America Ferrera told to lose diva ‘tude on Ugly Betty set

The future of ABC show “Ugly Bettty” is in doubt after the network announced they were putting it on a two month hiatus starting in March. Two other other comedies, Samantha Who and Motherhood, will take over Betty’s coveted Thursday night 8pm slot. The National Enquirer reports that star America Ferrera has been put on notice to behave herself on set now that the future of the show is in question. America is said to have an attitude of entitlement that fosters a negative work environment. Rumor has it that she couldn’t get along with guest star Lindsay Lohan and that she had Lohan’s planned six episodes on the show cut back to four:

“The brass is sick of dealing with the cast’s petty disagreements and infighting instigated by America’s diva behavior,” an insider told The Enquirer.

“They’re hoping the hiatus scares America straight and serves as a reality check that she’s not indispensable – and not the center of the universe.

“Everyone on ‘Ugly Betty’ needs a break – but America is the root of the trouble.

“Producers told her when the show resumes, she had better come back with a smile on her face and without the chip on her shoulder.”

As the Enquirer revealed last fall, America clashed so badly with guest star Lindsay Lohan that she had Lindsay’s role on the ABC series cut from six episodes to four.

America then accused co-star Vanessa Williams of betraying her after Vanessa publicly spoke out in Lindsay’s defense.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, February 16, 2009]

You can hardly blame America for pulling rank when Lindsay showed up on set, chain smoking and dragging her entourage with her. It’s hard to think of Ferrera as a diva, but if this is true maybe it will be the wakeup call she needs to start toeing the line at work and doing her job. America has a plum job as the lead in a popular television show and she hasn’t exactly established herself as a big screen draw despite some notable film roles. She would do well to keep her job as long as possible.

America Ferrera is shown filming Ugly Betty in NY yesterday. Credit: Splash News and Bauergriffin

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  1. vale says:

    As the character that’s least enjoyable to watch and seems totally dispensable in what has become a crap show thanks to her screeching, unrealistic behavior and being really annoying, you’d think she’d take the attitude down a notch.

  2. marie says:

    toeing. it’s toeing the line, not hauling it.

  3. supafly says:

    Why do these people never realise how completely disposable they are? You’d think they’d learn something from David Caruso, who left NYPD Blue for a hotshot movie career (erm… me neither!) before crawling back to TV.

  4. Victoria says:

    Isn’t this always the way it is? The person who’s character is so nice is a pain in real life. I read somewhere that the Wicked Witch of the West(Margaret Hamilton) in Wizard of Oz was the only person who was really nice to child star Judy Garland on the set. The Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion were hateful to her and jealous because a girl was the star.

  5. Enonymous says:

    Ok, I am a fun of Ugly Batty but I have to ask, who names their child America? Also, she has a boyfriend who is way too hot for her.

  6. Enonymous says:

    I mean Ugly Betty, stupid typo.

  7. Bella Mama says:

    America is not an uncommon name in the spanish culture

  8. Ling says:

    Victoria: I feel like Judy Garland and Ray Bolger remained friends. I heard a story that he was the one who found her body, although that might be a fantasy.

  9. manda says:

    wouldn’t it be towing the line, not toeing the line?

  10. voodoobetty says:

    No it is indeed Toeing the line as in to have ones toes touching the line or to be on mark.

  11. anna says:

    Enonymous – I’m curious why you think her bf is “too hot for her”… what does that mean?

    As for attitude, I’ve read (likely on lainey…) that she takes the show very seriously and got Lilo’s appearance scaled back because she was openly drugging w/ her entourage – and America was sick of it. I don’t fault America for having work ethic, frankly more of Hollywood should.

  12. Baholicious says:

    Enonymous, I guess you’re not aware that continents of North and South America are named after Amerigo Vespucci. It’s an Italian name and the feminine is ‘Ameriga.’

  13. Kelly says:

    This is not the first time her “attitude” has been pointed out. A while back she was quoted as having put down her “friend” Blake Lively. She’s just jealous. The show might be a hit..but she’s no looker.

  14. Codzilla says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t judge someone’s character based on their inability to get along with Lindsay Lohan. Everybody hates that skank.

  15. kiki says:

    I dont beleive she is a diva the show is UGLY BETTY she is Betty its her show. I do beleive that the show has run its course thou. there is a Talk Soup clip where She does the side-eye eye-roll at Blake Livey on some co interview they both did for the sister hood of the traveling panties.. and I dont blame America for doing that they were suppose to promote the Movie and the interviewer ask Blake about Gossip Girl that was rude Blake was there to promote her show, I dont think the interviewer asked America about ugly Betty to even things out.
    Lindsay Lohan has screwed herself over she does not have a good work ethic it all comes down to $$ no production is going to pay her if she does not show up to work or be hungover. Lindsay has only to blame herself. that is why Scarlett J. and Jessica Biel keep on working. they have not been to rehab or been seen falling out drunk out of clubs.
    America is a lovely name

  16. JillianY says:

    This seems to fall right in line with America’s recent behavior. Remember when she rolled her eyes at a question directed at Blake Lively about Gossip Girl during the promotions for Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants II?? And she made some derogatory comments about Blake’s show, basically called it stupid and immature.

  17. Kate says:

    So another chance to take a dig on Lindsay,many others defended Lindsay including Michael Urie who just a few days ago said Lindsay Lohan was “fun, spunky, sexy, and cool” and they got along with her well on set?

    Especialy now that its slowly being proven America was a diva and actually jealous of Lindsay and created all the drama?

    Lindsay didnt even answered back to those stories . She is always painted as the bad one.

  18. kiki says:

    I dont blame America they are doing the interview to promote the movie not Blakes Tv show unless the interview keep it balanced and asked America about Ugly Betty

  19. Annie says:

    Ugh. I can’t stand that show.

    But, as I don’t watch it anyway, it being gone for 2 months wouldn’t really affect anything.

  20. emma says:

    she didn’t just roll her eyes at blake, she also verbally put down gossip girl

  21. sissoucat says:

    Kate: I agree !

    If Lindsay had indeed redeemed herself, it was really mean of America to give the final cut to her career.

    Well, it’s an actress-eat-actress world out there.

  22. Maritza says:

    I don’t care for that show anyway!

  23. Becca says:

    Didn’t anyone pay attention to the Blake Lively clip? I like her well enough but they were promoting Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, not Gossip Girl and instead of giving a succint answer Blake seemed like she was going to go on and on and on…I don’t believe America should have rolled her eyes but sometimes things like that happen and even if she is a “diva” that may not have been on purpose and completely unrelated to this new, supposed behavior.

    Things happen between friends, it doesn’t mean you’re not really friends or that you don’t care about each other and both girls denied any tiff between them. I just don’t think you could use that as an example here.

  24. Lulu says:

    I worked on the show one day, and actually Lindsey must have been filming because she ran through the set at one point. And American most certainly did have a “tude!” She flounced out of her dressing room several times and the other cast members (the actor’s who play her family) gave each other looks each time she demanded something. All I have to say is her poor hair person!! It was obvious w/out me hearing any kind of gossip that she was throwing her weight around. I saw every one of the cast members and they seemed perfectly normal and pleasant. And she was obviously keeping her space away from everyone else.

  25. ShanWOW says:

    Whatever she did, I redeem her for wearing those shoes. Mega WANT!

  26. snappyfish says:

    I actually like ugly betty but I believe that after two years at Mode she would dress better. I also think Samantha Who is a very cute show.

  27. Aquarius says:

    Man, it’s sad to read if it’s true…I hope that 1.) America changes her behavior, and fast; and that 2.) the show stops being atrocious. The writers need to shape up.

    Victoria and Ling, interesting timing of your comments, as I’m just rewatching the special edition Wizard of Oz DVDs. I absolutely adore all of the extra interview footage of Margaret Hamilton, and Ray Bolger had nothing but wonderful things to say about Judy; IIRC, Jack Haley and Bert Lahr didn’t mention her specifically in any of the clips shown, but I don’t think they were asked specifically about her, either.

    Also, Judy passed away in the London home that she and her last husband, Mickey Deans, were renting. He was the one who found her.

  28. Ana says:

    I wouldn’t blame her for being pissed about Lindsey because all the reports I’ve read have said she is bad for the workplace and is unprofessional.
    I saw an interview that her and Blake Lively were doing for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 where the reporter started to ask Blake something about Gossip Girl and America got all haught and rolled her eyes. I realize they were interviewing for their movie but it was only about one quesiton. I found it very unproffessional.

  29. Ana says:

    Oops I just realized that some other commenters had already discussed it!

  30. ava unknown says:

    i hope they don’t cancel the show, i do really like it, but i agree they need some new material it’s getting old fast

  31. lucifer says:

    This is not hardly surprising. Rumors have been circulating for a while & then when she threw the evil side eye during the interview for that Traveling Pants movie … that pretty much gave it away that she was a b*tch.

  32. guest says:

    was going to mention the eye roll as well! definite diva.

  33. A Noun says:

    She can be easily replaced. The character is made up of bad clothes, bad hair, glasses and braces. She’s not the only one who can wear them. Recast!

  34. aw! says:

    Where does she get the diva attitude. She’s just as ugly as Ugly Betty is!

  35. Alyson says:

    i am not surprised to hear this at all. one of my best friends is a contracted extra on ugly betty for this season, and she has told me numerous times that most of the cast is absolutely wonderful, except for america. i think the fact that she is the lead has gone to her head, and she thinks she’s the shit. i’ve never met america or worked on ugly betty myself (i did work on gossip girl tho, and blake was a very nice girl) but from things i have heard from my friend and from other actors i’ve worked with who have worked on ugly betty, this story doesn’t surprise me at all.

  36. yggie says:

    Don’t know about America but the show is now crap and that’s probably why it’s going on hiatus.

  37. Bobby says:

    Remember folks, this report comes from the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, not exactly respectable reporting there.

    I’m sure any actor can be difficult, but if they are unfair and bitchy, it comes back to bite them in the ass. Karma is a wonderful thing.

    I love the show, but can’t respect anyone who lords over others.

    As for La Lohan, well, the reports about her from EVERYONE proves she can’t be trusted to do her job or to act professionally.

  38. Taradash says:

    THe “Ugly Betty”: character can changed into a refined lady like the original novela dictates, Ugly Betty eventually removes here braces gets a total real make over and continues

    sick of seeing her in those clothes yet I love the characters around her

  39. madam ex says:

    That show never appealed to me….I kinda liked her though…I hope this isnt’t true.

  40. faye says:

    I hate that they made UGLY BETTY in America, In the spanish novela the girl that played Betty was beautiful, America will never be pretty she looks like a troll.

  41. Snow White says:

    Im not a big fan of the show, but I call BS. She had every right to bitch about Lindsay being there, that girl is a talentless famewhore. I’m sure America is a clever girl and couldnt put up with that. I like her.

  42. Megan says:

    I like how people on this board are talking about Lindsay Lohan causing trouble like they were on set that day. If Vanessa Williams stood up for her, that means something, because that’s not a popular stance to take.

  43. Alan says:

    The National Enquirer got the story about John Edwards and his mistress exactly right when all of the other media outlets were covering for him, so I wouldn’t completely discount this story based solely on the source.

  44. TrippyBear says:

    She is a ROYAL B!TCH period!!!!

  45. COCO CHANNEL says:

    #1 – I have seen this Troll America in interviews, and she is straight up BITCH!!

    #2 – She made mean faces when Blake Lively was talking about her show and basically dismissed her on more than one occasion.

    I honestly think she is jealous and she is always GRUMPY looking.

    Ferrera needs to STFU and leave Vanessa Williams alone, because without Willie, Amanda and Gay Marc, that show is to the pits!

    BTW – her boyfriend is as fug as she is, it’s just that he is better looking than her!

  46. Jenni says:

    This girl does seem completely up herself and arrogant – I wouldn’t want to have to face her on set everyday. Vanessa Williams is brill on the show.

  47. la says:

    a friend of mine at a magazine worked with america and found her to be a total diva who made rediculous demands the entire time. so this is not suprising.

  48. starsign says:

    February 11th, 2009 at 5:43 pm This seems to fall right in line with America’s recent behavior. Remember when she rolled her eyes at a question directed at Blake Lively about Gossip Girl during the promotions for Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants II?? And she made some derogatory comments about Blake’s show, basically called it stupid and immature.

    Yes JillianY, that moment was when I questioned how nice America really was/is. I thought she acted like a spoilt diva. Blake was only answering the interviewers questions, she didn’t initiate the conversation. Who does America think she is lol! She isn’t better than Blake or any of her other peers. That interview really turned me off her.

  49. c.b. says:

    Ive met her at a party, she was very sweet and smiley…..but this was before ugly betty…..

  50. sinji says:

    I thought I read that America had to be forced back by her contract to make Travelling II, she was refusing to do it.
    I thought at the time she was a bit of a diva.

  51. oldtrojan says:

    LOL!!!There is a very simple answer as to why America F. is slowly but surely gaining a reputation for arrogance. She went to USC.Despite the high tuition,it isn’t just a school for the rich elite. It’s for the AMBITIOUS elite.Her inner Trojan has come roaring to life. As for Lilo-of ocurse Vanessa Williams would defend her. She has a scandal in her past. BTW, three of my friends from USC’s Film School have worked with Lilo and they didn’t dislike her either.

  52. Greg says:

    Until Lindsay straightens out her act… I am siding with America on this one. And please Vanessa Williams has diva written all over her. She defended Lindsay because she wanted the rating Lindsay would have gotten the show.
    If America has an attitude let Selma come and give her a piece of her mind… that would fix her.

  53. De says:

    I find this story very unlikely. I have seen her in many interviews and she is always lovely. She justs seems very serious about her craft, kind of like they say Reese Witherspoon is. I also saw her in an interview with her on air sister and they seemed to get along fantastic. Come on guys, this is the National Enquirer. They are only retelling an old story of last summer, when Lindsey’s role got scaled back from 6 to 4 episodes. Ugly Betty is going on hiatus so they have to make up some old story for why. Prison Break, Terminator, 24, George Lopez (before it was canceled) all would go on hiatus during the season.

  54. MJ says:

    You are taking the word of the National Enquirer???? Do you wear a tinfoil hat to keep them from beaming into your brain? Oops. Sorry. You’d have to HAVE a brain! This post is VERY unfair to America Ferrera. Do you really think in this economic environment ABC is going to ditch a hit show? Think again.

  55. Ter says:

    I find the show annoying because they have not moved her outfit choices along one iota. This is beyond frustrating to me, totally not believable and I think I’m just done with the whole concept. I think the writing threads are worse than Lost. Are third graders writing this show now? Next. I would LOVE it if they kick Betty off and focus on the back story of Daniel’s new love interest. Or better yet, write a whole new show for this actress, I like her style.

    Oh yeah, diva or not? Diva. NEXT.

  56. Billy Dee says:

    So much for being a role model for young women. I smelled DIVA when she rolled her eyes during a joint interview where Blake Lively was asked a question about Gossip Girl. Actually, Blake always seems warm and friendly and professional (I’ve watched her filming scene for GG).

  57. Liv says:

    America is Ugly Betty. She leaves, the show will definitely go under and all the glamour stars will be auditioning for other roles. REST MY CASE. I LOVE HER AS UGLY BETTY AND DOUBT THERE IS ANOTHER ONE LIKE HER FOR THAT PART.

  58. M says:

    I do beleive she needs to remember that if it wasn’t for the people watching, the show would have been off the air a long time ago. How sad one gets so full of themsleves they forget their roots. What a little bit of famous will do to a person…..what happened to humble…

  59. Jen says:

    POOR Lindsay Lohan the epitome of pureness, goodness, and professionalism.

    Umm who cares if she hated lindsay lohan. It was time someone other than jane fonda put her in her place.

  60. Lynda says:

    Score 1 for the network!!!! There are stories daily about horrendous behavior from “stars”.

    There are so many talented people in the entertainment world. I would love to see all contracts include a behavior and morals clause. Brats, divas and lowlifes do not need to be rewarded.

    Let’s make some room for talented people that have professional work ethics and behave.

  61. Jacob White says:

    This article is full of BS, i regularly worked as an extra on the first 2 seasons of ugly betty that were filmed in L.A. and i can tell you she was one of the nicest,friendliest and most all around non diva actresses ive seen.

    she was always nice to everyone be it costars, or extras(like myself) who might be on set.

    heck durring the 2 part “Derailed” episode that filmed over night at the MTA subway station at wilshire and western she even sat in the tent with all of us extras to eat durring the meal break. talking to many of us there, and at the end of the long night she made a point to thank everyone.

    very few “STARS” are that plesant but America definately was its a shame that someone as nice as her gets lies spread around about her.

    you want to talk about a Celebitch look no further than Lauren Grahmm who treated the extras who would work on Gilmore girls like they were lower than scum. She had the audacity one time to even announce”here come the cockroaches” when the background extras were brought into work on a scene durring one day of filming of gilmore girls run.

  62. ALoz says:

    I worked with America and let me just say that she is everything this articles claims her to be. She was very rude and demanding. She had a huge sense of entitlement and she seemed to think that she was above me and my partner. We were doing her hair and makeup for a conference where she was guest speaking. I would never work with her again no matter the pay. You cannot put a price tag on self- respect. She treated us like servants and I got the distinct impression that she wanted us to stroke her ego. If I stroke anyone’s ego it will be that of my clients who treat me as their equal and nothing less.

  63. ALoz says:

    I worked with America and let me just say that she is everything this articles claims her to be. She was very rude and demanding. She had a huge sense of entitlement and she seemed to think that she was above me and my partner. We were doing her hair and makeup for a conference where she was guest speaking. I would never work with her again no matter the pay. You cannot put a price tag on self- respect. She treated us like servants and I got the distinct impression that she wanted us to stroke her ego. If I stroke anyone’s ego it will be that of my clients who treat me as their equal and nothing less.

  64. Shemp says:

    The Show’s over – literally! I wonder if Myth America will have an easy time finding work…~?