Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams officially engaged

Mandy Moore is officially engaged to singer Ryan Adams, 34, – not to be confused with singer Bryan Adams, 49, who he is frequently announced as on the radio.

Mandy Moore will tie the knot with her musician beau Ryan Adams, her publicist confirms to People.

Details on the engagement weren’t immediately available. Moore, 24, and Adams, 34, had dated off-and-on since March 2008.


In March 2008 Mandy had just finished supporting her ex-boyfriend DJ AM following his plane crash, and it was generally assumed that the two were an item at the time. She and Ryan have also been on-again off-again in their relationship.

Ryan is ten years older than Mandy, and has a history of drug abuse. He’s been clean for around 3 years. I hope that these two can be successful together – I wouldn’t want to see Mandy in a similar situation to Nicole Kidman, celebrating her honeymoon period alone while her husband is in rehab.

Mandy is releasing an album in May, titled Amanda Leigh, through her new label, recently established by her manager.

Ryan has just quit his band the Cardinals, in part due to his hearing loss related to Ménière’s disease, which is characterized by dizziness, tinnitus and progressive hearing loss. Ryan is publishing his first book this year, titled Infinity Blues, and plans to write at least two more books.

Congratulations to the couple – Mandy is going to make such a gorgeous bride.

Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams are shown out together on 5/12/08 and 6/5/08. Credit: Bauergriffin

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  1. Ash says:

    Yah….this mix is a little strange. I love Moore but ehh….

    I don’t know anything about him so hope it works out. She will be a beautiful bride!

  2. Tia C says:

    Don’t know anything about him, but he sure is unattractive. Methinks she could do better… just sayin’.

  3. BluePlanet says:

    I wish Mandy Moore and Austen Powers all the best.
    Yeah baby!

  4. aleach says:

    i love love love ryan adams and think mandy moore is cute as a button (not interested in her music, though) but they just seem like a wierd pairing. i like it, though! i hope it works out for em

  5. Mairead says:

    I just noticed this – and while I really admire Ryan (successful artist before he started releasing albums), what in the name of God is on his head? Mandy, sort it

    That being said, i like these two as a couple. Best of luck, but I’d recommend a good-length engagement

  6. Ellen Smith says:

    He is ugly. Don’t get it at all.

  7. Codzilla says:

    I kind of hope he keeps the hair. It looks hideous, but the wedding photos would be a scream.

  8. liz says:

    PLEASE SAY he does not have meniere’s disease-he might actually go deaf from that and/or require brain surgery– it is one of the cruelest diseases a musician could contract. if she’s pregnant or he does have some terrible disease that will require the devotion of a nuturer-caretaker i say it is a GO! matzel tov, kids!

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