Kristen Stewart shows off a new look on ‘American Ultra’ set: ’90s grunge/stoner?


I’m going to date myself so much in this post, but that’s the way it goes. I came of age in the era of grunge. I think I was 13 or 14 when I first heard Pearl Jam and Nirvana. And at that time, I was friends with all of the flannel-wearing, Patchouli-smelling, Manic-Panic-hair-dyeing grunge kids. And right now, Kristen Stewart looks exactly like all of my friends at that time.

These are pics of Kristen on the NOLA set of American Ultra, the action/comedy she’s doing with Jesse Eisenberg. Is this film set in 1993? Because this entire outfit/vibe looks like 1993 to me. We actually had a preview of Kristen’s hair change a few weeks ago – back then, it looked like she dyed her hair a light orange, but I guess the orange was just a base for the Manic Panic look. God, this makes me nostalgic. I want to get high for the first time and listen to The Cure. The only difference is that in 1993/94, we were all wearing Doc Martens, not Timberlands.

A bunch of late editions have joined the cast of this film too – in addition to Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen will be joined with Topher Grace, Sharon Stone, Tony Hale, Bill Pullman and John Leguizamo. The basic plot: “Eisenberg is a small-town stoner who doesn’t realize he’s a highly trained killer. Stewart plays his girlfriend.” She looks the part. But I still want to know if this is set in the early ‘90s.

PS… Sources say Kristen is sad that Sparkles went to Coachella without her. But I think she’s probably just happy to be working – she’s been doing back-to-back projects for months after not working for like two years.

PPS… Yes, she’s still smoking. I think she quit on-and-off when she was with Sparkles, but she’s been a steady smoker for more than a year, I believe.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. birkbop says:

    Correct – If you’re gonna get high for the first time, do it while listening to 90s alternative music. God I miss those days and that music.

    • Chicagogurl says:

      ditto! You can’t buy whole albums anymore. Used to be out of 15 songs, maybe one or two wouldn’t be that great but you’d listen to the whole album all the way through because that’s how they made them. Now it’s all singles and fillers. On one album I may like 3 songs.

  2. chalkituptoluck says:

    I liked the 90s. It was a simpler time

  3. blue marie says:

    Wow, this brings back memories of ditching English class.
    She does remind me of quite a few people I knew back then.
    It looks like that color may have fried her hair.

  4. Elisabeth says:

    finally that whole ‘not showering’ habit can be explained away by ‘immersing herself into the role’ and not being a slovenly piggy

  5. Bluebear says:

    I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that her shoes were wrong. Everyone, EVERYONE, wore Doc’s.

  6. Cecilia says:

    That hair color does her no favors — it gives her skin a ghastly pallor.

  7. Eleanor Zissou says:

    Eh, I like her.
    And who cares if she’s smoking. Half of Hollywood is.

  8. Dubois says:

    Her and Sparkles seem to be moving in the same acting circles.
    He did Cosmopolis with Juliette Binoche/she did Sils whatever with Juliette Binoche
    He’s boning Julianne Moore in another Cronenberg movie/she just made a movie with Julianne Moore
    He’s also in the same movie with Mia Wachwski who, last I checked was dating Jesse Eisenberg/ She’s currently filming with…you guessed it, Jesse Eisenberg.
    Could be coincidence, who knows.

  9. Side-Eye says:

    For a second I thought it said ‘Ultron’ and thought she somehow got into the Avengers movie and was briefly homocidel.

  10. shannon says:

    I graduated from high school in 1994 and have been living in a grunge-nostalgic haze for weeks now. It started w/the anniversary of Kurt’s death. My So-Called Life also premiered in 94 and I think Angela Chase had those exact same boots and they were not Doc Martens. I, on the other hand, did have a pair of cherry red Docs that I wore until the soles were gone. I just finished reading “Cobain” by the Rolling Stone editors and watched Courtney Love’s Behind the Music on YouTube and “Singles” on VHS. The Pacific Northwest was cool before Twilight…oh how I miss the 90′s.

    • I was JUST think of Singles soundtrack the other day.
      Paul Westerberg, man. I’ve watched MSCL 1,000,000 times and it just never gets old for me.

      On another note, I am commenting way too much today. I figure I’ll get all the commenting out of my system now and then just work non-stop tomorrow while avoiding celeb gossip entirely. It’s all very strategic, you see….

    • Chicagogurl says:

      OMG! Paul Westerberg. Hubby and I were just talking about this whole soundtrack business. The Singles soundtrack, the Crow Soundtrack, Tank Girl Soundtrack, The Hackers Soundtrack, Empire Records soundtrack…i could go on and on. Buying the soundtrack was always a must! You cannot find soundtracks as amazing and eclectic these days. I still listen to them all.

    • sauvage says:

      Yeah, VHS! And you needed two recorders to make a copy… My friend’s dad was a teacher, and at his school of course they had more than just one video recorder… So he copied all the films for his son’s friends. Uh, good times.

      And thanks for the Singles reminder. I’m getting pumped up on the soundtrack right now. God, Matt Dillon was so hot with that wig. (All the guys I dated at the time looked like that anyway.)

      Oh, and I wore my hair a quarter of an inch long, in blue-black, and that went so well with my first boyfriend’s Blonde Jesus Look… Goood times.

      Damn, now I’m totally nostalgic. Life lost its innocence in 2001. I somehow feel that he nineties ended on 9/11.

    • Oh my god..The Crow soundtrack and The Empire Records soundtrack: YES!
      I actually have The Crow soundtrack on CD and I occasionally listen to it in my car.

      Matt Dillon was smoking in that movie.

      Interesting (and thoroughly depressing) comment about innocence lost on 9/11. You’re really onto something with that…

      • blue marie says:

        While I am a fan of The Crow and Singles soundtracks Empire Records is one of my all time favorites, the movie and the soundtrack. I’m going to have to go home and watch it.

        Oh and MSCL, me and my best friend were on the phone the minute that show was over talking about it. Sometimes when Jordan was looking especially hot (boiler room) we called in the middle. I really do miss those times.

        I meant to put this comment below yours, not in it.. whoops.

      • The Empire Records soundtrack IS amazing and so was the movie. First time I saw Zellwegger in anything–that was one of the most perfectly-cast movies.

        Man, Jordan Catalano was so beautiful, I remember getting butterflies just watching scenes that he was in….before we all knew what a douche Leto was. I wish we could go back to there…

  11. Spikey says:

    Good Lord, Kaiser. I feel you. *rummages through mp3s and puts 100% on* Ahhh, the olden days.

  12. Tig says:

    I absolutely love Topher Grace-why he never hit it bigger than he did I’ll never understand.
    And always good to see Sharon Stone.

  13. Elian says:

    Isn’t this how she normally looks?

  14. Lark says:

    Love Tony Hale. Glad to see he’s doing more work out of TV. As far as the look, it definitely looks like early 90s grunge and the red manic panic look is so much better (and more early 90s) than the orange.

  15. Lili says:

    There isn’t anything wrong with the color itself. It just doesn’t suit her. And I think it looks totally weird with the dark roots! Yeah, I’m still not getting the trend “make your hair look like you can’t afford to buy new dye for your roots”… It’s just weird to me. I’ve damaged my hair with too many bleach treatments and now I have to grow it out, strictly forbidden to do anything about the darker roots. It looks awful and it’s going to look even more so as my hair grows longer! My hairdresser says “oh but it will look as if you have an ombre, and that’s so hot!” but I’d never let it look like this if my hair was healthy. I think it’s tacky.

  16. tekla says:

    I have very similar hair right now, I just left some brunette strands here and there :]