Who looked cuter at Coachella: Diane Kruger, Dita Von Teese or Lana del Rey?


I’ll admit it: I think less of celebrities who go to Coachella. Easter weekend was the second week(end) of Coachella, and I guess most of the big-name celebrities got weeded out after the first weekend. Mostly it’s just Jenner girls and other reality show types at the second weekend. So that’s why it upset me to see Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson at Weekend 2. They were there for like three days straight too – Diane had several costume changes. I wonder if Diane gets corporate sponsorship to go? I get the feeling she takes one-off promotional appearance gigs a few times a year, but usually she’s strictly A-list. This feels like a downgrade. But! I do like seeing Diane and Joshua together. Very cute.



More photos… Lana del Rey was there. Apparently, she was mingling with the people and everybody loved her. Her dress looks like this season’s artwork for Mad Men.


Lord, Dita Von Teese always looks perfect, doesn’t she? She’s always at Coachella every year – I think she selects new boyfriends there.


I feel sorry for Kelly Brook. I can’t help it. I wonder if her famewhore fiancé disappeared?


Busy Phillips looks like “A Sensible Mom Goes to Coachella, Gets Freaked Out.”


Alessandra Ambrosio brought her kid to Coachella. Of course.


Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News.

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36 Responses to “Who looked cuter at Coachella: Diane Kruger, Dita Von Teese or Lana del Rey?”

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  1. Tatjana says:

    They all annoy me. So very much.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Diane Kruger, by far. Given the chance I would steal about 95% of the clothes in her closet.

  3. Lucy2 says:

    If they go dressed normally and just enjoy the music that’s one thing, but the people I think less of are the ones parading around and ridiculous costumes just to be seen.

  4. AG-UK says:

    D Kruger, but please WHY is that Alessandro there as if she is on a fashion shoot. She annoys me and dragging a kid along as well. I mean I know your life DOESN’T stop but she is very young and probably bored by it all.

    • TG says:

      Alexandra is there to promote her new line of clothing. It is all gross hippy like clothes so the Coachella folks are the right people to be advertising with. She is one VC model I have never thought was attractive. I love Diabe and Josh. They are so cute together.

  5. Teresa_Maria says:

    Call me cruel, but Kelly Brook should get herself a 9-17 job. It is beyond sad to watch a grown-ass woman make a fool of herself on a daily basis

  6. danielle says:

    Like diane, and maybe she’s just a big music fan, but really, an almost 40 yr old attending coachella to get papped in super trendy clothes? A little sad.

  7. Illyra says:

    Those heart shaped sunglasses irk me.

  8. Frida_K says:

    Dita for the win, of course. No question!

    As to others–Diane Kruger’s outfits are too young for her and the first one makes her look like she has a stomach pooch. It’s painfully unflattering.

    Oh. And could Alessandra’s shorts, if they tried, look any more diaper-ish and crotch-ier? They look like they took the notion of camel toe and went on to another level of pure wedge-dom.

    I need to have more coffee before I shoot my mouth off, but honestly! Coachella fashion is so ARGH.

    • kaligula says:

      I agree, Dita for the win. But I am biased because I am so completely fond of her all around….

      Though did anyone see Haley Hasselhoff? I thought she looked right on, too.

      Anyway I try to cut people a break when dressing for something like this. It should be a time to just kick back and have fun.

  9. Hissyfit says:

    Wtfff? I didn’t know you could bring kids in Coachella?

    Most of my favorite bands performed this year so if I lived close by, I definitely would have gone! But I won’t be wearing those hideous basic b*tches outfit!

  10. Ash says:

    What’s the dress code for these things? “Grandma, you got any old clothes I can borrow from your youth?”

    Don’t get me wrong, some of the outfits I’ve seen I would wear if I had the extra cash, but some even a blind me would go “what the hell are you wearing?”

  11. Isadora says:

    Dita looks wonderful as always. And she’s probably the only one in this bunch who didn’t put on a costume, because she… well… she always wears a “costume” one could probably argue. Anyway, she stays herself.

    And Kelly Brook’s duckface for the selfie… ugh… it’s so embarrassing.

  12. pnichols says:

    Diane Kruger looks like someone smashed her head down into her shoulders, like that game at the arcade.

  13. merski says:

    Haha, the girl in the first photo totally checking out Pacey :P

  14. FLORC says:

    Dita is always on point.

    What’s with Alessandras knee cap? her leg looks straight on, but the patella is sliding to the inside.

    JJ and Diane are adorable. Maybe they just wanted to go when it wasn’t so crowded?

    Kelly made her bed. I do not feel sorry for her at all.

    • Isadora says:

      Alessandra Ambrosio: I think she is a bit bow legged like many (runway) models with very long legs (I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with growth spurts?) – e.g. Claudia Schiffer. And wearing high heels can cover that up a bit, that’s why it’s not really an issue on the runway.

  15. Nicole says:

    Obviously none of you have EVER been to Coachella. It’s magical and once you go you will want to go forever and you’ll understand why everyone at every age goes every single year.

    It’s also a place that feels like a community where anyone is allowed to dress however they want WITHOUT judgement, celebrity or not. You can be as creative as you want with your outfits and everyone will accept you just the same.

    Before you go talking about celebrities at Coachella or people attending at a certain age or in a certain dress you should probably try going once and maybe you’ll understand the culture and why people go every single year and dress how they do.

    • Isadora says:

      But I guess that’s the problem: people can dress at Coachella how they want and without judgment BUT these celebrities do not wear what they want, they try to dress up extra fashionably and what they percieve as hippie chic. Or runway chic (like Kate Bosworth). They know they are going to be photographed and dress up for this – so while for the rest of the people there Coachella is maybe wonderful and magical, for these people it’s a work appointment it seems. And that’s what people don’t like about it, not going there every year. Alexander Skarsgard for example is also every year at Coachella, but he acts/dresses perfectly normal and the way he wants and nobody says anything negative about this.

      • Nicole says:

        I see your point Isadora. I guess I’m just trying to say when you are in that atmosphere there is no line between celebrity and noncelebrity, everyone just does their own thing. But you are right, if you are going there and are paid to be seen then you can be up for judgement. But in general celebrities who don’t get paid to be there (such as Alex Skarsgard and even Leo) should be left alone and not judged just as I would never dream of judging any of my fellow Coachella lovers which is the spirit of the event :)

    • Leen says:

      I agree with you Nicole. I went to Coachella for the first time this year, I went weekend 1 and I really loved it. It’s just an amazing 3 day event with great music, you meet a lot of interesting people and everyone is so chilled out. And yeah everyone dresses however they want, I don’t really see what the problem is? Personally I just wore shorts, tank top and converse.

      I mean take it as it is, it’s a music festival in the middle of the desert, and people are there to enjoy it.

  16. Aysla says:

    I see nothing wrong with Ambrosio taking her daughter to Coachella. I think it’s great for kids to go to musical festivals, as long as there’s no overnight camping, which is when things can get really weird really fast (do they do that at Coachella? I don’t even know). The only places where I’m not down with small children being in attendance are R-rated movie theaters and bars at night.

  17. Jackson says:

    I’m just here to see JJ. The rest of you can go home. :)

  18. Sadezilla says:

    Dita is adorable but those pants are atrocious and need to stop.

  19. Truth says:

    She is filming a TV show right now. More likely is she didn’t have last Friday off, but did this time because it was Easter weekend. Celebs, they’re just like us. The industry is a normal job, regarding holidays and such.

  20. BlackBetty says:

    Dita can’t go wrong ever.