Duchess Kate wears a white Zimmerman dress, jokes about Will’s baldness


Here are some photos of Duchess Kate and Prince William during their visit to Manly Beach on Sydney’s North Shore in Australia today. They also attended some kind of Easter/Good Friday fair where they interacted with animals and farmers and such, which I’ll get to in a moment. First, let’s talk about fashion. Kate wore her first Australian-designer dress for today’s activities. This white eyelet/lace dress is by Aussie designer Zimmerman. Thoughts? I don’t hate it. It’s a pretty dress and it reminds me of something girly you might buy for a very young child. Is it appropriate on a woman in her 30s? In my opinion, not really, but I might feel differently if I saw the dress styled in a different way. I don’t care for the dress paired with those high wedged sandals. Anyway, while Kate and William were watching some farm animals at the fair, Kate cracked a joke about William’s baldness. YOU IN DANGER, GURL.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge visit Manly Beach on Sydney’s north shore, during their royal tour of Australia In the past it has often been his brother Harry ribbing Prince William about his thinning hair. But when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Sydney’s Royal Easter show in Australia on Friday, Kate couldn’t help but make a joke at her husband’s expense. The Duchess cheekily teased her husband about his growing bald patch by suggesting he wear an alpaca toupee.

As they toured large elaborate displays of produce, grouped by Australian regions, one exhibitor Lyn Crejan, 67, talked about the wealth of fruit and vegetables displayed in a colourful design behind her. When she showed them a tuft of alpaca wool – which was a similar shade of brown to the Duke’s hair – the Duchess joked about her husband using it as a wig.

‘The princess said (the Duke) should put some on his head,’ said Lyn Cregan, 67, from Glen Innes. ‘She pointed at him and said “You need it more than me.” He laughed.’

When Ms Cregan revealed she used hair lacquer on the pumpkins to give them extra shine, the Duke said he would try the trick next Halloween.

[From The Daily Mail]

Oh, this is not good. Kate has been doing a lot of that passive-aggressive stuff on the tour, right? Whenever William insults her dress, she runs right out and announces the insult to the peasants. And now she’s shading his baldness in front of people?!! That’s it. No more royal babies.

Kate also made a solo visit to a children’s hospice and she made a speech! Here’s the video (she starts speaking around the 35-second mark):

Well, it’s a slight improvement. She was more comfortable with the words, so she only… looked down… every second or… third word… thank you Duchess… Kate… for tossing… your hair so… much. And thank… you Aust…ralia.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. kiku says:

    I’m not a fan of this look. Seems too young- but I agree, the styling may have to do with it. Also- the five inch wedges? Do we think it’s a confidence thing? MUST. BE. TALLER. THAN. THE. PEASANTS. Someone should have thrown them in the ocean.

    Also- I am dying for an updo on her! Ponytail doesn’t count!

    • wolfpup says:

      I think that she just wants to be that height next to Will. Have you seen photos of her next to him without the shoes? She looks pretty diminutive.

    • Beday says:

      The white crochet/lace look is very popular in Australia.

    • Dara says:

      Kate also has surprisingly short legs, her torso is very long and is where she gets most of her height. She may wear heels to give the illusion that her legs are longer. Much like her choosing high waisted dresses to make her torso seem shorter and her all around proportions more balanced.

    • CynicalCeleste says:

      Agree with Kiku. I think it’s part of their couple-look to be taller than everyone else in the room. Establishes their alpha position, forces peasants to look up to them at all times, implies genetic superiority, etc etc, remember we are royals…

      • Josy says:

        I’m still confused, what’s the issue with the heels? She didn’t wear heels before getting married to Will so now that she does…it’s what? Or is the argument she doesn’t wear them at the appropriate times/functions? Which I can kind of agree on. Or is it she wears them to feel superior? Lol, as someone who lovessssss heels, I’m just trying understand.

        PS. Bring the cute baby everywhere yall…seriously

      • Rosehip says:

        This sounds plausible, although obviously it goes right against their ‘we are just like everyone else’ narrative.
        It looks really odd to me that her high heels force her to stoop down so low in order to be able to talk to children. There will be children. She knows that.

      • Bwarf says:

        @rosehip Regardless of her heel height she’s a tall woman, she will have to stoop down no matter what because that’s how adults are supposed to talk to children; adding an extra 4-5 inches isn’t a big deal.

      • LadySlippers says:


        The heels isn’t an ‘issue’ per se. But often her change in shoes post engagement (expected) coupled with the drastic heel height (not expected) puzzles people.


        As an already tall woman myself, I can attest to the fact that adding inches does indeed impact children’s perception of you.


        At first blush your argument is interesting until you factor in the fact that neither posture their body alpha-style. Both slouch and ‘curl up’ a bit so as to not be noticed which is the opposite of an alpha. Alpha men and women truly walk different from the rest. Check out William and Harry in uniform vs them in their civvies (civilian clothing) — there’s a world of difference in their body language.

        So I really don’t think Kate wears heels to be more alpha.

      • Bwarf says:

        @ladyslippers, no doubt heights adds to a kid’s perception, but she does well with kids regardless of her heels. She kneels down to their level which is what people are taught when a job entails working with kids.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        This is interesting about the body language/posture of Will, Kate and Harry. Can you tell us what you observed and translate it for us, so to speak?

      • LadySlippers says:


        Actually, Kate is just now *starting* to show some ease with children as it isn’t/wasn’t always there. This often is a result of having children (not always, sometimes people never feel comfortable around children).

        And height — any extra — adds another layer between you and the children. Most people do as much as they can in order to get ‘level’ with children and in her heels it’s very difficult to almost impossible to really achieve. Compare and contrast Harry and Kate with children and you’ll see what I mean.


        (From a comment up thread)

        A great many people think she might be copying Diana with a myriad of things. At first I was *very* skeptical but this last speech has almost convinced me otherwise. Shame if it’s true.

        As I’ve said in other places — she probably wears heels for lots of reasons.


        Both William and Kate slouch their shoulders — that’s not alpha body language. We comment on Kate’s poor posture but rarely on William’s. William has ‘curled’ his shoulders for so long it’s seen as normal. He said the posturing (head down, shoulders hunched) was a way for him to go unnoticed. If both were truly alpha — they be demanding attention and respect with their body language. And it’s just not there.

        I honestly am starting to wonder if what we see as passive-aggressive type behaviours and the lack of work ethic from either/ or is more them trying to hide than anything else.

        (Never ever claimed to be correct with my hypotheses about them)

        This trip, while not excusing anything, has started to question some of my assumptions.

    • Curious Cole says:

      I was shocked to see Kate running on Manly Beach in those idiotic wedges. Several sites mentioned the event organizers strongly advised her to wear flats, and even her secretary kicked off her heels to enjoy/navigate the sand. Is Kate actively trying to break an ankle?
      For paved surfaces, yes, I agree with Sharon that wedges provide more support than high heels, but any heel is daft on a beach.

    • Look, I have no problem with her wearing 7″ heels if that’s what makes her happy. Hell, I’m 5’11” and wear crazy high heels to the point where more than one time I’ve been asked if I were a man (no shit. Yes, feminism really is dead people….see a tall, athletic girl and it MUST be a man).

      But I digress. Does it have to be THOSE shoes? Those wedges are too casual for that dress. That dress calls for a Manolo. Maybe in a burnished gold or a pop or orange or something. Something high, sure…but with a delicate heel to not compete with the texture and heaviness of the (broderie Anglaise?) of the dress. Cork wedges go with cutoffs and tunics…jeans and a tank. Them thars barbecue shoes.

  2. Jackie Jormp Jomp says:

    I actuallly like the dress. Don’t think it’s age inappropriate at all.

    Her shoes, on the other hand, are better suited to an 18-year-old in 2002. Again.

  3. not ok says:

    i saw it on the news and that is not what happend. the women showed them the wool and then william said to kate this would be good in your hair then she said to him you need it more then me and then he laughed here is a video


    they both are great overseas

  4. LadySlippers says:

    I honestly think her ‘shading’ is nothing more than playful teasing. It just looks iffy in print (as does most things out of context).

    As for the ensemble — I’m not sure on the dress (basically undecided on the dress). HATE HATE the wedges. This needed her hair doing anything but what it did. William looked very nice in the mixed colour outfit (love chinos that LOOK like chinos and not mom jeans).

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Well, it’s nice that she wore an Australian designer. I don’t love or hate the dress.

    Not sure what to say about the balding comment. Maybe that’s their humor, and they tease each other and he’s comfortable with it. Maybe he says “that dress makes you look like a banana” and she says “suck it, baldy.” That’s not my way, but whatever?

    • Original N says:

      Perhaps – it is possible. However, most men are sensitive about the issue, whether they choose to let others see that sensitivity or not. With one’s closest friends or family, a joke may be entertained in private, but making that comment to the world? I, personally, wouldn’t have done that to my husband. What if William had made a comment in return, something like “Well, you certainly don’t need it, what with all those extensions you are always having put in?” … I can guarantee Waity wouldn’t have found it humorous, non?

      • LadySlippers says:

        BUT Harry has also gone after William publicly too so it can’t be *that* sensitive a topic or they’d both be more conscious of that.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        @Original N, The more I think of it, the more I agree with you. It’s one thing in private, another in public. My husband jokes about balding, but I never do. I think it would hurt his feelings, whether or not he admitted it.

        @LadySlippers, I think men tease each other in a “meaner” way than women do? My husbands friends are nice, but they tease about weight and hair loss and things I would never do. Not saying that’s right or wrong, just an observation.

      • Original N says:

        LS – the relationship between 2 brothers is different than that of husband/wife, or at least, it should be …

        ETA: GoodNames comment had not posted when I posted this but her comment to you, LS, was exactly what I was referring to…

      • LadySlippers says:


        I don’t think William is that sensitive about balding. Not only has Harry and Kate made jokes about his baldness — he has himself.

        IF William were that sensitive, none of them would go there. None of them (come on people and give them a break!). They would know it’s just too hot a button to broach.

      • Sixer says:

        Guys – they are BRITISH. We live for taking the p!ss. My best love name for Mr Sixer is Fatterbellygutbucket (yes, he does tend to the plump and the insult is from an old comedy TV show) and his best love name for me is Great Gob Almighty (I think the rationale there is fairly obvious).

        We’d both fall over in astonishment if anyone thought there was any passive aggression in there. We think we are HILARIOUS. Perhaps we aren’t, but who cares? It makes us happy.

        I think bananas and baldy are as simple as that.

      • Justme says:

        @Sixer – that was my thought – how British. Nobody is funnier than the Brits, and they really enjoy “taking the piss” as you put it. I think we are seeing that they are actually very happy and sure of each other and their relationship by these remarks.

        And I mean what I say about the British. They and the Jews are the funniest people on earth.

      • bluhare says:

        LOL, Sixer. Great Gob Almighty? That’s hysterical. And an excellent posting name!

      • Eleanor Zissou says:

        @Justme – you have met every nation on Earth, have you?

      • Sixer says:

        @bluhare – I’m afraid that is his name for me! Honestly, truly.

        @justme – To be brutally frank – as any Great Gob Almighty should be! – I couldn’t really give two figs for the happiness or otherwise of their marriage. Or what Katie wears. I wasn’t trying to stick up for them or anything – just pointing out a possible culture translation problem. Having said that, I don’t think play insults tell you much about the state of the Cambridge marriage: it’s just how we Brits roll. If they were happy, they would trade play insults. If they were unhappy and trying to present an image of happiness, they would equally trade play insults. So it could be either!

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Danes are pretty funny too – much in the style of the British, very dry.

      • Lizzy1013 says:

        Exactly! Harry has joked about it and I believe William him self has made jokes about his balding. I think it’s awesome… She finally feels comfortable to speak off script and who knew she is funny!! It was totally harness. Will isn’t stupid, he knows every one can see that he’s going bald.

      • Tatjana says:

        People in Southeastern Europe too. Very sarcastic, very dry. Deadpan delivery.
        If we love you, we will pretty much insult you.

      • Justme says:

        @Eleanor Zissou. No I haven’t met every nation on earth, though I used to work for an organization where I did regularly meet people from all over the world. I guess I should have said “in my experience”, the Jews and the Brits are the funniest. Of course it could be that I simply enjoy their type of humor – and not that of some other nations and peoples, (who shall remain unnamed :) )

        So apologies to anyone who felt dissed by my comment.

      • LadySlippers says:

        Y’all I don’t think it’s even that British.

        Case in point:

        When my son goes on a date, my daughter and I (teasingly) ponder whether or not God loves her. Because *clearly* God must not if she’s dating my son. Obviously I adore my son and don’t really mean it. BUT he is a dork with girls and I can’t let his ego get too big.

        See? You can love someone and still tease them. They can go hand in hand. And I’m not British, not even close.

      • KaitX says:

        Ah Sixer, a Not the Nine O’ Clock News reference! I may have to use that one on the hubs.

        Brits tend to be very sarcastic, as do us Irish. I emigrated to Canada a few years ago, and only then did I realise how sarcastic I am! I’ve had to rein it in a bit, because a lot of the time Vancouverties think I’m being a bit rude

      • Ronia says:

        Tatjana, your comment about Southeastern Europeans is absolutely not true. May be stick to Croatia because in many other countries in the region good manners are very much expected in and out of the family circle!

      • Tatjana says:

        Good manners and sarcasm are not mutually exclusive, you know? I don’t know which country you are from, but people in Serbia and Bosnia are very sarcastic, too.
        Of course people here have good manners. Very good manners in and out of the family circle.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Original N
        William actually started it by telling Kate that the alpaca hair would look good on her to which she replied you need it more than I do. Excellent comeback and the fact that they both laughed shows that they enjoy a certain amount of kidding. I think it is nice not to take oneself too seriously.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I thought this comment was incredibly funny and a good riposte by Kate. And William started it by ribbing her, so the bantering continued. And didn’t he say at the engagement interview that he was attracted to her sense of humor? Nice to see it finally come out. And I love the droll humor of the British, but this sounds like a comeback that anyone would make.

      • Just Me (and my Bobby McGee) says:

        Hi! Just clarifying here – there are apparently 2 Just Me posters anymore. Have been around for years, but I don’t have a lot of time to post these days. Bobby McGee and I are making it exclusive. If Janice & Angry Elves aren’t involved – it’s not me! :D

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Oh yeah, I always forget that. Lol

    • Tatjana says:

      For the life of me I don’t understand how “you look like a banana” is an insult.
      Maybe it’s a culturological thing. People here are very sarcastic and making fun of eachother is the norm. If you’re my friend/boyfriend/family, you’re getting, as the Brits would say – taken the piss out of ( did I say thar correctly?). A LOT. It’s a sign of affection.

      • Eleanor Zissou says:

        I really do think it’s a culturological thing. My friend has an American girlfriend and she’s super sensitive. You can’t be sarcastic with her.
        Now, I’m not saying all Americans are like that, she’s the only one I know.
        She also said that people here are rude because they don’t smile on the street. I still don’t understand that one.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Well, humourless people do exists all over the world, I’m related to one of them. It can make family gatherings trying, if you yourself likes a snarky repartee.

    • Suze says:

      It’s their married schtick. Honestly my husband I do stuff like that.

      I know Brits have a specific sense of humor, but I don’t know that this example is so very British. Married people around the world give each other the business like this all the time.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Thank you. My husband and I tease each other all the time. And LadySlippers, one of my friend’s husbands tells us when we’re cooking together that her eyes don’t water when she cuts onions because she has no soul. My husband looks up when I’m wearing sweatpants and says “too comfortable.” He has a jacket that I refer to as “the a$$hole jacket.”

        I was specifically talking about teasing someone for being bald in front of the world. Obviously, he didn’t mind. I don’t necessarily think that means all Americans are humorless and oversensitive and incapable of getting British humor. I seem to have unleashed something beyond my intention and control. Lol

  6. Original N says:

    Waity has definitely been displaying some passive-aggressive behaviors on this trip … which is why I was very surprised at the coverage earlier in the week that concluded Waity was being careful so that she didn’t overshadow William?!

    Everything that I have read from this trip refutes that conclusion. If one is attempting to be careful not to overshadow one’s husband, the future king, then one would learn not to flash one’s bits for all the world to see (including a prime minister!) when one knows that such flashing will, undoubtedly, make the day’s events and ensuing media coverage all about one’s self! If one doesn’t want to overshadow the future king, one does NOT make passive-aggressive comments that paint the future king in a negative light (how sad for me, I was so alone as Will was gone so much, however do I get by, with all my staff, William criticizes me terribly for my clothing choices, poor me, etc.). Flashing a widely reported “L” sign at the future king … that the press will run with, working the crowds longer than the future king (which is very uncharacteristic for Waity), in an attempt to promote and soak up as much adoration as possible for one’s self whilst telling those same crowds remarks William has made to her about her dresses or remarking upon his absence whilst George was a newborn …

    It just epitomizes the antithesis of how I would support my husband if I was in her position.

    Am I the only one observing this?

    • FLORC says:

      i’m not as critical about this. I think there’s some rebranding happening though.
      The P/A behavior might be their couples dynamic? Although we haven’t seen her this comfortable around William… ever? She’s always been so stiff.
      Nice things… Her public speaking is much improved, clothes have for the most part been very on point, and she’s been more engaged at her events.

      We’ve seen this all play out before they were married too. Kate gets comfortable and speaks her mind. William lashes out in 1 form or another. While it may lead to marriage issues I do like Kate showing she’s not a complete WAG.
      Likely they will return home. Few more vacations without George together. Maybe get a pregnancy announcement. And William find something else that takes him away from his family and duties, but not vacations.
      I’d happily be proven wrong, but it has yet to happen.

    • hmmm says:

      Has Waity ever said anything nice about Wills other than (the generic) she is ‘well taken care of”?

    • Ronia says:

      You are not the only one. I am right there with you.

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      I say good for her for not behaving like a bored stepford mannequin on this trip. It shows more sparkle and vivacity than we are used to seeing from these two. When they are P and POW things will become more staid. I say have a bit of a giggle while you can.

    • Rosehip says:

      Original N
      No, you are not the only one. I get that they are just teasing eachother, and it’s probably just their thing, but it doesn’t come across as very well-mannered. They are not on holiday; they are representing the Queen and doing their job.
      The vibe for this tour is very vacation-like, but that’s not the purpose of it. It is costing a lot to a lot of people. I love to see them having a good time together and being relaxed, but i believe they should bear in mind that they are on the job.
      I don’t think she is trying to show that she is not a stiff robot. She seems just really relaxed and natural. They both seem very comfortable, which is nice to see. But they make it look like this is play-time for them, which is not the case.

    • Bwarf says:

      How has Kate shown that she’s uncomfortable with William? I hope people aren’t mistaking her acting appropriately in her position as a representative of the Queen with being uncomfortable around her husband or the royal family. I used to watch vids of the royal family together at random events like the Olympics, horse races, Christmas walks, etc and they all look comfortable together, not just the Cambridges but the extended family as well.

  7. booklover says:

    How tall is she without her shoes? I don’t remember seeing any reference to her actual height – sans shoes. Dress is okay – at least they’re dressing fairly casual and appear to be relaxed. I imagine, for some people, no matter what they do (or wear) it will never be “right”.

  8. FLORC says:

    Hooves. Nude colored wedges look like hooves.

    And I wore that dress at my confirmation.

  9. T.C. says:

    I like the dress. Would wear it myself. Goes with the wedges of doom very nicely for once.The joke about Baldtop needing the alpaca more is great. Keep it up Waity.

  10. HH says:

    The dress could have been made to look slightly more professional, but because they both have more relaxed looks it’s not a total miss. The speech. Well, it’s an improvement, so I’m glad she’s either working on it or just more relaxed on tour. Although, that much pausing and looking down for such a short speech is still crazy. Her speeches are a paragraph at best.

  11. aquarius64 says:

    I think the outfit was for the venue: they’re at the beach; wearing a suit and pumps would be too stuffy and a sundress is too informal. I think Kate was trying to strike a balance.

  12. The Original Mia says:

    I didn’t hate this look until I got to the flesh tone wedges that make it look like she has hooves. For the love of good shoes, burn the wedges! They are not appropriate for royal engagements!

    As for the shade/joking thrown at William, it isn’t as if Harry doesn’t do the same thing. Whereas I do think her reporting on his catty comments about her clothes is passive aggressive, this was probably a joke.

  13. Sandy says:

    I agree with you Elisabeth! The commenters on this site who dissect her every move, word and outfit are overwhelmingly snide and negative about her. She’s lovely, and she and William seem very much in love. And don’t get me started on that gorgeous baby! The fact that Kate is playful with William makes her a modern woman. I suppose some people won’t be satisfied until she dresses and acts like Queen Elizabeth.

    • HH says:

      Sandy- I don’t get that at all from this site. Posters here CRITIQUE Kate, Analyzing her hits and misses. Kate does have BOTH. Some excusable mistakes, some inexcusable. As has been said before, there are plenty of sites in which true hate is just being hurled at the girl. It’s cringeworthy. This blog is not one of those sites.

      Also, being playful with one’s husband doesn’t make one a “modern woman.” It just makes for a good marriage. I’m not sure if you may not have gotten a chance to elaborate, but I feel that’s a very large conclusion to make from a simple tease. Perhaps, it’s just because I feel there’s so much evidence to the contrary.

      • Sandy says:

        HH, my comment was definitely was not aimed at you. But there is a lot of nasty sarcasm aimed at her. Yes, your are right, she has hits and misses. And this site is meant to draw opinions. But I would hate to be in her position, and I think many people would feel the same, since everything about her is under a microscope every time she walks out the door. I feel sorry for her, in a way. How do you try to meet the standards of the Royals, the public, and stay yourself? However, she (and William and George) is doing a fabulous job for the Royal Family, when they badly need it. And I’m not even British, or much of a Royals watcher. My only point was that we should point out her weaknesses, but with a nicer tone.

      • FLORC says:

        Can you place an example of a nicer way of stating constructive criticism. It’s a genuine question. I thought most of what is here isn’t nasty or with sarcasm, but I could be wrong. Other blogs do get very nasty, but not this one. This is the nicest blog regarding the BRF i’ve seen.

        And Kate didn’t stumble in unprepared for this role. She was billed and likely was the most self aware woman to marry into the BRF in recent memory.

      • HH says:

        Sandy- Thanks for the thoughtful response and I didn’t take your post personally. I guess since I’ve been to many Royal sites where people are just scathing and “meangirling” Kate, I find this to be tame. I can see if others have neither been to those sites nor have been watching Kate for a long time, plenty of things about her would seem quite lovely or like no big deal. However, for those like myself that are aware that Kate has been on the scene for quite some time, she doesn’t seem to evolve/mature/improve in meaningful ways.

        *** I guess I can some up my overall issue with Kate is that she makes mistakes that don’t have to do with her being a new Royal, but it’s the fact that she makes mistakes indicative of someone with no “life experiences.”***

        I don’t think a lot of her issues are from the nerves of dealing with public scrutiny as much as she just doesn’t know what to do/say, period. This is most easily noticeable in her dress sense. Because she has never had to dress professionally, she has no idea what does and doesn’t look professional. Skin tight pants, hair constantly in her face, sky high wedges, skirts blowing up left and right, etc.

      • Suze says:

        @HH – that is my exact take on this site.

      • MinnFinn says:

        Sandy, I agree that Kate is under a microscope but based on the last 3 years of her attire and behavior, it seems she has been oblivious to that microscope. A person can’t feel pressure from something they are not aware of.

        (BTW, yesterday was the first time I thought maybe, just maybe someone told her to mind her flyaway skirts because she clearly was holding the gap closed on her DVF wrap dress.)

        As for pressure to “meet the standards of the Royals, the public, and stay yourself”, my view is the only thing she needs to concern herself with is meeting the standards of the BRF. More specifically if she takes her cues (to be clear cues does not in any way suggest that Kate should dress like an 85 year old) for work ethic, conservative dress and decorum from QEII, she will earn respect from much of the public. Pressure for Kate being herself IMO is irrelevant. She can be herself when she’s not working. That’s a mature separation of your work self and personal self that Kate has yet to understand.

      • Bwarf says:

        @Sandy I agree. There’s constructive criticism then there’s just being cruel.

        @Florc I think people might not realize that they’re being that way while others maybe don’t see a problem posting mean comments online. One of your comments actually stands out to me because I was surprised to read it, it was mean. You said Williams seems distant as a father, and then proceeded into an explanation that basically said that maybe George just wasn’t comfortable with him because he’s practically a stranger since he’s away all the time, which is neither constructive criticism nor snark.

        Some people criticize constructively by saying she should have worn flats or she should sew weights to her skirts. But it’s after those comments that are nasty.

        People can say what they want but a lot of comments in the royal posts are mean and not constructive in the least. I do like reading the nice comments here though.

        I understand if people think they should do more, but that’s not our call, that comes from the queen and she’s been doing this for a very long time. I’m not British but I trust her judgment on the Cambridges and their number of royal duties.

    • Suze says:

      Well, it’s a celebrity *snark* site.

      There are fan sites if you prefer a more consistently positive view. You can post endlessly on how cute George is (which you can do here, I bet a lot of folks would agree with) and how wonderful Will and Kate are. You just have to realize that when you come here, you’ll get some snark.

      What do you like about her? I’ll give you my positive view on her.

      I like 90 percent of what she’s worn on this tour; unfortunately this dress doesn’t fall in the 90 percent. I hate it – I find it juvenile.

      I think she’s a pretty woman, I think she is game for her public events, and I think she and William have worked well as a team on this tour. They don’t always, though.

      • bluhare says:

        Agree on everything, Suze. And I really think the wedges and dress are two different looks that don’t combine well.

      • Suze says:

        Hi bluhare!

        And yes, two very different looks. It’s odd because her whole overall look has been very cohesive this tour. This ensemble stands out like a sore thumb.

      • bluhare says:

        I think it’s the beach. Going to the beach mucked things up on the footwear front!

      • CynicalCeleste says:

        Suze – exactly. The site is named celeBITCHY, which I love for the permission to snark.

        I will defend her choice of wearing wedge sandals on the beach. If one must maintain one’s superior height advantage at all times, then a wedge heel is the only appropriate choice for walking on sand.

        Ok, that was a bit of a snarky defence, granted, so I admit i have been known to wear high wedge sandals with a maxi dress on the beach.

        The “speech”. Sigh. It is a slight improvement for her, but I have seen 12 year olds do so much better. And the hair touching, tossing, throughout…..just no.

      • Bwarf says:

        @Suze that’s not really the point, I think everyone who comments on things online knows that there’s good comments and bad, but some things that are said are just plain mean.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        I think what Bwarf is saying is that she has no problm with criticism or even gossipy snark – that is why most of us are here. But there are some who would rather say things that are just plain hateful. Not just negative. Not just overly critial. Not jyst cynical…but mean to the point of being cringeworthy. I agree with this.

        I know there are far worse forums out there filled with truly poisonous rants and CB is a million miles away from that. But there are times when a few acidic nuggets will litter the Kate threads.

        I guess I disagree with Bwarf more about the prevalence of the extremity of it. I find it to be pretty infrequent and actually possible to overlook at times because everyone else is so civil and intelligent. And while I find that people seem to enjoy ruffling FLORC’s feathers it takes a little time to realize that she values mutual respect, enjoys a spirited debate, has no malice whatsoever and contributes a lot of structure and interest to the royal threads. She has strong opinions and we disagree twice a week basically but she doesn’t project or make emotionally loaded statements. She’s too smart/hyper observant for that. the rest can be chalked up to the fact that English is not her first language.

      • Suze says:


        There are comments i find too mean too, however if you read comments on Aniston or Leann Rimes posts you will find much worse.

        I tend to think if you want a happy experience on a snark site you need to put on a flak jacket, power through comments you find mean and just focus on the comments you find valuable.

        I find a lot of great info on the royal threads. Telling other commenters you find them mean just falls on deaf ears usually.

    • Maggie says:

      Bang on! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  14. Katren says:

    It’s the royal Easter show…

  15. Bedge says:

    I just have to say, I saw them today. We randomly got stopped by police to give way to them on their way to Manly today. Wills smiled and waved AT ME! Kate was on the other side of the car. For a Sydney gal – it was very exciting!

  16. Emily says:

    If Waity is fighting back, then I thoroughly approve. I’m not a fan, but lately I’ve been feeling sorry for her.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Here is an article in one of the Australian newspapers that shows the very same Zimmerman on dress on Naomi Watts.
    I think it looks lovely on her and apparently the ‘Kate-effect’ has had the Zimmerman website overwhelmed with enquiries.


  18. Abigail says:

    I like the dress for the occasion. She can’t wear a suit to the beach. But the shoes need to die.

  19. PuggerNugget says:

    Sal: Agreed! I’m so glad that someone had the guts to say it! I agree with everything in your comment (and I’m an American).

    • Sal says:

      Thankyou. Unfortunately the mod seems to have taken offence, despite offending myself and others from my country. Its ok for the writer to offend people from another country, but not ok for those from that country to speak back…..apparently. Its bad diplomacy.
      Sigh. As an Australian, it never ceases to amaze me how many Americans cannot get humour unless its in-your-face slapstick. There is no room for irony, sarcasm or subtlety. I find this too with people not ’getting’ Lisa Vanderpump on RHOBH. But nobody does humour like the British, I have to admit. Classy, refined and subtle not in your face and laughing for the sake of laughing.
      1. Its Brits and Aussie sense of humour to ’take the mickey’ out of your partner or friend. In public or in private. All she did was make a joke (and it was a joke; not everything that isn’t slapstick is ’passive-aggressive’) about his hair. No big deal. I honestly don’t get the deal here.
      2. We are not a formal or stuffy country, we’re very laid back. Their attire is entirely appropriate for a beach shot. Although the shoes Kate is wearing may be a bit too high-heeled for the beach. But I suppose its better than wearing traditional high heels and tripping in the sand.
      Many people here like William and Catherine, and are looking forward to them ascending the throne. I don’t understand the animosity towards them. Maybe its jealousy/annoyance at the monarchy and royal families in general? As they are our royals, we don’t have the animosity toward them and most people in Australia at the very least, like them. And since they are our royal family, that’s all that matters. Not if a republican country likes them.
      PS The passive-aggressive name of ’Waity’ is offensive. They aren’t celebs or movie stars, they are royalty, the future King and Queen of many countries in the United Kingdom and countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada. When did this habit of not treating leaders with respect happen? I really wish this childish ’waity’ thing would disappear.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I think it’s disrespectful of you to repost what you said originally when the moderators of the site thought it was offensive enough to delete in the first place. I agree with them. I have had my own comments deleted, and when that happens, I either leave it or I try to understand what they found offensive and modify that. I’m always glad I did, and glad that the original statement wasn’t posted. There’s no need to be aggressive and over generalize on a gossip site.

        P.S. You don’t sound very “laid back.”

      • bettyrose says:

        Your post simply drips with sophisticated irony. Referencing how misunderstood the great intellectuals of RHOBH are to prove your point about American tastes is divinely droll.

      • Suze says:

        Painting with a broad brush, aren’t you?

        If you’d dial it back, just a bit, and engage in the conversation I think your points might be taken better. Maybe you should apply some of that Aussie “laid-backness” to your posting style.

        I think Kate was just joking. I think she and William do joke with each other, it’s just schtick between them. I think Kaiser understands that, too – she’s amping it up to be a bit satiric in her post.

        And for the disrespect – come on. You spend a paragraph explaining to us about “taking the mickey” out of someone and yet that apparently doesn’t apply to royalty just because they are royal.

      • Macey says:

        Im not sure what happened here but maybe the post just got eaten by the spam filter, Ive had that happen to mine before over simple comments that werent offensive n any way. I do know they can disappear for whats seems to be no reason.

        As far as Kate, someone above posted what the actual convo was and when you hear it in its entirety you can appreciate her quick comeback to him. I thought it was just her being witty, not throwing shade. Kind of glad to see she can give it right back to him.

      • Dani2 says:

        Congrats on knowing every single American on the planet :)
        Oh, and these people aren’t the “leaders” of anything, England has a prime minister and so does your country.
        So people can snark on them all they want.

      • LadySlippers says:

        I absolutely get that *most* Americans fail to understand irony. However, it’s honestly because of two things.

        1) We are a nation of immigrants. Yes, I understand a great many other British colonies are/were as well. However, once the US broke ties with Mummy Dearest it opened the floodgates to a lot of other non-English speakers before you had those same floodgates open. Which means that a lot of our communication is *explicitly* clear in order for it to be understood by everyone — it’s just that deeply embedded in our culture. Slapstick (one example) is so ridiculous that it crosses language barriers to be funny. Which is why it worked and still kinda does. (The Japanese ADORE slapstick — way beyond what Americans do)

        We Americans tend to to be direct and bold (even simplistic) for the same reasons — our immigrant nation status really shaped our language and communication style.

        2) Many immigrants came over were ‘peasants’ or low born. Which means they aren’t/weren’t highly educated. Irony demands that you intimately know your language to be able to manipulate said language in different contexts, one being humour. Knowledge comes about with education which in a lot of places was reserved for the wealthy and privileged only.

        So there are at least two reasons why Americans don’t always ‘get’ irony. Well, beyond the obvious that we’re just stupid oafs. ;-)

        I think the much larger issue is we tend to always assume the worst in anything and rarely try to see something from another perspective. I don’t see their teasing as particularly British. I see this as two people comfortable enough to joke with each other. And that’s all it really is. It doesn’t and shouldn’t matter that we might not like this joke or that joke, everyone has a different tolerance and we just know that MOST healthy, normal people won’t cross into a nasty category in public.

      • MinnFinn says:

        Sal, I agree with you that Kate joked about William’s baldness. But Willy was being a jerk. He without a doubt revealed that Kate wears a wiglet or extensions and that was nasty and he knew it.

        BTW, I am an American and I spent about 2 months down under so I understand ‘take the mickey’ humor. Aussies and Kiwis teased me relentlessly and it was great fun. What Willy said to Kate about using the fur was definitely not in the spirit of fun. He clearly took a shot across her bow. I’m so confident I’m right about this I’ll bet you a pair of Stuart Weitzman cork wedges.

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:

        Huh? I just read an entire critique from a very famous and well-respected American author on how sarcasm and irony are actually ruining American culture. Have you ever heard of the Daily Show or the Colbert Report, read the Onion, or watched any American comedy shows or comedians? Sarcasm is how we do. As for the English, they are masters of puerile sexual and bathroom humor every bit as much as they are dry wits. You can’t stereotype an entire nation based on one or two comedians or demographics.

      • bettyrose says:

        I don’t even know if I’m allowed to say this …but the commenter in question has a history of posting angry diatribes meant to incite discord rather than discussion. If s/he wants to hate on Americans while loyally following an American site and admitting to watching the worst garbage on American tv…who cares? These are not informed opinions.

      • hmmm says:

        It was interesting reading your thoughts. I’m from a commonwealth country, born in England, and I don’t agree with your thoughts on royalty. You really lost me when you said, “When did this habit of not treating leaders with respect happen?”

        The Dolittles are not ‘leaders’. At best they are emblems, representatives. At worst they are lazy, entitled slackers, IMO.
        It’s time to let go of the notion that they are our ‘betters’ and deserve respect by virtue of birth/marriage. In this day and age, that’s just plain silly.

      • wolfpup says:

        MinnFinn – what you pointed out puts a whole different spin on things. That makes a lot of sense.

      • wolfpup says:

        MinnFinn, I don’t know why I used your name on that post above…and I don’t even know for whom it was intended.

  20. OTHER RENEE says:

    She is 5 ft. 9. I like the dress and the shoes though perhaps not together. I think calling her passive aggressive is a stretch. They’re British; that’s their way. Dry humor. They’ve been absolutely adorable on this trip.

  21. AC says:

    Those shoes are absolutely tragic, wow. I wonder if she has trouble with her feet and heels? Some people can not wear heels no matter how much they would love to because it hurts too much. That might explain her re wearing the same shoes over and over and her penchant for the wedge. (Poor thing, these ones are worse than the last!) I think the dress is cute, the eyelet is a bit child like, but the shape is good for the same reason the wrap dress worked, it adds some shape.
    She is definitely getting better at public speaking, and her ability to work the crowds is quite remarkable, I don’t think that’s as easy as it looks. I wonder if there is a sincere desire to do this, or whether she is doing what she has to. The tell will be what she does when she gets home, if she keeps this up that would be great, but I’m not sure she will.

  22. Francesca says:

    Are we giving any credit to Kate for her involvement in supporting places like this hospice and the childrens hospital in England? Do you know how heartbreakingly difficult it is to see so many sick babies and children? Do you know how much seeing a smile on your sick child’s face means to a parent? Do you know how much courage it takes to step outside yourself and try to make a difference to these innocent little people who suffer so much? Nah, lets just talk about how she dresses like a child and doesn’t have awesome public speaking skills. I get that this is celeb gossip all fun and games, but she gets so torn apart so often, it would only be fair to give credit where credit is due.

    • The German says:

      Normal people like myself worked as candy stripers for years in high school and in my 20′s. It does not require ” lots of courage” Francesca to do what normal human beings do every day. Its called volunteering. This may be a “millennials” problem.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Good point, Francesca. I am interested in her clothes, and am guilty of focusing on that alone. I wish she and William would do more at home, but I agree that credit should be given when due. And I disagree with The German. I have done volunteer work with sick children, and it’s very difficult to see. The cameras are there because of who she is, not because she is narcissistic, and that will hopefully bring attention to the causes she supports.

    • AC says:

      Totally agree Francesca! I was quite moved at how she interacted with those kids and how at ease she seemed, because that’s not easy and I get the impression it’s not something that has come naturally to her. I do absolutely applaud that. I remember the sheer joy Diana was able to give people just by holding their hand and smiling at them, it was an amazing thing to see, and it really made you feel like there was a gift the monarchy had to give back to the world that made their existence not only justifiable but worthwhile.
      Then came the scandals and the stupid bullsh*t and the paparazzi, the tragedy and lots of understandable disapproval. This is the first time since then that there has been a universal interest in the monarchy or an opportunity to see the good that they can do. This trip has been so sweet to watch for the happiness they can offer others, to the people in Christchurch who suffered etc.
      I think it’s early days for people to trust that these two will take the torch that has been passed to them and run with it in a substantial meaningful way. I hope they do.
      But yes, the tendency is to talk about the outfits, which is, I shamefully admit, part of the fascination.

    • Suze says:

      I do give her credit for this. I give her a lot of credit.

      It’s a hard thing to do, I don’t think it is at all easy for her (not that it would be easy for anyone, but I do think she’s a bit introverted and it’s harder for her to do these type of events.)

      I applaud her, hard, for getting outside her comfort zone and supporting these institutions.

    • aimee says:

      Credit? With all due respect, Francesca, there is a huge difference between volunteering and working with these children day in, day out and doing what Kate does. Visiting a facility like this and giving a quick speech is not a huge undertaking and if you look at her calendar, she doesn’t spend much time or effort on her charities – relative to the other royals.

      P.S. Totally agree with you about how tedious the focus on her clothing choices is. Boring. Let’s focus on her accomplishments

  23. Bedge says:

    If anyone is interested, they visited Bear Cottage in Manly today. I have been following them on Facebook for a few years, they are an amazing organisation.

  24. Suze says:

    I’ve liked 95 percent of what she’s worn on this tour but I utterly loathe this dress. She was looking modern and adult and this, to me, is just juvenile and un-pulled together.

  25. SoCal says:

    So, she only gives speeches at hospices who work with EACH? I think she should give a speech at every hospice she visits. I take that back, the speech always sounds the same when she does them at hospices. I couldn’t understand why she mentioned the welcome she, William and George have received from Australians. What does that have to do with the hospice? Stay on the subject.

    I liked the dress just not those wedges with it. She should’ve worn some kitten heels like the woman in the last picture and that way she would’ve still looked professional going to Bear Cottage. As for the beach, flats would’ve been better.

    • Rosehip says:

      + 1 about sticking to the subject. This was not the time or place to mention that. To me it seemed to distract attention from the hospice, instead of adding.
      She does seem to have improved her public speaking, but the speech is still very short and superficial unfortunately..

  26. Liberty says:

    FIFTY SHADES OF WINDSOR: Book Eleven point one

    “Do not to cry, you okay,” said Romina, the 22-year-old “foreign” former literature student and sometime royal baby nanny, as she half-heartedly patted the formerly firm shoulder of a sobbing William Baldtop, who lay prone on the floor of the luxurious presidential suite of their hotel. His blue shirt was getting crumpled from his writhing, and his nice bespoke navy jacket had been flung into a corner. “You big boy, father, almost something like a king! Your papa is famous cookie maker and farmer, shh, not to cry, face becomes like fish!”

    “But the old thing is mocking me in front of people!” blubbered Baldtop, his smooth soft manicured hands clawing at the carpet. “Ever since we got to New Zeastralia she has been mean to me! I have hair! look at my hair! I use two brushes, left hand right hand, every single day! Jecca says my hair is like a Saharan wheat field! Why would she say that if she didn’t mean it! You heard her! Catherine said, Oi, give my old man that clump there, gents, sleeping’ with ‘is nibs is like ‘uggin’ a grape in a coal mine, what!”"

    Baldtop gulped hard. “And then she said to a orphans ladies group, “Oi, trust me, this one ain’t nothin’ like a cuddle wif’ ‘arry, is it now? You get yer tuppence worth wif ‘arry! ooh! I’ll bet there’s nothing like rubbin’ that pile ‘o’ ginger scruff against a swim top, oi, but don’t ask ME ask that hairy blonde unibrow monkey he’s with, oi!? I waited too long and got me the bald one, oi!, Never wait this long, ladies, am I right? I got a small sprog with more ‘air, oi, look at the charmin’ pudding’, oi! I made this, and believe me it was work, start to finish, where’s my medal, ha!”

    Romina recalled every word from the howling thigh-slapping Catherine, the Catherine the media never seemed to print, but, could she blame her really. This Baldtop….

    He snuffled and sat bolt upright. “I hate Harry!” he hissed. “Everyone likes him best and now Catherine too, and little Jack!” He turned to Romina and said imploringly, “She DID look like great banana, didn’t she? and like a bean sprog the other day? Didn’t she! And I could make some eye makeup and clip-on hair jokes but do I? Do I?”

    Romina stiffened. Remembering the prisons and torture camps of her playful Eastern European childhood and the disappearance of village favorite Uncle Funny, she knew the wisdom of not commenting. “You can maybe to buy the hairs as on the tv?” she suggested. “Or maybe shaves it off to be like the Jason Statham, but then, you will needs to make some big muscles and beard hairs?” She glanced at her watch. “I must to go now, for the child, it is time for the Maria to take her ice bath and beat self with cattail whip, so I mind the little angry child. You know, he speak other day? He say, “Much suspected by me, nothing proved can be!” just like queen the first one Elzabeth! I think is very clever! He also say, “no more damn smocking, I want proper hoodie like Russell Brand!” So I go shop for him too. Bye the bye bye now, Sir.”

    Baldtop yelped piteously and rolled under a grand piano. “No one cares for me, no one!” he blubbered. “I could wear wedgies and no one would even look at me! boo boo!”

  27. Reece says:

    I like eyelet dresses and it looks beachy and Eastery. Although, I would like it more if it wasn’t the same cut as every other dress she wears. I also think this may have been a good time for a another loose ponytail. Some lower height wedges, since she likes them so much. *shrug*

  28. Hope says:

    Can I just say her bald comment makes me think they’re closer than I thought? I don’t think it’s paasive-aggressive, I think it’s chop-busting. My man and I have been together since 2002 as well and we give each other endless sh!t about everything. He makes fun of my clothes, I make fun of his balding, I laugh at his feeble cooking attempts, he likes watching me struggle driving (I’m truly awful, always have been.) To me it’s a bonding thing. I think it’s cute :)

    • bluhare says:

      I’ve thought the same thing, Hope. Too bad they have to leave the country for people to see it. I wonder why that is? I’m musing here, but sort of seriously. Different country sex? I have no clue.

      • Esti says:

        I think it’s because they do fewer mingle-with-the-public events together in England. They make more solo appearances there, or attend Royal family events with minimal public interaction (church services, parades/flotillas, etc.). On overseas tours they’re almost always together, often at casual mingle-y or meet-and-greet events. I’ve seen a fair number of pictures of them laughing together in England, just usually not with media or members of the public close enough to hear why.

    • Liberty says:

      I think so too. And I think bluhare may be onto something.

  29. Santolina says:

    He’s going to learn that he can’t tease her without getting some back. I think this is just how these two roll. They’re young marrieds. Give them some time to become “The Bickersons.” She did look a little like a banana in that yellow dress with the white colorblocks. If my husband said that to me, I’d be giggling.

  30. Ronia says:

    Lace is classic for warm weather but the silhouette is wrong for her age. Straight, straight, straight. And color! Colorful belt, sandals, purse. She just lacks it, the ztyle, done deal. Too childish, too plain or goes into another extreme. There were two outfits till now that were appropriate, stylish and obeyed the protocol.

  31. P.J. says:

    I’m loving that dress and the flesh toned wedges paired with it! (Though just for the sake of practicality I wouldn’t wear them to the beach-they’re so high!)

    As a busty gal with upper arms that refuse to ever have any definition no matter how much I work out (sigh), I very much appreciate the rarity that is a figure flattering 3/4 sleeve length dress that’s covered up on top but not skin tight or too short. (Don’t even get me started on how difficult it is to EVER find something like this off the rack; never mind one that doesn’t costs hundreds of dollars+ if you are lucky enough to.)

    I’m dying to wear tons of breezy little dresses like this this late spring/summer but I don’t imagine that my quest for them will be any less futile that it has proven in years past. Any recommendations for affordable sites that might fit the bill ladies?

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      Cowl neck dresses in a lightweight, smooth matte jersey might look really pretty on you. The movement in the skirt is springy and fresh while the cowl neck complements a fuller bosom- not flattening or smushing it.
      Also try fun, flirty dresses paired with crocheted or linen shrugs or bolero sweaters – adequate upper arm coverage without looking bulky or covered up.

      • P.J. says:

        Thanks for the advice @Dame and @LAK! I love the idea of checking out a few What Not To Wears (although shows like that often recommend that D+ women dress like myself dress like Salma Hayek or Sofia Vergara to ‘flatter’ our shapes which is wayyy too sexy & revealing up top for me) and I’m a HUGE fan of cowl necks-in sweater form anyway 😊 I think a 3/4 cowl neck dress would be great for the office! (Never would have thought to look for one.)

        Still on the hunt for suitable cotton sundresses…I’ll share if I find a good line/site/store :)

    • LAK says:

      PJ: if you have time, google the original ‘what not to wear’ episodes hosted by Susannah Constantine and Trinny Woodall.

      Susannah has big bosoms and always talks about how she dresses for her figure to enhance whilst minimising at the same time.

      They are great.

      • sandring says:

        I used to like that show 10 years ago but the style advice got really repetitive & bland “flat fronted trousers, wrap dress” etc etc. Trinny is ghastly now, really dislike her after her hook up with vile Charles Saatchi

      • LAK says:

        Sandring: I agree. The later episodes are terrible. The early episodes where really great.

        PJ: if you google really early episodes of the show, there is better episodes than later advise given which became repetitive and samey per your comment.

        I think they deviated from their own advise as the show became more successful and they started telling everyone to dress sexy, but the first series is really good in terms of giving out genuine advise that isn’t just about how ‘sexy’ a person should be.

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      I also think you might consider cotton shirtdresses in fresh, floral or moderate tonal patterns. They can be paired with linen ballet flats for work and burnished metallic or gladiator sandals for leisure. For a more ample bosom tuxedo pleats or U-shaped plackets bordered with flat ruffles looks polished and diffuses the focus from da ladies.
      The shift style ones with no belt are extremely figure flattering.

  32. Lark says:

    I actually love her dress…and maybe I’m the only one but I thought the bald comment was playful but the banana one was passive aggressive.

    • Rosehip says:

      Love her dress too.
      I don’t think she was being passive-aggressive about the banana comment. I would never have the guts to wear that yellow dress (partly because it looks like a banana). But she did. I find it almost normal that your man would state you look like a banana. Men are like that. I don’t think either of them meant it in a bad way. She had the guts to wear that dress, which i admire.
      She took a fashion risk with that dress, but she managed to look entirely appropriate and decent. She plays it safe, fashion-wise, but i don’t agree with many posters that she dresses in a boring way.

    • Rosehip says:

      Sorry, i misread what you wrote, but stick to my answer.. :)

  33. Jane says:

    I don’t agree at all her comments are passive aggressive. I think she and her husband are very comfortable with each other and can tease each other without feelings getting hurt. They have been together for many years, so they know each other very well and know what works for them. It sounds like a very healthy relationship to me.

  34. KateBush says:

    Nice to see some positive comments coming through. Interesting how the feedback here is getting more and more positive as the tour progresses, I think it’s because the public is getting to see them in more relaxed settings which allows their personalities to come through. I hope that they continue to keep us these activities when they get back home.

    As for Kate’s white dress I loved it, I would wear it, I too love a short sleeve and an empire waist. Love her wedges too much nicer than the navy ones.
    Wills looks better in casual attire here but would be good to see him in a nice pair of jeans.

  35. Jocelyn says:

    I like the dress and think it looks nice on her but she needs to get rid of the wedges. What do you want Kate-heels or wedges? Make a decision already!

  36. rudy says:

    They both seem very ordinary. I like that.

  37. sandring says:

    I really like the dress & think I might actually buy it! The first time the Kate Effect has had an effect on me. I don’t like wedges at all generally but I thought the ones she wore suited the 70′s boho feel of the dress.

    I thought she did well at the children’s hospice, I would have had a hard time holding it together.

    As a Kiwi I am bitter about how the Sydney weather has turned it on for the Royal Tour when ours was so terrible. Makes us look bad! I was in Sydney 2 weeks ago and the weather was crap!

  38. Bwarf says:

    So, William says she looks like a banana and is called a douche. Kate does the same thing and it’s passive aggressive? I think people should stop commenting on the nature of their relationship. She may be making passive aggressive comments but she also may not realize she’s doing it. If these comments were a problem I’d think Buckingham palace would have put the kibosh on them by now.

    People in relationships make fun of each other, sometimes they’re passive aggressive, but it doesn’t mean they’re not close or that they’re distant or that one person’s a douche bag. From all the things that have come out in the press about them it seems that they’re pretty lovey dovey. Come on, his nickname for her is babykins, how cute is that?!

    I love the dress/shoe combination. Appropriate for the venue and for the sunny day, now maybe people will stop griping that she doesn’t wear open toe shoes lol! I love dresses and I love this Zimmerman. I’d actually love it more as a wrap dress but this works too, I love eyelet.

    • sandring says:

      Yeah I don’t think the banana or the hair joke was a big deal. My husband and I have been together as long as these two and we say much worse than that to each other!! My husband once told me my (v expensive & on trend) neon dress made me look like a road cone.

    • LadySlippers says:

      BP (nor anyone associated w/ the BRF) doesn’t put a kibosh on unhealthy relationships. Proof? Diana and Charles.
      If William and Kate were unhealthy no one would interfere unless it was extreme in nature.

      I agree about their relationship and the various comments, especially the nasty ones. They appear healthy and beyond that aspect — no one should care. Too many cultural and personal components are unknown.

      Her clothing is not to my taste but I get others will disagree! :-) Another commenter (I forgot your name — sorry!) suggested perhaps some ‘jazzier’ or different accessories might take her outfit from a ‘meh’ to a ‘YAY!!!’ This I can sign onto.

  39. SK says:

    As an Australian, I have a couple of things to point out.

    1. Their first activity was to visit the Royal Easter Show. It goes for some time, not just a day. It shows off all of the agricultural skills and produce and includes the largest produce displays in the world. It is not in Manly.

    2. Both Wills and Kate went to Bear Cottage – the palliative care house for dying children and their families. They split up once there and did different things. Kate was fantastic and sang nursery rhymes with sick kids.

    3. It is extremely hard to wear shoes, especially heels, on a beach. The only reason I can think of is that she has been critiqued heavily for her “ugly” feet before and didn’t want to expose herself to that again.

    4. Zimmerman is a very boho, beachy label. This dress would normally be styled quite differently. Loads of 31 year olds (including myself) would most definitely wear this. I think she looks good and appropriate for the days activities. I don’t love the shoes but I understand why she wears wedges.

    5. I cannot believe how judgmental and stuffy some people on here are! Yikes! The jokes they have made to and about each other have very much endeared them to the Australian public (and the Kiwis too). Those are the people this tour is aimed at after all! We are very relaxed, we love irreverent jokes, and we love people being their real selves. Wills and Kate look much better here by being more natural and fun than they would by being stiff and posh.

  40. Snowpea says:

    As an Aussie: some corrections.

    The dress is by Sydney designer Zimmermann (two n’s). I LOVE this dress. It is perfect for the beautiful Autumn weather and segued awesomely from the show to the beach. Spot on Kate.

    It is not lace; it is BRODERIE ANGLAISE.

    The ‘fair’ is actually ‘The Sydney Royal Easter Show’ – an agricultural show designed to show city kids the produce, skills, baking, art and talents of country folk. It’s hardly a fair – it attracts a million visitors every year and runs over the school holidays at Easter break.

    Kate wearing those huge wedges on the sand was just absurd. Sydney beaches have the cleanest, finest, softest sand in the world and someone should have worded her up on beach etiquette – NO SHOES! They looked gauche and out of place.

    That is all ;)

  41. Al says:

    Great points SK, I agree with everything you said.

    I’m watching the coverage of them at the RAAF base at the moment. They look genuinely interested in all the people they’re meeting.

    And her blue poppy dress is beautiful.

  42. Ravensdaughter says:

    I like her dress-very beachy and normal. Otw, who cares?
    Hey, if you live in a country that doesn’t have to pay the tab for the Royals, life is short-go do somethings that makes you feel good.

  43. Suze says:

    I well remember the Chuck and Di tours, and the Aussies always lose their minds over royal visits, whether the participants are acting posh and wearing tiaras or hanging on the beach modeling local designs. As long as the royals show up and put on show they’ll get good press. And good on them, they are doing their jobs and doing them well.

  44. TW says:

    For me, none of it disturbs except that the future Queen of England says, “…more than me” instead of, “I.”

  45. Cersei says:

    Sorry, couldn’t wait for Kaiser’s next article. I just saw the pics of Kate in a dove grey Alexander McQueen coat and matching hat. I must admit this is the first time I can honestly say she looks elegant. The coat is plain, but well cut and the color really suits her. I even like the hat.

  46. John says:

    I’m all for modernism and equal everything, but she is married to the future king of England, some respect in public is called for. Doesn’t she regularly wear extensions, that she needs to be mocking her husband on a world stage?

  47. Laura says:

    I love her dress and I don’t think it makes her look like a child at all, I am also in my early 30 ‘ s and I would happily wear this outfit if I had an appropriate occasion.
    Most women I heard talking about this dress loved it as well (BTW I live in Australia).

  48. A Fan says:

    They are clearly comfortable, relaxed, and playful with each other. Many couples tease each other. Kate and William (and Harry) often do so. Passive aggressive? C’mon.

    The dress is appropriate and lovely.

    As far as her shoes, she had to balance a variety of venues – from the beach to a Royal Easter Show (yes, Royal), to a walk about, and to a children’s hospice. She had to choose a pair of shoes that worked with all of the venues, be ones she likes, and look fine with the outfit. Wedges seemed like a good choice whether I like them or not. Sure, she could have worn flats, but she obviously likes to wear high heels (maybe she’s insecure about her short legs? maybe her feet don’t hurt in wedges? maybe her feet tend to swell by the end of the day and wedges help?).

    I honestly do not get the extreme criticism of her/him/them. Kate and William do and say things that pay homage to the country they are in. The people in that country get it and appreciate it, whether others do or not. When they visited my country, they were very, very endearing and people were thrilled. It has been that way for decades and decades, and for all of the visiting royal family. Maybe this is a major difference between a Commonwealth country and a non-Commonwealth country…who knows?

    [*Now, extreme criticism of Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Gwyneth Paltrow, LeAnn Rimes?...that, I get*]

    • Suze says:

      When the Cambridges are working, and firing on all cylinders, they are great. They’ve dond a very good jobs this tour.

      However, they have carried
      A very light work load for three years. i understand the criticism for that. Kate has had an extremely long ramp up period. There are plenty valid reasons to criticize them, although for different reasons than one might criticize a Kardashian.

      • caitlin says:

        Comparing the Lamebridges & the Kardashians is like comparing chalk to cheese and pointless. The Kardashians et. al. earn their own money and aren’t supported by the taxpayer and as anyone and everyone knows, don’t have any public responsibilities (i.e. royal duties). I suppose comparing their fashion prowess and figures with Kate’s might be worthwhile for some (who?) but it’s just a waste of time.

        Baldtop and Skeletor barely pull their weight relative to other royals and their downtime exceeds their working time by far. This tour certainly increases their visibility and showing up at the meet & greets and other activities during the tour is hardly back-breaking work — all they really have to do is show up and feign interest. They are well looked after and I’m sure no expense is spared in keeping them comfortable.

        Edit: PS Who is Seabiscuit?? I’ve seen this reference a number of times on Kate & Baldie posts on other sites…

  49. Maggie says:

    I love the dress! Not a huge fan of the shoes but having bunions myself i can see where she would be more comfortable wearing them. I think she looks so pretty. The two of them are doing a great job. It’s not something that I could do easily or would want for myself so I really admire their enthusiasm and grace. Great representation!

  50. Al says:

    They were all so adorable at the zoo outing! And it was great publicity for the bilby’s plight.

  51. Francis says:

    I think the comments are tinged with some deeper issues privately between them. As Winston Churchill said “a joke is a serious thing. ” These jokes are subtle “digs” at each other, IMO. I think what William says to her in private as far as her clothes and not liking the brightness of them should be kept private and not blurted out by Kate to strangers in the crowd. It’s a way for her to fight back, by using the press,because perhaps she can’t really do much to fight back privately when he says things, because he may not respond, so she says things in public to put him on notice her feeling were hurt.
    Also from everything. I’ve read about them over the past decade, Kate put up with Anything and everything, every type of treatment PW put out to her, including his roving eye and there was even a story her Uncle told the press where PW made fun of her breast size at the Middleton dinner table, Kate looked hurt, but all Carole did was give PW a knapp kin and make him wear the cloth of shame at the table and the entire family just laughed off him poking fun at her boobs. Kate was willing to put up with ANY treatment to get the ring and probably now since she’s mRried and a mother to his child thought perhaps PW would stop the put-downs and show her more respect, but it hasn’t changed. The thing is whatever she put up with to get him, is not going to change. PW is saying the same things he has always said to her in private, “her dress is too bright, she looks like a banana “. It’s PW being PW, but Kate doesn’t feel she should have to take the ribbing anymore since she married and her response is ribbing him publicly about hair and telling the public how he doesn’t appreciate her clothes,
    I think he takes his hair loss quite seriously.
    The only way we can really see if these comments are more than just a couple joking, is to see where the marriage is in about 7 to 10 yrs. Maybe we are seeing a peak in at deeper issues or maybe not. Perhaps time will show us either way.

  52. wolfpup says:

    So that is what we do to become aristocratic and posh.

  53. hmmm says:


    Well, it helps to marry a prince.

  54. wolfpup says:

    That’s all…I see. Then it doesn’t take much. Does this work overnight?

  55. hmmm says:

    Bwah! Actually, 13 years and counting.