Mindy Kaling shows off her (hopefully) temporary bangs: unflattering or cute?


Mindy Kaling has new bangs! Sort of. Mindy Instagram’d some photos of her bangs a few days ago, just before she appeared on Chelsea Lately (yeah, I know). According to Mindy, she told her hair stylists that she wanted to look like “one of Pharrell’s friends”… which is possibly one of the best descriptions I’ve ever heard for a “look”. Seriously, if I told you to close your eyes and picture a girl who is friends with Pharrell, what comes to mind? I get two archetypes: one is the swag-tastic androgynous girl with hair like Mick Jagger circa 1972, wearing some kind of menswear. The second girl I get is someone mixed race, with blunt-cut bangs and plastic jewelry.

But, as other sites pointed out, Mindy’s bangs seemed to be very temporary, because they only lasted for a day or two and then she was back to her bangs-less selfies. I guess they were clip-ons. Clip-on bangs are either brilliant or the worst thing to ever happen, I can’t decide. I guess they’re brilliant because grown women who feel the bangsy itch can relieve themselves with a temporary solution, and when they see how bad they would look in bangs, then they can just take them out. But they’re the worst thing to happen because we still have to see grown women with bangs. So, for the record: I hate the way Mindy looks with bangs. They do not suit her face whatsoever. She looks SO much better without.

Here’s a clip from Mindy’s appearance on Chelsea Lately. Honestly, I could barely concentrate on what Mindy was talking about because I was too busy staring at Chelsea’s completely frozen BotoxFace. It’s crazy.



Photos courtesy of Mindy’s IG & WENN.

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  1. Lucy2 says:

    I think she looks better without- she has a beautiful face and you can see it better without the bangs.

  2. Val says:

    I really don’t understand the general bang-hate on here.

    I actually think she looks cute with them!

  3. blue marie says:

    I like her hair either way, both are cute.

  4. Aurie says:

    Woah….I don’t think Chelsea looks botoxed, but rather bloated, like Jennifer has been looking lately (just watch her Aveeno interview a few weeks ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6j8ue2lJPlo)

    • Holly says:

      Agree. They both look like they have fillers settling — and can’t give up the booze. It’s funny that two such image-obsessed people keep doing the things that are really aging them (smoking and drinking). But, I guess two such empty people need to fill the void somehow!

    • Krista says:

      Yikes! I couldn’t even watch the whole thing.
      If I did that to my face (while claiming I’m mostly all natural, and shilling a skin product) then I wouldn’t dare go out in public until things settled. How long does that take anyway?

  5. Ellie says:

    I love bangs, fringes to us here in the UK,. I don’t get why they’re hated so much. Some people need them, especially if they’ve got a dodgy forehead or hairline.

    Bangs really suit Mandy, they emphasis her gorgeous bone structure.

  6. smee says:

    That bangs don’t work on her – LUCKILY they’re fake! She doesn’t really have the right shaped face for that hair style.

    I despise the “romance” between her and Danny on her show – and then it was abruptly over last night. Let’s hope it sticks – I prefer her parade of weirdo boyfriends.

    • Holly says:

      When I clicked on this story, I immediately thought “bangs?! how about what the hell she’s doing with/to her show?!”

      Running 2 shows back-to-back only makes it worse. I don’t understand how she can sit there and tell Chelsea how she could never have her character’s love life bc of time and reality, yet her character is a doctor and is supposed to pull it off. As Adam Pally would say — during his Happy Endings’ days — it’s “weak sauce”!

      It’s a total bummer that every episode now is like a can of Pick Up Sticks dumped on the floor; MESS!

  7. Zimmer says:

    Don’t like the bangs, but I love her show and I heard about it first on Celebitchy!

  8. minime says:

    I actually really love bangs..but not on everyone nor with every hairstyle.
    I think she looks gorgeous without them.

  9. Krista says:

    OMG the kissing thing! I died!
    I feel the same way. And I’m in a long term and satisfying relationship. I love to just make out with him and then turn over and go to sleep. My poor guy.

  10. MynameisPeaches! says:

    I think she looks nice with a fringe. I love a fringe. In fact I have a fringe and I rock it. Don’t get the fringe hate at all.

  11. Jana says:

    I think she looks cute with them, but they’re too long.

  12. AlmondJoy says:

    Kaiser, I know you hate bangs but they’re really not as bad as you think! I love them on Mindy and I looked pretty dang cute when I had bangs of my own 😉Sometimes we just want something different without getting a drastic cut, and bangs give you the feel of getting a mini makeover. Love them.

  13. idk says:

    I like how she calls her fans the “Mindians” ha ! I don’t mind bangs on her, but I’m glad they were clip on. Growing out bangs is a b*tch.

  14. Nancy says:

    I think she looks cute and sexy with the bangs *shrugs*

  15. aasf says:

    She Looks a lot better with bangs!!!!

  16. GByeGirl says:

    I’m kind of curious as to the source of Kaiser’s bang-hatred. Childhood home haircut trauma? Bangs of some variety are actually more flattering than none at all. Not many can pull off a straight, blunt short fringe, but a longer side sweep is almost always universally flattering.

    I have a short, squared-off forehead. Not quite as intense as that Real Housewive’s chick (she has a one-head) where as I’m more of a three-head. I look hideous sans bangs.

  17. Cort says:

    What Can Brown Do For Me?……. get rid of those bangs!