Did Johnny Depp & Amber Heard already have their bachelor/ette parties?

Johnny Depp

The moment of truth has arrived for Johnny Depp’s Transcendence. The reviews are dismal (the film has earned a 17% certified rotten rating so far), but I’m interested to see if Johnny still has box-office power. You know, beyond the Pirates movies.

Johnny’s personal life is still buzzing right along. I think he and Amber Heard will get married soon. The man wants babies. Page Six had a Monday update about a girls’ night outing for Amber. It may have been a bachelorette party between Amber and four friends. The group ate lobster, watched Queen of the Night and took in “the best view in the house of a sexy Chinese pole act.” The theater show is playing in NYC right now, and the NYT advises viewers to “pack the Purell” before attending. Sounds classy, right?

This week’s issue of the Enquirer says Johnny attended his own bachelor party last weekend in Hollywood. The shindig was held at Jerry Bruckheimer’s mansion, and Leonardo DiCaprio had a hand in the festivities. Uh-oh:

Celebrating 50-year-old Johnny Depp’s engagement and upcoming wedding to much-younger hottie Amber Heard, 27, Leonardo DiCaprio, Channing Tatum, Stephen Dorff and other showbiz pals threw him a semi-wild bachelor party at mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s mansion — complete with rivers of champagne and several sexy strippers — but it was the outrageous party gift Depp got that had everyone in hysterics!

Revealed My Stag Spy: “Leo and guys gifted Johnny with a huge basket brimming with sexual enhancement products — bottles of Viagra, flavored oils, sex toys, sexy costumes — and told him, ‘You’re gonna need this stuff to keep up with your 27-year-old hottie!’ Everyone — except for dour Depp — laughed their butts off as he pulled out his gift bottles of Viagra! Johnny kinda grimaced, then growled, “I’ve got a lot more years before I’ll be needing this stuff!’”

[From Enquirer, print edition, April 28, 2014]

They gave him … Viagra. As a gift? Poor Johnny. That’s just mean. I’ll bet it was Leo’s idea, but he shouldn’t talk! Leo is creeping up on 40. He doesn’t have too many more years before he’ll be knocking on the door for chemical “assistance” himself. Yeah, it was Leo’s fault. Channing and Stephen organized the drinks and snacks. Leo ordered the strippers and Viagra.

Johnny Depp

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  1. Nympha says:

    It’s probably mean of me, but I kinda laughed.

  2. poppy says:

    do i even want to know what the purell is for?
    not surprised his movie isn’t being reviewed kindly.

  3. Kaylen says:

    I love Leo. I can’t help it. He’s just fun.

  4. Dani2 says:

    He gives me such a straight up grandpa vibe everytime I see him these days. RIP his hotness 😔

  5. Mouse says:

    Depp wants kids but does she? Would she actually have his kids or will she keep stringing him along?

  6. Inlike says:

    Leo ordered the strippers and viagra.

    I give Leo a 2 for creativity and a box a dog bisquits.

  7. JLo says:

    I didn’t think they would make it down the aisle, but Scarfy seems determined to lock it down quick before Amber notices his accessory collection is bigger than hers.

  8. Karen says:

    The reviews for Transcendence are super bad. I read quite a few and the whole thing sounds like a disaster – screenplay, direction, plot, and acting.

    As for the bachelor party…I really don’t believe it. I could buy that Jerry through him a party but it’s mega odd that is who would be there. No Marilyn Manson, Paul Bettany, Keith Richards, Steven Tyler, etc?

    I would bet money that Leo and Johnny haven’t spoken in years. And Channing and him met on the set of the 21 Jump Street film, but I doubt highly they’re friends. Nah.

  9. nickim says:

    Enquirer never stops inventing note about this couple? That tabloid uncreative!

  10. Aquarius says:

    I’m curious about how someone got bottles of Viagra if it’s available only by prescription? Are there OTC versions?

  11. Kat says:

    I don’t think it’s true. I know Channing and Stephen Dorf met Johnny in “Public Enemies” and Stephen dated Johnny’s publicist Robin Baum too. It’s sounds plausible about Jerry Bruckheimer house, but Leo? Johnny and Leo don’t seems to be close. But Paul Bettany, Steven Tyler, Marcus Mumford, Marilyn Manson, all of them are way closer to him

    I also don’t think that Amber celebrated her bachelorette party in NYC. I think she just had a pre-birthday party with her friends, considering that likely she will spend her real birthday with whatever surprise Johnny have for her, as has been the last couple of years with their Las Vegas getaway in 2012 or their trip to his island the last year.

    I’ve read the bad reviews of Transcendence, but also some really really good from New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Richard Roeper, what puzzled me!

    And yeah, any person who knows about biology knows that Johnny is too young for Viagra and I could bet he’s part of that -not so little- group of men whose “midlife” affects them by making their libido to go way over their heads…that’s why so many men between 45 and 55 years old, that never were cheaters before that age, start to cheat at that age. Most of them have been married for years and their wives aren’t so willing to have sex as a passionate new couple, so they start to cheat. Johnny seems to be in that category. Amber being young and very sexual as it’s said, could be passionate enough to make him to concentrate all his efforts and force to please her and that’s why he seems to be settled down with her…just my humble professional opinion

    • wellll says:

      I know a urologist who has prescribed Viagra to men as young as their mid 40s. So that part of the story is not too much of a stretch considering Johnny will be 51 in June. Still, I doubt the story is true.

      • Kat says:

        But they have some pre-existing pathology (erectile dysfunction). It’s not the norm. With a pre-existing pathology you can prescribe Viagra to men on their 20′s to make them to last longer (in the case of premature ejaculators that’s common in young men, etc)

        The norm is that men around Johnny’s age or younger, only use Viagra for some “special” occasion. That’s a common thing. They use sometimes for some wild night, an anniversary, wedding night, for an all night love session, but it’s not “necessary” (a need) for them.

        In Johnny’s case, It’s rumored he had several affairs with different women before Amber, so obviously he doesn’t have any issue. Also the fact that he went for the only woman out of his “reach” (Amber was with a woman, maybe the only woman who he saw as a challenge) it makes him look like he’s not only fairly confident about his masculinity but also very smug about his sexuality

      • wellll says:

        Hi Kat,

        Well, here’s the thing…as you mentioned…those affairs were rumors.

        The affairs weren’t validated as facts by Johnny or his publicist. So we don’t know if those were true or not. Maybe he did and maybe he didn’t. Who knows? Besides, I have never been in the bedroom with the man and I have no idea what he needs or doesn’t need or what he does.

        Back to my original post. Regarding the Viagra, you have valid points. It may not be the norm. However, I was specifically addressing your original statement “Johnny is too young for Viagra”. Without getting all ultra personal and TMI, my answer was based a personal experience with a boyfriend who was in his mid 40s and was prescribed Viagra by his urologist. Trust me, he had no issues with getting girlfriends and we had a 15 year age difference.

        Regardless, all of this is really moot. If the story is true it’s more than likely the Viagra was given as a “gag” gift, but the story sounds like fanfiction to me. LOL JMHO

        Have a good one :)

      • Kat says:

        Again! you’re talking about your experience with your boyfriend and I’m talking as a professional on these topics and it’s not the norm, as I said.

        Also I don’t want to break the bubble of any woman, but the fantasy about something called andropause, it’s an invention to make the women to feel better. Because the changes in men are minimal. Without any relevance (the risk with the prostate, are the only thing to worry after 40 years old). They only became a little less fertile with the years, and get an erection a little slower, but we are talking only about seconds (15 to 25 seconds to get an erection in older men. Instead 5 to 10 in a 18 years old), nothing that can affect their sexuality and much more less to any woman with them. Because one of the most enjoyable parts for women it’s the foreplay and with older men the foreplay it’s important for them too. That’s why so many younger women like to be with older men. Instead of being with a man that gets an erection with the wind bothering because he wants sex all the time, an older man will have sex when she wants and he will make first part even more enjoyable

        By the way, his alleged affair with a Mermaid from Pirates 4, sounded pretty well documented by US Magazine, that as far as I know was really spot on also with his relationship with Amber Heard. Also there was another antecedent from another model-mermaid from the set. It seems he was a having a great time with the mermaids on set, what makes total sense with my first post. He seems to be in the group of men whose libido goes higher around the middle age, and he was in the middle of Hawaii sorrounded by semi-nude women, likely many of them melting for him, while his former partner was in Los Angeles! he couldn’t resist, in the same way that he didn’t resist to travel around the world with Amber Heard alone in their promotional tour

      • wellll says:

        Kat, I really was not trying to argue you and I’m not sure why you feel I am. I was even trying to show you I was trying to keep the mood light with the smiley faces and such. Really, it’s just a fun story and you’re taking it to another level. I take most of these stories with a grain of salt. So I am just going to leave this alone. Have a good one. :)

  12. nickim says:

    Amber deary. Johnny must have put both her ​​horn in farewell. lol

  13. me says:

    Johnny’s mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor :(

  14. Rose says:

    When it comes to Depp being harsh for going for ‘YOUNG” may or maynot be justified. If probably a 30 something woman, say like Marion Cotillard, (weren’t there rumours that they were very close on the set?) or Eva Green or Penelope Cruz had been available he probably would’ve hooked up with them. Thing is Amber was there at the right moment when steam had blown off between Depp and Paradis and they decided to separate amicably (of course there’s no such thing right? although we have no problems in believing in such things on TV). The moment she knew Depp was available she dumped her girlfriend and clung onto him. The disturbing thing for many is why such a man as Depp, who was considered cool, fell for a golddigger? Probably because she became more than a golddigger?….yes that can happen. Relationships, even the ones that start on not-so-moral terms can become something more than what others define it’s destiny to be based on subjective morals. As for the quick jump that he’s explained himself time and again that he cannot be alone and I’d like to invoke the Tourist’s director’s words on him here “It’s imposssible not to fall in love with him”. Needless to say a man like that need not be alone for a long-time. Personally I’m only annoyed at his PR as always for the way they have dealt with things.

    As for Depp I still think that what he said about himself at the beginning of the career, that he’s misunderstood still holds true. He fell in love with Paradis and she didn’t want to marry, so he adhered to that. Now he has a woman who’s pleased to get married, which seems to be his way too and now here we are. Contrary to what some try make it seem (bloggers like Lainey) he’s probably not much of a drama at all. It’s more like people want him to be in certain way, still. Depp is probably right when he says the character he most relates to is Edward Scissorhands and this is not about the whole ‘Hollywood iconoclast thing’.