved weight is “somewhat slim but something to grab on to ” a la ScarJo and Mindy rather than genuinely skinny-skinny. Which kind of sucks for those whose “don’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks” weight is Kate Bosworth skinny-skinny.

      • Eleanor Zissou says:

        Are there any overweight ( or even chubbier ) actresses in their 30is being very successfull right now? And not counting comedic actresses?

      • Winterlady says:

        I think the reason a lot of super thin actresses get grief is when it is obvious that they aren’t naturally thin, but painfully skinny to the point it is unhealthy. It isn’t hard to pick out what is natural or not. And I don’t really see how thin celebrities are getting ‘picked on’ or bullied for it. It is still a super shallow world that prefers skinniness to average sized people. Body-shaming is wrong no matter what, don’t get me wrong, but I haven’t observed thin people getting worse judgements in the media then do average/overweight people.

        And no, Kate Bosworth didn’t have the best career, probably because she didn’t have much to offer talent wise, imo.

      • Annie says:

        Edit – and yes, I DO think Kate Bosworth would have more of a career if she plumped up a bit (Do I think she SHOULD gain weight? No, I think it’s her body, her call). But yes, I do indeed think the reason her career has died has a lot to do with reverse weight discrimination, which is sad since I believe she actually worked hard to GAIN weight for blue crush. She’s not mega talented no, but she did have enough talent to compete in Hollywood, had she maintained a more “relateable” weight.

        “I think the reason a lot of super thin actresses get grief is when it is obvious that they aren’t naturally thin”

        When a naturally slender person loses 10lb they can indeed to “scary unnatural skinny” to a naturally heavier easy-gainer person who is not used to that body type. In reality, that 10lb can be gained back within a couple of weeks and is not that big of an issue, it just looks “scary skinny” to naturally stockier folk.

        *Are there any overweight ( or even chubbier ) actresses in their 30is being very successfull right now? And not counting comedic actresses?*

        Not in the “it girl sex bomb” role, nope. But my point is that there IS indeed discrimination against the heavier, BUT ALSO against the ‘too much’ lighter than average. Hollywood only praises those who fit one “publically approved” mould at any one time, with little variation, and discriminates both ways.

      • G says:

        Yes Annie we know, skinny gals have it terribly hard, that is always your point when you discuss weight issues. Kate Bosworth didn’t get anywhere not, because of reverse weight discrimination, but because she is just not that good of an actress.

      • WinterLady says:

        Okay annie, lol I’m not going to fight you on something that you are so passionate about, but I maintain that Kate Bosworth is another pretty face in a sea of pretty faces with little to offer talent and charisma wise. Even us naturally stockier folks can make that judgement without being jelly, surely? My opinion of her and many untalented actresses would not change whether they gained weight to be more ‘relatable’. Same if Minday Kaling lost weight-I would not be interested in her show anymore then I am now even if I like what she says sometimes.

      • Eleanor Zissou says:

        Keira Knightley was veryskinny for a while and it didn’t hurt her career.

        “Not in the “it girl sex bomb” role, nope. ”
        In any role? I can’t think of one.

    • Annie says:

      I am really not necessarily “pro skinny” nor do I think every skinny celeb looks great I am just anti body-bashing and anti judging a person’s merit on their weight be it “skinny” or “fat” or “chubby” or whatevers.

      And really, WinterLady, you reaaaaly think that if Kate Bosworth were that perfect just-slightly-slimmer-than-average-but-something-the-average-folk-can-still-relate-too weight (curvalicious) rather than er, strikingly slim as she is she would still be judged as harshly as she is? HAHAHA, it’s nice to think people are only judging by her talent or lack thereof but welcome to the real world where appearance discrimination exists.

      C’mon, imagine a curvalicious and proud Kate, B, bit of a muffin top hanging out, you all love her, you know you all do!

      • Jay says:

        Many VS models are wayyyy underweight and they’re basically worshipped by many men and women. I think your argument falls flat.

      • Annie says:

        Again, describing a person as “underweight” is at least partially subjective. What most westerners would perceive as underweight would be considered perfectly normal in Japan or Korea or some parts of europe for example. I have already gone over and over why the BMI system is inaccurate. You simply cannot say “person X is underweight full stop”.

    • Penny says:

      @Annie – I get your soliloquy on the pitfalls of being or playing safe. But I think sometimes what we see as such has less to do with someone playing it safe and more to do with a person not having strong feelings on the issue at hand. I find celeb more gimmicky when they make a career out of being controversial and edgy.

  9. Jem says:

    She shouldn’t have to talk about her body or her looks so damn much.

    • Nina W says:

      Why not? It’s the same for every actress out there, they all have to deal with constant scrutiny and discussion of their physical form, it’s par for the course in the profession. I agree she shouldn’t have to talk about it so much but I also think it is one of the things that makes her stand out in a field of generic faces. She’s smart, she’s interesting, she’s funny, and she’s not a starved stick-figure.

    • eva k says:

      Totally agree with you! Why can’t people just let Mindy be her awesome self without always making her address her weight or her state of non-whiteness??

  10. cro-girl says:

    Haha, love her, great point. I don’t agree that it takes work to look like that because it doesnt. It takes work to be fit and to say otherwise is ridiculous. But she was bang on when she said that people were implying she just sits on the couch all day because clearly she doesn’t. She looks healthier than half of Hollywood.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      How old are you? Because, believe me, it takes work, hard work for some people to stay in the “normal” range, not skinny but not fat, especially as you get older. I work out 6 days a week and eat 1200 calories most days, and I will never, ever be skinny. I have accepted that, and I like myself and my body and I’m healthy. That’s because I work VERY hard. So don’t tell me that what she says is ridiculous. It’s not.

      • Winterlady says:

        I agree GoodNames. I was at my fittest and skinniest when I was in the military, and even back then I would still be not be considered ‘thin’. And I ate healthy, ran miles and miles, and was pushed to my limit. Not everyone is the same, no matter what image then try to push in Hollywood.

      • Artemis says:

        I feel you. Luckily I don’t want to be skinny (fit and toned/slender but I can kick your ass) and it’s a never-ending road. Commentary of naturally thin people urging me to take a crumpet or hot cross bun isn’t helping either. Some people don’t understand that you have to be mindful every second because tiny decisions lead up to big consequences or binges (in my case). To stay ‘normal’ I cannot indulge every day and I have to workout 60+ min/day or guaranteed I will gain weight again.

        MK has been skinnier and bigger than she is now and I think that’s why she does do some exercise because she’s prone to overweight. It’s hard work.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        I am almost 40 and I am anticipating that I will no longer be able to just eat anything I like and remain slender.
        Yep. Any day now…

    • cro-girl says:

      Goodnamesalltaken – Im 33, and yes Ive had two children. For what it’s worth Im 5’7 and 130 lbs. Working out 6 days per week and eating 1200 calories might be why you find it hard to keep your weight at a number you feel is acceptable. I’d never eat that few calories, ever. I dont believe anyone should.

      Artemis – Good point about Mindy’s weight fluctuating as evidence of working at it. I do believe she works out but does she work out hard? Clearly not. You say you cant indulge every day and you have to work out at least 60 mins per day. Me too! I thought this was normal and not an excessive approach to fitness.

      • Artemis says:

        If she runs, she works quite hard at it (during her running days at least) being an average woman and not athletic. I know some people run for fun, but a lot of people run because it’s an effective workout.

        I was quite lazy before and didn’t understand why anybody would work out almost every day (even though I knew exercise is important) but since I got healthy I’m into good healthy food and working out and people don’t understand because I ‘look good’. Yeah, now I do! And I have to maintain it which is a drag some days :(

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I never said I found my weight unacceptable. I said I’ll never be skinny. I’m your height and weigh 12 pounds more than you do. I have a curvy but quite “acceptable” figure. But it takes a lot of hard workouts and a restriction in my calories to stay this weight. If I eat more calories, I gain weight. I’ve tried it. That’s why it’s hard – get it? I have to deny myself every single day. When I was your age, I ate whatever I wanted and never gained weight. It’s harder when you get older. Your smugness would annoy me, but, believe me, you’ll find out.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “I do believe she works out but does she work out hard? Clearly not. ”

        Sorry, but unless you are her personal trainer or her doctor, you are in no position to make that determination. It is like trying to determine someone’s cholesterol levels by sight alone. It can’t be done.

    • Nina W says:

      You have no idea what her fitness level is, and your body prejudice is obvious. Just because she fails to conform to your idea of what a fit body should look like does not mean she’s not fit. You don’t have to be skinny to be fit and strong.

  11. wtf says:

    I’ve never watched her show, but I like reading about her in interviews. She seems like a regular chic with regular hangups. I don’ t think she’s a role model for accepting yourself the way god made you. She basically says that she still buys into the societal norms of beauty, but she’s also not going to be all distraught because she doesn’t fit into it.

  12. amanda says:

    Mindy Kaling never set out to be the poster child for non-size-zeros.
    …except that’s all she talks about…

    and I highly doubt anybody has ever said ” ‘It’s so refreshing that Mindy feels comfortable to let herself go and be a fat sea monster.’…

    I think she exaggerates peoples ‘disgust’ or ‘confusion’ about her personal body type so she has something to talk about…talk about your show more if it’s so great! (ive never seen it myself). If it’s great and you’re talented, talk about it…take control of your interviews a bit…because if she’s just saying all this stuff a year from now…boring…!

    I do think it’s good that she specifys “hey, I do work, but I don’t kill myself” when it comes to her body and exercise, though

    • eva k says:

      You make a great point. But I think she’s always talking about it because people are always asking her about it or making comments about it. Perhaps it would help her if she didn’t read what everyone is saying on boards like this! It seems like she’s always having to defend herself on either weight issues or race-related issues, and I think that’s really sad.

  13. Lucy2 says:

    More stuff about her figure! I’m looking forward to when she’s had enough and refuses to answer those superficial questions. I like what she’s said, but she has much more to offer.

    • eva k says:

      Agree with you! It seems now she’s always on the defensive. Hopefully she will take some sage advice from wiser women and just refuse to address such questions. I don’t think comedic actors like Jonah Hill are having to answer questions about their weight all the time.

  14. P.J. says:

    “I also am the recipient of a lot of backhanded compliments about it, where people are like, ‘It’s so nice that Mindy Kaling doesn’t feel she needs to subscribe to the ideals of beauty that other people do.’ And I’m like, ‘I do subscribe!’ They’re like, ‘It’s so refreshing that Mindy feels comfortable to let herself go and be a fat sea monster.’ By the way, I like run and work out…”

    Yes! Just when I thought I couldn’t love Mindy any more 😄 Hollywood is ALWAYS pulling that feigned ‘hero’ crap on any women larger than a size 4. It’s so insulting and I’m completely sick of it. As a lady who’s personally built a lot like Kat Dennings, I do very much celebrate my figure (though a gain of even five lbs can totally throw off my entire shape/wardrobe) but it hardly makes me a beacon or representative of anything anymore than being super thin would.

    Anyway, Mindy Show tonight!!! *Happiness*

  15. Nancy says:

    She’s so amazing and talented I love her and her show I’m so happy it’s finally back tonight!

  16. Bailey says:

    Oh, please, please, please.

    Being an actor is very visual, it’s very important how one looks, especially women.

    It’s the nature of show business, if a lady accountant is not size 2 with near perfect skin and great hair and teeth, but otherwise well qualified, it’s not a big minus for her career, but not actresses.

    It helps very much to look great as a female actor, most people don’t want to pay to see their average looking cubicle neighbour in the movies.

    I think that many women are trying to be thin and try to look as good as possible.

    That’s why there are spas, hair salons, nail salons, tanning salons on almost every corner, not even going into the whole diets thing, way too many to mention or the amount of clothes, shoes, accessories and make up that women purchase.

    The reality is that most women want to loo great, not chubby or overweight, these sound bites just sound good for the masses of people who have weight issues, some PR person prepared stuff.

    Who doesn’t want to look their best?

    Unfortunately actresses that are overweight are more limited in the choices of roles.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I think you’re missing the point, which is that women can look beautiful at different sizes, not that people will pay to see women who are “chubby or overweight.” Not everyone is as judgmental as you are. I think Mindy is beautiful, just as she is.

      • Bailey says:

        Please do not call me anything, you have no idea who I am, just as I don’t know who you are.

        Sorry, but the reality is that most women try to look as good as possible.

        Some women go into real extremes to improve their looks.

        Let’s not be hypocritical about it.

        I didn’t call anybody unattractive, I just said that lots of people go to the movies to see great looking people, for the fantasy of it.

        There are average looking people all around us and we don’t have to pay to see them, movie stars are not all over the place.

        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some people think tulips are beautiful, some think roses are or wild flowers or carnations or lilies or lilacs or sunflowers.

        What is beautiful to you might not be for someone else.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I’m not being hypocritical about anything. And I won’t waste any more of my time as you either cannot or will not see the point.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      If we are only looking for actresses who are a size 2 and beautiful, then we will only be seeing stories about size 2 women. No matter if you are looking for entertainment or enlightenment, that is a REALLY limited view of the female experience. How dull, boring and monotnous.

    • Nina W says:

      Yeah and why are women obsessed with their looks? Because society teaches us that our value is in our appearance and big surprise, we end up being insecure and obsessed with appearance. You can call it “vanity” but I know exactly who taught me to hate what I see in the mirror, my mother. She didn’t do it on purpose but every time she looked in the mirror and said “I look awful, I’m so old,” I learned to do the same. We are all taught to judge ourselves superficially and hate aging, it’s ridiculous and depressing. As is the “beauty” industry.

  17. itsetsyou says:

    I feel like women shoot themselves in the foot – they are constantly talking about their own and other women’s weight, while men don’t care all that much. If you look around – men date ALL types of women. It’s about something else, like happy disposition, confidence, great personality and a certain chemistry that attract certain people to each other. If it were all about being skinny none of actresses and models would have had any problem finding a boyfriend or keeping one (do you hear me Bar Refaeli?).

  18. Samantha says:

    I don’t understand why we all have to think that certain body type is beautiful.
    I have blond hair, very blue eyes and I’m also tall and thin, but I think that dark hair, green eyes and petite ladies are lot more attractive than me.
    Some people think that yellow colour is pretty, some prefer green.
    Why are we being pressured into thinking that that chubby ladies are beautiful and if dare to say anything about it we get into trouble?
    It’s very silly.

  19. Buckwheat says:

    I personally don’t find Mindy attractive, but it’s her body and it’s her choice. I like athletic body types, I find them very attractive. Some people have their types and we shouldn’t be forced into liking someone to be politically correct. Some find curvy women pretty and some don’t. It’s like many things in life, we don’t all love the same things.

  20. janet says:

    She is gross and not because of her looks. Who cares if you’re not 15 lbs thinner. She talks about so she obviously cares. Can’t stand her.

  21. Organicrosehipoil says:

    She can be whatever weight she wants to be, because it’s her body. I have always been very thin, healthy and athletic, and it works for me. Curvy wouldn’t work for me. Everybody is different. I wish her well.

  22. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Every time there’s a Mindy post, it brings out all of the smug, shallow conceited mean girls. Just an observation.

    • VIDELI says:

      Careful, you don’t want to exhaust your ration of name calling for the week.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I’m sorry, but I’m just disgusted. I love this site for the humor and intelligence, but every time there’s a Mindy post, half of the posts are poorly concealed bragging and sniping at anyone who’s not skinny. ” I’m tall, thin and beautiful and it’s just beyond me how anyone could find a chubby woman attractive,” or ” how ridiculous that she claims she works out, if she did she’d be fit and trim like I am.” If I have to use up my quota of name calling on this thread, so be it. I’m so disappointed.

    • Nina W says:

      Mindy does seem to bring out some of the meanies, I noticed it too. It’s funny how people think that they’re “superior” if they’re that much skinnier or fitter or are a more vocal advocate of a healthier lifestyle. And, BTW, this is the Internet and a gossip site, there is never a ration on name-calling around here. I’m not saying anyone should be flamed with obscenities or what have you, but we all come here to say our peace (or piece) and people may disagree, but more power to you. Call ‘em like you see ‘em.

  23. Bella says:

    I feel she is becoming Jennifer Lawrence with so much “I accept my body” talk….I always think the more you talk the more you are concern/inscure about it, IMO. I understand interviewrs make those questions so its expected an answer but I also think the more you talk the more they’ll keep asking and its start to become an issue. Hollywood its shallow shallow place but that is the nature of the beast. I wish women, magazines, actresses, interviewrs etc etc would stop talking about weight and body you never see male actors talking about it unless its a weight related topic for a movie roll like matthew M in Dallas BC

  24. eva k says:

    I love Mindy. I don’t know why everyone thinks she HAS to be the spokesperson now for all women over size 4, or all non-white women in media for that matter. Why can’t people just let her be her awesome self without always bringing up weight and race?