Duchess Kate in a green Erdem coat in New Zealand: gorgeous or unflattering?


Here are some photos of Duchess Kate and Prince William, still in New Zealand, this time in Cambridge (get it?). They met the mayor, they visited the town hall, William did some stuff and Kate visited a children’s hospice and it was all very nice.

For the day’s activities, Kate wore this emerald green Erdem coat the entire time. Is that weird? I think it’s a little weird, considering she was doing events inside and outside and she never once showed off what was underneath the coat. That being said, it’s a gorgeous coat. I’ve been enjoying Kate’s jewel tones thus far on this tour, and here’s another example of why she should wear more bold greens, reds, blues and purples. Apparently, William didn’t like it though – she told people that William told her it was too bright. Why is William always trying to hide her away? We always talk about what the Queen thinks about Kate or what Charles thinks about Kate, but really… it sometimes seems like William wishes Kate got less attention.

As for the hair… it would be too much to hope for another ponytail, I guess. Or even a chic chignon? Perhaps just the front part clipped back in some fabulous bejeweled hair accessory? Or course not. But to her credit, there aren’t 20 million photos of her fiddling with her hair this time. Slow progress.

You can read about Kate’s trip to the Rainbow Place Children’s Hospice in Hamilton here. There are lots of details and quotes from some of the kids she met with and Kate… well, she put in an effort. She doesn’t really have a gift for interacting with children (like Diana and Harry) but she did put in some effort, so good for her.

PS… I kind of think that Kate will repeat this Erdem coat next St. Patrick’s Day.





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Birdix says:

    Do men with baldness like that realize the extent of their hair loss? It’s not like he can see the back of his head when he looks in the mirror. Wonder if he looks at photos of himself.

    • Kate says:

      He’s too busy telling Kate her coat color is too bright to worry about Windsor baldness.

    • cyn says:

      He would look a lot better if he simply shaved off the last few remaining hairs..

    • Merritt says:

      Why wouldn’t he know? Goodness knows he has probably seen enough pictures of it. Going bald can be a sensitive issue for a person. When my father went bald, he just groomed the remaining hair as well as he could, no comb over though since he was not delusional. And eventually chemo took the rest of his hair.
      Why do you care? Because I’m sure the bald people of the world don’t care that you have issues with their head.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Thank you. My husband is balding, and he’s very handsome. People are so unkind about men losing their hair. It’s not as if they can help it.

      • Birdix says:

        Well, it’s like the salon– they always hand you that mirror to show you the back of your head. Honestly, unless there is a rat’s nest, I don’t care what he back of my head looks like. Wiliam will look fine bald, might give him some gravitas.

      • Nicolette says:

        @GoodNamesAllTaken, my hubby is balding too. It got to the point where he just decided to buzz the rest of it. Just like your husband, he is also quite handsome. He had gorgeous hair and I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss it, but what can you do, it’s life. Humor has always been his strong point so when people make a wisecrack (and they do, but it’s ok because he is a huge wise ass himself and can take it) he just tells them this means there’s more focus on his handsome face. :)

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Thanks. The unkind remarks bother me much more than they do him. He has a mug in his office that says “who needs hair with a body like this?” And he makes jokes about it, too. It just hurts my feelings “for” him, if you know what I mean. I just need to take a page from your book and get over it, I guess. People are going to be insensitive.

        The worst thing anyone has said to me was one woman, when we got engaged, who said, “oh, sorry, I just couldn’t do bald.” That was 18 years ago, lol, so perhaps I need to let it go.

      • LadyAnne says:

        @GoodNames I feel exactly the same : my beautiful husband has been balding since he was 20, so he’s quite used to the stupid remarks (and he gets some every damn week), but I get very upset over the issue. I feel like people are only looking at that part of him, and that they reduce his personality to his thinning hair. Makes me cringe. And really, the balding jokes are NEVER funny.

      • GreenTurtle says:

        I consider male balding to be in the same vein as women gaining weight. We all know and we are all sensitive about it. I doubt a man could not notice he was going bald. Kate, on the other hand… Holy crap- yes, you have a big old fluffy sausage curl mane. We get it. That coat is meh. And fussy. Lots of wacky seams going on.

      • Liberty says:

        My husband is losing his hair, formerly thick dark gorgeous Irish locks, too, but it looks ok on him. So he buzzed it; he looks like a sports dude and looks fine. In fact I think he likes it, because he is always being asked if he is Bruce Willis when he travels, to the point he his friends and colleagues in LA and NYC kid him about it. Bruce is older but I can get the reason people get confused. He was getting free drinks at some hotel bar in Ireland once and found they were from “fans” and felt terrible and paid for them. So..skipping the hair has been ok for him.

    • Wiffie says:

      This got me thinking. So I actually went and touched the back of my head. What a trip! I’ve never reached there before! All this hair, kind of round. I think people should make an effort to get in touch with themselves more, touch the back of their heads, really get a feel for what’s going on there, because most people have no clue about the hair on their own heads. Thank you for this!

    • Amy says:

      I love her coat! Pretty shade of green :)

      Is she pregnant?

  2. manda says:

    I think the coat would be prettier without that weird zipper. It’s like a puffer jacket zipper. I think I just don’t like her style.

  3. ArtHistorian says:

    Her style is always “meh” – when doesn’t make a faux-pas.

  4. cyn says:

    Of course it’s going to appear as though she “made an effort” — she has the cameras of the world on her and she is visiting children impacted by cancer!!! What’s she going to do, go into the room visibly scowling and dragging her heels?

    • fashionista says:

      Psst. cyn – if you read the post and ensuing comments, this post is about CLOTHES – not whether or not she is pulling her weight. Look elsewhere if you want something deeper.

      • FLORC says:

        Cyn makes a fair point.

        I remember the visit to riot victims of a protest. Kate wore a Military inspired McQueen outfit. She was spotted looking strained to care and smiled at very terrible times. The PR from that was a nightmare. And then she was seen shopping for hours later that day.
        I say this because Kate has made rather foolish decisions. This is in fact an improvement.

        Also, many posts that start on Kate’s wardrobe spiral into other topics. More often because Kate only gives us clothes and hair to discuss. Threads here that have been oer Cressida’s clothes have spun into royal courting methods and weddings throught history.

        I would suggest that if you do not want to discuss anything except the inital topic these threads are not such places. Conversations evolve rather rapidly here.

    • Curious Cole says:

      Cyn is right, although the “effort” is an improvement, it’s still terrible.

      I could only read two of Kate’s inane comments to the little ones before rolling my eyes. I lost my dad to leukemia when I was 16, and I would Not have appreciated having to respond to her dumb questions on top of the hospitals and death. It’s like she was hoping the kids would help her out with speaking.

      Kate really hasn’t got a clue, and while becoming a mother has helped her, I suspect she will always struggle to connect. At least she and William seemed more relaxed together in public on this trip. Infinitesimal baby steps.

  5. Audrey says:

    I like it but I’m not crazy about it

    I keep waiting the promised jewellery porn

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Agree and agree!

    • L says:

      Alas, there will be little on this tour. Mostly because of protocol.
      1) there are no state dinners and those are the only ‘sanctioned’ tiara events
      2) they’ve said over and over that it’s a nonformal tour, so even big necklaces and braclets would be frowned on.
      3) Crown Jewels are legally not able to leave the country. Even when the queen travels she takes the pieces that she owns outright and not ones that belong to the crown. And since the queen had a state dinner AND is a stickler for protocol….no jewelry porn on this tour

      Now as to when she gets home…bring them on please!

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      Upon marrying Kate inherited a great deal of Diana’s personal jewelry, per the divorce agreement. But I believe Kate will not be comfortable beeing seen in them for quite awhile. She doesn’t seem too fond of big, jewel encrusted pieces and she probably realizes how recognizable Diana’s jewelry would be.

      • Angelique says:

        I’ve never heard of such an agreement but Kate constantly shows off Diana’s ring in a very obvious way so I think she does love big showy pieces. She probably hasn’t worn many significant gems is she hasn’t gone to many events when it would be appropriate (except one tiara dinner). IMO she would be wearing Diana’s jewels if she could.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Charles and Diana’s divorce agreement is available for anyone to read if they can access it. And if that is Kate’s engagement ring it belongs to her. It was formerly Diana’s. Diana retained all of the jewelry she received during the marriage (excluding state pieces of course) with the stipulation that they were not allowed to be sold publicly or privately. Diana further requested that the majority of her pieces would go to William’s wife upon his marriage. Harry got a lot of her jewelry as well. So technically Kate now has some really great pieces. But I suspect she treats them more as family heirlooms than wearable art. Again, the sapphire ring hardly counts because it was her engagement ring and therefore takes on more personal meaning, imo.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Thank you, Dame Snarkweek. Let me know if you spy any of Diana’s jewelry. I suspect that you might be right that Kate either doesn’t like or doesn’t yet feel comfortable wearing the big, jewel encrusted pieces.

      • If I was Kate, I’d be wearing that every single day, and twice on Sundays….

      • T.C. says:

        I don’t know Dame. Seems to me Kate loves to be associated with Diana. Since she got Diana’s ring, she went out of her way to pointedly display it every chance she got. It’s in EVERY frame of her pictures the first two years .

        I think she doesn’t wear the rest of the jewelry because she’s just not into them. Just like she’s just not into putting her hair up or wearing appropriate skirt lengths or being called a Duchess. She wants to keep looking like a 20 something, the big jewelry would make her look more “mature”.

      • Audrey says:

        I don’t think she flashes it cause it was Diana’s ring

        She flashes it cause she waited like 10 damn years for a ring lol

        Thanks for the explanation. I’m sad that she won’t be wearing much. I thought I read an article about the queen loaning her pieces for the trip so I expected some awesome pics of it

      • Hazel says:

        Jewelry can always be reset. I inherited my mother’s jewelry & had a few things re-done to suit me. That sort of thing happens a lot & might take some of the onus out of Kate’s wearing ‘Diana’s’ jewels.

      • FLORC says:

        While I also think the ring is not flashed because it was Diana’s, but instead because she waited forever for it sounds right.. I’m questioning that now. Too many royaloonies here are spotting how Kate tries to mimic Diana’s outfits and where she wore them.
        Again, I thought people were reading too much into it, but a bright red coat with huge buttons along with George’s outfit… Very many occasions can’t be coincience over and over again, can it?

      • CynicalCeleste says:

        T.C., i think you may be on to something there.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Agree with you ladies. I will just say that since there are a couple of reasons why Kate always has her ring front and center it can be possible that any one reason is correct. I love the speculation lol. I really like the idea of having the pieces redesigned and reworn. It shows respect to Di’s memory and makes the piece personal and fresh.

  6. MinnFinn says:

    If that coat were longer Kate would look like a giant ear of corn. Especially when her hair gets frizzy from the misty weather they’re having.

    Actually, I don’t hate the coat. I’d like it better as a dress sans front zipper and collar though.

    Willy has worn that same navy suit at least 3 times on this tour. He needs to change it up. It’s not like these two need to pack light so he has no excuses.

  7. smee says:

    Maybe she was wearing the coat in order to keep her dress down!
    It’s Fall in NZ – it’s prob. cold. I like the color, but I do not like the zipper.

  8. DarkSparkle says:

    Kate fangirl here, and this is so underwhelming it hurts. As is the repeat of the buttony blue blazer/skinny jeans/wedges on DM today. Also the meh green dress with olive-meh shoes. And still no jewelz. Sigh.

  9. vangroovey says:

    Too bright? Ugh, William is ugh.This just solidified my hate for him. Not her, him.

    • Mel M says:

      Right?! Gotta wonder if he’s turning into his father more when it comes to attention on his wife and not himself.

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      He could just have a British love of colors like oatmeal and greige and genuinely found the coat to be distractingly bright. Not every comment has to have a shocking underbelly of passive aggressiveness and/or a snivellous alterior motivation.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Agree. My husband is a sweetheart and he doesn’t like Kelly green. It’s just a preference.

      • vangroovey says:

        “A shocking underbelly of passive aggressiveness and/or a snivellous alterior motivation?” Really? I think it sucks that he told her he thought it was too bright, so I said that. I’ve been falling out of like for Willy for some time, and for me, this closed the case. Don’t see what alterior motivations or anything have to do with that.

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:

        I was being sarcastic. But in the utmost of seriousness, maybe he’s just an incredibly dull dude who wants to make sure that his life remains predictable and dull so he doesn’t have to feel invaded by attention anymore than he already has to. Perhaps he feels that his mother’s life went in a certain direction because of her charisma and the attention it engendered, who knows?

        I totally see where you’re coming from, and I would never marry/date/take orders from anyone that frumpy, period.

      • vangroovey says:

        Gotcha stars, my bad. I can miss sarcasm sometimes — nay, a lot. I guess for me the issue is that he told her that now. Like, really Willy? (Or, I assume he told her on the day she wore it…maybe not, but that is the assumption I’m working with…lol.) Regardless of whether or not Kate spends too much time on clothing instead of working, I still think it’s shitty that he said that to her knowing that every, single solitary aspect of her wardrobe is being picked apart this month. I mean, the woman is probably a nervous enough about her outfits (what will the press say about this ensemble? Is it this? Is it that? yada, yada, yada…..I just think he didn’t have to add to the dress stress, ya know.

      • FLORC says:

        The comment stuck me as passive aggressive from William. But also very snarky passive aggressive from Kate! I wonder if William is pleased she told people he didnt like her outfit? Not that he’s incapable of having an opinion different from Kates. More that his image is now tarnished as the man who disliked his wifes coat. This would be worse if her coat was well received imo.
        Just speculating. I see a lot of couples that do that.

      • vangroovey says:

        That could very well be, FLORC. I was also surprised she said what she did — but I guess that is why it struck me, like it was the last thing or her mind before “ACTION! Smiles on! Chin UP!” I am not fair to William and never give him the benefit of the doubt (hey, at least I admit it), and I just have this image of him saying “by the way, that coat’s too bright” right before they stepped “on stage” to throw her off her game. Really needly and snarky-like. LOL. Of course he would never want her to mess up in public as it reflects badly on him, but William is such a villain in my mind that I can’t help assume the worst…lol. Basically, I think of him as a real-life Joffrey Baratheon.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        I thought something along similar lines. But I truly think that since we spend so much energy interpreting all things royal it is a surprise when we see little things like this. I think Kate and Will may have a relaxed, comfortable, silly/fun relationship in private that would boggle our minds. He probably screwed up his face when he saw the color of the coat, to which Kate probably laughed and some jibes/cracks were exchanged in a good-natured way. Kate seems more relaxed/approved of on this trip and so felt comfortable throwing Will under the bus. It seems fun to me but it is so hard to pick up irony/humor in print without the right amount of context. But I think if Will had been in earnest we would never know about this story because Kate would never have worn the coat. So the comment feels like a harmless version of her flashing the loser sign to Will.jMO.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Understand. It was just the last straw for you with him.lol

  10. deb says:

    They also went to a vineyard and were shown tasting wine — William seems to be sucking it back, whilst Kate is much more tentative, gingerly sipping a bit here and there. Calories, calories, calories I suppose.

  11. L says:

    I like it, I actually like the zipper and the stitching detail down the front at at the bust. Keeps it from being to boring. Wish the hair was up (which is a pipe dream at this point)

    The aqua dress she wore to Palm Sunday devices? love love love that, although again with the hair. She had it up for the shoot over boat (which I did when I was in queenstown and it is awesome awesome awesome. Totally worth it) and it looked great. I just don’t get why the hair is the same every time else.

  12. Mich says:

    I’m not even going to shade the hair (past the backhanded shade I just gave it ;) . This trip has been great PR for her. She is obviously enjoying herself and seems like a true adult instead of a the ‘girl’ she has come off as in the past.

    There is a totally adorable picture of her giving a little girl the traditional Maori nose rub greeting on the DM followed up by one of the little girl giving her a huge hug. Very sweet.

    On the other hand, the majority of pics here of Wills…blech. Why is his head so fuzzy in a few of them? He was so photogenic as a young man. What happened?

  13. Goofpuff says:

    the coat seems ill fitted, like it needs better tailoring. I like the color and she does need to pull her hair back. her acessorizing is boring this tour.

  14. escondista says:

    I’m joining PETM (people for the ethical treatment of muppets) after seeing her coat. Kermit was a dear favorite and didn’t deserve that.

  15. elkiddo says:

    Her hair looks awful. So much for hiring a professional hairdresser.

    • carol says:

      people always say her hair looks bad. But what would they want it to look like?

      • Angelique says:

        It just hangs down around her face. If you look at the Crown Princesses of Europe, all of them have long hair but it is shoulder length and is often worn up or in a chignon. Queen Mathilde has the shortest hair but it is always styled perfectly.Madeleine of Sweden is the only princess I can think of who looks fab with long, flowing tresses.

      • elkiddo says:

        I’ve seen a lot of photos of her hair looking shiny, bouncy and healthy looking. But i don’t understand why it looks like this when it is well published that her hairdresser is accompanying her on this trip. Seems like a waste of good money if limp and dull looking hair is the end result, it defies the whole purpose of having a hairdresser plays tag along. :(

        Not to say that she doesn’t look fine because she does.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        I’m sorry but I get so tired of the other European princesses being dragged into every Kate thread. I would welcome the chance to learn more about them and their accomplishments for the sake of knowledge/interest. But, with few exceptions, that is never what happens. It is always some girl-on-girl judgemental comparison. If other royals are awesome just let us know why. And since I’m ranty – one would think the only princesses that existed are in western and northern Europe. Ugh.

      • bluhare says:

        But they’re the best comparison, Snarky! Who else if not them?

      • Angelique says:

        Yes thank you bluhare. Dame, let’s compare her to celebs/persons of interest who wear their hair (and extensions) very long and loose. Ahem:
        Kim Kardashian, Beyonce (formerly), Fergie, Lindsey Lohan, Sophia Vergara, Jared Leto. So I guess Kate fits in nicely with this bunch because eventhough she is a duchess, she is really just like us.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        The other royals are only brought up to judge by comparison. There are no discussions of their merits or flaws in its own right. And I have never once read about William or Harry being compared to other royals in Europe. Maybe so but I must have missed that one. Maybe if Kaiser wrote about them more that would help. But maybe, despite the effervescent, flawless, glowing perfection of the European princesses, they are just dull. Idk however.

      • bluhare says:

        I don’t think the European princesses are flawless (except for Estelle, of course!), but I do think they’re good comparative material for Kate wardrobe discussions. I mean, none of these people really slog it out all day, right?

    • wolfpup says:

      Kate looks fine, all she needs to do is dress like a lady, and everybody would be happy. She will never be a style icon, so why don’t we give it up, She is not a heavy-weight, and I doubt the royal family is worried about her eclipsing them.

      Hair jewelry porn is such a good idea!

  16. Liz says:

    That is a gorgeous coat. Don’t blame her for not taking it off.

  17. Santolina says:

    I agree that Kate should wear vibrant jewel tones. Underneath, there’s supposedly a “green-and-white floral print silk dress by Suzannah with a ’30s inspired cut” mentioned in the link you provided, but I haven’t seen a picture of it. Instead of grumping, William needs to heap praise on his wife, like a gentleman should. Methinks he heard his father complain about Diana one too many times…

  18. Hazel says:

    Too zipped up, too buttoned up, too closed up. This coat, the Mulberry one with flower buttons, and the M Missoni were all styled open (see What Kate Wore) by their makers, but that’s not for the Duchess, apparently. And is it too hard for her to walk with her arms at her side? The photos of the walk through the vineyard just look odd. And then there’s the single color aspect. I like it when the Queen does it, but not anyone else. You know what I mean, red dress under a red coat, blue dress under a blue coat, green dress under a green coat. Ugh. On the HM, it’s queenly, on Kate, it’s matronly.

  19. DameEdna says:

    Too bright? When you consider the colours his granny wears, I think she’s doing fine.

    The issue of “class” is much less rigid in the Antipodes. I wonder if Kate is feeling a sense of freedom Down Under…..she certainly appears to be much more relaxed.

    • Cersei says:

      I agree. The coat is ill-fitting, but not too bright. PW probably just doesn’t like it and had to say something. But, as someone said earlier, she looks better in jewel tones. A couple of years ago she wore a deep purple coat and velvet hat that really complimented her complexion and made you take notice of her. And, yes, she does seem more relaxed here. She’s been caught scowling a couple of times, but mostly she’s wearing big grins. I think her morale goes up with each shotgun blast of adoration she gets from the Kiwi crowds. Makes me wonderful what her life is really like back in England.

  20. pukimak says:

    I wonder, why kate loves her sausage curl so much. reminds me of diana and her waves. but it was in the 80s. Gwyneth’s flat iron seems more relevant to this years of time.

    Moderator note: Banned multiple nicks

  21. Vanderhootchie says:

    I really like it. I love the blue Zara blazer, too. I think she always looks beautiful.

  22. CynicalCeleste says:

    Three cheers for wearing flight-disembarking friendly attire! That zipper may look weird but it held her skirts firmly in place and it’s a very modest length, so no exposing herself when bending down to speak to kids.. At this point, it’s no longer about commenting whether i like or don’t like something she wears, it’s about whether her outfit is appropriate and professional. The green coat works. Good job, kate.

  23. The Original Mia says:

    Boring, hausfrau housecoat. Gorgeous color but extremely bland.

    Notice she initially forgot to wear her poppy for Rememberance Day. This is why she needs a dresser and stylist. Luckily for her the sausage curls hid that fact until they got her one for the service.

    I love the narrative that Kate doesn’t drink because she doesn’t like alcohol. Oh really? Then what had her falling out of clubs? Endorphins? She doesn’t drink because of the calories and perhaps, a desire not to mess up at events.

    Stumbling in those ridiculous wedges. Surprised it hasn’t happened more often. What’s the point of wearing them when she has to change into boat shoes to actually do her thing? Silly.

  24. Sugar1 says:

    Wills doesn’t like the bright colors…I am guessing he prefers she wear her hair down too.

  25. gamblea says:

    That header picture reminds me of the snowman from Frozen.

  26. OTHER RENEE says:

    Love the coat. Love her style.

  27. zut alors! says:

    Does she have to keep her hands clasped in front of her even whilst walking? It looks unnatural. Is that some kind of royal protocol?

  28. Itsetsyou says:

    I like the coat. I don’t like that William gets to comment on it. She isn’t wearing some stupid flashy outfit. It’s very modest as if this guy thinks it’s “too bright” I kind of understand most of Kate’s wardrobe choices now. And her hair. I used to date a guy who thought he knew how I should dress- never again.

  29. lucy2 says:

    Love the color, dislike the zipper.

  30. TheCountess says:

    Pretty color and I generally like the coat but I loathe visible zippers. Was this the winning garment in a Project Runway challenge?

  31. A Fan says:

    Beautiful, elegant, and appropriate.

    [*Not sure how there could be criticism of it, but I'm guessing there will be*]

  32. HoustonGrl says:

    Her hair is way longer here than at the play date. I think she gets extensions put in plus sausage curls whenever she doesn’t have an engagement with George.

  33. Katie says:

    I love Kate but that looks like an old lady’s house coat. She should NOT repeat that outfit. Ever.

  34. KateBush says:

    Don’t like the coat. But I do like the bright jewel tones she has been wearing this tour. Her hair definitely looks longer here than the other day at the play date do she must be wearing clip ins. I don’t mind the sausage curls I appreciate a curl much more than ghastly flat ironed hair ala Goop.

    She seems to genuinely be enjoying meeting the public and seems very relaxed with them. I’m glad they got to see Queenstown and enjoy some of NZs stunning scenery and vineyards. The coverage is great PR for us! :)

    • Sacred And Profane says:

      Doesn’t everyone have a great time in NZ? I adore the place; the natural beauty, the history, Maori culture, and love the Kiwi people. I can’t wait to go there again for my umpteenth visit in September.

      I actually am really liking Kate’s outfits on this jaunt. Nearly everyone dislikes the exposed zipper, but I love it. It gives a modern edge to what is essentially, a very plain coat. (Mind you, those who know me are well aware of my love of zippers, buckles and studs…) It’s appropriate for the event and NZ’s Autumn weather. I prefer her hair up, though. A chignon makes her look so much more elegant. If not up, her hair should be off the sides of her face; perhaps pulled back and flowing down her back?
      Oh, and I’m no particular fan of Kate or any of the a royals.

      It will be interesting to see what she pulls out for her Australian stopover. I am predicting bloody wattle embellishments, and elements of green and gold, but really hope not to see this. Yuck. Green and gold/yellow never manage to look good together, no matter the tone or shade. Our Olympics teams have been looking awful since we adopted those two colours for our sporting emblems and dress. Daggy.

  35. wow says:

    I don’t like this coat. It looks like felt or something you’d find on a miniature golf course.

    I am, however, liking Kate more on this trip/vacation.

  36. Jasrina says:

    God, Kate’s clothes look similar to maternity wear. She really has no clear distinct style, just boring old lady pieces. I can never understand, with all of his money, why Prince William has SUCH yellow teeth and cannot be bothered to get them whitened…like Kate’s veneers.

  37. SoCal says:

    The coat is a nice color but it looked like a potato sack; a fit & flare coat would’ve been a better look.
    The Palace managed to get through her skull about wearing longer dresses, but they need to tell her to tie back the curtain hair. Its a shame that the only updo she does with her hair is a ponytail. She wore a lot of half up styles during the Canada/California tour, but since then its been terrible. What is she paying this hairdresser for, just curls?
    If PWilliam wishes to be more popular than his wife he should make more appearances than her while in the UK. Looking at him in the pictures above, I think he should cut the hair he has left and go for the bald look.

  38. D says:

    I like the green color and I think the coat would be much better without the zipper and tailored a bit different. As it is it is frumpy. That hair looks horrible. Like a cocker spaniel. She really needs a more modern hair look and to have updos more. And moisturizer. Yeah. Will too needs a haircut and teeth whitening. Really with the amount of clothing and assistants at their disposal it’s not very impressive. I don’t really understand why she doesn’t have someone do her makeup. I would kill for that if famous, and I’m very good at putting on makeup !

  39. Camille (The Original) says:

    People who I know and have now seen her in person on their Royal tour here, have all commented about how pretty/beautiful looking she is in person.

    A ponytail would have looked great with that coat.

  40. nangningnung says:

    kate is beautiful, and she always is.
    she’s good for william. hopefully, she’ll also good as a future queen.
    she’s level-headed person, with a stable family background. I can understand why william wanted her to be his wife.
    but, you’re all here always have anything to criticize her. it’s getting old….

    Moderator note: Banned multiple nicks

    • FLORC says:

      If we don’t praise her is criticism the only other option?
      It isn’t so black and white.
      Kate is flawless it seems to you. We do not all feel the same way, but that doesn’t mean we criticise blindly or outright hate.
      I’m sure you’ve not been in love with something that others love. What if they said the same to you as you do to us?

    • Lisa says:

      She could be the living incarnation of perfect for all I care but she buys into and promotes a system built on the idea that some are born to rule over others. She can be as gorgeous and appropriate and wonderful as you like but sorry, as for me, I just can’t respect that.

    • bluhare says:

      And this place is full of names never seen before (and probably never being seen again) criticizing people who post here every day.

      • wolfpup says:

        I’m wondering if we might have them on the site until the end of the tour. They seem very young.

      • Rosehip says:

        I’m new to this site too. I have been enjoying reading the posts and comments for quite some time though; i just never wrote anything.
        As it has been stated before: i too love that comments here are well-balanced and people actually have intelligent things to say, and offer interesting perspectives etc.
        I agree you ladies should be in charge of Kate’s PR! Can i join please? :-)

    • nance says:

      I’m okay with ignoring the specific fashion choices, hair style etc., but I think it IS fair to assess and where necessary criticize her performance as a royal — i.e. number of engagements, degree of involvement, sincerity, etc.

      Since she is considered a role model by many – epecially to young girls – I think she needs to do a better job of promoting a healthy body image — she used to have a healthy, slim, athletic figure, but now it seems as though she is wasting away.

  41. Bclark says:

    Why does her hair appear much longer in these pictures compared to the play date photos

  42. fd says:

    That coat is hideous. It looks like a bathrobe or housecoat and there is something off about the color. I love green but that is not a good green.

  43. Andie says:

    So even though I love the colour..this has not been one of her best looks so far. However, yesterday I saw her after the church service in my lovely City. She looked gorgeous. The colour of her dress was the most wonderful teal shade. She looks far more beautiful in the flesh than she appears in most photos. William seemed very warm and genuine (from what I observed – I didn’t get to speak to him).